Care package results and a new alliance name “Monte and his Pythons”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-31-21-349

10:29am MOrgan and Alex
Alex warns that Shelby is already acting weird, “I don’t know how much we can actually trust her”
Morgan – and Whitney..
Alex – reevaluate abort..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-22-55-675

1:04pm Kryssie gets America’s First Care package.
She is not safe this week but she can give someone immunity from being nominated by the HOH, America and as a renom in the event POV is played. Prior to tomorrow’s safety ceremony she has to declare who she is keeping safe.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-27-48-172

1:24pm Shelby, Alex and Whitney
Shelby – medium game changer.. (the care package)
Shelby leaves..

Alex says everyone in the house wants Shelby gone.
Whitney – everyone hates her
Alex wishes she wasn’t in their group
They agree Shelby in the game is good for their game because she’ll always be the target. Both have been trying to keep their distance from Shelby.
Alex says some of the things Shelby says is going to make her “America’s target”
Alex wishes she knew who America liked she would roll with them.
Whitney – do yo thin America loves Kryssie
Alex says when she watched the feeds America gives the first care package to people who aren’t big game players.
Alex – I wish Neeley had gotten it she has better judgment than Kryssie
They want Kryssie to use the safety on Justin so Monte will leave it alone. Alex says Monte wanting Justin out so bad is personal he’s better to keep in the game as a target.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-32-46-297

2:05pm Message from Julie

“Over the top is in full swing”
She tells them America will be deciding the have nots.
Each week America votes for the housegeusts to be a have not.
America cannot make you a have not 2 weeks in a row.. Have nots will be revealed tomorrow.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-35-33-877

2:19pm Whitney and MOrgan
Going over the care package rules
Whitney – worst case scenario Justin wins the veto and pulls one of them down..
MOrgan is torn weather Justin goes or one of Shane/Danielle
Whtiney says Alex is really smart she’ll think before she puts anybody else, ‘I don’t see how Shane and Danielle wouldn’t be the obvious people to put up”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-45-00-086

3:00pm Alex, Whitney, MOrgan HOH
Alex and MOrgan were agreeing if Scott screws them this week they will blow his game up.
They talk about the Monte/Justin feud.
Alex – Monte needs to look out he might punch Monte.. there might be a BB fist fight (this was a joke)
they all laugh
They have noticed Justin being miserable when nobody is looking they agree if he’s a have not he’ll ‘Go overboard”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-46-03-457
Monte joins them

Alex says they have an alliance name and it’s lamest one in Big Brother history “Monte and his Pythons” Its Monte and the 4 girls.
they laugh, Whitney leaves to do laundry.
Alex says they have to use Scott or they are screwed. Scott has promised to vote with him, ‘He wants Kryssie to keep Jason safe”

They want Kryssie to save either Justin or Jason. Alex mentions how as long as Scott is with them the worst thing that can happen if Shelby goes up is a 4-4 tie Shelby and Danielle/Shane. Alex tells Monte she’s leaning towards putting Shane and Danielle up.
Monte says they are going to lose Shelby sooner than later.
Alex wants Shelby in the game as long as possible to be a shield.

Alex – you’re name came up quite a bit the other side of teh house is gunning for you.. it was you and Shelby’s name
Monte knows he put 3 of them up and they are still in the house, “Everyone is in love with dip shit Justin”

Monte- I’m sure America hates me for it.. I don’t care I’ll be the villain”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-50-34-690

3:20pm MOrgan, Alex, Shelby, Monte

They have lost a lot of trust with Scott and agree he’ll just keep flipping sides every week.
Monte saying he wants Danielle out over Shane. Says Shane seems board to him. He asks them who they want out. It depends on Veto but right now it’s Danielle.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 15-56-43-222

3:51pm HOH Kryssie and Alex
Alex says there’s been 4 names tossed around shane and Danielle are 2 of them
Kryssie says everyone targeting JAson is stupid, “We have no idea what circumstances brought him back in here” (LOL)
Alex says a lot of people have been saying Justin should go
Kryssie says Justin is like a shelby
Alex – he’s in the line of fire..
Kryssie – the problem with him goign up is you’re not getting rid of him and you’re pissing him off.. a lot of your middle floaters like him

Alex says if Kryssie uses it on Jason America will like that because America doesn’t want him out.
Kryssie – it comes down to saving him or Justin I can’t pick favorites with the showmance..

Kryssie says people with Bromances and Showmances are safe and last a long time in the game. Alex says that’s Shane.
Kryssie is close to Justin he’s her bro and copping mechanism.

Kryssie says Scott and Whitney are floating in the middle.
Kryssie warns that Scott is with them outside all the time.
Alex tells her she’s not going up she will not put her up as a replacement nominee.
Kryssie is asking for safety next week for her and the person she care packages.

Kryssie warns them if they get rid of Danielle Shane might join up with Monte. Kryssie is questioning if the showmance is real
Kryssie – in Chess you want to take out the king and queen

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 16-11-46-750

4:11pm Shane and Danielle
they have noticed all the girls are up in the HOH, “It’s going to be two of us”
Danielle – of course
Shane – who is in our group.. me you Neely, Justin, Kryssie
Danielle – I don’t trust Scott
Shane says he can get Scott.
Danielle – I hope America puts one of them up and they lose someone on their side

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 16-56-57-783

4:33pm White room Danielle, Shane and Kryssie
They want Kryssie to save one of them. Jason joins them. Kryssie wants to use it on Jason.
4:56pm Danielle and Kryssie
Kryssie about Alex “She’s so f****G smart in this game”
Danielle says Alex is showing how smart she is and it’s making her a target.
Danielle – her and me are alpha females
Danielle says she’s just as good as Alex in this game.
Danielle says she’s studied this game since she was 10 year old

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 18-41-20-424

6:38pm Morgan, Alex and Monte
Monte thinks the have nots will be him and Justin.
Morgan – sleep with your eyes open
Alex is warning them that Kryssie is viewing them as a Showmance
Monte – WHAT
Alex brings up Kryssie telling her that Morgan and Monte will be a thing later on.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-07 18-50-06-508

6:50pm Justin and Jason
talkign about Kryssie using the safety on either of them. Justin says Kryssie will use it on Jason. Justin says he doesn’t care about Shane and Danielle points out how

jason – they are still ‘my friends’ … this house is full of ‘my friends’

7:17pm Croquette set to practice possible comp?

7:30- 8:00pm Live Diary room sessions are under way.

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I’d like to see Danielle go. Then Shane could play the game.


I’d like to see Shane go. Then Danielle could play the game.

Botox Pelosi

I’d like to see them both go and then I could concentrate on rooting against Monte.


Lol! I’m still concentrating on disliking Monte regardless l

Yet Another Hillary Lie



I will vote for these three for half not frist monte second scott third whitney
reason monte he think he sill running thing an know everybody game it only been a week in a half
how you know
reason scott cause he always telling on Jason or somebody im rooting for we cant trust him with no secret
reason whitney cause she the last one that I could think off on that side I like Shelby an morgan so that leaves
her but I like her to that’s my three half not pick whats your


Dude, do you speak like you write?


You are rude. They are probably English learners. English is not their first language. Good for them for writing on social media.

Misty Beethoven

That’s Frodo. Leave him alone, he’s harmless and loves BB.


I’m sure America will put up Monte and he’ll go home unless Neeley saves him.


Monte is going home as 3rd nom unless himself, Alex or another plastic takes him off the block by winning veto.

If he comes off the block, there would only be 2 noms, with one of the showmance going home

If there are 2 noms only, there are 9 people voting plus America for 10 votes…Scott again is the swing vote, if he sides with Alex then her side can choose who goes home as they would have 5 votes plus the tiebreaker…if he goes against them then the Jason side has 6 votes(including America) to control who goes home, but it may not matter as both sides probably would prefer to keep Shane

Hillary Lies Matter

I’m hoping Monte is the one to go.


For the good of the season, to keep both sides strong in terms of numbers, and for the Monte and Justin rivalry to continue I would prefer to see someone from Justin’s team go home. Alex deserves to have one of her targets be evicted.


I really likes alex’s game if her side doesn’t get Danielle evicted, they will be next out 1000%, she is playing this game strategic and fun, while competing with her heart, so I hope she gets rewarded


Production, please have Alex back on a future proper Big Brother season without all these bs twists, that would be great.


I like her T-and- A


Danielle’s A is larger than Krissie’s. Since you’re looking.


I am a long time BB watcher, but have never been compelled to comment about the show until now. This is one of the most entertaining casts I have seen in awhile. I’ve been watching the feeds all afternoon, and I am surprised at how many really intelligent players are in the game. Their strategy sessions (both sides) are interesting to watch. Having America play such a big role in the game is a BB addict’s dream come true!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I was wondering if this new look season would be any good but so far it has been great.


I am a BB addict and I wish Americas involvement wasnt so extreme.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

America’s involvement is my favorite part. Different strokes….

Hillary Lies Matter

At least America’s involvement is better than Productions.


So you prefer a regular BB season format or OTT format?


Monte is beyond egotistical and it’s funny to see the Plastics playing along, that he’s their leader. Last night they laughed about boosting his ego by telling him the alliance is “Monte and his Pythons” and today they did it and he ate it up. They were incredulous that he believed that Shane and Danielle would vote how they wanted if Alex didn’t put them up, with good reason! They are on shaky ground, with ignorant, egotistical Monte confiding in Shane, and sneaky Scott openly playing between the two sides!
I’m solidly on Jason’s side of Justin, Neely, Danielle, Shane and Krissy.
Hoping the have-not choices from America will show Scott that he should commit to Jason’s side for his vote, which would be crucial this week if Danielle and Shane are up with America’s nominee… I’m hoping that’s Monte or Morgan


This cast is really great. Everyone is really playing the game. Neeley, Justin, Danielle, Alex, Shelby and Jason (again) needs to be in the normal season or all stars, they are such great characters. As of now I’m still rooting for Jason but Neelly is giving me a likeable Derrick vibes, almost everyone trusts her and her (and Danielle’s) flip last week is such a good move.


Monte and his Pythons is just fucking brilliant. When is the last time a group of girls totally played a guy who thought he was controlling them?

The Plastics are playing the game very well AND they are the underdogs. Please rethink your instinct to pave the way for Jason all the way to final 2.


Thanks for covering this, Simon and Dawg!
I’m loving bbott and that its interactive with us. It’s like a “thank you” and appreciation for live feeders!
I always count on your recaps to catch up when I can’t watch. Thanks for all you do!

Franks fumes

Great cast once they get out Monte things will shift and the real alliances will take shape……Hilarious the girls are playing dickhead Montes gigantic ego……the girls playing the guys is a refreshing change….and Shelby I thought she was gonna be awesome but so far a real disapointment…..and Justin is a legend allready!


Poor Kryssie it is one thing to be big and one thing to be fugly but to be big AND fugly


It’s another thing to be an anonymous scumbag.

Sad But True

Not all viewers are into the barbie doll figure that Big Brother typically casts and I am thrilled that they finally cast someone that is more my type of girl. As far as people who want to critisize other people’s looks, well, that’s truly the definition of fugly.

Franks fumes

I’m frankly sick of Shelby constantly saying Justin pulled his d#ck out and waved it in Morgans face……Justin had his back to Morgan dropped trou and stepped in the the shower….he never touched him self or made lewd gestures at Morgan……this reminds me of Day blowing up over Franks supposed sexual assault of her…..get a f‘ing life Shelby I wanted to like you but its near impossible!


The incident Shelby described is not the same one your referring to. It happened off camera while monte was in the shower and Morgan was in the room talking to him. Justin entered the area saying he was a winner/going to win, while removing his clothing and grabbing his penis while facing Morgan.


My daughter, son-in-law, a Navy corpsman, and all marines in their area at Camp Lejeune are in the path of Hurricane Matthew. Please send positive thoughts and prayers for them and for the lives that have been lost to this storm so far… over 850 in Haiti and four in Florida.
Thanks, bb family! I imagine that we all have someone, somewhere, that we’re worrying about, in this hurricane, or not.


Watching Monte trying to talk strategy with the plastics is hilarious! Alex finally said, don’t worry about it, we’ve got it. He then said to let him know if they need him to try to figure things out! LMFAO! :’D


WOW I must’ve missed that. Not surprising though. Where do they find people that are THAT cocky? I’m still waiting for Monte to tell us “he’s bred for this”.


Watched the live diary sessions last night……seem to provide different insights than we actually get on the live feeds. Wish viewers could suggest questions. It broke my heart when Krissy thanked America for picking her first for the ACP as she’s been picked last all her life.

Lying Arrogant Hillary For Prison

I missed that. Good for Kryssie.