“Don’t look at me .. look that way.. F*** u *** S*ck a D**k”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 10-25-36-773

10:24am Jason and Kryssie
Jason says Alex is a smart girl brings up his conversation with her last night where she told him she was pushing Kryssie to use the safety power on Jason.
Kryssie – unfortunately she’s someone we have to play nice with
Justin join them..
Justin – did a$$hole try to convince you to use it on Danielle
Kryssie – Ya
They all agree Scott is the biggest rat and they hope America puts him up.
JAson – he’s a mess
Justin straight trippin.. I don’t trust DL and Shane that’s dead..
Jason agrees says they need them for now

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 10-28-42-130
10:28am Neeley and Alex HOH
Talking about Shane being a really good target
Alex promises she’s not putting Kryssie up
Neeley – the strongest move for you .. not that I want this.. I’m not being fake.. The strongest move Shane and Danielle and if one of them come down you still can get a showmance out

Alex says that’ is the plan says the showmance is a danger for everyone

Neeley says if that happens she will vote Shane out.
Alex says she’s going through a power struggle with Monte he wants shane to stay,.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 10-29-26-812

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 10-31-41-493
10:31am Whitney, morgan and Shelby
Talking about JAson or justin going up if the POV is used depending on who Kryssie safes with her power

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-43-22-758

Monte, Morgan and Scott are America’s have nots

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-40-13-441

1:19pm all cams
Big Brother calls a lockdown
Monte tells the houseguests collecting in the backyard something is up with Justin “I dunno he just told me to fu**k me and get the hell outta here”
Monte – I hope he swings a punch he’s going home
“Did you say something”
Monte – I didn’t say shit
Shelby – he’s not even on slop what’s he so upset about
Monte – somebody leaked something to him..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-37-56-937

Everyone outside. Justin comes out of the sliding glass doors “Don’t look at me .. look that way”
Monte – I don’t know what you heard
Justin – “F**** u “
Monte – I don’t know what you said man you gotta calm down
Justin – Man suck a d1ck

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-36-41-866

Kryssie telling them she learnt a lot in the hammock last night .. things she wasn’t supposed to know and what she found out was “He doesn’t do confrontations well”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-36-03-681

Justin working out alone asking ‘Lord Jesus” for strength
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-42-41-313
1:46pm Lockdown over Justin called into the Diary room

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-50-36-445

1:49pm Everyone but Justin and Scott are trying to figure out what happened with Justin they think it has something to do with Scott. they believe Scott is spreading shit to Justin and Monte.

Neeley – lets keep is real you not racist right
Monte – No no no not at all.. he might be stereo typing that..
They begin shitting on Scott.. he’s the bad guy right now.
Kryssie saying that Scott thinks he’s smarter than all of them.
Morgan – he’s trying to make the house really really really divided..

Jason says Scott is a disgrace to all super fans.
Kryssie really leading the charge here against Scott. Everyone seems to be agreeing.
Kryssie – he’s disgracing every single person..
(If you remember BB11 the JEJO season this happened with Ronnie.)

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-51-54-438

1:54pm Alex and Scott
Scott – half this house thinks I’m a f***g snake and America doesn’t like me because I was honest about what I was goign to do this week.. keep your distance..
Scott goes on about how he wants to make it to Halloween..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 13-52-38-320

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 14-08-37-503

2:06pm BAckyard everyone but Scott and Monte Justin tells them he was pissed that he heard Monte said Justin must have stolen all his clothes.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 14-15-10-499

2:13pm All good one love…
They talk it out they hug it out

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 15-58-54-756

3:45pm HOH Alex and Kryssie
Kryssie says she’s saving Jason.
Kryssie – I had a lot of issues with Scott last night..
Kryssie – I punked him last nigh tin front of Shane..
Alex – his game is blown up (Scott)
Alex says Scott was trying to get her to target Kryssie
Kryssie says Scott is scared of her because he knows she’ll call him out in front of everyone.

Alex saying she’s not putting Scott up

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 17-58-13-724

5:54pm Shane and Danielle
Shane – I Kinda feel bad for Scott
they think Danielle and Justin are going up. Shane hopes he gets picked to play in POV, “Scotty’s got to go”
Danielle – As long as Scott doesn’t win the Veto..
Shane – he’s not going to win the veto

Danielle says America doesn’t like SCott if Alex doesn’t put him up America will put him up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 18-15-37-258

6:05pm Kryssie picks Jason to be safe this week
Kryssie – Taking a lot of strategy ideas into consideration.. I pick Jason safe from eviction this week

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-08 18-43-09-287

7:00pm Safety ceremony.
Kryssie, Whitney, MOrgan, Neeley safe.

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Yet Another Hillary Lie

I’m not a fan of any of these guys.

Don the Con

Me neither. I wanna’ just grab em’ all by the pu$$y, and throw them all into Mexico.

Illuminati member

The public vote is a meaningless charade with no impact on who is President. The illuminati decides. We have made our decision months ago. The Don will soon be crowned. There is a reason why the American Professor who has successfully predicted the outcome of every USA election since 1984 has said that the Don will win, because we told him that is what is going to happen. That is all.


Justin is a real hot head, sad to see b/c I was a fan. DR had a talk with him and he needs to CHILL!

Dirty Harry Reid

Justin is putting a target on his back.

Hillary Lies Matter


Do you think it is a little early in the game for people to be cracking already?


I want more cracking. Two sides in battle. Wheres the pop corn? We want good tv, I mean good internet haha


At least Justin was open about his lack of knowledge regarding BB. Monte still doesn’t realize there are cameras on him 24/7 (or 24/7 according to CBS *rolls eyes*) and continues to talk sh*t when around his girls but acts innocent and unaware when called out on it – Monte you’re a terrible actor/player/everything. He must believe this is the TV version where he can get the “good edit” , repeatedly calling Justin sexist etc and hoping feedsters don’t realize that he’s grasping at straws (when he isn’t making things up that is).
Loving the cast and all the interactions – the good the bad and the ugly, but I can’t handle Monte and his bs. His comments about Kryssie where Whitney said he “has some mean girl in him” or something along those lines made him extremely happy despite his constant attempts to present himself as the good ol southern boy when he’s outside the safety of the HOH room. Despite the frustration I’m enjoying the season. Thanks for covering it Simon and Dawg!


Justin has done and said many things about women but everyone on here still loves him. He was a pimp, he’s had his share on one night stands, he’s been arrested 11 times and he has on more than one occasion taken his clothes off in front of Morgan. She even said in her diary room session she is tired of seeing Justin’s penis and ass. He has said more things than Monte but Monte is still painted the bad guy. Why because Justin is on Jason’s side? I do think Justin is a funny guy but why does he get a free pass?


Very well said.

Justin's Ho

Y’all lay off Justin! He always looked out for me. Made sure I was fed and clothed. Never hit me unless I didn’t bring him my quota. He’s funny too right? So everything’s good. If you talk to him tell him doc says it’s just a rash!

nicoles h@ndj0b booth

The joke about Barbie and the linebacker, whilst it was disrespectful to both good looking and ugly women, it was also hilarious. Did the beautiful women he compared to Barbie, a childrens doll, get upset to being compared to Barbie? No because they realized it was a joke, sure a bit mean, but nothing outrageous, especially for a BB season, where far worse things are often said. I’m not going to be so sensitive to every little thing said by both sides to the extent where I cant appreciate a bit of joking humor or jab at the other side. I don’t mind some jabs and banter between the sides as it helps the drama and tension which makes for a better season. If you were in there with the stakes so high with tensions high and one side against the other it would be difficult at times to contain emotion or censor yourself from saying some questionable things. At least he hasn’t called anyone both racist AND homophobic(which are very heavy accusations) without any legit proof like many on Jason’s side of the house have. Him calling Justin sexist is based on some of the women in the house agreeing with that opinion, from legit evidence coming from the words and actions of Justin himself – talking about how he has treated certain women in his life, and then unnecessarily getting naked right near Morgan.

Lying Hillary Pleads the Fifth

I think America might gid rid of Monte for you.

Jason vote favoritism update

Jason has now been favored by all 5 fans votes so far this season…

1. Jason voted into the house over Jozea
2. CB 3rd nom, who was against Jason
3. CB Americas eviction vote, the same way Jason was voting
4. Krissy gets a care package so that she would save Jason
5. Monte, Morgan, Scott are have nots who are all not on Jasons side

His 6th and 7th votes to favor him will occur on Monday and Wednesday when Monte is 3rd nom and America vote to evict who Jason wants out. The 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th votes to favor Jason will occur next week after someone from Jasons team gets the care package, then America puts the other three eligible members from Alex side on slop, that being Alex, Shelby, Whitney, then America noms who Jason wants up, then America votes to evict who Jason wants gone. So by the end of the first 3 weeks, all 11 public votes will have been in Jason and his allies favor, with every nom and eviction vote going his way, all care packages going to his team and have nots being everyone he is not aligned with, and never anyone he is aligned with.


OoooH CHILD, let the drama begin!! I hope they get rid of Scott and I cannot stand him just something about him that rubs me the wrong way.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

This season is looking good. You’re right about all the drama.

Franks fumes

I thought Montes head was gonna explode last nite when everybody was on couches last nite waiting to be called to the diary room…..Justin was singing the names one by one of the houseguests and all the girls were digging it cracking up breaking the tension…..Justin gets up sits next to Morgan and lays his head in her lap she then starts toying with his hair and appeared to be into it……the tension was palatable everyone pretending to not notice except Monte who looked like he had a turd in his mouth. Morgan and Justin could you imagine LOL!


I also saw both Monte and Justin enjoying rapping together and everyone on both sides of the house enjoying it and laughing together as a group. I really cant see Morgan and Justin starting anything, the main reason being she has a boyfriend already.

Franks fumes

Did anyone notice when Morgan was in the shower last nite her nipples were clearly visible above the frosted glass Justin and Shane were chatting a few feet away then Justin goes in the toilet leaving Shane on the bathroom couch by himself ……..Morgan then flashes Shane a second time making him quickly look away then she says oh hi Shane didnt see you there with a huge smile on her face….he looks down and says just chillin with a huge grin on his face……Morgan may be a secret freak….I hope so!


Have you noticed that Morgan wears glasses? I can’t see two feet in front of me without mine on. I highly doubt Morgan would do something like that. She seems a little more classy.

Creepy Clown

Do you want some alone time?


Danielle started that crap on purpose. Her and Shane talking about how good she did stirring it up made me so pissed. Evil woman.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think we are going to have a ton of drama this season.


Danielle referring to Shelby as a slut. Also saying how she is going to go crazy at Alex if nominated, when Alex is simply making a strategic move. Looks like Danielle turning the ratchet level right up to Bad Girls Club levels.


Is Kryssie annoying anybody else? She never stops talking. Does she really think that telling Alex it’s in her best interest to put up Scott? Hello, you want to keep big targets in the house. Alex is the biggest player in the game so far and I love it, she’s very smart.


Super impressed with both sisters. Love watching them both.


Love Alex, Shelby, Whitney & Morgan!!


Vote Kryssie 3 nom:-). She’s stirring up a lot of crap!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I can see America going for that.


She reminds me of someone at my work who you feel that every look they give you is a full on judgmental scan of who you are. Obnoxious.


CANNOT STAND KRISSI……..she thinks everything she says is great! Would not be able to be in same room with her! YUCK !


Shelby said she don’t care what we think
why you said that Shelby we had no problem with you at all’
now my friends In I going to vote you in ask a nom this week or next
I think monty should go home this week next I think danilelle then scott ‘
it don’t matter wish order


I really respect Shelby for being loyal to who she likes, who are the girls. I wouldn’t like her as much if she went to join Jasons crew just to be more popular with the majority of fan voters who are pro Jason. She is going to do what she wants and not let the popularity contest vibe of the season control her.

Dirty Harry Reid

The girls are going to rule this season.


I like Shelbey because she’s the hottest ever on BB.


That is one odd looking girl.

Anon 2

The only problem I have with Shelby is that she originally was aligned with Jason (OTT Jamboree) and she was supposed to be infiltrating the girls for intel. Instead of staying loyal to them, she was seduced by the pretty girl club and is now trash talking Jason all the time and the other OTTJ members. I know OTTJ doesn’t exist anymore, but that was mainly due to Shelby abandoning them and also Scott playing the middle. Plus Shelby easily believes anything she’s told and runs with it spreading lies all over. If she would just stay low, be the funny girl, and shut up, she could go far. But I’m sure she’ll be going sooner than later.


I totally agree Danielle was completely the cause of all the drama today. Also with the Jason ordeal as well, she is making so much stuff up..It’s really irritating when Monte is truly the only one that tried to save them from going up. I hope America sees this and dont nominate Monte, we need to throw Kryssie up. She thinks because she got that package that she is so loved. Shes also is stirring up so much drama, and also lying. Please America give Alex a chance to get Danielle or Shane out this week. I love how she has the guts to go after the showmance, lets not repeat bb18..


Scott is the rat and Danielle is the sssnake this season.

Lying Hillary Pleads the Fifth

Yep! I’m surprised that Scott doesn’t have a tail.


Simon or Dawg, can ya please put up a poll for Americans nomination. Please nominate Kryssie, her ego needs some deflation


Love to see Scott’s Rat game blow. Hope he begs for mercy. Shelbey should make him her little bitchslave.


If Krissy and co are going to be dumb enough to so obviously discard Scott as a number and he solidly joins the other side – it could be Montes Pythons and rat haha – the pythons will possibly defeat snake Danielle this week, depending on veto


Scott was dumb to evict CB last week. If he had voted the other way, the girls and Monte would have kept CB as a number and CB was most loyal to Scott so Scott lost a number who would have been on his side perhaps for the whole game and someone easy to beat in final 2. CB also would have maybe been Americas 3rd nom every 2nd week instead of Scott or someone he is close to so keeping CB as a shield. Scott made the mistake of trying to play the middle too much in a season with such a large amount of fan influence. This season its Jason and allies v the rest, pick a side.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The POV will be great.

Morgan's Nip

I was just saying hi, so you feedsters will keep me!

Katie Girl

Simon, are you planning to put a poll up for who America wants the third nominee to be?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

That would be great.


America vote nom im picking between monte an whitney might go 100 percent monty
im not voting America nom on morgan she not my favorite but I like her
I save to nom her later on


Kryssie really needs to be put up by America, she was already too arrogant before the care package, and either she or Danielle need to go–people complain about Monte but these two have him beat hands down.

Lying Arrogant Hillary For Prison

I hate that Jason got safety too.

Apple Bottom

Let’s vote vote to nominate Krissie. She’s arrogant and annoying. Monte is really a good ole boy. He’s a good guy with good morals.

Excuse me

That’s one odd looking girl.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

There is going to be a lot of drama this week.

Lying Hillary Pleads the Fifth

My vote is for Kryssie this week.