Big Brother Spoilers – Canada’s HOH Episode Results

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-12 19-50-40-064

Feeds were blocked all weekend and there was no leaks, At least last year they gave us a small clip with a bit of info but this year no chance. After tonight’s episode we will know who the nominees were and who won the Power of Veto. Tomorrow they will have the Power of Veto Ceremony and if the veto is used the house guest with the third most votes will go up. If the the POV winner was that third houseguests than the houseguest with the fourth most votes will go up.

Our OBB Poll had the nominees being Sabrina, Andrew with Kenny third and Rachelle fourth. Most other fan site polls have similar results. It’s safe to assume two 1st5 members are going up initially.

Official Results
Canada’s nominations = Andrew and Sabrina
Power of Veto Winner JON
(There s hidden POV… Another Awesome Twisto twist.. More to come)

Feeds are still down once they come back we should know who won the POV. I Believe the hidden POV twist is for next week.. Make sure to eat your twisto’s πŸ˜‰

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bb is a house full of crazy

Good job people. A few pieces of humble pie have been served in the BB house.


Glad Andrew’s up, but I really wish it was Kenny nominated with him. If he gets to play POV,
and takes McBooger off the block, it might be a wasted HOH depending on who had third and fourth highest votes.
Whatever happens, I sure hope this dampens the arrogance of that alliance.
P.s.—Boo Allison, we were expecting so much more from you than hooking up with booger boy πŸ™

Thats Awesome Canada

To Sabrina and Andrew…

haw, haw! Your position of power has been usurped!

haw, haw! Canada hates you!




Do you know when the feeds will be back?


Should be up now, after Sunday’s episode I read.


So happy!

But I cried this episode when Adel was talking about how he missed Ika, he seems so lonely.


I can’t figure out who I hate most, big-head Andrew or Slobrina….


personally i hate sabrina the most but it would make more sense to get andrew out. With andrew gone the first 5 will disolve, and sabrina will only be left with rachelle. Then she will be probably really easy to get out


Yeah, I was thinking along those lines as well. Plus, it will be nice to see Sabrina self-destruct over the next 2 weeks.

For now, I just need these feeds to turn back on so I can watch as she blames everyone else but herself for being nominated.


Sabrina should not count on Rachelle for a shoulder to cry on. People tend to abandon you once you are marked for eviction.


Are the feeds down til the eviction?..



Hahahaha @sabdrew

Feeling Awesome !!!!




Haha I laughed so hard at Adels dancing!!! Great episode


I laughed out loud too!


Dont be stupid people.. Adel was just manipulating the viewers.. he wants to be fan favorite.. same with Arlie talking “to himself”

Agree with the nominations.. tough is BBCAN really wants big moves then do better casting and don’t rely on a public vote twist.. if this chickens don’t know how to play the game it’s your own fault for putting them in the hoyse instead of game players


Completely agree! Adel talked to Ika for 6 days after she was up on the block. The drama on the show tonight looked very staged and fake! And Arlie is very annoying!


Simon, did you watch this episode? ;))


I hope that Andrew is evicted over Sabrina. Although many did not like her tactics, she at least made the show interesting and viewers had a lot to talk about. I think it will be very boring to watch Neda paint Jon’s nails all day, Heather talking about nothing and Arlie talking to himself like a freak. Admit it or not, the people we have a lot to talk about on a reality show is what makes it interesting and keeps us watching. I would like to see Sabrina in the jury room because she worked hard to protect the 1st five.


you want to keep watching and listening to sabrina?

you are a glutton for punishment

ha ha

as arlie would say, her voice grinds my gears

another name

of course. production has been mounting the root for the underdog card for weeks. the wear the flag, cue the sad music and ask leading questions in order to get better underdog comments for sound bites is just the newest iteration of an ongoing theme. the show has been pretty lackluster so far in terms of gameplay, so of course the production casts the people playing the game well as evil in order to create more drama in a fairly undramatic group. in terms of gameplay, the only moves that have been worthwhile have been from the 5 with the exception of the buzzworthy award lie that adel put forward. let’s face it, if one of the 5 had won that award and spread the same lie, it would be considered yet more reason to think of the 5 as villains. this is productions job, and I appreciate that, but let’s try to make it a little less obvious.


I think the chickens aren’t that bad. There are overbearing personalities compared to Neda, Heather, and Jon (Arlie is playing it right though with Adel also)

If I was in the house I would let F5 do the dirty work for me too… Neda. Once the numbers of housemates goes down, these chickens will have to start playing.

I think this HOH lit that fire under them.


Yeah Canada…not sure who I want out, but either one will do πŸ˜‰


As much as I hate Kendrew, i almost wanted Kenny to win veto, he’ll take off Andrew and Rachel goes up. Watching how Sabrina react to this situation would be so hilarious. The icing on this cake would be if Sarah, Arlie, Neda, Adel and Jon vote her off. She’ll really go bonkers.


Great, but really anti-climatic.

The best piece of info (besides the nominees) is Arlie’s message to Canada during his monologue. During his chat with us he indicated he will not side with the 1/5. YAY!! (the edit is a shout out to the feeders…thanks Peter) I enjoy his chats with the feeders.

I really hope the feeds are not down past the showing on the west coast. It would suck deviled eggs if we are excluded anymore.


Adel … Adel … Adel… its the macarena… come on

Anyways, thanks for the update! I wish the live feeds were on so we could see what REALLY happened after Sabrina went up. Nonetheless, I am glad she is up.


Hey dawg or Simon do you guys know why feeds are still blocked. Do you think they will be blocked all week?


The Arlie scene tonight was one of my all time favorite BB scenes ever! F’n Hilarious!


It was pretty sweet. He’s not leaving it to DR sessions and he is not ignoring the feeders. (i’m assuming they don’t know the feeds are blocked.


I want to see their reaction so badly but the live show cut off right before they announced who would be on the block! Can somebody please tell me how it happened and how they reacted?


Jamie, you have probably read the post by now. If not, read the post. πŸ˜‰


Yes i know who was nominated but wanted to know who cried lol


Sabrina cried of course. What a fake b. She was so confident she wasn’t going up. Don’t these people know that we see everything there doing f-5.
is falling apart. I also don’t think Kenny if he won the pov would take Andrew off as they all know that the f-5 are being targeted and if he did that Sarah he might think could go up and I likes her.

Russ from Van

The Arlie scene tonight was one of my all time favorite BB scenes ever! F’n Hilarious!


I want sabrina to come down and KENNY goes up and goes home!!!

Russ from Van

I do agree that this ‘Canada as HOH’ twist is an attempt to save the season from some bad game play. A bunch of cowards who are afraid to go after big targets, would have a season play out where the majority alliance just rides to the end.

Rachelle = a horrible, weak, clueless player


Am I the only one that wants Kenny gone?


I dont mind if Andrew wins the POV and takes himself off the block and we can replace him with Kenny. Lets be honest, Andrew is all muscle and no brain, once Kenny is gone and Sabrina breaksdown for being on the block, Andrew has nobody except Allison who is about as useful as an appendix.


If Andrew goes, Allison and Sabrina are orphaned. At least Sabrina has Rachelle, but Allison is alone. Kenny will try to work with Sarah and Sabrina, but I don’t think he is down with Arlie, because he can’t control Arlie and he knows it. Kenny also knows Sabrina is a wild card. If Sabrina goes, all of the drama in the house goes with her. Andrew and Allison are still together, and the only thing accomplished is that the 5 lose a vote, but they are still 5 with Allison. I just hope someone who won’t use the veto wins it.


I don’t know how to respond to the phrasing of that question. Thumbs up could mean yes you are the only one (hard to imagine). Or thumbs up could mean I also want him gone. Challenging.


That’s true!


Wtf, thought feeds spose to be up. This is BS if off until wed, total slap in face of the hardcore.

Also, Sabrina can beat it, Andrew can eat it and hope Jon wins it!


Feeds will be back tonight, they had a message scrolling on the TV last night saying big brother after dark will return Sunday, so I’m sure they are just waiting on this episode to air again for the west coast.


I really want to see neda and Jon’s friendship blossom into a romance. I hope after the show is done they go out for drinks or possible date. They keep each other sane best friends or lovers they are definetly the final 2 I’m rooting for!


That would be so awesome if it weren’t for the fact that they have been referring to themselves as brother & sister this whole time. UGH.
I hope he doesn’t go all JOE DIRT up in the house.


Jon has a girlfriend at home lol. Why would you wish for that.


Such a disappointing episode!!! ALL of the footage they showed except for the competitions/nomination was on the live feeds BEFORE they cut it! Very disappointing!!! There was NO reason to block them! I’m guessing they’re going to cut the feeds all the way until Wednesday as well!!! :(((


Took the words right out of my mouth very slow boring episode, having not seen these people for a couple dsys makes me realize how much i hate them(except adel)

Cats rule!

I cant believe rachelle is in 4th place(who cares) it should totally be sarah!

say no to Craft Beer Market

Did we do the right thing?? I feel Kenny thinks he is safe, and now I’m worried that he’ll take scum bag off the block.. he was whispering in his ear that he is good…I also feel that Sarah, Kenny and Rachelle feel because they are safe this week that Canada likes them…which is totally not true


Give Kenny some credit. Stupid he isn’t. He is aware there is a chance for him, or a another member of the 5 going up.

AAARGGGHHHH. I am so frustrated we cannot see this play out.


Adel + Jon are on slop but
they both be walkin’ on air!
i’m hoping the game’s mojo
is with them + likes them!!!


Actually feel really bad for those two. NOT!!!!!! Good riddance to either one, but do agree that Andrew would be better, cause Sabrina will be easy to pick off next. Don’t agree with people saying Adel is playing it up. Have been talking with people that work with him in Fort MacMurray, and everyone says he’s an awesome guy. Go Adel! Like Neda and Jon too.


His DR’s are what are coming off as him playing it up. His sincerity comes through on the feeds. Unfortunately his staging in the DR is much like his dancing. AAWWKWARD.

say no to Craft Beer Market

Sooo Happy that assclown Andrew was almost in tears because he knows Canada hates him


The best part of this season is happening right now and we don’t get to see. This sucks!!!


This hidden POV is making me nervous. It was bad enough that Kenny might win it and save one of them on the block. If Andrew, Sobs or Kenny both win the POV and find the hidden one, this could potentially save all 1st 5 from the block. This week would be pointless. Why offer a hidden POV now?? Unless it doesn’t count for this week…anyone know the details? I don’t think it should be activated…unless POV has already been won by Kenny and he is going to use it. Then at least Adel cold save himself, if he happens to be fourth place and goes up.


Moon3K, maybe that is the POV for the week. BB Can is playing with all of us. Hence the Meter. Someone in TO has a lewd sense of humour.


Sorry Moon3K, I’m wrong. POV find is not before eviction. My tv cut out before I heard it.


Loving that the feeds are back up. Current;y listening to Kenny and Arlie… and man, Arlie is good. He is quickly turning a bad situation into one where he is again getting more info than he is giving while reclaiming trust.

I am in awe at his mastery up to this point.

Have I said, I AM SO HAPPY THE FEEDS ARE BACK. It is hopping in that house.


I wouldn’t worry about it, Adela a huge favorite with the prime time viewers, despite the polls, I would have to think he isn’t in the top 6 to be nominated.


Extra veto comes into play next week…the site says by April 4!


Allison said she’d have to change her game play if Andrew leaves. Umm hello!! WHAT game play? Canada did make a huge mistake by voting her in.

Glad to see Sab and Andrew on the block. Veto should be interesting.

say no to Craft Beer Market

Yes I want Kenny gone before all of them…But I’ll be Happy wih assclown (andrew gone) I just don’t want them to be in Jury, I don’t want them to party and have anymore air time I want them to be stewing at home…lol… What do you think the reasoning is for live feeds to be down?

Also I don’t believe the order that HG’s were announced has anything to do with votes….I hope to Hell Kenny is in 3rd place. Wouldn’t that be hilarious if POV winner took assclown off and Kenny went up!


The replacement nom will be the one who came in third in the votes right? (or forth if the 3rd place person wins the veto). It will be interesting to see if Kenny will allow anyone come off the the block knowing he may go up…


Kenny was 3rd and Adel was 4th


Are you speculating based on how Arissa read the safe/not names? How she read them is not an indication of that in anyway.

A little worried

Guys, we had a chance and we screwed it up. We should have nominated andrew and kenny TOGETHER! What is kenny gets a chance to play in the POV and he takes andrew off? It won’t matter because those 2 guys will be safe yet again. I voted a million times for andrew and kenny to be nominated because Sabrina was a train wreck enough that she could’ve dug her own grave.


I wish we could learn how many votes Sabrina and Andrew each received from Canada and also who ranked third and fourth.

Kenny@sarah suck

Boy did i hate seeing kenny and sarahs faces when they new they werent going up! The most arrogant couple(of scumbags) in the house!

say no to Craft Beer Market

Hey I don;t know what I hate more ..assclown Andrew or the fact that it is snowing outside


Hopefully Sabrina wins the Veto and Kenny replaces her. Kenny needs to be up there. If he doesn’t, then Allison.
With Andrew and/or Kenny gone, Sabrina could be more interesting to watch and is no real threat anymore imo. Wasted HOH to have her go home.

Allison is playing an embarrassing game. Her and Andrew together is sickening to watch. What a waste of a houseguest she was to vote in. Anyone who voted her in should be kicking themselves now. She was voted in for this opportunity and slapping everyone back with it. You might as well just put a popsicle stick with her head on it in the house and it would serve the same purpose.

Cannot wait until Allison, Kenny and Andrew are all out of this game.


This has shaken her though. She’s pumping up the “let’s get physical” in a different way now. LOL
She so sucks!


Omg watch the feeds now! Kenny is so paranoid! He is grilling Arlie LOL Arlie is playing dumb and you can tell Kenny feels like he is in the running to be on the block. OMG I want Kenny on the Block! UGH


I don’t like Sabrina at all, but I think nominating her was stupid. It should have been Andrew and Kenny… Let’s just hope Kenny doesn’t get to play in veto and win and take off Andrew… Would be a total waste.. Canada voted for Sabrina with their emotions..


As much as we all can’t stand Sabrina, you need to give her credit for her game play. Sure she is bloody annoying as hell but she is doing much more than Andrew. A lot of blood is on her hands.




I can’t wait to see the fallout from all of this!!! It’s going to be great. People have to remember this is a TV show and the producers will do whatever it takes to get people to watch. I understand strong players that are playing the game will leave based on our decision and not their game play but the last few seasons have shown us that these new players all suck and it has become a big highschool, just follow the leaders and vote with the house bullshit. I appreciate the interference.


Andrrew is not a strong game player. There is nothing beyond his physical stature to suggest he is. Moronic bulk does not bode well in the BB house. Basically he has no game beyond his size, and that has not served him well.

As a side note, BBUS has proven time and time again that cooking for everyone does not gain you a spot in F2. It only feeds a group of people while you are there.

Common Sense

man tonights episode was bad. Can they help Adel any more than they already have wait the answer is yes, next weeks pov power, they were laying it on thick tonight. I dont get why everyone wants to help out the cowards and the floaters get rid of the actual game players? This is big brother not homecoming.


Sounds like Andrew is sure he’s going home.


Do you guys know if they played the POV? It looks like Arlie has it, I hope he doesn’t.


Kenny just confirmed that Jon won veto.


He was telling Arlie that Jon said he was going to use the veto on Sabrina. (I doubt this is true, but confirms that Jon has it.) No wonder Kenny is scrambling right now…lol


Yep…Jon just confirmed it himself with Sarah. He has Veto!


Pop a squat in the chair next to Andrew, Kenny!

Very happy Jon won Veto.


That would explain Anrew’s extreme angst. Again, another that won’t play to change around.:(
Not sad, I just want to see some actual game from Andrew.