Kemi “I’m like are you trying to butter me up for the k!ll?”

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12:05am HOH room. Tommy and Christie. Christie – I am just freaking out. (She’s crying) Tommy – how come? Christie – I don’t know maybe I’m just being emotional and sensitive and a baby but the whole Kemi thing doesn’t feel good. And I feel like I’m playing a game for other people and I don’t know what to do. Tommy – don’t worry. Christie – I feel like this is big brother and I have to make a decision. My only validity behind getting her out is that she is one less person I would have to compete against in week 3 for the wag-tivity. Which is great but she never did anything to me. Yes, she dropped a lot of names of people in our alliance but who’s game am I playing .. you know!? Tommy – right. Christie – and its like a big move week one… and it doesn’t feel good in my gut but I also don’t want everyone else in my alliance to be mad that I didn’t do this. Tommy – no, no, no. Christie – because it requires like Sam using the veto and me putting her up. Like I feel like I don’t want to feel like I’m playing Jack and Jackson’s game. You know!? And Kat’s cool and someone that could just stay in this game and be someone else’s target. And she could like be a vote for us. Jackson and her are in a showmance so I am literally just doing him a favour by keeping her because really she is just loyal to him. And I don’t know where Bella stands .. I really don’t. And my fear is that if Sam uses the veto and I put up Kemi … and somehow if she ends up staying .. Like I don’t trust where everyone stands. And I don’t want it to come back on me because Kemi never did anything to me. Tommy – right. Christie – I thought I could trust Jack ..but he plays everyone in the house. He is going to come up tonight .. I can feel it bad. He is on my radar. Everything thinks that we’re in this showmance and we’re not. And B if I am going to get pinned for a showance I would hath just be in it. I almost want to tell him to go be with Sis. He is just really really good at being Jack. Tommy – I think if you were to switch it up now it would be worse.

12:30am – 12:36am Kemi and Nicole. Kemi – I don’t feel like I’m a target but.. I am so f**king paranoid that whenever a person comes up and starts random conversations with me.. I’m like are you trying to butter me up for the kill? Nicole and Kemi laugh. Nicole – have you spoken with Christie lately? Kemi – oh yeah, yeah, yeah. So that’s like whatever.. I feel like we’ve had the same conversation for the past four nights.. I still haven’t had the opportunity to talk about. Yesterday when he was picked for veto .. I was like if he wins I am going to blow my brains out. And then it came true. If I do get the opportunity to talk to him. You know?! And he’s so like… maybe its this house .. its been 9 days .. he put on Cliff’s hat and I was like he’s kind of hot!! And then he took it off and I was like never mind! Never mind! Nicole – is that why you haven’t talked to him? You like him? Kemi – I don’t like him. My initial frustration with him was that someone told me on like day one or two .. Yeah you know I think I have Kemi under my wing… she flirts with me all the time. NO THE F**K I DON’T! No the f**k I do not! If I flirted with anyone those first two days .. it was probably Nick! Not Jack! Nicole – I feel like you’re in a DR session. Kemi – I know, I’ve had these conversations with them.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Kemi – Its like when you see a celebrity in the wild and they’re like oh do you want a picture?! NO, No I don’t want a picture. But I hope your day is going well. That kind of thing really pisses me off. Nicole and Kemi head to the boat room.

12:40am – 1:05am Boat room. House guests hanging out chatting about random things..

2am – 2:14am Bedroom. Sam and Kat. Sam – its going to be interesting if I take one of you off because I guess sh*t is going to hit the fan. Kat – what do you mean? Sam – not with you.. Kat – what happened? Sam – if like when I take one of you guys off and she puts up one of the other people. Kat – it just sucks to be in this position. Sam – I know. Plus I am having fun with everyone so I don’t want to go out. Sam – I don’t want you stressing out about it. Kat – I wouldn’t say that I’m stressing .. its just been an uncomfortable week. I feel like a bit of an outsider. I feel like a bit of a baby .. and I don’t want to make people think I’m overdramatic. That’s why I just try and go off on my own.

2:15am Bathroom. – 2:20am Nick and Bella. Nick – obviously I f**king want to (sleep in the bed with her) but I don’t want you to look bad.. or me look bad on tv. Bella – okay. But its up to you and how you feel in that situation. I told you last night that’s why I was sleeping there because we kind of like each other but at the same time if its not the right time then its not like it can’t ever happen but I don’t want you looking bad .. like if you have all your sh*t as his house (her boyfriend) or whatever still like .. what are you going to go back and all your stuff is going to be on the street or whatever?! Like what is going to happen. I told you whatever you’re down with, I’m down with. I’m cool with. Bella – I know. If its not that big of a deal, then we can continue and go on. Like obviously we have to be low key. Bella – you’re making it seem like I’m making you sleep in my bed. Nick – no I’m not. I would love to sleep next to you every night. We were talking about what showmances do to games. You’re cute. Why are you sad? It isn’t my fault. I don’t make the rules of the game and I also didn’t make the rules of what happens before you get home. But I’m down if you’re down.

3:52am Nick and Bella
Bella saying she has a really bad relationship with her mom they fight all the time. mentions how her dad died of cancer. Once he found out he gave up and went downhill fast. She blamed her mom then started blaming her self. She starts crying. Nick uses his therapy skills on her.
Nick – you make me feel good.. you give me that that’s rare.. you make me feel comfortable I just want to be around you all the time the person you are is a f*ing amazing person.
Nick – you’re beautiful funny smart energetic caring you are everything a person can ask for.

4:10am Tommy, Bella, Nick
Talking about Ovi changing who he is to “fit in”
Nick talking about suffering from depression and anxiety.
Bella crying.

5:08am Nick alone.

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Janey Haze

I hope Sam takes Cliff off the block! Maybe I’m showing my age here but, did anyone else think of Boss Hogg when Cliff said his last name while wearing that cowboy hat?


I sure did.


It’s like these people are bonobos in people suits, how many of them are so quick to start coupling up?!


Well they are trapped in a house with nothing to do all day/night. Most of them probably hook up out of sheer boredom.


Some people this season, need to take the volume of their voice down about 100 notches….it’s obnoxious! I had to fast forward through most of last night because of the volume. It’s already getting old to the other house guests. You can see it on their faces.


Like who? I don’t watch, just follow here. Simon n Dawg are the best!


thanks, Kailei 🙂


They are the best! Sam, tommy seem to be the loudest but, there are a few more. I was watching on BBAD.


It sounds like Christie is having second thoughts about putting up Kemi . If Sam takes down cliiff, is there anyone she would not feel bad about putting up?


I’m pretty sure Ovi is the backup plan.


That would be a bizarre move if she doesn’t follow through. She’s already in a solid majority right now. Kemi doesn’t have any close allies that would seek revenge. This is a pretty easy week 1 move without putting a target on her back.

Look how badly that backfired on Cody when he went rogue week 1.

another name

Cody didn’t keep his alliance in the loop.
Christie has talked to at least four members of her alliance about her concerns.
It would not surprise me one bit if the d/r has been subtly or indirectly housewhispering about appearance of intolerance given the press and social media reaction. It’s awfully convenient that three different conversations involving different groups of people all say pretty much the same thing today (casting a pall on the backdoor plan) when yesterday the same people making the statements were all for the same plan.


It would not surprise me if this was planted in diary sessions.


I’m sure production is a bit apprehensive about both black folks getting tossed 1 and 2. It’s not a good look no matter how nonracial it is.

another name

considering the only other named targets to come out of more than one mouth are the bangledeshi, latina, lesbian, old guy and asian…. no it does not. i still don’t think it’s a case of overt racism, but definitely see implicit bias at work.
and yes, christie did come out of d/r immediately before her tearful talk with tommy.


Part of that is they are more identifiable and little, weird things stuck and now are exaggerated. Ovi’s a little odd but now some of them talk like he’s weirder than a clean room at a frat house. I haven’t really all their names with the faces but I know Kemi, Jessica, Ovi, Nicole (glasses), David, Cliff, and Jack (his hair). The rest are a bit of a blur although I think I could match names if I had a list of names

double D

My 2 pet peeves of week one of every BB season

Houseguests calling others “floaters”. It’s week one. 90% of the house hasn’t won anything.

HOH complaining about having to put 2 or 3 people up for eviction. If you don’t want to do it, don’t win HOH.


I’m curious about these Whacktivity comps. It seems they are scheduled to include a certain # of HGs each week. Christie said the week three activity is just her, Sis and Nick (sounds like Kemi is in this group, too). The week two is Jackson, Jack, Tommy, Holly, and Sam.



Awww…I think after reading this Nick is sensitive and caring. I like that.


Nah I don’t think so. Nick is gonna get in trouble for his mouth. He already was making derogatory comments about Catholics.


I LOVE that Cliff is talking to us and revealing his thoughts/plans. He’s my favorite so far!

***sending Cliff my thoughts with mental telepathy***

How can anyone not love this guy? He has a handle on what’s going on….and what HE is doing. I love that he feels guilty about joining in with the negativity toward Ovi just for the sake of “getting in” with the other side. Cliff is likely the most self aware in the house.

Mentioning Dukes of Hazard and Boss Hogg had me rolling on the floor! Oh, Cliff! I really hope you do well in this game!!!

*I know Simon will get the details on Cliff’s beautiful “soliloquy”. Let’s hope Cliff delivers them every morning.

double D

He hung in there during the first HOH comp also. Lasting longer than most of the athletic guys

Janey Haze

So funny! We’ve been calling him Boss Hogg at our house ever since I read his bio. I’m glad he thinks it’s funny too. I like Cliff a lot and hope he goes far this season.


Cliff seems to have avoided the pitfalls of previous older players. He’s part of the conversations, they think he’s funny (even if only in a dad way), and he’s done well in the comps he’s played. Some of the previous older folks couldn’t or wouldn’t integrate with the youngsters. He’s still an outlier but he’s laid a nice foundation for the long game.


Most likely a battle back once 4 folks are evicted. It follows the pattern although a “twist” might give him a chance earlier especially if Kemi gets tossed this week.