Jackson – “I think we stick with Jess and Kemi. and if Jess comes off put Kat up and vote Kemi out “

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.

6:00 pm Feeds come back on
Jack – You have such a big heart for being here.

Jackson has been walking around “f*ing hell” and saying things to Kat like “this is the worst thing”

6:06 pm Ovi and Jackson
Jackson – there’s a rumour going around I don’t know if Jess or Kemi started it. Jack was trying to flip the votes
Jackson – we couldn’t throw votes your way in the event the entire house voted for Kat and there was 2 or three votes your way they would have pinned it on Jack.
Jackson – and pin it on me and pin it on sis (Ovi can’t be this dumb)
Jackson – they know us three were closest with you and possible cliff. I know the house would win I couldn’t… I couldn’t do that. Even if they didn’t expect me they expect the people we were working with
Ovi – I get it I don’t have any hurt feelings bro you guys did what you had to do I tell yo right here I have no hurt feelings
Jackson – you gotta come back
Ovi -I’m going to fight for it and I trust when I come back ya’ll be there to help me out
Jackson – you know we aren’t going to tell anybody
Ovi – yes we’ll keep that to ourselves

Jackson – let bygones be bygones if you screw us we know you have it we’re not going to screw you by telling people because we know you do have It
Ovi – I’m a ghost this week and next week I’m a ghost too. I’m just chilling here.
Ovi tells him Kemi and the entire RV want JAck out and if he voted for Ovi to stay they would have put Sis and jack up, “I had to I wasn’t going to get you completely blindsided.. I had to.. I had to. ”
(Jackson told Ovi he’s was going home. Was he the only one?)
Ovi and Jackson hug it out

6:06 pm Cliff, Jack, Sam and Ovi
Ovi says there are no hurt feelings he gets why it happened
Sam – it was the house
Ovi know they did what they could
Sam – we were the triad
Jack leaves “I gotta make my rounds,” Ovi says he knew it was a “uphill battle” to stay and he got the feeling during eviction how nobody looked him in teh eyes.

Sam says he felt honored to hear Ovi’s speech
Cliff – it’s one in four chance (for Ovi to come back)
Cliff – but you are in the house for another 2 weeks with all of us. Los or win you were in the house for another 2 weeks
Ovi – I’m going to fight hard and when I get back in here I have y’alls back I gave you my word beforehand and even if the votes never swung that way my word is still my word and y’all tried and that’s all that matter


6:10 pm Jackson and David
Jackson – what happened in the comp
David – it was dark
They go over the competition that David lost.
Jackson – the first person that came out I was like this is going to be David and Cliff came through.
Jackson plays up how surprised he was that David didn’t win the competition says he kept saying “he’s not gone he’s not gone. He’s either coming back or he has an opportunity to come back.”
David – I was stretchy my f*ing Achilles getting all my sh1t ready. I was game ready but it was complete darkness
David – I went in too focused, got goo all over me, feathered up, got scratched up, shoes off. I was manhandled. (wait what was the comp he did?)
Jackson – I don’t blame you for any feelings or emotions you have towards me not at all. I’m happy you are back
Jackson – I knew you would come back before that decision .. I don’t get gut feelings often. I’ve had this gut feeling the moment you walked out that door. (LOL)
David – I still have two weeks in the house
David – if anyone saw us going into that competition and had to bet dollars..
Jackson – you should have been the favorite
David – somebody made it off rich when I lose

They hug it out.


6:17 pm Christie, Holly, Sis and JAck
Christe – going on about how they should all be agreeance to not talk game in front of the camp comebackers but still be cool and chat with them.
Christie – what if we vote one back we don’t want it to be misconstrued

Jack says David is the “Superior leader”
They talk about how David has been stuck in sequester for 15 days. Christie says he’s must have read the book superior leader 25 times
Holly says it might be they vote the person back or a battle back so it’ll be beneficial for the comeback kids to be civil to them.

6:18pm Jackson say she threw the competition “I had to throw it I’ve already sent people out and they came back twice.. I can’t do it..

Jack hugs Kat – 12 times over we got you

6:19 pm Jack tells Jackson they need to talk “privately as Bro ” in the boathouse. Sis and Kat are there he tells them he’s “crazy about them” he just needs to chat with Jackson.
Jack – The eight has never been more true. We have to stick with this eight. we have to make it work. it works out in our favour because those boys come back because they solidify the 8 even more.
Jackson – I still talked to Ovi one on one, he still wants to work with us
Jack – he always will
Jackson – listen to this
Jackson – I made it clear to him not in a threatening way in a very passive aggressive way that HEY I’m sorry i said Kemi and Jess some people in the RV were trying to start a rumour that Jack was trying to flip the votes and they were goign to try and pin it on Jack. We couldn’t vote the your way and endanger out an alliance of five the Fugazi 5 if any votes were cast your way it would be pined on me JAck and sis because we’re closest on you and possible Cliff. We had to vote with the house because we know you wouldn’t win .. So I covered that basis

Jackson says Ovi told him if he comes back the power comes with im
Jackson – I said here’s the thing we have to let bygones be bygones we  scratch each other’s back because look we know you have the power and no one else does so as long as you don’t screw us over we have no reason to tell anyone and as along as you work for us you have no reason to use it against us. Don’t’ use it against us and we won’t tell anybody.
Jack – I feel you
They talk about the HOH competition
Jack said he heard everyone feel off he had to win it..

Jack – COme down here and meet daddy.. Come to daddy

7:09 pm 
Tommy sounds stressed .. talking about telling Ovi that they couldn’t tell him they were voting him out because of the votes.
Christie – isn’t think it’s as big of an issue in 2 weeks one of them comes back and the dynamic in the house will be completely different
Tommy – do you guys believe the no talking game thing

7:15 pm Cliff and Ovi in the camp kids room
Cliff – you do not what this one how miserable would that be
Cliff says the targets for the next two weeks are kemi and Kat Ovi should be able to beat them.
Cliff doesn’t think Ovi leaving was out of hatred, “I don’t know why Christie switched from Kemi to you ”
Cliff – there wasn’t people as eager to keep you as you thought there was
Cliff says when Ovi comes back in the two of them can work their way in with the “Big Guys”

7:20 pm Storage room the bros
jack – I know who I’m putting up .. Jess and Kemi
Jackson – do it I got your back
Jack – umm …
Jack suggests they backdoor Nick
Jackson – this soon with the comeback.. dude I don’t know. I was all for it but now with this camp comeback
Jack – so we make the 8 really strong
Jackson says the person they send out might come back
Jack – so send out Kemi
Jackson – we don’t want Ovi, David or Nick coming back
jack – OKady
Jackson – any of those three they’re coming back. They’re coming back for vengeance especially David or Nick. We need somebody who can be beat.
jack – so put somebody up as a pawn and Kemi
Jackson – yeah
Jackson – I think we stick with Jess and Kemi
Jack – and say jess is a pawn
Jackson – and if Jess comes off put Kat up and vote Kemi out
Jackson – I don’t’ want to deal with Kat on the block for another week
Jack – Okay I agree…

7:23 pm Tommy and Bella
Tommy – your name is popping up a lot because you are making too many alliances with people
Tommy – I think it will be Kmei this week. that;s my guess.

7:34 pm Kemi, Jessica, Bella
Kemi says the easiest thing for jack to do would be to throw Kemi and kat on the block.
Jess – we have a f*ing week we need to think about it we need to think logically what is the next best thing
Kemi – you don’t know how hard it was for me to hug him. I was the first person he hug after he won
Kemi – he was like I’ll take it.. I was like I’m giving it

7:45 pm Jess cries to Nicole and Ovi because she misses her family she wanted to win the HOH so bad to see them.

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another name

Every time i see holly and son talking i think to myself
oh look, the husband is telling the girlfriend why he can’t leave his wife. again.


Spot on! Hilarious..

another name

call me a pessimist. i’m waiting to see how they fudge it up. houseguest vote to get back in?


I’m not sure I’d like a fan vote. There’s too much risk of shenanigans. I’d like a comp even if it’s a luck of the draw one. I’d love to see a how much do you want it comp. 4 buttons in the backyard each holds it until you are the last one and you’re in. That’s one they can do without much setup. I like the fact they are actually in the house.



An ornery mouse

The “BB13-19 dark ages” — also known as ‘The Era of the Kracken.’


BB15 The Season That Shall Not BB Named… the Voldemorte of Big Brother

another name

Kat informs the bermuda triangle that Kemi and David have been seen together. There’s that implicit bias thing i’ve been worrying about. Oh look, two people that stand out due to difference from the group in the same place. it feels ‘Better watch out, there goes the neighborhood.’ even if that is not the intent. Followed by Holly being upset that David and Ovi don’t have a strict curfew and are free to roam the house. again. it’s soooo easy to take that in another context.
I’m surprised sonnyboy hasn’t jumped in to call each of them human cancer again.
THIS. I know my commenting on it or drawing attention to it doesn’t help the situation, that it can be annoying, and that there is the possibility of a different context. But the way they are acting and the way they are saying what they are saying is exactly the type of thing that adds fuel to the fire from pre-feeds. They are not Helping themselves to avoid creating controversy. It’s not that hard.
They’re going to increase feed change disclaimers distancing the network from the points of view of the individuals again aren’t they?


People will always get upset for you pointing out the uncomfortable truth, but it’s real. The biases are very obvious. Production had to become the hand of God and intervene w/ Camp Comeback to try to dampen the very obvious bias towards anybody not young, thin and white. The black guy/girl will always be near the top of the list of early evictees and in the absence of them, the next brown person substitutes. It seems everybody can have nasty personalities/traits except the nonwhites. They must go over the top to be non-threatening or so passive in a group as to be invisible. This show is but a microcosm of the bigger society that PoC must navigate on a daily basis. Every year you keep hoping for a difference, but every year the group does the same exact thing.


If he nominates Kemi and Jess then it’s really obvious that they are targeting people of color.


Who else can he nominate? He’s trying to work with almost everyone and neither of those flirt enough with him.