Big Brother Canada 4 May 3 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: Joel and Cassandra
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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After watching the jury video where they speak about the final five, and then analyzing how each juror and person left in the house views game, i’ve been thinking about how an 8 person vote would go at this point. Nine scenarios, a couple ties, the rest really close, no clear cut unanimous decisions. Best bets for each of the final five if attitudes stay the same: Kels best bet is against bros. Cass best bet is against Kels. Joel’s best bet is against Kels. Bros. best bet is against Cass. Tim’s best bet is against Kels, Cass, with a 60/40 advantage on bros depending on evil vs. dumb arguments in jury. All of these votes are 5/3 splits but could easily be ties depending on the final five’s reactions in jury.
The current jury postulates Cass has had too much handed to her. Tim is needlessly malicious. The bros are dumb. Kels has hidden behind people. Joel has been a communal rubber ducky. Everyone would like to think the great minds would have a clear win against the others, but the play with honour crowd in each jury scenario might swing things meaning all votes are much closer than we’d all imagine as viewers.


I genuinely think Cassandra came out of nowhere to become the best game-player this year (although Tim is also great.) Say what you will about her, but if manages to get herself through this week then she really is a genius. Turning the house against JOEL of all people… it will be even sweeter if she wins POV and votes out the brothers next week. That would probably be my favourite moment in BBCAN history.


Let’s be honest here..Tim payed the ground work for almost 2 days just to get them to see another side without making it seem like they are still together. He was also the one who told Cass to shut up & stop with the lies. He told exactly what to say & when to say it. The whole “I will vote against Tim” sherade was all Tim. Cass is Evil & a great player but she is no match for Tim.


Like I said, Tim has played a great game – but I always knew he would. I just mean that Cassandra seemed like a total floater when the game started, and she’s emerged as one of the most memorable players this year. I’d be happy to see either of them sitting in the finals (ideally together, but that’s unlikely.)

The brothers going on and on about how great they are at the game is getting no less grating…


Cass is Canadian tho


Dawg and Simon,
Thanks for what you do! You guys put a lot of hours into this, to bring us these feed “best of’s” to let us here, in the US, know what’s going on in Canada. Plus your link to stream/video episodes… Awesome! Thank you and also sending a little love your way.

I can’t wait for your coverage of bbus18


Yep and let’s pray for no Battle of the Block nor Frankie Grande.


Tim malicious, they’re delusional


Whether the jury is right or wrong about Tim being malicious, That’s the word they used, and the attitude they have about him in the jury house. They said he was a great player i think, and that they should have gotten rid of him at the beginning, but that he was malicious.


I don’t get to watch all the videos so thanks for clearing that up. I think his game play is brilliant and although I wanted a Canadian to win if he ends up in final two he deserves the top prize.


I might be in a minority but i do not care. Cassandra is absolute poison and i can’t stand listening to her. The fakest person since the beginning.


As in the one playing since the beginning.


After this week, if Cass actually gets herself out of this situation, the jury will probably change their mind about that. She’d definitely deserve the 100K! I was even surprised Phil even acknowledged that lol.
Getting King Jared out, and her having the bros keep her after she screwed them over and over again.


This is just not good. No words. Ready for bb18 now .Canada BB obviously wants Cassandra to win. She has the obvious edit. So sad for Joel.I guess for everyone also. I may stop watching bbcan now, not that they’d invited any US visitors to watch anyways.


Cassandra has the winner’s edit. She is the one that the producers have chosen. She will win.


So Canada can watch US big brother and Survivor. We can’t watch either of yours .


What’s with the extra day of campaign time?
Of course that’s to give Tim and Cass time to wear down the hate.
Funny that it took three days for Kelsey to begin to get over the blame game with Loveita, and another day to totally hop on board with her ideas, and now there’s four days of campaign time when the edit darling is in trouble.
I agree that there has been something fishy going on. The diary room calls followed by the changes in attitudes is really starting to make me side eye. Think about the strangeness of Kelsey being called to d/r leaving Nick by the hot tub. Cass comes in. Kelsey returns. Nick called to d/r to give Cass time alone with Kelsey, and Kelsey has changed her mind from her discussion with the brothers an hour earlier. Nick returns and his attitude has also softened. What gas are they pumping into the diary room?


noooooooooooooooooooo. PLEASE tell me Cass’s ass is grass!!!!!! please. just tell me its grass.


I don’t think Cass will win..Tim all the way! He has set himself up perfectly..he just needs HOH or Veto next week & it’s a done deal. You guys thing Cass can talk..Tim will do laps around Cass..she’s an amateur compared to him. I don’t even know if he wants Cass to stay..I kinda think he is sabotaging her with his shuttle comments regarding Joel. Her whole argument is Tim will work with Joel..well Tim has made it pretty clear how he feels about Joel. I just think he knows when Cass is playing someone & yes he gave her the plan to say she would take him out but I think he came up with that b/c he actually believes she would do it.


Am I the only one that likes this season! I like that there isn’t that much twist with hidden vetos and I like Tim and Cassandra.

ugh dont get it

These hgs are the worst players they do not see Cass and Tim are together why would keep a couple this near to end of the game.


Ugh. So. over. CASS !!!!


Please keep Cass in the house….I can’t with the Kelsey love fest…boring


The question is did Joel throw the POV. He would of never been in this position if he had just won it.He thought he would of been in a good position I guess he never thought he might be the one voted out beside Tim or Cassandra. Also his lying is sinking his game he should of just admitted to it, denying in front of Kelsey when she knows he said to put the brothers up. Of course the brothers would believe Kelsey over him. Also hope he is not bringing up his brother to get pity from everyone.He sure is milking the pity card.


Joel did. He swore on his dead brother’s life. Sick.


I can’t take the constant petting and rubbing and touching and putting her finger in her mouth and rubbing and touching and never ending …Kelsey and the dummy bros PLEASE end this ..oh and don’t forget now Joel wants to take his ball and go home…the friendship edition of bb sucks


The constant rubbing of the head is so annoying, maybe she’s rubbing their heads for luck.


Jared made a valid argument against Nicki: trying or even mentioning ‘self eviction’ is not what a BB player should do. In that same vein, the bros and Joel made very public statements wishing to ‘self evict’. Imho, if either end up in final two, I would gladly cheer and hope their opponent mentions this. After beating out tons of fans, nobody deserves to be called a player if they were willing to quit the game.


That would definitely be a great argument who ever is sitting next to them in final 2.


Cases has played a great game. She played every angle she could to get people to trust her. Tim played a great social game . I loved the way he would sit back and watch the fur fly. The brothers did a great job of blending into the background despite the fact that they were a huge target from the beginning…..but I really wanted Joel to win. I still don’t quite understand why they are so mad at him . What he did wasn’t as bad as what some of them did.