Big Brother Canada 4 May 4 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: Joel and Cassandra
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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I wonder if Tim is saying something different in the diary room but if not and those 2 pull this off they both deserve to be the final 2 and I would be happy for either to win

Play of the year!

Can you imagine the final speech? Never mind the bitterness that these boys will spew. They are gonna lose their lunch. Popcorn anyone?!

sunny dee

i think the brothers and kelsey are making the right decision. I mean how cool is it if cass did win something and kept herself going further in the game, and stabbed the brothers, but their deal which isn’t an actual deal is that she doesn’t win or try to win HOH. (i mean she could win it by accident, what if it is one of those true falses, then it comes to a tie breaker, and you can’t go over the right number, she puts down 1, and wins it by accident, which could happen, lol). after that, she is free to win POV if she can, which is the more imporatnt thing to win (cuz i think the brothers are still convinced only one person will be on the block if one of the 2 wins veto to take themselves off, rather than two still on the block and one voting.

it’s very interesting anyway, if tim goes all in and wins HOH she still isn’t safe unless she wins veto, because none of the voters are going to keep her. if tim doesn’t win HOH, but he wins veto, then absolutely. however, that means the brothers are HOH so kind of defeats the purpose. also, tim will have bounced on his new 3 some with kelsey and the brothers, so anyway you slice it, getting the brothers out somehow is what they are going to be aiming for, since kelsey will be ok with F3 with tim and cass.

i don’t think F4 to F3 would be as interesting if Joel was in F4. but in any scenario, the only way for cass to safely get to F3 is if she wins HOH. so to win it she will have to very clearly try to lose it. i am really curious now as to what a F4 hoh comp is going to be.


I can’t believe kelsey fell for it and convinced the brothers. won’t they all look dumb when she double crosses them again. 🙁 I do not like Cass. underhanded


And that my friend is how the game is played. Big brother is a game where all those plays are rewarded and fair game, it is a game after all. In fact those game moves are the ones that are the moat memorable and most rewarded in the end. Unless there are some sore ass losers in the jury, I think it will be seen as a great game move. Remember the infamous funeral in BBUS? It may just be Cass’s strategy and has nothing to do with who she actually is as a person. She comes across as spoiled in her initial edit but she worked hard in this game. She doesn’t expect it to come to her

It's a game not real life folks.

And that my friend is how the game is played. Big brother is a game where all those crazy plays are rewarded and very fair game – it is a game after all. Interesting how quickly people forget that this not real life 🙂

In fact her game moves are the ones that are the most memorable and likely most rewarded in the end. Unless there are some sore ass losers in the jury, I think it will be seen as a great strategic game move. Remember the infamous funeral in BBUS?

It may just be Cass’s strategy and has nothing to do with who she actually is as a person. She comes across as spoiled in her initial edit but she actually worked very hard in this game. She doesn’t expect it to come to her. Actually, I take that back – kind of- she did expect it given to her during Tims veto, I bet deep down she knew she wasn’t going to get away with that but had to try. A good player would milk every opportunity including that in the off chance it works. I just wished she would have, “backed the bus” a bit on the emotions. Love her or hate her, their game moves are genius.


Its called big brother right? Thats all about lying, mulipative and deceiving. There not there to make friends and have tea party’s. lol


Its crazy how fast Joels game blew up. Has this ever happened to a nerd type like him?? This cast is so bizarre they are so open with each other and not that secretive…ahh the power of Tim lol. And side note whats with joel telling Kelsey he would vote her out against anyone. dont you realize that she is the tie breaker and her and brothers are on the same side whichever that is? so confused wth.


remember ronnie bb10, he got exposed fast


The house guests are too blind to see the deception that may transpire.


WooHoo Cass is staying !! Go Tim and Cass 🙂


As Tim would say I cant believe these Idiots are keeping Cass LOL and hes laughing inside LOL


I missed a lot the past day – who are they keeping; Joel or Cass?


I forgot to ask – what the phuck is this weird thing (is this a cock-teasing strategy), that Kelsey does with rubbing guys’ ‘heads’ so to speak. I find t irritating to watch and the idiots who get ‘rubbed’ are getting rubbed for a reason.. She is getting on my last nerve with her ‘rubbing’.


Agreed! Typical air head.. has to flirt to get what she wants. The other day she was in the HOH room with the brothers and she was on the floor , on her back and her legs up exposing her butt… and rolling around giggling.. gag me.


She’s not even good looking. She has snake like qualities. Yeah, Cassandra might have a few extra pounds on her right now, but theres no comparison who’s more beautiful. Cassandra has that sexy, European look, while Kelsey looks like Lucy’s next replacement on Trailer Park boys. Please win Tim or Cass!!!!

Cass for the win

If Cass stays after this eviction, she indeed deserves to win just because the bothers and kelsey would make yet another waste of an HoH.
Getting rid of Nikki and Joel is not even close as getting rid of Cass and Tim.


I think the brothers should vote to keep Joel so that the decision comes down to Kelsey. Voting to keep Cass is just too big a risk for their game and their lives outside of big brother.

Cass’ has an incentive to turn on the brothers next week. Managing to fool the brothers a second time and finally sending them to jury is a winning move. After that move, there is nothing anyone, including Tim, could say to beat her. Phil would even vote for her because he wouldn’t want to look like a bitter Betty. The only votes she would not get are Jared and Raul, if she’s sitting next to Kelsey.

If the brothers vote to keep Joel and Kelsey makes the decision to keep Cass, the brothers can always act like they never believed Cass, when it all goes to shit. This allows them to save face in front of the jury and their friends at home.


Blows my mind how they think that she doesn’t want to win. Why would she want to stay in the house if she didn’t want to win what would be the use of being there.


they are 100% full blown idiots. I never liked Cass and so wanted her to go this week but, she deserves to win at this point. I even think Tim’s making a mistake, she’s of no help to him don’t understand why he would keep her.
This season was over the moment Kelsey (who I was routing for) started believing the pathological liar.

I had hopes for the naive brothers but, again they threw it all away

BBCan4 is better than BBCan3 but, not by much


I get why Kelsey wants to keep Cass, Joel straight up told her she’s his target. But this makes NO sense for the brothers… But let’s be honest the brothers have made poor moves all season (targeting Maddy, double eviction HOH, Their trust in Jared when he wanted them out for weeks, etc.)


Can’t believe Cass and Tim pulled this off! These two very much deserve to be in the final 2!!! K and Bros don’t even realize they’re getting played LOL. Well played by Tim and Cassandra!

Go Tim! Go Cass!….. but I dont mind Kelsey in the final 2 either. She actually does alright without Jared. PLEASE BB GODS DO NOT HAVE THE BROS WIN THIS GAME!!!


Im so happy these idiots fell for tass misting. I love it, happy for a tass final. I think tim is gonna win.


Ok this is my second time ever posting on here, It’s mostly the reason of why I don’t-someone or many posted what I was already thinking or wanted to say lol But nobody has said this……Joel……so frustrating of how BBCA edit’s him, Aweeeeeee Poor Joel….Joel is the nerd, Joel is the good guy. He gets busted for all his double dealings and lies, lies to get out of even that. Him being an Actor, I think BBCA is his biggest stage for him. I believe its all an act! He tried to SE 3 times now, acting like a 5 year old, he has lied, played to disabilities, tried every angle to save himself. Here is why its all an act. He did that late last night to Kels Cigs, ANYONE WHO DID that, would be immediately edvicted, BBCA erased it, after 100’s of feeders watching it on live feeds. Cigs still on the counter, and thankfully someone took pics of the evidence before everything as deleted. I think its funny that his Dan-bandana is gone, and he went mental? He is always looking at the Cams before he does anything too. Just like when he talks to people, he always side looks to see their reactions. When He forgets that the cams are there, he is pretty normal and can speak no probs, and then all of sudden he remembers its live, goes does his little twirks with the touching of the ear and stuff. If you have noticed, he doesn’t do that when he is having fun. Him going mental, not cause of him being busted of his lies, him not being the actor and playing his biggest role of acting to all of Canada. Joel is just as bad as that guy who kept peeing in coffee pot at work. If he can do this, he is capable to doing much worse. Although I find it very funny that he did that, I soooooooo don’t like Kels and her game play at all Still, BBCA has not done anything to stop him or took action the whole night and morning so far, and then delete everything because hundreds keep talking about it. If fans didn’t read the fan sites or watched live feeds, Joel would still be looked as the best nerd in BB history from all the editing but we know the truth


We have no idea what, if anything, was done to Kelsey’s cigarettes.


Someone should have taught the brothers the saying “Keep your words soft and sweet because you may have to eat them later.” Cassandra sat there and took them screaming obscenities and name calling in her face and I hope she makes them pay with a one way ticket to the jury house.


Guess Kelsey knows how to get to men,all that rubbing and showing off with all her moves.What happened to her feelings for Jared? She’s one bad girl,making her family really proud of her.So sick of her this week.Joel I think you kicked your own ass,was rooting for you but you’ve dug your own grave.


The biggest twist will be that the brothers will continue to play as “one” contestant, without being split up like every other season/series.


Tim makes this game.


Simon whats up with all the nose picking pictures? Hahaha ewwwwww!!!

Tim talk for second

Oh Lordy he looks HOT! He has always had a rocker vibe about him. Watch BBAU aNd you will see his kinda fashion style. PLS do not assume that someone is gay based on dress alone. In BBAU he was interested in a girl who’s nickname was Boog but it didn’t go anywhere. Anyhow I digress, I am not sure what his gender preference or fashion preference has to do with BBCA. He was/is not living with a gay man in a secret clandestine relationship. You have to be responsible in what you post about others but I get that there are people who will take a small PEICE of info and make it a whole story. He is happily & faithfully involved with someone on the outside. SHE is a recent gf but was a very good friend prior! It is a new relationship. He was concerned about his gf’s view of Casandra at the beginning of BBCA. Whomever Gay, bi or straight – here’s to diversity and tolerance for all! 🙂