Kelsey “Its Joel that’s been the snake” Nick “You’ve been manipulated & you don’t even know it”

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: Joel and Cassandra
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-05-03 07-59-19-093

10:45am – 12:40pm Its a quiet day in the big brother house. The house guests have the HOH camera to take photos with around the house. The brothers take a photo of both of them kissing Kelsey’s cheeks that “Jealous Jared” would love. Nick picks up Joel in a photo. The brothers then get Cassandra to give them the double backstab. Phil shoves his face in Cassandra’s boobs. Big Brother calls Kelsey back to the diary room to return the camera. Tim tells Nick that maybe he when he comes back to Canada he will land in Ontario so that Nick can help get a van ready for him to drive across Canada in. Tim them starts telling the others stories / legends from Australia. Tim asks them what they would buy if they won the 100k that would symbolize winning. Phil says I would get a tattoo of a quote. The house guests continue to chat about random things while they suntan.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-05-03 07-55-15-108

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-03 09-51-24-685

12:50pm Alone in the hot tub room, Kelsey tells the brothers to open their minds a little bit. This entire time its been Joel that’s been the snake. Phil says Joel can’t win competitions. Nick says if Cass stays we go home. Kelsey says no you won’t. Joel has been the one the entire time. Kelsey says if Joel wins the final veto he will take you or Tim. Nick says if we’re here we’re bring you. Phil says we won’t hold it against you but it will suck. Nick says I think you’ve been manipulated and you don’t even know it. Kelsey says I have never looked at Cass and said I’m keeping you. Joel standing at the end with you he will probably win. Phil says I told my brother I am not talking game till I leave this house. I believe what I believe. Kelsey says Cass cannot win a competition to save her life. Joel is the underdog that people would want to see win. Phil says she lied to my face! Kelsey says HE (Joel) LIED TO YOU THIS ENTIRE GAME!! Phil says if you want to do it you can do it.

Kelsey talks to Cass alone in the hot tub. Cass tells her that if I stay you will not go home next week but if Joel stays you might go home. Tim will work with Joel if he stays. He has always been his favourite to win. If you keep me safe I will vote out Tim over you. Kelsey asks will you vote Tim out over the brothers? Cass says next week if you want me to vote out Tim over the brothers I will. I will even say that in front of Tim because I need to look out for my own game. He used the veto to save himself and I need to do the same. Cass says I am at rock bottom and I know I am going home. Cass says Joels been playing everyone in this entire house. Kelsey says if I was in jury I wouldn’t vote for him but there are a lot of people that will. Cass says if I am up next to Tim at the end he will beat me. If you keep Joel he will get rid of you because he wants to be in the final 3 with Tim and the brothers. Phil joins them. Cass says she knows she is going home and how she shouldn’t have used the veto on Tim. Phil asks so you’re saying you’re not going to work with Tim any more. Cass says I need to look out for myself. Kelsey says Joel has lied the entire game, he’s just done it better than Cass. Cass says if you save me this week and I win the veto next week I will owe you. If you and Tim are on the block I will save you because I need to do one thing that is true in this game. Tim will cut me in a second. Phil says Tim and Cass could be fake arguing. Cass says Tim thinks everyone is taking him. Phil says if you or TIm win veto next week, we are going home. Tim joins them. Phil asks if Tim and I are on the block will you vote him (Tim) out over me? Cass says yes, we’re not together any more. Phil says I am voting to evict you. I can’t vote to keep you. Tim says he (Joel) gave us the information for her (Cass) to make those moves. Phil says you’re protecting her already. Phil tells Cass that she needs to convince Nick too and he is harder to convince. You laughed in my face last week. Kelsey says yeah you f**ked up. Cass says it was an uncomfortable laugh.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-05-03 10-51-00-164
1:55pm – 2:25pm Joel joins them. Cass says that Joel said he would take Tim to the final 2. Joel says I did not say that. Cass asks you didn’t say that to me on the couch last night? Joel says no. Tim says you’ll never get to the bottom of it .. its like a rabit hole. Phil tells Joel if you want to stay, you need to campaign as well. Kelsey explains how Joel has deceived everyone. Kelsey says you told us that you wouldn’t use the veto and then you told Tim and Cass that you would use it. Kelsey and Cass start calling Joel out for the things he’s said and done. Joel denies everything. Tim says we showed blind loyalty and saved Joel over Nikki and when it came down to Joel showing us blind loyalty this week he didn’t. We should have kept Nikki over Joel. Phil tells Cass to campaign to Nick. Tim says put on the waterworks they might believe that. Tell them about how you used to watch the show with your dad! Sorry, I’m being mean now. Tim says everyone in the Threek show agreed with every decision. Kelsey tells Joel she doesn’t respect how he’s let Cass take all the blame.

3:45pm HOH room – The tides are starting to switch in Cass’s favour. Cass tells Nick and Phil that if they vote to keep her she will keep her word to them. Cass says if I get the veto I will vote Tim out. Nick says its not just about Tim, its about voting to keep us. Cass says she will.

Big Brother puts the house guests on an out door lock down. They all join Joel in the hot tub room. Joel gets up and leaves. Tim says I think I respect that less than a liar. Someone that plays the pity card. Kelsey says
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-05-03 13-05-24-349

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Yes kelsey come on keep Cass. …u know u want to. The brothers r just looking out for themselves by keeping Joel.


i knew Kelsey was itchin to get payback on Joel


Only way Kelsey can redeem herself! Keep Cass!


if kelsey saves cass
she saved the final 4 from being boring !!!!


If Kelsey keeps Cass, She is FUCKING STUPID!!
Oh WAIT…She is fucking stupid already.


Totally agree ! Cass is the devils spawn and if Kelsey keeps her I hope Cass screws her over !


no need to call names !


While I agree that Kelsey has been foolish and entitled for most of the game, it would actually be extremely smart for her to evict Joel. Cassandra is the only person she has a chance of beating at the end.

sunny dee

her relying on the brothers is her stupid move. if she wants to determine the outcome of the game, she needed to get rid of them. failing that, she needs to keep cass. cass really can’t win anything, and we know that push comes to shove, joel can. he knows the games, so he isn’t confused by what is needed when he sees the comp set up, and then with a memory of the days and so on, he is locked in a bit more. Cass can’t move as well as he can, even if he is awkward about it.

the brothers are still more skilled at tasks, hitting a bowling pin, or hitting a basket, etc, that will always be the case, but considering that tim is also good at things and still in the game, it makes more sense to take a potentially skilled male out, and leave the rather pathetic female in, especially given that kelsey can’t play hoh. now cass i do think would stick to her not getting kelsey out, i think that has always been legit, and had jared not been such an ass about alliances with people who did want to work with the two of them, she’d have been with them instead of seeking out tim and joel. she might have played tim and joel and the other middles, but jared saw to it that she was always on the outs.

mitch had the same idea, there was room for 3 in their group. and it required getting rid of one of them in order to work with jared. kelsey would not still be in the game if jared was still in the game because even the brothers would figure getting rid of her meant getting closer to jared for the ending. their focus on jared ass kissing is really bizarre.


I dont agree with the majority on this one. It would be silly to keep Cass over Joel. The ONLY reason I can see, is MAYBE Joel will win comp. However if she was standing next to Cass or Joel… Well lets face it, she will lose on both counts. HOWEVER, Cass has a much better resume than Joel. Joel is the nice guy, and never got bloody. Cass did all the dirty work for the alliance. She made the bold moves, and made enemies. If Joel goes, thats just another thing to add to her list of manipulations. She can claim she talked her way out of this. Joel cant say the same in F2. I also think she is more articulate than Joel, and that counts a lot. I think any of them should take Joel over Cass. She stays, she wins. Im sure the jury will think so too.


I agree with you Batman. I don’t know why people are saying evicting Joel is a better move. I am not sure if they are Cass fans and want her to stay or they legitimately believe that. Leaving Cass in the house you are leaving a strong duo. You do NOT want a strong duo this far to the end. There is no way that Cass cannot spin it in the end and win. She has done a lot of work and managed her way out a lot of situations.

I am not even sure what Joel has done to have on his resume. He basically hid behind strong players as they duked it out and tried to sorta align with both of them. That was the strategy of the middle this year though and not just Joel. The mark of a good player is how well they campaign. It is clear that Joel is feeling the pressure whereas Cass has turned the tide. I have no clue how people genuinely think that Joel can win in the end and Cass cannot. I do not respect much of Joel’s gameplay mostly because he was never in the hot seat and not by his own doing, but because of his alliance.

Also if Cass is not there, the brothers might take Kelsey to final 2 (I do not see them taking Joel or Tim at this point); there is a good chance Tim might take Kelsey to final 2 (he would never take her with Cass there) and Joel would not take Tim but might either take Kelsey or the brothers.

Before winning final 2, you have to get to final 2. Still, Kelsey has a better shot at wining with taking Cass the manipulator who pulled the string out as opposed to Joel, who was hand held by his alliance and threw self-eviction temper tantrums the moment he was in danger.


It really is a better game move for Kelsey to keep Cass. Joel flat out told Cass his pecking order last night. First Kelsey, then the brothers with him and Tim as the final 2. The brothers want Joel to be in their final 2. I think Cass feels she has the best chance with Kelsey and not Tim plus both Tim and Joel have not come through for her the way she has for them.


Joel making the amature move telling her who he would cut loose last night. First thing she does today is run and tell.


It was only a matter of time before Kelsey drank the Cassandra koolaide, Cass or Tim deserve to win if they pull this on off! Lol


I don’t think Kelsey’s stupid at all, just as a fan I find she played a horribly boring game and got extremely lucky along the way. She doesn’t obviously know the game whatsoever so she’s delusional in how it’s been played. Dumb and dumber are the real morons! Like legitimately! They are actual fans, and still are more delusional than even Kelsey. I think that’s why it’s been so hard to watch lately. Without Tim and Cassandra it’d be hell. At least they’ve kept some strategic element in the game. Just woulda been nice to still have someone like Mitch, Dallas or Loveita left to replace the dummies and Kelsey so we’d be provided with more of real BB game and have better feeds. Feel like sticking scissors up my nose everytime I hear Dopey and Sleepy talk!

Kerri Kry

Sent ya a little love Dawg/Simon


Can’t afford much but sent you a small donation. Thanks for everything you do.


Thank you both for all of the time you both dedicate to bringing this to us. It is greatly appreciated. Sending a little love also!

sunny dee

wow, the brothers are lying again, to kelsey. they want her to believe they are on her side, but deny that joel would win over cass in the next comp? of course it is better for her game and everyone else’s to keep cass over joel, their adamant refusal to agree just make it clear that they want and plan to work with and use him.

we know cass is unlikely to win the next HOH, we do not know that about joel. We do know that if joel or tim wins, the brothers and kelsey go up, we know this because the only way they don’t go up is being HOH, and there are only 4 people in the house, so it’s really dumb of them to think otherwise.

on the other hand, they think the one who wins veto comes off the block and the only one remaining on the block is out. that there is no vote by anyone, and that there won’t be two on the block to choose from. and that cass would be most likely to win the veto? no. if someone is not on the block, and they win the veto, the veto is not played, doesn’t matter who it is, the person not on the block chooses who goes and who stays.

and that the veto is the only important thing.

Good Grief Eh

Unless HOH wins veto and decides to replace a nom. Then the only person not on the block decides who goes home.


Like him or not Phil’s on point and there is Kelsey again getting played. Phil says, “This is an act between you two that you’ve came up with.” Yelp, they just talked about doing it last night. Kelsey fell for it hook, line, sinker.

Turkey Lurkey

Kelsey has been good social since she has come back. At this point it might be where the experience of the game is needed to know how it works. (even then people get screwed over and scum bagged) Keeping Cass will be her demise as I said before. She came this far to trust one of the 3. The same people who wanted her 3 out. Now you want to keep medusa and get rid of one of her snakes? No No No my darling, you are a fool if you do this. I don’t know why it seems like Phil is caving, he’s so weak. Let’s hope Nick sticks to his decision and gets Cass out. Im pretty sure it’s not going to be any less “boring” with Cass gone. Maybe some should just stick to the show and give the live 24 hour a day feeds a rest. They might like the rest of the show instead of complaining about it endlessly.


what no feeds…then we’d be stuck drinking productions kook-aid…thanks but no thanks


Seems like people are afraid to mention that they liked Jared because of the masses having a stroke about it…I liked Jared. And don’t care who says what. There was no reason not to like the guy. There are way worse people that have been in BB and he doesn’t even come close…not even close to the huge aholes who we have sat through. I was sad to see him go.
If Kelsey gets rid of Cass out of revenge? What’s the problem? Most of you don’t think she can play the game anyway so getting her out because she got her “ride or die ” out seems fair to me. Everyone kept saying, “well it wasn’t her that Cass targeted it as Jared so wa wa wa “….YES she hurt Kelsey by targeting her number 2..How does this not make sense to want to cut her head off.
I hope Cass gets kicked out on her ass broom stick in tow. She deserves it and yall know it. She’s mean, exactly what everyone here was barking about Kelsey being so they didn’t like her. She lies and doesn’t care either. When the others lie, they feel bad about it except Tim of course.

This is why

How quickly they forget…Cass actually helped her at a time she would have gone. Memories of Cass working on Maddy? For that alone she may do it! Just saying…

I doesn’t Cass remind her to cement it?


Cass helped her own game. She knew that keeping Kelsey in the game would benefit her over keeping Raul. She was strategic about it, she did not do it over some unconditional love and loyalty to Kelsey.


If Cass keeps on with this “I’d vote Tim out over everyone” bit in front of him, she has no chance of staying because Tim will not vote for her to stay. Tim and Kelsey’s votes are her best bet on staying and I don’t see the brothers changing their minds.


tim and cass talkef last night
he told her to say whatever she needs to say yo stay safe
so he knows she just telling the brothers what they want ….need to hear


My bad good looking out thanks!:)


Like her or not Cass has played the game. I have no respect for Joel’s pity party parade.


Social anxiety slight case of tourettes Joel is the mastermind? Omg he just knows the game and used the “I’m a wimp” type game to get further. “Don’t yell in front of me I cant deal with it” everyone babied him and walked on eggshells to not upset Joel. He new it and it was perfect. He sat and listened and talked when needed. Unless it was joking around with the others, and even then it was limited. These things do bother him don’t get me wrong but I think he milked it when needed.
He deserves to stay more then Cass does. They’re on the block right now so this is who I have to choose from. Cass really screwed herself over. Even though she might be burping about how she made the moves for her team and got all the blood and so on…..UHUH? Who asked you to? You just went and did it because they were your numbers.All the while wanting to save your ass. They didn’t ask you to put all that foot work in, you just did it. Thanks but……and? You tried to make big moves that made you look like an asshole. Not ones you were sorry about (which is always good in jury) you did these things with a nice crooked smile on your face. Just like the one Tim has permanently on his stupid looking face. I just want to punch that guy right in the nose….but anyway….
I think save Joel and ditch the Cass. If Kelsey does this, and breaks a tie to save Cass,she just might be the biggest dumbo and I hope it costs her the game if she does.


what game are you watching
joel deserves to be there more than cass !?


What game are they watching. Same game you are Einstein obviously and its what they think. He’s done just as much leg work. By listening and reporting. That takes work too not just lying to peoples faces and then cackling back in their faces right after.
All you people knew what he was doing because your watching the live feeds. BUT all of a sudden the house mates are against Joel and now the minions in the comments are against him too.(for the same reason you liked him BTW)

Kelsey and Brothers goofy for final 2. How ya like them apples!


@ Bigbrofan. I agree that he might get sick of hearing it. But didn’t they work this out before hand some where. They must have because I cant see this mug being okay with Cass saying over and over she will vote him out.
Was there a conversation about this very thing.?

LumberJacket Jack

“I don’t know how nobody saw this”…..STFU Tim. No one saw it because you and the other two boobs were the only ones who knew it existed. By the way you talked about Joel and made fun of him, I doubt anyone would think you would be working together. You were very cruel and think its funny and acceptable.
“Misfits” no Tim, you think you are way cooler then you are.


Well, at least he’s by far cooler than anyone in the house. Let’s keep Tim Canada and send the Idiot brothers to Australia.

Go Cass

Lmao.. That was good. Send them down under!


The look on her face when they are in the bathroom and Joel is saying maybe he should just leave now, every one hates me. Joel bud, unless you have the cojones to actually leave….please stop saying it at this point. Its embarrassing and people are not buying it any more.
Maybe this is why he was called into the DR so much. They wanted to know if it was game talk or real talk?

“I will just go pack my stuff now”…….See Cass’s face…..”Aight” LOLS

Of Course

The brothers are so aware of the cameras. Their eyes shift to the camera constantly which affects their body language. Phil constantly says things that he knows the public will be upset by, looks at the camera then tries to clean it up. They constantly talk like they are somehow A list celebrities now and ask how they are going to deal with their fame and how they are going to deal with their fans. Plus Phil’s pathetic attempts to get Kelsey with muddle school tatatics. It us creepy the way he tries to stare at her in the most obvious way. They irritate the hell out of me


Who takes Timmy to the end? That’s Kelsey’s real decision. Will Cass or Joel be more likely to turn on Timmy. Until Joel the idiot blabbed about keeping Bro’s over Kelsey I thought it was F3 for baby Kelsey. I figured Cass would keep Tim no matter what but maybe Joel would turn F4 if he was POV holder and Bro’s HOH.

These folks are almost complete idiots. Joel sees Cass as a friend as Cass throws him under the bus. It’s still marginally better to keep Joel. You know Cass would be happy to evict Kelsey F4 if she had the chance. Kelsey needs POV F4simple as that. I think the Bro’s if they held POV would keep Kelsey over the others. Tim would get out the bro’s 1st and I think Cass would to if those 2 had a choice. I think despite what Joel said Kelsey is pretty good at getting F3.

Whose productions real fav/ I thought most of the season Kelsey was getting the pimp ride. Late it looks like Cass has the inside connections, or maybe it’s Timmy straight up their throwing the money to. If Kelsey is productions pet Kelsey will vote out Cass as the better move for her game IMHO.


Tim would actually get rid of Kelsey..he knows Cass would flip on him at the end and take her instead b/c she would have a hard time beating Tim. He honestly doesn’t care if the bros get to f3..2 ..whatever. He knows they will never win. Which omg I had the biggest laugh ever when genius Phil said in front of everyone in the hot tub area today that “nobody..not one of you guys could beat us in the f2” and he is pointing at them all individually. He really meant it and was said it with such conviction. Probably my favourite of all the dumb things these 2 have said..I literally almost fell off my chair. Tim knows that will be their demise..could you imagine those turds in the f2?? Having to answer questions Hahaha I almost want it to happen just to see the look of shock on their faces when Tim kicks their asses in jury votes.

An ornery mouse

I kind of feel bad for Joel….. just because it’s so evident he’s not equipped to handle this level of ridicule. His best bet at this point is just to fess up to everything, even things he’s not guilty of….. yet, he’s still playing the deny, deny, deny game.

Wasn't Me

He must be married lol.


Cass “If I get the veto I will vote out Tim over the brothers” — Of course she’s going to say that; it’s an impossible scenario. If Cass was the voter and Tim/Bros were on the block, It would mean Kelsey would be the HOH and she’s not eligible to compete. Are Kelsey and the brothers really that dumb?


I was thinking the exact same thing! How do they not realize that the brothers will be going against Tim and cass in the HOH comp and if they lose. They will either be the deciding vote or on the block.
And more than likely Tim will win the next HOH, so Tim should be in the final 3.

Spinal Tap

Don’t these idiots see that Tim & Cassandra are tighter then anyone there? Of course they are going to toss Joel around like a rag doll right now. He WAS their 3rd. But it was always just the 2 of them no matter what is said.
Its true, Kelsey needs to really think about this but a lass she will vote Joel out and then her head roll down the hill right beside Joels whilst Tim and Cassandra sit up there and laugh and laugh with goblets and Crowns.

Kelsey and Cass at the end would be good too. But Kelsey doesn’t understand that Cassandra will be a better speaker then her because she can talk the talk, where Kelsey will stick to the “truth and integrity” and get slaughtered. “Truth and Integrity ” have no place in the BB house. This is for $$$ not friends.


JOEL is so pathetic, acts like a child. So embarrassing to see a grown man act like that


It’s not far-fetched for us to see Cassandra staying over Joel this week. I don’t know if she is very smart or Kelsey&Brothers are just dimwits. Maybe it’s a kind of both.


Tass is everything this season. Tim plants the seeds while Cass waters and reaps them. People are so blind to what Tim has been doing up until this day is still mind boggling. And the fact that everyone knew what cass is
doing and yet keeping her still is amazing. They deserve to win the 1st and 2nd prize but i really do think that Cass will Jeda Tim out.

Bullies blow

Wow wow and wow. Could Tim be any more cruel to Joel? I swear to God if I was there, I would have slapped the smugness out of that asshole. Wasn’t he the one who outed their alliance to begin with? He’s the one who always tries to vote out Cass and Joel is the bad guy?

I pray to God that Joel stays and he just goes after everyone which a vengeance.


It’s a game for $$$ so they’re going to do what they have to. Joel has just been working a different angle, he’s trying for the sympathy vote. Don’t get me wrong I feel bad for him because it’s his dream too.

Tim is absolutely wickedly brilliant, he studies everyone, he knew what Joel’s
Reaction would be when he outed them and knew someone would pick up on it. One of them is going to go and since Joel screwed up on the veto he’s the one who is going down.

The fact that he has managed to pull the wool over their eyes and end up looking like a victim as well is just amazing.


Poor Joel..seriously he is the oldest person in the house & is acting like a 6 year old that didn’t get his way. They will all be friends after this and sometimes they say shit that’s not so nice or whatever but that happens with everyone! I’m sure the almighty Joel himself has said some things he regrets in there. I actually didn’t see anything bad on the feeds…yesterday Tim was comforting him and trying to point out the positives from his experience rather than the negative. Why is ok for Joel to lie & treat people as if their lives in the game don’t matter but it can’t be done to him? Tim may have outed the alliance but it was after the POV that Joel screwed up..and we don’t even know if he was really with the brothers or what. We shall find out soon enough. I’m dying to know what Joel is thinking and I also want to see Tim go crazy lol Appparently he goes nuts after the challenge


It’s comical to me when i read so many people saying that its best for kelseys game to keep cass. HOW? Tim and cass came up with this routine. lets pretend we’re not together anymore, tell kelsey you’re playing without me (tim)..that I’m playing for myself like i said out loud right after the veto. Then after cass cries to kelsey about how she is alone and wants to stay, that she will vote tim out next week and protect kelsey from now on..cass runs right to tim to tell him she may have kelsey convinced…then cass/tim laugh about it, think tim even called kelsey an idiot or something there of. If kelsey gets out joel instead of cass she would have made a dumber move then the one maddy made with lov.

Funnier still is, all the people that claim kelsey will beat cass in F2. HOW? kelsey has done nothing but won 1 HOH and helped get raul to put up mitch..that is it. Cass played both sides for a very long time, had almost everyone trusting her at some point, her alliance only came out with the final5..before that, no one knew about her/tim/joel. She flipped the house a few times to save the person the HOH wanted out, she talked a couple HOHs into putting up who she wanted…i say all this and I don’t like cass at all. just showing why i don’t think kelsey has any chance against cass in F2.

This isn’t about who you like better. They will bring in a former HG who will talk to the jury about how to decide who to pick as the winner, you know, ask important questions, figure out who played the game better, not who is your friend. Many in the jury over the years in their after interviews said their vote changed after speaking to that former HG as well as the way the F2 answered questions. Any one of them that takes tim to F2 will be 2nd, unless it was to be cass, only she may have a chance to beat him..just cause so many in the jury said they want a Canadian to win doesn’t mean that is exactly how they will vote. So, taking tim to the F2 IMO would be the stupidest move of the whole game

Also, few weeks ago, cass told kelsey she will vote tim out and when cass had that chance to do it (last week) what did cass do? she used the veto on him. This has got to be going through kelseys head. This girl can’t be that stupid to think saving cass would be to her benefit. if kelsey does keep cass and she ends up on the block next week, i would laugh, would be her own fault for trusting cass, who has lied to her and everyone else over and over. STILL ever hopefull that cass walks out the door come Thursday.


I am really hoping that Tim and cass pull this off. It would be great to see Tim and cass vs brothers and Kelsey in final 4. Joel has become a redundant player.
If cass and Tim make it through this week, one of them will get to the final 2, most likely with Kelsey!


Kelsey really isn’t bright. I love how they are listening to cass tell them that joel is a bigger liar then she is. Pure bull. Just cause they find out now that joel was with tim/cass he’s the biggest liar? wtf has joel lied to kelsey/brothers about? he never said he was with any of them, until the threekshow came out. Also, why are they listening to everything cass is saying about joel without asking joel? give joel to be ‘honest’ like they think cass is being? These three brothers/kelsey are twits to even think cass is being honest, why the fk would she be honest now? Kelsey, joels played a better game, omg kelsey stfu you sound dumber then everyone on this group has said about you! sadly, phil that likes to go on aand on about how smart he is really is dumb as hell in this keep cass conversation. OMG its painful just to hear.


Finally Phil is thinking and gives Joel some good advice. Play on Kelsey’s heart and let her know everything. Why the hell not. Even if he knows he’s going for sure, go out swinging. If you’re an actor….FUCKING ACT!
Don’t go out like a dip. Ask Kelsey who she really thinks she can beat in final 2. see what she says and then play on it. You have nothing to lose at this point. Groveling is your friend, use it.

Wait til Nikki sees all the mean things Tim has said about her. “Laughing stock” if she won HOH” ect. The others said stuff but more about how she was acting and things she said. He was her friend.


It would be really sweet if brothers and Kelsey had talked about all of this and said lets just keep them in the know, yet we are still going to vote out Cass. So do a lot of yes yes yes to shut them up and have them thinking their good. THEN on eviction night. bye bye cass with a huge smile.

I agree too with whom ever said why not ask Joel. Totally, why are they letting this person who has played them all, to play them again. I’m shaking my head while watching.

“Hey Joel, here is your last chance to come clean, make some sort of deal with me and we move on from here”…is what should be said. What will be said is….”Sorry Joel, its better for my game to keep Cass because I cant beat you”….Even though at this point I think she has a 50/50 with Cass. I don’t think its a good idea to keep her. Talk about stupid. Unless its a memory game or spelling “shot gun” game…How the hell will Joel win. Cass has already won an HOH (with help but it still counts) and a Pov. Kelsey’s resume isn’t bad either. Why would she keep her now.


Joel should just come clean he is not winning Kelsey over she knows what he said in the pantry to put up the brothers. Why would he lie to her face stupid move on his part. His lying is so unconvincing.


I’d pretty much thought Kelsey had switched for the last 24 hours. At 14:21: ish Kelsey turns to the brothers and says I think we should keep Joel.
Where did that come from. She says his slop brain is just going to get worse, and he’s already bad at comps.
Whoa, where is this coming from? Was she called to d/r and given the final decison on the storyline idea for the week?
Still a day and a half of campaigning to go with the extra campaigning day they added this week.. but just seeing that moment where Kelsey flips script again has left me saying what’s going on?
Did I miss something?


I kind like it. go cass you fabulous snake – play the game1


If Cass gets herself out of this situation, like Phil said, she deserves the 100K!

Ugh! Enough is enough!

It is the arrogance of the brothers that gets my goat! The holier than though attitude and the righteous ride they feel they should get. I am from Ottawa and wanted to back my hometown boys BUT these halfwit knuckleheads are beyond arrogant and stupid. They have become like nails on a chalkboard for me. Why don’t they just keep quiet and quit trying to be these big dogs?! They are not even worthy of puppy status! Puppies are adorable. Honestly, these half twits can’t make up one brain together. Canada had to vote you as HOH so you would finally stand for something!!! You twits thought u were now famous because canada loves us crap! I truly believe that isolating the internationals as unworthy of the win was the only thing they could come up with when there were other strategic angles they could have played! They also had to talk over people, bully and be lunatics rather than use their intelligence’ I never insult people like that but OMFG enough is enough someone evict these hometown boys!! Oh yeah while I am at it, I want to take away their Ottawa university sweatshirts while I am at it too. I am sure I am going to get backlash for writing this, BUT it will be nothing compared to the release it will feel to finally say this! I am not even going to reread this cause it boils my blood and it feels good to get it off my chest! 🙂