Big Brother Canada 4 May 2 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Tim Next POV May 7th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 1st
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: Joel and Cassandra
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots No more havenots

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

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Cass turns on her fake tears to Nick. they hug.
Cass almost skips to Tim: I turned on the tears I think I got him.
Nick saunters to Phil: she turned the waterworks.
Phil: eff her (eff was not his word).
Nick: yup. Sorry Cass, see you at the wrap party.
Maybe this isn’t going to be as boring as I thought after all.
Tim doesn’t seem to be jumping too hard to fight for Cass, even though she keeps asking. I know this won’t happen, and I know it’s not going to be received well, but the guy voted against her once because she was getting on his nerves so he could test the loyalty of Joel to the other players. Is he an absolute 100% vote for her as she thinks? Would he actually take someone that essentially played the same game style as him, but wasn’t as good at covering their tracks? This is a question I started asking myself yesterday.


lmao.. love the brothers… good on them not falling for Cass’ crap… yes they have done some dingus things but keep it in perspective.. they are young. they are honest and concerned about doing mom proud.. they are raised well and playing the best game as far as trying to come in honest goes.. and it got them this far. they have lied the least, shared the least kept under the radar won comps, been social … overall.. they would have my vote… go pax brothers


Go back in time to this point in big brother canada 3. What was the prevailing attitude?
Enough with the twists fixing the game.
Flash forward to season 4 this week: there’s a new growing attitude. where’s the twist? bring on the twist.
Somewhere, some executive at twistos has a tear rolling down his cheek.


lol reading the comments on these pages are painful… everyone just talks about how AWFUL this season is and how the people dont know how to play big brother and how theyre done watching it as soon as their favouite person gets eliminated… like come on people… this season has actually been super entertaining… lots of MAJOR beefs… alot of power shifts… some showmances… like fuck what do you want!?

I was a pretty big Jared fan and it was too bad to see him go but fuck was it ever entertaining… having the chance to save himself and he blew it… great stuff… although he was a huge bitch after he got put up… made me like him a little less but still…. time has played a flawless game and has been super entertaining to watch… his and cass’s relationship is fun to watch… I hope that Kelsey wins as she has had to BATTLE since week one to stay in the house… massive target on her back each and every week and she has maneuvered her way through the game is super impressive… she would have my vote for that fact alone… unfortunately it seems that nowadays its all about your resume of wins you have and I don’t think Kelsey has enough… only way I could see it happening is if she send Joel home with the tying vote this week and the brothers win HOH next week and she wins POV and sends Tim out…. I believe then she could likely beat both the brothers and Cass in the final… Cass likely being her best bet… still lots to happen though… excited for the rest of the season


You had me until you said you hope Kelsey wins b/c she’s had to battle..She battled her ass off for Jared not herself. She flat out said she would give Jared the money if they got to the f2 and if she somehow won, she would split her winnings win him b/c he deserves it more than her. THAT is not how you play to win Big Brother! She has been playing for 2nd the entire game & in my honest opinion I think she still is. I don’t think she could or should beat anyone in that house & it kills me to say that b/c I despise the Brothers but the only thing they have done differently is form relationships (Kelsey didn’t do that until Jared left the game..which she should be thanking Cass..she seriously did her a favour) and they win more comps. She may have 3 auto votes on jury but I think those are the only 3 she will get..against anyone.


Hee did you Watch the same years as i do? She vote Jared OUT!!! She was voted out and be reintroduced.. she maneges to stay until now.. she in some way deserve to win as much as any other player still in this house

Who the hell cares

Don’t Read The comments Then!

sunny dee

if it was about the game kelsey could probably only beat cass. but she thinks that she could beat the brothers and joel, which is unlikely. however, the voting probably won’t be game based, and kelsey is probably right in thinking that all she has to do is be final 2, which the brothers are dead set on happening, she could sleep her way to the finale based on the fact that neither joel or tim think she could win against them. and that is she doesn’t know the game and how people vote on things other than how nice you are, which she actually thinks is a voting thing. so she figures she has cass, jared, raul and mitch locked in, and whoever else goes out which i assume she figures is joel. she figures the brothers haven’t impressed anyone, which is true, but doesn’t mean that what they did wasn’t effective, plus won when they needed to. kelsey did not win when she needed to before for example.

what she should have done is get the brothers out because they would vote for her no matter who is beside her. so she’d have jared, raul, the brothers, mitch (i say mitch because he said he’d only vote for a 3), then she gets out joel, so nikki will vote for her, otherwise nikki will vote joel. lol.

but i think the main problem with kelsey is the same as for the brothers, they just don’t really care if they win, they just want to beat the others, specifically tim and cass, and they especially want to be there with jared’s side kick, because for some bizarre and delusional reason, phil is madly in love with jared, and being jared’s bestie, and he’s just happy as can be to have kelsey there to represent jared.

i don’t think i have ever seen people like this ever, in any BB, it’s why we can’t make sense of their actions, because their actions are based on bromancing jared. jared, the guy who shunned them, wanted them out, and came short of putting them up except kelsey talked him out of it, and who hates phil with a passion, probably still does. hates phil being in house with kelsey, alone, all romantic lol


cam four at about 130am eastern time (136:40 ish).
Joel’s been having a pretty good night. not a lot of game talk. sitting out and relaxing.
In walks Cassandra with the guilt trips and the admonishments.
I know Joel’s been at least half acting the whole self-evicting thing.
The whole Cass pity party right now on that cam… his restraint is amazing. Finally at 136:50 ish he’s finally starting to talk back but for ten minutes straight? dear lord.
If she wanted to get veto so bad, she wouldn’t have been on the sidelines expecting other people to do the work for her as she has been expecting other people to do her bidding all game long. Hey, she was eliminated from the challenge. Too bad.
Now she’s asking HIM to come up with an argument to campaign against him.
Now he’s telling her his pecking order if he was HOH. Like she isn’t going to run to everyone with that. Of course, she’s putting down the brothers and Kelsey at the same time. Okay, lets just turn off the feed while they’re going in a circle.

Of Course

Yes, of course Cass is going to run and tell everyone. That is exactly why she was having that conversation with Joel. The guilt trip was to bring down his defenses so she could get the information she needed to turn against him and get Kelsey’s vote. Although she has every right to be pissed at both Joel and Tim. Joel because she exposed herself to protect Joel and Tim for using the Veto on him he is not returning the favor to try to help save her.


Are you suprised? That’s Cass’s game/life. She can’t do anything for herself.


Why didn’t anyone ever tell me before that nightvision cam Joel is Napoleon Dynamite?

Crowbar Club

Anyone ever catch the date of Joel & Jared’s shared birthdate during feeds?


Wow just watched the brothers. PHIL certainly doesn’t like to be told what to do even by his brother. Interesting that he is flirting with Kelsey wonder how Jarrod would like that?


I’m glad there were not a lot of stupid twists and such. Its nice to see the game back to the game. Strategy , game talk. The challenges are fun and the comps for pizza parties and what not I always liked. I cant remember if we do the food challenge. Only getting certain items for that week.
Anyway I like when it gets back to the actual game and not so much damn interference from production. There is enough of that with their diary sessions.

When my favourite gets voted out I have to pick another from whom ever is left. “im not watching this anymore” and other things said like that is so silly and shows such poor sportsmanship. This is coming from the same whiners who think they would be so much better in this game..Yet cant even handle the comments and different opinions.


Really can’t stand Kelsey using her feet on everything and sticking them in her mouth or having other people eat off that surface after her dirty feet have been all over them. It’s gross and her little stubby legs are always in a weird posture. I just can’t stand her quirks and looking sideways from her crazy eyes.


I may be in the minority but Mmmm… I’d eat her up… All of her!


Cass is starting to realise she is 90% going this week. She needs to leverage the core principles of the remaining players:
Tim: Act weak, let him help her, let him think he is mentoring her and giving her advice. She is coming on far too strong and too much confidence and over-playing is a massive turn-off for him. Let Tim to work for her, without her directly asking.

Kelsey: Emotionally, take her through memory lane and everything they have done together on a game and emotional-real level. Show her fake-empathy and realness about her move last week. Take her game-mask completely off, but give her subtle hints that she may not be in the best spot going into F4 with Joel.

Brothers: Strip back everything. Admit to every lie she has made harming them throughout this game. Admit to every lie Joel was involved in. Don’t talk game, let Kelsey and Tim get in their ear. She needs to get through to these guys through third party sources, so there is some credibility. Use there giant ego against them.


Simon your updates are useless. If I wanted to watch hours of video I would not need this site. Just saying..


Unfortunately he does not have the 12 hours a day it takes to invest in monitoring and transcribing the feeds like we do for the BBUS seasons. This is the best he can do with the limited time he has available. At least in the videos you can skip through to watch what you want. The live feeds don’t allow you to flashback either so it allows you to watch when you have time. BBCAN just isn’t very popular and to be honest the support this year has been very low compared to other bbcan seasons which makes me question if bbcan is worth covering at all. Updating and maintaining this site costs Simon and I a lot of money in addition to requiring each of us to invest 12 hours a day for 75 – 100 days straight. I don’t think many people realize just how much money, time and effort we invest so that everyone can enjoy the content and live feed updates.


You are a total jerk dude. You come on the guys site and tell them its useless. Very nice. You do know this isn’t their life right. They actually do this because they like it and enjoy others reading and talking about it. The fact that you even wrote that and got such a pleasant response from the guy(Dawg) tells you that they are probably nice guys.
Where as I don’t have to be nice and I can tell you that that was rude, and it was. Instead of complaining why not just say nothing.

I enjoy this site and the time it takes to read it and go through the videos, I cant imagine how much time it takes to find it all and write it all and post it all.

Cheers to you Both!!


Phil’s brain if he has one is “numbnuts” about final 4..
.duh which way to we go George which way…doh


Jott reminds me of Napoleon dynamite except Napoleon dynamite is way cooler !!!! He’s irritating to watch the brothers are freaking annoying Kelsey thinks she’s a genius but she’s just one lucky girl in that house her fate is lucky so lucky Cassandra screwed her own game over she should’ve never used Veto on Tim!!!! If the brothers when I’m literally going to throw up twice !!!!! I don’t even care who wins Kelsey didn’t really do much this game except when the HOH when she needed to so I’ll give her props for that Cassandra played her heart & soul out Tim doesn’t seem to appreciate her I would never give him another massage ever again if I was Cassandra I would just lay low and chill by myself since I know I’m leaving anyway Kelsey should save her screw those brothers there so annoying the way they talk so bad about Cassandra isn’t really nice either They can’t stand her and they’re straight bullying her Kelsey should see that as a downfall and purposely let her stay it’s inappropriate the way they speak about her and just shows that they are assholes !!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Dawg and Simon for all the Videos and summaries this Season for BBCan – my last Post this Season until BBUS as Vacation is starting.
And the winner is – First of all Kelsey should have taken the opportunity to back door Joel this week and keep Cass to work with because Cass would never vote her out. Secondly Joel will go next week I firmly believe that
( because everyone knows he will win with the jury ) but after that, Tim and the Brothers will take each other F2. The Brothers think the Jury won’t want an International to win ( they are sadly mistaken they will lose against Tim ) and Tim won’t want to sit next to Kelsey at the end he knows the Brothers are a shoe in for 2nd. Kelsey at F2 could make the votes very close. Love her or hate her she came back in to the game and made it to the end – that says a lot.
That is unless by some miracle Joel wins HoH – then all bets are off. But as I say when pigs fly. He is on slop and BB should finally be doing an Endurance for HoH


So disappointed in Tim. As far as he is concerned Cassandra is on her way out and therefore is no longer of any use to him .

Kerri Kry

Dawg ~

You spoke with a finesse that only comes with experience.

I shall extend a arm of gratitude since some of these people are acting like opinionated, high n mighty takers …… your appreciated and we thank you.

“Try donating if you go on this site regularly”


Thank you Kerri! Its refreshing to hear that all our efforts are appreciated.