Karen – this is a tough game

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The general consensuses before the feeds went down is Cassandra is going home. Ika etc, are playing it up that Cassandra might be staying. They are going to blame it on Dre etc that they didn’t have the votes. This is to cover them in the case that Cassandra comes back. Feeds went down around 10am not sure if they’ll be back before the show.


Cassandra was evicted 11-0

Karen and Ika in the bathroom
Karen is in her corner favorite Corner. Just like my guinea pig Karen has a corner in the bathroom where she spends most of her time.

Karen says she hopes Ika wins the HOH today..
They agree to both try “so hard’
Ika says if it’s the two of them remaining on endurance she’ll throw it to Karen. Karen says no Ika should get it because she hasn’t gotten it yet.

Ika – Sindy is also really good at endurance
Karen – that’s ok
Ika – I feel she’ll keep us safe
Karen – I do too

Ika says for now Demetres will keep them safe for now, “I think he knows we kept him safe week 1”

Karen – I really like that kid
Ika is going to avoid eye contact with Cassandra.
Karen – She thinks Dre is the most solid.. Dre is the most Sketchy because she got caught and she’s trying to blame me..
Karen – she threw me and Gary under the bus to Jackie of all people..

Karen – this is a tough game
Karen – CAss was too sketchy with Dallas and JAckie.. why

BAck in the bathroom Ika and Karen.. Karen still in her corner.
Ika says she didn’t like the people in her season that is why she was a b1tch to people.
Karen – when I first saw you I was scared to sh1t.. I thought you were queen ICEA .. oh my god i’m playing with her.
Karen – if you descent outside the ranks you’re throat gets cut

Karen – the dre thing is really freaking me out that she went to Jackie
Ika reminds her to make sure Dre doesn’t know they know.
Karen says Neda is the best strategic player that has ever played this game
Ika – that is why we have to vote with her..
Karen says Cassandra was the one that went to Neda and said “lets throw up Karen and Jackie”
Ika – she thought she could trust Jackie more than she can trust us

French connection and Ika (game talk starts near the end of the video)
Dre asks if Demetres wins will he put them up?
Ika – no, it will be Dillon that will do that..

Ika and Dre
Ika – just win HOH please..
Ika says Gary is pissed at her becuase of something Cassandra said.

CAssandra comes in “I love you girls I just want to say thanks for having my back”
Ika says it’s been hard. Dre leaves.

Ika tells CAssandra that Demetres told Ika “Fine if this is what you want to do Ika this is what I’ll do” (keep Cassandra)
Cassandra – really
They hug Cassandra lets out a giant sigh of relief
Ika – as of right now it’s decent but we have to touch base again.. you know how these people are .. Do your makeup and stay quiet.

2:13pm Feeds come back Showing Cassandra, Dre and Jackie getting ready for the show.

Kevin and William cuddling..

2:34pm Storage room
Gary – I think Ika’s doing it
Cassandra – I love you guys..
William comes in.. Cassandra says she has the 6 votes they just need to confirm..
Cassandra – confirm with Ika..
CAsasndra says nobody is talking about it today
Gary says they worked yesterday “like pigs”
Cassandra – I love you I’m going to sit quietly in the corner all week
Gary – Yes.. and practice it right now..
(Still don’t think Cassandra is staying.. )

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Cassandra is getting evicted. Today is a good day.


I want Cassandra to stay big time but I think an awesome blind side will be more than a fair trade off. Cass will not handle it well.


I would be surprised to see Cass still here on Friday. I think she is done. That being said, it is probably for the best because it exposes a lot of people’s games. Gary is already putting the pieces together what is going on in the house with the votes. It’s just a matter of time until he figures out that Ika is playing both sides but BATTING only for Neda’s side. The problem this Season in the House is that Neda thinks she will be able to get rid of Gary easily if he is on the block. I don’t think that will happen unless he was up on the block against Emily to cancel out Dillon’s vote! Gary has made a connection with Dillon finally, but Dillon would vote for Emily to stay. Neda doesn’t have the brain to see those sort’s of things in the House and she never has! That’s why I will never say Neda is the most strategic player in BBCan history. She may have made one or two moves but she isn’t the most strategic player or she wouldn’t have been kicked out by a man she fell for, which he won !!!
I am looking at this Season by how much the returning players have changed since their Season of playing and so far I am impressed by Gary, because he is making connection with everyone of the new players and really keeping his temper under control. Plus you don’t see any of the glitter dust like his first season. Also he is paying attention to what is going on in the House, unlike the rest of the Vets who are content to stay in the HoH room with Neda and suck on her you know what – or Bruno and Kevin who seem to spend every waking moment together, and no one else ( maybe Jackie ). The only reason people are paying any attention to Queen Sheba of the Bitches is because she is safe for another 2 weeks or she would be floating around in the background like she did her previous Season !!!

sunny dee

neda needed to win the final HOH, she choked and she shouldn’t have because she should have had the confidence that she would beat jon as the one who coached him thru it. she didn’t, have zero sympathy for her being evicted by him. when it comes to the end, you don’t ask someone to take you, you have to be the one who takes.

i think she has an immunity and HOH idiocy going on right now. How often does she leave the HOH room, to interact with others? those people get put on the block sooner rather than later, they keep themselves out of touch with the rest of the house, and people notice that.

i think it is a mistake for ika to not work to keep cass, but at the same time no doubt she’s realized she simply is not going to get the one vote she needs, demestres. he is solid with the other side, imo. if that wasn’t happening, maybe not.

the other thing that mystifies is why isn’t karen hell bent on evicting jackie after all she claims jackie has done and is doing to her? it literally makes no sense to me if you go around accusing someone of being after you, and spreading rumours about you or attacking you that you keep them in the game and not the person who isn’t doing that. her only objection is how cass mentioned her name as possible noms, which she should have expected, who else is cass going to say, she pretty much knows who it won’t be for neda. she’s not going to say any of the vets, karen should know that she can see neda working hard with the vets. she’s not going to say emily and dillon, considering i doubt if neda wanted either up, so who’s left? shes not going to name herself, lol


Yup, Neda is overrated in her own mind, she basically relied on Jon to win all her comps, even Jon got lucky with the twist being thrown in that got andrew and kenney’s game messed up, otherwise they would have sailed to the end. I think Sabrina would have even beaten Neda because she had lack 4 guaranteed votes in the jury and had a stronger social game.


That’s what I said. Jon carried her to the end by winning all the comps in her season and she is still bitter that Jon played a better game by evicting her at the end!!!! She is pathetic. And now she thinks she is an undefeated beast at this game. If it wasn’t for Canada giving her the special power of not being nominated until jury. She wouldn’t last. I’m not a fan, never was or ever will be.
Yeah, Neda, there are Canadians who actually think you are a self absorbed douche!


Neda won’t last long in this game once her safety is done, can’t wait until she’s on the block. Agreeing to name her effin alliance after her company and trying to act like it wasn’t her idea, ugh, can she be more egotistical?? Mastermind my ass, hiding in the shadows behind Jon, then crying like a baby when he outplayed her and STILL saying she should’ve been the winner, I can’t wait until she’s voted out. She brings out the worst in me, I’m not usually hateful on players but she get on my effin nerves. Rant over.


How come she can name the alliance after her company? Isn’t that a “brand” which is taboo??


Why is there so much Neda hate in the comments on this site? Seems strange after she wins the vote to go into the future. Is it because she’s not with the “underdogs” this season or what? I’m confused.

Guy From Canada

It’s from the feeds. Neda is actually a fan who is a regular in this site, and was backed by Simon at the beginning of the season. The way she is playing on the feeds is mean girl. She has isolated herself into her alliance instead of staying in the background like her previous season and playing the game smart. She is playing with the numbers, is seen as a leader who is a bully, and won’t go far once her immunity is done. I personally have seen her on the feeds being a mean girl, and I won’t back someone who plays the game that way so that’s why I am not supporting her this season. As for hate, I’m not that strong towards her just a very strong distaste for her dirty game play.


I also heard that her big brother Canada friends were bribing fans with personal snapchats if they voted for her as much as they could. So that might of tipped the scale in her favor just a little.

Cass fan

The video of Cass in the white dress with gary, will, and karen was sad.

I love you Cassandra. With your no bullshit mouth I respect you as a player and a human being, but you didn’t have a chance against Ika and gary. However, The Second-timer’s Snakes / core 6 alliance you would have decimated, with the newbies and walked away with the win, even with neda having a no consequence free ride to jury.


are you going throw cass exact samegame that going around talking that cass did the samething


Seems to me most of them are egotistical asses but I guess you’d have to have that gene to play this game. I don’t think Neda is being as bad as some are saying though, she spoke to all of her alliance people and they ALL agreed it should be Cass, Ika included. Ika is the most egotistical of them all in my opinion…she’s trying to play all angles and it’s going to bite her in the ass, I thin it’s already starting to as Neda was shaking her head on the 180 she did AFTER the noms. If she felt so strongly why was she agreeing with Neda all along before the noms? Well with all these huge ego’s it should make for a very interesting season!

even worse then Rene

Karen’s the worst


Are we sure she won I voted lots and all for Jackie . I picked one newbie and voted over and over . This is just a production plant


yet neda and ika play the same game but they wont blamed i hope that ika and neda both on ythre block exposde there game now


you wont know who put who on the blockto?

Cdn Oracle

Hi Simon,

I actually think of all the horrible twists BBCAN does this one is kind of cool. Problem is it doesn’t allow the unorganized scared underdogs to win HOH normally and change the course of the game. Could not come at a worse time as we know yet another one will bite the dust either Dre Gary or William as replacement nom.

Like I said earlier these newbies are brutal. Karen (although very funny) is the worst player I have ever seen, especially thinking she can float all the way and win it. William should have used veto on Cass (remember numbers???) and then saving gary or dre would have been easier and they would have been in completely different spot. William will live to regret that scared veto ceremony that knocked half the house out of contention and they didn’t even realize it.

All this twist does is keep the status quo and solidify the vet alliance. Although I like kevin and bruno as boring as their game is it’s very smart at the moment, just sucks from a viewer standpoint having nobody but Gary (who will be evicted) to stand in their way.


seem that neda and ika talk to every1 but who going blame them?


Simon, how do you know that Gary and Dre are nominated? Where was this posted or was it on the feeds?


HEY, Simon, Dawg and Nick….MORE KRAKEN HOUR VIDEOS PLEASE! umms are ok/
come on
they are how you might say …groovy!!!


Why bring back returnneees, at least let the viewers vote,
My vote would have the entire cast of season 1 back
Best season of the five BBCAN ranks right up there with the best BBUS or BBWorld
Ika ……..yes
Neda ….no
Cassandra….oh ya
just my opinion like it or not…where/s Talla when you need her?


wherre do you season 3 with triple elimination best all time?