“if you look a certain way, blonde hair, blue eyes, and you say you go to church you’re not going to be a target”

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BBCAN5 Spoilers

Cassandra was evicted by a vote of 11 – 0
New garbage twist.. Backwards week.

New Twist Backwards week

At the end of the live eviction show the houseguests will find out that this shockwave will bend time and space, and that this week will start where a normal week would end

Everyone nominated 2 people privately. Gary and Dre got the most votes. Following the nomination ceremony, the houseguests will play for the POV. If the POV is used, the house will vote on the replacement nominee.

The houseguests (minus the final 2 nominees and the outgoing HOH) will battle for the head of household.

Not sure when POC, POV Ceremony or HOH will happen. This week is all f***d up.
In the conclusion to Backwards Week, the HOH will cast the sole vote to evict at the live eviction.

The houseguests will be informed just prior to the HOH comp that the winner of the comp will have the sole vote to evict in the live eviction show next Thursday

10:55pm Dre, Ika and William
Ika talking about not liking Kenny on her season on the show but she really likes him off the show.
Dre – you know why people like Gary, you and me will always be targets, we’re a little bit louder a little bit different.
Dre – if you come in and are a father and you have two kids and you love your wife and you’re beautiful you’re not going to be a target.
Dre – if you look a certain way, blonde hair, blue eyes, and you say you go to church you’re not going to be a target.
Dre says again if you have long hair pale skin and you say you go to church you won’t be a target.

11:12pm Gary and Ika
Ika says she feels bad for Gary and Dre.
Gary – don’t feel bad for me I’m going to be OK
Ika – I’m not going to be OK
Gary – if it looks like I’m going to go I’m not begging nobody
Ika – if you leave this house these people will run this show into the ground after week friggin four.. All the entertaing people are leaving.. Cass, Dallas. They are boring, they’re like bread.
Ika – they’re dry and when they stay here for a long time they’re hard and crusty
Gary – they’re basic packaged pizza’s
Ika – over baked chicken strips

11:23pm Ika and Bruno
Ika says she feels bad because she told Dre and Gary they weren’t the targets.
Ika – they trusted you guys
Ika – Neda was freaking out.. I was like, Why are you freaking out?
Bruno is going to tell them that Cassandra pulled him aside and said you gotta look out for Dre and Gary they’re coming for him.
Ika – just sucks because I worked so hard.. even if one of you guys didn’t do it
Bruno – I didn’t know I just thought this was the chance to do it
Ika – now they know you guys are coming after them
Ika – Neda was like.. stick with the plan.. I was like Bitch! honestly little bitch who do you think you’re talking to

Kevin/Demtres joins them..
Bruno thought that Dre, William and Gary were all going to vote for him.
Ika says she worked them all week all for nothing.
Kevin says the POV players picked were, Kevin, William, Neda and Emily plus the two nominees Dre and Gary
Demetres – I wonder what it’s going to be Something in the middle of the night with cold water.

11:50pm Neda, Dillon, Emily, Jackie
They all agree William would use the veto on Dre. Neda doesn’t think anyone else will use the veto. Neda says as long as the house is voting they’ll be OK. Dillon says it will suck if he’s up against Gary and he goes home because it’s Canada’s vote and they vote Dillon out.
Neda – it wouldn’t be the fairest vote.. (ZOMG)
Emkly – yeah no.. becuase he’s already built up a fanbase
Neda – just becuase he had a season.. he had side show (ZOMG!)
Neda wants Dre or Gary to go 100%

1am Gary and Dre in the kitchen. Gary – I’m committed to this! When I’m on the block and my life is on the line.. I go ham! Neda, Will, Kevin, You don’t stand a chance I’m winning this sh*t. But its backwards week do you think the winner is the loser? Dre – no. Gary – Bruno could flip? Dre – no, he’s not working alone. Gary – I’m hoping Kevin will flip for me. You could get Bruno to flip. Dre – he’s not going to go against his team… Neda, Kevin, Cindy… Bruno is a pair, he is a work alone. Gary – why is William still talking to Jackie after she betrayed us? Dre – I think he genuinely likes her. Gary – but does he have to talk to her literally right after she betrayed us.

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Ugh.. Neda’s goodbye message to Cassandra was vomit inducing. Sorry but what a b*tch. She’s so conceited this time it’s ridiculous..

Guy From Canada

Simon, do it. She was so rude during the speeches, and after her mic was still on, and that goodbye message, zomg, it was the worst. I think production sees her going from her behaviour so we will see a villian side of Neda from here on out ?


only because you listened to cat .. I mean cass..lol

Abandoned, In Deep Space...Any crew? Negative, Negative, Negative

I loved Neda in season 2…now I dislike her so much that I am glad Jon won her season and that Sabrina got the $20k…I have lost all respect for Neda, she is just a petty, mean spirited little brat, her absolute hatred of Cass is bizarre…The ridiculously unfair needless 5 weeks of safety gifted to her is the dumbest twist…like Jasons production pet advantage of OTT with the pre existing fans for so many votes, this twist was to get Neda the production pet as far as possible, and I regard it as such an unfair twist that if she wins, I think she should only get half the prize money, so only $50k because she played half the game with safety which was not earned, and I would have the other $50k split among the 15 houseguests who didnt get the luxury of 5 weeks safety…that would be around $3333 for each of the 15 who didnt get the safety…its pretty clear to me that most of the vets were chosen as pro Neda and anti Cass, so Cass had no chance with the people who were cast

If they wanted to do a space theme I would have liked to see production really go the extra mile to mentally mess with the houseguests and play over the loudspeakers a 24/7 continuous space atmosphere audio track and use sound effects like when doors open and voices to give the house more of a space ship vibe, like in this track which samples the film Event Horizon…and it would have made a great music intro theme for the season tv episodes…

Space Manoeuvres – Stage One (Solar Stone Remix)

I will be departing the spaceship with Cass right now, as she is the only one that I personally found entertaining or humorous to watch this season, I find the remaining people boring and its likely to be the least enjoyable North American season alltime, a steamroll procession of predictability, so thanks Simon for the coverage up to this point, I look forward to your coverage of BB19

Shout out to all the Cass fans out there, take it easy and all the best. I hope Cass can return in future on a true All Stars season.


no one going blame or ika game but will blame cass game


omg dre .. what is that girls problem .. it makes me sick hearing her say that .. she is calling the light skin racist … I have no respect for her at all .. because you have dark skin others are suppose to kiss their ass .. bow down to them .. new flash honey .. I am French Canadian .. many think I am off the reserve .. and the native Indians had it a hell of a lot worse then any other coloured skin .. and those that talk like dre just did makes me ill ..


What is Dre supposed to do with your respect? Lol who cares. Second, “natives had it a lot worse than coloured skin” ……this is how I know you’re a moron. If you think that statement is true then you have no grasp on what Dre is actually talking about so sit down.


i.d like to take you outside and beat the living crap out of you “the moron” “asshole” and so forth
dumass mf’er


Dre is racist with whites for sure


I think she’s making an obeservation rather than being racist. Look around, it happens all over the world not just in the house.


first off BB your words mean nothing to me .. why because you wont even use your name hiding behind B B… as for calling me a moron .. take a seat goof .. tell me how many coloured skinned people were taken off their land on put on reserves .. tell me how many coloured skinned people had their children taken away and put in these so called schools.. bunch all coloured skinned… not just blacks browns I am talking about Asians ect … you show me the facts and I will that space .. good luck finding it .. GOOF .. PS IDIOT ..


You are so stupid and I think you are they racist on here nice too lay the back card or native card just shut up .


Is this the oppression olympics marianne?


“Than any other coloured skin” Are you serious? You need to brush up on history because native Americans aren’t the only ones who have been discriminated against. How about slavery, islamophobia? You’re French Canadian so you know there was a hate filled attack at a mosque less than two months ago so please stop. She’s explaining HER reality. She never said bow down to her and she’s not calling anyone racist! She is speaking about PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS. So the fact that you want to minimize how she is feeling makes me feel sick and shows that Canada still has a long way to go.


I think this twist is different .. all you hear anymore is .. BB is so predictable .. well never heard of this being done.. I get a kick out of the twist..


bb usa had rewind week!


horrible season, a bunch of floaters every vote
gary is the next in a 10-0


william shoukld have played the pov but hey william floating by!

Lord Viking

Perform Blood Eagle on Neda….


Dre is totally right. She’s been laying low and chilling and yet she’s “scary” get outta here, pls. I dont care if she campaigned for cass, she barely did it and thats not an excuse


I hope Neda is evicted as soon as they hit jury. It’s pathetic how she’s behaving and being such a hypocrite about it too. Also, Dre playing the race card is disappointing, we live in Canada and this is not the 1950s. There is no conspiracy against dark skinned people. All the people that have left so far have been light skinned FYI.


We live in Canada and this is not the 50s?! Clearly you’re white and blind and need to not speak on what you CLEARLY do not know. It’s 2017 ans racism is alive and well in Canada buddy.

This might actually be… the worst season of big brother I’ve ever watched. A bunch of catty bitches running the house and everybody is acting like sheep. This is the first time I genuinely hate house guests. Ika is literally cancer. Neda is a delusional, psycho, jealous bitch. GOD. Like guys. I. Can’t. Wait. For. “The Dicks” major ballsack alliance to just pick people off 1 by 1. Ohh and I really love Neda screaming “I’M MAKING A BIG MOVE GUYS..RIGHT GUYS!?!? I’M GETTING RID OF THE PERSON THATS LITERALLY AT ROCK BOTTOM. BIG MOVE THO!!?” Like shut up bitch you were useless on your season and youre useless now. I can’t wait until she gets put up and doesn’t have John to carry her. Make a proper cock out of her.


who think this going rewind week

another name

Dre has said that appearance and perception form the basis of initial impression of a person.
if that theory is extrapolated, spending days with Cassandra and ignoring Jackie for the most part would lend to the impression based on appearance and perception, that Dre was more interested in Cass staying. Their companionship did not go unnoticed, and her more angry demeanor to others backed up that impression. As important as the amount of time she spent with Cass is the way her attitude changed to others (tanking her under the radar game).
The problem for Dre is her actions weren’t in a vacuum. Gary ratted her out. So, any attempt for Dre to appear not to be colluding in a movement to keep Cass is already tainted by the bias of impresssion, and by confirmation of real or imagined complicity by someone she is currently aligned with (Gary). In no way is she being centred out because she’s not a pale blonde. While I do believe (and hate) that race and gender can have an effect on some people’s initial perception, I honestly don’t think that is the case in this instance. She’s being centred out for her behavior not matching her words, the visible change in her attitude, and for being sold down the river by the one now sitting next to her on the block.


Dre is a White privilege believing racist. She is the second housemate in BBC history which has openly spouted such disturbing bigotry. Sarah from BBC3 is also a vile racist.

The demonization of a group or race for being too successful, too privileged, and too prevalent is something we have seen throughout history: ‘too many rich people!’, ‘too many Jews!’, ‘too many White people!’. A common theme which has resulted in staggering numbers of people dying at the hands of murderous collectivist fascists using guillotines, gulags and gas chambers.


You must be an uneducated trump supporter because you clearly don’t know what is going on in the world.

wishful thinker

Simon, is there any way that this twist brings Cass back as hoh perhaps. Please