Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 7 Recap

Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 7 Power of Veto Competition

Jackie and Cassandra are nominated by HOH Neda.

Power of Veto Challenge – Big Brother Canada Fashion Week

Players in POV are:
Neda, Jackie, Cassandra, William, Ika, Emily
Host: Kevin

Competitors must watch the models walk the catwalk and remember what they are wearing. They then are paired head to head to recreate an individual’s look. Winner of each round moves to round 2, fastest time goes right to the final round.


Dre’s Look

William 4/5 Neda 3/5

Sindy’s Look

Jackie 5/5 Ika 4/5

Demetres Look

Cassandra 4/5 vs Emily 5/5 (Fastest Time so she moves on to the final round)

Looks from past season

Bruno’s Look

William 5/5 vs Jackie 3/5

Final Round – Night on the town

Ika’s Look

William 5/7 vs Emily 4/7

William wins POV!

At the POV ceremony Will (as expected) doesn’t use his POV on Cassandra.

Watch Thursday for the Eviction

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