Justin “I was waiting for someone to drag my name through the dirt” Whitney “I should have”

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9:15pm HOH room – Kryssie is talking to Morgan while Justin listens from the HOH bathroom. Kryssie tells Morgan – Scott is looking pretty backdoor-able … so do I give him what he wants. I think of all the girls you have the best social game. Morgan – I think people for get that this is a social game. Kryssie – you hugged me after Shane left. I won’t forget that. Whatever happens this week, its not personal. You told me week 2 that I was safe. I can tell you right now I have no intention of getting you out. Morgan – thank you. Kryssie – I’m not going to be that HOH that lets it go to my head. Just know whoever I put up it might be a pawn scenario.
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Morgan leaves. Justin comes out from hiding in the bathroom and says that was awesome. She’s a really good person. Kryssie – you know I brought your name up for me and for you. Shelby knocks on the door. Justin hides again. Shelby tells Kryssie – I just wanted see where your head was at. Shelby – I don’t want to go home. I hope at least I have the chance to fight in the veto. I have reasons why I should stay. I’m not the smartest person, I’m not the strongest person… I’m not a comp threat. I’m on slop this week so America doesn’t like me. I’m a good person to keep around because… Kryssie – so basically you’re a good person to get rid of later so don’t get rid of me now. Shelby looks at the house guest wall and says you kind of have to put up 2 from our side. Kryssie – what about Justin. He plays the middle. I think he’s more on your side. Shelby – no, way. He referred to your side of the house as his side. You’re one of the people that he values the most in the game. Kryssie starts talking about Scott and how he tried to get to know him. Shelby and Kryssie agree they’ll talk tomorrow. Shelby leaves. Justin – that poor girl. I feel so bad about her.

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10:20pm Whitney talks to Kryssie. Kryssie – If for some reason I have to put you up, you’re not going anywhere. If I do put you up, I’ll make sure its a zero vote for you. I think Scott is the obvious choice. He basically insulted me as a game player and begged me to put him on the block. He said he backdoored Shane so you might as well put me up on the block. And then he told me that because I have a bum knee I am no threat to him physically so I am no threat to him at all. Whitney – is her writing his death sentence? Kryssie – Alex offered me a deal and Scott didn’t. I want to see what the care package is. Whitney if I got it and had anything to do with the HOH I would tag team it with you. Kryssie – you and I have a lot to prove and I would like for you to stick around. Kryssie – I think Alex has a good chance of getting it (America’s care package) because they would think it would be hilarious for us to have to work together. Whitney leaves and says bye Justin. Whitney leaves. Justin says that’s my girl. Kryssie – did she catch eyes’ with you? Justine – yeah.
Kryssie – If anyone asks… you were only up here for with her. Justin – I don’t think she would tell anyone.

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10:45pm Lounge room. Justin joins Alex, Morgan, Shelby and Whitney. Scott asks how it was listening in on everyone’s HOH conversation. Justin lies and says he was just there for Whitney’s conversation. Scott – Whitney told us you were there for everyone’s conversation. Justin laughs and comes clean about listening in on their conversations. Justin – well you guys are beautiful. Y’all said good things about me. I was just waiting for someone to drag my name through the dirt. Whitney – I should have been the one to do it.

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11:30pm Morgan, Alex and Whitney are talking. Morgan – I think Scott went up there and strategically said what he said. Like he whats her to backdoor him so she won’t. Scott has been sketchy. Whitney – he says he doesn’t have a strategy .. he always has a strategy. Whitney – its huge that we know Justin was up there because he was going to deny it. Morgan – I do want to go up to Justin and say I don’t have a problem with him. Whitney – Jason, Justin and Scott are in the best position in the house. Justin joins them. Shelby – you tried to lie about being up there for our conversations. Kryssie said you, Jason and Scott had an alliance so I had stayed up there to try and find out more about that. Justin asks who said that!? Shelby – Kryssie did .. you were there for it! Justin – I don’t have an alliance with anyone and I definitely don’t have one with Scott. Shelby – then I’ll have to sit here all night and try and figure out why someone would say that.

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12am Morgan, Jason, Whitney, Danielle, Kryssie, Justin and Alex are hanging out in the kitchen chatting about random things.

12:45am Morgan and Alex talk. Morgan – did you make a deal with her for a veto? Alex – no. I told her I would throw all the comps next week. I don’t want power. Morgan – the only thing I said .. she said week two I told her she was safe. I think I am safe this week. I’m going to throw Shelby under the bus to keep you. I’m going to have to bargain hard. Scott said that for a reason (telling Kryssie to put him up). Scott needs to go.

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1:10am Whitney tells Morgan – if I won the veto and you were up there, I would pull you down. Our hope is that only one of us goes up. Morgan – lets figure out who gets the care package .. then reconvene and then figure out what to say to Kryssie.

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In the kitchen – Danielle, Neeley, Jason and Kryssie are making up screen plays about the house guests while they look at the memory wall.

2:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

1:09pm Alex wins the Care Package

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46 thoughts on “Justin “I was waiting for someone to drag my name through the dirt” Whitney “I should have”

  1. Yep, the LNC people are really being the adults in the house. Neeley making discusting comments regarding Shelby’s anatomy, Jason calling all of the BS+Scott crew c***s, again. Kryssie calling all various names, Justin acting like a middle school “spy”……Yep keeping real LNC…..The LNC thinks they have a soul but all are truely soulless. People with a soul do not trash people and make up vile insults. Boggles the mind……

    1. I agree 100%. These people are awful. To see some of the things they do and say makes me sick to my stomach. They way they talk about Shelby is way over the line. Just shut up already!!

      1. They need to be kicked off the show for the disgusting things they say! Especially about Shelby..won’t they be surprised when they find out she is a law school grad! She has more brains then all the LNC put together. They are truly vile trash!

        1. Wonder if she can sue them for slander? She being a law school grad should know. Bet her friends back home have saved all the footage in case there is nothing in her contract that would prevent her from filing suit.

    2. I basically like Justin but sorry due, you don’t get to hide in a tub to eavesdrop on people without others thinking you’re acting like an ass. No, Shelby is not being “awkward” because she doesn’t think it’s meaningless. Nice move by Kryssie The Honest and Upfront. Nothing dishonest about having someone creeping in a tub.

    3. Stick and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. I’m sure none of you whiney babies have never bad mouthed someone and used derogatory words to describe someone in your entire life.

      1. As a matter of fact, I have never used c*** in any sentance or phrase, I do not talk about other peoples body parts and joke that they are diseased, I never can remember saying that I wished physical harm come to any other person. Yes I have been called names and called other people names but none as vulgar as those who claim to be the only ones in the house to have a soul. Calling someone an idiot or dummy etc is no where near using c*** as an adjective.

        1. I agree! Paul even said it on twitter about him call Michelle the c word and everyone went crazy. What if the Ball Smashers or even someone on here called Jason a homophobic name? People would be all up in arms. They wanted to crucify Monte because they thought he was homophobic. Kyrssie actually started that rumour.

      2. I may have talked Sh*t on people before, but never been hypocritical about it. That is the whole thing with most of the LNC. They are doing the exact same things now that they have been vilifying the plastics for doing.

  2. From what I see on here (I don’t get the feeds) At least Alex, Morgan, Whitney do not have that airhead “dumb blonde” way of talking or even that Rah, Rah Sis, boom, Bah cheerleader crap like Natalie had. All BB players talk about each other that is part of it but that LNC just appears to be a nasty hateful bunch. Jason calling women cu*ts and hoes is just not acceptable to me IDK if he is gay and thinks it is ok. Very rare to hear even from another woman calling someone a c*nt and I think Neely and Krissie should call him out for it (not that they are much better)

    1. Kryssie and Neeley will never call Jason out on it because the say the same type of stuff. Some more vile. If you are basing your opinions on just comments here and not the feeds, you have no idea how mean, vile, and nasty the LNC really are. Every season people make up stuff and call others names. The BS girls + Scott do some too. However, most of the previous seasons and the BS + Scott have/do not go off the deep end like the LNC crew does. If you watched the feeds, you would see how disgusting the LNC members are. It is pathetic.

      1. Yea this is the only site I look at for updates and comments so it is all I have to base my opinions on. Like I said talking about each other is pretty much par for the BB course but it just appears this late night group as they are called is very extreme and nasty just for the sake of being nasty. Bitches and hoes and Cu*t this and cu*t that. Krissy talking about hoping someone maybe Shelby? got punched in the face at the wrap party. How can people be fans of Jason? He is beyond disgusting and rude to anyone and yet seems to feel he is in his rights to do so?

        1. I’m not hearing the outrage when Jason calls someone a c**t or B***H. When Paul said it MEECH KAAAABOOOOOOOM

          The Jason/Justin alliance could be a fun one to watch. Especially if it takes the middle and swings at Kryssie’s side as well as Alex’s side. I Imagine Justin/Jason will be getting the beefier CAre packages in the coming weeks. Given the way America is reacting to them they will be very hard to get out.

          1. Exactly1 if I recall correctly people were calling for Paul to be kicked off the show for calling Michelle a c*nt and they were outraged but Jason has said it over and over (again only from what I see on here being my only info on OTT so thanks for you extra effort this year!) and no outrage because why? He is gay? I am not seeing where that should be Ok. If he want to degrade himself by calling himself a homo I guess that is his right but to degrade others the way he does over and over is beyond belief. Based on the reply to my comment I guess I should consider myself lucky to only have heard small bits of the vile things that night crew says.

      1. It is not the word that is the problem it is that people use the word to degrade others. Besides that I think most people agree that women do not like that word more than any other word out there.

        As far as that word attacking? I am not so sure about that :)

    2. Jason said he pees in unsuspecting peoples drinks at parties and he rubs his armpits on girls pillows and clothes. That says it all about his character. He is the biggest influence and the leader of his side, most of whom share his toxic vibe. He should be ashamed the way he talks about the women from the other side.

  3. looking forward to all the fan votes this week, just to see teh look on the LNC;s faces when they realize America isn’t 100% on their side.
    Kryssie has been going around saying her noms will be influenced by the have nots. Thinking that the opposing side is going to get picked. Looking at the OBB poll something else is happening.. (Keep in mind the OBB poll may skew to the Girls but it’s been pretty bang on so far)

    1. Totally agree, she will be so surprised to see her friends on have nots. Then come Monday finding out (hopefully) her best friend Neeley is the America nomination. Will you be putting up a poll for AN soon?

    2. If the 3 Have nots are the 3 that are leading your poll here Simon, does she keep to her word, as she claims she always does, and nominates 2 of them? I am betting she does what she accuses the other side of doing and goes against what she says when there are 3 LNC members in the HN room!! The look on their faces will be priceless if the polls you have hold true. Alex will be taking one for the team as you know Kryssie will be obnoxious with what she has Alex do.

      1. I believe the rules on that safety servant is she has to do what big brother tells her to do. Still to have to do anything for Kryssie is bad enough, I’m wondering if she will have to be around her 24 hours a day for the rest of the week. If that’s the case all I can say is poor Alex.

    3. Twitter has been ruling the votes and they have the numbers. They seem to be very pro-LNJ. I think Alex has ACP in the bag, but I think Morgan and Scott will definitely be HN’s and one of them will be 3rd mom.

  4. Morgan or someone said they had to spend the week kissing Krissy’s ass? I think it would take more than 1 week to cover all of that ground! Plus I don’t think she washes said ass much so the job is even tougher. I can’t stand her and her nasty crew.

  5. I am so over this season of OTT. At the beginning I was really hopeful that it would be a fun time & for the first couple days their language was actually acceptable but that changed so fast. I have dropped the feeds because I can’t stand to listen to the disgusting stuff coming out of their mouths. Most of these people are so hateful, vulgar, & childish. I will read this website because I want to know what happens. Personally, I hope Shelby really shocks them all & starts taking over. I can’t say I like her much but she could make things interesting.

  6. After reading all the comments here, doesn’t look like I’ve missed much in the last 2 days. LNC and Kryssie being nasty, no thanks, don’t need to watch that.

  7. I can not get into this season. Simon or Dawgs, what are the viewing numbers? It is hard to figure out because people can vote for care packages multiple times. Is it a bust?

    1. Hard to say Since we’re producing a lot less content than regular BB’s. Even if I did put the 12 hours+ I do in the summer the show is a lot less popular than summer BB. Still.. I like the season and wish I could watch more of the feeds.

      The thing that is becoming a problem to me is the nastiness in the community. Every year this seems to be increasing and it’s turning some of the fans away.

  8. Part one of the LNC downfall for week 4, Alex winning ACP. Part 2 tomorrow Justin, Jason, and Neeley being the have nots for the week. Part 3 Monday nominating Neeley for AN, and finally part 4 on Wednesday America votes out Neeley. We need the LNC to see what it feels like for a friend to go home on their Hoh. Please vote for Neeley

    1. Stephanie also veto is needed by the Ball Smashers to ensure the 3rd nom stays on the block, likely that is Neely – especially as Justin really likes the Ball Smashers and he wants both Danielle and Neely out – so along with all Ball Smashers fans, alot of Justin fans will see that and want to nom Neely(Danielle is immune) – then America as swing vote can also vote her out 4-3, you never know the unpredictable cut throat Justin might even vote Neely out as well.

      Have nots less important – if any Ball Smashers are on slop they have the emotional stability to handle it no problems…but the keys are Neely 3rd nom, at least 1 of the Ball Smashers picked in veto draw(it is likely Krissy and Neely will not be good veto players), Ball Smashers win veto, Neely voted out by America.

  9. Simon, you truly are doing a fantastic job on this site. I can’t thank you enough for the updates and polls that you post, at least for me (die hard fan)

    1. For this package Alex is gonna be safe, but she has to do what bb tells her to do for Kryssie. The next package is eliminate 3 votes,

  10. Simon or Dawg or anyone reading this can you please tell me where I can find a list of the care packages with a description of them. I’ve tried googling it and can’t come up with anything. Thanks.

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