“you’re forced to see me I’m here to pay you a compliment.. you are beautiful”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-08-21-100

1:05pm Alex wins America’s Care package.. Called ‘Safety Servant’

She’s safe from the week but has to be the HOH’s personal servant. Production will give her tasks to “serve” the Head of Household.

Alex is very happy.. thanks America.
Alex got Crumpets. Someone asks what those are.
Jason – it’s English muffins for English people..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-10-43-329

1:10pm Bathroom The Ball Smashers
Girls celebrating. Alex says when she saw safety her legs started to shake, “they’re still shaking”
Alex adds that Jason came to adn pretty much told her she was the target this week.
They agree they’ll all pick Alex to play the Veto.
Whitney – we can turn this around..
Alex – I’m a vote and thy can’t put me up..
They agree if America nominates Neeley they have a chance but they think it’ll be Scott. 1
They talk about keeping the 4 of them safe this week and taking the hit from losing Scott.

Whitney – if she doesn’t think Getting rid of Scott is a good move she’s stupid
Alex thinks America is voting Strategic with the Nominations

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-16-51-782

1:14pm LNC minus Justin
Talking about getting Morgan and Whitney up
Neeley says the girls don’t care about Scott or Shelby.
Jason – Morgan you didn’t want to talk shit.. Whitney you didn’t want to talk shit.. your up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-16-47-715
Jason – just play the game.. people are so afraid name targets.,.
Neeley – I don’t care I’ve been saying shit since day 1
Jason – all these b1tches don’t want to tell their secrets
Neeley – put Whitney and Morgan up and Scott is the backup
Neeley – America y’all keeping it juicy
Kryssie thinks it’s america giving her a second chance because she wore glasses in the HOH.
Neeley and Jason disagree say America is keeping it “Spicy”
Jason – they’re wasting a care package on Alex early

They bring up Alex protecting Morgan the most out of all the girls.
Neeley – Scott’s too easy of a target
Kryssie agrees.
Neeley says once Alex is gone that side will crumble
Jason agrees, says his season was really popular because America likes Side vs Side, “My side crumbled”
Jason says their side has a bigger chance of becoming America’s nominees, ‘Either Scott or Shelby or one of us”
Neeley – we’ll fight through it.
Jason – If Morgan is the princess and Alex is the queen… the hierarchy will reshuffle.. (if they get rid of Morgan)
Jason – Alex can’t get another care package

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-21-19-101

Jason leaves to smoke..
Danielle says she’ll vote Kryssie’s way.
Kryssie again saying her noms depend on who is the have not
Kryssie telling them to pretty much cool their jets and slow down with the “This is what you need to do”
Kryssie is wanting to gather as much information as she can and wait to see who the have nots are.
Kryssie – Can you let me play too .. I appreciate your opinions .. and outlook because you are seeing things I don’t see.. whatever happens is the blood on my hands for the entire experience.
Danielle proposing the three of them team up long term. Says Jason and Justin were gung ho on gettign Scott out and didn’t want Alex out. She wonders why..
Neeley – I don’t think Scott should go that’s just me
Kryssie – Whitney is someone we can use.. she likes me.. f***g with her at this point is a stupid move..
Kryssie says Morgan is using Justin but Whitney thinks there is a real connection with him.
Neeley – I felt like we were throwing out ideas..
Neeley – sorry about that sorry you felt some kinda way about it..
Kryssie – it’s literally been everyone talking but me since I go that damn HOH
Neeley – obviously you’re feeling some sorta way
Kryssie – if you guys want to play as a team you gotta let me play too
Neeley – you got all the power and all the cards honey..
Kryssie – no one has given a single f** about mine (opinion) I can’t make a decision until tomorrow.. until all those hoes come up to me after tomorrow.
Kryssie warns them not to get caught up in the moment, “Everyone is so busy scheming”
Neeley – I’m sorry i’;ll keep my opinions to myself
Kryssie – that’s not what I said Neeley, You’re my buddy
Neelyu – it’s all good
Kryssie – you don’t have to leave.. i’m not mad at you.. can we just remember i’m in the room .. you and Jason doing all the strategising
Neeley – OK
Neeley leaves

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-36-32-254

Kryssie – am I wrong speaking out
Danielle – NO..
Kryssie- she got real upset I told her hey pay fucking attention to what I say.. there’s no reason to storm off like that… it’s upsetting

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-44-34-282
1:41pm Safety servant
Production told her to give the HOH a compliment.
Alex – you’re forced to see me I’m here to pay you a compliment.. you are beautiful..
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-44-38-345

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-44-26-972

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-41-42-627

1:51pm Shelby and Alex
Alex says the type of fans that would watch BBOTT would be Jason fans so she’s not expecting Jason to be America’s nom.
They agree if Neeley wins it she will implode
Alex – her and Kryssie think they are America’s numero unos they can do no wrong.
Alex – Morgan will be fine this week Neeley likes Morgan

They agree if Scott survives this week they still want to work with him. Alex is worried Scott is going to be Nominated by America says he might be playing the “Johnny Mac” angle in the Diary rooms but for him it’s coming across fake.

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-50-04-922

1:58pm Checking out the ingredients for the Shepard pie and Cookies that Alex the safety servant has to make.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 15-53-35-251

HOH jason, Kryssie and Justin

Jason comes up tells her not to worry whatever happens they’ll all be held accountable. All the blood won’t be on Kryssie’s hands.
Kryssie lets out a giant BELCH. (Significant enough)
Talking about the Neeley Drama..
Kryssie – it’s really bothering me everyone is against Whitney..
Kryssie says she doesn’t want to put Whitney up.
Kryssie says she’s talked to all “Those b1tches” and Whitney was the only one that said if she is nominated and stays the following week if Whitney wins HOH Kryssie is safe.
Jason says Scott will be America’s nom “because he had such bad HOH itis”
Kryssie says if SCott is a have not she might not put him up leave it to America and if he’s not “I’ll backdoor him”
Kryssie says she doesn’t have a target out of “those clowns” the only person she wants to stay is Whitney.
Jason says if Morgan goes Neeley has no way to go but to them.
Justin – I just don’t trust her and she’ got that witch hat.. She looks like a real witch when she puts that f***g hat on it f***ks me up all the time… My mind plays tricks on me when she has that hat on.. I am creative I see sh1t in shadows..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 16-07-18-624

4:00pm Kryssie and Danielle
Daneille tells her no matter what those other girls will never like her.

Justin comes in “Kryssie where’s that hat”
Kryssie – I dunno, no idea.. down by the stairs
Justin asks Danielle
Danielle – I have no f***g clue
Justin – that hat makes me so paranoid.. she looks like a witch to me.. so evil.. she turns into Keeley times 3
Justin joking around about the hat says he’s got to destroy it.

Justin- she’s got a long chin.. it f***s me up..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-21 16-31-04-392

4:21pm Shelby, Whitney and Scott
Agreeing that Justin might be bullet proof with America. Whitney says Justin might be a have not just for “Comedic” reasons
Shelby – he’s made such a big deal about it
Scott – Me and Morgan..
Whitney thinks she’ll be a have not because she hasn’t been one yet.
Morgan and Alex join them.. They start wondering who they should campaign to get put up by America tonight during the live diary room sessions.

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Kryssie giving Danielle advice on being a better person is so hysterical. She believes she is so loved by America, tomorrow is going to be great.


Jason is vile but his Pee Wee Herman cartoonish look seems to give him a free pass! Don’t get the Jason love.

Amy in TX

I am voting for Neely to go up as America’s nom. Hoping that creates HUGE CRACKS!


LNC is having alot of drama, starting to crumble. If their side is have nots and America nom. I can definitely see someone flipping to the other side. Lets make it happen


Hey Simon and Dawg. Did you know that Vic and Paul will be in Vancouver tomorrow? Oct 22 at Alexander Gas Town 91 Powell St


They’re actually in Vancouver right now. They did a radio interview on KissRadio Vancouver. Twitter has the Video interview of Sitting Ducks @kissradio


Let the CRACKS begin! If Neely is America’s nom & if Jason, Neely, and Justin are Have Nots, that will be REASONS TO CELEBRATE!!! Let the F-works begin!

Belch Queen of Abilene

Jason is a pathethetic, vile little troll and I am at a total loss as to how any BIg Brother fans could remotely find him interesting, or on any level of likeability. Honestly, I didn’t vote for either Jason or Jozea because I didn’t think either of them deserved to be in the BB house the first time much less a second time. Kryssie is deluded and thinks she is superior enough to hand down her judgements and psychobabble on anyone she feels needs to be educated about themselves. Like she would have a clue! I won’t waste time on the rest of the creepy band of social misfits who proudly named themselves the Late Night Jamboree.
Obviously the majority of people selected for this People Of Walmart edition of BB were cast to be overly dramatic and narcissistic in hope they would create low class drama that passes as entertainment these days. Pathetic. After watching the three weeks, I have already lost interest in watching live feeds more than an hour or so each day and just read the recaps provided here. I can’t see being interested enough to stay around until the finale.


Scott leading the poll for America’s nomination….. Hope that changes…

Katie Girl

No, we dont want Scott nominated. I dont like him, but he is a number for the Ball Smashers and he will help Alex, who is an awesome player get further in the game. Let’s nominate Neely to take out someone from the LNC side. So that the Ball Smashers can have more numbers on their side!


I just don’t understand why Scott is leading in the polls for AN. Do the fans not see how disgusting the LNC is acting? The vile bullshit that comes out of Neeley, Jason, Kryssie and Danielle’s mouths is beyond normal game fighting. I wish America would stop rewarding these horrible people.. I’m pretty sure two of the girls will be put up, if we can get Neeley or Jason up with AN and one of the girls wins POV there’s a good chance Neeley or Jason could go. There would be a 3-3 vote with Americas vote the deciding vote which hopefully would be who they nominated.


No way Kryssie will put up Jason, that’s her ride n die and America won’t put up Jason either. My vote went to Neeley, but have a feeling it’s going to be Scott. I’d rather Scott goes vs one of the BallSmashers.


because Scott has weak gameplay he couldve laid low and coasted but he decides to get HOH itis and be a hero to the plastics when in reality the plastics would drop him in a second. What an idiot he was positioned well in the middle with even shane protecting him.


That’s because of Jason’s fans! It sucks! I’m voting for Neeley


Yes!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE America…..nominate Neely, then when the ” ballsmashers” win POV…..VOTE Neely OUT !!


Surpisingly Jokers update’s poll is leading for Nellie to be nominated


Absolutely. America’s Nom : Neeley!


Alex is like Paul. everyone is up her behind about how good of a gameplayer she is, but when you ask them to explain what they’ve done that’s so amazing they say something like “the list is too long”. Morgan and Scott have done much more than Alex, she’s not a gameplayer.


Oh come on ! Why is Scott leading on the poll? Neeley is the one that needs a shock to her system. She’s turned rabid. Also, kryssie is a freaking cliche.


If America votes scott for nomination, that means the lnc has total power over the eviction this week and they could evict one of the plastics…please don’t do this america…


I would try to win over America. Being vile and nasty to others is not going to win them over. Victor is a good example what to do to win them over. America loves a person with a heart. I know it should be strategic but lets face it we all go for the personality. Puffed up and arrogant. We hate. Humble and the underdog gets our hearts everytime. The smart player needs to realize this. Surprised Jason does not clue into this since he pretty well knows what the fans like and don’t like. His being catty to the other side is not going well with America.


All these ho’s look like shit without makeup. How you doin!!!


I really hope the poll for AN is wrong.. If Neeley doesn’t go up and out then this season will be a steamroll for Jason and there is no way America (except for the ones that condone Jason’s mouth) will want to continue watching feeds of the LNC talking nasty negative smack. I think the ratings would drop drastically if they continue paving the way for such a vile little twerp to win this game.. I’m holding out hope that America doesn’t let that happen.

sir peanut

I’m nominating Morgan or Whitney. For me, one of the ball smashers’ have to go. They are just as bad as the LNC. I get so tired of hearing Morgan or Shelby say that “they have to start playing sometime” When referring to Justin or Neeley, and to them Krissey is just plain dumb.


Neeley for 3rd nom not Jason he will not be voted out by America just yet.


Why not vote out Jason? Instead of Neely! Confused!