“he basically said keep me and all my terrible C**T friends, take your own people out cause they actually have a soul”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-02-10-034

10:41am HOH SCott, Neeley, Kryssie and Jason
SCott walks into the HOH “I have a couple points I’d like to make”
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 14-59-32-528
One – I Backdoored Shane so if you really want true revenge, you might as well keep me off the block and Backdoor me
Two – I was one of the first America’s Have nots so you might as well leave me me off the block and let me potentially be america’s nominee.
Three – Obviously congratulations on winning the HOH Comp, you have a bad knee I don’t consider you too big of a threat competition wise. You are not 1 of my top targets.. Also if you take out all the people in the house that are less likable than you are than you won’t have a shot at winning this game.
Scott – Even if you have good personal relationships with people in the house you need to keep people around you can beat wit America.
SCott – I am someone you would have a pretty good match up.. Some of the people you are working with none of us would have a chance beating them in the final 2
Scott – Enjoy your morning..

Neeley – you don’t got tea to spill on your alliance
Scott says he’s got nothing “That ain’t me”

After Scott leaves the bitching starts

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-02-05-966

Neeley – he threw us low key under the bus
Jason adds Scott is going to try and get her to take them out because she has no chance to beat them in the fnal 2.
Kryssie says she wouldn’t be upset if she lost against Jason, she would be “Flipping tables” if she lost against any of those ‘Jack bags”
Jason – he’s a jack bag..
Jason calls Scott’s campaigning a comedy routine
Jason says the password to entering the room is “Who’s your target”
Jason says if you leave the people in the game are hated will not be good the fans will turn on you.
Jason points out that Scott won a Care package he’s liked from America
Kryssie says scott doesn’t have charisma
Neeley says Alex has no personality “why did they cast her on this show”
Neeley impersonates Alex..
Jason laughs
Jason says Scott is arrogant says he thinks he’s hot shit and Jason wants to “pull his wig off”
Jason says Alex is “Actually” smart and calculating. Adds that Alex’ social game is lacking.
Danielle comes in
Jason says Scott is doing comedy routines,
Jason – he basically said keep me and all my terrible C**NT friends and take your own people out cause they actually have a soul

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-03-28-028

Jason goes on about all Scott wanting is TV time..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-11-01-937

10:54am Scott and Whitney
SCott relays to the ball smashers what was discussed upstairs. Says he’s working the angle that America decides who wins this season so keeping unlikable people in is a good game move.
They talk about how Shen never came up with any deal he spent all his time coming up with a speech.
Whitney – just sending yourself out the door if you don’t try
Scott says their side has fight in them that’s what he likes about them, “We don’t just b1tch and moan.. we got fight.. we got some fire”
Scott says his biggest mistake right now was siding with Shane and voting out Corn.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-14-48-685

12:55pm Shelby, Alex, Whitney and Morgan
Whitney says she wasn’t comfortable sleeping with Monte she not comfortable sleeping with Justin.
Morgan – I really don’t care who I sleep with when there’s a clear divide..
Morgan mentions that Justin was trying to hold her hand while he slept beside her
Shelby – that’s weird
Morgan – I was like OK
Shelby – why doesn’t he go for Neeley it seems like she’s into him
Alex – honestly she would be totally into it
Shelby – she was grinding on him the other night.. twerking on him.. go for Neeley.. he said he liked Big Booties
Whitney – she she walked out with her new wig, I was sitting beside him on the couch He was like Oh my god I hate it
Shelby – it looked so bad so cheap and ugly
Morgan – do you think Kryssie has a crush on Neeley
Whitney – YES..
Morgan – thank you
Whitney – I thought that you guys.. or maybe she’s just trying to kiss her ass
Morgan – some of the comments just strike me.. OK
They wonder why Neeley’s real job is..
Shelby mentions how when people say they are smart and confident they usually aren’t it might be the same thing with Neeley always saying she’s genuine and real
Whitney – people try to talk themselves into something they are not
They are surprised that Scott said the things he did in the HOH.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-23-40-094

1:44pm Alex and Jason
Alex says she’s pretty sure it’ll be her and Scott this week
Jason – i’m trying everything but theses girls are stubborn .. Scott did the worst campaign ever. .he insulted her and told her to target me and Neeley and then insulted her again.
Jason says the best thing that Alex can do is paint the target on “Whoever”
Jason – she feels it’s too obvious to put up Scott.. she thinks America might put him up she might put up a random.. Morgan.. she’s being very tight lipped.
Jason – I’d like to keep you guys safe..
Alex says Scott is “All over the place”
Justin joins
Alex – I have never put either one of you up and I had so much pressure
Jason – there will be pay back for that don’t worry
Alex – I’ll throw comps.. I want to be here..

Alex – if I stay I will not be a threat to the LNC
They have a laugh at Scott’s campaigning.
Jason says Scott has HOH itis still

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-31-00-030
2:30pm Jason and Danielle
Jason says Alex is ready to throw Scott out. Jason brings up talking to Alex in the Tokyo room. Says he doesn’t think she’s the mastermind of that side it’s Scott. Adds that they won’t get a better deal with “The other ones”
Jason wants Scott out over Alex.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-33-31-945

2:44pm HOH Jason, Kryssie and Justin
Jason says Scott is the mastermind but removing Scott doesn’t “Reshuffle” the girls but removing Alex does. Says they will either combust or Morgan/Shelby will be the queen.
Kryssie and Justin say they don’t trust Alex to throw the next HOH.
Jason agrees, mentions how Alex is the best in comps out of all the girls.
Jason thinks Scott’s campaigning is to make him look “dumb as shit”

Kryssie – it could be he’s dumb as shit
Jason – yeah he’s dumb as shit
Jason says it’s a fail for the week if they can’t get rid of Scott or Alex.
Kryssie says Whitney is the only one that was honest to her.

Justin brign sup how last night Whitney said she was afraid she didn’t want to go home
Jason – Well…. welcome to the our last 3 weeks Whitney (ZOMG)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 15-39-46-936

3:40pm Chit chat zone..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 16-22-05-566

Julie Chen tells them there will be a final 3

6:20pm More backyard chit chat…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 18-52-42-552

6:50pm Kryssie and Alex in HOH

Kryssie accusing Alex of bullshitting her when she was the HOH.
Alex says she had to do that to “preserve the peace in the house”
Alex apologizes
Kryssie accepts the apology..

Kryssie says her and SCott are “Broskies” who is her “arch enemy”
says he back stabbed her after giving him game advice for 2 hours. She says Scott is so self absorbed.
Alex says the only reason why Scott was working on their side was she was being lied to about the Monte vote.
Kryssie’s side was telling Alex to put Scott up so they could vote him out but the plan was always to get Monte out.
Alex – Once Shane confirmed that it was a lie
Kryssie is claiming she never lied to her

Kryssie – I’m here to win …
Kryssie says she’s keeping the players that deserve to be here.
Accuses Alex of ignoring her the last 2 weeks. Says when Scott won the HOH she jumped on him like they were dating for the last 3 years.
Alex says she was told she’s going home from Kryssie’s side so she was happy to be safe.
Kryssie – not by me

Alex says if she stays off the block next week Neeley and Kryssie are safe next week and she’ll ‘Throw all the competitions” (LOL sure)
Alex – I want to get to know you better and play this game.. you’re not my target.. I didn’t have anything to do with Shane going home I was just being loyal.. I know you have trust issues with me and even if you put me on the block I respect that decision.. I am willing to work with you I won’t target you or Neeley..

This conversation was cut short because of the 7pm daily episode..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 19-28-56-272

7:27pm HOH LNC
Kryssie going over what Alex said.

“I took every opportunity to let her know she’s a piece of shit”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 20-30-30-397

7:27pm Storage room Alex and Whitney
Alex goes over her conversation with Kryssie.
Morgan comes in
Alex – she said she’s making nominations based on have nots..
Whitney – oh shit
Alex – I think she’s crazy
Whitney – she’s completely lost in this game.

Alex – she’s like I don’t take anything personally in this game,… In my head I’m like you take everything personally..
Alex – she’s making it seems like how you play as a person
Alex – I don’t know where casting found this girll
Whitney says Kryssie has no idea about the show.
Shelby comes in ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 20-38-54-584

7:52pm HOH Kryssie, Neeley and Daneille
Danielle says the second Jason can flip he will flip. thinks once they get Scott out Jason will jump ship with Alex.
Neeley agreeing with every word Danielle says, ‘Ya ya.. we’ll get picked off”

Kryssie – I’m more than happy getting rid of Alex this week
Neeley says Morgan will flip with them she’s the one Neeley wants to work with over the other girls.
Danielle thinks they need to get Alex out. Neeley agrees.
Neeley calls Morgan and dumb ass
Kryssie says Shelby is build on toothpicks and bullshit
Daenille wants to tell Alex to throw Veto and they can backdoor her anyways.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 20-42-04-084

8:08pm Backyard Justin and Jason
Jason says final 4 he’s got to win or he’s evicted.
Justin – I don’t tell nobody nothing..
Justin – I don’t talk game with none of them..
Justin – I want Alex to stay up in this bitch
Jason agrees, “I would rather her than Scott”
Justin – I need to get Neeley outta this ass
Justin – I really need to get them hoes out of here. (Neeley and Danielle)
Jason tells him they are still solid once they get a whiff of something changing they flip.
Justin – they think it’s me leaking info but hit’s you … you crazy f***
they laugh..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-20 21-13-33-859

9:13pm Morgan and Kryssie HOH (Justin listening in from the bathroom)
Morgan saying that she’s not targeting Kryssie..
Kryssie goes on about being clumped with a bunch of people ‘By default” because she’s different..

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Jason’s game has not changed since BB17, he’s still the crude and horrible player he was then and that’s why he was voted out so early. Enjoy this time in the HOH, Kryssie b/c your time in this game will be very short. Take your nasty a$$, belching, talking fool and head home. I seriously hope you quit after Neeley is voted out on your HOH, just like the Plastics had happen. Oh and let’s not forget how well they handled it, we’ll see how you and your crew deal.

Voting Alex for safety this week b/c as much as I want a better package for her, I don’t want her out this week. She could be backdored as much as Kryssie said she’d never do that b/c “that’s not fair”. Have nots will be Neeley (cuz her real true side is finally showing and it’s a very nasty one), Jason, and Justin. It’s about time these folks with big heads are sent down a notch. If those out there would rather Scott be have not vs Justin, I’m fine with that too. We need to send Jason a message, that his nasty crude conduct is not one that is respected. Neeley needs to go the block.


Couldn’t of said that any better, let’s get Neeley out of here.


Couldn’t have….. .hee haw.


Wait if Alex becomes the Safety Servant, doesn’t that mean she has to do everything that kryssie tells her to? OK…
Good then, let’s allow Kryssie to control Alex like the little bitch that she is!

Kryssie should say:
“Hey Alex. Say that you’re a bitch!”
Alex replies.
“Oh Alex, would you please tell me who of the plastics you hate the most? And I better like the answer!”
Alex cries and replies!
“Will you just confess that you and Morgan are sisters?!”
Alex goes oh shit! Fine! We’re sisters!
“Now go tell your fellow minions about that little fact and keep saying it until you are evicted!

If so, if Alex doesn’t comply, then she loses immunity. Haha!!!!!

America's Vote Sucks

To be honest, America having so much influence sucks. The house is clearly divided and both sides obviously hate each other. If America didn’t have so much influence, I feel like it would’ve been more entertaining as well since more people would actually play the game instead of just relying on America.


Couldn’t agree more! And I feel like America is making it into a popularity contest and not thinking strategically when they pick nominations/care packages, but I really am enjoying this version of BB!


I’m I the only one who feels like the Plastics have been more reserved recently. I feel like they’re constantly afraid that we’re going to nominate them so they just hold back which sucks because I’d rather see them be themselves than just be reserved 24/7.

Sister Twist

I really hope that Alex gets that care package, I don’t want her going home but at the same I don’t want to see the sisters make it all of the way to the end together, that’d be boring.


I can’t stand Kryssie being HOH. Her nasty ego is out of control. I can’t imagine watching this week.

Picking Sides

I see a lot of people picking sides, some saying they like the Misfits, other saying they like the Plastics. Personally, there are people on both sides of the house that I hate and people on both sides that I love, so at this point I’m not really rooting for a specific side, just individual people. That’s why I’m voting Alex for the care package but Scott for America’s nominee.


I’m I the only one who’s starting to get annoyed by scott. I feel like he’s always making fun of Kryssie’s weight, he’s a jerk. I mean I dislike Kryssie as well but making fun of her size is just plain rude.


I didn’t see or read anything about him making fun of her weight.
What has he said?
*Not saying you are wrong, just haven’t seen/heard it myself.


Especially when he doesn’t have much room to talk about appearance… he’s just trying to act cool but he actually looks like a douch.

Have- Nots

I’m voting Jason and Scott for have-nots. Jason because he’s getting too comfortable and Scott because he’s starting to annoy me. And when it comes to the third one, I don’t really care.

Different Universe

Usually, I agree with most of the people on this website, but for some reason this season I don’t since I actually like Neeley and would rather see Morgan/Scott go home instead.

Idk, it just feels weird to like someone most people hate. I guess now I know how Ratcole’s fans felt last year lol


I totally agree! I still love and appreciate Simon and Dawg’s excellent coverage, but feel unusually attacked if I view my honest opinion here. I’ve loved the opinions and debates that I’ve followed and interacted with, on their great site, for several seasons. However, this feels like a straight up plastics/ball smashers fan club, in which any dissenting view is attacked. This is the first season interacting on OBB that I’ve felt intimidated to even voice an opinion.

lol what?

do you need a safe space snowflake ?


It was a BYJ fan club the first 3 weeks …. till their true colors /nastiness shined through!


I think part of that is the fact that if you know enough to have an opinion about the players, you’ve put in a fair amount of time and effort. People can be almost militant because of the effort involved. I don’t know enough to really have an opinion except I was never super fond of Jason the first time so I doubt I’d feel different now.


Personally, I’m nominating Jason for eviction this week, not Neeley. I’d rather see him get a reality check because if he gets nominated, I think it’ll help bring his entire alliance down a notch since they all think his fans will get hi through this game. Then hopefully once Jason goes up, the misfits will go back to how they were week 1 and they’ll stop annoying me. If they become tolerable then I’d probably even nominate someone from the Plastics + Scott next week to keep the tide shifting.


Good luck with that. Not enough people voting Jason. At least not this week.


Why nominate Neeley? Why not Jason, he’s been just as nasty as her but the difference is he thinks he’s going to steamroll to the end because he has fans. Plus I like how Neeley keeps it real and tells people what she thinks about them to their face. Like after the eviction she straight up told the Shelby she was talking about her in her eviction speech, not Alex like most people in the house thought. She’s also the only one who straight up asked Monte what he said about Justin and let him tell his side instead of just trash talking him behind his back like Jason.

And if we nominate Jason, maybe the misfits won’t latch onto him so badly.


I used to love Neeley until her true colors showed this week, she’s became very nasty after America nominated Dani. Yesterday she even said “the girls are so messy and I can’t imagine how nasty their vag!na’s are b/c how gross the bathroom is”. I expected that from Dani or Kryssie, but never Neeley. Has she never seen the green and black on the shower floor in previous seasons?!? This has been a relatively clean group, at least so far.

Hate him

Jason is so rude, he really hasn’t changed since bb17.
He’s always talking smack about others.
He trashed paul for calling Michelle the c-word, yet he uses it every other day.
Im nominating him before it’s too late to get him out

useless twist

Im nominating Morgan, she’s so useless, what does she even do???? Alex is so much better. This sisters twist has been so useless and boring


Scott’s an idiot for aligning himself with 3 girls who are clearly tight with each other. The plastics are already plotting to get Scott out to save themselves so unless he wins Veto he’s 100% done


Scott to Alex in a private conversation: “I’m gonna try to save Shelby this week”

Shelby to Alex in a private conversation: “I’m gonna try to make Scott get evicted this week”

lol I don’t know why I found that so funny


You found it funny because it’s friggin’ hilarious. I’m sitting here laughing as I type.


it’s weird to me how a lot of fans turned on the misfits or never liked them in the first place because they pandered to america, but now that the plastics are doing the same damn thing, i haven’t seen one person “cancel” them for it yet.

lol what?

it wasn’t because they pandered to america , lol what rock have you been under ?


I’m surprised that Jason and Justin didn’t flip to help the Plastics last week and that even though her alliance voted her out, Danielle isn’t bitter and the LNJ stuck together. I have to admit I’m impressed. I thought they’d crumble by now already but to be fair I thought the same thing was going to happen with the plastics but they stuck together as well.

Uncle Teddy

The LNJ finally won an HOH. That tends to keep an alliance together

Not as bad

Ever since her alliance told her about how she can be really self centered and bratty at times, Danielle hasn’t annoyed me at all. I hope she keeps it up because she’s a pretty decent player so if she’s no longer annoying, she’d be fun to root for. I mean the girl survived three back to back eviction. She’s also the first person this season to have America nominate them, vote for them as Have-Not and then evict them yet still survive, so that’s impressive.


Morgan is playing this game more and better than Alex. I really don’t get the hype. Alex is being labeled as strategic but no one names one thing she’s done that had any impact on her individual game or the house. Morgan was the reason Monte didn’t backdoor Shelby, Shelby and Morgan came up with the attempted blindside of the misfits this week to cause distrust on that side (Scott and Alex killed that), and the Scott, Jason, Justin and Alex alliance was purely Scott? What has Alex done?


Alex is a competition beast, but I don’t think she’s playing a great social game.


I’m so ready to evict Jason, I’m voting for him to be the nominee. He’s so arrogant. Plus he thinks he has this in the bag so it’d be nice seeing his face if he gets nominated


I would be willing to do that if America is on the same page, it just seems like Neeley has a better chance of being nominated by America. Maybe get a better idea when we can get a poll on AN. I’m definitely not a fan of Jason, he is by far the worse one on LNC. Cutting the head off the snake would most definitely send a message to them. Also making Jason,Justin, and Neeley have nots would be hilarious. Neeley told the ball smashers the other day that America hated them that’s why they were have nots.

I agree with Stephanie.

Jason’s time is coming, but it’d be a waste to throw your America’s Nom votes at him this week……. there’s just not enough momentum yet. However, lot’s of people are talking about putting Neeley up there.

However, I think it is possible Jason can be made a Have-Not this week, that’ll at least send some kind of message.

I Hate Rats

just so we’re clear: i’m voting scott for
nom, have not, and if he’s on the block eviction night, i’m voting his ass out this week

I don’t want two rats winning BB back to back


Just out of curiosity, what makes Scott more of a rat, than anyone else in the house? There are plenty of others who have shared information between the two sides. He’s actually playing the game, which is more than can be said for most of the others in the house.

He's entertaining!

Theres no way I’m evicting Jason, he’s my cutie pie. He’s so funny to watch. I’m sending Neeley outta here!!!


more like a pimple pie with fudge packed filling


It’s perfect poetry!! Scott has said multiple times this season, “Kryssie can’t win comps”. SO it’s so funny that he’s the one who had to had her the HOH key over.


If any woman was as loud and obnoxious as P*ul was she would’ve been so hated and everyone would’ve told her to shut up


I’d love to take the shot at Jason, but not totally sure we have the votes to do so, maybe I’m wrong and we do… My plan is to still vote ACP to Alex and my America’s nomination for Neely. I was behind the LNC in the beginning and liked them a bit more, but they got too entitled/cocky and down right vicious with the name calling and saying they want to physically hurt the other side. I just can’t support that type of behavior. The ball smashers/Scott have talked some crap of course, but they haven’t been vicious. Now I don’t mind people talking crap, back stabbing and lying as that is Big Brother. However, I think you can do all that in a more classy way, which is why I am supporting Scott and the 4 girls currently. If they get big heads and start getting vicious I will turn on them as well. Just my 2 cents…


A lot of misspellings on here. How you doin!?


::jack boots::


Jason really needs to be taken down a notch or three. He thinks he is such a savvy and brilliant player but the truth is, he really sucks at this game. Laying around the backyard, chain smoking cigarettes and calling girls C*NTS does not equate to an all star player. I think this game would be more fun to watch if Jason was out of the picture. His army of fans have been ruining what could be possibly be the greatest BB season in years. Birds of a feather flock together and it’s to no surprise, Neely, Kryssie and Jason are the witches of eastwick this season.


Listening to this conversation with Alex and kryssie is exactly one of the reasons I can’t stand Kryssie. She’s such a hypocrite, pretending she’s holier than thou. Cant wait till we are able to nominate her, and knock her down a notch.

Misty Beethoven

Hell’s freezing over, because she actually said something I agree with, that Shelby was built from toothpicks and bullshit. Kryssie’s just so thoroughly unlikeable, but this HOH ought to be interesting.


Kryssie told Alex she’s gonna wait till she finds out who America puts on have nots. Hopefully it will be 3 of her own alliance members. Wondering what she will have to say then.


I kinda feel bad for Morgan! She tries to save Alex all the time and Alex would backstab her and vote her out in a heartbeat which honestly is really dumb on Alex’s part since Morgan would always be a vote for her! I hope Alex doesn’t get the CP this week but I’m sure she will =(


So nice to see that the LNC is not such a happy little family after all, even when in power–Neely, Kryssie & Danielle against Jason & Justin


Did anybody seen Shane’s exit interview yet? He’s so in love with Dani and thinks she feels the same way. Sorry Shane, she’s not that into you and after 3 weeks who would be?!? You have so much to learn about love.


Can we get a 3rd Nominee poll, since it’s sorta obvious Alex needs and will receive America’s Care package?


I hate all of them right now.