Alex – He’s [Shane] the smartest person to get out this week..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 14-54-12-731

10:04am Julie has a message for them (AKA recording)

Hello houseguests.. Every week for the next 7 weeks America will vote to send 1 lucky house guests America’s care package. Each Care package contains an advantage in the game. You are only eligible to receive a care Package from America once but in the even that everyone still left in the game has received a care package then everyone is eligible again.. America already knows what the 7 advantages are and when they will be delivered so it’s up to them..

Week 1 Save a friend
Keep 1 housemate save

Week 2 Oct – 13-14 Pick a veto
The winner of this care package gets the power to pick which type of veto the Houseguests will be competing for this week.
Options will be:
Diamond Veto – The holder of this veto has the power to remove someone from the chopping block and also name the replacement nominee.
Double Veto – Two vetoes will be awarded at the veto competition and in play this week.
Boomerang Veto – The winner of this veto will be able to use it twice. That means the holder could remove two people from the chopping block at the veto meeting.

Week 3 Oct 20-21 Safety servant
The winner of this care package becomes the Safety Servant. Whoever wins it will be safe from eviction this week, but Big Brother will also make them the Head of Household’s personal servant. That means, they must follow every command from Big Brother if they want to remain safe for the week.

week 4 Oct 27-28 Eliminate Three Eviction Votes
The winner of this care package receives the power to eliminate three eviction votes – whoever wins it could single-handedly flip the house by preventing three houseguests of their choosing from voting in next week’s eviction.

week 5 Nov 3-4 Co-hoh
This care package gives the Houseguest of your choice the power of being co-head of household. The winner will be safe for the week, share the perks of being HOH, and also name one of the two nominees for eviction.

Week 6 Nov 9-11 Double Eviction Veto
During this week’s double eviction, the Houseguests will not compete in a veto competition. Instead, the winner of this care package will be awarded with the power of veto.

Week 7 Nov 17-18 The Final 4 challenge
The winner of this care package will receive the opportunity to automatically advance to the final four. In order to earn safety this week and claim their spot in the final four, they will have to complete a challenge given by Big Brother.

Vote here

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 15-01-31-553

12:31pm Plastics
(Going through scenarios)
Talking about Scott being a bullshitter.. Going over Scott’s “Story” they don’t believe it.
They wonder if Monte wins POV he would use it on Shane. They agree Monte wouldn’t have been so “Gung ho” with them if Alex hadn’t won the veto
Shelby says they should still make Monte thinks he’s running the show with them
Shelby – Any combinations of Shane, Danielle and Justin will be good (Nominated)

MOrgan says she wouldn’t be upset if Shane went home
Alex – he’s the smartest person to get out this week..
“If we get Shane out Monte has no choice than to work with us”
MOrgan says out of all the guys she trusts Monte the most.
They want to keep Justin around because Justin doesn’t like Monte and Monte doesn’t like Justin
Shelby leaves Morgan says Justin schemes the most.

Whitney tells Alex she very proud of her that she came through. Alex says she used a mental technique where she counted to 1000 and told herself after that she would let go but once she hit 1000 she would rinse repeat..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 15-03-21-897

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 15-13-31-772

12:56pm Backyard Whitney and Shelby
They wish they could have taken Danielle out last night. Shelby says Jason is being a sneaky snake.
Shelby – I think i’ll blow Scott’s game up on the way out.. I think actually everybody knows
Whitney – you think so? obviously the other side knows
They talk about how Scott’s playing everyone and it’s so obvious.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 15-21-57-568

2:00pm Live Q&A
Hello Houseguests! Right now we are live. Every Thursday I’ll be talking to you just like this live, asking questions about the past week and the week ahead

First question goes to Monte You nominated 3 house guests but it was Corn that was evicted leaving all three of your nominees in the house lucky you. How do you feel this morning
Monte – feel good…

Julie – Alex congratulations..
Julie asks her if all the bullshit twists and the involvement of America will change how she plays her HOH.
Alex – absolutely this season the HEad of Household doesn’t have as much power.. You have to be really strategic now
Julie – takes our motto expect the unexpected to a whole new level

Julie asks Neeley how the HOH was
Neeley says it was hard..

Julie – Kryssie you survived the eviction.. How stressful was it being on the block
Kryssie – I was so afraid I was going to be the first person to nervous puke on the couch.

Julie – Danielle same question for you
Danielle – it’s always nerve racking to be on the block week 1 or last week.. not an experience I look forward to having again

Julie – Jason you are the only returner has that been difficult
Jason – it has been it’s nice being here again a whole new experience..

Julie- Justin..
Justin – what you got
Julie – how well did you know Big Brother
Justin – not a damn thing

Julie – Shelby
Shelby – oh hi … HEY
Julie – how would you say everyone is getting a long in the house so far..
Shelby says the groups are starting to form and she’s starting to find out what is being said about her at night..
Shelby – we’re here to play a gain you can’t take anything personally

Julie- Shane, you’ve been with your housemates 24/7 this last week do you think you know them pretty well or secrets yet to undercover
Shane – everyone seems pretty genuine I guess we’ll see as the days go by

Julie – Morgan a lot of former house guests say the game really kicks in after the first evictions
Morgan – it has completely changed.. a big wake up call for everyone

Julie – Whitney, how different is the game watching or playing
Whitney – it’s so different.. .you have to take so many things into consideration..

Julie – Scott, how is the fact America will pick the winner change the way you planned to play this game
Scott – it’s really nerve raking.. I’m just excited to see how the season rolls out

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 15-37-27-209
3:40pm Chit chat
outside lockdown. Mostly just Justin talking pretty funny..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 15-54-49-697

3:53pm HOH room time

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 15-56-21-964

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 16-33-46-459

4:28pm HOH Shelby and Alex
Talking about putting Shane up. Alex points out that Scott is talking to everyone and it’s getting noticed. Shelby wants Shane gone says he’s the smart choice.

Alex doesn’t want to risk pissing America off by putting Jason up.
They agree Jason is “Super 2 faced” he’s nice to Shelby but talks shit about her late at night in the backyard.
Whitney comes in …
Alex says if they put Shane up they lose Monte’s trust.
Whitney says Danielle and Shane going up is best.
Alex agrees says Shane is the head of the snake.
They bring up the vote against Danielle yesterday really getting to her. Apparently Danielle thought it was America “they’re jealous of me”
Alex says she saw Shane eavesdropping on Monte and Scott she told Monte and he didn’t care.
Alex – Shane has Monte wrapped around his finger

Alex says nobody has mentioned MOrgan as a target which is good for them.
Alex adds that Danielle and Shane would put 2 of them 3 up.
Shelby – I almost think everybody in the house 2 of us 3 going up
Alex plans on talking to Neeley and Kryssie

They talk about Cornbread had Scott’s back but Scott still voted him out.

Alex wants to find a way to get Monte to suggest Shane goes up.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 17-02-25-477

5:01pm HOH Neeley and Alex
Talking about how the house is divided.
Neeley says because Monte was loyal to her she’s not putting him up if she wins something.
Alex – YOu have your people I have my people
Alex wants the two of them to maneuver through the game together.
Neeley says Shelby is the only person she’s targeting.
Alex says she’s heard a lot of people say the same thing. Alex feels America will put Shelby up.
Neeley calls Shelby a mean girl and a floater.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 17-20-09-974
5:20pm Alex and MOrgan
Laughing at the selection of photos “Why do you I have baby photos.. and Cats”

Alex – I just talked to Neeley.. she’s a straight shooter and I like her
Alex says Neeley and MOnte are tight, “Basically final 2 deal” They agree Neeley won’t put them up short term.
Alex – she is down to vote out Shane.
Morgan – everyone wants Shelby out
They talk to the Camera addressing it as “America”
They want to break up the Showmance.
MOrgan – Shane just rubs her (Danielle) butt..
Alex says the showmance is boring.

Morgan is worried that America will put Shelby up and if that happens she’s going home.
Morgan – if she goes that’s when things will unwind..
Morgan has been trying to branch out talk to Kryssie and Neeley.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 17-30-05-604

Monte comes in..

Alex says Neeley will vote their way along as Shelby isn’t up. They want to keep Shelby around to be the target.
Alex says Shelby is being seen as the mean girl.
Monte – I’m on your side
MOnte warns them about Kryssie because she’s got a big mouth and talks to Jason late at night.
They agree Kryssie and Neeley could be swayed later in the game.

Monte – it’ll almost be better for our group If I got put up over Shelby.
The house doesn’t want him out as bad as Shelby.
They agree and joke asking America to not put Shelby up put Monte

Monte – if you put Jason and Danielle up that’s perfect.. Don’t put a floater up
Alex suggests putting Shane up asks Monte if he would vote him out.
Monte says he would vote Danielle out.
Morgan – with Danielle out of the house would Shane flip to us
Monte – I’m Shane’s number 2
Alex – If I kept Shane could you secure out safety
Alex explains not the 4 girls but the 2 of them and Whitney

Alex says BB18 3 showmances made it to the end she’s not going to she’s breaking them up, ‘I’m breaking up pairs”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 17-44-49-536

6:00pm Alex says she’s going to put up Danielle and Shane but right now Danielle is the target.

Shelby has joined them.

Monte still trying to get Jason and Danielle out up. Alex says if Shane wins POV takes Danielle down then she can’t break up the duo. She’s not doing that she has to get rid of Shane or Danielle.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 20-31-57-521

8:31pm Alex and Scott HOH

Scott says he knows for a fact that Justin will put up Monte and Shelby, “He’s the social glue that holds that group together”
Alex and Scott agree that Danielle will put up one of the girls and that would probably be Alex.

Scott says it’s obvious that Shane threw the HOH competition.
Scott thinks this first Care package will be a slop pass, “It’s safe to almost disregard it”
Alex – what’s your thoughts on Jason
Scott – you scared two pawns and a backdoor
Alex thinks with this season and all the twists she has to put up two strong players each week.
Scott – I think I’m good with Jason we have the smoking thing and the super fan thing

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 20-49-01-430
8:48pm HOH Alex, Danielle and Shane
Shane says they are not against her
Danielle – I want to work with Alex
Alex – I can’t tell you anything with 100% confidence..
Danielle says she knows someone from her side will go home this week.
Danielle says the showmance are a huge target to keep in the game peopel will come after them first.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-06 20-56-28-623

8:51pm Alex HOH talking to the safety wall
Right after Danielle and Shane leave
Alex – They’re gone… I do not trust them at all.. Shane avoided eye contact for 95% of that conversation that’s huge for me..

Alex – Justin scares me still I would backdoor him I would never put him up first
Whitney’s fine, Morgan’s fine
Kryssie no idea
Scott playing all sides of the house but I have to make sure he thinks he’s good with me so he trust me so I can use him
Shelby is screwed..
Monte is in more trouble that I Originally thought..
Neeley is in a really secure position bot sides really like Neeley
Shane and Danielle are full of shit
Jason I’m so torn… outta everyone I talked to so far (Justin, Shane, Danielle, Jason) I would prefer to work with JAson than all of them.

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Yet Another Hillary Lie

The care packages sound great.


This way Production could really control the house and blame it on America. Jason is going to be forced to win,

Yet Another Hillary Lie

i hope you are wrong Huck but I won’t be surprised if Production does rule the season.


Jasons 6 plus Shelby will get the 7 care packages. Yawn.

Dirty Harry Reid

Jason has way too big of an advantage.


Actually now that I think about it, Jasons 6 person side will get all 7 care packages as when it comes to the 7th package at final 5, all 5 house guests remaining will be from Jasons 6, so they will all be eligible to get a 2nd package. This will go to Jason if he makes final 5, so he will then go straight to final 4.

So to summarize care packages 1 and 3 will keep one member of Jasons side safe. Package 4 will prevent three people who Jason isnt aligned with from being allowed to vote. Package 5 one of Jasons side gets co hoh. Package 6 hands one of Jasons side the veto during the double eviction, just in case someone not from Jasons 6 miraculously reaches final 6, preventing that person from saving themselves in veto if they dont win hoh. Then package 7 one of Jasons side, probably Jason, gets their 2nd care package sending them to final 4. Package 2 only benefits the veto winner(s) so 6 of the 7 packages will help Jasons side, or possibly all 7.

Add Jasons side will be on the good side of every have not vote. Jasons side will never be a 3rd nom. Jasons side will always be on the good side of every Americas eviction vote. In conclusion, someone from Jasons side is virtually assured of winning the game because at least one of them, but more likely two, will be in final 2. So as it stands the 6 people not currently aligned with Jason have almost a zero percent chance of winning the game.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Sorry Dawg. I would of thrown you a vote in the poll if I had seen you were riding the basement before I cast my vote.

Lying Hillary Pleads the Fifth

You’ve got my vote Dawg.

Botox Pelosi

I love the week two package the most.


Me too. Team Shelby.

Hillary's Fat A$$

No way. Too much power.


Just an experiment. These are guinea pigs.


The Diamond veto is a lot of power.

Hillary Lies 4 People Die

Look out Scott!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think the power has gone to her head already. Shane had better watch his back.

Big Brother Fan

I have to say I am really enjoying this season so far! I also wasn’t a fan of Jason his first go around, but I really like him and the people he is aligned with this season.

Thank you Simon and Dawg for all of your hard work! Will there be any polls this season to see where people’s heads are at for care packages, nominations, etc??

hilLIARy For Prison

Well then you have to like that Jason is leading the care package poll here.

Big Brother Fan

Actually I would prefer him not get this one. If they can only get one until it circles back around I would give this one to krissy or someone else. He doesnt appear to be the target this week.


Jason leading the care package poll? No way, who would have expected that? Shocker!

I'm so far behind already!

I just started watching – from what I’ve been reading here I felt like I was missing out! I can’t go back and watch what I missed yet, so I’m hoping someone will be kind and help a girl out.
Why are they called “Plastics”? Plastic surgery is the only thing that comes to mind, but they don’t seem bothered by the name.


The pretty girl group seen as fake. They call them the plastics.


Thank you Ditto! I had been wondering about it too

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Remember that is the opinion of the pretty girls though.

Lying Hillary Pleads the Fifth

I think all these girls are very pretty


The plastics is from the movie “mean girls”.


And I’m still not sure why they’d equate themselves to the pretty but mean, fake, catty girls the plastics were portrayed as in Mean Girls.

Tiny trump hands

Plastics was the name of the group of 4 girls in Mean Girls movie.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I loved that movie.

Crooked Hillary

They should leave Shane as a shield.

Dirty Harry Reid

I hope there are no returning evicted houseguests this season.


Most of the plastic girls (their words, not mind) aren’t into the gross and kinky stuff coming out of most of the mouths on the other side, so they and Justin in particular think the girls are just fake and sorority type girls. They know the girls are stradigizing, but aren’t they all.


Hey Simon! I’m not falling for any more Texas girls. The last one I liked was Jessie BB15. Then she started bragging about having a 3way with Matt McConahey & Lance Armstrong. You can have ths sistres. Good luck.


Oh no!!!! The care packages who thought this was a good idea anyways at least the care packages are better than last year and that’s saying a lot

I'm voting for Justin

I’m sorry but I think he deserves to go on the block, he’s not playing strategically, he wasn’t even a fan of the game saying he doesn’t “know a damn thing” about BB, not my words his…sorry but I think the people who are trying to play the game deserve to be in there, Jason proved himself with winning veto and campaigning with his whole heart and I think America choose the right vote last eviction vote too….but I don’t think America should get wrapped up in the sides, eliminating any off them from what they think they should do…


Who is Scott really with, has he said in the diary room, or can he be smart and pick some players from each side to be with?

Botox Pelosi

Well if Jason’s fan base is going win him a care package I’m glad it is the first one.

Lying Hillary Pleads the Fifth

Week seven is a pretty good care package too.

Uncle Teddy

Haha Cornbread muttering “fuck y’all” on his way out the door; certainly a BB first. I love it. Should have more pissed off exits with no FCC regulators to worry about

Franks fumes

Every season america votes all these powers to lame people based only on demographic popularity so you get Corey or Nicole James ect. getting the powers they dont need or even expect………this season is the antidote for that casual fan voting block (usually casual cbs viewers who don’t really know whats going on) so I personally love this new season and everybody but dillweed Monte.

Katie Girl

How can I watch the Eviction Episode? When I try to Flashback to 7:30pst, it shows Kryssie talking on the back yard couch about Cornbread saying something bad about Shelby. Also, I dont see the episode listed on On Demand.


Seems like this way is more fun than the way BB18 was. I love the twists.


Katie girl, I don’t know why everyone keeps saying the episodes are on demand because I have Comcast On Demand and my mom has Dish Network on demand and there is no big brother over the top on either one of our demands. So I have no idea why they keep referring to the episodes being able to be viewed on demand. As far as the flashback not working mine wouldn’t work on the Firefox browser for some reason. Someone in one of the chat rooms said they use the Chrome browser and it was working for them. Since I have not downloaded Chrome onto my new computer yet i instead used Internet Explorer browser and I finally got the flash back to work. My Firefox browser was doing the same thing I kept setting the flashback to a different day and time and it just would continually show the live feed.

Katie Girl

Thanks Kandeekane. I heard Julie say that the Eviction Episodes would be available on On Demand the day after they aired on the live feeds. I have Charter On Demand and they are not listed on there. I can get the feeds to work through Internet Explorer but, I cant flashback to the Eviction Episodes. Sucks.

They should have put links on the live feed page to the Eviction Episodes.


Omgosh, shut up already Monte!

Katie Girl

Anyone knows the time stamp of when Justin pulled his junk out to Morgan and Monte in the bathroom?

Froot Loop Dingus

Ok, in a previous post I said Monte sounds dumb when he reads the cards. But after he tells Alex to put up Jason and Danielle in a repeat of his nominations, he is clueless. What does he think will happen?

Let’s see, America puts him(most likely) or someone on his side of the house up and Jason and Danielle both stay again!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Week four is a very strong care package too.