“Just be aware he’s [Kyle] with them and if you are not in then they are after you” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph Kyle and Daniel
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used Kyle and Daniel nominated
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

On the campaign Trail… Daniel has accepted he’s going home tomorrow. He’s fully figured out the leftovers and is starting to warn the rest of the house. We’ll see if anything happens.

12:01 pm Kyle and Brittnay
Kyle – I feel confident but I think this is a good opportunity for us to get on the same page.
Brittany – you can talk to everyone and no one is the wiser to it. If you have something to worry about than I am screw and will be right there behind you
Kyle – I feel the most comfortable with you and Michael. We’re on the same page.

Britt – I feel close to you I feel close to Micahel I feel close to Taylor but she is getting close to Monte. Turner is a bit of a wild card to me too. Joe is close to everyone and I feel the least close to MOnte.
Kyle – same. if there is a double eviction this week then we’re very quickly onto chapter two of this game. Two people go they’re down to three we have seven.
Britt – there is two scenarios coming into Double eviction. Our group of seven I will be very happy if we made it to 7. There’s also another scenario that doesn’t happen someone else wins power.
Britt – for me Alyssa woudl be last on my list. If that were to split I would like Alyssa, you, me and Michael for that to be.. If leftovers can’t be then I will hump on that train

Kyle – I think it’s nice that jasmine is stepping up and shooting herself in the… Ankle. Michael is getting sick of her the other people are like ohh she’s stepping up she’s the one that is making these alliances and making these moves.
Kyle says Jasmine is a bigger threat than Alyssa.

12:13 pm Kyle and Mike
Kyle – I’ve been meeting with everyone one on one.
Kyle – I chated with Brittany. Within the 7 adn outside my personal relationship are with you and Brittany.
Mike – you and I both see the hierarchy within the seven and see who is closest to who and realize we are in the same position.

12:20 pm Terrance and Kyle
Kyle says if he does stay he wants to build a game plan moving forward. “I know you are close to Daniel.. I’m close to Daniel, He’s a Homie for sure”
Kyle – I’m not going to put you in a situation where you have to decide between us
Terrance – It’s decided that he is going to go it’s best for everyone’s game moving forward. If it would happen that he would stay it would ruffle more feathers. It was going to be a lost cause. he is a great friend I do like him personally. Gamewise I can’t move forward with him.
Terrance – me you and turner have always locked in I’ve always valued that you had no reason to work with me and no reason to say I got you. It’s not possible that I go against you.. I’m loyal. you got me.
Terrance goes on about how there was a chance to knock out a great player a great competitor PRE JURY “There’s only one check”
Terrance – it was clear as day (to take out Monte) this week is a throwaway. He (Daniel) has nobody..
Kyle – there’s no threat there.
Terrance – I’m going to tell you something because it’s me and you. I threw that Veto competition so we could make this move (Get Monte out)
Terrance says Mike already broke his word with Monte for putting him on the block. “it doesn’t make sense”
Kyle – unless they are working together
Terrance – i think they are all working together
Kyle – I do too.
Terrance – that leaves us.
Kyle – I like Jo but we never talk game.
Terrance – Daniel was telling the truth he did want to keep noms the same and POP Alyssa off. They’re all linked in he never wanted Taylor to touch the block.

12:23 pm Britt and Michael
Michael – I’m annoyed by Joe saying ‘it’s so hard to lie to them.. I’m thinking about jury management
Michael – OHH it’s so nice to think about Jury management when me, you, monte, and Taylor are the most vulnerable if the twist ends. You and Kyle are safe there’s no chance either of you are going home. Please tell me more about how hard it is and how much it sucks
Britt – they have no incentive to win. Two of our strongest leftovers and you can’t play. That leaves Me, Turner, Monte, and Taylor.
Michael – I hope they try. Kyle tried to win this last one.
Michael says Monte hasn’t really talked to him since the veto ceremony “Cool you did what I wanted”
They both mention Terrance has been lying to them.
Britt – in my eyes getting Daniel out this week doesn’t negate what you said this week.
Britt – I hope Joe doesn’t find this new Alliance too enticing.
Michael – I hope they are not pitching to use us as Pawns. We’re f***ed.
Britt – do you think joe is understanding that?
Michael – I love Joe to death but..
Michael – he thinks his ideas are the best ideas.
Britt – he’s getting too caught up he’s loving the secret agent. he’s going to play too hard. I hope he doesn’t expose anything.
Michael _ I can see him saying ‘I’m helping’ UMMM no you are not.
Britt says people in their leftovers are better positioned than they are. “last thing I want is to get there (Final 7) and get AXED”
Michael – I don’t know where Turner stands. Do you think Turner will go with Mont and Joe?
Britt – I don’t I think he might go with KJyle and Taylor over us. Turner’s memory is INSANE. Turner at the end of this game is going to be tough.
They talk about the act Turner puts on.
Michael – it’s like the act Kyle puts on. Kyle is very smart. it’s obvious. he plays it up
Britt – do you think Turner, Kyle, and Alyssa have an alliance
Britt – they could it wouldn’t surprise me. there was one night they watched the sunset and they were up WAY LONGER
Britt – Taylor to with the fauxmance thing. Now that she’s comfortable we’re seeing a different side. She’s making decisions that are good for TV
Michael – she’s still the person I want in our final 3.
Britt says Taylor is close to Turner and Joe, “She hung out with Monte all day yesterday.. just those two”
Michael – I would cut Joe over MOnte.
Britt – strategically I would pick that but for me personally, Joe likes me more
Michael is really pissed about Joe talking about Jury management.
Britt – the other side thinks we are working with Monte and Taylor. Right now seems like Daniel is pushing the narrative would that be as strong once he’s gone?
They agree that Alyssa will go for Monte first before them.
Michael – I don’t see how they believe Joe is not working with Monte
Britt – he just flirts and hangs out with them all day long. He’s very good at it. He votes Ameerah out, He votes Nicole out. Ohh Brittany is the devil because she went back on her word to a girl that’s throwing her name out to THEM.
Michael – you slept in Ameerah’s bed then voted her out the next day
Britt – and they are not mad about that? The logic isn’t there that is why it’s frustrating.
Michael – we can not expect people to make logical decisions.
Michael – Monte’s position in the game is very similar to ours right now. I trust him to make a decision and do things that makes sense. Joe and Kyle who feel like they are in a better spot in the middle. I don’t trust that. I trust if they got power they won’t come after us right now. I don’t tust them to..
Britt – to make decisions that are going to safe us or fully go for it.
Michael – Cause they are going to be like we just made this alliance last week and now we have to turn around an put them up.. YES you do.
britt – Joe was really close to Ameerah and he did it. I am 80 percent sure I heard Jasmine vote Ameerah out. Liek I heard that by that door. I won’t push it so that means one of the 7 didn’t.

12:33 pm Kyle and Monte (hard to hear)
Kyle syas Terrance now wants to work with him.
Kyle says Terrance brought up that he threw the veto to keep noms the same and the fact the noms changed shows him they are all working together.
Kyle – I’m worried.. he was like lets get together and make this official
Kyle says the other side is MONTE MONTE MONTE. Weird because he only won one HOH.
Kyle says they were in a worse position than they realized back before Ameerah was evicted.
Monte – if Joe didn’t see Ameerah.. and we pieced it all together
Kyle – that one night..
Feeds flip when we’re back.
Monte – I feel good about Michael. Everybody is going to show who is best to work with
Kyle – In my mind we get to 7 and we have this four (The pound) who can I trust 100%.. We never broke our trust with Po’s pack, Joe and Turner never broke it with Oasis. Michael is the same way he never broke Po’s Pack. I just don’t have that experience with Brittnay and Taylor.
Monte – I feel the same.
Kyle – I think we’re set.
Monte goes on about how the odds of them winning the HOH are greater than Jasmine, Terrance, and Indy.
Kyle – Anything I should be saying?

12:40 pm Kyle and Indy
Kyle – I want you to know how much I love you, I care about you, and you are the most amazing person.
Kyle – it’s rare to find someone so spiritual.. I look up to you a lot. As far as the game goes.. I chatted with Alyssa. I really like her. Indy I really like her.
Kyle – I want to work with her in this game and she was like you should chat with Jasmine so I chatted with Jasmine. I think a lot of the big moves that happened last week I was the last to know. I’m starting to realize ok. I’m being told last minute. In the pecking order, I’m at the bottom.
Kyle says it’s obvious to him that Mike and Monte are working together, “I’m starting to piece things together and I’m not liking where I am at in the game”
Kyle – moving forward I want people I can trust. I trust Alyssa.
Kyle – you are someone I want to move forward with. I chatted with Joe and he feels the same way as me. I thought him and Monte were best friends.
Indy – I’m going to vote for you to stay. it’s the best for me and my game.
Kyle says he can’t help himself he likes Alyssa and wants to spend all his time with her. Asks her if she ever gets the feeling the house is getting annoyed about this please let them know.

1:00 pm Alyssa and Daniel
Daniel – I’m coming to you as a friend to give you the information you should know. I am going home tomorrow so this is my being honest. I love you, Jasmine and Terrance. I love indy but you three are who I am rooting for. If I can give anything that helps hopefully it does.
Daniel – There is a BIG alliance. Monte, Joe, Kyle, Taylor, Turner, Brittnay, and Michael. 7 Total
Daniel – last week they were all up there when Kyle was down there.
Daniel says Kyle likes her that’s real but he’s also a player in the game. “Showmance rarely gets far if at all ever”
Daniel – they would send him down to keep you distracted and get information from Nicole.
Daniel brings up that Mike is a super fan he should know you never keep BIG targets in the house when you can get them out.
Daniel – I love Joe but he’s leaving Joe and Monte in this game
Daniel – Oasis was a real thing and it’s goal was to get the girls out first.
Daniel brings up after they won the veto Kyle was asking if they will use the veto. “he was like Nicole might go up and we might not have the numbers”
Daniel – I made a huge move and it ruined my game.
Daniel says Monte lied to him saying JAsmine, Alyssa and Indy don’t trust him.
Daniel says the showmance she has with Kyle is not fake.
Alyssa – if you didn’t use it do you think he would have?
Daniel – NO
Daniel – here is the biggest alarm for me that you need to be aware of. I go, And maybe you are aware that Monte wanted to send Alyssa home and maybe you are okay with it because you guys are in a showmance. and you know showmances don’t get far and you would rather her than you and you don’t want to take the shot you left monte do it.
Daniel – he just sat there and stared at the ground for 5 seconds and didn’t say a word. there should have been an immediate reaction. He’s with the 6 which makes it a 7.
Alyssa – that’s really telling for sure.
Daniel – It was super heartbreaking. Just be aware he’s with them and if you are not in they are after you. If you are not in it you will probably be the last in the pecking order until it’s just the alliance. Terrance is next, Probably jasmine, Then Indy, and then you. indy and you might be switched.
Daniel – if you know the show it’s boring when a big alliance takes over.. but it’s smart it sucks.
Daniel – it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you it means he’s playing a smart game. They are trying to keep you distracted. Your social game is through the roof.

Daniel – I wouldn’t be surprised if he kissed you before the vote to lock in. that might be a tactic that Monte might say.. Bro if you don’t lock in now she might not vote for you.
Daniel – Monte is really good..
Daniel says it would be hard for him to stay he would need to get Joe’s vote but Joe is firmly on the other side.
Alyssa – you think he is?
Daniel – yes he’s playing dumb about it.
Daniel – I love Kyle I can’t wait to be his friend when we get out of here. He fully knows how this game works.
Daniel – people are not paying attention but Michael has one 5 competitions that is one per week. If the house isn’t aware they should be soon. If we don’t get this guy out he will sweep this entire season. Hopefully people will get him out. Week one I wanted him out this guy is going to kill it.
Daniel – Jasmine and Terrance need you and you need them. Go after Strong people. If you win HOH when you do Kyle’s influence will be for that alliance. DO NOT send Jasmine and Terrance home.
They hug
Daniel – I love you I hope you get far.

1:00 pm Joe and Kyle
Kyle says he’s worried about joining the alliance with the other side “We’re going to break their hearts”
Joe – if I win HOH Terrance is protected.. Take a shot at
Kyle – ALyssa?
Joe – or Jasmine. I send Jasmine out on her birthday.. I just can’t. I cannot believe they are trying to work in an alliance with you and me.
Joe – Indy, Jasmine, and Terrance were trying to convince me to vote you out.. Now they think I’m going to forget. Now they’re like FAMILY and bring you in.
Kyle goes on about how he can trust Monte, Turner, and Michael because of how they kept Oasis and Po’s PAck a secret. “I don’t have that same level of trust with Brittany or Taylor”

1:15 pm Turner and Kyle
Kyle – I was telling Monte and joe if there was a double eviction coming up we are going to move to the next stage of the game. I feel good about the POUND.
Kyle goes on about how he can trust the pound because they kept the Oasis and Po’s Pack a secret.
Kyle – four members of Oasis are making it to the final 4.
Kyle says Michael is batting 60% right now it’ll be tough to get him out. “last game when there are more mental comps I don’t even know what freaking day it is”
Turner – you think the other side is leaning to vote out Daniel
Kyle – I think so. Their plan A was to keep Daniel and try to get Joe to vote me out. Once they realized Joe was hesitant to voting me out they switched it to let’s bring Kyle in and make an alliance. We’re thinking tomorrow morning they might come with some bullshit saying Kyle is saying this kyle is doing this we got to vote him out. They will try to get Joe to flip.
Turner – Daniel is showing his cards by not campaigning. He f**ed himself by going with Nicole .. Bro you would have been golden right now.
Kyle – POOCH would have still been here.
Kyle says they have a good chance to win the HOH with the leftovers.
Turner – Terrance isn’t winning one.

1:26 pm Alyssa and Kyle
Kyle – who are you voting for.. just kidding.. How did it go with Daniel
Alyssa – good. he told me if he didn’t use the veto I would have gone. He said you wanted to keep it the same.
Kyle – that was his big pitch that morning. Monte doesn’t want me to use the veto.
Alyssa – would you have?
Kyle – yes..
Alyssa – after you won the veto you said to him we’re keeping it the same right?
Kyle – no no I meant we’re suing it.. I promise I don’t know what he’s saying I was taking you down the whole week. He said I was keeping it the same. I ever said that.
Alyssa says she talked to Jasmine and she and Terrance are keeping Kyle.
Alyssa – you have nothing to worry about. Daniel says you are in an Alliance with them and are using me to be good with this side of the house.
Kyle – I don’t want him to be putting that in your head.
Kyle – when I brought it up with Indy (their showmance) she was like you need to keep your head in the game. When they give us Alcohol and you disappear for 4 hours.
Alyssa – how did she know
Kyle – it’s Indy the hall monitor.. She said ‘you guys need to stay up late and talk to the other people’
Alyssa – Daniel said you are going to kiss me on eviction night just so you have my vote.

Kyle – freaking hell Alyssa I like you so much this is not good. You are so pretty..
Alyssa – I need to take a shower and put on makeup.
Kyle – this is how I prefer you

3:25 pm food prep chit chat..

4:38 pm Chilling

6:13 pm Chit chat and chess.
(Looks like the house has calmed down. Daniel isn’t campaigning and Kyle has already done the rounds. )

6:20 pm Taylor alone in the HOH
“I can’t fake it I wish the lines were drawn so I didn’t have to fake wanting to hang out with the other side of the house. Those are people that have chosen to overlook the fact that I was so severely bullied in this house”
“Excuse me.. So severely represented by the people that they associated with and that the people they associated with are choosing to allow a man that RAISED his voice and speak to a woman the way he did. Accuse me of triggering someone’s mental health crisis. It’s not fare. You can’t Cherry-pick people I’m really upset with the entire house for not immediately ostracising him and immediately evicting him” (what type of show did she think she was going on?)
“I’m glad it’s finally coming but.. I don’t understand why people in this house are so attached to Daniel. Doesn’t make sense to me..”
“You barely spoke to me and was immediately ostracising me”
“I could be downstairs yaking it up with everybody but I can’t fake it.”
“I wanted to be Indy’s friend but Indy is so not the person I thought she would be”
“From wanting to throw hot soup on me to very intentionally like pulling the one friend that I had made in this house post bullying away from me all the time (Joe) ”
“I can’t even hang out with Joe not even in a showmance fauxmance sort of way I can’t even hang out with it not being an issue”
“I can’t have a friend in this house again?”
“There’s the comfort from cuddling with someone and not having that here. that sucks too”
“Here I am isolating myself cause if were to spend time with everybody I would just be looking blankly at their faces. Furious with the decisions they made we just have to win for another week.”
“I was supposed to come in here and be a comp beast and be super social”
“I’ve been on the block 3 times at eviction night that is so embarrassing. I didn’t come here to be anybody’s f**ing pawn. I haven’t won any comps so I’m not the pyscial threat everyone thought I was”
“I went from being public enemy number one to a coaster. I didn’t come into this game to be a coaster. It’s so embarrassing to play a middle game when I was supposed to be a POWERHOUSE it’s so embarrassing”
“All I do is lay around here with my hoodie, sunglasses and eat salty chips and cry.. and look at the ceiling all the f***ing time” (And you’ll win AFP)
“It so humiliating”
“I’m not a mastermind strategist, Terrible social game .. my social game isn’t going to get me anywhere here unless I beef up my social game within my alliance”
“The only thing that will keep jasmine happy is I won’t be the one sending her home I told her about not wanting to send a black woman home. I would love to send Indy home myself but I won’t do it becuase I chose her as my festie Bestie. I like Alyssa I actually really like Alyssa”
“I wouldn’t mind her on Jury. Then there is Terrance who I am so deeply hurt and betrayed by. Watching him Flip and advocating for Nicole to stay over me. After everything people that choose a side that has Daniel on it”
“Daniel is going to give a speech and he’s going to try to blow up people’s game.. it’s all going to be wrong”
“I have my revenge dress ready”
“I don’t feel like I have had a direct hand in any of the moves that have been my game I haven’t had control over my own game because half of this house doesn’t trust me doesn’t engage with me.”
“Maybe I can talk him into targeting Monte next week that can be my one play. Daniel was my number one to get out my shot has always been Daniel. Once he’s gone I can pretend to target Monte again. Monte has been my target since day one I can sell that to Terrance and the other side of the house can trust they have my vote”
“Monte has always been my number one target”
“From Goner to coaster I have to do something I have to take power back in some way”
“I want to be fun and flirty again. I want to laugh around the house I want to flirt a little bit without any consequence. I want to laugh and have fun with the people here”
“I hate what Terrance has done to me and said about me. I cannot tolerate being around Indy or Jasmine”
“For jasmine to go home I can’t win or Turner can’t win. If I want Alyssa or Indy to go to Jury I cannot win.
“if I send Terrance home next week it shoots myself in the foot for jury management. It’s going to crush Alyssa. Jasmine will murder me”
“I have to win something.. god I want that HOH”

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un autre nom

Britt hypnosis is still in session. Joking… she’s implanting a verbal post hypnotic suggestion, and tomorrow she’ll say ‘conveneince store’ during HOH, everyone will jump off the wall.
Let’s be clear… Michael pretty much IS the Leftovers winning streak.
Michael considers going rogue.
Stageroach festival otev.
More muffingate.
Michael: if noms stay the same, not the worst thing.
Monte: not super happy but happy.
Daniel: I’m backdoor, I’ve got to fight.
Jas and Aly wouldn’t vote out Terrance or Joseph… uh… leaves Monte.
Terrance and Daniel plot and conspire like the Masterminds they are….. eyeroll.
Everyone can see her.
Terrance rats Turner.
She says she got a tip? Someone ratted.
Turner d/r living with Jasmine is difficult.
Taylor/Britt/Michael discuss Monte or Daniel.
Taylor kinda wants Daniel around one more week to get rid of Monte.
Kyle doesn’t want to hit the block.
Michael has to decide if it’s time to flip on the alliance.
ED. Funny that both Michael and Monte have been mentioning the others’ demise.
Taylor is in love with a fresh bags of chips.
Michael kind of wants Daniel and Kyle picked.
Jasmine and Turner are chosen.
Terrance and Daniel plot some more like the Pinky and the Brain of the season.
Terrance D/R and I hear Narf.
Let’s throw it to Michael and he’ll save us…
VETO: Singing StageRoach OTEV
Britt d/r superfans love Otev. Country roach in sewer after a bbq.
Comp name as a sauce instead of Evictees.
Terrance: throwing to Michael.
Monte: leftover has to win.
Turner imitates Jasmine’s d/r voice fakery.
Round one: Potty talk tangy BBQ sauce.
Britt wants to win. Michael knows his target gets bigger.
BRITT OUT. no injury shown.
Round two: Mermaid Mayo.
Round three: Pie Fest Fire Sauce
Michael is being stupid and wanting another comp win. He’s up with the nom trio. Easiest throw on earth at this point.
Round four: Piercing De Gayo.
Michael build the stockpile.
Joseph OUT.
Round five: Get Lit Gravy
Monte OUT.
Terrance tells Michael he’s throwing.
Round Six: Mind Your Step Mustard
Terrance happily OUT.
Michael wins OTEV ED. me in singsong stupid voice: now i should stop winning comps durp.
Daniel wants Michael to save him. ED. he nom’d Michael as target wk 1 and tried to made him a target before wk 5 HOH… um, this is where the plan never made sense to me.
Terrane Daniel and Jasmine UMM. Braintrust.
They have to get in Michael’s head. Jasmine d/r actually made me throw up a little.
Jasmine thinks she done put in WEEERK don’tcha know without the talk to Michael… oh. Give Terrance the Credit for this…..
Britt looks like she’s going to laugh her ass off.
Jasmine and Indy… it’s a good time to go for Monte. Daniel. The turnstyle visits. Out of order.
Michael thinks this is a coordinated effort.
Turner hears the plot. They’ve got Jasmine down. Terrance clownery and proud of his clownery. Dan joins in with his blue pleather clown shoes.
Monte filled in on the plot to GET MONTE. while Daniel tells Terrance this is HIS HOH week.
Michael decided to use Veto.
Michael replaces with Daniel and Kyle quoting Daniel’s week one veto speech.
Jasmine looks like she wants to eat Michael.
D/R Closing
Michael phone call from CopChef.
Daniel thought he’d be a loyal shield move.
Terrance thinks he has a remix.
Taylor is pushing chips again.


It does end tomorrow? I thought it would end at double eviction

un autre nom

I’ve yet to get any confirmation that the Wall will be shown on feeds.
Seen anything yet?


Here’s hoping!!


IT’s been fun listening to Brittany explaining the wall to Indie & Jasmine. They know almost nothing about this game, especially Indie. It’s also obvious that they don’t like physical comps although Indie is pretty sure she can win this one if it doesn’t last very long. They both just want luck type of competitions.


thank goodness festie bestie ends. not enough groups left. would have given too much power to veto holder.


Halle-freaking-lujah! In that case, I’m building my shrines for Turner to win HOH because watching him target Jasmine on the week of her birthday (which is supposedly an excuse to be exempt from nomination in her warped world) would make for glorious feeds.


I would love to see that too. Go Turner!

Mad Max

That would be EPIC……as in Fire!

Rotten Tomato Rankings for Season 24

Excited to be back! I’ve been just creeping and reading everyone’s comments. All I have to say for now is that overall I enjoy the cast a lot, the leftovers already has cracks which gives post jury game a lot of life and excitement. I came in team Michael, but he showed his strength to soon unfortunately, and he will surely be on everyone’s radars for the remainder of the game.

Josephs potential is coming through, Taylor, Monte, and Turner are in it, while the rest are just floating around.

excited to see what the rest of the season brings!

thanks so much to Simon and dawg will be donating, I’ve been on these boards for years and you two deserve all the credit


Agreed on all points. I think that Joseph is probably playing the best game right now, but Turner has been a delightful surprise. I underestimated him. I don’t think anyone is targeting him right now (other than Jasmine who is unlikely to win another HOH without significant production interference).


I agree. Turner has been amazing. His HOH was gold; people still think he is a moron and question his HOH moves.

Taylormade Victims

kyles tell is so obvious he never wanted to save Alyssa


Daniel with the C block.

Indy's Huge Brazilian Rack

Jasmine AKA The Black Raven.


I just can’t with Taylor and Jasmine – they ruined the season for me on day 1! This season is such a fake façade of personalities- but those two are the worst. Zero personality or sense of being genuine. Even the chip eating is uncomfortable to watch.

No Name

Lay’s classic


i’m fairly indifferent to taylor. i think the early bullying was bad but she’s still not a great player. just a number. potentially someone drags her to the end, but the same could be said about any of the women remaining in the house (or terrance). my preference would be they take alyssa as i find her the most entertaining of them, but let’s be real, as delusional as many of the women are to their ability to win comps, none of them are winning anything unless it’s completely luck based.


I find it challenging to gauge Taylor’s gameplay because she was essentially sabotaged from the beginning. She may or may not be a great BB player, but we will don’t know because the trajectory of her game was set into a spiral for the first three weeks. I’ll be interested to see how she plays the game once the remaining non-Leftovers are evicted.


Really? They didn’t address the injuries?!


I find Kyle to be more and more annoying each day


its way too easy to cheer for the leftovers and the pound. and even easier to want the rest out.


Lol. Big Brother making Taylor the “Lays potato chips girl”. I am hoping they show Terrence and Daniel in the sour puss states that they were in the last couple of days and I hope Julie at least mentions the injuries this week


How much you want to bet she ends up with a contract with Lays after this? If so, from now on, someone will try to copy that with some product or other.


If the Festie Bestie twist is indeed ending, I am
Manifesting a Taylor HoH win


what would she do? indy and terrance? whoopee. great move. i want the other side of the house to win, ideally alyssa, as i think the scrambling to keep the leftovers in control would be most interesting. most of the other side probably puts up taylor and monte and the campaigning probably exposes the leftovers and tears the aliance apart.


If the Festie Bestie twist is ending she is one of two people in very vulnerable states. As far as the alliance being torn apart, Kyle will probably do that. As far as who Taylor would nominate, Indy and Jasmine probably


Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, have you forgotten that you have an accent? People have said she doesn’t talk that way on the feeds but until tonight I haven’t heard her. Now if she would forget about the injury.


Joe is amazingly good at getting people to believe him


WTH are the girls talking about? Lol. They are having the strangest conversation right now

un autre nom

The stated purpose of Joe getting in with the other side was to try to find a way to keep Micahel and Britt safe if Besties continue, and to get intel.
That’s crap as far as I’ve seen.
The real purpose is to keep Joseph in the centre with nobody targeting Joseph.
That’s not a criticism. That’s a clarification.
What has he done in terms of getting the target off of Michael/Britt?
He has helped Taylor to secure a pseudo armistice with Indy and Alyssa.
He has a weird Joe/Taylor showmance alliance growing with Alyssa and Kyle.
So, the other side isn’t after Joe or Kyle or Taylor now? Okay.
that means the pool has gotten even smaller.
See what I mean?
If the other side wins it’s Michael/Monte with Britt and Turner taking residual heat.
And Joe, who hasn’t done anything to take the heat off of them, just says oops I tried.
Again. Clarification. Not criticism, because as far as game goes? It’s not a bad play.

In a wall comp the most likely endurance players are Alyssa, Kyle, Indy, Taylor and maybe Turner.

The Beef

I actually think Joe has the conditioning to win a wall comp over Alyssa,Indy and probably Kyle, but I just don’t think he wants to win at all. I expect Jasmine to drop first followed closely by Brit, Terrance then Indy. I don’t think any of them can compete physically. To me, that’s when the real comp begins, and if Joe and/or Monte drop next it’s because they’re comfortable with their position and with their votes in the house.


Poor Jasmine didn’t have her scooter or she would have won the veto 🙁


I actually prefer reading the posts here than to spend any time on the live feeds. It’s a very good summary of what’s going on in the house, so thank you!


Wow, I really do feel bad for the way Taylor is feeling in the house. I can’t imagine being cooped up in a place with so many people who are against me, talk about me behind my back, make me feel so uncomfortable, that I cannot really be myself.

Terrance, what a jackass he is for how he has betrayed Taylor, she was always nice to him, she was always honest and upfront with him, and this idiot picked Daniel over her? Makes me question his character, his morals when it comes to respecting other people, he tried all he could to keep an asshole like Daniel in the house.

As a person of color, I know some people of color might get mad at me for saying this, but we complain about being evicted because the color of our skin, but then we turn around and say that I cannot vote out a strong black woman. But you have no problem voting out a female who’s not a person of color. Ok, why ?

if we want things to change, we all need to stop locking in on the color of our skin, we need to see people for who they are, beyond the color of their skin, who came up with this rule that a person of color cannot vote out another person of color?

The way Jasmine has treated Taylor, talked about Taylor, Ostracized Taylor, and yet Taylor has always spoke kindly regarding Jasmine. Taylor wants her to be in the house for her birthday, wanted Jasmine to be in the house for her father’s birthday, Taylor has shown she might be a little awkward in her social skills, but she’s definitely a caring, kind hearted lady.

I just want people to stop saying you cannot nominate another person of color, but we get upset when people of color are nominated by non people of color, EVERYONE who signs up to play Big Brother, come in and play. Leave all racial bias, thought’s whatever your impressions of other races are, it’s time for us to all be able to accept each other for who we are.

Please stop with the I can’t do this to a person of color, as I said earlier, I’m a person of color, I’d have no issue at all with putting Jasmine & Terrance up on the block. I’d go in the BB house with an open mind, yes I want to have a game plan, but my plan would be work with someone who I click with, who I feel after spending time talking and getting to know them, I feel I can trust them to have my back, and I’ll have their back.

Does not matter if they are a person of color, only thing that matters is, we respect each other, learn to trust each other, we don’t bully anyone, ostracize anyone, we play BB 100%, but we also take the time to get to know everyone in the house, I’m not saying we all will love each other, what I’m saying is be open to getting to know each other, if you don’t click, we’ll win HOH, and put that person on the block, let the chips fall were they may.

Reading what Taylor was expressing here tonight, my heart goes out to her. I can only imagine how it would feel to be confined in a place filled with people who have done all they could do, to make you feel unwelcome, unwanted, and none of them can give you a reason for why they feel the way they feel about you.

I don’t know any of these people, but from what I see on the show, Taylor would be someone I’d enjoy talking with, most of off the people in the house, with the exceptions of the people who enjoy bullying people, I won’t name any names, you all know who they are if you have been watching this season.

Hold your head up Taylor, I’m cheering for you, Turner, Michael, hang in there, don’t let the negative people get you down, I know that it’s not that easy, but hang in there. From what I see, you are a good person, don’t give up.


Thankfully you do not speak for all people of color!


Is it just me or does anyone else think Terrance receives good edits?


OKAY — so both JasMEAN and Terrance CLAIMED they threw OTEV to Michael. One is DEFINITELY LYING & one can’t honestly make the claim — wanna guess which is which?

Well, clearly JasMEAN is the liar because Terrance was second, but the specifics are hilarious.

Notably, in this competition, there were four different pools of liquid and some other smaller containers filled with various items (one looked like those styrofoam clappers you get at NBA games that you bang together to make noise & distract opponent’s free throws). Michael and Britt were the only players of the seven who went to the far left in every round which required going underneath an obstacle shaped to look like a corn cob.

Because Michael has been so dominant through the competitions it was almost odd he wasn’t the first one up the ramp in the initial rounds. He was fifth of sixth in round one, fifth of five in round two, third of four in round three, second of three in round four, and won the last two rounds.

Strategically there was a reason for that — he’s a super fan so he knew that there would be six rounds b/c there were seven players & that meant there was at least six different cutouts to find. What he did up until round four was stockpile those answers & he had two different areas he put those answers in case someone else came to that side of the course. NO ONE EVER DID.

Which is why we know JasMEAN was lying – she told people 1) that she had to help Michael with the answer to a question & 2) implied she gave him one of the cutouts. While Michael went under the corn cob & left on the course EVERY SINGLE TIME, Jas went to the far right or back of the course every time. She was eliminated in the second round and was basically as far away as she could’ve been from Michael on the course. So there was no way she gave him a cutout & no way she provided the answer b/c she would’ve had to scream at the top of her lungs in front of where everyone watching was sitting.

I mean it’s not surprising she would say she threw the game to him – that’s her MO (much like Terrance) – to take credit for things she has no influence over. And, it’s highly likely she had no clue about hoarding answers to be prepared for the later rounds & that’s likely why she made that bold claim.

As for Terrance – YES he did tell Michael he needed him to win but it’s also about a 99% chance he would’ve won anyway unless he was throwing (and he wasn’t). It was the fastest he went down & returned of all the rounds b/c he had the cutout ready & waiting. Unlike the other rounds where players were both running to the ramp, Michael was up & sitting – waiting for Terrance. Sure he was throwing it but again, he’d barely reached the pool of liquid to look & Michael was already on his way back up the ramp.

So yeah you two masterminds – nice try but you’re both full of it!


I can’t believe I am saying this but I am starting to feel sorry for EE.

He has no idea he will be dragged on social media and That it will impact his life in a negative way.

All because he followed the lead of Paloma Ameerah and Nicole who had a unjustified hatred of Taylor.

He ruin his game and negatively impacted his life for 3 women at this point whom appear don’t want to have anything to do with him on the outside world.

Instead of doing what turned ssid he did with pooch left he just pivot his game strategy.

EE did the opposite treated these women that he really did not no as some type of Martyr s he had to morally defend them until the end even if it ruin his game I doubt any of them Expect Nicole would have done the same.

Also the idiot is going to leave this house thinking he is going to exposed peoples game and in his exit interviews he will continue to double down on Taylor because he lacks self awareness or survival skills

Even though he caused everything that is going to happen to him it still pains me to see someone implode their life right in front of your eyes.


I can’t even make myself feel sorry for him. He’s a grown ass man! The women did not force him to conduct himself in such a horrific manner. EE is responsible for his own behavior. As a self-proclaimed superfan, he should have a clue that between the live feeds and televised versions that his every move will be scrutinized and talked about on social media. He lost me with his nomination speech to Taylor. That was totally uncalled for. It just went downhill from there. No remorse!

I certainly have no love for Paloma, Ameerah or Nicole but they did not force EE to act this way. You can blame the women for their own actions but not his. Don’t make them EE’s scapegoats.