“I’m sure America loves him [Michael], he deserves something for being a bada$$!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph Kyle and Daniel
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used Kyle and Daniel nominated
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

7:20pm Bedroom – Terrance and Daniel.
Daniel and Terrance look for “Hide the Veto” spots for Terrance to prep if that veto comp happens this season. Daniel – I still think that Turner is America’s player or Saboteur. Terrance – I definitely do. Daniel – but like that can’t be the only thing in play. There has got to be more in play.. unless that starts this week because Besties cannot be the only thing happening right now. That is so boring. Its hard for us to navigate but its boring. Terrance – it is. Daniel – its so normal. Terrance – if this don’t go .. I feel like a lot of it is kind of her fault. Daniel – Alyssa? Alyssa? Terrance – I told her how important it is. Daniel – oh Jasmine. Terrance – I told her she was the key to it. Daniel – oh if I go home .. and next week they also get HOH again.. just tells her I told you. You were the glue to keep all this together because its the truth. I am good with Alyssa and Indy but Jasmine is their girl. It would be like if Jasmine told me you better get Terrance on board bro. I would be like.. DONE! And then BOOM! That’s how it works. Terrance – so like if its just me and her next week.. I would be like I don’t care what you do .. go join them or do whatever. Taylor laughs in another room. Daniel – UGH.. I will not miss that laugh. Watching this back is going to be cringe.. but I will. Big Brother switches the feeds away and then back.

Daniel – here the bad person always wins because they lied and manipulated and I was like yeah but that’s what makes it so hard that you have to find out on your own. America doesn’t tell us. And she was like no but like in Brazil, whoever goes home you find out that they lied a lot. This isn’t about best person gold stars?! I think it bothers her that people have to lie. That’s why Nicole’s idea did not fly with her.. the I’m going to vote them out… because Indy doesn’t understand that you have to do that. Terrance – right. Daniel – to get to people’s heads. Indy was like no! Terrance – her mentality of the game is like.. Daniel – skewed. Terrance – yup. Daniel – this game isn’t for best loser or sweetest liar or sweetest talker. The boy who did good. The boy who did good gets a star and then wins 750K. Big Brother, the boy who did good! Do you want to be the next boy who did good? Sign up today! Terrance – I want America to decide this one. Daniel – no, I would have been home week 2. I wonder at this point who would get America’s Player. I guess at this point, Michael would. Terrance – probably Michael. Daniel – especially if he gets sent home or to jury because he’s good. I’m sure America loves him. He deserves something for being a bada$$! Maybe Jasmine, if she is as funny on TV as we see her. Terrance – right. Daniel – she is amazing. I almost made it half way. I made it further than Nicole.

7:42pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

8:40pm The feeds are still blocked.

8:53pm The feeds return.
Bedroom – Daniel and Jasmine.
Daniel – if I’m not here I hope you and Terrance succeed. You guys need them. Jasmine – who? Daniel – Indy and Alyssa. You guys have them. Jasmine – I don’t know .. sometimes I feel like I can be decent at this game and sometimes.. Daniel – who? You? Your social game is on top! Jasmine – why does everyone keep saying that? How?! Daniel – because you’re a chameleon. You’re so good that when you vibe with Taylor … I’m like oh now you f**k with Taylor?! That’s how good you are. Like I get jealous. And that’s why your social game is on top. Like I hope you kill these competitions. You’re going to go straight to the top. Jasmine – I feel like I am a pretty strong female.

9:10pm Bedroom – Klyssa
Alyssa – come home to Florida! Go home to Utah then come to Florida, then I’ll come to Utah, then we’ll travel and go to Paris and get married and have 6 babies. Kyle – I’m very curious who will hang out this cast once we get out because we do not have the same cast as last season. This is like the only thing I enjoy right now. Alyssa – really? Kyle – Mmmhmmm.. See because I can enjoy this just literally chilling with you .. like yeah I think outside the house we could really like like each other because if we enjoy sitting here doing nothing in this stressful environment can you imagine if we had all the opportunities to go out and get food and do stuff outside. Alyssa – I agree because I feel like that is a big reason why people on the bachelor fall in love because the are always doing physical exciting things and we’re literally just.. Kyle – doing nothing. I do like kissing you. Alyssa – you do? Kyle – Mmmmhmmm. Alyssa – I like kissing you. They start kissing. Kyle – I just want to get on top of you… but then I also just want to naked with you. Alyssa nods. Alyssa – yeah I really want to have sex with you right now! Kyle – yeah I do too! I really want to. Alyssa – yeah. Kyle – we probably shouldn’t. Alyssa – I think if we had a bed alone and it was dark… like if we had the HOH room..

9:23pm Big Brother gives the house guests more alcohol.

9:57pm Jasmine’s sugar pickles

10:08pm Kitchen – Turner & Taylor shot gun a beer. Turner kills it. Monte sips it instead of shot gunning it. Monte – I didn’t want to make a mess. (lol)

11:35pm Havenot room – Brittany is crying about feeling “fat” and not feeling like herself.

11:18pm – 12am HOH room – Kyle and Michael.
Kyle – .. no no like not notice but like you know what I mean though? Even just like stuff that like just happened. Like okay this could quickly become.. Michael – what just happened? Kyle – I mean even like her being like pick up this water thing and then I spilled it on her. Michael – I didn’t even notice. Kyle – just things like that .. do you think it is annoying to people in the house? Michael – no, I really don’t. Its early like oh its cute. Kyle – exactly. Michael – but I will give you a heads up if it does. Kyle – yeah because that’s a risk for sure. Turner, Alyssa, Monte and Taylor join them to play chinses checkers.

12:25am HOH room – Michael, Joe, Monte, Taylor, Turner and Kyle.
Joe – did you hear about the alliance they’re creating? Michael – is it another alliance that I’m being excluded from? Joe – yes. They’re tricking Kyle and I that they’re creating one with me and Kyle. So Old School is just adding me and Kyle… pretending that its new. Indy is on a leash and that’s how they’re trying to control me and through Jasmine. Kyle explains what Jasmine told him. He says that she outlined the five people other than him and Joe. Joe – they spoke for me and then I agreed. Kyle – then I played up the Alyssa card. I want to play with Alyssa. I want to be in an alliance with her. I would do anything for her. To make it seam like you and I are their puppets basically.. which she bought.. she seemed to buy. Joe – she is running the show over there… her and Terrance. And Alyssa is their physical threat. Kyle – I mean she hasn’t proven anything. Kyle – I’m going to talk with them and say that you and I chatted and we’re on the same page.

1:30am Kyle and Alyssa read the poems on the “Chocolate Love” wrappers.

1:45am – 2am HOH room – Michael alone talking to the cameras.
Michael – I am not about to go down with any ship. I trust this alliance not to put me up but hearing Kyle and Joseph complain about their jury votes…. Monte and I might be the first and second member of the jury because we are sticking out necks out and putting our asses on the line for all of us and you’re going to come to me and complain about your f**king jury vote!? Get the f**k out of here. Get the f**k out of here!! Its f**king ridiculous. Like I get it, I get it… its something that you should be concerned about but to voice that to the people that run the greatest risk of going home for having your back .. I can’t, I can’t. They’ve given us a lot of good information and I am appreciative of that but don’t sit here and complain and b***h about having to lie and how its difficult and how you have to think about your jury management. Jury management is not luxury that I have. Its not a luxury that Brittany gets… that Monte gets. And America I hope you see exactly how Jasmine is playing this game.. if she is owning it in the DR.. good but I am so sick of the fake bullsh*t.. the I love you .. I’m a straight up honest player.. the emotional manipulation when she is a mean girl that talks sh*t about people behind their backs .. am I doing it now?? Yes but I don’t claim to be mister honest and integrity and its only about the sh*t thats happened here. I didn’t judge anyone and say that I didn’t like them or that they’re this or their that.. I am frustrated because that is not how I want to treat other people. I can’t wait to send Jasmine home. I am planning a scathing goodbye message for Daniel. I am planning some damage control with the other side. But if they’re going to target me because I didn’t do what they wanted .. then so be it.

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Daniel and Terrance, “Dumb and Dumbest”. Listening to the 2 of them talk, it is a joke.

They think both of them are so tough, and have been playing such a good game, Daniel’s a sore loser who struggles with understanding why he’s the target, he’s a super fan.

Terrance is the dumb one who jumped from the winning side of the house, to be with the idiots are us group. Per Daniel these people are just too dumb, that’s because they will not play the game the way he wants it played.

Daniel, you are going home, Jasmine is not going to be able to convince Alyssa to vote Kyle out, keep you. Alyssa doesn’t like you, and I believe she’s getting tired of Jasmine.

Evil Elvis will be leaving the building in less than 48 hours, please let Jasmine be next.

Indy's hungry coochie

Why because they aren’t sucking up to the popular side of the house?

The Beef

No. Because it’s obvious they’re on the losing side based on the past two weeks of voting, and they’re doing absolutely NOTHING to try to switch things up to better their situation – except for Terrance who did the exact opposite of what he should have done and switched to the losing side.

Why not try to make some inroads – build some bridges – improve your position in the game, so if an opportunity presents itself, like the end of the Besties twist, or you win an HOH, you can maybe work with some of those in power to SPLIT that group and shake things up? Just continuing to insist on working with the same losers (Daniel, Jasmine, Indy, Terrance) is going to get you nowhere fast. Alyssa seems to be the only one with the possibility of bridging over, and she only seems to want to do it because she’s madly in like with Kyle and needs his services.

Paul Sucks

Let this week be a double eviction so Jasmine can go home too!

Verdella W Fisher

I detest Jasmine but I’d rather Showtime leave next. He’s nasty on a personal level. The gibberish that passes from his mouth for game is killing my brain cells.


They are soooo delusional ..Daniel time to welcome you back to the real world Thursday and by the way most of them hate you lol!!!


Watching the live feeds, Jasmine is laying in bed, eating Pickles & Sugar, she keeps dipping the pickle in sugar, and sucking on it, she’s so damn gross. Jasmine once again starts talking about her HOH, and her big move she made evicting Pooch, then she brings up, is she the only HOH who had a unanimous vote ?

This is the 3rd time I’ve heard her mention this in the past 2 weeks, she’s so proud, but it was all Ameerah’s hard work, it had nothing to do with anything Jasmine did, Pooch volunteered, Jasmine gets no credit, the entire idea to evict Pooch was all Ameerah’s.

She needs to stop bragging about her HOH, Ameerah was the one who got Pooch evicted. Ameerah led the charge to evict Pooch, Jasmine had nothing to do with the plan, it was all Ameerah’s idea. Jasmine’s HOH was just like her game play, she did nothing !!!

I wish these people had the balls to call her out, and say that Ameerah was the person responsible for evicting Pooch. Jasmine would be livid, that’s her claim to fame, how dare anyone say Jasmine did her usual, which is nothing.


Wow you really are passionate about how much you hate Jasmine lol ??


Turner found a secret phone instead of a secret Veto!


Are you kidding me Little Miss Muffin did nothing???? I’ll tell you what she did!!! She ate chicken wings and candy! She ate muffins and don’t forget pickles and sugar!! Plus ordered hgs around to wait on her because she’s so badly wounded!! Poor thang!! Hopefully when she watches the season back, she’ll realize what a fool she made out of herself!! But until then she’s going to bask in the belief that she had so much power and persuasion!! She belongs with the Dumb & Dumber alliance. I thought it was her big hair, but it’s actually her big head!!

un autre nom

I’m still wondering if they would do wall.
Existing injuries.
If/When they DO the wall, I invite everyone to be vigilant for one thing:
How are the holds determined?
Remember Season 21 where there were holds over their shoulders so that upper body strength could play a role?

I’d sort of like to see a pressure cooker, but after seeing how bad bringing back buzzkill’d was in can10… maybe not.

The undercover spies thing pretty much guarantees that Michael and Britt are in even MORE trouble if the twist continues.
Think about it. If the Convenience Store wins HOH, they aren’t putting up Turner because they jeopardize Jabba on her birthday. They aren’t going after Taylor because THREE Of their members (Indy, Alyssa and Kyle) are all on the block with her. They aren’t likely to put up Joseph and Terrance because that’s 2 votes missing and they lose number advantage.
Gee. Which group goes up?


the twist continuing puts all the power in the veto holders. hoh is basically just safe and veto holder determines who’s on the block.

The Beef

How do you figure that? If Daniel goes home and Kyle joins Alyssa, Indy and Taylor that means there’s still four groups of besties still in the house. One group wins HOH and is safe and one is nominated. One additional group is chosen to play Veto. Now if THAT group wins Veto then YES, they have all the power and can determine if the current group OTB stays up or the group that didn’t play goes up. Also, if the HOH wins Veto, they obviously have all the power. But if the block sitters win, they use the Veto and the HOH decides which of the two remaining groups are nominated, not the Veto holders.


The convenience store is Britt. She’s always the one to run like a rat to conveniently save her ass. Oh Monty, I can’t believe these girls just came up with something convenient to get you out after you just put them on the block. Oh BTW I’m not gonna tell you that I was plotting or scheming your eviction with Michael. Talk about an oxymoron when those two are lab rats used for Monte’s dirty work. The comedy is Britt and Michael not seeing the butt of their own convenient joke.


Wall is tomorrow, it’s already been confirmed, AND it will be a live HOH!

un autre nom

So, it took a whole 24 hours for Brittany to have her Havenot crying time.
As soon as she found out the girls were plotting to blame her for the vote, I knew it was only a matter of time before she started putting herself down because the girls don’t like her.
The childhood/youth bullying ptsd that has made her the hyperhypnotoading people pleaser of the house is also the root of this self debasement.

It’s interesting to watch as Turner tries to put the target on Jasmine, and Joseph tries to push it on Alyssa. What did this week prove? Jasmine is calling the shots more than Alyssa is among the women. Joseph’s argument is for the jury vote and control of the women of the other side for HIS safety more than alliance safety. Michael and Turner are both done with Jasmine and want her out. Kyle just wants one night in a cam free HOH room with Alyssa (um…). Joseph just wants his parachutes, and to deny everyone else in the alliance access to a parachute. Alyssa isn’t a Joe Parachute, she’s a Kyle Parachute.

Jas talked to Terrance earlier. She told Terrance the save Daniel plan is dead, they are now going to vote out Daniel, pretend that was always the plan, and use Kyle as their weapon. This is after Joseph told Jasmine he thinks Daniel is too much of a hot potato, but Kyle would take their shots without drawing the same heat on to Jasmine and Joseph.
Jasmine, who is sexually frustrated by her crush on Joseph agreed.
So now Jasmine thinks she’s gathered an army that gives her majority.
She’s… deranged. How can someone think for 2 weeks they have the numbers, lose a person BOTH weeks, and think they have the numbers going still?

Dear Joseph, don’t want Indy to be your personal hall monitor? Stop calling her baby.
If a woman were using Joseph’s strategy, I’d be calling it out too. I’m not against using sex as a weapon in the game, but when it’s being used i’m going to say it’s being used. I’ve called out meatshield girls, so why wouldn’t i call out a guy using a modified himbo strategy on the women. It’s a game tool. Do i respect it, not if it’s the ONLY strategic measure they have going. Alyssa hasn’t shown much more than meatshield strategy. At least Joseph is doing more than just the himbo routine. I do point out though, that his week one talk about women and their place in the game makes me look at his himboing and roll my eyes saying ‘oh, you don’t say.’

Michael’s late night rant. He’s heated. Joseph and Kyle’s worry about their jury votes (how the other side is going to be most angry at them) pisses him off because Monte and Michael are the big targets likely to be sent to jury first for putting their asses on the line for the alliance and here’s the 2 safest members of the alliance J/K worrying about jury votes. He’s completely done with Jasmine’s fake bullshit. He’s changed his final 4 again tonight (he’s had 50 or so final 4 ideas). He’s now hoping for Turner/Taylor/Britt/Michael.
BRASS TACKS: Michael knows he’s in deep shit coming up… and two of his allies are more concerned with jury management than coming up with an alliance safety plan. His problem with Jasmine? It was fine when she was two faced about others, but now she’s two faced about him. She’s pushing Michael as the target from the intel Joseph and Kyle are giving, and the two jury management guys are hemhawwing about who has to go next. There. Now you know why he’s ranting.

Turner is talking about his mrbeast drama. I know nothing about the story, and given the subject matter actually pushes one of my buttons, i’m not likely to do any research. All i know is the words hostile work environment… and i’m not going any deeper because been there done that not looking. Basics: Turner has bonded to Taylor and Joseph.

Turner tonight has become the most insured member of the Leftovers. Not the safest. The most insured. Pound f4. Kyle f2. Michael wants him f4. He’s not going anywhere for a while.


Turner may win just like Adam did ; Turner is just more likable and won’t end up in jail like Adam did

un autre nom

Alyssa tells Kyle that after knowing him for six weeks, if he proposed she’d say yes.
Remember how Kyle talked about being a commitment-phobe and running away from relationships when they got serious?
He thinks his family loves Alyssa.
She relates herself and Kyle to Saggy and Bayleigh. He says but she was pregnant.
My brain just played the Jaws music.
Alyssa hopes Michael and Britt like her even though they aren’t in their alliance. Kyle says Britt’s been having a rough go with how the women treat her (and they don’t even know she missed the Leftovers session beause she was crying next door, they all thought she was in bed).


This is the joy and complication of “dating” in Big Brother. In the real world it is unlikely Kyle and Alyssa would have ever crossed paths let alone met. And if they did I think they might have talked to each other but it probably would not have gone any farther. In the bubble that is the BB house things are different. They are in a happy place in their relationship, such as it is, right now, so sure ride that wave while you can.
We have seen that some showmances make it beyond the house, but the majority do not. The real world is different, real lives are different, and long distance dating and relationships are even harder. I call myself a pragmatic romantic and for that reason I hope Kyle and Alyssa give their relationship a go outside the house…however as of right now I do not see it lasting very long. Too many real world complications stand in their way, but for now they are cute together and I hope they enjoy their summer whatever outcome the game may have for both of them.


Kyle is about as mature as my 9 year old grandson! He’s an idiot


Agree 100%, he acts like this is the first time he’s dated someone.

He worries about being in a showmance, being a target, people finding out about them, then stop drooling, running around telling everyone Alyssa is pretty, she’s hot, I need a cold shower etc…

If they had paper and pencils in the house, Kyle would have sent Alyssa a note asking her to be his girlfriend, with a box for YES or a box for NO, like you did in Elementary School.

This is how immature he comes across in my opinion, Kyle is a big Kid, hard to believe he’s actually 29 years old.


Alyssa is a very pretty girl, I am not being mean when I say this, but I don’t think Kyle would have ever had a chance with Alyssa if they were on the outside.

Alyssa acts as if the only thing she is here for, is to date someone. I’ve never heard her plot, plan or think about forward moves to set herself up to win the 750k.

Alyssa just plots, plans, and seduces Kyle, now she’s talking about marriage ? I read on here that Alyssa has someone on the outside, or she was living with a guy prior to coming on the show, I don’t know how true this is, but Alyssa needs to pump the brakes, slow down.

Good Vibes

Sideshow Blob dipping pickles in sugar?? Is that a southern thing?

Dixie Lee

I don’t know but I’d be tempted to try it… after she’s out.


No, believe me it’s not……it’s as disgusting as she is!

Not Jasons Holly

No, it’s not! I have never seen or heard about this.

Salt on watermelon is a thing though! But, I don’t do that!


Yeah, I think it’s something you either grow up with or not (and I DID lol) I can eat it without but I prefer it with salt. And I don’t use salt on hardly anything so the fact I put it on watermelon is bc I find it improves the taste a LOT

But sugar on pickles I’ve NEVER seen before this

The Beef

It damn sure is not! It’s a slob thing. Absolutely nobody is surprised that Jabba does this.




The delusion of some of these players is cray cray! Found this amazing YouTube video through the TamaraTattles blog – Nicole’s Nasty Behavior #BB24(Girl is so delusional) SO many instances where Nicole AND Daniel were downright mean and nasty. It’s kind of glorious – can’t talk your way around these, Cruel Chef & Evil Elvis!


YouTube video, love it! Oops, Nicole, that’s going to be a part of your permanent record. Congratulations!! Well deserved ?


Whoa. The video evidence is damning. There is no hiding one’s true nature in the BB House. In the case of Daniel and Nicole, that true nature is ugly.

The eternal optimist in me hopes that both Daniel and Nicole watch their own behavior on video, are mortified by what they see, and then make changes in their lives moving forward.


Kyle – the showmance isn’t really that bothersome to the house except you continuously remind them that they should be annoyed with the showmance


He’s an idiot! and if they recruited him because they think he’s handsome……get them some glasses!

Verdella W Fisher

The “oh gee willikers” shallow ex-Mormon-privileged-sheltered-towheaded” boy chick is not handsome. He is an off-spring of a cohort of citizens and it’s interesting to watch him socialize with people irl he would never speak with. I wish they’d let him cut the helmet on his head. It’s annoying. Also, is anyone interested in how he satisfies his sexual urgings? When he and his nomance swap spit and talk genetics it’s excruciatingly boring.

Dixie Lee

I haven’t been watching the feeds- just too boring, but I have been reading here. I don’t understand it. Is he really interested in her? He sems like such a horndog but he still manages to keep her at distance. At the beginning she made me sick with her trying to seduce him. I thought she had succeeded, at least somewhat. I almost wish they would somehow get private access to the HOH room & see how it pans out. That I’d watch on the feeds. (Dirty old lady)


Why are there no Have-nots this week?


Any hockey fans?? Tell me Michael doesn’t look like a nerdy Sidney Crosby a little bit

Rachel not Rielly

Yea i can see totally see it. I wouldnt have thought that until you pointed it out but i can see it forsure.


Turner should win Americas fave player just for having to put up with Jasmine . He hasn’t been able to do a lot of comps because of her. Gah I feel bad for him, his game was ruined when she became his bestie.

Only Reading Feeds

Agree, it should be an automatic win for having to deal with her


I hope after this bestie crap is over that Turner wins HOH and give Jazzy the boot…..with her boot!


The only thing that I am interested in tonight’s episode is if they address the injuries during the OTEV competition


Poor Daniel is stuck in a house with a bunch of clowns that are not super fans. A bunch of lying scumbags that voted out his best friend after he practically put her on the block.


Not practically, literally. He did put her on the block. He is an idiot


daniel so mad at himself for playing the game so poorly. now he overly salty and trying to take it out on everyone with passive aggressive sarcasm. what a tool.

Taylormade Victims

how is it daniels fault production ripped out the 1st HOH for the 1st time ever in 23 yrs to save taylor


TIL there are actual Daniel stans…


stay delusional. his attitude got him where he is.

Taylormade Victims

delusional is you ignoring that 23 yr 1st HOH fact in how taylor got her ass saved by the show lmao rest assured if you somehow think that taylor had something to do with staying week 1 then the irony is so thick in how delusional you are lmfao


I didn’t say anything about taylors situation. I am just talking about Daniel. his poor attitude and bad gameplay has put him exactly where he is.


Whether you like or don’t like anyone in particular the facts are the facts & while this has repeatedly been addressed – – let’s do it once more…

If the first eviction had occurred the likelihood is Alyssa would’ve been evicted. This isn’t hyperbole it’s the facts!

Here’s why…

  • America voted all week to save one of the three backstage pass holders
  • Brittany was saved
  • One of the two nominees would’ve been saved based on a house vote (of eligible voters – so not the back-stage pass holders or nominees, or HOH).
  • It’s a very safe bet that Terrance would’ve been saved sending Taylor to the competition.
  • I can’t remember if the house would’ve also voted between Paloma & Ally but Wikipedia suggests it was America’s vote that would’ve determined the pick.
  • Regardless, Taylor would’ve battled one of Ally or Paloma in the comp that the house ended up playing to select the seven people playing in the pie-eating HOH.
  • The taller players all fared best in the competition
  • Taylor easily won her battle versus ALYSSA (so that answers that question) and since Paloma was shorter & not as athletic it’s likely Taylor would’ve also easily beaten her.

While I understand cancelling the first vote wasn’t ideal and there is the narrative out there it was done to protect Taylor – the truth is if it protected/saved anyone’s game it was Ally.

Taylormade Victims

did IQ’s drop taylor was a backdoor nom and the show decided for the 1st time in 23 yrs to null the 1st HOH noms & eviction they could rig a competition to save someone want proof the details about the eviction noms werent revealed until the last moment that thursday so taylor can save herself from a backdoor on a production negated vote or hand picked competition but the last three backdoors cant ? frankly to sit here and say the show didnt save taylor week 1 is truly dumbest thing I ever heard she got helped by an unprecedented week 1 picked in her favor “truth”


It’s offensive you’re implying I’m suffering from a low I.Q. Granted, I’m not as versed in hurling insults (by choice) because I focus more on writing coherent sentences complete with punctuation.

And, while I may not be a mensa candidate, I’m not unintelligent. To reiterate – the facts are the facts! One backstage pass holder & one nominee were going to battle to determine the first evictee.

You can say they did it to save Taylor – I believe they did it bc it was UNFAIR to Ally who automatically became the opponent based on Paloma leaving (and fwiw Taylor faced her in that Part 1 & beat her).

I get it – you’re pissed off Taylor is still in the house & don’t want to address the simple truths & FACTS I provided. I won’t sling back mud suggesting you’re being obtuse but I do believe your stubbornness is preventing you from seeing the logic (again the FACTS).

But, since you’re so passionate about this – I’ll bite once more & ask you one question:

America was voting “TO SAVE” one of the Back Stage Pass Holders all week leading up to eviction night. So – instead of attacking me personally with condescending comments how about you convince me/the readers what exactly that person was being saved from. And, what precisely were the two UNSAFE pass holders in jeopardy of?

The facts show one of Paloma (if she stayed) or Ally would’ve played Taylor (as I previously explained) to determine the first evictee. If you have an alternative argument for what Pal/Ally were unsafe from if not a competition as Julie Chen outlined I’m all ears.

And for what it’s worth, attacking someone and being mean by throwing out insults isn’t an argument – it’s just cruel. Use your words – you’re clearly passionate & I’m open to hearing any sound logic.


Once again, FACTS.

Also, do I have your permission to copy & paste your reply for future use? (With proper credit acknowledgement, of course). 🙂

Taylormade Victims

so these last 3 rounds no one else can get bailed from a backdoor besides taylor and only daniel can’t have his HOH WTF? IQ’s have seriously dropped if your uneducated enough to challenge how the greatest safeguard in this game unequivocally is for the show to come in week 1 nix eviction ceremony for the 1st time ever to save a house concordant backdoor nom

The Beef

Checkmate! Don’t expect an answer. There’s no argument to your logic.

Taylormade Victims

they still could have had an eviction week 1



Taylormade Victims

taylor out of her control got rescued on a backdoor and the last 3 houseguest haven’t that is an unequal distorted playing field “FACTS”


So glad Michael has noticed Joe and Kyle worrying about Jury Management. I have said this from the beginning with Joe, he’s always going over to the underdog, I’m here for you, don’t isolate yourself, I’ll be your friend.

Maybe he might be a nice guy, but looking at it on the outside, I feel this is Joe’s game play, make everyone like him, I don’t think he’s on the up and up when it comes to actually caring about the underdog, Joe is working you if you are in Jury, you will vote for him.

Joe or anyone else in the house, has ever stepped up and told the bullies, hey let’s remember this is just a game. Let’s not be so harsh, and mean with Brittany, Taylor and the nasty comments about Turner’s Hygiene.

You can play big brother, make big game moves, but you do not have to make it personal, mean or nasty, Jasmine, Daniel, Nicole, Indy and Ameerah, they have talked very bad about the other houseguests.

I’ve been watching Big Brother from episode 1, day 1, I remember Chicken George, and Eddie who actually won the 1st season. Now a days, it seems Big Brother casts a lot of people who want to be Reality stars, or they have an agenda, they want to increase the people who follow them on various sites.

They may watch 1 or 2 seasons in sequester, but they don’t really understand how to play the game, make it personal, they are mean, bully others, ostracize people. that might make the ratings go up, but as a fan who looks forward to watching Big Brother every Summer, it does not make for good TV in my opinion, I know my opinion does not really matter.

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His goodbye message to Ameerah basically told us everything we need to know about Joe’s game. Listen to what he said in a goodbye message, and compare it to what he says on feeds.


I agree with you about Joe. He’s not stupid and definitely not naïve. He saw the writing on the wall with Pooch plan. (Funny that he warned Pooch who brushed it aside and acted like Joe was the stupid one!) I can’t blame Joe for working the jury. His mistake is letting it be known to his alliance. If I were Michael, I would be pissed too.

For the moment, everything changes in BB, I like the Turner/Taylor/Michael/Brittney alliance. Brittney by default.

I also agree with you about the selection of HG. Why in hell would they feel the need to recruit? They can’t find anyone in the sh.t ton of apps I’m sure they receive? Enough with the clueless wannabe famous, influencers and social media hoes. I’ll take the know it all super fans who fall apart when they make it to the BB house any day over these fools. Well, maybe not the a$$holes that are just pure mean and abusive.

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Looked up some soft spoilers. I cross checked them and I’m only listing the ones all have in common.

Festie bestie twist most likely to end this week. wall HOH.
Episode spoils
Cowboy / stagecoach theme Otev.
Britt’s injury will be cut out. Guessing they have to show Jasmine hobbling too much to show the others’ injuries.
veto meeting will be part of the episode.

In house:
Jasmine says she has her boot for 2 more weeks max (ED. and it wouldn’t be fair to put her on the block when she’s still booted?) SO:

  • It wasn’t fair to nominate her when she was injured
  • She wanted others to volunteer to be have nots instead of her
  • She wants everyone to keep her til her birthday
  • Now she’s saying… still booted a week past birthday so….

Sorry. No. I’m right sick of this crap. And I’m beyond sick of the houseguests that jump when she wants something.

Kyle is going around to each person to chat today.
Houseguests (especially Taylor) are looking forward to making goodbye messages.
Don’t know what Indy wrote on Joe’s hand…. but she’s marked her territory.

Dan had a chat in the dark. It’s not worth going into beyond superficial. Waah, why isn’t there a power to save me. Hypocrisy alert: He says Michael or Jasmine winning the game is the only hope left for a good season. Says he hates Michael. Says Michael is mad Daniel hasn’t talked to him. Reality: Michael is mad Daniel has been throwing his name around, couldn’t care less about talking to Daniel.

Something to recognize:
The guys in the leftovers better recognize quick that Joe has to be first to go out of their group. He’s got three women throwing panties at him on stage. That’s jury votes.
If they don’t they are stupid. There. Somebody said it.

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Post D/R Daniel is talking to Alyssa: Oh come now. Every Campaign talk Daniel has is in proximity to a D/R visit.
7 person alliance (Joseph is no longer his golden goose, and Kyle is a member).
The girls tried to get rid of Alyssa (Indy and Jasmine).
The big alliance didn’t want Alyssa.
They formed after the Ameerah vote.
He tels her that her social game is through the roof after telling her that every single person in the house wanted her out…. um.
Don’t be surprised if Kyle tries to give you your first kiss as a showmance tonight to get your vote. about that…

Keep Terrance and Jasmine safe. Michael needs to be evicted. Kyle likes you but he’s using you. Jas/Indy tried to get rid of you, stick with them and evict Kyle. That’s what it sums up to.

I don’t actually know what Alyssa does with this.

Kyle and Turner are reaffirming their final 2 and Pound loyalty.

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Alyssa confronts Kyle. She’s got him on the ropes (the veto use information from Daniel), he’s stammering…
and she fumbles
talks about the big alliance talk Daniel is pushing.
Girls will never vote out Joe, and think Monte doesn’t talk game to him because he’s slow.
Reveals Daniel thinks they haven’t kissed and isn’t that funny.

And Kyle has gone from stammering and squarefacing to You’re so preeetttttyyyy.

Kyle’s Leftovers campaigning:
Shore up his ties to Britt and Michael. Then to the Leftovers. Then to the Pound, and his final 2 Turner.
Subtly throw Monte or Michael or Monte AND Michael under the bus depending on which he’s talking to.


Is it just me, or is Indy just the same as Jasmine minus the boot?
She doesn’t do anything either. Oh wait… silly me. Yells at people to do things for her… maybe eats less than Jasmine? Both are rude. Maybe because she doesn’t have a boot I am not as annoyed… but now I am


Indy the same as Jasmine, minus the boot :-), yes she is.

Indy cooks for everyone, but her main priority is stalking Joe.

Other than that, I don’t know what else Indy does, or what she adds to the show.

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Indy’s only redemption is she cooks for the house about 3 times a week in terms of doing things.


But she makes some of the guys prep the food for her… they have nothing to do … she can do that all on her own. Just my opinion.

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I’m just gonna say: How many meals have Monte or Joe or Turner or Michael made for the house?
Why shouldn’t they do prep? They’re eating aren’t they?
It’s not like we’re still in the wayback zone where of course the women should be cooking for the men. I mean… even when that was a thing, females as chefs were frowned upon and socially unwelcome.
As far as what they do around the house is concerned… there’s a whole lot of people in that house that don’t pull their weight. While i think Indy is pushy and demanding because she ‘s got some weird entitlement thing going that rivals Jasmine’s in some ways…. She has been stepping up in food production compared to half of that house.


I love how Daniel is always predicting how America is perceiving them and how concerned he is about his public image. I’d love to see his reaction when he finds out that he is one of the most hated people this season. Probably more hated than Paloma who was a complete nut job because nobody remembers her by now.

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Joseph wants to throw HOH if Festie Besties is over.
Yeah. Joseph isn’t as loyal to Leftovers as everyone keeps saying he is.
Mental gymnastics: Joe thinks they can protect Michael and Britt better if they AREN’T HOH. mmhmmm. that’s a load of poo. Good thing he said it to Kyle.
He’s 100% safe playing spy and doesn’t want to mess up a jury vote.
(Michael and Britt already clocked that Joseph is likely to try to throw HOH to keep his jury votes, which screws them).
Q: was Joseph one of the three people in the house that said he never wants to win HOH on week one?

Christime Ahrens

Kyle needs to dump alyssa cuz he’ll be out the door or shes going


I don’t know what kind of muffins this cast has been eating to think that Jasmine may be AFP this season, but no, just No! Also, I think her blood sugar levels must be elevated since she is thinking she is playing a great game and is a social force to be reckoned with! ?