Alyssa “We’re not going to f*** unless we have the HOH room.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph Kyle and Daniel
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used Kyle and Daniel nominated
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

On the campaign Trail… Daniel has accepted he’s going home tomorrow. He’s fully figured out the leftovers and is starting to warn the rest of the house. We’ll see if anything happens.

7:10pm Bedroom – Daniel and Terrance.
Daniel – I still love this game.. I just don’t know if I love this season.. until you win it. If I saw you and Jasmine at the end I would freak! Terrance – Sh*t I don’t know.. sitting next to her.. her jury management is going to be crazy! Daniel – still even if you got second $75,000 .. forget about it! Terrance – whoever I sit next to, I would have a good argument. I will make an argument. Daniel – you got to! What if its you and Turner? Terrance – oh I’ll get him. Daniel – by then you would have wins under your belt anyway. (Sure, sure) Terrance – starting tomorrow. I am not f**king playing. Daniel – I’ll tell you what .. I’m going to be sequestered and then when I go home I want to read on twitter that the new Head of Household is Terrance. I would throw my phone, then pick it up and then call Nicole. Face time her and everyone .. talk sh*t with Pooch. Terrance – I hope it is the wall tomorrow because even though how strong the are.. it takes finesse. Daniel – and determination .. and they’re so comfortable here their muscles will work against them because they’re comfortable but also.. Daniel – They’re big and heavy. I think Alyssa would have a good shot because she’s tinier.. Josph and Monte would fall. Turner might because he’s so tiny. Terrance – he would be the only one, I would just have to out wait him.

7:20pm HOH room – Joseph and Taylor.
Joseph – if she asks I’ll just say that you were having a tough week because of Daniel and I was “consolidating” (lol he means consoling) you. Like it can be a rough week for everyone. Taylor – every conversation we have is just keep you head up. Joseph – its definitely hard, its not easy. She (Indy) doesn’t like that I’m in here talking to you. We can blame it on our showmance. Taylor – exactly. That’s the only reason why we did it. If she asks I’ll say we talked about wanting to take things slow and stuff like that. Taylor – all flirt no game. Lets just focus on winning next week.

8:05pm Living room – Joseph and Jasmine
Joe – I just don’t want to give him (Daniel) false hope .. he’s a straight up dude. If I could save him and my game I would but I don’t think there is anyway to do it. I would have loved to work with him but he kind of dug his hole. Jasmine – I thought you and Indy would have had a showmance. Joe – me and Indy? No, we flirt but that’s our personalities. Like Indy is my home girl. You thought Indy and I had a showmance? Jasmine – honestly when I came in the house I thought you would be more attracted to Indy than anybody else. Joe – when I say my attraction comes from clicks and personality and bonds. Like coming in here and looking at Taylor .. I would be like that’s a possible showmance. Jasmine – really?!! Joe – I do it based on who I click with. Jasmine – even if I was single I don’t think any of these guys would be attracted to Alyssa and Indy and Taylor.. but I am just not that girl. Joe – and the thing is Taylor said the same thing. Jasmine – really?! Joe – you can’t tell what someone’s type is. Taylor said one time that she swears when they made this cast they tried to put her with Monte.

8:20pm Bedroom – Taylor, Indy, Alyssa.
Taylor – I get so excited with I see you guys. Alyssa – awww.. we’re hanging out a lot more. Taylor – I love it. Alyssa – now he’s worried because its a sensitive week but at the same time I am like I want to spend time with you. Like I don’t think its a threat. Taylor – no. Alyssa – its like not like we’re a unit now or a comp beast by any means .. we clearly both can’t win anything but its been good and he’s really sweet… and he read poetry to me that he found on a chocolate bar. He found another one that made me cry. It was so sweet. I’ve never dated anyone that would do that.. I usually date the meat head a$$holes. Like Pooch is my type (hahaha) unfortunately. I was like I can’t do that anymore .. and Kyle and I are so compatible. Taylor – well obviously I am not getting rid of him this week. Alyssa – if the Festie Bestie ends I won’t put you (Taylor) or you (Indy) on the block. Taylor – you guys are not touching the block if this is done. Alyssa – I am giving you my word and I won’t break my word. Indy – we don’t have girls against boys but I will have the girls back to the end. Alyssa and Taylor – same, same. The numbers are scary. If we can chop that and keep chopping that we will have a fighting shot because we talked about that .. we want 2 girls in the final two.

9pm Bedroom – Jasmine joins Indy, Alyssa and Taylor.
Indy – do you think tomorrow he (Daniel) is going to say stuff? Taylor – yeah! That boy wants to go out guns blazing! Jasmine – he said when he goes out he is throwing everyone’s game under the bus. He told me specifically he would not talk about you (Taylor). Because he still feels really bad and you guys made amends and that he respects you as a woman and I was like GOOD! That’s what I was about to tell you… DON’T do it! He did say a few people and Monte is one of them. Taylor – is he going to blow up at veto king? Jasmine – he didn’t say his name. He told me 3 people.. Monte and one more person but he didn’t tell me the last person because he wants it to be a surprise. I’m like f**K! Alyssa – who is the other person? Jasmine – Brittany. And so I think that it is going to be Michael (the third person). Should I warn her (Brittany) so she can get ready? Alyssa – its going to be so awkward after he leaves. Jasmine – If I tell Brittany she is going to be worried and stressed.. They agree not to tell Brittany since Daniel might not say anything after all. Alyssa – if you guys think its annoying if Kyle and I are hanging out and laughing.. just tell me. Taylor – this is a boring a$$, s*xless a$$ house .. you could change that. Jasmine – what it that makes things weird? Alyssa – we’re not going to f**k unless we have the HOH room. Indy – well then you’re going to have the HOH room on Saturday because I’m going to win this f**king HOH. Alyssa – we’ll change the sheets. Jasmine – if I win it just please let me know so that I don’t have to be in there when it happens. Alyssa – what?! Jasmine – just tell me so that I can get out.

9:15pm Bedroom –
Indy talking to the cameras.
Indy – I know guys. I really don’t know what to do anymore. And now apparently Joseph has a showmance with Taylor. The showmance is starting. I don’t know. She already got on my Festie Bestie… I don’t know I kind of like her now better but she is already my Festie Bestie and now she is starting a showmance with my best friend here. And I don’t know if that is going to put a target on his back. But I think she still has a target on her back. I just hope I win HOH tomorrow… just pray for me everyone. I need so many prayers. I want to win tomorrow. I can’t wait for what Daniel is going to say tomorrow .. its going to be so much fun!

9:42pm HOH room – Brittany talking to the cameras.
Brittany – Lately I haven’t been feeling like myself because no one but Michael knows and it felt really nice for twenty minutes to actually feel like myself. It felt really good and that is why I am in such a good mood right now because I felt like I didn’t have to pretend. Its really hard pretending non-stop.. like really really really hard! If I could go back and start all over again .. I would never hide my profession.. never. I would have come in and talked about it since the beginning but now I feel like I’m in too deep that I don’t know, its better just to wait. I hope everyone doesn’t hate me at the end of this because I love these people and I want life long friends. And I hope that we all stay in touch and they can get to know the real me outside this house because I want them to know the real me inside and out.

9:50pm HOH room is heating up causing Big Brother to block the feeds..

Feeds return to the HOH room. Kyle – you need to put on a robe so that I can’t see you. Is it okay if I touch your bum? Alyssa – you never have to ask .. I give you permission. We have to own this room before we can do anything to this room. We can’t do that to Michael. Go hang out with Michael. Kyle – okay I am going to go play with Michael. I am so excited to hang out with Michael.

10:22pm Kitchen – Michael, Monte and Kyle.
Big Brother – Kyle please put on your microphone. Monte & Michael – why was your microphone off Kyle?? Michael – I mean I usually take mine off when I take my shirt off. Monte – nice, Michael! Kyle – listen guys.. nothing.. yeah. Monte – nothing transpired huh? Disappointing. Kyle – lets just leave it at that .. I respect the room. I could be gone tomorrow so.. Monte – don’t put that out there. Kyle – Indy is probably up there chastising .. she hates it. She does not love that we’re a thing. Monte – she will learn to love it.

10:45pm HOH room – Alyssa and Turner.
Alyssa – I wouldn’t put up Indy because she’s my Festie Bestie. Turner – I like her.. I’m not really close to her but I wouldn’t put her up either because I like her presence in the house. Alyssa – yeah like I wouldn’t not vote her out if it came down to it. Turner – its seems like the house has a hierarchy of targets that none of us fall on and I like it. I am not trying to create war, I am just doing whatever one else wants. Is there anyone that you would be worried about? Alyssa – I think Monte would put us back up. Turner – I feel like my HOH was a little chaotic but I did what I needed to do. I feel like people think my head is a white wall and I am going to decide something last minute but I am just doing what everyone else wants. I would not put you up, Kyle or Jasmine up. I wouldn’t put you or your two homies up. I just wouldn’t want you to put up my homie Kyle. Alyssa – well I would never do that.

11:45pm Storage room – Jasmine and Michael.
Jasmine – He (Daniel) thinks you’re working with Monte and that’s the reason why you didn’t. Michael – oh. Jasmine – I am nervous because tomorrow is the day and I don’t want anything crazy to be in his speech and I know he is one of those that.. Michael – will go out with a bang. Jasmine – if he is going home. If he goes off with a bang and he isn’t even doing sh*t.. then I can imagine.. I don’t know if he would but I feel like he would. I don’t know, maybe that was the best move (Getting out Daniel rather than Monte). Michael – he is the only person that I have heard is throwing my name round. Like tried to paint a target on me.

1:20am Daniel and Jasmine are in bed going to sleep.

2am Michael is in bed listening to his HOH music.

2:20am All the house guests are in bed..

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Forgive me if I posted this twice, my computer froze, I was not sure if my original post made it.. Sorry


I think tomorrow’s wall competition is going to be Jasmine’s to win. The only other person who’s got a chance is Terrance. The two of them are gonna kill it!! oh, let me take another hit; this stuff is good…

Christime Ahrens

Jasmine better nit win shes a puke sge needs to go. Hope it’s turner or monte.. Jasmine needs to go home


the wall is a broken comp. heavily favors lighter individuals. really has nothing to do with physical or mental strength. but on the positive side jasmine isnt winning. my guess the 3 players who will do the best is alyssa, turner, and taylor.


Actually – they changed the hand holds in BB19 & which changed the dynamics of who was competitive on the wall.

The first wall comp was in season 10 and it’s been played in every season since except BB11 and twice in BB15 and BB18. Initially, as you note the smaller, shorter players prevailed. Women have won on eight occasions and men on nine occasions. Dani Donato & James Huling won it twice each although Dani did it nine years apart (impressive).

So a bit of a segue there, but back to the comp tweaks – when they changed the positioning of the hand holds in BB19 it made a big difference for the taller players. Jason Dent won that year & he’s 6’5, in BB20 Jackson Mickie won (6’2) & Derek X won last year & he’s 5’11.

So historically, someone like Turner or Ally would’ve been great at this comp but b/c they changed the handholds virtually anyone can win & now the common denominator tends to be core strength.

So -Joe should win it right? WRONG – he’s throwing the comp – something he might’ve done regardless of the end of the twist but is definitive now. All I can say is he better make the throw look REALLY good bc Michael will be the one sitting watching all the hamsters so if it’s not convincing he’ll know he threw it AND IF he does it while there are still non-LO players on the wall that’s going to be an issue.

Also of note, JasMEAN declared today she would also be throwing BUT not dropping until the HN’s were determined & she was thinking it would only be two. Since there were none this week I wouldn’t count on that being the case. Meanwhile, Terrance has some very strong feelings about this comp discussing a reverse fighter pose as a strategy. Ummm I’m not sure how he could apply that bc the stance requires your feet positioned more diagonally one in front & one in the back (while the wall has both feet aligned on a horizontal plane). He also plans on winning it expecting to only have to hold out for Turner to drop citing him as the only one or possibly Ally who could beat him.

Can I just put my foot on the brakes, & state for the record that if Terrance & Jas aren’t the first two to fall I’ll be SHOCKED (unless Indy simply doesn’t try). Although if Jas is really struggling I could see Joe saying I’ll drop so you don’t have to be a HN (but that would also look super SUS). That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did that.


You know when Jas drops she’ll likely break a leg.

Julie Chen

Build the shrine!!!


LOL – she can’t “break her leg” it would have to be some innocuous sort of injury that she can MILK as being ligament, tendon or muscle related so it can’t be questioned.

Honestly, I’m not sure how they will prepare for this with three people already injured (as Another Name pointed out).

Brit could rip open her stitches, Turner could re-dislocate his knee (the most severe of the trio) & Jas could re-injure her ankle.

I’m guessing production will tell them to jump up/out when they fall & aim to land on their derrieres to avoid re-injury but that will be easier said than done.

The other question is will Jas be on the wall with a boot on? How will that impact her? Where they place their feet is typically pretty small so her boot would make things really difficult. So let’s see if TPTB gives her something tailor-made that sticks out much further – which of course would give her an advantage BUT then again when the wall tilts she’ll be SOL b/c she’s not strong so that’s when she’ll fall IMO.


100% probability that JasMEAN will:

*Fall first or second

*Argue against being a Have-Not besides being one of the first to fall on the basis that she’s injured and couldn’t possibly perform any better

*Claim it’s an unfair competition because of her injury (ignoring that Turner has a far worse injury and will last much longer)

*Re-“injure” her ankle

*Declare that she shouldn’t be nominated for eviction because she’s injured and the HOH comp was unfair to her

*Inform all HGs that her husband’s birthday is next week, her dog’s birthday is the following week, and her first grade teacher’s birthday is the week after that, so she is exempt from nomination until F8


Like you, I will also be shocked if JasMEAN (stealing your moniker for her) and Terrance are not the first to drop tonight. Per the laws of physics, these two HGs will inevitably be #1 and #2 to drop. I’m not even talking about size or weight distribution. It’s the physics of being L-A-Z-Y. Put zero effort into something, get zero results.

BTW, I find it incredulous that JasMEAN only wants to stay on the wall comp long enough to avoid being a HaveNot, but sees no reason to last beyond that threshold. Does she really feel that safe in the BB House? She thinks a bigger priority is ensuring she has her snacks all week long than ensuring she continues in the game?


Part of the problem is NO ONE has called her out for her nonsense. Even her own allies serve at her beck and call. To this point in the game what kept her safe is she had adequately fooled enough people into buying her Southern Belle nonsense. Monte & Joe both believed she was ride or die with them & Indy feeling that gave them an advantage once the jury phase hit & for votes.

Likewise, during her HOH she demonstrated to Michael how much she trusted him bc she told him immediately he would be safe & that she would pick him to play POV if she got house guest’s choice.

She had ties to the girl’s group & formed another bond with Cruel Chef b/c her sister is (or was) a cop and is gay. B/c of that bond that’s why Evil Elvis, Tactless Terrance & CC were so close to her & want her to win. They’ve had TERRIBLE reads of the house all season so these delusions that Jas is playing this phenomenal game aren’t surprising.

However, this past week exposed her badly & that was due to Michael being HOH coupled with Joe the Spy. Honestly, Monte/Joe are partially at fault for keeping her protected bc they KNEW how devious & mean she is but as long as that was pointed in any direction but at them, they didn’t care. With her trying to flip the script to blindside Monty it ripped off her protection bandage.

Because Michael is viewed as the kindest in the house him vocalizing negative takes on her also didn’t help her case. And, this as I pointed out in a prior post today is a timing situation for Michael bc the reality is she wants to keep him to F5 at worst & I believe her true intentions are to use him to get out Joe then believes the Muffin Top Meanie Trio could knock him out at F4.

Hey – did you get a chance to see the video where Kyle is telling the story of her coming down the stairs in the morning to Taylor, Turner, Michael & Joe by the hammock? It’s GOLD – Michael refers to her looking like the Bernie Sanders meme & they all crack up almost drowning out Kyle whose telling the story. Someone edited that video segment subbing in the Bernie Sanders meme. (it’s HILARIOUS)


Excellent point that the entire House is enabling Jasmine’s bad behavior. I’m not sure if that means she is more clever than I give her credit for, or if it means that her fellow HGs are spineless jellyfish. Sadly, she might just get carried to F3 (similar to Christmas in BB19) because she’s easy to beat in the end. As of now, the only potential HOH who would nominate her is Turner because he can’t stand her.

Checking out the video with the Bernie Sanders meme now. Thanks for the tip!


I still believe the others who won pulled it out on extreme will beyond limits. In the end, muscle doesn’t help as higher mass fatigues faster. All comes down to gravity. Which is why so many Survivor Endurance challenges are completely unfair ad petite girls win so much without even breaking a sweat. I hope CBS can figure this out as time passes and make it a true even playing field for everyone. Unless it is set up like that for who they want to win. Which is very likely. I am still going to stick with my winner predictions for this comp.


Of course Jazzy will fall 1st!! Oh wait!! She’s going to faint!! She’ll get motion sickness because the wall moves!! And she will break her other ankle and maybe her arm when she drops. Cuz we all know there is no padding to break their fall!! Lazy-T will be right behind her.

Rachel not Rielly

Im thinking she just wont do it. She will have another panic attack because she didnt realize the wall would be so high. She might even “faint” again. But im thinking shes just not even going to try.

The Beef

There’s no doubt in my mind that Jas falls first, followed by either Brit or Terrance and then Indy (I posted this on a previous page earlier). To me, they just don’t have the conditioning, nor the strength/agility it takes to hang on up there for long. The question then becomes who are the real athletes in the group, and who has the best “body type” for this competition, along with the strength and endurance to last, as well as the desire to win it. I think Joe and Monte are the best athletes, but as you said, it appears Joe at least may be throwing. So it comes down to Alyssa, Kyle, Taylor, Turner and Monte. Of that group, I’d favor Monte and Taylor just because I think they have the best combination of athleticism and body type, followed by Kyle, Turner and Alyssa last, but I’m really not sure how motivated Monte is to win, nor Turner at this point in time. I do think Taylor would like to win, and I think both Kyle and Alyssa want that room for obvious reasons, so it may come down to those three. Guess we’ll find out later tonight.

Buh Bye

I’ve got big money on Jas-mean either passing out or “re-injuring” her ankle as a play for sympathy to stay longer. I mean, we all know how slippery butterbeans can be…


and there it is. not shocked at all taylor won. told ya.

un autre nom

Indy and Jasmine talked about their boot order:
Monte, Taylor, Terrance, Turner, Britt, Kyle.
Leaving their final 5 as
Alyssa, Indy, Jasmine, Michael and Joseph.
Then they take out Michael, then Joseph takes out Alyssa…. and…. somehow they are the final 2?????
Keep workshopping ladies, so far EVERY ONE of your plans has worked out swimmingly.

I almost get the feeling that Jasmine is on the verge of asking everyone to throw HOH to her because it’s her Birthday week.
Indy refuses to throw while Jasmine is hinting around the subject.
She’s gone to Britt and pulled tears for why she shouldn’t be a have not or be nominated when it’s her birthday week.
She’s gone to Turner asking that the not nominate each other if Festie Besties ends.

Me: I want her to be a have not, get a slop cake for her birthday that she has to bake herself, be on the block and evicted the day after her birthday.
And I don’t think I’m even being mean at this point when I say that.
Anyone that will put Jabba the Nut on the block for HOH!


I’m right there with you, I’d love to see her on the block for her Birthday week, and then evicted. Jasmine only thinks about herself, and expects everyone to cater to her.

How is she going to handle the wall, I thought she is afraid of heights?

This should be very interesting, I for one am not cheering for Jasmeany.


oh, I’d love to see her on the wall with her scooter.


I had started writing a post on this same thing but fell asleep.

What I found interesting is how there was a clear difference of opinion for the F5 & F4 pecking order. Indy definitively would keep Joe but Jas was leaning toward Michael stating Joe would be tough to beat bc of his physicality. Yeah, ignoring Mike’s five comp wins is funny – but it’s a subtle tell that Jas DOES trust Michael more than Joe.

Flashback to last week when Michael had a heart-to-heart talk with Nicole, Thursday afternoon (it wasn’t on feeds – Cruel Chef talked about it in exit interviews). I’d bet good money he exposed he was the reason Monte said not to use the POV b/c Michael was trying to keep her safe. From there, it’s also likely CC went to Jas telling her to keep him b/c he’ll protect her (and vice versa to Michael). At least, that partially explains why Michael was so pissed to learn his name was coming out of the Muffin crew downstairs.

Barring the trio of Butterbean Muffin Meanies winning six consecutive HOH comps this is a moot point (LOL). Yet, it’s not inconceivable Ally could win on the wall or that the double eviction HOH will be a chance comp – so Indy or Jas could theoretically get lucky.

Eventually, Joe is going to get exposed and that has the potential for some tense days in the house. If Taylor was devastated by Terrance’s betrayal, imagine how Indy would react to learning Joe wasn’t just lying to her but was playing her by spying on her to help GASP Taylor and others.

For me, the most important takeaway from their chat is something I already believed which is Michael is SAFER than even he realizes. Based on the chats in the house he wouldn’t be put up by the Leftovers immediately so he should have a month to five weeks to navigate and build better bonds with Turner and/or Monte.

He’s insulated sitting next to all the men of the LOs — even Joe I suspect b/c he’d expose him – and besides that’s not a likely duo to land OTB. Of course he’d be safe against any of the Muffin crew after what he did to save Monte/Joe this week. Diving deeper — should he find himself sitting beside Monte, or Turner for example he has four cemented votes (Britt, Taylor, Jas & Indy) with most likely six guaranteed votes (Kyle & Ally). That’s impressive considering they will reach F11 tonight & move to F10 Thursday in the likely double.

While Ally did mention his name it was noteworthy who she was talking to at the time. I think she’s trying to navigate being in the center of the Muffin Meanie Trio & with Kyle, Brit/Michael & Turner so an HOH from her likely leads to Monte/Joe going OTB is my guess.

Although Terrance winning seems implausible, again it won’t matter b/c he’d be sitting beside Monte or Turner – both of whom he’d be safe against as per above.

Moving forward – I’m curious to see if Jas or Indy share their plans for F5 with Michael (if he believes them will he bounce back to protecting Jas/Indy again & return them to his end game F5 plans with Britt/Taylor?). The fact Joe is included in that five should give him reason to pause. AND more importantly – what if they tell Joe & he tries to shift their desires OR doesn’t tell Michael (and they do)?

As much as Joe is benefiting currently from his role as a spy there are equal odds it could be the undoing of his game. Let’s assume Jas &/or Indy will tell Michael their plans in the next few days (if they haven’t already). Undoubtedly he’ll ask them if Joe knows about this F5 & they’ll probably say yes (even if they haven’t definitively said that).

And that’s where Joe’s game could get flipped upside down. If Jas/Indy haven’t told Joe about their proposed F5 he’ll be in the dark while Michael will be asking himself WHY Joe hasn’t shared this news with him. Worse – what if Michael exposed Joe the Spy to the Muffin crew? OR tells the LOs (or just selective members) about how Joe is positioning himself on all sides of the house w/o sharing the intel?

Joe is playing a GREAT game but sometimes he does TOO MUCH and this spy role while entertaining is putting him in a more of a vulnerable spot than he’s thought through. Timing is everything and so far he’s been able to decipher when to be active (during Ameerah’s eviction week & at the end of this week) and when to chill out (relaxed during Monte’s reign for the most part).

This week he should take a beat and step back but I’m not sure he will b/c he’s enjoying this role so much.

Bottom line: This week will be critical for Joe. First, if he isn’t convincing throwing the HOH that could be problematic for him. Second, how he acts in the house during this next week has the potential to piss off EITHER SIDE which isn’t ideal entering a double eviction. Whether Joe realizes it or not this week could make or break his game!


“Joe is playing a GREAT game but sometimes he does TOO MUCH and this spy role while entertaining is putting him in a more of a vulnerable spot than he’s thought through.”

Spot on analysis. Joe is on the BB20 Tyler trajectory. He’s loved by all for now, but the feeling of being betrayed often leads to a salty jury.


Who in their right mind would throw birthday girl the HOH!! Give Muffy the power?? She hasn’t done anything but boss hgs around complain about whatever and eat and eat and eat!! Repeat!! The best birthday present for Queen Squeaky is getting BOOTED out the door!! I’m kinda hoping for Taylor to get this one and send miss meany to the jury house


There’s just a few flaws in their plan, lol. Meanwhile will Production tell the Houseguests that it is a physical comp soon so that the girls don’t mess up and get too dressy?


Brittany is way too schmoozy in the diary room. So enthusiastic and overly enunciates her words. This probably serves her well being a hypnotist, but gets on my nerves watching her toothy grin and happy eyebrows on television.

The contestants from this season all bother me for petty reasons. I’m not sure who to cheer for this year. I dislike them all.


The over excitement is killing me. She probably thinks she is a genius with her strategizing. She is good for nothing and is only gotten this far because she’s attached herself to a comp beast like a parasite. Her social game stinks, she loses every competition, and she is not aligned with anyone else besides Michael. The moment he’s gone (if ever), she’ll be shit out of luck.

un autre nom

Before everyone asks what was Turner doing with Jasmine putting Michael and Britt’s and Monte’s names out there.
He’s acting like he’s not in an alliance with them.
The original plot the Leftovers were going for was: if festie besties is still going, get Micheal and Britt up as original noms so whichever team wins veto or if they win veto themselves, another team has to go up and they vote out the non leftovers. If Festie Besties end, and a non leftover wins HOH, he’s playing the odds.
Turner is more Pound than he is with Michael and Britt.
His talk of betting Jasmine’s jury vote he wouldn’t put her up? He doesn’t think he gets her jury vote anyway.

However: Turner is a wildcard, I’m not discounting that. I just think Turner isn’t going to shoot that shot YET. He might take the shot. He’s not taking that shot YET I don’t think.


I’m pulling for Turner to win the Wall HOH comp, I think Turner will have no problem putting Jasmine on the block. Taylor can’t win, she won’t put Jasmine up.

I don’t want Kyle or Alyssa to win, God knows I don’t want to have to look at them having sex all week, please don’t let either one of them win HOH.

‘It’s time for Joseph to win something, does he think he can keep throwing comps, and depend on the leftovers to keep carrying him? If Joseph does win, he better not put Taylor up, telling her she’s a pawn, I don’t really trust Joe.


i feel the same. turner is the only hoh who will get out jasmine. every other leftover goes for a boring floater like terrance or indy, which is part of why i’m rooting for the other side of the house to accelerate the fractions between the leftovers (but i still really want jasmine gone, so won’t be upset if turner wins. indifferent to everyone, mostly just want drama).


I think Kyle would take the shot at Jasmine too (b/c he’s trying to create the narrative Jas is the head of the snake of the girl’s so he can take the spotlight off Ally).

My guess is he’d put up Jas/Terrance or Jas/Indy.

un autre nom

My thoughts:
At this point Britt is cocooning more that trying to secure safety. This is due to being told the girls were going to blame the vote flip on her.
At this point, Taylor, Joseph and Turner are just running circles around Jasmine saying “got your nose”
At this point Kyle is embarrassed that his blowhole spouted before he even freed willy. I’m joking. maybe.
At this point Turner is forgetting what he even said to Jasmine, so he’s hoping he hit the points he was supposed to say but game talking is hard when talking to the non leftovers.
At this point Alyssa is thinking wait… that was it???? yeah,, we’re not going to need the HOH room for an entire night. joking again. maybe.
At this point Indy is trying to game talk and everyone should stop feeding her terms like instant and double eviction, because at this point she thinks if she wins HOH, she gets to point at two people and say get out of my house.

Terrance. I say Terrance beats Couch’s 1 minute 42 seconds on the wall. I just doubt we’re going to get a Jessica bb21 meme out of him. He may have lost 9 pounds, but unless they make the incline angle less steep and forego the water and handcuff people to the wall… I don’t see it. His center of gravity is a mess.
Jasmine? Oh, she’s gonna throw this one as soon as have nots is through? Are they taping her to the wall? Someone cue any Brittney Haynes talks about deputy Kathy clip.
Joseph wants to throw. Surprise. He IS one of the ones that said I never want to win HOH because everyone has to like me in week one.
Michael can’t compete.
Britt and Turner: knee injuries. Tell me that has no impact on the wall inclines. I’ll wait.
Monte? that’s a lot of weight to be hefting. I know he’s fit, but… it’s not looking good.
Indy and Alyssa in the night one HOH endurance comp lasted…. oh. um. oh.
Remember Season 17 when the HOH was supposed to be on live feeds, and lasted about 15 minutes? The spin on the ropes comp?
Why am I seeing these little entitled whiners possibly beating that time?
Cold water? This cast and cold water? uh huh.
I’m a little worried here.

Dixie Lee

Brittany had to explain to Indie what the wall competition was and Jasmine, although she knew what it was, didn’t know much about it. Of course, they didn’t think it would be very difficult however, they both admitted they didn’t like physical comps. They just want the ones that luck determines the winner.

Dixie Lee

Does Allysa not know that there are cameras in the HOH room too?

Just Sayin'

I honestly don’t know, she has said things like “I’m sure the feeds aren’t on right now” so she definitely doesn’t understand how the live feeds work

Good Vibes

Alyssa will certainly know how the live feeds work when she gets out of the house. For generations to come, they’ll see what great grandma Alyssa said and did.


I don’t think she cares.


She really should have been cast on Love Island, or better yet… The Bachelor.

(Disclaimer: I don’t watch either of those shows, but on name and advertisements alone, they are a far better fit for Alyssa).

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Jasmine is putting her boot down.
She refuses to go on the block on her birthday week.
Somebody in d/r prep the as god is my witness line from gone with the wind for the D/R’s own Beverly Hillbilly.
I want this. I really want this. Oh I want her on slop too, but I want her nominated bad.
The it’s my birthday week shit? Everybody was born some time.
Why do I get the feeling she would have been one of those brides that called it her wedding year, not wedding day?

The Beef

So reminds me of the vital importance of Rock Star’s daughter’s birthday to the entire world! Surely Jasmine’s birthday is at least that important to this cast, and they must know what a travesty it would be for her to be block sitting, or to be on slop on such an important day!

What, is she 8 years old? Get over yourself and play the damn game.

un autre nom

… five swatters and Terrance?
That’s what they called themselves?
Okay, I get that Insane clown posse is taken… but….
wow. Dear Production: help them workshop something because…. d’oh.
Hell calling themselves the wrong numbers would have at least been accurate.

So. Kyle and Joe are throwing that HOH comp because if either accidentally wins… oops.
No seriously.


if taylor wins and has her hoh completely run by someone else (which imo it likely will be), will people stop pretending she has something resembling game? i don’t hate taylor, but the love for her i am not getting at all. people just feel sorry for her.


For sure the LO alphas will have their input – BUT I don’t see anyway Terrance doesn’t land up on that block or how the LO alphas could offer enough reason for her not to target him. She KNOWS he tried to flip the vote to keep Cruel Chef — KNOWS he’s bad-mouthed her (he told her himself) & now that she’s processed how he aligned most closely to the person who came at her (& YES bullied her) she’s done with him.

Her issue will be the second person she puts up and in a real SHOCKER – she wants to put Monte up as the pawn (WOW). That would keep her promise to the girls that they wouldn’t come after each other – but tell me how she sells this to Monte? THAT MOVE will ensure Michael/Britt move ahead of Taylor in Monte’s pecking order – you watch.

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Taylor / Joseph conversation cuts away a lot because of their subject matter:
They are discussing creepy things Daniel and Terrance have said or portrayed.
A bunch of times I’ve said Elvis’ creepy side bothered me.
A bunch of times when feeds have been on Terrance he’s said things that are… also creepy. I’m being kind by using the word creepy.
Taylor is discussing with Joseph some of her own concerns and concerns of Britt.
Joseph, who has been in the room and heard some of Terrance’s comments, is hoping he can adjust his attitude (trying to figure out how to get one of his jury votes a pass). That’s not likely. Joseph has noticed M/B/T appearing distant and stressed. He puts that up to the comments and discomfort.

Alyssa info dumped on Joseph earlier. Because of course she did. Now Joe knows that Kyle hasn’t really been trying to get info from Alyssa for a while, and that the mance has been making out for far longer than the alliance knew.

Joseph is trying to decide what he would do if he didn’t throw. Jasmine or Alyssa are his targets.
Taylor wants to put up Terrance with pawn Monte.
Joseph has given Taylor a lot of the info from tonight, but.
Anyone else notice how he’s cherry picking? He’s really trying to keep Indy clean, and he tried to make a subtle excuse for Terrrance. He’s portraying Alyssa as Jasmine’s second in command. He knows full well Indy is Jasmine’s partner and they just tolerate Alyssa.
Joseph did not reveal the alliance name. Nobody is admitting to five swatters without being an idiot.

Gotta admit. My mind doesn’t operate like these houseguests when it comes to targeting.
Daniel’s HOH was stupid and fear based and got him nothing. Jasmine knew nothing about what was going on during her HOH. Turner’s started as a goupthink get the nerds and ended with brolliance targeting. Monte’s was… women all women nothing but women and he made excuses for the men working with the women. Michael’s? i didn’t like how he ran his HOH at all.
For me the best targets are the targets that will create the most social chaos in the microcosm. Make the house choose between Brain and Heart. I’d target the person responsible for setting groupthink, and pair them on the block with the person with the most safety from the most sources. How ever the house starts to turn, make sure the other knows they were the only pawn that could be used to get rid of the other either because everyone respects them so much, or because everyone loves them so much (whichever the case may be). Risky move that creates enough chaos to the system of the organism that house dynamic will shift and there will be a vacuum you can use. But then, I’d never win an HOH and I’d be first voted out for rolling my eyes too much.


daniel’s hoh was just bad. i get that he wanted to play the game that way, and it’s a strategy that evel dick, paul, and others have used to some degree of success (importantly neither won), but it’s not a week one move. the relationships between players haven’t formed and people are too likely to check notes and it blow back on you.

plenty of oblivious players have played a weak hoh like jasmine’s. it’s not good game but it happens a lot.

turner’s hoh was more like a traditional week one hoh. you use that hoh to build a strong alliance and take out a target that threatens your alliance, and monte and michael more or less continued with the alliance as they were both in it and no reason to deviate (which is why i’ve been rooting for a non-leftover to win to keep things interesting, even though not many of the people on that side of the house are likeable).


Looks like yesterday’s ranks were zapped again. Sigh.. I’ll fix the code tonight I think i know the problem.

Christime Ahrens

Daniel is not nice person at all. Whats the purpose of guns blazing cuz ges a puke.


Ok, Taylor can’t put up Jasmine, but she has no problem putting up Terrance & Monte ?

Ok, Taylor’s game play is just as awkward as her social skills. yes Monte is a threat, but don’t turn on the Leftovers this week if you win HOH, get rid of Jasmine, Indy, Terrance before you go for Monte.

Getting rid of Monte, that will make Jasmine and the mean girls happy, if this is your way of building your resume, it might backfire. Yes you get Monte out, but your track record for winning comps is not that great, the other side or the remaining Leftovers will most likely send you packing the following week.

This is why I want Turner to win the Wall HOH comp, Turner will most likely put Jasmine up on the block, that will make GREAT TV seeing Jasmine spiral on her birthday week. I don’t want Taylor to win the HOH this week, she’s stuck on saying she can’t nominate Jasmine, even though Jasmine put her butt on the block week 2, I don’t understand Taylor.

Mad Max

I can’t stand Taylor munching on those chips in very single clip…..good grief, shouldn’t production stop the delivery of them? She’s as bad or WORSE than Jazzy……”mmmmm, Lays Chips”……ugh!


Predictions on wall comp:

Turner or Kyle will win HOH

I think if it comes down to the two of them, Turner will fall on purpose.


Kyle or Alyssa need to win so they can have boom chicka bow wow


I hope Turner does not drop, I really do not think Kyle has the backbone to put Jasmine on the Block, only if Alyssa blesses this, I’d love to see it, but I don’t think Kyle has the guts.

So for this reason, I really hope Turner wins HOH. Plus having to look at Alyssa and Kyle sexing it up in the HOH everyday, ugh, I just can’t, Alyssa’s father is not going to be very happy, Alyssa for some reason thinks there are no cameras in the HOH.

un autre nom

So Terrance’s comments that were leading to Michael, Britt and Taylor being uncomfortable? Jasmine said they were about a rapper and his treatment of women.
Terrance took the stance that the blame sits on the women. Just another creepy factoid that wasn’t on feeds but left a bad taste.
Britt today is telling Jospeh to leave it alone, it’s not game. In other words, don’t tell Terrance that Britt was visibly upset because it will be another thing turned against her and used as reason for her to be disliked. Her pathology… she’s textbook. Wouldn’t have to know to know.
I’m questioning something.
Daniel says it broke his heart to send Pooch out. He was one of the people in Jasmine’s ear. So he’s sorry he was in on the plot? I mean, he created the OLDSKOOL with Nic on the premise of wanting to go after the alphaguys after his HOH was spent kissing their asses.
But then again, Oldskool isn’t part of the official edit. Neither is Kyle’s plotting this week.
If we look at it reasonably, there’s a lot left out of the show edit, and it weakens the logic line of the plot. Before anyone says they can’t put everything in remember: we’ve had 35 minutes of showmance crap and 12 minutes about muffins.
If I’m Mike or Britt, knowing how Kyle was trying to suballiance last week, I’m pretty pissed that Kyle and Joe are protected on all sides. Heck, If I’m anyone in the alliance i’m saying one protected spy is one thing, but two makes the rest of us bigger targets if that side wins.
So why WAS Joe pushing for Kyle to be a spy with him? Think about it. Dirt comes out, he can throw Kyle under the bus.
I again ask… what dirt does Daniel have on Michael and Britt? He’s won 5 comps and she’s not trustworthy?


It could be fake dirt. I think I remember one of the evicted houseguests in a previous season, telling a lie as they went out the door about another houseguest but I forget who that was.

un autre nom

It’s happened a couple times in BBcan history.
I think in US it goes back a couple of years the last time it was done.

un autre nom

Hate steamrollers.
Wouldn’t respect a win by Jasmine, Indy or Terrance.
See the conundrum?


I am hoping for Taylor to win HoH tonight. Meanwhile, if it is going to be on the live feeds, I wonder which camera will be best to view it from


With the FB twist ending the Leftovers enter a new phase of the game where winning is the only option to protect all seven alliance members.

To that end, this week will be very interesting b/c Joe (and possibly Kyle) will be actively throwing the comp knowing they are both safe, which could (should) cause some conflict within the LOs.

Sure, it was fine these two threw comps to avoid putting a target on their back for the first five weeks of gameplay. But with the twist over & the loss of protection, how will the five other members of their alliance feel about them throwing comps? Especially, knowing it puts that quintet specifically in jeopardy & IMHO isn’t going to sit well with them.

What we know:

Evil Elvis Will definitely be leaving the building:

Terrance has said all week he doesn’t care what those M’Fers do he’s voting out Kyle – – period. Now that he faces entering a week where he’ll be vulnerable and not protected by his FB trio will he actually vote out Kyle? If he does the vote will be 8-1 to keep Kyle.


The four members outside the LOs have differing targets. Terrance will put up Monte/Michael but he’ll be one of the first off the wall so that’s not going to scare M & M.

Ally will put up either Monte & Joe or Monte & Terrance depending on how Kyle influences her. She can’t put up Taylor/Britt bc she promised no girls & she’s friends with Turner.

I think Kyle will convince her to put up Joe saying they need him to win POV. Trust me the Ky-Jo war is simmering & about to become a factor.

JasMEAN & Indy likely both put up Monte & Turner although they could go back on their word & put up Monte & Taylor.

The Leftovers also have differing targets among the four non-LOs. Taylor intends to put up Terrance & Monte (good luck explaining that to Monte). Britt would also target Terrance but doubtful she puts up a LO guy – rather I think she would put up Indy and cite the reason being she’s the most liked, is just a pawn & bc of things she heard said behind her back.

With Britt, the big question is whether she’ll spill she learned they had planned on pinning Joe’s vote on her. There is a way to sort of maneuver without being messy if she covers it up by saying Evil Elvis told her the plan to apologize before he left. AND depending on who Britt/Michael/Taylor are most fearful of between Terrance/Jas I could envision Michael pushing for a Jasmine Butterbean Muffin Top blindside on her B-Day!

Turner most definitely will go after JasMEAN regardless of what he said (he told her she could take away her jury vote if he put her up BUT he already believes she’d never vote for him so that was a hilarious way to get her to say she wouldn’t put him OTB) with one of Indy or Terrance being the pawn. Although Monte has always pointed to Ally being at the top of the hit list for that outside group I think he would play emotional & go after Jasmine/Terrance based on their betrayal/backstab of him (Kyle would do the same).

Joseph won’t win so it doesn’t matter but he would go after Ally & likely put Terrance first & Jas as the re-nom (he’ll protect Indy). He did tell that group he would go after Taylor but it’s BS – & it doesn’t matter b/c he’s throwing.


Although every wall has its own distinct design merits as we’ve touched on previously shorter, slight frame players tend to perform best. In BB19 as I noted production changed the handholds and it equated to 6’5 Jason Dent winning BB20 Jackson Mickie (6’2) and last season Derek X (5’11) won. So the tall guy theory of not being able to win isn’t valid any longer ALTHOUGH the muscle-bound guys have yet to prove they can handle the wall.

Based on height, body frame, those throwing the comp & ability to deal with pain/cold water (ie: being uncomfortable) this is the order I’m picking the hamsters to fall:

10th -Terrance: – yeah, yeah Southside of Chicago MFers — I’m running this house MFers, Evil Elvis is staying bc I’m a master manipulating MF, oh snap — alright F you Michael you cowardly MF – nevermind I’m going to flip this MF house to keep my boy. Oh SNAP- Okay you MFers I’m going to win the Wall with my reverse fighter stance & watch as MFers Monte, Joe, & Kyle drop and hold out til Turner …. oh sh*t that water’s cold – I’m out.

9th – Butterbean Muffin Top: So y’all it’s my birthday WEEK – did I tell you? So y’all know I need my ice cream cake & TPTB bending a knee to my every wish & desire. They even put an extra big foot platform on here to accommodate my boot. So I’ll easily be okay until two others fall just to ensure I’m not a Have N… OUCH – call the medivac I think I tore my Achilles – wait, I pulled my groin – no, wait my ankle is re-injured – ummm my quad muscle is cramping. DAMN IT – that’s not fair – do-over production. Can someone else do HN for me – it’s my biiiirrrrrrrhhhhhhddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaYyyyy WEEK so y’all should keep me safe at least for the next month right? RIGHT?

8th – Joseph with an outside chance he bails earlier to save Muffin Top from HNs:
he already told Kyle he would be throwing HOH & doubled down stating once the FB twist was over he had no desire to win HOH to protect the LOs. He’ll be under major scrutiny from the sidelines as Michael will be watching him to see how obvious his throw is (and I suspect it’s going to be majorly obv).

I almost put him ninth bc I think his way of navigating throwing this HOH will be to drop for Jasmine so she doesn’t have to be a HN on her birthday. The question is how many HNs will there be this week? Two? Three? Four? Since they didn’t have them last week it might mean they return to four or go split the difference & go with three. If it’s just two it’ll play well for Joe being the nice guy (assuming Jas doesn’t drop first). That is it’ll play well with Jas/Indy/Terr/Ally but it WON’T sit well with Michael/Britt/Taylor (& I suspect Monte/Turner).

7th – Monte: Although the taller hamsters have made a recent showing on the wall NONE of them had bodies like Monte & his sheer body mass should be problematic especially when the wall tilts. Since only Ally/Indy will be left on the wall from the other side while he’ll fight I think when he looks around to see Kyle, Taylor, Turner, and Britt still up he’ll feel good about the odds and drop.

The next three for me are question marks in terms of order so they could fall in a different sequencial order but I’m picking them to drop somewhere 6th, 5th & 4th:

6th – 4th – Indy: she’s been in the middle of the pack for most of these comps but I think the cold water & tilt will be what does her in. My guess is the second time they get hit by cold water she drops.

6th – 4th – Britt: she told Michael she is going to meditate & self hypnotize in order to not feel the pain or the cold water. We’ll see how successful she is at that while also needing to concentrate/focus on hanging on. While it might seem weird to place her after Monte given their athletic differences we know Britt will be very invested in winning to protect her/Michael this week. And maybe I’m cray cray for giving too much credit to her for the hypnotizing ability but I think she’ll fight really hard to stay up & endure pain beyond what Indy or Jas will be willing to.

6th – 4th – Kyle: his height is an issue but Jason Dent/Jackson Mickie & Derek X all won so I think he could as well. However, I’m also firmly in the camp that he’s going to throw it, especially since Joe, Jas, Terrance & Monte should be out before him which means Ally should be relatively safe if only Turner & Taylor are still up. Either way, he’ll be safe so with the expectation of double eviction HOH coming next week I say he drops at this point. CAVEAT: I have no idea how a 29-year-old with the hormones of a 14-year-old functions so if he does stay up & fights to win it will ONLY be bc he wants that HOH room for ‘other’ activities. (yeah – EWWW)

QUESTION: how much will the potential final three factor into the decision to win HOH with this trio? For the LO duo – although they’ll be aware they are likely the MOST SAFE with Ally out of the 4 on the other side they are also two of the more loyal LO members so I think that also will play a factor. At this stage of the comp there could be some bargaining occurring between the hamsters for promises of safety but I think it works out as …

3rd – Ally: As per those promises Ally is the person I suspect will be the first to bargain for safety with the LO duo. She’s friends with Turner & made a faux F2 with Taylor so I do think she’ll feel good with them & also expect them to keep Kyle safe. Unlike her showmance I’m not so sure she wants to deal with the horny Utah guy for a week either & would prefer to be free to win the DE HOH so I say she negotiates her safety & drops in third place.

2nd – Turner: While fans are hopeful for the creative Mafia Muffin Master to win just so we get an entertaining Thursday to witness Ms. Meanie Muffin Top exit on her B-Day I think he’ll concede to Tayor so she can get a letter from home & have the privilege of taking out the guy who betrayed her & keeps her name in his mouth spewing out disgusting commentary.

1st – Taylor: Although she might be wiser to toss this HOH to her buddy Turner I think she is going to really want to win to get revenge for the person she feels most betrayed by. No, Terrance didn’t get in her face like Evil Elvis or manipulate her like Cruel Chef & isn’t the nasty cheerleading tandem (Jas/Indy) but she fought to protect him this entire game & felt some sort of bond with him so his betrayal cut her deep.

When she learned he was the leader trying to flip the vote to save Cruel Chef & is saying vile things about her really hit her hard (tears were shed over this betrayal). The scary part of her winning however is she intends to put up Monte with Terrance & I’m not sure how she sells that to LO. Presumably, she’ll say it’s to throw off the other side & bc she wants two strong people competing for the POV — but I think this could hurt her long-term position in LO.

The potential for a BIG blindside if Taylor wins HOH:

It might also result in a blindside if Monte/Terrance were OTB heading into the vote bc the cast will be expecting a double eviction. And there is at least one LO member who’ll be most invested in shifting the vote — KYLE. If he pounces he already knows he has the split with his, Ally, Indy, & Jas votes. Could he get one of Turner, Britt, or Michael to join him? Or could he reveal to Taylor that Monte was the one who originally placed the target on her back in Week 1 that landed her on the block & contributed greatly to the house dog pile?

The irony of Monte leaving on Taylor’s HOH can’t be ignored & I think there is a more than 50 percent chance it does.

There are a number of things working against it:

  • Michael’s recent shift from wanting to go F5 with Jas/Indy (to Turner/Monte)
  • Turner’s commitment to both the Pound & to Kyle F2 – it would be a hard decision for him & would definitely prove where his true loyalties lie.
  • The F3 trio of Taylor, Britt & Michael could fear this “faux Swatter F5 + Terrance (wtf name is that???) alliance isn’t as faux as they are pretending. It could fracture the Leftovers & more than likely would mean Kyle becomes a marked man whether Monte leaves or not.
  • Conversely, the F3 will have all week to talk & Michael could re-gain a newfound comfort level with his original F5 & recognize the opportunity to get a better house position especially if Jasmine/Indy reveal their ideal F5 to him.
  • AND this is where Michael/Britt/Taylor could improve their house position by having only ONE of them vote out Monte so the vote is 5-3 or let Taylor break the tie in order to maintain a bond with Joe/Turner. The beauty of Michael/Britt being a duo is if only one of them votes out Monte it will lead to Joe believing Turner was the fifth vote & vice versa!

Monte Blindside could set up a FIRE Double Eviction:
This of course would put Michael/Britt/Taylor in a decent position entering the double with Kyle thinking Michael/Britt is with him and Ally to F4, Jas/Indy thinking Michael is with them to F5 (bc he would tell them he knows Tay is taking out Monte so they’ll force the split to put the target on her) & Joe/Turner thinking Britt/Michael were the votes who stayed true to LO while the other guy flipped.

It could set up a very interesting double eviction and depending on who wins the HOH could put Joe in a vulnerable blindside via backdoor position. Especially if Jas, Indy or Ally wins HOH then Michael could spill to Jas/Indy about Joe’s spy role & how he was playing both sides.

In this scenario, after the HOH they pull in Turner & tell him Joe was the fifth vote for Monte so he has to go while also using the opportunity to pull him to their F3 with Taylor to make a F4 & gun to split the showmance next! Or if Taylor breaks the tie to take out Monte they can direct him at Kyle & say that him/Joe are no longer spies they are fully ready to take us out & sitting pretty in the center so we need to take one of them out in order to regain power.

Or Joe could win & then Michael could pull him aside & tell him Kyle came up to him just before the vote trying to get him to flip to take out Monte so he must’ve gotten to either Turner or Britt to flip (again – unless Taylor breaks the tie). That would put Kyle in the line for fire from Joe who I’m guessing would put up the showmance or Terrance & Ally with Kyle as his backdoor option

So yeah – long-winded post but you can see how this week could shift the entire game if Taylor wins HOH. Turner winning will send out Messy Muffin Top (which fans would cheer) but a more competitive season likely lies in Taylor winning & setting up the double to set up a potential for fireworks.


I think it is time for Joe to stop throwing comps, can anyone other than Michael see that Joe is doing his best to be friends with both sides of the house, so those in Jury will like him.

Joe is being selfish and only thinking of what’s best for his game, and I know that this is BB, but he has been protected by the LO’s. It’s time for him to do more than run around playing the undercover spy, Joe needs to stop throwing comps.

Also Taylor is pissing me off with this she cannot nominate a black woman, Jasmine had no issue with nominating her, and wanting her evicted. Cut the I cannot nominate a black woman stuff. Going after Monte is not going to get JasMEAN or Indy like Taylor, all Taylor will be doing is, messing herself up. The LO’s and the Mean girls will all come after her.

I’m a person of color myself, race has nothing to do with the game, play based on what moves keep you safe another week, play what works best for your game, leave race out of your thought process.

If non people of color were openly saying, I cannot put another non person of color on the block, social media would go crazy, CBS would receive complaints requesting that person be evicted immediately.

So people of color need to stop saying this on national TV, stop playing based on saving everyone who looks like you, be the example to show non people of color, play the game, EVERYONE stop feeling more comfortable with people who look like you.

Jasmine, Indy, Alyssa and Terrance will put Taylor on the block next week, they do not care that she was able to get Monte out of the house. JasMEAN and crew, they have a hard on for getting rid of Taylor, no matter what Taylor does, JasMEAN will always be jealous of her and want her gone, and her minions will follow her lead.

If Taylor wins, Festie Bestie is over, keep working with the LO’s. put JasMEAN and Indy on the Block, Michael, Monte, Turner, Kyle and Brittany are all tired of Jasmine, do not go against the LO’s until you get rid of the other side of the house.

un autre nom

Too many people are making what could be construed as throwing noises for my liking.
Joe. Kyle. Turner is complaining about leg and hand pain from OTEV and last HOH.
Too many people are making not nomming Jasmine noises for my liking as well.
Gee. If I were storyline editors what would I be pushing? Eyeroll.

un autre nom

Near the feed block:
Daniel is spinning theories to Terrance who is eating them up like they came out of his crock pot. Maybe Jasmine is the seventh in the sorry 6. Maybe Jasmine has an alliance with Michael and Britt. Maybe Jasmine has a final three with Joe and Monte.
Basics: Jasmine saw the writing on the wall and didn’t do enough for Daniel.
Jasmine, the most self centred person in the house, didn’t do enough for Daniel, the most self deluded person in the house. Eyeroll.
The bathroom crowd are displeased with Jasmine. She broke glass on the bathroom floor and didn’t clean it up. I’d be pissed too.


I want Turner or Joe to win!

un autre nom

What are the chances?
When Jasmine sprained her ankle and refused to withdraw, that production notes came down to help her?
It just defies my brain that every single person in that house isn’t saying get it your own damn self this is a game for money not a charity telethon.


Did they just use the squeaky wheel sound effect!