Julia “If that motherf***er wins I am going to be so mad! I am not voting for him!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-04 11-48-30-975

11:30am – 11:50am Havenot room – Liz tells Julia that Steve is putting up Austin and I. Liz tells Julia you have to win the veto. If you win you can take me off and then we control the votes. Liz says its just so f**king annoying! I was just HOH and I would never put him up. Liz starts crying. Its a compliment .. obviously he is threatened by me. Julia says I just wish we had kept James. Its going to be so hard to be nice to him. Liz says he said he loves me and you and that the one thing he could do is not put us up together. Julia says it just proves he is closer to Johnny Mac. Liz says Duh! Obviously he is the low man on the totem pole with us. We just need to play our hearts out tomorrow. If I win it then you’re going up. Julia says I can’t believe you’re more of a target than Austin he is the super fan. Is Vanessa going to vote his way? Liz says she would do what is best for her game but she’ll keep Austin over us. Liz says look at me its twins versus the rest of the house. Julia asks why does he want us out? Liz says we’re two people who always have each others back. Julia says its fishy he isn’t putting up Vanessa. She’s won more than us and call him fake. Liz says we’re three people. It makes sense from a game perspective. Liz says I thought maybe just maybe he wouldn’t put me up because I just won hoh and couldn’t play. Him and those nasty f**king gumboots. Those that the nastiest things I’ve ever seen in my life! I just really want to win this! Austin joins them. Austin says you (Julia) need to win the veto or one of us is gone. Liz says I know I’m the target. Austin says he could switch that at any moment. Julia says Steve was so dry and rude to me last night. Austin says anything can happen ..Its a miracle we made it to 6 and we’re half the house. Liz says he is a little sh*t head! Like go sleep with your stupid f**king teddy bear! Julia says stop. If that motherf**ker wins I am going to be so mad! I am not voting for him! If Johnny Mac is next to him I am not voting for him. Liz says if she leaves she will tell Steve, he just lost 3 vote in the jury house! Austin leaves. Julia says that fact that Johnny Mac is going to scoot on my another week makes me livid!

FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: Live Feed 7 day FREE Trial!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-04 11-36-27-920

11:45am – 12pm HOH room – Steve is listening to his music and says to himself. I feel good about these nominations. Steve heads down stairs. Austin, Johnny Mac and Steve are in the kitchen making breakfast / eating.

12:10pm Vanessa tells Steve that Liz was crying and I calmed her down. I said she has two tickets in this thing. And if Austin wins this she’ll probably get married to him and spend his money. I said at this point its a game move and anyone that would have won would do the same thing. She understands it a game move. Steve asks should I talk to her? Vanessa says no. Steve says okay, I’m going to leave before Austin gets freaked out.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-04 12-09-22-967

12:20pm – 1pm Julia pulls Steve into the cabana room. She says she I heard about your decision and I just want to tell you that I obviously I am not going to lie I am a little mad about it that you’re putting up my sister but I respect it as a game move. You’re breaking up a trio. I just hope things aren’t awkward. It will take me a bit to get over it. Steve says I think we’re both mature enough to know why. Julia says I think this week will be fun. They hug. Steve says his door is always open. Meanwhile – Liz tells Austin – I am just mad I didn’t take him out when I had the chance. Austin says I know. Julia joins them and tells them about her conversation with Steve. Liz says whatever this is a stupid game! Julia says its our own worst enemy. We’re in an alliance but.. our own worst enemy. Liz says I am more mad at myself. Julia says because you won HOH and didn’t backdoor him. Liz says yeah. You have to think you’re going to win. Don’t let that nerd a$$ motherf**ker beat you (in the veto). Okay!?! A girl needs to win this season, not them. Liz says if you stay here over me. You have to get him out for me. Julia says I want his head on a silver plater. Clay wanted Shelli to be here .. but he (Austin) is being so selfish. He wouldn’t put you in front of him. Liz says Its twins versus the rest of the house. If I win it puts me in a terrible situation because he will put you up. Julia says I haven’t won anything, they would be stupid to vote me out over him (Austin). Liz says I hope and pray that guy hides up there all week. I don’t want to even look at him. Liz says people are stupid for keeping us here for so long. Liz says I feel like putting on war paint. Julia says we should. Its war! We just declared war! I don’t care if I go up. I think you have a better chance to win this game. Liz says no, your chances are better because people aren’t threatened by you. They’re going to take you to final 2. Liz says I am not cooking for anyone or doing dishes this week. Julia says Steve can go eat fruity pebbles and play in traffic. Julia says I am so pissed at Austin .. do you think Clay would have left Shelli right after she found out. Liz says shhhh. he’s coming. Austin joins them. Liz says I can’t believe this stupid nerdy Mc’nerdsters are still floating on by. Julia says don’t say that the feedsters don’t like it. Julia says she is pissed that Johnny Mac is still here. Austin says he or Steve need to win or one of them is gone. Liz says if I am gone you guys better take out Steve. Julia says if you go. I am a lion going after a gazelle. I am hungry as F**K BRO!! I am going to eat that gazelle!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-04 12-20-18-447

12:30pm – 12:45pm HOH room – Vanessa tells Steve that Austin told Liz that he isn’t the target. Its okay. We just need to win veto this week. You’re in a great spot no matter which one goes. They’re going to go for Johnny next week. Liz was completely reasonable. Its much more level especially if Liz goes. You’re in a great spot. You’re guaranteed to make top 5. Hopefully I am too. Steve says lets win veto. We’re all f**ked if Julia wins. Vanessa says I am working hard for you. Its bad for me if they target you. Vanessa says Julia has to be the one to go .. because if not she is too weak of a player that people will choose over us. If I win I will do what you say. I am not going to go against you. Steve and Vanessa agree they’re good with Johnny Mac. Vanessa leaves.

1:05pm – 1:40pm Liz, Austin and Julia head to the kitchen where Vanessa and Johnny Mac are chatting. Liz tells them that this week she is going to be Audrey with a blanket and sunglasses. Liz asks what the veto comp will be. Vanessa says maybe the counting one because we haven’t had it yet and its a big brother classic. Vanessa starts cleaning the kitchen. Johnny mac does the dishes.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-04 13-04-48-238

1:15pm – 1:40pm Bathroom – Liz and Austin in the bathroom. Austin says he (Steve) doesn’t think she (Julia) will win the veto that’s why he didn’t put her up. Maybe this will be her win. Liz says its okay for you because you’re not the target. Austin says I could be if Julia goes up. You’re only the target if Johnny Mac or Steve wins the veto. Otherwise you’ll probably come down. Liz says I should have gotten him out. Austin says you can’t think like that. You’re going to drive yourself crazy. This is a show .. its entertainment. None of this is real. Lets have fun with it. We still have each other. They can’t take that away from us. Liz says If I win tomorrow then Julia goes up. Austin asks you don’t want to win? Liz says I don’t know. Austin says wait and see who is winning. Liz says Then I would be the reason she goes. Austin says you guys will have each other no matter what. Austin and Liz go to lay down. Liz says if Vanessa wins she will not use it because then she would be the replacement. Austin says she can’t be the replacement if she wins it. Liz says oh yeah that’s true. You or Julia going is bad for her game. Liz says remember yesterday Steve pulled me and Julia into the parlour room and made us swear on our family we would not put him up. Why would he do that and then the next day put us up! Austin says these are all things you could say to him. Liz gets up and goes to talk to Steve.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-04 13-28-43-576

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Min O'Pause

Oh boy there’s gonna be a barf marathon in the HOH room tonight when the twits start harrassing Steve. Poor kid. Poor Asstin. Like Steve Gizzard will be “rude and dry” as well. Better give the magic finger the night off. Probably needs Ben Gay anyway.


No Doubt!

That Dumb Little Nerdy Sh*t

BOY is shorter and easier to say, but these are the names the Twits use to call Steven (that’s his team name, remember he didn’t want to be confused with Ian so he picked Steve and his nose). I’m gonna burn those stinking disgusting gunboat shoes of his. He’s do god damned nasty. Go sleep with your teddy bear you little…we should have voted to keep James, we should have voted the little motherf*cker out…why did we save all these people…I’m starting to like Julia, she says it all so I dont have to…more sobbing…and if they’d only carry their thoughts a little further they’d realize Van engineered their eviction in fact the whole trainwreck season.

We can assume he’s not getting their vote at Final 2 but they remind each other anyway. The Twits hate everybody its hard for them to recall who they’re killing first. Their fury and Austin’s dancing around his complicity will be fun to watch on BBAD so would backdooring Van after Julia or Liz win POV. Pleeeeze sweet baby jeeezus, get Van out this week so we don’t have to listen to her playing everyone’s hand for the last two weeks. It’s been non-stopping crazy demeaning rants all summer.


In Vanessa’s HOH blog, she said she’ll be writing a book about her BB strategy! What a witch she is. And they still keep her in the game? Evil.

the coreys

Liz says she never would of put up steve?

What about last night when you said before the second hoh that it was Steves turn to go home cuz he would win the game?

Maybe the cabin fever plays games with your head, I dono but people.in there say the dumbest shit.

Does anyone honestly believe Liz would of nominated vanessa and jmac had she been in the position to do so?


Who ever has the balls to evict Vanessa will have all of the jury votes

Beast Mode Cowpie

The only one who had the balls to do it was James. And he is already in jury.

Julia Prays Every 30 Minutes to Evict Vanessa

Please Dear Lord, I beseech thee help me hydrate, practice days, exercise and sleep so I may do your dirty work Lord, and win POV to nominate the false prophet Vanasty. May she rot in the Jury House her eyes plucked out by the crows we put there, and her mouth stuffed with the sh*t she’s been talking. I confess I worshipped her false idol but she bribed me Lord, smite her…
…and Sweet baby jeeezus make the BOY, stupid little motherf*cker choke on his Fruity Pebbles and get hit by a truck playing in traffic for putting my sister on the block Lord. We giveth his life after voting for him God, you taketh away….
…Amen…your fervent fanatic angel Julia…
… PS I was just kidding about being stinky Austin’s angel, Sorry, Not Sorry. Sorry. I promise to go to church instead of the bars and stop swearing after BB.

Min O'Pause


Pinocchio Obama

This could be the highlight of the season if Julia wins the veto and Steve has to put Vanessa up and the twins take her out.

Ban the Green Beanie

If Julia wins veto Steve should let the girls take out Vanessa and then his Nerd Axis partner JMAC and him can run the table. Once Austin is gone the girls will be easy to beat. I think Johnny Mac has a real shot of taking this all the way.


Listen Big Brother, either give us a RESET BUTTON for the whole last week, or BB fans ,the only way to make BB understand our frustration with the horrible season, DON’T WATCH…LOSE RATINGS CBS.

Get Back Upstairs You Dumb Sh*t

Love to see the tide turn, as Liz reports this whole plan was Van’s who spent 2 hours in HOH with BOY and Austins acting weird too. Keep it coming girls, get Vanessa up on the block, after Austin wins POV so it’s Lizard v. Vamonster wars with all their sh*t flying!

Austin says, we’re the new Clelli we’ll get all the airtime. Douche, not the love story, the catfights and sobbing nervous breakdown stories. Keep the meds handy Production, and get the bribe contracts ready, new car brochures, someone hit her over the head with her bottle of port–housewives style.

James Was Going After Vanessa Why'd We Vote Him Out?

Watching the Twits eyes bulge while they figure out they’ve been had by Van & Austin is priceless. The used v. the users. Van scrambling to assure Steven the Twits week go after Johnny next week, not him, they’re not mad at you. Steven squeezes his teddy bear took til it’s eyes pop out. Is Steven gonna request they up his meds? Who’s gonna change his diapers when he’s pooped them? He keeps coughing gaging and grabbing his butt crack I think he’s got hemmeroids or hernia, would explain his weird eating habits and gas problems.

They’re putting on war paint and hopefully put Van’s scalp on their belt. Why’d we even vote James out, Why’d we vote Meg out they weren’t after us? Well she stole your Zingbot toy, I still hate her. I like this, going into votes with blind rage for the puppetmaster! Don’t let her boss you around anymore Twits. Get that brokeass stinky personal trainer out of your hair. Bite the head off that snake and eat it.

Goblin Free Zone

They should of voted him out just for wearing that awful cat hat.

Double bitch twins

Yes Liz…America definitely knows who the assholes are. You my dear have been one of them.

Grease the Goblins

What a great week! As predicted Meg got the boot followed by James. I’m hoping Julia wins veto and throws a wrench into Steve’s plans and he has to choose between Vanessa and Johnny Mac.

Goblin Free Zone

I predict the winner will be Vanessa and America’s Favorite Player will be Johnny Mac.


I happen to agree with you not because I like the Austwins but because I dislike Steve even more. He thinks he is this great mastermind but without Vannessa he would be gone by now. I guess the only one I want to win now is Johnny Mac. Julia needs to tell Liz what Vanessa said to her and they need to tell Austin. I want Vanessa playing both sides to be exposed. Why it isn’t by now is beyond me!!

colorado natvice not beck

big brother rules are …… steve not to tell


They really have the nerve to say “I would have never put him up. This is so unfair” I recall a recent post where they were talking about putting him up this week, Austin put him up last week. They are clueless. Hmmm 6 people left with a clear 3 person alliance. What to do what to do. Spoiled brats used to everyone falling over themselves to please them. They voted John out and the whole week talked about John and Steve working together and having a final two deal and are now surprised he would have the nerve to target them and not John? You know if any of them won HOH John and Steve would be on the block and Vanessa the backdoor option (Vanessa may have even been their actual target) Now we see their mean girls attitude as they start calling him names and making fun of him. Right after he won Julia was saying how good he looks compared to his memory wall photo and how cool he is now. They will be bashing him all week.


Liz : This is war! No LIZ, it’s Big Brother. If it was war, you would already have been captured and sold to an 80 year old man with no teeth.


Ha,Ha, true too, women like Liz do end up with rich old guys, robbin or waitin for them to die to get their money…

Min O'Pause

That could be a lucrative career for the twits…..reading the obituary page and then scoping out the retirement communities for the rich grieving widowers. I’m sure they already thought of it….

80 YO Perv

Hey, I might be 80 but I DO have my teeth. They were very expensive and look better than the originals. Since I paid for them, they are MY Teeth! If by chance I did buy one of these empty headed twits, I can gar-an-tee you I’d be getting my moneys worth, Viagra works wonders. Just sayin’. The Nasty one wouldn’t be too bad either since I have a sack for her head and the rest of the time, I’d keep the lights on low.

Min O'Pause

DING DING DING! We have a WINNAH! Sold to the old guy in the wheelchair with the defibrillator who smells like Dentucream!


I was laughing when they took out James instead of John. Let’s see, they just took out Meg so James is solo. James is always the first one out in anything mental; he’s only good at physical. John wasn’t on the block although they all agreed that the return juror would go right back out, spearheaded by Vanessa. hmmm…. John is always close to winning most comps, won several Vetos.

If they took out John instead of James, you know Vanessa would say “James, James, James” as the target. And the Austin and the twins would be safe. Yes, dumb dumbs, you absolutely made the wrong personal petty move voting out James. lol

Loving this


Perhaps if they had taken John out, James would have won HOH.


Can’t believe the twins actually believe that they have bee the ones determining who stays and who goes. Vanessa is the only one with that power and a couple of weeks ago both of you acknowledged that so why when you did have the power to get her out you choose not to use it? Both of them have been protected by Vanessa and Austin for so long…skating by, particularly Julia, what did they think was going to happen…newsflash: their protectors have now become their predators…if they had actually watched past seasons this would be no surprise.


Isn’t it also interesting that the are throwing up that he made them promise not to put him up on their family. He did that to save Julia before double not for him not to put them up. Also it was ok for him to go up for them. His target is Austin anyway. They are going to talk themselves into going home if they keep it up.

Houseguest wannabe

Boy became a Man after all. Just was 9/4/15 instead of 9/3/15. Amazing amount of whining because the twins lost control now. It is a game and Steve and Jmac are playing it hard now. This is the move that makes the most sense for Steve. Least likely of the 3 to win Veto is Julia. If anyone else wins Veto, an Austwin goes to the jury. Julia should realize this and is now looking very petty……


He did not become a man. Vanessa had to tell him who to put up. He was going to put up The twins but she told him that was a bad move because If Austin wins veto he will use it on Liz and then the Austwins will control the votes. She then had a conversation with Juila about not using the Veto if she won it. She told her not to tell anyone. If she doesn’t tell Austin and Liz about that conversation she would be stupid.

BB Groupie

I’ll make Steve a man! When I catch him at the hotel during FINALE. First thing is to tie his parents up ,put them in a corner and make them watch. Then stuff my panties in his mouth and pee on his head. He will love it!!!


That is disgusting! What is wrong with you!? Man some of you people are so sick in the head!!!

Steve is still a Wuss

LMAO, be careful he’s kind of weird, a closet Dexter (sorry Dexter)

Dark & Twisted

….seriously?!? Steve wishes he was as badass as Dexter. Dexter’s dark passenger would have taken out threats like Vanessa and the twins long before now


You may be a little sick, but I love it! LOL


Vanessa is amazing. An all-time great player, for sure. Better than Derrick, Dan, and Will.

Houseguest wannabe

Dr. Will would be called out and he would basically say so what and still won. Got his good buddy Boogie a win as well. Dan is my all time favorite player. Neither of these guys were afraid to do their own dirty work. Vanessa is good but we all have our favorites.


I agree. Dan is BB legend. Also luved Dr. Will. And they do both have in common the fact that they weren’t afraid to “own it.” They also had a solid duo alliance to the end. Dr. Will had Boogie, Dan had Danielle. Most winners have a good 2 person alliance. Even Derrick last year had Coby. I just hope this year that JMac & Steve surprise us all & become a power duo to the final 2! Still – James for AFP!!

Dan's the best BB Player

He also had Memphis. Danielle doesn’t really count, because he wouldn’t have taken her to final 2.

I Don't Think So

BB just put in a bunch of lame ass players in their that she could control with the exception of James, Jason and Davonne.

Ban the Green Beanie

I agree that Vanessa is a great player but to be an all time great you have to have proved it in more than one season in my opinion.


I agree. While I do not like Vanessa, this is not a popularity contest, it a contest about who plays the best game and this season Vanessa is the only one doing just that. She has played hard and smart the whole season. She has managed to control who comes and who goes every time. She has won comps and kept herself off the block except that one time. She is a master of manipulation and even when her manipulations were revealed (and there were many times) she still manages to protect herself.

With that said if production had casted real players instead of immature kids that are more concerned with who likes whom than playing the game, Vanessa probably would have been out long ago. Would have been interesting to see how the game would have played out for her if people like Dan, Rachel, or Frank were in the house instead of these whiny, crybaby, “I’m so sorry I really do love you” bauble heads.


OHH poor little girls – brats is all they are – talk about two faced (well four faced) little girls. LIZ or JUJU GO HOME and grow up.


Ahh sh!t, Dawg’s second in the polls!!!!

Houseguest wannabe

Not so good for the 5 below ya! Season would be a real snooze if you were #1 on the list!


that is how much this season sucks!! ( sorry, but you know what I am getting at) lol

I survived last seasons BB

Liz and Austin going up…and if Julia does not win POV, Liz likely to exit

sorry……………………..NOT SORRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Twins suck - Goodbye!

What do they expect? Everyone to self evict and just hand over the check to those spoiled brats twins? Their behavior is laughable. I get being worried and wanting to fight to win veto, but they are stomping their feet and having tantrums like 4 year olds. Get over it, it’s a game.


“I knowwwwwwwwwww rightttt?”


Man move by Steve. The bigger Man move will be if Julia wins Veto and Vanessa has to become the renom.


not a good idea and I’ll tell you why……



In Austin’s Shoes,I’d come clean to them(Liz & Julia) about my role in suggesting that they go up together–I guarantee,if He stays,Vanessa will use that against him thus becoming a pariah.I wish the Austwins could just connect Vanessa to Steve and Johnny’s duo.


Well lets hope Julia doesn’t win. Then the fun is what will Van do? hehehe

scenario 1- noms stay the same. The smart move is Liz but does she have a twins F3 strategy. I wouldn’t that’s for sure. Think she’d be happier keeping Austin myself. scenario- 2 Austin POV Van votes Liz over Julia. Liz the link between Austin and Julia obviously. scenario-3 Liz POV Julia over Austin. My gut tells me Van will do whatever she can to keep Austin.
OMW scenario- 4 Yup Julia wins POV takes down Liz then……….. drum roll please….. scamper! :P This should be Van up. Johnnie might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but 2 twins vote he’s gone versus Austin. Oh the manipulation Van will employ with Steve to not go up, it will be insane. Then Van working the twins to turn on Austin epic stuff. She might need a lot of mist if Julia wins. Van likely brow beats him to put up Johnnie Mac.
If Julia wins next HOH could be Austwits versus 1 player and Steve cannot compete. This POV is super epic important to the potential rest of the game. A Julia win POV could have all 3 F4. Never should have let her in the house.
BB17 should be known as “the Sack of Rocks Season”!

Houseguest wannabe

Vanessa knows she is #4 with the Autwins. She knows that Liz must go because if Van and Liz are in the final 3 with either Julia or Austin, she will be the one losing out to get to the final 2. Was a good thought to bring Julia into the game originally but a bad strategy to keep her when they had a chance to split the two before the DE yesterday. Now a chance to keep all three in the house if Julia wins Veto.

Houseguest wannabe

Such sweet talk from the twins…..Such nice girls…….

Houseguest wannabe

Weren’t the twins just commenting last week how those who call other house guests names are just insecure and jealous??? Guess they forgot what they said. Again…..


Vanessa is gonna win this game and I’m gonna be on suicide watch. I told my GF before this game started that one of the most annoying women in BB history is gonna be in the house this year. I know her from poker and she is a total bitch, not to mention what she did to Chad (WHEN HE HAD CANCER!!!) Anyways, my GF said “Nah, she can’t be that bad” 3 weeks into the season my GF says “What a total nutjob, I hate her”. Fast forward, and now Vanessa is in the best possible spot in the game. She has both sides by the balls. If she wins this game, I’m gonna puke. I have always been against a bitter jury butt I have no issue making an exception this one time. I hope like hell she gets Hantz’d!!!!!


Awww. Well then this season must really suck for you…ha!


On suicide watch over a game show on TV? Yikes


You have no clue about Vanessa and Chad’s relationship. Did you know when his cancer came back after they broke off their marriage, Chad moved into Vanessa’s house. He had no family to take care of him when he was dying. Ironically Vanessa girlfriend took care of Chad all day. Vanessa was their until the day he died. You are a f*cking clueless hater.

Hey Mark & Mel

She discussed how wrong her relationship with Chad was on feeds. He was too old for her, he cheated on her, blah blah blah unless she made that up for sympathy too. It was the big run up to her trust issues with men, father issues, how Chad taught her about poker, how she was too young he controlled her too much and how she figured out she was gay but she owed him so she let him live with her blah blah blah Unless that was a lie to get sympathy. She says all her sexual relationship problems is why she can “read” into Liz and Austins relationship, why they are great together, how they will get married, and split the winnings, so it’s okay if both Twins get evicted, she’ll spend Austins money anyway. Unless that was a lie to get the Twins evicted and voting for her to win in F2. You’ll have to excuse the people who actually watched her 24/7 for 3 months. She’s not believable as someone with integrity. And she says she always ends up alone, in life and in the game and she doesn’t know why…unless that was another lie…at this point no one believes a thing she says. Except that she’s a good liar.


I wouldn’t trust anything she says every word is a lie. She is a the type of person I wouldn’t piss on if she was on fire.
If you ever meet someone like her run before you lose everything.


I don’t like Vanessa becasue she’s not really a good player, all she does is cry and play the victim when she dosen’t get her way, but if she makes it to the end, she deserves it over the twins…

I’ll tell you one thing, she wound’t be able to so that “I’m the victim” bullshit with me, I put those types in their place quick, or I’ll sit back, ignore them entirely and let them get some act-right on their own without ever getting what they want. That “crying to get attention” shit don’t effect me..


I’m Livid, like I aaahhmmm reallleeey LividddddD!


Well, if it wasn’t apparent before, Liz and Julia are definitely showing their true colors now. Can they be any nastier? I’m pretty sure if one of them was HOH there is a good chance it would be Steve on the block. It’s a game ladies and there are only 6 left and your little duo/trio are the ones that need to be broken up.

Dr. Boogie

I’ve heard Liz complain that dirty Austin gave her a rash. She probably has poison ivy from his sweet tree/vine/plant tattoo

Bunny Slipper

She better hope it’s poison ivy!

Min O'Pause

It’s a friction burn from his hairy knuckles.


Austin’s fingers would have everything on them even James herpes.
I bet she has a blue waffle by now.


Darn – those are some ugly twins, just keep your face shut


Thank you for the Live Feeds to show the world what little nasty ass whores the twins are !! They things they are saying about Steve is totally uncalled for !!


Key moments in the season so far

DA and Audrey fight house realigns. Ultimately both go perjury but the Austwins/Van alliance gets a lot stronger.

Clelli on the block. Simply played to hard to early. Should have learned from Jeff.

Becky gets backstabbed. Or if you prefer Meg convinces the Goblins to “do what’s best for their game”. All 3 gone before F6 and Van running the show. Dumb as “a sack of rocks”! Shelli sure was dangerous.

J Mac evicted. Winning his way back in is less important than getting booted IMHO. The throw every comp, do nothing game got blown up and a second chance come back.

Van teams with JM and the boy. Meg doesn’t look like a big game move on Van’s HOH but not going after JM gave her 2 potential alliances. JM comes back in usually the obvious target is evict the “returning HG”. Don’t even here the term being used.

F6 POV- simply the remainder of the season hinges on Julia winning or losing this POV. A loss just means 1 clown to jury the house game still has play in it. The fear is a win and then Liz down. The 3 twits survive unless Van can flip the twins on Austin presuming Vanessa is the renom. 3 twits versus JM next HOH isn’t good period.

Austin's fish finger

I’m so upset that Gunboat Steve would nominate me & my fishy stank hole! Doesn’t he know that we’re cooler than him & that we alone keep the BB fish finger industry alive & well. Geeky, nerd, dweeb, dork Steve won’t ever get to see a fish taco other than his moms, if he doesn’t ever leave her womb! Ugh!! We were going to let him finish 5th, but NO his balls had to drop & grow in time to win HOH, then have the fortitude to put us up. The only thing that should be up right now is my smelly finger up Liz’s fish trap. BTW when Liz and I get out of this smelly fish tank of a house, we want to be known as Mrs.Paul & Gorton!

P.S. me & Liz are trying our damnedest to pass Amanda & McCrae as the dirtiest, smelliest, & nastiest couple in BB history, but it’s a daunting task!


Jeez i’m trying to eat here!

Liz's clam juice

I agree with my finger blaster! We’re clearly meant to win this game because we are the fittest, prettiest, & herpesest couple ever in BB history! Steve can take his HOH lobster tail & put his tiny boy boner in it, as that’s the closest he’ll ever get to fishy flaps! We already have plans to open a restaurant called “Finger Hut” & sell fish fingers with fresh squeezed clam juice. It’s just not fair that a pale, frail, & lonely fanboy gets to win HOH when my bearded clam has suffered all season long getting its tuna tunnel finger hunted! Nonetheless we will stop crying now & take back what’s ours. It’s time to cast the fish net & round up these tiny crabs!!

Houseguest wannabe

Love the hate that Julia is now spewing about Jamc. Jealous of him being a dentist and future earnings. (She forgot, obvously that he has $250K in student loans so will be using all of his disposable income to pay that off) and complaining that he has floated on by……Forgets that she has been floating very nicely herself. Guess she missed the fact that Jmac won several Veto comps and won his way back into the house. Same comp where she dropped when??? First??? Juuulllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh, quit whiiiiiiinnnnnnnninnnnnggggahhhh!


Thank You!!!

twin whine...

Poor Liz, remember her making fun of Meg crying?? Waaahhhh WaaaHHHH…
What is her favorite saying “Sorry, not sorry”…wahh wahh

Beast Mode Cowpie

The upside of not caring anymore who wins: WHOEVER goes home this week I will be happy about it. And next week. And the week after that. Man, am I ever enjoying these two whiney, self-entitled twits in all their mean girl glory.


canceled my cbs on demand feeds last night after James left…..
I can not handle looking at the people left…..Jmac is only decent one but he was too much of a wimp
I am not watching this show again….stupid people…rude people…..mean people…..racist….
BBCAN is much better


What did James do the whole season? What is James’ strategy better than the remaining houseguests’ strategy?
Wrong move, wrong time = eviction.
It is easy for you to say than actually play the game.
How are they stupid? They still remain in the game. That means they did something right.
How are they racist?
I hate BBCAN.


They are all suspect, but Steve made a comment that could have been seen as a little discriminating. One of the twins said they didn’t know the past houseguest Jodi was black and Steve said yes they always have at least one token. Wtf.


yep saw that too…i didnt like that comment


How is that racist? its true. Did he say he hates black people and he’s better than them because that it what racist means. Racist isn’t pointing out someone’s black , White or Asian.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Uh, I think the word “token” may be the problem. Not cool.

gives a fudge

Bye Felicia!!!


What spoiled little brats! The minute things don’t go their way, they start calling people names. The twins need to get their a$$’s handed to them and sent packing. Hopefully they will see how disgusting they are as humans and they will change their ways….I know their family is embarrassed by the way they have conducted themselves on this show.

Beast Mode Cowpie

Hear hear! Send them both packing ASAP!


I love how Vanessa always promises whoever is in power that she’ll vote how they want or use/not use the veto if they want. She knows damn well SHE’LL be telling THEM who they’re putting up and voting for. Manipulative, deranged liar.

BB17 fan

Yes, that is why she is the best player. She controls everyone’s HOH. That’s how you play the game and Vanessa is one of the best. Way better than Derrick who was hidden in an 8 person alliance with strong men who were idiots but could win comps. Does no one remember that Derrick was going to send Zach home over Jacosta and then at the last minute Caleb said no..! We have to keep Zach. If Derrick had gone with his strategy of sending Zach home, he would not have won.


Last was the most disaster night of the season I was so sad for an hour when james and meg left the most entertaining in the house because of pussy steve did not win hoh or vote out julia. Ha Ha austin remember you told meg james that steve will get you out ha ha karma. Austin I hope he get the most boos he the most asshole and even makes frankie look good. Can someone ask bb to give the audience with chocolates to pelt on austin please. The feeds suck today I kind of wanted the double next week not this week. Its sucks they didn’t do a montage of meg hometown oh well.

Mini Me James

You must of been watching a different show. Watching James get to steppin was the best moment of the season.

if we can get a miracle and have Julia win the veto it will be even better seeing the turd in Vanessa’s mouth when the twins vote her out.


Yeah, win Julia…just to see V’s face.


The only one left in the house that would have her “ego” publicly ruined if she didn’t make it to final 3 is piss face Vanessa. I would gamble my paycheck on one hand of poker to say that she has bragged to all her “friends” that she guarantees them that she would make it to final 3. Blow this bit** up and out of the house. I can’t take her arrogance.

Operation bye bye

I want Austin gone or Liz to break them up. Its starting to get good seeing them turn on each other… I dont care what people say this season is way better than the last 2.


Well here my analysis of each person game
Jace was the loud mouth and could shut up annoying people dullest person.
Day was so obnoxious about being superfan and could have shut up and shuffle like jameka or jocasta
Jeff play everyone and got unlucky because if austin won he could left noms the same. In bb its probablity you never know what happens or have a great social game.


The twins are such babies, I would rather one of them go home.

Member of the Ant Farm

You know when the twin twist was first taking hold I was rooting for it to happen. Then when they got in together I had some laughs over the 2 of them and some of their antics. Then as the weeks passed by it started to wear on me as they got uglier and uglier with their comments towards others. Now after reading the last few posts with their extreme sense of self elitism in a numbers game…STFU and one of you go away already!!


Anyone notice a pattern over the last 5 weeks or so. The Austwins, Steve and Jmac all shake their head and say YES to anything that Vanessa says to them no matter how many lies she says. It’s just amazing to watch 5 people be so clueless on how Vanessa is using them all for her own game.

For someone that cannot stand Vanessa, I salute you…


thats cuz vanessa has them all $bribed$$$$$


Audrey was gossiping everyday should have shut up if she not nominated and quit complain.
Jason was a superfan that dealt a bad hand because of the dirty poker player. I think he had a good game but for another season this season he had a hard player to handle.
Clay play too many sides did not stick to one and could have not lied about jason, or at least vote for jason to stay. I mean why keep austin when he is judas not trustworthy player. Oh waste his life for shelli who left next.
Shelli should have shut up about clay and stop stealing clay clothes and be pittful to james she should have been safe oh well I glad she was on my hitlist.


The twits forget how others cried when on block.yet waaa from them now.steve sicking, wussy!! Venessa adderall is bad drug! Picks her face like junkie do.if steve votes jm out im gona smack him down.austin just gross.love john.


What do the Twins want Steve to do? There’s only 5 people to choose from and they are a group of 3. They never included him, so yes you are the target. I guess they want JMac and Vanessa up because that helps them. If I was Steve, just say Liz and Austin have never been in the block, so it’s your turn to sweat it out. We’ve all been there, now it’s your turn to prove you want to be here.


I am so very very happy Liz and Julia are so upset. To me it is fun to watch them freak out like this. They have been screwing over everyone in the house, and no it is their times. They are such witches, nasty little things that I hope one of them goes..it would be a blast watching the other cry and melt down.


BB….REWIND…BRING JAMES BACK…if he limp biscuits again…than so be it…LOL


NEWSFLASH!! I think it just occurred to the twins that this is the Big Brother house and not their parents house or their sorority house. Ha!! I love it.


Sorry, gals, but it’s too late to save James.


BB gonna actry and squeeze everything quick now as per holiday weekend…
steve should have at least toyed with Vanessa saying he needs her to be pawn…


The twins are so fuckin imature…holy shit shut up already….. Liz yes ur going up..fuck


Jason was right these twins are devil that one will never stop in the beginning of the game and could win comps.
Jackie dealt a bad hand by pussy steve who is an idiot. Should have build a relationship with steve to make him feel comfortable.
Becky made a move to hard on vanessa should have said pawn or put up someone else. Should have been more responsible with her hoh. made sure that she had the votes and tell each vote to promise on something sacred.
meg was the best great person of the the show, the victoria or jordan in comps. She was unlucky could have made to the end had james didn’t win.
James great guy should have study more on days comp did his best. I just felt like he threw the towel on double eviction after the hoh. He could have said that john and steve had a final 2 during the pov speech or eviction speech. And that he has no ties to john vanessa steve and is one person.
Worst double eviction this season and boring. I quit the feeds I just watch spoiler on hoh or pov won from now on and the episodes. My vote for afp for james. I hope james will get some kind of date with meg or comeback for another reality show so cute. I want the jury footage of the jury house. I hope that we can get the jury comp for a luxury comp. I want the jury house have a luxury comp seriously please.


Becky definitely got screwed by the strategically challenged goblins, but her own poor execution of her plan was equally to blame. She didn’t involve the goblins enough in her plotting and didn’t nominate someone next to Vanessa that was guaranteed to stay.


Yes, that Vanessa is horrible. She manipulates people. What does she think this is – Big Brother?

Lowest Form of Life

BB wasn’t always cruel racist bullying bigoted cheating bribing shock jock audition for CSI and Bad Girls Club. A truly masterful player wouldn’t need to resort to threats humiliation rewriting BB rules, pay offs, gifts, drugs, trips, wannabe celebrities, dummied down comps and destroying dignity of other players. You can’t compare them to the OG.

We don’t admire Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, Charlie Sheen or Bernie Madoff much less call their blazing fall from grace capitalism, entertainment, or winning. But since Producers have no imagination or work ethic, we get Tindr recruits, bottle girls, and adults who never left mommy or bought their own toilet paper literally can’t wipe their own ass without help, pitted against professional con artists and ruthless bullies. Austin calls it right, it’s a scripted dramatic comedy now don’t call it a game show or sport anymore. Big Brother means what do people do with cameras watching not Bribing Bully — It doesn’t have to be a battle between the lowest forms of life. There’s no right and wrong on Big Brother? let’s just make it Saw18. Football has rules of conduct, and people still watch. Or turn it into caged fighting with guns.


I don’t think she manipulates people at all. She just cries and interrogates everyone and in turn they just nod and hope she goes away.


Aww the Twins are throwing tantrums because Summer Camp is almost over. They should be appreciative, literally EVERYONE in this season has been carrying them, Austin on his back. Every one of their wins were lucky at best, most of the time ppl were throwing comps or it was a crapshoot. They wouldn’t have made it this far, if Vanessa got voted out, and if Steve & Jmac weren’t such pussies, or Austin wasn’t trying to get his “finger” wet.

Not like they need the money, they grew up with a MAID, so it’s obvious their parents are well off.

You both had fun at Big Brother Summer Camp, now it’s time to go..

I don’t give a shit who wins, because feeders won for having to watch these ppl, and get through it without a finger on the trigger, I salute you.. I been saying for 5 years, “Next Season Imma get the feeds”, and every season I’m glad I do, because the players suck every season…

CBS gotta stop recruiting ppl to be on the show, there’s enough normal ppl who’s dying to be on this shot, but get snubbed..

Whiners Say What?!

All the twins do is whine. They have been protected this whole game and now that it’s down to 6 they are “livid” that Liz and Austin are going on the block. What did they think would happen? Have they not watched the show before?

Beast Mode Cowpie

Oh they freely admit that they’ve never watched the show before. They brag about how they were recruited.


Austin is such a cringe ball!!! He says “This is a show .. its entertainment. None of this is real. Lets have fun with it. We still have each other. They can’t take that away from us” Jesus can you get anymore CHEESIER? Dude is pathetic on so many levels. He also seems like the type that would suffocate someone in a relationship.

With a pillow while they were sleeping….


Austin and twins are dumb could have vote out john or steve because james made it clear that he want vanessa out or at the block. Poor gameplay. The houseguest one more chance to get vanessa out because in the final 4 hoh or final 3 hoh she is 100% is going to win no matter what. she threw this hoh to not have blood because she does not want to piss the twins or john/steve so that is why she did not win this hoh. I hope she does not make the final 2 in my heart she does not deserve but if she is she won the game. Vanessa and Jmac is a toss up because both deserve the money playing great games, same with steve/john or van steve. Vanessa will win with julia and austin. Austin and julia will not win they did not do much. Had steve voted out julia it could have helped the jury say oh shit steve is playing the game and gave more votes.But honestly he could win if with ausin or julia. John said the person who get vanessa is a god and will make the jury be impress that could sway more votes for that person.