Big Brother 17 Week 11 Nominations “Stupid f***ing game”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and liz
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Austin and liz are nominated

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 17-03-18-829_jpg

4:59pm Feeds Back Liz is crying
Julia and Austin tell her there’s a veto tomorrow they will be fine
Austin say 3 months ago she never cared about this and in three months she won’t care again. There’s plenty of opportunities out there for her. If they go out they go out it’s just a game.

Liz continues to cry
Austin – I’m sorry
Liz – I had a feeling he was the one that would betray us
Liz – James and James … I can’t believe it was him (Steve)
liz is sobbing between sentences..
Liz – This game.. Out of your f***g mind.. I know it’s not personal I can’t help it
Austin – we never won HOH this is what happens
liz – I never had a chance to win
Austin – I know, there’s still a chance.. If Julia wins the veto everything changes
Liz – I know.. I know .. It’s really hard to f***G depend on her..
Austin – this is one time you’re going to have to

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 17-00-15-877_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 17-07-34-078_jpg
5:09pm Liz – I’m going to f****g fight for my life tomorrow..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 17-11-58-983_jpg
Liz – “I just feel I was on top of the world yesterday winning HOH now i’m a f***G cockroach on the floor.. I would have never done that to him EVER”
Liz – Fake a$$ mohter F****Er
LIz – This means war.. I’m, going to put on a pretty face and smile

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 17-18-45-753_jpg

5:13pm Austin and Steve
Austin says he’s trying to smooth things over for Steve..
Steve says he hates hurting people
Austin – do you need anything from me going forward my life is in your hands
Steve – Veto
Austin says he’ll shake on it for next week that he’ll vote Steve’s way and whatever votes he can influence he will.
Steve was thinking of offering a game of pot ball and a bottle of wine with the twins.
Austin thinks that is a great idea but tonight might not be the night the twins are upset.
Steve wishes Austin good luck tomorrow.

5:20pm Steve goes up to the HOH

Steve starts giggling “SUCKERS” points at the camera

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 17-29-46-454_jpg

5:27pm Austin and Jmac
Austin is offering if he has Jmac’s vote this week next week Jmac has his vote.

Austin – I came in here as an individual, I want to win for my family I want to live for LIZ

5:47pm Austin and jmac working out

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-04 17-57-09-676_jpg

5:55pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa says if Julia wins the veto they will make a deal with her for her not to use it and they will send Austin home.
Steve – what will her incentive be she can save her sister and herself anyways by just using it
vanessa- OK let me think
Vanessa – that’s a good question.. not quite there yet.

Steve gets up to leave. Vanessa tells him she wants to talk to him more it doesn’t have to be game
steve wants to sit around a public area so it doesn’t look “Sketchy”
Vanessa doesn’t want to doesn’t think it looks sketchy.. “You want to play chess later.. “
Steve – sure
Steve sits down and Vanessa starts talking game again.

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169 thoughts on “Big Brother 17 Week 11 Nominations “Stupid f***ing game”

  1. betray? who the hell is going to take a final 4 deal with you? the goal is to win the game, not take fourth. maybe if liz would play up the idea she’s playing austin and the rest of the house has a shot at 3rd (which is still not ideal, but at least amanda and mccrae had the common sense to claim they were going to backstab each other this late in the game (which is what at least austin should be doing)), they’d take such a deal, but at 6 people left, it’s suicide not to target the austwins (and it may still even be too late should julia win the veto).

    1. So Austin is going home. When Van talked Steve into putting Austin up instead of both twins, she set a trap and Steve fell for it. Steve will not use the Veto. JMac will throw the Veto. Austin will be put to sleep. Van will not use the veto. She and Julia will vote out Austin. The twins will be her new robot slaves. The three of them will go after Numnuts and Dr. Googoogaga like crazed Valkyries. Numnuts will pee his pants. Googoogaga will make funny noises and beg for AMFAV votes. In the end Van will have blood on her hands, on her head, and all over the house. But she will be the WINNER!!! BANG!

      1. Who’s this new guy Steve? Who does he think he is coming out of nowhere pulling these PowerHouse moves. I’m jealous..

      2. I like how Steve wanted to talk to Vanessa in a public place. That negates much of her bully tactics. He is so gonna put her up if Julia wins Veto. Best week ever!!!!

    2. Much better to see Liz cry than to make out with Austin and talk belittle people. I wouldn’t have said that before about anyone, I don’t like to see people cry but I’m ok with this scenario. So So much better than a few weeks ago.

    3. Unbelievable Van forcing everyone to talk game while they push her off, shoving more lies down their throats, putting them against each other and Austin, calling herself the glue between them topping it off with new deals (when theyre not even the target) and covering her lies telling them some Bible Stories to make them feel better. She’s a raving lunatic, self absorbed control freak with delusions of superiority.

      Someone shove a sock in her mouth. Who but a sociopath would simultaneously stab you in the back while saying its ordained by Bible stories – she could tell them the truth that they aren’t targets, but nooo she would rather torture them to tears stoke their hatred and put knives in their hands in God’s name. Sick.

      Even Steve doesn’t want to be seen with her, it might sketch people out, no it wouldn’t…crazy

      1. Jmac needs to win pov and take Austin off the block! Bye bye Vanessa…2 to 1 as Julie and Austin save Liz and Steve shits his pants. I don’t really want to see the twins survive but it would be worth it to watch van go full nuclear option when she truly knows she’s gone..
        “what kind of a boy are you jonny?

      2. Wait a minute – what you just described about V sounds like Obuttmunch. Do you think it’s really him with a blonde wig on?

    4. Asstin is the creepiest ever, while sucking Liz face ask he can talk about is how he’s going to merchandise her…we’ll be so well known we’ll do paid appearances get endorsements, James and I will get cameras on us in Jury House we’ll be so entertaining, I wonder how much I could get for my Judas Hat on eBay, we’re going to get so much more airtime, the break up of a love affair. Psycho! He really thinks so highly of himself from what? overindulgent parents? his refusal to wear a shirt extreme narcissism? Just plain kookoo? you know he’s gonna put their Pornos on line too. I want to take cate of you so you never cry again, by pimping you out baby. My mom is prolly not gonna let you move in.

      Then there’s Vanessa explaining her sobbing was much more adult justified and necessary than Liz or Megs crybaby routine just for getting Nommed, you guys were warned very professionally I think. My situations which I found in the Bible too, book of Job, were so much worse…I was stabbed, blindsided, and Becky wouldn’t give me a deal or lis ten to mE (no one can)… while Steve mumbles dances runs his own show talking to cameras…these people are so creepy

    1. I have watched Big Brother from season one and this is the first time that I have not had a person that I am rooting for.
      My opinion is that Vanessa probably deserves to win the game but there is nobody in the house that I really care about.
      There is less than three weeks to go so if Production is going to get involved it will be soon. Expect a Pandora’s Box if Vanessa is endangered.

  2. What a nerve to try and break up a trio. Shame on you Steve should have went final four with Austwins that makes more sense lol

  3. For all of you people who don’t like JM realize he is playing a game on this show. He knows how to act and has studied the masters of BB to find out what works best to move a contestant further. Every move he makes has been played and acted dozens of times in his head before he actually does something.

    Watch for him to take over the HOH and POV from here on in. I know him, we have discussed what his strategy would be and he is on cue.

    Go Mac Go!

    1. JMAC did it without all the crazy cheating bribing humiliation and bullying Vanessa’s game requires. He’s humble, unpretentious and thankful his parents sacrificed for him, not mean, entitled, pompous, condescending, drugged or unhygienic. Imagine, for all her so-called smarts, she’s really looks talks feels horrible. And the least likable. Go Johnny Go. He could teach Vanessa a few things if she was capable of listening because he’s not so egotistical he’d write a book. And he’s got friends in Jury!

      1. JMac is like a tapeworm. Once your dog gets his medicine, the old tapeworm takes a turd ride. Van has a remedy for this condition.

        1. Keep them coming Glob!!! I was a HUGE JMac fan in the beginning but watching him throw comps and be everybody’s b!tch I’m over him. There’s people here that are so delusional about him. He does not deserve to go to the finals. Huge floater the last several weeks. Go Twins!!!

      2. You do realize that without Vanessa he would be gone, gone, gone. The twins wanted him out over James and Vanessa got them to keep him.

        The only smart thing jmac has done is decide to work with Vanessa. Otherwise he would’ve been up and gone in the de.

        1. Well he tried to get rid of Van but Jackie and James listemed to Meg (mistake). Then he tried again with the Gobs but James listened to Meg again and they stayed with the Austwins mistake. His only smart game move was to suck up his pride and USE Van to get back in the game. That is a GAME move people. It wasn’t what we wanted to see or what HE wanted but because Meg was jealous of Jmacs DR time (of all things)he was left no choice. I miss James but wanting to camp with Meg lost him his game.

      3. All of that is spot on…I totally agree with you and have been hoping that’s what’s truly going on. Unfortunately JM closest ally Steve still appears to have Vanasty too far up his as to think for himself. Bb history teaches

    2. Knowing what a superfan JMac is, I had a lot of faith in him early on. You may be right in that he’s thinking things through, but his game has been far from on. But for the jury-member-returning twist, his game would be over. And as much as people seem to hate her, he can thank Vanessa for getting him through last week. Maybe he will ‘run the table’ but he’s no game genius.

    3. he didnt know he would make it back to the house when during his evicted convoe with Julie…he said if he could go back in he would go after Meg!
      so brains as per the BB game…he has 0%….
      you may know him…he has been lost in this game all the way through…

    4. That would make sense if he hadn’t been voted off…hopefully his strategy did not include getting voted off and “hoping” to win his way back in…that’s not so smart. If that’s what you guys discussed, it’s got some holes in it. I like him as well, but he’s the guy throwing competitions for the popular folk…not exactly masterful.

    5. Oh Please, you’ve been giving JMac a lot of credit for his position in the game but what exactly did he do? He got himself evicted. He was lucky that he was able to bring himself back but he has to thank Vanessa for his current situation. If not for Vanessa he would’ve been evicted during Liz’ DE HoH, also he has not won a single competition where everyone is actually fighting hard to win,

    6. So getting voted to jury was part of his strategy? I’m thinking he has an Achilles heal he has not taken into account; it’s called Mommy Vanessa.

  4. Just last week they were trash talking Meg for crying after being nominated. Now poor poor Liz. Everyone should feel sorry for her.

    1. Oh POOR LIz, Sorry NOT sorry! Maybe your Mommy and Daddy will give you each $250K just so you won’t cry!! ( Since it appears they have ALWAYS given you EVERYTHING you want.) I sure hope you will use some of that for a nose job!!!
      P.S. You are an UGLY GIRL (inside and out) crying or not!

      1. What is your point in picking on a girls looks?? Thats what people do in grade school. Grow up and play nice. Don’t hide behind a fake name and call people ugly…..its an ugly thing to do and shows your level of emotional intelligence is low. I don’t want Liz to win be jeeeeeezzz

        1. So your offended by GO JMAC’s comment? Well guess what your daughter is a entitled spoiled brat! Good luck in getting your girls jobs once they leave BB.

    2. How dare you!! You can’t compare Meg to Liz. Liz is crying because Steve put her on the block just to help himself win a game! Oh, and $500k…it’s totally different.

      We really shouldn’t send the twins out, think about the people in the jury house…those people have been through enough.

    1. The difference is James in the Jury house isn’t crying at all…he’s living it up. (While waiting to welcome the Rango twins with we a nasally condesending shout of, “We love you lizard twin!”)

  5. Liz crying like a baby as if her world is about to end is classic. Hasn’t she gone around the house and said that Steve and Jmac should just accept being on the block? Or that James and Meg should understand that it’s just a game? No one throws temper tantrums like these two spoiled brats. Her mom wrote that she’s the “perfect daughter.” Really? Have you been watching the feeds? And then Liz complains about her moms letter saying she wants to know what Miami is like. They are just so absolute unlikable.

    1. When she said she didn’t like her moms letter was absolutely a new low! All the people that want to hear from thier loved ones and this spoiled bitch is just like…eh…they should all slap her including her sister!

    2. Notice how many times her mom said MAD in the letter? I think there was a hidden message there. Liz and Julia were already making plans for that money as if they won already. I hope they feel exxxtra stupid. I enjoy watching them cry. I want to see Austwins walk out the door but Austin coming down and Vanessa going up in his place would be great too.

      1. Oh Liz, you and Julia feet so entitled. In BB and once you are in the real world, you will find out that is not true; what I think is hysterical is that Austin truly believes he is safe, and is selling you & Julia out Steve IS NOT your enemy, AUSTIN is and you are bad mouthing Steve? DUMB DE DUMB BUM!

      2. Yeh I’m with you BB Can 3 sucked. I read the gloat fest so didn’t bother commenting after the finale. How stupid did GOD have to be to pick that douche to sit beside. he goes the other way he wins 100K and the Brick.

        Most fun is Julia wins POV and watch Van scamper. But only if you trust Steve won’t crack and put up Johnnie Mac. Really worried Steve is not strong enough to deal with Vanessa if her games on the line. Best for Lizzy(Borden) to go this week.

      3. BBCan 3 had too many twists and what seemed like blatant production interference. It was so disappointing. BB17 hasnt had any twists and little excitement, equally disappointing. I’ve watched a few episodes/highlights of Celebrity BB UK vs USA. Wow, it’s crazy!! We need some crazy in ours!

        1. I Agree production messed up BBCAN3 with the twists but I liked the houseguests and house more than BB17.
          CBBUK16 is great I love it so far. The people are bat shit crazy.

  6. What did Liz expect? There are only 6 left and he sure wasn’t going to choose Johnny or Vanessa. Of all seasons I have watched, I do not remember anyone reacting this badly to being nominated

      1. LOL. Good one! And you are right…. Audrey was horrible poor sport. But Liz is close second….hating James yesterday and wanting him today.

  7. only been voting for dawg in the poll !!! james was only one with any balls and since he is gone the rest of these sheep are not worthy of a vote…pathetic is giving them way too much credit

      1. I think James went out too early to win America’s Favorite. My bet is that Johnny Mac is going to win the award.

    1. James made strategic errors. Liking him or hating him put aside and JUST looking at his game moves and his strategy:
      He made ‘big’ moves when he had hoh, and said he wasn’t afraid of big moves. This makes him a target of anyone that considers themselves the next ‘big’ target in the game. Go ahead and make big moves, but downplay how big they are to the rest of the house.
      He made his word mud when he broke it. Every time he broke it. Most publicly the wall deal.
      He saw his alliance being picked off. He saw two un-aligned players and didn’t pull them in to his alliance. He left them free agent to be picked up by the other side.
      He decided his only option was to beast every comp, but refused to study up for mental comps. or take chance comps into account.
      His last strategies to Meg before the double eviction were unclear. Maybe join up with Liz and Julia because the others were obvioulsy more of an alliance? Target Johnnymac and Steve? Target Austin and Liz with Vanessa backup? This means he spent too much time in seclusion, not enough observing. He figured the rest of the house was together, but didn’t know who was controlling the alliance, and who were the weak links that could be turned or exploited.
      Out of sight, out of mind is one thing, but in the last three weeks he was an ostrich putting his head in the sand thinking that made him invisible. He couldn’t see them, so thought they couldn’t see him. If there’d been 15 people in the house still that would be fine, he’d have other people there to camouflage him like in week 2 or 3. there were now 8 in the house. Not enough of a crowd to hide in.
      Strategic errors cost him his shot at 500k. Too bad, he could be entertaining.
      Take solace in the thought that others’ strategic errors could be just as costly moving forward.

      1. James also went on a rant on how he was going to take Vanessa out and he didn’t care who knew it. Then he went up to the HOH room and put his tail between his legs and tried to cut a deal. Once he said he was going to target her everyone told her that and his fate was sealed.
        I’m not a Vanessa fan but she runs this house. Hopefully Julia wins the veto and the house gets flipped.

  8. I know this is a bizarre question, but wouldn’t it be a good idea if, before or after the veto (not sure which is best), one of Steve, Jmac or Vanessa pull Julia aside and tell her that they’ve learned Austin is the target and Liz was nominated because she’s the only one in the house that would vote to save him 100%? Include Austin has been telling people to get rid of Julia because he controls Liz, and Austin was breaking up the scamper squad by telling everyone to get rid of Julia, so they couldn’t trust him anymore, and had to nominate him because they were all expendable to Austin?
    Perhaps this is safer to save until after veto. If Austin loses veto tell all?
    Does anyone think this would work? Would it strategically quell the twins from their declaration of war stance?

    1. I prefer Liz go first – don’t care which way the other two are evicted. Guess your a twins fan – Would like Van to go in between the last of the 3 out. Can’t have everything so just would like to see JM one of the last 2 standing.

      1. I’m not a twins fan.
        I’m operating off of the premise that Jmac and Steve said they wanted to take out Austin this week last night. Steve and Vanessa also considered getting out Austin last night.
        If that is the way they are going, i’m considering the best way they can accomplish the task.

    2. Exactly what I was thinking. And I do believe that Steve and jmac will wait until after the veto.. They will wait until Austin is in dr and get the twins up and then spill everything. Look at what Steve is saying in his hoh room. Suckers indeed. Austin is going to get a front door blind side as long as he doesn’t win veto. And since he believes he is Not the target he may very well throw it. Austin grosses me out. I do admire the art work of his tats, but that all that I can admire about him.

    1. I’m not a violent person but I wish I could knock Steve upside the head and tell him Stop the really poor acting! He needs to go home to his mommy soon..enough already

  9. This is gold! The bimbo twins have talked shit about everyone and reveled in seeing people go down. Now it’s their turn and they are the worst, poorest sports. They deserve everything that is coming their way. Just last night after the double they were saying it’s time to get rid of Steve and now they’re saying they would’ve never done this to him… Save it!! They are completely delusional, whiny, spoiled brats. Good riddance!!

  10. Yes….yes….yes!!!!!! It’s about time.
    I would loooooove is Austin or Liz went this week! It would be less anoooyyyying!

  11. I’m sorry I don’t like Van one bit, but she has played the game when everyone wanted her out, and has survived. I don’t want her to win at all! But these twins are spoiled little bit#hes, and have talked trash about everyone. It for some freak, screwed up reason either of them win, they would be one of the worst BB winners in a long time. Can’t stand listening to them talk, they act middle schoolers. I for one will be glad both are out. My hope ended when James left, but at this point I hope either Johnny or Steve do win. The Austwins and Van have had their day in the sun, now it’s time to take them all out.

  12. You’re the person who can dish it out, but you sure the HELL CAN’T TAKE IT. BOO HOO..I can only hope that either of these BITCHES..don’t win weto..I’d really love to see Liz leave…

  13. have seen many comments reguarding the possibility that austins “girl” on the outside was a inflateable..maybe if liz gets the boot a little 3 way in steves hoh withthe teddy bear, something tells me that poor teddy has been violated many a time by steve lol

  14. Cut the girl {Liz) a break. The house is stressful and she and her sister did Scamper Squad a solid by getting out James and this is the thanks she gets? I hope Julia surprises all and wins another veto so Steve will have to choose- Jmac or Van. That would be the time to tell of Austin’s twin betrayal. But only then.

  15. Who’s emotional now? Liz? Y’all was talkin all that shit about Meg, now you acting even worst.

    Summer Camp over THOT, welcome to Big Brother.

  16. Looks like a cockroach is about to get stepped on!! Good for me…one less competitor to deal with in my world!!

  17. Who are we kidding , ourselves? Those girls are not going anywhere. They were put there to torture our ears. BOY is very cocky right now. He’s been on my last nerve for weeks now. I really would be happy if LIZ/Julia were going. I seriously doubt that will happen tho… Damned shame. Spoiled brats!!

  18. Imagine if Austin won the veto and took himself down. Steve puts up Julia…Liz goes to Jury…

    I wonder if Julia would self evict…

    For the love of all that is holy, the producers better not put that stupid red button in the house. They haven’t had any “twists” since week 2 and they need to stay dead.

  19. Simon or Dawg,
    Could you please add another thumb to indicate “LOL” ? So many good comments I want to LOL.
    Thanks for all you guys do, please know it is appreciated!

  20. Just as comment above.lizard had no sympathy for any going crying for james?? Do not like both the twits or venessa blablabla bully till end.johnny mac final 2!!

  21. Poor Liz! She’s soooooo upset because why? Steve won’t be a nice guy and just let her win the game??? Get over yourself bimbo! Oh and I’m curious, wonder how your mom feels about your filthy mouth? Here’s hoping you’re the next one out the door!

  22. I love final four week. Cant wait. Always have the fools clamoring not to be put up still. Like they do not realize that week that hoh has no real power. Just to be safe. Final four week all power is in hands of pov winner unless the hoh happens to win it. Pov winner takes self off and o ly remaknkng possibilities are the other two non hoh players. Yet they still clamor like it matters. Pov holder also has sole vote that week.

  23. The twits are the most despicable people to ever enter the BB house. As James was going out the door one of them yelled “we love you James”. Then as soon as he was gone and they were alone they started trashing him. They talk bad about every person in the house, including Liz’s “boyfriend”. So glad to see her breaking down now that she is faced with getting evicted.

      1. I agree Amanda was trashy but I don’t recall her talking about the others as bad as these two do. If she did she wasn’t two-faced about it. It’s one thing not to like someone and let them know it, its another to totally trash someones character and looks for no reason then turn around and act all chummy. The twits just have the attitude that they are better than anyone else.

  24. Its hilarious watching Austin try to do damage control with the Twins mouths. He is actually likeable with his back against the wall. Liz, not so much.

  25. Hey Lizzard, Karma’s a B!#$%$… I guess you won’t be making condescending comments in the DR this week while snapping your fingers. Get the steppin’.

  26. All I can hope for is for one of the twins to win. I do not like either of them but it’s what these idiots deserve. Johnny Mac does nothing but throw comps, Steve sniffs Vanessa’s a$$ and blindly follows her, Vanessa is a cry baby who cries bully and thinks she’s the only one with morals and her and Austin the Douche wanted so bad to keep the twins in the game. They deserve to lose. I’m glad James is gone too. Didn’t have the balls to tell Vanessa they made a deal for him to keep himself off the block with one other person when he was HOH. Idiots!! Go Julia and Liz!!!

  27. I hope Liz, Austin and Vanessa get Boooo-ed when they come out of the BB house on eviction day (yes, I still have hopes they are going to get evicted). Hoping for Steve and JMac for Finally 2, just by process of elimination.

  28. OMG! It’s about damn time – nice looking pair of balls there Steve – Finally!!! Yes, Liz – You are a f–king cockroach! No truer words Austin: “It’s a miracle we made it to 6!” Liz says” “people are stupid for keeping us here for so long.” YES!!! Liz – they were!! And last – but not least of my rant – if Liz mentions she was HOH yesterday one more time – I’m gonna have to go fix me a bologna sandwich! Go JMac & Steve!!! And James for America’s Favorite Player!!!

  29. Patriots and nfl starting so that’s cool- got my first real taste of bb this summer, definitely kept me entertained. Done watching for now, check out the finale to see who grabs the cash . Hopefully it can be re-worked and cast better. What type of legitimacy can a half million $ show have where one of the last few players is inconsolably crying, vowing revenge . It’s laughable . The twins ruined the game in every way . If they don’t want to get canceled get more Derrick / Vannessa types in same season. Jason was pretty good, even Steve. ( as much of a pussy as he is) but fuckin Jackie ? Meg ? C’mon dude – more shake up too. I would have been glued to tv. After week 2 I should not have been able to pick the evicted HG EVERYTIME ! Way too predictable. It was pretty dope though, lotta funny shit. Thanks S and D ! Big sexy 40 is on ta the next . Peace out bb fans . Deuces

    1. Peace out Big sexy – gonna miss ya! Enjoyed your posts! You should at least check in on the finale – I’m hoping for a JMac/Steve final 2 & def. James for AFP. Gotta say though, luv me some NFL & Patriots too!

    2. I’m sorry but what? You definitely must not have the feeds. I like Jason but in what way was he “good”? He literally slept and sat out back and smoked 24/7. He didn’t do SHIT.

      Oh and the patriots are pathetic cheaters. Always have been. You know it’s bad when quarterbacks from opposing teams refuse to even talk about plays in the locker room because they know that shit is bugged. Lmao the patriots SUCK and can’t win shit without cheating.

  30. I love it ! It is so funny seeing Liz crying. She forgot how last week when Meg was crying, she said sorry, not sorry, stop crying. Karma is a bitch, now I hope she does not win the POV, I want to see her remain on the block, she’s not sitting on top of the world now. Reality has sunk in and she has a chance to see how others who were on the block felt, her and her sister always made fun or talked trash about people on the block, karma is a BITCH, just like Liz & Julia.

    Someone needs to teach Austin how to console & comfort people, he told Liz 3 months ago she did not feel like this, and 3 months from now, she will not feel like this. What the hell, it is going to take her 3 months to get over being on the block, she was all in last night when Julia said before the HOH comp, if she wins, she was putting Steve and JMac on the block, and her target was Steve. My how things have changed LOL…..

  31. It’s comic that Liz is taking this so hard and personal, yet nominating people for eviction when she was HOH was no big deal. This is Big Brother, dummy. Deal with it, or go home.

  32. I honestly can’t believe the shit that comes out of the twins’ mouths. How can they talk about people like that? Don’t they have a conscience?

  33. I hope Austin wins pov then one of the twins go home in venssa plans mess up
    then next week Austin wins hoh in put up steve an johnny mac an johnny mac wins veto
    in put up venssa

  34. Cant wait for julia to win pov and steve will bassically seal either vannessa or johns fate :P hmmmmmmmm i honestly wish the worst on all three of them :P expecially steve ! HOH fail 2.0 sending his friends home like its nobody buisness

  35. What i like about this week’s nominations?
    Now, no player can make it to jury and say, “My game was so good that i was never on the block and never in danger of leaving so give me the check.”

  36. Poor Liz…her feelings are hurt.come on! ..Austin hasn’t done much of anything in this game except slobber on Liz and parade around with no shirt OH and do hand stands. Steve is ridiculous…working way too hard to appear awkward and innocent, all an act ..throwing up in the sink was over the top antics. Can’t wait for Austin to go but I will be elated if Steve could get blind sighted….he thinks he’s way too cleaver for that to happen.

  37. Amazing how Liz has not once thought or mentioned to Austin, I’m sorry you are on the block. This is your first time, and it sucks that we are up together, but the most important thing Austin said while he was comforting Liz. “None of this is Real”. So true Austin, just apply that to your relationship with Liz, because it also is not REAL !!!!!

    Damn I hope JMac wins the POV, I do not want Julia, Vanessa or Austin to win the POV. Julia, has already told Liz, Austin will not be like Clay and save Liz, talk about two selfish bitches. And then they talk trash about the letter they received from their mother? How Low can you go !

  38. Vanessa keeps annoying Steve about getting Julia to throw the veto. Steve is trying to explain to her why in the world would she do that. Vanessa is believing her own mist that it could happen. In her mind I see a picture of the eveready battery pink bunny going around and around! Her mind never stops with all these crazy theories.

    1. Vanessa is very worried that if Julia wins the veto and Liz comes down, she will be the replacement nominee. Just shows how really paranoid she is that she won’t even trust her most loyal minion. I sure wouldn’t want to be Steve if Julia does win the veto. Vanessa will not let him out of her sight and she will hound him 24/7 to get JMac put up.

  39. Simon, I have had problems with my credit card online uses. Is there a P.O. Box or address I could send a donation . You deserve it!! Thank you!!

  40. Who is the target really? Who is Steve calling sucker? I usually know what is going on, but this bunch lies so much to each other it’s hard to know what is true.

    1. There is no target this week they are voting out the pool shark.

      Either of the twins unless Julia wins veto then maybe Austin or Vanessa.

    2. I am assuming he is talking about the twins. They assumed he was clueless and helpless. Turns out, he is not. They assumed he was in their back pockets and do everything they wanted him to do until it was time for him to walk out the door giving them the final 3. They truly are suckers. Just like the ones born every minute per PT Barnum

  41. Vanessa just formed a 6 person alliance including her, Steve, Austin, Liz, Becky in the jury house, and the whale mural by the skybridge.

    She then convinced Steve to nominate the King and Queen from the chess set and offered to buy the kitchen ants a new car!

    She IS the QUEEN of strategy! Sorry, Dr Will, not sorry!

  42. As I thought…..Liz and Austin on the block. What I didn’t realize..was just HOW delusional Liz is!!
    She is clueless….did she never think that players would try and separate them?
    That she and Julia would just swan themselves to final 2?
    What a joke. Talk about entitled.
    I hope Austin comes off the block..and that Julia is sitting next to Liz.
    And that Liz is voted out.
    That would be delicious. I also hope that someone spells it comforting. The hard facts about this game.
    But there will be venom..tears and whining.
    The only thing I’m disappointed that Austin, Liz and Julia are not on slop.
    Then they could feel just how tough it was for Meg and James.
    They need a reality check. Sharpish.

  43. Hey Dawg, if JMac gets voted out you will be #1 in the poll!! Bet that would be a first.

    That was just an observation….I DO NOT want JMac to go. He’s my guy!

  44. Damn.
    Austin and Liz are like the best diet ever.
    Eat and watch them on the feeds, you throw up.
    Watch them on the feeds when you’re hungry, you lose your appetite.

  45. I hate the twins more than any tv personalities in history . I’m 56 . Been in a wheelchair my entire life. That is a lot of tv watching !!! More Liz than Julia . If I had a chance to walk for one day or have 5 minutes to tell them how I feel in person … One ticket to Miami please :)

  46. I can’t stand liz/julia…..never thought i would say this…but i hope julia wins the veto, takes liz off the block…forces steve to put up vanessa or john… I hope he choose vanessa and julia/liz vote her out:):)….James,Jackie,Meg,Shelli,Beckie will be soooo happy:)…I WILL TOO:)

  47. LOL did you really think they weren’t going to take a shot at you two twin terrors? I mean WHOOO in their right minds would take you two to the final 3 with them?? TOO funny! Let them fireworks begin ill just sit back and enjoy this twin toddler tantrum meltdown!

  48. Oh please! Johnny MAC is pitiful and a terrible player. He’s been helped by everyone in the house. He was given the boot and lucked out by getting back in. He’s going to get the pity vote in the form of AFP. Or BB will make sure he gets to the end because of fan favoritism and bias.

  49. lol!!! Liz orders Austin NOT to play chess with Steve this week….their maturity level is lower than high school hahah

  50. Vanessa says if Julia wins the veto they will make a deal with her for her not to use it and they will send Austin home.
    Steve – what will her incentive be she can save her sister and herself anyways by just using it
    vanessa- OK let me think
    Vanessa – that’s a good question.. not quite there yet.Ok


  51. I am losing track of all of van’s accomplisments…help me out…uh…lawyer (duke…done in Three years with a triple major…pro poker player…DJ (Berkeley, ofcourse)… now economics major with thesis in strategic bullshit analysis…oh forgot swimsuit model, former hetero, consummate liar, addict, self-delusional…community theatre, animal rights activist…what did I leave out?

    1. You forgot “wife” (back when she was married to the poker player who then died of cancer. Oh, that’s right, she left him while he was ill).

  52. Yea now as long as Johnny Mac doesnt get back doored then this is a good week doesnt matter who out of the 4 goes but as long as one of them Vanessa Austin or a twin

  53. All this ranting about the twins is just nonsense. At one point the entire house was on board to get the psycho bitch out of the house, yet nobody had the testicular fortitude to pull the trigger. Week after week, whoever won HoH, Vanessa would corner the winner and personally pick who was going on the block….”we” need to this and that, while making side deals with the eunuchs. Last night on BBAD, the funniest tweet of the season popped up about hurrying things up with Vanessa’s HoH room. At this point, I almost hope she wins just because the others in the house are complete idiots.

  54. “i would have never done this to him ever!!” if she won HOH wouldn’t she have put up steve & johnny mac? LOL.

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