Alex – “I don’t know how he doesn’t see the writing on the walls? Like how stupid is he?”

Raven .. WTF

9:00pm Paul, Josh and Xmas
Xmas says Raven is in the HOH dancing by herself, “I can’t even look at her”
Xmas – Why did we get rid of Matt first (see image above )
Xmas – we f*ed up so bad

Paul – Josh, trust that we’re all better than everyone
Paul – I will protect you
Paul – you’re forgetting you have us, you think we’re going to let anything happen to any of us..
Paul – You gotta be confident fool, no pussy footing around
Paul – if you want to get to final 3 now’s the time to strap up and seriously win sh1t

Paul – I’ve calculated everything a million times.. Trust me..and if anything goes wrong I’m the one that’s going to take the heat. And I know you don’t want that

Paul – Also understand that we all play in the veto now so even if me and you are up or you and xmas are up, I win the veto pull one of you off and it’s done because we have the votes.
Paul – there’s no tie next week .. we have the numbers no matter what happens..
Paul – we also have Raven so it’s virtually impossible for something wrong to happen. (sounds like a fun final 3 weeks)
Paul – even if Alex wins guaranteed one of them will be Kevin (nominations)
Xmas – Raven will be gone before Kevin

Paul – I don’t know what you’re trippin
Josh – I’m not tripping .. I’m not tripping
Paul – you can be apologetic.. I’m sorry I’m sorry it’s the game I’m sorry (when he tells Jason and Alex he’s voting Jason out this week)
Paul – and then me and you have to fight
Paul – after 2 days we can link back up it doesn’t matter .. after the veto doesn’t matter..
Paul – we’ve dealt with Mark/Elena, Cody /Jessica
Xmas – we’ve ben f*ing lethal
Paul – we’re in the final steps why would we freak out now.. WHAT THE F*
Paul – I understand it’s hard but do you know what’s harder? seeing one of us go then you’ll be f*ed up.. Trust me, I’ve been there literally.
Xmas – we haven’t dealt with that yet
Paul – you’ll cry I’ll cry you’ll cry we’ll all cry
Paul – You’ll be pissed off and your game will be thrown off
Paul – if it’s not them it’s one of us you’ll have to think of it that way
Paul – even if she thinks you are doing something you’re not a threat in her eyes (Alex)

Alex comes in.. Complains about Kevin looking for Jason
Paul – it’ doesn’t matter all the stupid shit that he’s doing
Paul – I understand you getting pissed but if we call him out then what get him f*ing hyped again

Paul – it doesn’t f*ing matter
Josh – yeah
Alex – wait, we’re not doing that
Paul – if we’re going to call him out we should call him out on
Alex – Game play
Paul- gameplay
Alex – I don’t know how he doesn’t see the writing on the walls , Like how stupid is he
Paul – pretty stupid

Alex – how does he not see it coming
Alex – he thinks she’s 100% safe
Alex – he thinks me and you (xmas) are stupid because we’re women
Xmas – yes
Paul – he thinks that all women are stupid (no he doesn’t)
Josh – he thinks we’re all stupid
Paul – he talks about his dad but his mom raised him
Alex – his dad is a scumbag
9:08pm Alex retells a story from Kevin about his dad, “He use to take me to the park until 2am we use to sleep at the bar you’re so cool f* off you dumb”
Alex – you’re dad’s a scumbag
Paul – he has respect for that so weird
Xmas – he had 7 kid..
Raven comes in

11:35pm JOsh camera time.

Josh – the only benefit I see from this for me..
JOsh – the only way to make this work to my benefit ios if I have a conversation with Alex and Jason.
Josh – they (xmas/Paul) don’t want me to have but I’m going to f*ing have it
Josh – if it pisses them off f*ing send me next week

JOsh – I don’t give a single flying f* at this point
JOsh – I’m going to have a conversation and make it clear why I’m sending out Jason
JOsh – Hopefully, when Jason gets to Jury he’ll say JOsh and Xmas vote me out
JOsh – they see the clip and they respect the game move.. this is the only way I see this happening jury being fine

Josh says this is a way better plan than the “Fight blow up” Paul wants to create

Josh – does it say stupid written on my forehead, what the f* do I look like..
Josh – my old man use to tell me to tell people how smart you are but at this point I’m like f* that
Josh – these f*ers really think that I’m a dummy

JOsh – these meatballs they think they’re playing me like what the flying f*
JOsh – stop trying to pull a fast one on me pal.. chill relax..

JOsh – he’s (paul) playing such a good game, such an aggressive game
Josh – for these people not to catch wind to it, I’m mind blown..
JOsh says Paul will continue to be an ally of us
Josh – now he’s doing things that affect him.. touch the breaks
Josh – I’ve never questioned his motive until now
JOsh says Paul is trying to pull a quick one on him and is messing up what they had.
JOsh – You pull a quick one.. I’ll pull a f*ing quick one

1:33am Josh and Paul playing chess

Josh – you didn’t tell jason me and xmas might be a thing
Paul – are you stupid why the f*
Xmas joins them “Where is everybody”
Josh – in bet
Paul – tell her what you just ask me ..
JOsh – I was asking if he told Jason we were together..
Paul – you are the only person left alone.

Xmas says Alex thinks she has her and Josh in her pocket.
Paul – you know what else hse has in her pocket?
Paul pulls out his middle finger

Xmas says Kevin is freaking out and spreading paranoia to Jason.
Paul – Kevin thinks I’m not using the veto it makes sense why he’s telling Jason “I have your back I have your back”
Paul explains that Jason and Kevin will team up if Alex goes.
Paul – when I pull Alex off he’s (kevin) is going to sh1t his pants
Paul says when Kevin confronts him he’ll be like “taking Alex out is not good for my game is it good for your game”

Paul – dude, Raven is the worst
Xmas – I miss matt
Paul – no no no we did right
Paul – remember when she said she wasn’t born with gastroparesis

Paul – when she was 12 she stopped eating and people thought she was doing it on purpose
Paul – she told Alex that she was born with vomiting that caused gastroparesis

Xmas – what
Paul – you said it was onset when you were a teenager you weren’t born with it
Paul – she told Alex when I was born I was born fine
Xmas – can we get a montage of her contradicting lies (houseguests are fully onto raven)

JOsh says raven never talks about that with him
Xmas – when she was 15 she got her first pacemaker
Paul – she said the Doctors were denying it they thought it was all in her head
Xmas – yeah
Paul – I remember having that conversation with erh

2:05am Paul and Xmas going over them having to talk to Josh becuase he’s been tripping

2:09am HOH josh, Xmas and Paul
Paul – you gotta stop trippin
Josh – I’m not tripping and I’m not paranoid.. If I ask questions..
Paul – don’t be pissed off
Josh – if I ask questions and if I have a different approach or another plan why can’t I voice that
Paul – you gotta wait for the right time
Paul – when you asks me did you tell Jason.. that’s trippin dawg
Josh – no ..
Paul – when he mentioned it It was the first time I’ve heard it to and I looked at you
JOsh – if it didn’t come from you it came from Kevin..

Paul – don’t say Paulmas and sh1t bro that’s the stupidest thing you could do
Xmas – why would you do that
Paul – in the rose room.. you played yourself..
Xmas – you can’t whisper that anywhere .. especially to Raven
Paul says now Raven will suspects that Paul is with xmas and doesn’t care about her.
Paul – you gotta think bro
Xmas – she’s annoying and she’s yappy but she’s not stupid
Paul – I’m already in a bad mood with her
JOsh – I slipped up
Paul – Food you can’t slip up we’re at the end of the game.. at this point of the game there’s no slipping up
Paul – you have to get your head on right bro.. you have to play stupid you have to play the JOeh like week 4.. just play dumb that’s your role that’s your character

Paul – you gotta play dumb, what is saving you is the underestimation.. if you start gassing up and doing crazy sh1t you will be a threat to Alex..
Paul – you know why you’re not a threat to Alex because she thinks she has you in her pocket and she thinks she can beat you..

Paul explains to Josh how he can convince Alex to take a shot at Kevin and Raven not Josh,Xmas as longs as they keep up the act.
They agree Alex has cracked under pressure but Paul points out that she almost won the veto this week.
Paul – if she thinks she’s getting f*ed she’ll turn up
Paul – we need to bamboozle Alex to beat her she is a warrior she’ll fight
Paul tells him they’ve almost made it to the end.

JOsh – we’re locked in with the plan right.. JOsh – i know what’s coming my way
Josh – they are going to eat me up
JOsh – they are going to blow up on me
Paul – they are not.. they are going to blow up if you blow up.. what are they going to say

Josh – i’m thinking we don’t use the veto right.. She told Alex she was a pawn and she told JASon he was the target she’s been honest. (Xmas)
JOsh – you can still tie in Alex.. she can tie in Alex (xmas)
JOsh – like Alex you’re the pawn these are the reasons why
JOsh – that gives the house the option to take out Jason..
JOsh thinks Paul’s plan is genius but says Paul’s now the one close to Alex and him and Xmas are instantly associated.
Josh – my game is exposed at that point

JOsh – if she takes the shot and I voted with her .. there goes my game.. they’ll know where Josh stands
Paul – you’ll tell them the day before.. I can’t beat you it’s not personal
Josh – you honestly don’t get any blood on my hands because she’s asking you guys not to use the veto
Josh – I’m going to get blood because I’m going to tell him.. (Jason)
Paul – then next week when I take a shot at Alex i’m not getting blood on my hands..
Paul – if you don’t want blood on you hands Josh just say it and I won’t use the veto
Josh – we’ll go with your plan ..

Josh thinks Alex wants Jason to go
Paul – we can assume that but it might be her plan so we disassociate them.. they could be swindling us just like we’re swindling them.
Paul – you are saying that Alex and JAson who have been together since day one like us don’t give a f* about each other

Josh – my way we’re all going to get heat..
Paul – why would we all want heat if that is what we’re trying to avoid this f*ing thing

2:39am HOH

Josh says he’s 100% ok with then plan
Josh – it’s hard for me to do that to whistle
Paul – it’s part of the game
Xmas- I know.. you think i want to be in this position
Xmas – I’m having the time of my life this week
Xmas – Ravens being a f*ing psychopath and Kevin’s being a f*ing flip flopper
Josh agrees with her
Xmas – let me finish.. PLEASE .. you think I wanted to put him up.. he’s got a f*ing baby on the way.. he forfeited 50 thousand dollars to be here..

Paul to Josh – it’s a hard game hommie
Xmas – I cried by myself today so I know you are in a tough space.. but we all are.
Xmas – we have to share that burden
Xmas – toher you get into you feels and you lose this f*ing game or you get your head in the f*ing game.. trust this team and we go all the f*ing way
Josh – I trust you guys 100%
Paul – you know what’s even harder.. when you are sitting on the block next to me or when you are sitting on the block next to xmas that’s even harder.
Paul – you know when that will happen? when we f* up
JOsh – I’m over it, I’m sorry, I love you guys
Paul – love you buddy..

2:45am they agree that Raven will vote out jason because he’s the stronger competitor over Kevin.

3-4:20am Paul cleaning his nose drinking a beer with Xmas.
Paul and Xmas chit chat.. family, careers, business, church, tatoos.. etcetcetcetc


5:11am Paul and Xmas
Still up .. wtf go to bed people

Paul says last year was more hostile and there was clear enemies.
Paul says this year everyone is a pussy except for them.
Paul says last year they were mean to each other.
They start complaining about Mark splashing the cup of hot sauce in josh’s face.

Paul – I was super disappointed with have nots this season.. it was boring.
Paul says last years have nots got to eat things like Garlic bread and beans.
Paul thinks the fans didn’t like that so they made it tougher, “it was more miserable”

PAul says Kevin isn’t as hard as he plays to be.
Paul – if you try to check me I’ll check you back..
Paul calls Kevin a b1tch

Paul – I hate that he thinks he’s hard and can mad dog on you.. hommie I will sh1t all over you
Xmas says Kevin use to be a big shot caller in life he’s arrogant.
Xmas – we’ll keep you around and kick you out when we need to
Paul says Kevin thinks he’s playing them all.

5:23am Xmas and Paul

Xmas says the storm watch night was one of her favorite nights
Xmas – everybody was hanging out.. it was fun
Paul – Jessica and Cody just sleep.. ok
Xmas – so much disrespect for this game. (yet never a peep about matt)
Paul – that’s why I had no respect for them because they had no respect for the game.. (what a tool)
Paul – no speeches.. they made a fool of themselves and they tried to make a fool of the game but really they just showed they were f*ing idiots
Paul – why come on Big BRother .. you say you’ve been watching since you were kids yet you were absolute dipshits this season.
Paul and Xmas give Cody and Jessica ths cuk award.
Paul – cody in jury is funny..
Xmas – he’s probably really fat now (what a inspiration)

5:41am Paul and Xmas still up talking about Raven now. They agree she’s a pathological liar

Paul brings up Raven’s mom being hit by lightning
Xmas – that will fry her pacemaker
Paul – that’s what I said.. she didn’t have a pacemaker than
Paul – it’s Raven’s Believe it or not.. (LOL that’s funny )
Paul – inverted spine, Olympic athlete, LIghtening .. what’s next..
Xmas says she use to watch that show, “You should tell her she should have her own show because she’s so amazing”

Paul – did you not hear me.. [Raven said] I have a family member that was on the titanic.. I said Wow raven you’re a exceptional Human being ..
Xmas – she said Thank you .. you didn’t say exceptional you said anomaly and she said thank you without missing a beat
Paul – you have a disease that only 2 families in the world have, Your mom was struck by lightning, you had a family member on the titanic but you don’t know their name, your spin is inverted, your in Mensa you graduated at 16,
Xmas – olympic athlete
Paul – and you have rough kneecap syndrome
Paul – that’s so many things
Xmas- and there’s so many smaller things

9:16am People are starting to wake up. JAson making Coffee. Xmas in the HOH brushing teeth.

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So predictable

If and when Paul makes it to final three. He will win the first hoh and Josh will probably win the 2nd comp if it’s physical as Xmas could not compete and loses because she has to sit out yet again.

Josh loses final hoh comp to Paul.
Paul takes Josh and clips Xmas at 3.
Josh has pissed off everyone in jury house as he does what his master Gnome asks him with all the bullying.
Paul wins 500K.
Boom done!

… most predictable season ever. Rolls eyes … 😉


i’m hoping on finals night after Paul wins he takes off his mask to reveal Arya Stark.


Paul needs to get rid of that stupid thing hanging on him…also please get rid of the Pelican..


The float i.e. Covers up Paul’s pot belly. The dude has a weird torso.


he is a midget


Lol–me tooooo!!

Rhymes With Witches

I wonder if Alex and Christmas will leave straight from the finals to go to The Bad Girls Club.

When is the veto ceremony?

Paul the Punk

The veto meeting is this afternoon.




That is hilarious!


Haha haha that’s hilarious! That would be AWESOME!!!

Not Jason's Holly

They are so stupid. They will probably throw those last comps, too!

Alex Butterface

I hope that feral cat goes this week. She is a witch.


But that’s precisely why Paul is setting up Josh to be the next to go…and why all he does is target guys Cody, Mark, Matt, Jason. And Paul is wise enough to know that a final 3 with Josh and Xmas means he could be each one’s 2nd choice…he wants a final 3 where he’s everybody’s 1st choice, he’d be dumb to bank on having to win.

His ongoing campaign against Raven and Kevin is for jury…those are his ideal final 3. He’d love Alex to take out Josh, then Xmas take out Alex for revenge, then Raven take out Xmas because “it’s a game” and viola he’s with 2 people who likely can’t win.

Problem is he’s overplaying, micro-managing to such a degree, I think if Josh goes next week, it’ll be real easy for the girls to see what he’s done orchestrating the removal of their partners and flip on him. Xmas has ongoing efforts to reach out to Alex and Raven, which makes the note-comparing on Paul very easy.


Except for one thing…they have been allowing xmas to sit out of comp after comp i dont find it out of the realm of possibility that as ludicrous as it seems they also allow her to do that in a final comp. Just sayin…she could win and that would suck.


I don’t find anything about Raven being a fake on the internet

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

OMG….Raven’s mother on here again. You can’t goggle her name without sites, blogs and tweets of things coming up on that scammer.


Meatball, listen to your instincts. Paul is taking Alex off to benefit his game only, so he comes out looking like the savior. You have nothing to gain by this move other than looking like you and Christmas orchestrated it. Paul, once again, comes out clean. Next week, he will be like, “oh they wouldn’t listen to me when it told them to vote out Kev, blah, blah, blah…”


“Meatball, listen to your instincts”

*Cough* you mean listen to production *Cough*

Production knows fans are not happy with this season. Whether it was a “Josh, do you think this move only benefits Paul?” or what, something was said to him.


Alex you are the one who is stupid because YOU are not seeing the writing on the wall. I can’t wait to see your smug face when you realize it’s you who has been had

My three-year old twins are smarter than Alex

Well, Josh and Christmas are in a tough position. It’s definitely a good idea to break up Jason/Alex while you can, but I think you absolutely need to get Paul at the upcoming DE. If you don’t, he wins 500k. It’s that simple. I think deep down, Josh is willing to. Christmas is not. That will be their downfall. The only people that can conceivably win this game are Paul, Kevin, or Christmas/Josh. I would say Paul has about 95% of winning right now, Kevin has about 3%, and whoever’s left between Christmas/Josh has about a 2% chance. Everyone else has a 0% chance.

Also, Alex got such a terrible edit last night. She came off as SOOOOO dumb. I don’t watch feeds. Is she really THAT stupid? Even after Christmas said Jason is her target, Alex STILL thought the plan was to backdoor Kevin.

sunny dee

yes, didn’t you read the recaps from this posting? alex literally may not wake up until eviction night, and even then she still might throw the hoh comp to paul or raven, and then she’d better win veto because she is next on the list. if she doesn’t realize that soon, that is. and even so, she is going to be alone, she wins this hoh might be a bad idea, all she needs to do is survive the double evict by winning veto, then winning the next hoh and/or veto to get thru it, but as it stands now, likely she will throw both for paul

To the person that felt Alex had a bad edit last night and could she be that stupid. The answer is yes but more importantly she is as mean as dirt…and has no feelings or decency to her fellow houseguests. Maybe watch a few after dark episodes you will see how bad she really is.


Alex I can’t wait to see your smug face when you realize you are the one who can’t see the writing on the wall. Too bad it’s Jason going and not YOU.

Martha Stewart

(Rude comment deleted)


(Nasty response deleted.)


(Hoping Kevin wins a pov or hoh deleted)

Martha Stewart

(Insult to intelligence deleted.)

Kid Rock

So we all just gone ignore how dumb Xmas is being right now… How can she not see how much sense Josh’s is making right now??? She is letting Paul force her to be the tiebreaker and get all the blood on her and Josh! Josh is literally telling her that it would be bad for them and she is soooooo misted by Paul that she thinks Josh is tripping out! Wake up Xmas you should have Josh back first and then Paul’s….. they have to get Paul not to use the Veto! If Paul use the Veto I hope Josh goes to Jason n Alex before eviction night!


I hope josh votes Kevin out if the veto is used. Let’s see Paul come back from that. Then the house could blow up Paul’s game. Com on Josh!

one opinion

I think Xmas is playing a smart game. She knows she had little to no chance at winning Big Brother after breaking her foot. She knows that for her to make it to the end she was going to have to have someone take her there. Who better than the guy running the whole house. She also has picked up Josh to help her along. Josh is a bigger target than Xmas and he had nobody. So she knows in order for her to get to the end she needed Paul to carry her there and Josh to help her as a number and being a bigger target. She went from being someone who should have went home weeks ago to now having a decent chance of making it to the end. If she is in the final 2 with Paul, she will at least get 2nd place money. If she somehow gets lucky and goes against Josh, she could win the game. This is why she has to keep Josh under control, cause Pauls plan also helps Xmas out. Josh has caught on to Paul’s plan, but he has yet to figure out Xmas is doing the exact same thing and is using him also. At this point I am hoping for a Josh & Xmas final 2. Not the biggest fan of either but would love to see Paul bring these 2 all the way to the end to be beat out in the last comp. Cause if Xmas or Josh wins the last comp, they would both be stupid to pick Paul to go against.


You had me until you’re “hoping for a Josh and Christmas final 2”.



Xmas is only there to promote her brand period. She has a movie coming out about her life and how she made it onto a NASCAR pit crew. I bet she had a clause in her contract for Big Brother that they could not medically terminate her if she could still get around. Remember how she talked about having her lawyer reviewing her contract and after the show she was not going to get to much money because of legal fees for the contract.
She will use her broken foot to further her brand. Her competition days were behind her already. At this point Xmas is there for the same thing as Alex and Jason to set themselves up after Big Brother. You are falling under the Paul spell by buying into Xmas crap.
She is an evil person who belittles people for her personal gain. The things she has said about people is more vile than just about anyone else in the house. She will use the excuse after the show that she was on pain killers. They only kept Xmas around because she was ideal for final two since she could not have been a force this summer and only won comps that were clearly thrown to her.
Paul’s plan only helps Paul period and you will see in his final two speech. At this point it is best for Paul to take Xmas. But he is working the situation in case Josh or Xmas win the finals. Watch Josh will be cut at final four and the final three will be Kevin & Xmas.


Captain: Just when I thought this season was at the bottom of the barrel, and then I realize that it’s the game’s biggest moron, Josh, who is the only one wise to Paul. Holy Big Brother Batman!!


I would love it if Kevin’s family decided to send a few of his “buddies” from his old neighborhood to the after party in their place. To give the inmates, I mean, house guests, that treated Kevin so poorly the stink eye would be priceless.
Paul making an earlier than expected departure, then spending a portion of the 500,000 on security.
Alex dropping to her knees with her Rosary to pray.
Christmas trying to keep them from eyeing the size of her good foot.
Josh starts crying, saying, why are you so hostile. I was just trying to have a conversation.


I still think the picture is on the wall. Next leaving is Kevin, then Raven and Josh.

Anyone BUT Raven for AFP

I’m so happy the houseguests are all on to Raven’s lying. She is starting to pour it on again thinking they’ll feel sorry for her and hand her the $500 on a silver platter. Although like everyone else I’m disappointed in the season, seeing Raven being kicked out on her ugly face is what’s keeping me watching.
There are a couple “Raven expose party’ videos by the houseguests now up, google the one with Alex and Jason. Jason figured out America hates Raven commenting she never got a temptation or hex, Julie is not asking her questions and Zingbot gave her the worse zing.
Raven is a scamming, lying, scumbag and fully deserves what’s soon coming to her.

Melting Cranium

Either these are the dumbest, most self centered people on the planet earth … or this season has been entirely scripted and staged from the beginning.


No-body could write a script this bad.


For the person who said the season has seemed scripted…there have been times where they have said something that made zero sense and backed up and repeated the sentances correctly…xmas and elena were bad for it. who knows?


You can tell xmas follows the script in the DR word for word. The phrasing is not natural for half of what she says

This is so wrong

How nice would it be if Josh follows his gut. If I was him I would reel in Alex and team up with her to take out Paul in DE. Let Alex know this was Paul’s move and he doesn’t like it. That way Paul gets blood on his hands. I know wishful thinking. Points for Josh for figuring out Paul’s plan.

Alex Butterface

Simon may need to move the Kracken bottle to Josh.


Josh: Just a minute, let me run that by Paul first.

Butters Mom

Well after watcing after dark last night and listening to Josh talk to the camera, he has figured out that Paul is playing him BUT….. dun dun dun… Josh didnt go to the big brother house this summer to play big brother… Josh came to play “friendship” and he doesnt know why Paul has decided to play big brother instead of “friendship” but thats on Paul… not Josh. So, he’s just going to go with Pauls plan. YOu see, it doesnt matter if the light bulb flickers in these dummies heads… the light never fully comes on… unless Production flat out flips the switch for them.

Lou Skunt

I’d like to see Kevin go postal and just off them all. It’d be the most exciting thing all season.

Pants on fire

Paul should really watch himself here with Kevin. Only Kevin knows that it was Paul who “ordered” him to throw out rogue votes early in the game. This could blow up on Paul. I don’t think even himself could talk his way out of that one!!


I think it would be pretty easy for him to talk his way out of it.

Paul – “Kevin’s lying. I didn’t tell him to do anything”.

Rest of the houseguests – FUCK YOU KEVIN! You’re lying! Paul didn’t do that.


I think you give Kevin too much credit. When Kevin gets flustered he doesn’t think, he reacts.


To the person who said Kevin doesnt think he reacts… how would you be if the whole house was suddenly riding you and leaving you out of a plan for weeks when all you have done is what everyone wants..thinking you were part of the plan? I would be pretty damn reactive in his shoes!


Sure he could. “Kevin is lying again”


How come I only hear Xmas’ scooter making squeaking noises on the episodes? Not on live feeds or other vids?
SO F’N STUPID….YES 2ND PLACE AND RETURN NEXT YEAR…im sure they wont get any viewers if that does happen tho, HOPEFULLY!!!

Zakiyah's used maxi pad

It’s called sound affects you retard. You must have the same IQ as the houseguests this season.

just saying

you are an ass.

Paul's Beard

Nice! Calling someone that and look what your ‘name’ is. Go somewhere else and make ridiculous comments


Just like you hear Christmas bells jingle when they say her name……its edited in.


I hear the “wicked witch of the west riding her bicycle” music in my mind when she wheels in.


I cant even imagine being in this game and just waiting to get my orders from Paul on what to do next. Absolutely, the dumbest cast ever. Josh and Kevin knows what is happening but is so scared to say anything because Paul is “Friendship”, of course.

I am sure their families are embarrassed.


Kevin’s game is trust Paul do whatever he tells me…


unfortunately at this point he has no other choice, his mistake was pairing up with paul in the first place!


Yep and as much as i love Kevin and know he will be fine after the show…..I am voting Cody for AFP because the house would expect Kevin because he is likable, voting in Cody is a big middle finger to Paul and his minions and since they love that gesture it is only fitting we give it right back. I cannot vote for anyone who drank the gnome koolaid this season

Paul's Beard.

Should vote for Kevin because of how Paul is treating him, shameful to bully someone like that.


So if there are any doubters left that this season isn’t scripted for Paul, consider the physical HOH challenge in which Xmas was allowed to play in. Paul spent an awfully long time in DR late night before the challenge. Think maybe to go over the play by play so Xmas would in no way be injured?
How can anyone root for anyone left? You all know Paul is winner. The check has already been made in his name.
All i’m interested in now is following up on their lives, and acceptance outside BB. Now that would be a great show for BB and CBS to document and make a great weekly show from. Following the idiots lives.


fagetaboutit! why follow up when everybody has already lost interest. let CBS move on to a more entertaining show

Anonymous 2

Remember Rachel and Brendon’s season, how much the online fans hated her/ them? Well, they did a meet and greet at our state fair after their season, and as my group of friends and I were walking we saw an enormous crowd. I mean thousands of people in line. Every one around us was asking who is here? We thought it was some major star. The police monitoring the lines were saying they never saw this amount of people waiting in line to meet someone. As we passed by all the people in line we came to the tent where we saw Brendon and Rachel were inside. They were taking pictures with each person in line. The state troopers doing crowd control told us they could not believe how many people were there and it was going to be a long night! No, I did not wait in that line, but did see them inside. She is a lot shorter in person. No matter how many people dislike house guests, there are WAY more that will go out to meet them. Seriously, I am not exaggerating the number of people.


Ewww ravens picked off every peice of her body now she’s trying to find something to eat by picking her nose and eating her ass oh and popping those zits lol lol lol gross stop picking and looking at it then most times put in your mouth! this chick is 10000% on meds and she’s getting the itchy scratchys. Momma fucked ya up girl! Talk about munchausing syndrome or whatever its called…..


Can’t believe I’m saying this but COME ON MEATBALL!!!!! You’re figuring it out…. so close…


The biggest lie Paul told is when he said to Alex that he only talks about marketing to Xmas.
Alex replied that Xmas only talks game to her. Lol.
Paul is sleeping in the HOH bed every night, and they only talks about marketing?
So Paul doesn’t talk game with Xmas, but he orchestrates everyone throwing the comp for HOH…so obvious he is working with Xmas and Josh! He spelled out the pecking order. Josh and Xmas standing there with dopey smiles on their faces, trying to pretend it wasn’t a total set up. Alex should wonder why would Paul want to throw it to Xmas and Josh…because they will put Kevin on the block? That is how he sold it. How would he know? Why isn’t Alex mad at Paul because he was wrong? Why is Alex still working with Paul when he misread Xmas so badly?
The whole thing is comical, and they have made a mockery of the show. Only hope is that Josh blows the talk with jalex (I think he will). Paul can’t be in the room, so I hope that Jason goes nuts and Josh spills his guts about everything, to try to clear his guilty conscience. Then it might get interesting Thursday night.

This is so wrong

I agree


Josh, so close yet so far away. Just a little longer now. Come on, you can do it .think dammit. Why does paul want alex closer if she isnt part of final 3?


After reading how Xmas was speaking to Josh, I have to wonder if she is comfortable in a leather cat suit, mask and 6 inch thigh high boots whilst wielding a riding crop, whip, paddle, etc.


I don’t know the answer but I sure am enjoying the visual.



you were looking for an alliance name and although this is a little late, I suggest The Masterbaiters. Paul and company have all been masters at baiting Kevin, Cody, Mark, etc.


Careful Taylor with comments like that you will get a Reputation.


I am now on Route 66 and ain’t nobody cruising by so must rely on a vivid imagination.


Codys huge mistake was telling the dR all of his plans he was smart about keeping it from his mates but should’ve kept it from the dr. These guys know everything and plan around them. For future reference, those who are entering the bb house, tell the dR what they want to hear and go play the game you want. Say, Oops, I changed my mind !

Vanessa is the GOAT of BB

I hate all of you.


Why has Paul gone out of his way to make sure everyone hates Kevin???? What could be the reason for that???
Yea, he’s got a convenient target when he needs one….but it never seems to work out, does it? Why is that?

I honestly don’t think Josh & Xmas are going to make it to F2. Paul’s broken up every other alliance of two. It doesn’t make sense to me that he would take them to the end.

I think it’s better to take Kevin to F2. He’s put in a lot of time making sure that Kevin wouldn’t get a single vote. And Kevin hasn’t won a single comp. I think this is where Paul is ultimately headed.

Kevin for AFP!


Because this makes Kevin the perfect person to sit next to for final 2. No one likes him and will give him the money. Hasn’t won anything. And has to credit Paul for keeping him in.


Kevin has a good shot of winning if he is final 2. Carny Grodner moved the jury in front of the audience for Ian. They are no longer sequestered during the jury questions and the jury can see the audience eye rolls and gasps and hatred when someone is answering. the audience favorite has a better chance to win when the jury cares about being popular.

Chilltown Forever

Kevin can’t win AFP if he’s in the F2 ………


Very true….but in case he doesn’t make F2…vote for him for AFP. Won’t know who is in F2 until AFP voting ends.

Glimmer of hope

At this point we all have to hope that next years cast sees this season and all say to themselves, “We can’t be that stupid this season.” So the only good thing that can come out of this horrible season of minions is that it will hopefully never happen again!

No napping, houseguests!

That’s the same way I feel about all the stupid people who voted Trump in office. Maybe this catastrophe will wake people up and they will vote the right way next time.


Hopefully. Voting communist is always the smart move.


What does this game have to do with politics??


still have slight hope( not really ) that either kevin or alex, whoever is on the chair beside jason, hopefully alex, and he tells jason what paul and the stunned bitch, xmas are plotting tells jason that the vote is supposed to be 2-2 and xmas decides on tossing jason, paul keeps hands clean and is working for jury votes, tells jason that he wants to screw this eviction for jason but needs jason and kevin to back this move. oh well i can dream i guess

Elena's Bra

My wife was sitting here watching last night’s episode (she watches maybe 50% of them) and asks if Paul was the best BB game player ever.

I started laughing… I finally calmed down and then said, as crazy is it to believe I think it is more that Paul is a good player and was put in the house with the mode stupid cast ever.

Raven's yeast infection

This season is beyond rigged. Raven knows Paul outside of the house. While Christmas is employed by Paul’s mom. She even said how nice she was one night and then Paul looked at her and they both got really quiet. Not to mention that comp yesterday’s show was completely rigged by production. They knew Krampus would hurt herself during it so they made everyone throw it. While making it look like it was Paul’s master plan. No way he could pull that off all by himself. I don’t care how good it is. Paul and Christmas will be in final two. With Paul winning. It’s so obvious.


So JOSH is the the possible savior of this season!!!! Please do something Josh….you seem to have a conscience and surprisingly a brain…..use it….for the love of God use your brain!


Josh, if you finally see through Paul’s plan and still go along, that’s worse than not being able to see it at all. Stupid is as stupid does, Josh.

Jessica's Birth Control

Josh – these f*ers really think that I’m a dummy

Josh – for these people not to catch wind to it, I’m mind blown.

Join the club meatball! Have fun watching tapes of this season you idiot!


The only thing worth watching will be Paul actually taking Kevin to F2 over all his other peeps.. Ya Played yourselves… Credit to Josh for actually figuring Paul out but zero credit for not pushing harder for him to keep noms the same


They should renew over the top for fall and use it as a chance to try out grodners replacement. Edit the shows honestly and cast real people who are competitors. I guarantee it will be way more entertaining than the forced showmance, forced girl power alliances and wanna be actors that we have been fed since AG took over.


I meant spring, I know it’s too late for fall, and I need a break from watching.

411 Needed

Just curious when and why Paul stopped making his “friendship” French fries every night…did I miss something? Whatever the reason PLEASE don’t start back…only thing i wish he’d fry is that ugly ass gnome beard and productions absurd plans to hand him half a million dollars!


Paul doesn’t want them to remember that he lied about the fries. Once they realize he’ll lie about that, there’s no way anyone would trust him. That’s heinous.

This is so wrong

I thought for sure Josh was going to spill the beans about Paul to Jason. Maybe he will. It could be he was feeling Jason out to maybe work with him. Come on get some blood on Paul’s hands out him. PLEASE


Xmas save your croc tears for someone who cares, most of the fans have your number and we don’t care.
Josh, unfortunately you wear a sign that said stupid,(you see what going on but keep playing the same) but not to worry, the others (exclude Paul) wear a sign said walking dead. Paul sign said AG and Production are my best friend.
Thanks CBS for ruining my favorite summer show! Your sign said Jackass.


Ahem… As I was saying, someone has FINALLY assembled all of the pieces of Paul’s game strategy. LO and BEHOLD, it’s JOSH!!! But before you become hopeful, I would draw your attention to the following:

After all of his spectacularly immature, obnoxious, and needlessly mean-spirited game moves, which, by the way, mostly ended with Josh himself in tears, he is choosing this particular time in his Big Brother history to shut down. If ever there was a time for Josh to let his freak flag fly and blow up, this has got to be it!

Note to Josh: Paul wants to STAGE a fight. Why not give him what he wants, but with one major script edit:

Use the “fight” to blow up Paul’s game!!! Say all of the things Christmas has been forcing you to suppress!!!
Force “friendship” Paul to reveal himself to everyone for the venomous snake he is. I promise you Paul won’t be ready for his “dumb” monkey to go on the attack. He doesn’t respect you; he is dismissive of you; when you have an opinion, he literally orders you to “shut up.”. Throw one of your famous tantrums, but make it count for something this time. Be the only HG this season, with the exception of Cody, who is not afraid to stand up to and expose Paul. And do that other thing, you know, where you drown out whatever the other person is saying. Come to think of it, PULL OUT THE POTS & PANS on him and sing your circus song!!! It makes everyone laugh and for once Paul won’ t be able to sit back and observe, or direct you.

Ahhh, but this is all just fantasy Big Brother. In reality:
1.) Alex is still holding on tight to her final 2 deal with Paul. (Remember that, sports fans?)
2.) Christmas is already less engaged in mothering Josh and, not unlike Paul, just wants him to “shut up” and let the GROWN-UPS handle the thinking and decision-making.
3.) Kevin & Raven would be a great allies, but Josh has no rapport with them.
4.) Finally, everyone is either prepping for jury duty, or hoping for second place, NEXT TO PAUL. Josh may be the only HG remaining who can envision a world in which PAUL IS ON THE JURY!!


Actually got a kick out of BBAD last night. A lot of Jason and Kevin just chilling out talking bullshit. Laughing and having a good time. No game scheming talking shit about others. A change of scenery from Paul yapping at everyone.

S### happened!!!

OK -here are the facts – Xmas knows Paul and his family, if she has a reality show coming out and a book, then this show will let America know who she really is. (a fake, phony, loud vile mouth) takes care of itself. Then there is Raven, she also knows Paul outside the house, now America knows who she is a fake, phony, loud and vile mouth, not to be lesser known as a BBAD porn star). Paul thinks or maybe is playing the game, but as a cult leader not a human being, know one would bully, start everthing that is putrid and disgusting and call it game play. Alex makes my eyes and ears bleed, however, she will get a taste of her own vomit soon! Jason, Kevin and Josh will watch back and see how Paul, Xmas played them and how they belittled them. Now the biggest and most dissapointing thing this season is CBS, Production setting all this in play, must be for rating for other show with these three (PRX). This last comp that Xmas won was so evident that CBS let her play with her foot, they set it up to be thrown to her. So Xmas, Paul and Raven are all set up with production. Where oh where is the real BB. What a shame. Hope America show these people how despicable they are. NOOOO television game show would allow some one with a terminal illness or broken foot ( 10 bones) play this game PERIOD AMERICA!!!!!!!