Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Adam wins POV

2:25pm HOH Jordan and Rachel Both are worried about Adam they wonder if he’s going to take their final 3 or JR’s final 3. (Jordan is not happy)

2:28pm KPA talking about the veto.. Adam won

Kalia is explaining to Adam if he puts Jordan up they vote her out. Than Rachel cannot compete in the next HOH and they will get to final 3. Adam brings up that Kalia has offered every single person a final 2 deal. He confronts her about voting against him last week. He’s pissed about it. Kalia swears she’s never lied to him. Kalia explains to him that JR offered her a final 4 all girls deal.

Adam knows the deals that have been offered he tells her he’s got 2 days to decide he’s still unsure what he’ll do. Kalia leaves.. Porsche in the shower. She starts telling Adam that if they can get Jordan out this week then Rachel can’t compete in the HOH and they can get to final three. Adam says he doesn’t want to talk about it right now.

(Although I loathe Kalia… seeing Adam use the POV and Send Jordan home would be epic)

2:40pm JR HOH Rachel doesn’t want to keep Kalia she thinks next HOH is questions and Kalia would win it. Sounds like they are pretty confident that Adam will not use the POV. They start weighing the pros and cons of Keeping Kalia/Porsche. Jordan is still pushing they take out Porsche. rachel argues that if they keep Kalia in the game, Kalia will win it.

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315 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Adam wins POV

    1. I don’t see him using it first of all he swore to jordon and he seems to keep his word secondly there isn’t really an upside for him keeping k or p where he does have a better shot of beating jordon for the second chair

      1. I agree, if it was R who could go up if he used it, then he might, but I don’t think he feels J could beat him, so why evict the only competitor left who he can beat, doesn’t make much sense to me. Also, he might already know he is playing for 2nd place if he goes against KPR, so I think he is playing for JJ’s heart now. I think he gave up on BB and just wants to have friends… I would love to see some action, but if he thinks about his game, it is better to evict K who can beat him at questions (which everybody claims that is what he is good at and I have yet to see). Adam, Adam, Adam, this was the competition he had to lose to stay good with both sides and he goes and wins it… I think he really want to make a statement, I’m just afraid it will be that he is with JR, and do nothing… oh well, we’ll see what happens.

        1. The thing is, he can’t beat Jordan. If Jordan goes up in the final 2 against him, he will lose. Jordan will have Jeff’s vote and Shelly wants redemption. I can’t see Brandon and Rachel voting for him over Jordan. So that is 4. He especially can’t beat her now because he will piss off Kalia and Porsche if he doesn’t use the veto.

          I don’t think he will use it, beacause he is a coward and won’t have the guys to make such a big move when he can coast and hope he wins the final three HOH contest.

          But while I think he will have trouble beating anyone, I think he is screwed against Jordan and would probably lose 7-0. At least if he did this he could argue he did SOMETHING to play the game.

          But no I don’t think he will. It is too risky of a move and he is too big of a coward.

          Although kudos to Rachel if Kalia’s vote against Adam comes back to haunt her. That was some nice bit of gameplay for Rachel, one of the few times anyone showed any.

      1. I’m a J/J fan – and I haven’t ruined anyone’s life. If someone is so involved in watching a TV show that they feel the need to threaten someone’s family – then they have a serious problem. Please don’t lump me with them.

      1. Using the veto is the only way to ensure Kalia goes home. If he doesn’t then it’s more up in the air since JR are waffling on who they want to send packing

      2. thats not nice to say she has feelings to its probaly
        not as easy as it seems to be playing in the big brother
        house and yeah i want kalia to go too but i know better not to
        make fun of her she is a huma nbeing that deserves respect
        like the rest of us right ?

    2. if adam doesnt use the veto on porsche to get out jordan i will be wild, this season has already been a snore fest since jeff and dani left, i dont watch feeds or after dark anymore i seriously hope something good happens, because pandoras box just aint cutting it.

      1. Let me see if i understand this if he uses the veto he is not a floater but if he doesn’t use it then he is even though kalia, porche and adam have been on opposite teams most of the game.

        1. Except Porsche and Adam have had a deal since the beginning… and yes, he would still be a floater. He has not made any choices on his own in this game. He has done what other people wanted him to do…he goes back and forth… He really needs to think it through. He has a better chance of winning against Kalia and Porsche than he does against Rachel or Jordan. It would not only be an epic move which would result in an all newbie final 3… it would be a smart move for him personally.

          1. Saradipity, that would be the stupidest move Adam could make. If he uses the veto he pisses Jordan and Rachel off and then they go to Jury where they tell Brendon and Jeff what Adam did and it screws Adam out of the $500,000. The vets would then control the Jury and they would make darn sure that Adam lost the $500,000. Best move for Adam is do not use the veto and then you, Porsche, Jordan and Rachel fight it out for final two. If Jordan and Rachel are sent to Jury and you and Porsche are final two Adam wins $500,000 because Jordan and Rachel have already promised Adam they would all vote for him to win. STUPID IS USING THE VETO!!!!

            1. So you are saying that Adam doesn’t use it, but Rachel and Jordan still end up in the jury house? How do you figure that will happen? If the vets control the votes and it’s adam vs jordan or rachel, he will lose. If Kalia and Porsche go to jury and it’s adam and either J or R in the final 2, then BJJ/R will vote for J/R, KPDS MIGHT vote for Adam, but who knows… because if he doesn’t use it, this week he will be responsible for either K or P going home… And Shelly might be back up Jeff’s ass by now, who knows… So either way, his chances of winning are not great, no matter who he goes up against. He needs to think about what is best for him. He has a better chance of winning against K or P if he is going to win at all. He will not win against J or R. And like other people on here have mentioned he could use it and still vote out Kalia… there are many options here. He is a fool if he thinks he will make it to the final 2 sticking with JR… he has alot to think about.

              1. Going to try and explain this to you again Saradipity.. Jordan and Rachel and Brendon and Jeff if they are all in the Jury house because say Adam and Porsche make it to final two will definitely vote for Adam to win as long as he does not screw them over by using this veto, and it is a good possibility that Porsche and Adam could be the final two left standing. It only takes four jury votes to win the $500,000 and he wins in this scenario because they have already said they would vote for him. Now, if he uses the veto and Jordan goes home because of Adam and so does Rachel there is no way that either Jordan, Jeff, Rachel or Brendon would vote for Adam to win the $500,000 because they would all be very angry at him. So in this scenario, he loses the $500,000. If he goes to final two with Jordan actually think it would be a toss up because the vets would not control the jury and the newbies do not want her to win again because she has won once. So in that scenario it would be a toss up on who wins the $500,000, and because so many newbies do not like Rachel even going to finale with Rachel it is a toss up because once again in this scenario the newbies control the jury. Adam’s best bet is not to use the veto and play like his life depends on it to get to final 2 because he actually has a shot to win as long as he does not use the veto with both Jordan, Rachel and Porsche in the finale with him.

                1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And my opinion is that Adam does not deserve to win. BUT his best move to even get to the final 2 would be to get rid of Jordan. Neither Jordan nor Rachel will take him to final 2 if the other is still in the house. Jordan will take Rachel ’cause knows everyone can’t stand her. Rachel will take Jordan because she has already won. You keep falling back on this Adam and Porsche scenario. Let’s say Porsche wins the next HOH, puts up JR, R wins the veto, adam goes up. Adam gets voted out. Let’s say Jordan wins the next HOH, Porsche and Adam go up, Porsche wins the Veto, Adam gets voted out. Let’s say Kalia wins the HOH, JR go up, R wins the veto, Adam gets voted out. Lets say Adam wins the next HOH, Porsche and Jordan go up, Porsche wins the veto… either Rachel or Jordan go home, Rachel or Jordan win the next veto, Adam gets voted out. The best chance he has of going to the final 2 is if he wins the next 2 HOHs. Which is not likely.

                  So you can keep “explaining” it to me all you want, BooBoo… but my mind is made up. And I am not going to keep running thru the scenarios with you.

                    1. And what in the world is the point of anyone getting to final 2 if they have no chance of winning when they get there? For Adam to WIN, gotta keep Jordan. Nice blog, I like it.

                2. Sheri, your theory is flawed….you say if Jordan, Jeff, Brendon and Rachel is in the jury house. If Adam dosnt use the veto. That wont happen. At the very least Jordan or Rachel will reach final two. If he keeps J/R he has no shot of even reaching final 2. He is probably playing for second no matter what. If he wants to get the respect from game players its his time to do something. He can decide weather he wants to “go for it” or just hope and pray that who ever is left between K/P will win HOH next.

                  If he dosnt use it it will piss off Porsche. Do you really thinkl Rachel will be pissed if he uses the veto? Hell no, If Jordan gets evicted and Rachel dosnt have to do it….she wins against any of the remaining house guest….hands down. All Rachel has to do is win one more comp and she will make final two….dosnt matter what it is. If Adam stays the course and sticks with J/R he will be evicted at final three and win zero….zippo….na da. He may never have another chance to further his game again. His real choice is weather he uses veto and gets a huge obsticle out of his way or not to use the veto and hand someone else the check. He will reduce his self to nothing more then a pawn. Forget the jury votes. What difference does it make if you dont make it to final 2. He dosnt have the luxury to play for jury votes. If J/R make it to final 2 against any of the remaning Hg’s they win the $500 G’s.

                  For Adam to win any money his time is now. His history says he will wuss out and stick with Jordan, If he does he is an idiot ( which we already know). If he uses veto….Jordan will be evicted….Rachel can not Play HOH, Rachels only hope is to win Veto. She wins veto she will win BB13.

                  It is time for Adam to step up….he has been saying all along he was disapointed that he hasnt won anything and hasnt done squat….here is your time big fellow. Lets see what happens if it looks like J/R is getting evicted….production steps in (again) to save their asses.

              2. He does not have a better chance winning against KP. And yes, if he doesn’t use the POV he can still be F2 with P. If A or P win HOH next week and POV (long shot, I know), but then he will be forced to send R or J to jury house (probably Rachel will go home, but he can still keep her vote since he wasn’t responsible) and then P wins and takes him to F2 over Jordan (she will be out but it will not be his doing, so he doesn’t betray JR). It is a long shot, but it is possible for him to stay true to his word to JR and still make F2 with P. The problem is, RB will most likely vote for P if that happens (since they have a hatred for floaters and A’s picture is right next to the word in the BB dictionary), so chances of him getting a vote from BRD are slim, since they consider themselves strong competitors and will not vote for someone like A. I think Dani will only vote for Adam if he was against Rachel, because she hates her… so, Adam might already know he is playing for 2nd place and who cares what he does. I don’t really care who wins this season, I will be happy any way.

        2. Yes. Not using it is a bad move. I’m not saying he needs to flip, he can still use it and send Kalia home. If he actually thinks it through there’s all sorts of benefits to using it that doesn’t involve turning on his alliance.

          If he really wants to ensure Kalia goes home then he should use the veto on Porsche, and vote out Kalia (Porsche would vote out Jordan, but Rachel would break the tie and send home Kalia). This works for him on many different levels

          He still stays true to his alliance by voting out Kalia
          He ensures that the person he wants to go home goes home (he doesn’t need to depend on other people to stick to their word)
          Kalia’s jury vote wouldn’t be damaged as much since it would be focused on Rachel (Rachel would be the deciding vote)
          He gets in Porsches good graces which might help him come final four and/or jury vote

          1. This is what I hope he does. I don’t want him sitting on the Veto, and then RJ deciding that Porsche needs to go home instead of Kalia.

          2. A smart move would be to use the Veto on Porshe and evict Kalia that way he’s still parcially on Porshe’s good side and Jordan and Rachel would be parcially happy to. The only problem with that is nobody is 100 happy with him. But no one would be super mad at him.

      2. He needs to use it. It’s the best game move and it will get Rachel out next week if he does. If he wants people to consider him for winning the game he has to do something. People need to realize this is a game. I get that people love J/J but what about the game? I hate that Adam is going to final 2 for doing nothing but anyone would be stupid to take anyone else. At the end of the day it’s all about money and taking Adam to final 2 would be a $500,000 decision.

    1. Win or lose, Adam is an idiot. He won two pov’s, and one was given to him. Now he is not going to use the pov, thus allowing the vets to walk into the money. Look at it this way, if he is in the final two against either rachel or jordan, he losses. He is too stupid to realize this, thus making him a complete stupid ass. He is not a true metal head (where are his tattoos?) and that stupid piercing in his chin is gay.

      1. But if he uses it and is in final two with Porsche he loses because he used it because vets would control Jury and would not vote for Adam, but if he does not use it and is in final two with Porsche all vets would vote for Adam and he wins $500,000. Should be a very easy decision if he wants a shot at the $500,000.

        1. You’re saying he has a better chance against Rachel and Jordan? I don’t even think he’ll get into the final two if he doesn’t let one of them go now.

    2. I hope if Bozo is dumb enough to not use the veto then R/J take Porsche to the final 3 and boot bozo, that would be the best storyline!

    3. I agree adam is one of the biggest p***ies i have ever seen. He doesnt have a mind of his own and is always flipping to the side with the power. I would like for him to use the veto but we all kno his dumb ass is going to do wat Jordan and Rachel wants

      1. Totally agree, no way he uses it even though it would help him get to the final two, even if R/J take him to final 3 neither one would take him to final 2 if they get the choice, K/P might actually take Adam to final 2 because he has a low chance of winning against any of the people left

    4. Don’t you think its about time he won something. So he’s won 2 veto comps..womp womp, he’s been a horrible competitor all season but his floating skills are flawless

    5. At this point there’s not much suspense left in the season. I don’t watch BB for loyalty, integrity and honesty I watch for backstabbing, lying and watching houseguest flip the balance of power unexpectedly. If Adam doesn’t use the veto it will all be a formality. Rachel will more than likely carry Jordan across the finish line as she’s been carrying her since Jeff left. I like Jordan and routed for her in BB11 but she can’t win a comp to save her life this season. Jeff/Brendon let her win that golf comp. Bless her heart she can’t find her way out of a paper bag in BB13 but anyway it’s too predictable at this point, once Porsche opened up pandora’s box it sealed her alliance fate b/ love her or hate her Rachel is a fierce competitor and if you leave her in there long enough she’ll regain power of the house. Now since it will be R/J/P/A I hope Rachel or Porsche wins. I don’t want to see Jordan win again and Adam doesn’t deserve to win for floating all season, I’ve done as much as him and Jordan sitting on my couch watching. Ziiiiinnnnnggggggg

    6. Aha! U admit jeffs balls r sweet! i totally agree btw.
      Adam needs to stick with rachel and jordan. I literally like cannot like take another day of like kalia

    1. If Adam uses the veto then he might as well kiss the $500,000 goodbye because the vets will control the jury and no way will any of them vote for Adam to win BB. His only hope is that he keeps his word to J and R and then work his rear end off in the final 3 competition. He is an idiot if he screws Jordan and Rachel over!!!

        1. That is where you are totally wrong. I can totally see a final two with Porsche and Adam, but if Adam uses the veto then he screws himself out of the money because the vets will control the jury and if Adam screws them over then they would vote for Porsche out of pure spite. Jordan and Rachel have already told Adam that if he makes final two and they do not then they would all vote for him. If Adam uses the veto he ruins any chance he has at the $500.000. Using the veto would be one of the dumbest moves in BB history.

          1. They always say that regarding not voting for them in the finals. They get to jury, away from the game and change their mind. If you have 2 people that suck in the finals you have to vote for someone.

      1. Yes, the vets control the jury so WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU WANT TO BVE IN THE FINAL 2 WITH A VET?

        I don’t use caps very often but that logic absolutely gets my goat. If you’re Adam and you decide to keep Rachel or Jordan for the Final 2 with you, you’ve got three automatic votes against you. BRJ or BJJ are going to vote for the remaining vet – why would you want to keep one of them around?

        If Adam goes to the end with Porsche or Kalia, he at least has a fighting chance for a couple of vet votes to swing his way. If he takes Rachel or Jordan and you know the vets control the jury, what damn sense does it make to take a vet to the finals with you.

        1. The vets (couples) only have full control if all 4 of them are there (4 out of 7 votes). if Jordan or Rachel are in final 2 with a newbie then they’re only guaranteed 3 of the 4 votes needed to win.

          1. ONLY three of four votes? Think about that for a second. So you really want Adam or another newbie to chance taking Rachel or Jordan to the Final 2, knowing that either of them would have three automatic votes against the newbies and needing Dani or another newbie to vote the other way? The chances of the four vets voting the same way if they’re all in the jury house is a lot less likely.

            If it’s Adam and Porsche/Kalia, Adam at least has a chance to get Jeff’s vote or Brendon’s vote. If he makes a move to send Jordo packing, he might actually get Dani’s respect and get her vote (whereas there’s very little chance he’ll get Dani’s vote now no matter what).

            1. CJ….stop it….your making to much sense…The JJ/BR fans just cant think about J/R getting evicted. Somehow J/R are entittled to win this thing. Dont you understand? jordan is so nice and sweet…she should win hands down. She hasnt lied to anybody. She isnt mean. She is a southern girl!

        2. YOUR LOGIC IS SCREWED UP. If Adam makes final two with a vet then the vets do not control the Jury the Newbies do which would probably guarantee him a win also because they do not want a vet to win; if he goes to finale two with a newbie and does not screw over Jordan and Rachel by using the veto then Rachel, Jordan, Jeff and Brendon will all vote for him to win the $500,000. ADAM LOSES ANY CHANCE AT THE $500,000 BY USING THE VETO!!!!!

          1. Bullshit. If he goes to the finale with Jordan or Rachel, he has three automatic votes against him. And Dani hates the way he’s played the game since he hasn’t made a big move. Four votes against him, he’s done. In what alternate universe do BRJ or BJJ vote against Jordan or Rachel if one of them make it to the Final 2 with Adam?

          2. Sheri, what makes you think Rachel really wants Jordan sitting next to her in the final 2? How would that help her?
            You want to play the Jury vote game fine…..If J/R reach final 2 Jeff and Brendon’s vote is a wash….they split. Dani hates Rachel…..Dani votes for Jordan. Adam Loves Jordan, Kalia loves Jordan ( BTW…has a deal with jordan) Kalia votes Jordan. So far 4-1 Who do you really think Shelly will vote for?….right…Jordan. Porsche? who cares…..its already 5-1

            Rachel is smart enough to count the votes also. If Rachel really wanted to win the money. Adam uses veto. Votes kalia out….results in a tie. Rachel to make a HUGE game move and a move that would put her in the best position to win will evict Jordan….so what if she pisses off Jeff. That is only one vote. Rachel should take Adam to final 2…Rachel will win. Would I want this to happen? Hell no. But its the best game moves that can be played right now.

            Everyone has their fav. They hate this one for this reason…they hate that one for that reason….Me? I want Porsche to win ….why? cause I think she has a smokin’ bod….LMAO

      2. If he uses the veto then the vets will think he is actually playing the game and give some respect, instead of thinking he’s a floater. Do you think the vets would vote for porshe or kalia instead, no way

        1. Dani would not vote for him, but Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon would because he has been in their alliance and they have said they would and that is all the votes he would need for the $500,000. You have to be nuts if you think any of those four would vote for him if he uses the veto and screws Rachel and Jordan over. NO WAY, they would vote for Porsche and even Kalia because all four would be that mad. ADAM IS REALLY DUMB if he does not figure this one out.

          1. But for that to happen, all four of them would have to be in the jury. And if he does not use the POV, that’s unlikely. If Jordan or Rachel are sitting next to him, he loses those three votes.

    2. Making a move for making a move’s sake has done nothing but get people voted out. There’s no upside for Adam if he can assure porche’s safety. Better to have Porsche than Khalia in the house.

  1. Say What? The Floating Turd actually won a comp on his own???

    Now all he gotta do is grow a pair and take one of the noms off and put Jordan up and Vote her useless ass out.

      1. yes but everyone her hates jordon so for some strange reason they think it some great move for him to take jordon out even though he will lose the vets votes because he gave his word to jordon which makes him no better then shelly but he has a better chance of betting RJ in the f3 then PK

        1. Lol… because it would be a great move. Adam does not have a good chance of winning either way he goes… HOWEVER, if he were to go to the final 3 with Porsche or Kalia, I think he has a much better chance. Like you said, it is the Vets who will be controlling the jury vote… the Vets do not like Kalia and Porsche. The chances of them voting for one of them to win over Adam would be a stretch…not impossible, but not as likely as him losing to Jordan or Rachel. If he goes to the final 2 with one of them… who do you think the Vets will vote for? Jeff’s girlfriend or Brendon’s fiance… or Adam? So him “losing” their votes is irrelevant at this point. He will not win against JR in the finals… He MIGHT win against KP in the finals. So… clearly… evicting Jordan is his best option.

          1. Stupid logic an a stupid move. Have you watched this show at all there is no way if Adam uses the veto and Jordan goes home that either Brendon, Rachel, Jordan or Jeff would vote for him to win anything. They would be so angry they would let anyone win but Adam. At least he has a shot at the money if he does not use the veto if he does he has kissed the money GOODBYE.

            1. I have watched the show, and the feeds, and read the blogs, and watched Dick’s webcast, and Big Brother Rewind, I am well informed, thank you. Adam is not going to win, no matter who he goes up against, in my opinion. His chances are slim. So I am not saying he should use the veto in defense of him winning the show, because quite honestly I don’t think he deserves to win. I have read all your posts on this blog and your whole argument is based on the logic of him and Porsche making it to the final 2. Which is definitely NOT a guarantee just by him not using the veto. If he goes up against Rachel or Jordan he will lose. Period …. he probably won’t even make it to the final 3 with them. If he eliminates one of J or R then he has a much higher chance of making it to the final 3. But either way it goes, his jury votes are not guaranteed… He definitely has not played a stronger game than anyone but Jordan who is left.

              I am not an Adam fan. I think that he will have more regrets watching the show once it’s over than anyone else (unless by some chance he wins). Really, the only 2 people left who I think are deserving of winning are Porsche…and as much as it pains me to admit, Rachel. They have won the most comps, made the biggest moves, and played the game better than anyone else that remains, hands down. I think it would be great to see the 2 of them in the final 2 and have everyone decide who played the better game. Any other combination and I think the answer would be simple.

          2. If he were to stick with JR then the majority of the jury is newbies and they control the vote and want a newbie to win so he has a better chance with JR.

      1. NO HE would be the biggest dumbass ever if he uses it because he loses the vets and the money!!!! Geez, people use your brains and if he makes it to final two he needs the vets for the win.

    1. I sure as hell hope he doesn’t waste this PoV victory by not using it and sticking with the vets. Come in Adumb, think!!! He’s always wanted a newbie to win and their chances are slim unless he starts voting out the vets. I’m not confident that he’ll see the logic in voting out Jordumb, who’s already won 500K.

      1. well guess he needs to decide if you wants to win or get voted out after f3 becasue his odds are not good with PK and that would be a dumb ass move

      2. So, using your logic no president should ever be voted to office a second time. No athlete should ever win an Olympic gold medal more than once. No sports team should never when a championship more than once. Because if they already won once they do not deserve to win again.

      3. HE DOES NOT JUST WANT A NEWBIE TO WIN, HE WANTS TO WIN, and the only way that will happen is if he sticks with the vets and him and Porsche make final two. As long as he does not screw over Jordan and Rachel and he makes it to the final two then he has the win because they will control the jury and control who wins. If he screws them over, he is screwing himself and costing himself $500,000!!!!!!!!! It is not rocket science so if he wants any chance at the money he better stick with the VETS!!!!!!!!!!

      4. yea right, use it so the vets can vote against Adam … Just because you don’t like Jordan does not make it a smart move to take her out.

        1. And I’ve yet to see the compelling argument about how keeping the vets actually helps Adam out since the vets will vote against him if he goes to the F2 with a vet.

          1. Everybody talks about the vets being supermad if Adam uses the POV. Once the evicted house guests get to the jury house, they usually get over it and vote more on game moves and strategies than voting on personnal reasons. This is the only move Adam has to get a chance at winning the game, by going against either Kalia or Porsha.
            If goes against rachel or Jordan, he might not even make final two, and if he does he is only playing for $50,000. No matter who’s fan you are, for him to even have a chance to win, he has to get rid of the vets. Like I said, once in the jury house they will get over it. Happens every season.

      5. Rather than responding to each of you who does not see the logic in my comments, I’ll respond to all.

        1) a) Adumb using the veto on P and putting up J, whom A & P then vote out: He secures an already tight bond with P and gains K’s loyalty for saving her. Even if K is not to be trusted, A & P have always been tight and together with K, they are UNITED in their goal to then focus on getting out R next, as she is the only one who cannot compete in the next HoH. R is A’s BIGGEST competition and road block to his making it to final 2.
        b) If Adumb does not vote out Jordumb and, instead, votes out K, the next HoH comp will have A P & J competing for it. This would be a less secure than 3 newbies working together to get out R, the BIGGEST competitor and road block to his making it to final 2.

        2) a) Adumb sticks with PK (as per 1a above) and either one of them wins next HoH (again as R cannot compete) and they put up R & ?, but with the single minded goal of getting out R. APK have a 75% chance of winning the PoV that would then guarantee R’s departure.
        b) Let’s say next HoH is won by A: he’s safe no matter who wins PoV.
        c) Let’s say next HoH is won by P: if R wins PoV then K is the target as A saved P this week and she knows A turning on J & R could mean he’s less likely to get vets’ votes in the end.
        d) Let’s say next HoH is won by K: if R wins PoV then P is the target as A saved K this week and she knows A turning on J & R could mean he’s less likely to get vets’ votes in the end.

        3) a) If A DOES NOT use the PoV he just won then he loses any say on who goes home out of P & K, since he could vote out K but if J votes out P then R is the deciding vote. R & J could decide to screw A as they did K, by telling him they want out K and when RJ save her, they’ve put a rift between K & A, ensuring they have both K & A in their back pocket for the upcoming HoH comp.
        b) If A DOES NOT use the PoV he just won then he loses any say on who goes home out of P & K, since he could vote out P but if J votes out K then R is the deciding vote. R & J could decide to screw A as they did K, by telling him they want out P and when RJ save her, they’ve put a rift between P & A, ensuring they have both K & A in their back pocket for the upcoming HoH comp.

        4) a) If A DOES NOT use the PoV he just won and P or K go home (probably K but doesn’t matter ….) and next HoH is won by A then he puts up P or K (depending on who get evicted this week) and R (his BIGGEST competition). PoV winner means one safe & other goes home but if no one wins PoV then J decides who goes homes and it will be the newbie (p or K) with Adumb having no say. A will be left with R & J and he won’t win in a final 2 alliance with either (no need to explain; jury decides).
        b) If A DOES NOT use the PoV he just won and P or K go home (probably K but doesn’t matter ….) and next HoH is won by J then she puts up P or K (depending on who get evicted this week) and A (not R as J & R’s alliance is strongest in the house) and, A must win PoV to save himself, which is risky for him, or he must rely on J or R to win PoV to save him, which again, is risky for A.
        c) With the same scenario as b) above but with R winning next HoH, this is even riskier for A as he doesn’t trust R and knows that R & P (if she isn’t voted out this week) have a lingering bond/alliance.

        Either way you look at it, Adumb would be better off making a game move to get our Jordumb now and R next. He can’t be influenced by the threats R & J are making about jury votes from the vets if he betrays them as this is the talk all give in their position and he has ZERO chance of winning final 2 with a vet, assuming he gets that far), than he would with P or K (fellow newbies), especially if he makes a game move now that gets him to final 2 with either P or K. Jury is going to look at what wins and strategic moves a player makes, not that one was a nice guy and road the coat tails of others.

        Like it or not, agree or disagree, this is Adumb’s time to make a game defining move for himself and vote out a vet. He’s wanted a vet to win from day 1 and, as stated above, he has zero chance, even if he happened to make it to final 2 with either J or R (too many vets in jury would vote for a vet over a newbie).

      1. Otev is veto spelled backwards. It’s a specific comp where the HGs get clues from this otev guy, and have to run around the backyard finding the answers to the questions. Answers are attached to voodoo dolls or cds spread across the backyard, and they bring the answers back. If they are the last person to bring the correct answer, then they are eliminated. They keep going until someone wins.

      1. OTEV stands for – Operation Take Everyone’s Vagina – It’s the only comp Adam could have won…since he has no vagina to take. But seriously it is VETO spelled backwards, and it is the name of the comp.

    1. if Adam really wants to make a bold move….he WON’T use the veto and thumb his nose at team KP! That will really send a message to Kalia!

    2. Exactly! He needs to remember that he’s a newbie who always said he wanted a newbie to win the game. He can’t win if the vets out number the newbies. He doesn’t have a chance against R & J.

      Think Adumb! Think!!

  2. The best bet for getting Adam not to use the veto is threaten him with jury votes. JJBR control who wins, so if he turns on JR, there’s no way he takes the grand prize.

    1. He wouldn’t win the ‘grand prize’ anyways, he may get to final two if he goes with kalia/porscha bc we all know rachel will take jordan and not him.

      1. yes but so will KP they are not taking him but he has a better chance of bettting jordon and then he gets to decide who he takes if he keeps KP in the game he has no shot of even getting F2. I highly doubt he will use only becasue he really wants Kaliah out

      2. Adumb has to know that the alliance between R & J is far stronger than that of P & K. He has to remember that he & P have had a bond that is strong, which would enable them to 1) vote out J if he put her up and, 2) be a key player in making a strategic move to get the vets out.

        R & J threatening A that he won’t get BR & JJ’s vote if he votes them should not influence his decision. Those in the jury, especially the vets, are going to consider who has “played” a competitive and strategic game. If Adumb doesn’t make any strategic move and continues to ride the vets’ coat tails and follow their initial plan, then he’s toast. He needs to isolate himself and think about the upcoming HoH and PoV and what the chances of a newbie winning would be if he stuck with the newbies and voted out Jordumb. Unfortunately, he track record has me seriously doubting that he’ll do jack shit with his POV victory. He’s too enamored with the vets and scared shitless of the wrath of Jeff. Spineless jellyfish!

        1. And let’s be honest. Jordan and Rachel aren’t going to be deciding who the ‘couples’ vote for. They’ll vote for whoever Jeff and Brendan tell them to vote for.

        2. As I said yesterday,it’s pre-ordained (Production) that Rachel and that crash test dummy Jordan will make it to the finale. Adam will not use that POV, when has he ever made a move in this game? Never and he won’t be making any in the 11th hour either. Next week he goes, then Porsche.

    2. using the veto people doesn’t help him he has a better shot betting jordon for to get to the final 2 then he does in keeping KP but i really don’t see him using it

    3. they dont have to threaten, its common sense, but it doesnt matter cause he wont get to the end if he doesnt continue to win comps.

    4. And if he doesn’t use it there’s no way he’ll make it to the final 2 anyway. He has a better chance to make a move and get some respect now.

      1. I am confused how is lieing and betraying the people who have had your back this whole game over two people who have never had your back give you respect if anything he will lose everyones respect and then eveyone will he is the ultimate floater

    5. Unless Adam is an idiot he will not win the veto because you are right vets will control the jury and who wins and if he backdoors Jordan and Rachel he has already lost because they will not give him the million, but if somehow he makes it to final two with Porsche then Adam will win because Jordan and Rachel have already told him they would vote for him. Hope he does not do something STUPID!

    6. I disagree, if adam is F2 against Kalia he could win. If he wants 3rd place he will not use the veto. He hasn’t got the balls to use it though, he’s delusional about being famous and he will be a forgotten loser when this BB is over.

    7. with vets in the house he’s not getting vet votes anyway, thats the whole point. take the vets out force them to vote between 2 newbies, and hopefully he’s on,. but dont worry he’s not going to use it, he’d rather have the vets freindship than $500,000

    8. That’s not exactly true. In the end there have been members of the jury who vote because one of the final two did get them out. They actually made a game move. Matt did it last year when he thought Hayden was the one who got him out, when Lane was actually the one who pushed Brit to put Matt up and get him out.

    9. JJBR in the jury house is not so much a sure thing…remember Rachel asks Jordo if Jeff threw the cornhole comp to Adam…and she lied straight to her face…Don’t think for a minute that Rachel has forgotten and if evicted she will bring this up again…and with Dani there, the truth be told, JJ will have to answer to their demons and a riff will be formed…Solidarity between the vets is as good as long as they are seperated…Adam use the veto.

  3. If Adam was smart he would use veto on Porsche, Jordan goes up, Jordan goes home. Then it will be Adam, Kalia, and Porsche competing for HOH, it doesn’t matter who wins because the 3 of them can team up and get Rachel out! That would be the best move Adam could possibly make, especially since he hasn’t really made a power move.

    1. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! The vets would then control the Jury and do you really think they would vote for Adam to win the $500,000. ONE WORD: NO!!! His best bet is to vote Kalia out and stick with the plan and then him, Porsche and Jordan and Rachel fight for final two because if he would go to finale with Porsche then Jordan, Jeff, Rachel and Brendon would all vote for Adam to win and Adam would win the $500,000!!! If he does anything else he kisses the $500.000 GOODBYE!!!

      1. JJBR in the jury house is not so much a sure thing…remember Rachel asks Jordo if Jeff threw the cornhole comp to Adam…and she lied straight to her face…Don’t think for a minute that Rachel has forgotten and if evicted she will bring this up again…and with Dani there, the truth be told, JJ will have to answer to their demons and a riff will be formed…Solidarity between the vets is as good as long as they are seperated…Adam use the veto.

      2. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! he would have a better chance at the money because it will be a power move AND the BEST ONE THIS SEASON!! They would be just be considered a bitter jury if they didn’t vote for him in the end if he uses the veto. now if he doesn’t use it, there is still no reason to vote for him in the end.

    2. No matter what side Adam sides with he is final three. Really how does it benefit him to take out JR and go with PK? He has equal opportunity either way he goes.

    3. Rachel doesn’t play in Hoh but she does for veto so unless Adam win Hoh he would a big chance to go home if he use the veto this week Screw team Jordan and Rachel she would definetly screw him next he won 2 vetos big threat now.


  4. Adam is a fool if he doesnt take jordon out now If he’s that dumb not to I would vote for jordon over him and I don’t even like jordon

    1. Are you kidding me he would be a fool to use it. jordon is by far the weakest player between Rachel, Kaliah and Porche so why would you take out the weakest player when two of the strongest are on the block that makes no sense. Leave Rachel out of the equation because regardless if she can play hoh or not there is still veto. Not even mentioning the jury he would lose all the vets votes . Think a head people the F3 do you really want to battle it out with KP who you can’t bet or jordon who you might bet. so dumb if he really wants to win this game TAKE OUT KALIAH

  5. This was the one COMP Adam should have threw. He was safe and was going nowhere. Now he is going to piss someone off and lose potential voters.

    And next week HOH really doesn’t matter. POV controls everything. Rachel almost for sure has to win HOH next week or she is going. I bet it is the night one. Why does everyone think getting Jordan out is huge. She isn’t the threat to win comps that Kalia and Porsche are. They have both proven they can win. Kalia is good at questions. He will probably tell both what they want to hear.

    1. Sounds like Jordan went out first and it was between Porsche and Adam He is on team J R because he would of thrown it to Porsche so she could save herself He likes having all the power but he’s not stupid he know who’s in the jury

      1. Not to mention he is way to inamired with jeff to send jordon out lol but why would you take out a weak player when you can take out a strong player and it is funny how KP is all about newbies but didn’t hear any newbie talk when dani was there and she was a vet

  6. ahhhhhh as much as I dont want Adam to use it he be stupid not to……Porshe is right Rachael cant compete in next weeks HOH so her only saving grace is her winning POV. And if she doesnt he automatically makes it to final 3. If he doesnt use it and him nor Jordan win HOH he is putting himself in a spot to go on the block than he is the one that has to fight for his stay in the game

    1. Wow…morons…you already have Jordan going home and Rachel going nxt wk…who’s to say it won’t be fat ass Kalia going home and Jordan does win HOH and sends Porsche’s ass home nxt wk…Adam did finally win,so don’t count anybody out from winning this!!!!!!!

  7. Come on and save our girl Porsche! Adam needs to get his nuts back from JJ. And since Rachel can’t compete next week, she can go to the jury house too!

  8. He better start playing for himself and get Jordan out, she act like she threatened him talking about she and her group determines who wins the Money smh, Be smart Adam

  9. I like Jordon and I don’t want to see her go, but she has only won 1 hoh. And don’t tell me it was thrown to her. I really don’t think Jeff or Brendon could have done better than a 3!!!!
    If Adam uses the pov, I won’t be too upset if Jordon goes. She should have stepped it up. I thought for sure Porsche was going to win it. We shall see what he does. It would be a great move if he took P down and sent J home, but, again, I hope he doesn’t. If he does and he makes it to final 2 than I think he should win bb13.

  10. Let’s be honest… Adam doesn’t have the balls to actually use it. The only balls Adam has are jeff’s when he’s tonguing them. No way he goes against Jordan. As useless and dumb as she is, she’ll end up winning.

    Go Team Production!

  11. the way i see it adam is playing for second place either way he goes. why not keep jordan someone who is not good in the comps and he can beat as opposed to kalia/porche who could beat him and have in the past. i think he should vote out kalia because porche would take him to final 2 and she has the best chance beating rachel at a physical comp. if he gets rid of jordan he stabbed her and rachel in the back and there go his 4 votes in the jury. he should have kept floating because he wouldnt have gone home this week anyway…

  12. It would be idiotic for Adam to use the veto he has a better chance in the final 2 with jordan than with Kalia and Porche the only way he will win the 500k is if he takes Jordan to the finals, Dani already said she doesnt think adam deserves to be there. Hopefully Adam doesnt forget Kalia voted for him to go if he was expendable then he will be expendable in the final 3.

  13. It would take a real clueless person to think JJBR would vote for Adam if he is final 2 with Kalia or Porsche… If Adam wants to go down as this season gutless piece of shit don’t use the Veto and play for 3rd place HAHAHA

    1. but the thing is if adam goes final three with jordan and rachel lets be real he is only playing against rachel. rachel will win the endurance then he faces off against jordan beats her and then does the question comp at the end with rachel where he could easily beat her. then he wins and takes whoever he wants. that way vets dont control jury and he could still have a shot who knows

    2. Relax there buddy your gonna have a stroke, Adam doesn’t want the wrath of Rachel coming after him if Rachel win Veto next week he would be toast

      1. Thing is, I really don’t think Rachel would be that wrathful. It kills the whole popularity contest issue with the jury and there is no blood on her hands. She could potentially even take Adam to final two for an easy win if things go as you foresee it. She’s played this game before and is more cool headed than she was the last time. Plus she has a wedding to pay for. The more money, the better.

    3. yeah and Porche and Kaliah are taking each other to what is your point he still has a better shot betting jordon in F3 or F2 then PK i highly doubt he will use it but if he did he would be dumb even dani knew you take out the strongest players not the weakest

  14. I think it would be fun to see him use it and put Jordan up. Than when they vote he would vote to keep Jordan so it would be a tie and Rachel would be able to break the tie breaker.

  15. Voting Jordan out would be dumb for Adam…he CAN beat her in comps.

    Kalia is a challenger in his way who has proven she can beat him.

    1. thank you…finally someone is thinking…jordan is the only person he can beat in comps…if he takes her out he has no shot at final 2 let alone grand prize…if he keeps her more than likely rachel will win first part of the hoh unless she throws it to jordan…if he has to go up against jordan in part 2 he knocks her out and by some miracle he beats rachel in the third…and yes i know it would be a miracle but it can happen….then he takes jordan to the final 2…he has won more than she has, they have an even social game and he has stayed mostly loyal…he could definitely beat her because of that and the fact that none of them want her to win twice…jeff will be her only 100% vote…

  16. Wow, Adam is finally going to have to make a move and choose a side publicly. I don’t know how much he likes the position that he’s in. He has the power, but there are a lot of pros and cons whichever way he uses it. All he has with either side is a final 3 deal, so that will be accomplished either way. However, I don’t think any of the girls are seriously going to take him to the final two. He is literally the odd man out b/c if everything works out the way they want K & P will take each other to the end and R and J will take each other to the end. Adam is the third they’re all going to boot off at the first chance. I’m all for breaking up K and P just b/c I find them annoying and then they can go have a happy reunion with Dani in the jury house.

  17. now he wins one when there is hardly anyone left in the house…..

    he could satisfied both alliances by taking Porche off – rachel would have to put up jordan. then he would vote to evict Kalia and porche to evict Jordan giving the deciding vote to Rachel. Rachel could make a final 2 deal with Kalia if she evicts Jordan to save Rachel next week. or other twist could happen. so many decisions….

    1. Just like Jordan won those comps when there was only a little more than a few left, so Adam might have a slight chance, oh that’s right Jordan only won because of Natalie’s lies…. DAMN Adam doesn’t have a chance, but at least he could make a move for himself instead of doing what he is told to earn some respect….

    2. R u people thinking straight if he uses veto to save Porsche he is TOAST to them they don’t ant him to use it they r not playing games so Rachel can break ties get real People

      1. there is not tie to break. adam takes pinto down, jordan goes up 2 votes to get jordan out. no tie breaker this week. 2 votes only

      2. well hopefully Jordan will get out of her slump win a HOH next week and put up Porsche and Adam. Rachel will win the veto keeping the votes the same. getting rid of Porsche. the final 3 RJA

  18. He needs to use the veto. He is playing for $50K since there is no way he will win against Jordan or Rachel for $500K. He has a chance with Kalia or Potrshe. Use your brain Adam or you are going to jury.

    1. Are you serious he has no chance against PK he would be out after F3 he would never get that far that would be a dumbass move

  19. If Adam uses the Veto, he’s the stupidest person to have ever played the game. He needs to stick with Rachel and Jordan to get any chance at winning.

  20. Kind of funny that every comp. since Kalias last HOH has been physical.
    That alone screams rigged to me, since it is pretty much geared towards Rachel, and helps out Adam and Jordon who while they may actually KNOW answers can’t seem to do shit when it comes to actually answering questions.
    Kind of sad that they have to tilt it so much.

    1. Side note-
      What I am saying is usually they mix it up, questions then physical, and so on.
      The last 4 in a row have required no mental skills….wonder who CBS is setting it up for? =)

  21. Most people Now see that the game is Rigged and Pre-Planned!! – BB uses twists and Pandora Box to manipulate the game!.. Week ago Newbs were fully in control and Rachel and Jordan were about to go!! – they gave Porsche a Pandora Box that nullified her hoh!!.. the following pov and Hoh comps were designed for Rachel with her strong legs and thighs!.. they knew R would win so they had Jessie all lined up to reinact their stunt. BB does not want R to go.. she is good for ratings! R Rachel’s Pandora box did not take away from her goh! – stop interferring BB!.. Stop playing fav! – I will never watch BB again!! — Adam better use Pov on Porsche though!!

      1. actually CBS wanted JJ to win. jeff threw out his clown shoe and didn’t win pov. game changing pandora’s box with a comp catered to rachel so jordan can stay in the game. it’s all about jeff and jordan not rachel. cbs is using rachel to further jordan

    1. Ohhhhh but it was ok to give Dani 4 weeks of safety, create an HOH for her boney ass, and giv her a veto pass? Thats a 6 week advantage given to her that she blew bc she wanted to blow dom.

  22. adam gave the necklace that Farrah got him and gave it to Jordan to
    show he wont use the veto. It looks like another member fromthe Mean Girl Alliance
    is going to join their almighty leader in the jh. :)
    J.A.J. are gettin’ done !!!!

    1. That’s disappointing. I hope he decides to use the POV on Porsche, and then vote to evict Kalia. That way, he ensures Porsche’s safety, as well as keeping true to his alliance with them.

      1. If he does that Jordan goes on the block. Plus he’s pissed off Rachel and Jordan. He can lobby for Porsche, without taking her off the block. Better not to use the veto and lobby to kick Kahlia out.

        Good move by Rachel and Jordan to get Kahlia to vote against Adam on the last eviction. That worked perfect.

  23. i agree – imagine how great getting Jordan out would be – just to prove that you can’t do absolutely nothing but mope and whine and be stupid – and expect final 2

    but more importantly, i seriously will lose it if i have to hear her voice or watch her twirl her hair anymore

  24. Adam would be stupid to send Jordan Home. She is the only person he could beat in Final 2. So as much as you people think he should make a “Move” His biggest move would to take Jordan to the Final 2

  25. adam better use it this would be to funny seeing jordon walk out the door plus this is his chance to make a big move and he is now a 2 time veto winner. all he needs to do is add an hoh and possibly another veto and that makes him an hoh winner and 3 time veto winner which is an awsome resume (sarcasm) but still people wouldnt be able to call him a useless floater.

    1. You can never undue being a floater. It’s not good when you win stuff at the end because you’re not going to credited. Adam has no chance.

  26. I am by no means a Adam fan but if he doesn’t take Jordan out now then he for sure does not deserve to win the game. He would be stupid to not to use the POV.

    1. No he would be stupid to use there is no benifit to keeping Kaliah in the game she wins comps if he wants to win the game then he needs to keep jordon and take out the stronger players so when it does get down to the F3 he has a chance of winning

    1. Someone just posted that Floating Turd gave his necklace Farrah got him to Jordan to prove he won’t use the veto, Little Jeffrey is still holding Adam’s balls hostage in Jury.

    2. I don’t understand for the life of me why everybody wants to send kalia home. it’s rarely ever send pinto home or jordan for that matter. is is because she is black?

        1. No, she is amazingly annoying. I was watching BBAD, (but thank God for DVR) and JRPK were talking about Prom dresses-styles that they worn in the past. It was cute and kind of interesting. However, each time someone spoke, Kahlia either interrupted them, talked over them, or commented on what they said. I have said it before, K is an educated, attractive woman but she doesn’t know when to STFU. Her strategic game was flawed (lawon), and her social game consisted of this boorish behavior.

  27. Porsche and Kalia still don’t realize that Adam isn’t with them at all. I expect him to hold off committing to his plan for the veto till the last minute to avoid people being angry with him for as long as possible.

    What I’m curious about is if Jordan and Rachel decide to vote out Porsche, how Adam will react to that since he’s pretty adamant about wanting Kalia gone. If he really wants to ensure Kalia goes home then he should use the veto on Porsche, and vote out Kalia (Porsche would vote out Jordan, but Rachel would break the tie and send home Kalia). This works for him on many different levels

    He still stays true to his alliance by voting out Kalia
    He ensures that the person he wants to go home goes home (he doesn’t need to depend on other people to stick to their word)
    Kalia’s jury vote wouldn’t be damaged as much since it would be focused on Rachel (Rachel would be the deciding vote)
    He gets in Porsches good graces which might help him come final four and/or jury vote

  28. I guess I’m in the minority, I think Adam’s best outcome is get rid of Khalia. He will then have nothing but Allies in the house.

    1. I agree. As much as I would love to see Jordan gone, Adam’s best move is to send Kalia home. But if he doesn’t use the veto to save Porsche she might end up going home with Kalia staying.

  29. ADAM!!!!!! MR. BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T USE THE POV ON EITHER TWO!!!!!!!! KEEP THE NOMINATION THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T PISSED OFF RACHEL OR JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DO, THERE GOES THE VETERANS VOTES AND YOU LOST ALL THE RESPECT FROM JJBR!!! JEFF BEEN YOUR WORKOUT BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DON’T LISTEN TO KAILA OR PORSCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE GOING TO SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Adam should use the POV on Porsche, then Jordan goes up and he can vote Kalia out. Porsche will vote Jordan out and Rachel will break the tie sending Porsche home. Now he still has Jordan in the game whom he can beat in the final two, Rachel can’t play in HOH and Adam can probably win if it’s questions against Porsche/Jordan.. he’s guaranteed final three really unless he doesn’t use the veto and Kalia wins HOH next week if Porsche goes.

  31. stick with r and j. they promised to take him to final 3 and after that is a free for all which i think is fair chance they gave him. After that its up to adam to win to make it to final 2. He has a better chance of beating Jordan in the comps.

  32. Adam is a numbskull. He won’t use the POV, he should to make a HUGE impact in this game and help get Jordan voted out on a week when Rachel probably won’t be able to compete in the next HOH, but he won’t. He is a spineless idiot that is too afraid of Jeff being mad at him later (even though Jeff is long gone).

  33. No matter how Adam makes the final two, he’s screwed. The remaining three of JJBR will vote for the vet and Danielle will probably be ticked off that Adam didn’t use the veto to keep team Dani in the game.

    Does anyone think that P or K will vote for Adam after throwing BB13 to the vets by not using the veto???

    Further, if J or R win the final HOH, he’s gone.

  34. if he uses the power of veto it would be the best move of the season! he would earn respect, and this could help him in the final two, everyone thinks the vets wont vote for him because he is going against them, but if you have seen previous seasons they do care about who made big moves too.

    This would be amazing!

    (too bad he doesn’t have the brains or balls to actually do it… i hope he gets some in the next two days.)

    1. First off JJBR wouldn’t vote for him regardless of other seasons RJ already told him after jeff left secondly is odds are better of betting jordon in F3 and then he decides who to take to the final 2

  35. TZM reports that AG told everyone they are losers and declared herself the winner, swears nothing was rigged and runs off with the $500,000.

  36. If Adam’s main goal is to win second place then keeping RJ is definitely the stupidest move EVER because:

    1- let’s say Kalia gets voted out, so PJA compete for HOH
    2- Porsche wins HOH and puts RJ up
    3- One of the RJs (34592395325% R) so she’s off the block and Adam is on
    4- Adam gets out!

    ON THE OTHER HAND, Removing one of the KPs from the block:
    1- Jordan goes home
    2- PAK (one of them) wins HOH and sends R home … higher chances of R being sent home (yes she can also win POV but with Porsche being also a POV competitors, winning ain’t that easy)
    3- Final 3: KPA… and A has now more chances being over there.

    1. even if he makes it to the final three doesn’t mean he will make it to the final two, if he does for some reason get that far all of the Vets are in the jury house – they would never vote for him……

  37. Adam wants to go against Joran in final two. Dick thinks Jordan is most undeserving winner ever, and I imagine so does Dani. Plus her ego would give him a lot of credit for getting her out. That leaves Jeff, Rachel & Brendon to vote for Jordan and Shelly, Porsche & Kalia to vote along with Dani for Adam, giving him the $500K.

    1. that’s originally how i saw it too but now i’m having second guesses… would shelly really give adam the vote or would she throw it to Jordan to “fix” their friendship?

      1. So you are assuming Rachel goes to jury haven’t seen her on the block yet you don’t make decision if they hadn’t happened yet

        1. Didn’t say that that would be the final two. I said that is what Adam wants to happen. There’s still game left to be played, so we will have to wait and see.


  39. He shouldn’t use the POV at all, if he is thinking about winning this game. If Jordan is sent packing this week, he will surely lose jury votes because Rachel will be the one next, unless she wins POV.

    I have a strong feeling Rachel will turn on Jordan really soon because Rachel will think about next week. Jordan is not good in competitions and will not be able to protect her.

  40. I think Adam knows he can at least trust Jordan more than Kalia and he wants Kalia out himself

    I do not see how J/J fans ruined Shelly’s life as mentioned earlier. The FBI already investigated the threats and the sheriff has said they found they were not credible and closed he case.

    Shelly lies very easy so if her true colors came out and everyone saw them, it was her own doing.

    The sad thing was she said the lies were to help Tony and Josie. That was wrong to say. Especially when she has spent all season talking about what all she has. Maybe she was lying then too. When they showed her family Josie said she wishes her mom would stop lying. Shelly may be able to convince a small child that those lies didn’t count, but everyone else knows. Her lies were not all gameplay. That is the difference in her and the others.

  41. Wow I sure hope he leaves the two bitches on the block so kalia goes home! Come Adam keep ur word to Jordan you could use the 50 k for you and fara! I dont wanna watch if he takes porka off the block! Can’t stand the thought of the newbies winning!

  42. Whether Adam uses the veto or not, he’s going to lose jury votes either way. Danielle said that Adam is the worst player ever. She wouldn’t vote for him, and if he doesn’t use the veto, neither will Kalia or Porsche. If he does use the veto, he’ll lose Rachel’s, Jordan’s, and Jeff’s vote. He’s pretty much screwed either way, but if he does use the veto, he MIGHT gain some respect from Danielle and Brendon and possibly their votes. It’s a toss up. But after the veto ceremony, he’ll have finally picked a side. Finally!

  43. I am not a fan of adams personally but i dont believe in attacking someone personally,i cant help but think how he would feel if he read some of these comments,sorry but i have empathy for people,something that is lost in the world these days,cmon people,anyway ,go rachel!

  44. As long as one vet, R/J is in the house, Adam has a chance. Probably better if he is against R because Shelly will vote to give Jordan money to try to be her friend. But she would vote for Adam against Rachel and so would all the others except for the vets.

    I would rather Adam win than K/P

  45. Shelly, Porsche, Kalia,& Dani are not going to vote for Adam especially if he doesn’t make this move…just to spite him they would give the money to whoever was opposite him even if it was Jordan or Rachel

    1. I don’t think Kalia, Shelly or Dani would vote for Rachel under ANY circumstances.
      Porsche is a toss up. I don’t think Rachel can possibly win unless Jordan and Adam
      are in the jury. In that case Adam would probably be the deciding vote, once again,
      but if it’s a RP final he might vote for P. I’m sure Rachel has thought about this, but
      right now she seems fiercely loyal to Jordan, but if it gets down to the end if Jordan
      doesn’t win anything she really doesn’t deserve to be there and Jordan would be
      the first to admit it.

  46. Kalia is standing in Adam’s way and he knows she will take Porsche with her to the finals so it’s to his
    advantage to take her out. Using the veto would not help Adam at all.

    If I were in Adam’s seat I would leave the veto the same and tell Porsche that he will not go against
    their friendship and vote her out and that he needs to leave nominations intact to get Kalia out
    so he can have a final 2 deal with Porsche. But if Porsche blabs he’s screwed.

    For all we know this is already his plan and he and Porsche are just playing everyone.
    I hope so because I would like to think Adam has something up his sleeve, otherwise
    he just came to the house to get on TV and make friends which is not a great idea
    when his job at home is possibly in jeopardy. Well, at least he met his idol Tori :)

    1. But he should also know that Rachel would take Jordan to the final two over him. Likewise with Jordan. The best he can get at this point is a final 3 spot. And he has a better chance of winning against Kalia and Porsche rather than Rachel and Jordan. The vets control the jury, and it doesn’t make much sense taking a vet to the final two knowing they have a good share of the votes on their side.

    2. if he doesn’t use it,,, he can evict kalia and Jordan will evict Proche leaving the deciding vote for Rachel. neither one are too appealing to keep. Kalia has been at least kept her word not to put up Jordan. Maybe JRK can make it to the final 3. I don’t trust Porche – she can join her Master in the JH.

  47. I hate for anyone to lose their jobs in these hard economic times but whoever put that useless dumb ass Adam on BB13 should be fired. He doesn’t have the balls to use the veto, I think Jeff has them in the jury house. Am i the only one who thinks he is creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if i was his girlfriend (gross) i would be pissed about the way he carries on about Tori Spelling. CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Apparently no one realises that if adam does use the veto and jordan goes up it will not only piss off jordan, but rachel, brendon, and jeff. Thus meaning he has no shot at winning the 500k because he wont have the jury votes from either of them.

    1. He doesn’t have votes from ANYONE so it does NOT matter he will not win this game, even if he is in the final 2 wit Kalia or Porsche nobody will vote for him

      Porsche,Kalia, Shelly, Dani will vote for whoever is in the finals with him,

  49. Adam had to win it , it was was between him and Porsche at the end if Porsche won she would take herself off and Adam going up Adam is controlling his own destiny

  50. How many competitions has Rachel gone out on a Dominic question

    that’s shit is hilarious, I thought she studied everyone in the house, she must really not like him…

  51. Oh, brother, here we go!! Adumb will be acting like king of the hill as if he has been winning the whole game and now everyone needs to bow down to him and kiss his bacon!! How pathetic! Also I find it very strange that the one person who was first out on almost every comp, now all of a sudden wins veto?? How rigged is that?? Wonder how much time he spent in the DR with production preparing him??

  52. Adam, should use the veto, so that Jordan goes to the jury house….Why is everybody so loyal to Jordan? She’s useless without someoneone else saving her, enough already! Make a move Adam!! Send her home… If she stays she wiil end up winning the game agin……

  53. if adam doesnt use the veto and he gets to F2 with rachel he will win. JJB with will vote for boy george and SKPD will vote for adam

  54. How stupid is Kalia? If Adam uses the Veto say to take Porshe off.. his butt will be put on the block cause you know Rachel will not put Jordan up! Duh Kalia.. Man I REALLY hope she goes home.. I haven’t liked her since the very beginning and man has she grated on my very last nerve!!! Please Adam don’t use the Veto and vote K out!!!

    1. Veto winners can’t be placed on the block, it grants them immunity. If they allowed veto winners to be used as replacements no one would EVER use the veto.
      So if Adam uses the veto to take porsche off, Rachel will be forced to put up Jordan.

  55. Adam is in a bad spot. He’s basically playing for second place. I don’t see why he would want to go to F2 with Jordan. She’ll have 4 votes in jury and be the winner once again. Whereas if he took Kalia or Porsche he might have a chance. But whatever, he must be doing something right because all 4 of those girls are fools for giving Adam so much power week after week.

  56. If you pay attention to what Adam has been saying throughout the entire game, he values loyalty in the game. It’s why he had a problem with Dani and Shelly. It’s why he is angry with Kalia for voting against him last week – even though she said they had a final two (he voted for Jeff knowing that his vote wouldn’t make a difference). If you go back and watch him (Sept 1, I think) when he was alone in the early morning outside, he said one of his biggest regrets was turning against Jordan after Jeff left. I think he will honor his promise to JR and not use the veto. That in itself is a strategic play. He won the veto and keeps his alliance intact. Kalia argued that if he uses the veto then the three of them (PKA) are guaranteed final 3 as they have the votes. WRONG. Adam knows this and should either be figuring K is still playing him or she is an idiot.

    As for J being selfish for wanting to win a 2nd time. She has stated more than once her reason for coming back was that Jeff wanted to try again to win and that Jeff wants to be financially secure before moving forward in their relationship. She used her winnings from her season (AFTER Uncle Sam took his share) to buy a house for her mother and brother). Everyone in the house probably has legitimate reasons for wanting to win. If you use the premise that if you have won something before, you don’t deserve to win again, then no sports team deserves to win back to back titles, no politician deserves to be re-elected, etc.

    1. So I guess being loyal is being the biggest floater in BB history. Whoever is in power Adam attaches his lips to their butt. Doesn’t sound too loyal to me.

      And as far as Jordon goes, SHE is the one walking around saying people DON’T deserve the money. For her to even utter a word about who is deserving is comical. She hasn’t done a darn thing this season. She said Porsche doesn’t deserve the money because she already won 5k. But it’s different when it’s her and Jeff. Jordan won 500k that Natalie should have won because Jordan didn’t do anything but sit on her ass and ride Jeff’s coattails just like this season. And Jeff won 15k, but Jordan thinks he should’ve win the money.

      No one can really sit and say Jordan has did or done anything to have won before and now.

  57. obviously adam has his own plans. he will use the veto to take pinto off and therefore jordan is evicted. if he didn’t want to try to win, he would have thrown the veto. he know that RJ are using him and only playing for themselves. he has always had a final 2 with pinto. julie chen said there are going to evictions wednesday and thurs. not sure if wed is going to be live

  58. Adam needs to use the veto if he wants to win the game.

    In the final 2 he was chances to win first with…
    1 – Porshe
    2 – Kalia
    3 – Rachel
    4 – Jordan

    he has no chances against Jordan in the final 2, so why not getting ride of her?
    Only if he is stupid he will not vote her out now.

    2 – Next week Rachel can`t play HOH, that ,means kalia, Porshe or Adam you will.
    That means, those 3 only need to play hard for HOH, if they win Rachel goes home.

    3 – Even if Rachel wins POV, she will vote Porshe or Kalia out and not Adam.

    4 – Final 3 with Jordan and Rachel ? both wont take him to the final 2

    5 – Final 3 with Porshe and Kalia, there`s chance where both might take him to the final 2

    Anyways….Adam now has a chance to make his first move ever…. will he do it?
    Probablly not,,,why? He is scared of Jeff, so he wont vote Jordan out.

  59. IMO jordan has the best social game in the house, so how could u say shes not doing anything? shes convinced adam not too use the veto.

    1. LOL!!!!!!!!!

      You were not serious when you typed this! OMG really! I’d really like you to give me a break down of Jordan’s social game which makes it the best.

      JJ fans are unbelievable. Smh…

  60. Adam needs to finally make a move. And that is to NOT use his Veto and start getting rid of Kalia and Porche!!!! They are venomous! They will dump him when they don’t need him. I want Jordan and Rachel to win. They can do it if no one else stabs them in the back.

  61. I doubt he’ll make a move he’s simply too afraid, he’s played scared with his tail between his legs all season so I expect more of the same. Anytime someone comes to him w/ an idea he just shakes his head and he brings nothing to the table. He just kissed a#* all season and had no mind of his own but its got him this far!!

  62. If Adam goes back on his word to Jordan and Rachel….we will NEVER win the top prize…..if he keeps his word
    and beats them fair and square….they will definitely vote for him ! He would be a fool to risk that, now that he is
    this close ! Kalia is a fat snake and Porsche is a trashy ho…………..he needs to dump them now…today !!!

  63. Rachel and Jordan have a final 2 deal and Kalia and Porsche have a final 2 deal so the only way Adam will make it to the final 2 is if Kalia goes this week then Rachel next week it will be Jordan, Porsche and Adam in the final 3 and if Jordan wins she will take Adam and if Porsche wins she will take Adam. So if Adam wants to make it to the final 2 he needs to make sure Kalia goes this week and he has to win hoh and Porsche has to win pov so she can send Rachel out next week…if Jordan or Porsche win hoh Adam has to win pov and send Rachel out next. If it is Rachel and Jordan and Adam final 3 Adam will be out just like Enzo was last year with no money!

    1. Still doesn’t make sense to be in the F2 with Jordan. He won’t win. Jordan has her votes locked up with JBRSK. I don’t even think he’d win against Porsche to be quite honest.

  64. If I’m Adam you can’t worry about stupid jury votes, this game is about power moves yo. You get respect from the jury by making power moves and explain to them why you did them. Adam hasn’t done jack from shit all season. He has a mad hard-on for the vets.


  65. why is adam a floater porch won 2 kalia won 2 and hes won 2 honestly its in his best interest to throw comps till f3 so he keeps his hands clean and everyones happy with him adding to his chance to win if he uses veto now he loses vets votes in the jury vets need to stay for now and get voted out next week by kalia porch or himself whoever stays they wont be mad because they will think he was with us but his only options were to put one of us up or if k/p win it jr go up one goes home f3 1 vet 2 noobies guarantees him final 2 and possible win my thinking

    1. Oh, yeah it’s really hard to win veto when you’re only real competition is Rachel. If Jeff and Brendon were still in the house Adam wouldn’t have won a 2nd veto. Hell, he didn’t even win the 1st one, it was thrown to him.

  66. Voting out Jordan does nothing for Adam’s chances. He could actually beat Jordan in final 2. He’ll have votes in the jury house and he’s won as many comps so far.

    1. I don’t care who goes up against Jordan, they will lose. Jordan will say in her speech, “Momma needs a swimmin pool!”, and most of these HGs will smile and give her the money.

  67. Adam should use the veto, because there is not way he can beat R/J. His best bet is to try and make final three with K/P. His argument to the jury could be that he was true to his word to the vets and that in order to win he decide now would be a good time to make a big move and get the biggest threats out, especially R because if she stays she should wins hands down. But with K/P he probably will receive more votes. ( nobody other than Dani in the jury house cares for K/P).

    1. I disagree with that. Adam is stupid enough of not use POV because he is loyal to Rachel & Jordan. K/P is not loyal to Adam because Kaila making deals with Porsche. Beside, Kaila voted for Adam to be evicted. That why Adam will not use the POV neither Porsche or Kaila. That would be dumb move to get rid of Jordan. Just think and beside Adam would rather go w/the veterans than KP. Because KP don’t given crap about Adam, However Adam would be a smart thing is compete w/Rachel & Jordan Final 3 than KP because both cocktail w/Dani. That would be pathetic. We don’t care if Adam can’t beat Rachel or Jordan in F2. Doesn’t matter he tried his best than not take the easy way out. Second Jordan is not Jealous of Porsche. Porsche just sit there being Dani’s apprentice and better yet Porsche is totally a screw up. I don’t want to see Jordan or Rachel in the Jury House.

  68. Adam is scared to turn against Jordan because he’s scared of Jeff, but if he takes Jordan to F2 he’s not getting Jeff’s vote anyway, so I don’t get Adam’s logic.

    Right now, I’m really hoping it’s Porsche and Rachel in F2. Porsche will win I hope. And if not, at least someone who actually played the game will win.

  69. it doesn’t matter whether he should use the veto or shouldn’t use the veto. he WILL NOT use it. nominations stay the same, kalia goes home.

  70. Absolutely without a doubt PROVES how fckn rigged this game is! I cannot believe I’m still reading the posts as I’ve stopped watching CBS and BBAD already! Jordan is a sweet girl But, disgusts me! She’s just like Jeff with the ” entitlement” I do t want Any of these people to win!!!! ( rachael because she’s been the only one who played and maybe Porche second) Kalia won’t ever shut her stupid pie hole and Adam ( though I like him as a person) this is frikkin ridiculous! DONE!!! If anyone should have been receiving death threats from the idiots who did it to lying Shelly, which, by the way, is dispicable, it should have been frakkin Production! For putting us through this SHIT this season!

  71. I wonder if Adam uses the POV, if Rachel can put Adam up as a replacement nominee. After all, Adam doesn’t choose who the replacement is, Rachel does. Plus, I don’t remember anything in the BB rules saying that you can’t put the POV winner up as a replacement. If Rachel’s smart, she could potentially threaten Adam that he’d go up if he uses the POV.

  72. If he uses veto then he and the person he takes down evict Jordan…that would be amazing…does he not realize he has had the worst game ever! He’s not metal, he’s a pussy! He needs to stop kissing ass and start playing this game like the super fan he says he is

  73. Adam is got to be the worst player and stupidest in BB history. Its about winning not helping Jeff team. Who cares about the jury voting, as long as the vets is not in the F2. I would be shock if he use it on K/P. He doesn’t know that his chances of winning are much better if he uses it. But that’s Adam

  74. Adam is the worst player ever!!!! ARRRR!!! You would think that the super fan would have some knowledge of the game and this dude has none. All he is a walking encyclopedia full of random and worthless information. He has no spine and can’t make a decision for himself. He won’t use the POV and pretty much hand over the loot to either Jordan or Rachel (my goodness her face is repulsive) and the super fan will just be a memory in BB history. This is a game and know seems to know how to play it. No strategy seems to be in play, it is all personal and that is why this season sucks!!! Yo, BB please do us all a favor and don’t bring any of these cast members back on TV for years to come. Please get this game back to how it was played from the beginning. Thank you. PS. Please stop showing Rachel eating!!!!

  75. Id really love for Adumb to use the veto and have a lil loyalty to the newbies since he been saying all game that he doesn’t want a vet to win. But we know how this will play out, as it has all summer: Adam does what others want him to do at all times. I think either way he would be safe whether he uses it or not. hell, he cud send Jordan packing and the house will be 3 against 1. But yea, no use in having debates on Adam, he’s been the same predictable floater/player all summer. And though I want Kalia to stay, she’s clearly out. And rachel would be smart to get her out cuz Kalia is a threat as they say, in regards to the questions comp..but remember Adam was suppose to be too. What happened to that?lol

  76. Go Adam,Go Adam, Go Adam!!!I have a whole new perspective for Adam- he is playing his game the way he thinks is best for him.
    Jordan- She is really great!! She so deserves to win too. You people that are calling her Jordum are dummer than she is- think about it at least she is SMART
    enough to win 500,000 dollars once and possibly again that’s petty smart to me:)
    Rachael-She too deserves to win- she is playing a good game all so. if either one of those 3 win then it is all good.
    but i am rooting for Jordan :)

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