Jordan to Zach – If Johnny goes PERFECT

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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10:10pm Bedroom Sarah and Kevin
Trying to figure out who will be nominated. They agree it’s going to be Johnny and Sarah.
Sarah – you can just tell the way he’s being with B, B is good.. it’s going to be me and Jonny 150%.. he won’t even look at me..
Zach and Jordan join them.
Jordan – I think he wants Johnny’s head after last week.. Graig was his boy
Kevin wonders if they can control the replacement nominee they have the votes. Jordan says what if Sarah, Johnny go up and B wins the veto.
Zach – then one of us go up
Jordan – ya
Kevin – Bruno is a smart guy doesn’t he realize Bobby and Godfrey are sinking ships
They say Bobby and Godfrey were helping Bruno out in the HOH. Sarah says production told them they couldn’t impede but didn’t mention helping.
They agree Bobby’s speech was stupid, Zach calls it insane.. Sarah starts to cry.
Zach tells them after this week Bobby has to go.
Jordan and Sarah call Bobby’s speech insulting. Brittnee comes in tells them Bruno wanted bad it he had 3 people working for one.
Sarah – Suck my cl1t buddy
Sarah goes on and on about how she’s going up and brittnee is safe “It’s me and Jonny for sure”
Jordan – one of us has to win veto, pull someone off.. we have the votes
Sarah mentions how she’s going to try to persuade Bruno there’s people playing both sides (Godfrey)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-08 19-28-28-019

10:28pm Bedroom Bobby, Johnny, Ashleigh, Brittnee

Talking about how everyone was helping each other out during the HOH competition. Pilar says it was nice.
johnny says Bobby didn’t have to stop to help him that was nice
Bobby – it was a fun challenge you forgot it was HOH
(People coming in and out of the bedroom.. mostly chit chat)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-08 19-29-47-037

10:29pm Kitchen Jordan and Zach
Jordan – If Johnny goes Perfect
Zach says next week they have to take a shot at the chop shop.
They agree all the manipulative people are out of the house now all thats left are loyal people.
Jordan doesn’t think Bruno is loyal to them he thinks Bruno is only loyal to Godfrey and Bobby
Zach thinks he’s loyal to them.
Jordan mentions how everyone loves Bruno he’s too big of a threat

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-08 19-44-44-462

10:43pm Godfrey time for a new doo

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-08 19-46-35-229

10:46pm Johnny and Jordan
Jordan saying that Bruno told him this morning if he won Head of Household he’ll put up Johnny and Sarah. Jordan thisnk at some point a secret Veto will come out.
Johnny – Canada’s Veto
Jordan – you never know anything can happen.. I just found a good name hexagon..
Jordan says Bobby is Dumb for his speech today.
They try to figure out what the have nots will be.
The backyard is open. Jordan is surprised at how quick they were today.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-08 19-52-06-171

10:52pm Fan Feed on fire

Team Maintenance guy who else is with me?


There’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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Brit needs to win veto and pull out Sarah AND Johnny, now that will cause mayhem in the house. Alliances will definitely shift and those who are watching from the sidelines will squirm. Can’t wait for this week!


Depending who wins, Bruno would put up Kevin, Pilar first most likely. He likely wants to put up Kevin already.

Motorboat RISHA

I think Sarah and Johnny are annoying and need to go but it would be interesting to see the double veto used. Bruno would probably put up Pillar and Brit but wouldnt it be great to see Willow on the block. Her paranoid and maniacal tendencies would be hilarious!


I hate how entitled Sarah feels. Things don’t go her way and she throws her toys out of the pram. She admitted to helping Zach in HOH comp but kept bitching on and on about others helping Bruno. She and Brit even went and complained to production…

I cannot stand Jordan anymore and his stupid newport signs and podcasts etc. He thinks he’s running the house, he has zero influence. He’s not made one big move and it’s only been Zach carrying him around. The more I see Jordan, the more I see Peter in him. No game and just playing a character in the DR.

Beastmode Cow-bruno

I agree! Sambooooode pay attention to society and this is an annoyance typical of liberal left wingers in general, not just the houseguests…. It’s ok if I (Sarah) help Zach because I am a person of high morals like Kathleen Wynn, but Bobby and God helped Bruno, they are corrupt cheaters worse than Harper and George Bush!!!

Just sayin'

Really? No need to bring politics into it, this is big brother not an election. And also I am guessing Sarah is a big supporter of the green party here in Canada, not the liberals. haha


lol Being a political junkie, I love the analogy on this. I’d love to have a puff with Sarah and have a debate but tbh I think she’s puffed enough lmao. Sarah shows how completely contradictory she is and it’s funny to watch her squirm when choosing her words when she needs to get out of one of her previous statements. No – I dont believe Sarah is a total Green supporter – more possibly NDP but she could be a mix of the 3!

I’m so pissed that Zach went straight to her last night after chatting with Bruno. I want to see her up along with Jordan and Zach! Now THAT would split the house imo. Once these 3 go it would level out the playing field. That’s only if someone has the guts to put Newport on the block. It’s so frustrating to watch them not be on anyone’s “huge threat” radar. Even though Bruno sees Zach as a threat he’s still listening to his ideas.

Now back to politics for a moment. Scariest sh1t is that the ONT Libs Wynn (Mcguinty) are buddies with Obamanation (so is Trudeau jr) and look how THAT has turned out – Terrorist O is destroying America on purpose & I see our Libs following in his disgraceful footsteps.

BossFrog Snorkels

Agreed!!! The liberals and NDP are nanny staters that need to stay on the sidelines (much like Sarah and B)! Sad to say but with Graig gone we only have Zach and Ashley left for conservative supporters in the house. The liberals and NDP have taken over the BBC house – thank god they wont be taking over the House in Ottawa anytime soon…. LOL!!!!


I think it’s just a ploy to save the returning houseguest for another week and not have them sent packing right away LOL


Nope, it’s for this week. I just rewound PVR to hear what Arisa said re the twist/2 options and she followed it with tune in Sunday to see who is nominated and what you decided the person who won the POV has to do with it. So we really are just voting on taking off one or both nominees. Since I want Brittnee, Sarah and Johnny to all stay I’m voting for both to be replaces and praying Britnee wins the POV.


wtf the veto is for next week…….. fuck what is wrong with bbcan this year!!!!!!! are they fucking ruining this season on purpose????? seriously last year was so much fun……. and they’re just throwing twist after twist just like season 1 .. and it’s fucking ruining the game, and did I mention that this cast SUCK ??? LOL


Unpopular opinion alert: I’m glad Bruno won! I don’t like who he’s aligned with, but I think he’s been a great player so far and he’s in my top 3 to win (Sarah, Kevin, Bruno… although he gets bumped out if Naeha returns).

To me, he’s like Sarah of BBCAN2, I genuinely liked her and thought she played fairly well, she just aligned with the “wrong” side.


I request that the Maintenance Guy gets added to the favourite choices.


Bruno is playing a enzo type game