Jon “I will have a extremely good chance with the crop that’s left now in f** winning Veto every single time”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 21-12-35-505

12:09AM Bedroom Jon Neda, Racehlle

Racehle asks him if he uses it will he use it to save her or Sabs. Jon is undecided he joks that he’s going to put Neda up.

12:10AM Allison and Heather living room

12:15AM HOH NEda and Jon

Neda asks Him which one he’s going to take off, before he can answer she suggests he uses it on Rachelle.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 21-25-08-514

12:23am Gremlins Jon, Neda

The gremlins tell him they will get their hands dirty and take out the player they want them to take out. Sabrina says Arlie and HEather are two people that will be coming after them.

Rachelle – “You will always have our vote and we’re not going to f*** you”

Rachelle – “We’ll always vote for you we’ll always have the upper hand”
Sabrina swears that Arlie is going to screw jon, “You’re his only competition in the house”

Sabrina – “Allison talks a lot.. OK.. she talks a lot”
Sabrina proposes a final 4 with them says they have her word Racehlle and Sabrina will be loyal to them. They will fill the Jury house with the rest of the people in the house and
Sabrina – “We got f*** for being loyal”
Sabrina says Rachelle got f** for being honest… “She has a beautiful soul”

Jon is going to think about it and he’ll talk to them later.
Sabrina says there’s a bunch of whispers between Adel, Arlie, heather and Allison.. “It’s not talking it’s whispering”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-12 21-30-18-808

12:27AM Hammock Arlie and Adel
talking about how powerful Jon is in Competitions

12:36AM Ned and Jon HOH

Jon “I Guarantee you neda I will have a extremely good chance with the crop that’s left now in f** winning Veto every single time”
They talk about getting rid of Allison this week and aligning themselves with the Gremlins.

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If Jon puts up Arlie after Allison uses her secret Veto this will get really intense!


Well it sounds like shit is about to blow up in Jon’s face at the veto ceremony


hes going to get two massive enemies in Arlie and Allison

cant wait for tomorrow!


You are so right! Neda has now become the new control freak, just as Sabrina was in the past! If Jon pays attention to Neda, I can see him being run over by her and the gremlins. One thing in this game is that you have to learn NOT to trust anyone, not even your closest Ally the Gremlins will take over the game as soon Jon and Neda faves them. I say get rid of Sabrina……she is as annoying as hell. Besides it breaks them up!


Sorry, I meant to respond to Stan777’s post about Jon being so dumb!


Jon has gone from idiot of the day(my own award 🙂 to the 1st double idiot of the day. Neda is leading him like a dumb azz ox by the ring in his nose. He keeps the Gremlins he NEVER and I mean NEVER makes F2. Becoming egotistical and a lush some combo to be proud of back home. Oh and don’t forget stupid!

Neda the sweet girl. Where are the feeders said she was something. She’s a douchebag that will stab Jon in the back. She’s riden him like a sucker all season and this idiots getting used for all it’s worth, After this eviction 7 left. Gremlins and Neda can in theory run the game. I know you think I’m kidding right. Here’s the numbers HOH and 2 noms don’t vote so 4 left to evict. HOH and 2 partners can literally pick them off one after another as long as 1 of the 3 wins HOH each time down to F4. Then it’s everyone for them selves.

Now I got a good hate on for Douchebag girl I’m going to grief all those who said Neda’s a fav, get rid of Sabby and Ratchet. Well as I mentioned she would/isn’t getting rid of them she is going to take them F3. You like Adel or Heather how are you going to enjoy Sabby and Ratchet instead of those 2 playing for 100K plus, plus thanks to Neda the douchebag sweetheart. I despise idiots and players who do nothing and get rewarded for it.


Why would taking the gremlins to final 4 be such a bad thing again? They are useless In competitions and everyone on jury hates them. I would love to be final 2 with Sabrina, her annoying voice would guarantee you the 100 k.


oh god… neda is playing too agressively and jon is foolishly listening. Don’t turn ur backs on the sloopy seconds! Alison will use her veto and save herself and Arlie will be aggressively after you!


Arlie and Allison will be after Jon and Neda as soon as HOH is over anyways, so they should make the move while that have a chance. Next week will be too late unless Neda wins HOH. If they wait to take Arlie out, Arlie will take one of them out next week. Arlie said last week that he needed 2 weeks and then nobody would be able to stop him. If he doesn’t go and Neda doesn’t win the next HOH, Jon and Neda are in big trouble. Everyone else sees them as a threat, they are a duo and they need to be broken up. It isn’t a bad idea for Jon and Neda to pull Sabs and Roro over. If only they knew about Allison’s veto. This week could be crazy. Adel was dumb to use the veto. I can imagine the scenario where Adel or Arlie get backdoored. I think they will gun for Allison, but be forced to nominate Arlie when Allison uses her veto. It would be pretty funny if Adel went home because he played his power.


Once Jon uses the veto on Rachelle, he will put up Allison then she will use her RED VETO then she will take herself off the block. After the shock is over, Jon will put up Arlie and Arlie will go home this week.
Only problem is if Allison wins HOH next week, Neda and Jon are screwed.
If Rachelle, Neda or Heather win HOH next week, Allison will be put up and she will be gone.
Once again Adel may be safe for two weeks if he is smart and lays low and talks to Neda and Heather. Adel hasn’t won anything and he can pitch that to them so they may keep him over Jon because Jon would beat these girls.
I cant wait for the drama to begin LOL


Arlie is not likely to go this week. Sabrinas the goner. There is no way that Adel and Heather will vote Arlie out over Sabrina/Rachelle.
NO WAY! Heather even just said that she wants one of the Gremlins gone next week.
IF Jon and Neda go through with this plan, they will be massive effed with both Arlie and Allison after them. Adel will probably align with them with Heather and Rachelle floating in the middle more towards Neda.
This week is going to be awesome.

Love Big Brother <3 Just when people think theyve got this game under wraps, the rug gets pulled up from under them!

"I will have a extremely good chance with the crop thats left now in f*cking winning Veto every single time"- Jon Pardy
Some famous last words here….
lets add that to Sabrina/Sarah/Andrew/Kenny celebrating in the bathroom how the next to go would be "Allison-Heather-Adel"


saving Rachelle is a slap in the face for Heather..I think if Jon uses the Veto he and the third gremblem (Neda) are pooched.. and it will so look good on them .. They couldn’t even stay true till the slobs were gone .. Mark my words .. I think this will come back to harm them .. Remember when Andrew thought he was gonna win everything .. that just doesn’t happen .. bring on the fireworks…lol


If Jon puts up Allison, then Neda has officially ruined the Sloppy seconds and Jon’s and her own game. I don’t even know why she’s even asking for a big move when there’s 8 people in the house and alligning yourselves with the gremlins. So what makes them think the gremlins wont put them up? So stupid honestly. way to go Neda…


I’m going to be a little suspicious if Allison gets puts up- because that’s exactly what the show would like to happen so she could use her veto. I mean, it seems a bit of a coincidence that what happens is the best scenario for the show, I would love to know if the producers are behind the scenes pushing anything, it doesn’t seem plausible since that might deprive the players of being the final 2 so I would think they could sue over something like that. So I don’t know.


Allison says she’s back in ‘survival mode’. Uh – does she know what game she’s playing? The minute you enter the house you’re in survival mode. Poor girl thought she was somewhere else.


Seriously, Slobrina & Rachelle, who is dumb enough to trust anything that comes outta their mouths? the only deal anyone should make with them is to take them both for a long walk in the forest, and hey if they happen upon a house made of gingerbread, let the chips fall where they may, lol,,,


Wow. Everything nuts that could happen is happening.
Allison gets to use her VETO and then we get to see if Jon has the balls to put up Arlie, who will get voted out by Allison, Neda, Rachelle. Crazy.


Pretty sure Allison’s veto isn’t just to remove herself I think it also allows her to put up the replacement as well, i.e. it’s not John’s decision.

If she puts up Adel or Arlie they will be voted out. I can’t see her putting up Neda because John will be coming after her big time which is a scary thought. Neda would have Rachelle and Heather’s vote to stay but I’m not sure how Arlie/Adel would vote. Either way I’m not sure the house would want John’s ire coming at them knowing Rachelle could win HOH endurance and John obviously demonstrated how easily he can win veto’s now.

The likely replacement Allison would put up is Adel since he took her out of the veto and second Arlie depending on whether she feels she can work with him or not. I highly doubt she would put up Neda and is least likely to put up Heather.

Now I believe the reason Allison is mad (based on her warning Kenny prior to the double eviction HOH he needed to win or risk leaving) is because she was hoping one of the Gremlins would win POV so she could use her veto to save them both. With this scenario playing out she can’t remove Sabrina b/c she’ll have to save herself.


If she could nominate her replacement, they would have mentioned it. They haven’t, ergo…she can’t.

another name

as far as what Allison’s veto power is…. I would normally agree with you.
Adel’s original power was to play in a veto even if not chosen (what he read off the card when he won) later becoming replace any player in the veto competition and play in their place.
again, his ability was promoted as being many things, but comparing what he was told on the card to what he was later able to do with it….
we’ll have to wait and see. twistos twist powers seem to have the ability to do whatever production believes will create greater dramatic tension.


You have the scenario perfectly!

Lets address the Arlie isn’t going crowd. If Allison is put on the block as a replacement she knows she is getting backdoored. A genius you do not have to be to figure that out. She comes off and who does Jon put up? His plan(not really his it’s douchebags) just blew up. now what genius? He has a few seconds to nom someone. Bet he looks to Neda anyone! Jon just sent Allison to the block Neda wanted. But Allison is going to be pissed. That’s where I disagree with you JJ. She’d have to convince Allison it’s Jon and the guys. The certainly has a chance of working. As long as she approaches Allison early and tells her what’s coming. Jon just got castrated if that happens.

If it’s a true blindside and say Arlie goes up versus Sabby I think Allison will keep Arlie only if she buys that Arlie wasn’t in on the backdoor. Allison and Adel to keep Arlie and you guessed it sweet loveable Heather decides the eviction. It’s a hot mess if this stuff in whole or in part happens. Sabby and Ratchet could sit F2 for JC sake. How’s the slops looking now folks. Kenny more of a douche than douchebag Neda. Kenny at least did things in the house and talked nasty about HG’s. He has a lot more integrity than the queen of the douchebags herself. Douchebag girl is nothing but a lay about do nothing that won a comp that was thrown to her. Jon got her this far he’s going to get used like a toilet seat then on to the next one.

Well should point out this doesn’t have to happen if Jon simply doesn’t use the veto. A Gremlin goes home and we go F7. If your a Jon fan pray to the BB Gods he doesn’t use the veto. Pray harder he realizes Neda is an Evil douche who has plans to cut him loose and gets her 1st. I’m thinking Jon is screwed big time. Jon’s other saving grace that is not likely to happen is he noms Allison on the backdoor. She uses her veto and Jon CORRECTLY puts up Heather to replace Allison. I think even douchebag Neda hits the breaks at that point. Arlie and Adel are solid for Heather to stay in that scenario. So Neda has to work with Allison and exposes everything. Those 2 plus Gremlins versus the house. You Neda fans are going to be eating a lot of sh*t sandwiches the rest of the season. Almost all Neda fans here have talked about her virtue ect. Were gonna see that do nothing douchebag show who she really is.

PS…. Just one more thought. I actually think she hates men boyfriend or not. What she is doing to Jon is just cold to the bone. She basically will be taking her “brother” and castrating him 1st then put him to sleep. She a sociopath IMHO. Sabby doesn’t look so bad after all.


Certainly Not a Neda fan, but aren’t you being a little Harsh here? Sociopath? Really??


Oeople upset at Jon and Neda for aligning with the Gremlins, Arlie and Adel are 100% gunning for him after this VETO win, so this is now his ONLY move. No longer a risk.


Say what you want about Sabrina/Rachelle being horrible human beings, I respect that they are fighting HARD to stay in this game. I LOVE that Allison will have the opportunity to use her veto… I think she already knows that she’s on the bottom of that alliance and she has to flip regardless


So say Jon uses the veto on Rachelle, and puts up Allison. Then Allison uses the Secret Veto to take herself off. Jon would now have to put up someone in his own alliance, and because this all happening at the veto ceremony and Jon has no input from Neda (who would want Adel up) he will probably put up Heather. Now Heather does not entirely trust Jon and feels as though she is at the bottom. Nevertheless it seems like Sabs is definitely going home this week.

Now the questions is will Allison use her Veto, if Jon does not use his??
Also if Rachelle survives this week, I see no one going after her in the next few weeks. Also Jon and Arlie are going to turn on each other sooner rather than later. Probably Arlie first because he sees Neda and Jon as a unit, and if he’s a super-fan like he claims he is going to strike soon.

Allison, Adel are on the chopping block if Neda wins
If Heather wins, probably Allison ….Adel?? idk
Arlie……i don’t know honestly he is all over the map
Allison…Jon and Neda are in trouble and possibly Adel after today
If Adel…..??? Who would Adel put up?
Rachelle….heather will go up, nd she will probably cling to Neda if she stays


I truly believe that Jon and Neda can play this right even after Allison uses her special veto. They need to make sure they keep a close eye on the gremlins and Adel and Heather, that way when Allison wins HOH and comes after them, Neda or Jon can win the veto and the gremlins will be replacement and Heather, Adel and Jon/Neda can vote out the gremlin.
This can either make or destroy Jon and Neda’s game this week. Love it. I cant wait for the drama lol

Love this site.Thanks ya’ll


What do you mean WHEN Allison wins HOH? Do you have some kind of insider info or psychic ability? I think Arlie is tougher and Heather could go head-to-head with Allison.


Arlies flaw… underestimating Sabrina’s propaganda. Isn’t he in marketing?
I want him out now just for the fact that We have to suffer through Sabrina for how many more weeks???


Sabrina did nothing but exist as a worthless slab of flesh.


This move to try to backdoor Allison is the worst possible thing to happen at this point. If John puts up Arlie in her place and thinks he is going to get rid of him, think again!! Allison, Adel and Heather will vote to keep him, while Neda and Rachelle vote to evict. I don’t see them getting rid of Arlie. With Jon not being able to play for HOH next week he could be gone for sure. Sabrina will have to go, and the shit will hit the fan next week. Jon won’t have a leg to stand on. Can’t wait to see Allison shove that VETO right up his ass!!!


jon mess up his game allison will not trust jon she will go with heather …. i think sabrina will go home but allison may or maynot vote for her to go either way


votes to evict heather ,,, allison,,, adel


votes to evict rachell ,, neda

jon cant vote


Neda Is A Little Nuerotic Closet Psycho Coming Out…She Should Use Kenny’s line & say “F**k It I’m Psycho”


A possible scenario: Jon removes one of the gremlins and puts up Arlie in an attempt to backdoor him. This will be viewed as an obvious attempt against the Sloppy Seconds alliance and a clear indication to others that Jon must have struck a deal with the gremlins. As a result, Allison might decide to use the Red Veto to remove Arlie in an attempt to make him an ally of hers to go up against Jon who can not play for HOH next week. In addition, Jon would be forced to put up another member of Sloppy Seconds this week in Arlie’s place.


The tastiest scenario out there is yours. Arlie up and Allison uses the veto. Likely Adel up and gone. Even Heather might turn her back on Neda the douchebag. Anything that exposes Neda is worth the pain as a viewer. I just think Jon the idiot won’t clue in. For Jon’s game I hope he doesn’t use veto.


Jon Pardy is going to go home, watch the tapes and say, “There – stop the tape — that’s right where I got screwed. When Sobs and Ro came in and tag-teamed me.” Neda smiling and rubbing her two paws together probably thinking, “I orchestrated this”. When she’s home, she’ll watch the tapes…rinse repeat.
Anybody that gives Sabrina or Rachelle an ear at this point is a dumbass.


Neda Is an insecure nuerotic Micro-managing evil psycho little Bi**h that came out. She should use Kenny’s line & say “F**k It I’m Psycho”


Watching adel masticating away on that steak, is one of the most disgusting things to behold – I guess he wasn’t taught to chew with his mouth closed. – He’s just as bad if not worse than Sabrina. Also, I thought BB warned them about their foul language – sounds like they totally ignored the warning and it’s very disrespectful, not only to the viewers, but to BB.


Neda is getting on my nerves, there have been many players who have made moves without getting blood on their hands but she is just irritating me for some reason. Maybe its because she comes off as a bit of a snob?? I would be weary of keeping sabrina for the fear that IF she makes it to final 2 she might talk her way into winning…she did get blood on her hands, and prevailed even after her alliance was destroyed! If I could give some advice to Adel…….FOR GODS SAKES MAN, WIN A COMPETITION!!


Neda is soooo evil & i cant handle her ugliness shes nuerotic & psychotic-like i do not like this girl shes is a crazyyy Little ms perfect…I started strongly hating her after she threw away the condiments & she brings out the Worstttt in Heather


John Should Save Rachelle Put Up Allison, Allison will Save Herself & Then Jon Puts Up Arlie Neda or Adel & One of the two will go homee & the gremlins re-unite againnn ha ha!! Or If he does not use his Veto, This will be Allison’s Last chance to use hers (they told her its only good for 3 times & 2 of the 3 are gone) So she Should save one of the Gremlins who aren’t threats to anyone anyway Handsss Down & jon once again will have to pick a sloppy seconds…


ugh Allison is so annoying…I wish she could get sent home this week she hasn’t earned her place there she came in late because Canada voted her in she rode Andrew coat tails was given a Veto then was given another veto after solving a riddle. #TEAMGETALLISIONOUT


If Jon takes down Rachelle and Allison takes down Sabrina, then Jon will have to put up 2 sloppies. It’s all in the timing. If Allison goes up and then takes herself down, the gremlin will probably go home, but if Allison uses her veto before he nominates her, then it could be any combination of Heather, Arlie or Adel going up, and one of them going home.


It doesn’t work that way:

If John uses his veto he will remove Rachelle to garner favor and prove to her that Neda & he were genuine right from their initial conversation. He will put up Allison and in all likelihood tell Arlie/Adel some sort of lie about something Allison said or did prior to the veto ceremony.

Allison gets to use hers AFTER the John as stipulated by Arisa when she won it. She also (I’m 99% sure) gets to name the replacement & I’m leaning toward her putting up Adel given how angry she was with him but she might put up Arlie for causing all this drama (in her mind) in the first place.


If Arlie were to win HOH next week, he would come after Neda and Jon for sure so why not take him out first. Neda has already told Heather about the plan to backdoor Allison and she is on board which surprised me so now I think Neda can convince her to get rid of Arlie. Im so sick of Allison sitting around complaining about how she is in survival mode again, are you kidding me? Instead of caressing Arlie she should be going around having conversations and building relationships. People dont trust her and she expects people to just trust because of what? She needs to leave next week because she has gotten so far for someone who has done absolutely nothing.


This is how I see it going-
Jon uses the veto on Rachelle, nominates Allison.
Allison veto’s the nomination, Jon puts up Arlie
Neda and Rachelle vote to evict Arlie
Adel thinks he has a final two with Arlie, Allison just avoided the backdoor, and Heather will be upset that they aren’t sticking together.
Arlie convinces Allison, Adel, and Heather that Jon is a lying back stabber for going after his alliance instead of the gremlins. And he tells them that they need him to split up Jon and Neda, the traitors. Sabrina is evicted.
Once Arlie unleashes the beast, they will have a tough time evicting him.
That puts Rachelle and Neda against Arlie, Heather, Adel, and Allison on the Thursday HOH comp.

Go Arlie!


Does anyone know why Neda has always wanted Allison to go? I haven’t seen any game reason for it.


1> Allison looks like a physical comp beast.
2> Allison captured the house Alpha so she is a subconscious threat to Neda’s precarious social standing.
3> Neda is a bitch.


Did you see Allison all over Jon at the Frat Party? With Neda in the kitchen watching? Probably fuming in secret. IMO if Allison wasn’t Neda’s #1 target before that, she certainly was after.


Twists make it hard in there for a pimp.


For someone who thinks he is so smart, Arlie has absolutely been stupid in how he has outed himself as someone who should be everyone’s #1 target. He sits and crows about playing dumb the first half of the season, then he went all-hog in winning the veto to get Kenny out- I mean, why in the world would any of them want to keep him around? If Jon was smart, he would backdoor him

Russ from Van

I’m cheering for Jon, Neda and Adel, but I hope Jon boy doesn’t f*ck himself by working with both Gremlins!

Sabrina cannot stop lying and scheming, even after she has been so exposed. Sabrina needs to go. The Gremlins have been so useless in challenges too, and I wouldn’t want to depend on them for wins.

I’m cheering so hard for Jon not to make a big move yet.


A lot of talk … but I’m betting that Jon keeps the noms the same. I don’t think he really cares which Gremlin goes home and he’ll just let the chips fall where they may.

I’m sure production hints to the guests what sort of vetos they’d like to see played, through their line of questioning, but at the end of the day the decision is still Jon’s.


Yeh I’ve always believed production requests storylines for the HG’s between noms, POV and the veto ceremony. To get footage for primetime and give the feeders some fun things to talk about.

Neda has been laying the seeds of backdoor/1st to screw over the alliance all along who ever she talked to about whatever alliance it was. She has no interest in riding slops to the end. She likely doesn’t see herself F2 in that scenario. Funny thing is I think it’s a better shot than Gremlins. I’d dearly love to see Sabby F2 and Neda out of the money just for the “karmas a beotch” moment.

We’ll see what Monday brings at the Veto ceremony.


i believe production guided this house guest for this to happen…. its such a coincidence that adel happened to use his veto card and replaced allison for veto. after that all of a sudden jon decided to backdoor allison who just by luck has a veto power in her possesion,,, this was the best case scenario for wednesday and thursday show… If neda doesnot win thursday hoh then her or jon will go home….if jon and neda are on the block im hoping jon wins pov so neda would go home….


Oh my God this is so staged. Everything just doesn’t make sense. Adel using his power for something stupid and Jon putting up Allison ? Production has a huge hand in this. They have to. Nothing is lining up according to what they were all talking about on the live feeds before. Then Adel said he HAD to use it. I mean, all the strong players are gone. Jon couldn’t win anything before but he’s going to win everything now. Who is his competition? Arlie’s going to throw everything to him….