Jon catches whiff he’s on the outs tells Arlie “We gotta F**** bounce”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 17-56-11-708

8:30pm Bathroom Kenny and Jon (We only got to hear a bit of this conversation but later conversation in this post give us an idea of what is said)
Jon says he’s tripping out. Bringing up how people saying he hates andrew, “Why the f** would I hate Andrew I hang out with him the entire f*** time”

Jon – “Am I his biggest fan no.. “

Sarah comes in and Jon leaves.

Kenny tells Sarah That IKA told Jon that Rachelle made a deal with Kenny for 3 weeks of safety. “Apparently that is why she put IKA up.. because I told her basically ” Kenny says this revealed that Jon and IKA are in cahoots.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 17-40-47-885

8:40pm Sabrina and Allison kitchen
Sabrina says someone’s been telling her Allison is going around saying she’s her target. Sabrina says he loves Allison why would Allison be coming after her. Allison says her second person is Sabrina she wants her in this game., “You and Andrew.. honest to f*** I swear on my family I never said I was coming after you”

Sabrina says she’s the type of person that in this game when people tell her things she doesn’t go tell the other person because that is how the problems starts. (LOL OMG that is exactly the type of person Sabrina is)
Sabrina – “I’ll tell one maybe two people I know I can trust”

Sabrina says the house can see they are getting along and they are trying to sabotage it.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 18-45-41-664

8:50pm Heather dancing in the HOH

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 18-07-07-762

8:50pm Arlie and Jon

Jon asks him if he’s heard about the deal they made with Rachelle so she would put IKA up. Arlie hasn’t
Jon – “I just talked to Kenny about it and he lied to my face”
Arlie – “I knew they did something.. how did you hear about that”
Jon – IKA told me
Jon says it’s time to F*** Bounce.

Arlie knew they had done something, He suggest they do not talk right now they need to find a place where they can have a nice long talk, “Be calm put on your happy face”

Jon is worried about Sarah asks if she knew. Arlie says she hasn’t been talking game much he’s been taking a break.
Jon – “Well I need to start playing the game”
Arlie – “Yes I agree.. honesty lets end this talk right now and talk later”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 18-27-18-634

9:00pm Poolside Jon and Sabrina Jon brings up the deal Kenny made with Rachelle for 3 weeks of safety. Sabrina says she wasn’t there when the deal was made and it’s being used to protect her from IKA>

Sabrina scampers off to talk to Andrew.. finds him in the bathroom

Sabria – “Jon is freaking out” she explains that JOn told her Kenny is lying to his face he knew they had made a 3 week deal with Rachelle that is why IKA is nominated. Sabrain adds that Jon thinks he’s out of the loop.
The lie is that Kenny told Jon the deal he made with Rachelle was if you keep me safe this week I’ll keep you safe next week. Jon knew KEnny made a 3 week deal when he asked Kenny about it.
Sabrina races to Arlie “Jon’s freaking out he doesn’t think he’s part of the alliance anymore … blah blah blah”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 18-08-41-279

9:10pm cuddling

Lots of milling around.. not much going on feeds are cutting out 🙁

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I think its time for a Chevrolet Powershift! Heather and Ika come off, Kenny and Andrew go up, Sabrina get auto-evicted, and Adel get auto-HoH!

Just kidding. But COME ON IKA! CAMPAIGN! Why is it that nobody is campaigning to even stay in the game this season?


Sadly, i feel like Ika knows that she can not get people to switch their votes cause even if she gets Neda, Adel, Jon, and Allison , thats just 4 votes, and the first five are 5 votes, plus Allison is just going to do what Andrew wants her to do


so true, 4 weeks in a row no one has campaigned to stay in this game….. this season is just getting more and more boring…. i liked last year better.


Maybe with this fire starting to light under Jon’s @$$ he may realize that he needs to keep Ika in the game. This reminds me of BB15 where Helen eliminated her entire alliance for no real reason other than to get closer to Amanda, McCray and Andy. It seems like everyone wants to be in Kenny’s circle. When you are not in the winners circle, you make your own circle. But I don’t think Arlie, Rachelle, Jon, and Allison realize that they are not in the winner’s circle so they will be less likely to turn on them.

Fav players so far are Neda and Sarah. I think Sarah will make it to final two.


Where is sassy Ika…The cow ate her spirit.


Couldn’t agree more :*


Ika tried to campaign but she is actually being ignored t this point and other house guest are actully walking out the room when she enters. Hell she even tried to campaign to kenny but it is pretty much set. You need 5 votes to be evicted or stay.

Ika NEEDS one of those votes to stay. Tell me which one of these people REALISTICALLY is going to vote to keep IKA? The only chance and it is miniscule at best is Allison or Sarah. And Sarah who just screwed Ika and admitted she is joining the boys alliance to IKA’S FACE is basically zero. So Ika would have to flip Allison who spends half her day with Andrews tongue in her mouth. The only person who did try to campaign was Annick and Paul. Ika really has no chance of staying without a power shift like last season. It will really suck because she will spice up the game even if she goes home next week.

even if Ika could get jon, arlie, adel and neda she’d still lose 4-5. So it really comes down to getting one of those 5 which is impossible.

Come on BB powershift.


Jon and Neda are becoming aware of how sneaky Sabrina and Kenny are, hopefully Arlie jumps ships and he sticks with Jon, Neda, Adel, and Heather… and become a new alliance to take out Sabrina, Kenny, and Andrew…yet Arlie can just be playing them so he is safe if one of them wins hoh…. hopefully Adel wins hoh and noms Sabrina and Andrew and if someone comes off then he should nom Kenny


I like Jon, Neda (sort of), Heather, Allison, Arlie and I don’t like Ika but she can be useful. Can they figure something out and band together because the power players right now leave a sour taste in my mouth – aside from Kenny. Okay I just hate anyone who is on Sabrina’s/Rachelle’s side. I like Sarah but she’s solidly in that corner.


Sabrina says he doesn’t trust Adel. RO I don’t trust Allison or Adel. Sabrina I trust Allison more than Adel.( well you don’t trust just because he is the only one you are not able to bull s**t)


Yeah Jon you and Arlie better effin bounce otherwise you will be next. I hate the F4.


Andrew and Allison is the worse showmance in BB history. It doesn’t even seem as if their is any real feelings or chemistry between them.


That’s because Allison is playing him.
He thinks he is playing her like he’s playing Sabrina.
He failed to realize that Allison is playing to win and has a brain unlike
Sabrina who is playing for jury?(Stupid)


TThat’s because there is 200 pound of ground cow between them. Just joking!!!


I dont know who is uglier sarah sabrina or allison they are all pigs that should be cagged up in a barn somewere.


Can’t wait to see Sabrina go.


Anyone notice how weird heathers dancing is?!


It’s no weirder than Sabrina’s.


Sabrina talking to Allison yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak …….. yak yak yak yak yak yak …
Allisons really thinking … How did she escape from the institution?
The more I watch Sabrina … I see she has more n more major mental issues
The more I watch Allision … I see shes quite the stealthy gamer after all.


Is there not a way that Ika can stay? What is Neda, Jon, Adel, Arlie maybe Sarah got together against the gross Andrew gang?


I kind of hope that Ika doesn’t campaign any further because I’d prefer Heather staying, but it’s kind of a shame how these last two weeks have gone down. Wasted opportunities across the board.


The funny thing is, if that happened, ppl would start bitching about the other half the house within a week…

Lets face it, you cant please 85% of the viewers…


Well I believe Arlie just playing Adel and he’s not really in an alliance with him just pretending . He is a car salesman he lies like a champ . Dont like &trust him not even a bit


Arlie’s game so far is very similar with Dan’s game in bbus10. Just watch the season, you will see the similarities. Arlie clearly threw few competitions so far. The difference is that people are more aware about Arlie’s potential…. Dan flew under the radar for longer.


why would jon tell sabrina ?? ughh i hope something good happens and Ika doesnt leave so the game could change


Allison/Andrew tied with McCray/Amanda for “most nausea inducing showmance of all time”. The only reason I don’t dislike Allison, is that she is getting under Sabrina’s skin. That redeems her, a little bit.


Amanda and Mcrae broke up rumour has it that Amanda is now dating jesse godderz ala season 10 and 11


I’m really going to miss Adel and Ika’s late night funny conversations! They make the feeds interesting as opposed to the grumpy others who go to bed as though they have important meetings to attend in the morning.
*le sigh* I hope Ika comes back as a twist even if its for 24 hours.

Dee Dee

Ika needs 1 vote, probably from Allison. She woild have at this point: Adel,Neda,Jon and Arlie. She just needs to think. She and Adel can get Jon and Arlie. As a group they might be able to get Allison.


I think that Arlie will vote to evict Ika just because he does not want kenny and Andrew after him, plus kenny is pretty much able to persuade sara, so i find it hard for Ika to stay, Plus if Arlie was wanting to switch he would not be talking so much game with Heather


Heather got some movessss!


Nobody is fighting to stay this year the second they are on the block they start winning and regret their past move bit no one is fighting to stay its boring. Sabrina may be a vie or whatever you say at least she is trying something she is playin the game the others one just sit there and watch waiting for god to do something.i miss the players from last season. This cast is boring


If you watch After Dark or the vids on this site you will see that Ika and Adel came up with the campaign “Kiss my Ass”. She tried to convince Rachelle, Sabrina, and Andrew that it would be better to keep her but to no avail. Unfortunately while she is aware that Sabrina is a manipulative b*tch…..I mean player she still has not connected all of the dots and does not realize that Sabrina is in an alliance with Kenny, Andrew etc. Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the players this year are not true fans of the game. They are unfamiliar with previous seasons of Big Brother, hence all the stupid decisions. They think (and wrongly so) that this gives them an advantage never having seen previous seasons. They are most likely fame whores itching at the chance to be on t.v. While this does not apply to all of them it certainly explains their lack of knowledge of the game.


Ika watched every season, she told adel that, I’m not sure why she hasn’t concluded that sabrina is in an alliance with the boys. Perhaps it is easier to see from outside. But one just has to look at who spends time with who to see the real alliances. Her bitching about allison should be a major clue.