Andrew to Sabrina “I Swear on my family I love you.. Every day I love you more.. I Promise”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: IKA & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 16-24-39-928

7:20pm Neda and IKA Bedroom

Neda asks if there is any way she could stay this week.
IKA says “They” (Production) wants her to fight to stay
Neda asks why.
IKA hints that things are boring. She points that backdoor move are so cemented it’s tough to get the votes and survive because everyones mind is made up. .

IKA – “I’ve watched everything since season one.. I just don’t talk about it”
Neda – “what kinda crazy a$$ sh1t can we try”
IKA mentions how Sabrina is influenced by Andrew and it’s screwed Neda and her the most. Rachelle thinks she’ safe but she’s not .
Neda really wants to try something she’s been trying to think of a scheme but nothing comes to her.

IKA tells her even if Adel and Neda started campaigning hard it wouldn’t do a thing they would make the targets bigger on their backs and IKA would still go home. IKA – “You guys don’t have any pull”

IKA- “Rachelle is f****g us both”
NEda – “You’re putting your friend on the block because of a boy”
Neda tries to be optimistic says there might be a twist to save IKA, brings up “That 2 million thing” (The counter for marsha moose) and the possibility of a double eviction. Neda adds that

Neda jokes says IKA should have just hooked up with Andrew. (Andrew liked IKA at first) . Ika says “GROSS”

Neda (Andrew)- “He was totally j**king off last night.. he was grunting and you could hear it”
Neda adds that Sarah woke up and said “Is it morning already” and he ran out of the room. After Andrew ran out of the room Kenny woke up and Asked her what happened. IKA said they caught Andrew “J****g off”
Andrew confronted her about it and said he wasn’t “Do you think I would do that” Neda laughs “well you pick your nose and eat it”
IKA is grossed out, they start talking about Andrew picking his nose. Neda say him pick a booger out and eat it.

Neda says Kenny has everyone wrapped around his little finger, “He’s got f*** mind control”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 16-51-37-164

7:45pm Ika and NEda
Neda says Sabrina and Rachelle are so catty “I’m in fashion and i’m not even that catty”

They both are questioning if all the things said about Heather were true or not. Neda says all the bad things she heard about heather were from Heather. Neda is pissed that Racehlle is calling her “NEDS” she says it’s Rachelle’s way of being a passive b!tch.

Neda says the only advice she has to people in this game is ‘Don’t be afraid”

IKA thinks their alliance sucks. Neda mentions how this is a prime example of why girls alliances don’t work.

SAbrina wonder sif people are actually going to go after Sabrina or is it just NEda and Adel.

IKA thinks most the house is annoyed by Sabrina. IKA gives Neda some information she got from Sarah. Neda is apparently going up next and Racehlle making the deal with the boys also brought Sabrina in.

Neda – “Sabrian is the biggest liar in this game.. I don’t think Heather said all those things”

Neda is certain if Sabrian won HOH she would put her and heather up
IKA – “100% she would put you up and cry later”

Neda thinks if Andrew leaves it opens up some room for her to make a deal with Kenny, Sarah and Jon.

IKA says if Andrew goes Sabrina will do whatever Kenny says.

Neda thought Racehlle was going to go after Heather, she’s really shocked IKA would be targeted.


While Ika and Neda talk in the bedroom the rest are enjoying some cake.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-24 17-17-21-917

8:04pm HOH Sabrina and Andrew
Sabrina brings up a conversation she had with Allison in the storage room. Sabrina Swears “on her head” and her life that this conversation happened.

Allison told Sabrina that Andrew told her Sabrina is targeting Andrew/Allison and Sabrina is mad at Andrew because he’s spending more time with Allison.

Andrew swear he never said that. Sabrina thinks Allison is trying to get them fighting to split them apart. Andrew mentions how it’s good that she thinks Sabrina is targeting them because it shows she has no clue what is going on.

Sabrina adds that Allison is trying to be Sabrina’s friends so she can target them.

Sabrina swears in all her entire being and her whole life that Allison said this, “She’s trying to pin us on each other”.

Andrew doesn’t think Allison is Canada’s player she’s just a late arrival into the house. Andrew thinks it’s pretty clear Allison has no idea what is going on in the she’s making mistakes all the time.

Sabrina tells him to start the detachment process with Allison. Andrew does not want to look cold hearted on TV he wants Canada to think he’s got these kind hearted feelings.
Andrew -”I do like her she’s an awesome girl.. but I can’t get attached because I know I’m getting stabbed in the back”

Andrew says she loves Sabrina and he loves her more and more every day. kisses her hand. Says he swears he loves her he promises”
Sabrina squeals with joy (See the video)

Andrew wants to backdoor Jon if he wins HOH, ‘That son of a b!tch wants to rally the troops”

They go over the boot list, Andrew wants IKA, Jon, then Allison gone. Sabrina is happy tells him she loves him.

Sabrina says she knows Adel’s power “I saw the card” claims that Adel gets to pick the replacement nominee after he vetoed someone. She thinks if Andrew tries to BAck Door Jon Adel will use it that is why he has to put Jon and Adel up.
Sabrina warns that Adel will get voted back in the game like Gary if he goes to the jury.
Andrew offers they take out IKA, JOn, Adel, Allison.

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How in the world sabrina knows about Adel’s veto card?? I knew why she wanted to be in have not room now

bb is a house full of crazy

But she said the card was to replace a nominee after vetoing someone (Adel’s lie). So, Andrew SHOULD clue in that sabrina is a bullshit artist after the card is used, as it only allows Adel to take someone’s place in a POV comp. But Andrew is way too busy talking about Andrew, looking at himself in the mirror or too busy jerking off in the a.m.


Thank you for great explanation.
Yes andrew so busy with that pluse picking his nose& eating it lol


LOL YAAAAAAAAAS PRODUCTION IS GOING IN!! make ika fight harder please this is painful to watch! Ika must stay 🙁


I’m with you all the way !


Sabrina is just believing her own lies! She is just annoying and those people are just stupids! COMPARE NOTES!! Why is Adel, or Neda, or Ika, she have nothing to loose, are not confronting her already??!!


Good question!!!


Is Sabrina lying about what she told Andrew about Allison? Considering she keeps saying don’t tell anyone, I don’t believe her.

So desperate for male attention its bile-inducing to watch her… I can’t wait for everyone to publicly turn on her, its already happening privately


Of course the cow was lying, her lips were MOOOOOOving…from what I saw of the conversation she had with Allison, Sabrina was telling her that she felt that Allison was pulling away from her and she missed Andrew as her friend and hoped Allison didn’t get mad when she hung out with him. Allison told her of course not, she never intended to pull anyone away from anybody and that she didn’t want to be in the middle of their friendship. Allison was very sweet and sincere about it. Then of course cow was then asking her if they are still friends cause she really likes Allison and doesn’t want her to pull away anymore. They hugged and then cow proceeded to insert herself up Allison’s ass for the rest of the afternoon. Frigging mad cow crazy stalker.


That conversation between Andrew and Slob is that most psychotic thing I’ve ever witnessed. This girl is a Stage 4 Clinger insane person.

Yes, I know that wasn’t very eloquent but my brain is dead from watching that.


You know, Andrew and Sabrina deserve each other…


They really do.


Yupp. The nose pickers.


Lol andrew ..omg what a jerkoff he is .. I only want those f5 manipulator jerks gone


haha funny u said that coz he really did jerked off lol! i hate him. i hope ika wont leave yet


Me too I want her to stay and shake the house. Unfortunately Arlie wont vote her to stay ( what a floater jerk )

little mouse

i never watched much of the feeds tonight seems sabrina was on every cam and i honestly can’t stomach her. but reading the comments i can see she is up to her lies again. She is so jealous oh if there is a twist let it be Sabrina is locked in the war room with TV’s on Andrew and allison making out and all the other houseguests talking about how annoying she was..payback is a bitch and she deserves it.


Good grief, does Sabrina EVER tell the truth? She obviously didn’t see the card or she would know Adel is lying about the power. Why would she lie about that?


She is a compulsive liar. It’s not just for the game. She lies about the color of the sky too, I’m sure.


how do we ask big brother to throw in a twist to save Ika from eviction ???


Wow. If Sabrina is like this on camera I wonder what she’s like in real life….the girls got skills….she is literally manipulating everyone…I wonder what it’d be like to have her and Liza in a house


Sabrina is playing Andrew. I bet she stabs him in the back with Kenny.

Reality check

I would leave Andrew in the house … No one
Likes him I’d take Kenny out then Sarah and well Sabrina
Won’t win anything so you could literally toy
Around with her till you wanted her gone .
For some strange reason the house guest
Like Fake Judas Sarah and she might
Get there votes . Come on Adel raise some shit


Well, remember Andy last summer? He won:(, Sabrina has a similar play, so unfortunately it’s not impossible for her to win. I hope she will not though….


Man, now I really hope that Neda, Jon and Arlie start doing some damage in the house. It would really be ideal if one of them, or Heather won the next HOH. The F5 (well, F4 I should say, I’m really hoping Arlie jumps ship) needs to feel a week without power and have one or even two of their allies on the block. They need to take the fire of finding out how big of lies Sabrina, Kenny, Sarah and Andrew are telling all of them and use that to get even.


this shit starting sabrina has some real issues, cling, paranoid, insecure and a compulsive liar…reminds me of one of my aunts lol. But, she did the most crucial thing which was forming an alliance the minute she stepped foot in the house, so no matter what anyone does all attempts are futile because the f5 is working together…one thing is for sure, she really wants that 100,000.!!

The thing with sabrina is that she is playing a nasty, ugly game. I understand any game needs heroes and villains but even the villains have to have a degree of likeability. Just look back, guys like will, dan, even Tom, and Jillian(up for debate) were considered the villains but they were still likeable!


I’m sure your aunt is not like her lol but she’s despicable . What you see what you get IMO.


I’ve been praying religiously that Sabrina is given a task to sit in
a chair and watch Andrew and Allison makeout non stop. plssss
big brothet make this happen!


I wish it was her who had to do the 10,000 steps a day, she needs it – all she would do is whine. I hope they didn’t let her eat cake. Of course she had to take over making the cake with her snotty ass fingers.


The entire season feels completely staged so maybe we should all threaten to stop watching the show. I’m about ready to anyway. I come here and read the news. I used to click to watch videos but don’t anymore because I can’t stomach most of the HG’s. With everything pre-recorded a week in advance do I really need to tune in to see what outfit Arissa is crammed into like a sausage tomorrow? No i don’t
So Andrew love Sabrina. Awwwwww they deserve each other. They can pick and eat each others nose candy, then pop each others zits. How cute and cozy. Yes Andrew Canada is watching and we think you’re as gross as your slob girlfriend is. Just look at all the polls 🙂


Lol, I know right… Like who in the world dresses Arissa? And why would she agree to get on stage looking like that!?!


i agree with what Ratchelle said… i would love to see that happen!!!