Johnny to Clay “You were saying you would go up to Shelli. Dude, don’t do that!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 09-43-06-334

9:40am Backyard – Jason says I’m waiting to see who they put up. Johnny says if Audrey goes up I guess that’s it ..explosion. Jason says clash of the titans. Her vs Day! But I’m sKeptical of everything in this house. So I’m expecting her not to go up honestly. But then who else are they going to put up. Johnny says something just doesn’t feel right. Jason says I love Mamma Day but it will be very hard to keep her over most people .. even against Audrey because there are going to be some that want to keep her. Johnny says Audrey has calmed down a lot too. Johnny asks do you think Jace is at home watching. Jason says he’s either sitting at home watching or in sequester waiting to come back. I hope he doesn’t though.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 10-08-35-169

10am – 10:20am Steve tells Johnny happy 4th of July. Steve says we were talking about doing a slipin’slide out here. They’ve done it frequently in the past. Hopefully we can hear over the fireworks and get some music. Johnny asks how bad do you think me winning this is going to hurt me? Steve says not bad just fade back into the background. Johnny says I just didn’t feel safe. Steve says when you’re on the block you save yourself. Johnny says there is going to be chaos. Steve says it sounds like Clay and Shelli want to be a part of the outside. But hey, I’d love to have them. Johnny asks what do you think about me hanging out with Becky. People started to make showmance jokes and I was like uhh Oh! Steve asks is Liz flirting with Jeff? She is flirting with everyone. Steve says you have nothing to worry about because I’ve won two. Johnny says I’ve won a BOB and veto too. Steve asks you didn’t throw the BOB did you? Johnny says no, I just had a bad feeling. Steve says I am just really happy with the way Shelli’s HOH is working out. I hope this alliance works out I just can’t be the one to suggest it. I’m hoping Shelli or someone will do it. Steve says its so interesting she put up Day. Steve asks you’re saving yourself right? Johnny says yes. Steve says its expected that you’ll use it and you would raise more eyebrows if you didn’t. Steve asks if I’m ever too much or annoying. Can you tell me? Johnny says he will.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 10-41-54-043
10:20am – 10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the backyard – Vanessa joins Johnny. She tells him about how she burnt the inside of her mouth and now there are little bumps. Johnny says I’ll take a look at if for you.

11am Clay joins Johnny in the backyard. Johnny asks how are we looking on the veto front, is everything’s layed out? Clay says yeah we’re all good. Johnny says we just need to kill the HOH. Hopefully this twist isn’t too bad. Johnny says you were saying you would go up to Shelli. Dude, don’t do that. Something crazy might happen with that twist. Johnny says it could be something stupid too like the HOH get honey rained on them. Jason joins them. He tells them about his guess where the evicted house guest throws a grenade (punishment) at the person they hate the most. Like so and so you’re on slop for the rest of the summer, or you do all the dishes for a week.

11:15am – 11:45amClay tells James that Giselle (The giraffe) has 4 pending sexu@l assult charges against you from last night. Vanessa asks James what his background is? James says my real parents are Korean bug I didn’t know them because I was adopted by some nice white folks. They talk about how the ants are everywhere.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 11-38-53-516

11:50am James says Im a little worried about this week. Johnny says I know thats why I didn’t want to still be on the block. James says they said someone gets the last laugh.. which means to me that the person going home doesn’t actually go. Someone else has to go up against Audury or I mean what’s her name. Johnny says Day. James says yeah. It could either be Audrey or someone else. Clash of the titans. It could be me for all I know. Johnny asks did you give them the same deal you game me? I’m not putting you up so don’t put me up. James says I’m on pretty good terms with Clay and Shelli. I hope they see that when I say I’m going to do something, that’s what I’m going to do. Johnny says you’re good with me, I’m not putting you up. James says I don’t expect you to never put me up.. Johnny says at least the first part. Jason joins them. They talk about whether or not they’ll get something for the 4th of July.

12pm – 12:15pm In the kitchen – Austin and Liz are talking in the kitchen. Liz asks who’s in this alliance. Austin says I don’t know. Austin says I’m sure James is making some type of deal with the HOH. He’s a snake. He’s a snake. Liz says I saw him talking / whispering with Johnny Mac. Austin says everyone sees him as a free agent. Austin leaves. Shelli joins them. Liz says by the way thank you for not telling people because I don’t think anyone knows. Shelli says oh yeah because people have asked me and I’m not going to say. Liz says Day last night asked me if she puts up Audrey would I have your vote? Shelli asks did you say yes? Liz says yes. Good thing you didn’t say anything because that would work against my favor.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 12-05-01-218

12:25pm – 1pm Backyard – Jason says I hate to say this about Steve but he is a snitch for a lot of people. Johnny says I’ve heard that a lot too. Jason says he won’t leave people alone because he doesn’t want people to talk game. …you have to just let people talk. Jason talks about Audrey. She plants a seed with one person and then blames it on that person. Jason says that day in the havenot room when Day pull everyone in there. I would have yell at anyone if they were making up lies. Johnny heads inside to eat Liz’s pancakes. Jason says I don’t want to eat slop. Why don’t we have bonus food… America what the hell else are you voting on?! It’s got to be something. It’s so crazy that I’m here! I’ve been google mapping this place for so many damn years! Meg joins him. He says by not giving us food its so obvious they’re voting on something. Jason & Meg talk about Vanessa being the new Steve. She popped her head out 5 times and just brought 1 towel out at a time. She is talking game with someone but its not me. Who do you think Shelli is going to put up? Meg says I think it would be brilliant if she put up Audrey. Jason says she’s not going to do that. Meg says I hope its not me. Jason says I don’t think it will be you or James. Johnny Mac and Jackie join them.

Jason “There are plenty of gifs me there will be ones of him humping that giraffe”

1:20pm – 1:30pm Clay says Day has been very positive about being put up. Shelli says I’m not going to put it out there who’s going up because then it gives Day a chance to to campaign against Liz. I told Liz I’m not going to tell anyone. Liz said thank you. Clay says even if you put up Liz Jason might vote for Day. Shelli says I told Liz this morning that I looked at the board and totes got the votes. Shelli says I won hoh this week and she’s still up .. it looks like its going to happen. Shelli talks about how she strategically didn’t tell Becky who my target was or that Johnny was going to throw it. Clay sweet talks Shelli “You’re not old.. you’re aged … I like your withered body”

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 13-30-06-404

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Do you guys think this season is worse than BB16?


Aren’t the calls supposed to start Sunday?


Why just because something finally this season isn’t going your way with the possibility of Day going this week, now you think this season is bad?


your message sounds quite snotty


Why are you assuming things? All they did was ask a simple question. Are you that upset that some people like Day? People can have opinions.


No, not even close


its really not possible.


Get your own nic!!!!! ????


This thread is very confusing….feel like I’m missing something. But so far I think this season will be way better than BB16 which I thought was a snoozefest. Except for Zach….I really like Zach!


How many phone calls already and whose answer each one?


Yay! Steve and Johnny are bonding!



Can Thursday come any faster cant wait for day to go bye bye


I wish BB would do two evictions a week to speed up the game
There’s always 3 or 4 days of nothingness/draging on

Big Jim

Bye Bye Day Day. It’s a shame but I don’t see any other plausible scenario


You never know, things can always change between now and Thursday, i hope.


Johnny MAC and Steve would be too perfect

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC AND Steve !!!!!


I rather see Johnny working alone. Steve is still catchy to me. Something about Steve that tells me he is a backstabber. I might be wrong. I like Johnny because he is playing this game without any emotion. Even people put him on the block but he did not take that as a personal move. Steve on the other hand takes that seriously.

The Block

Anyone on the block is in danger. Getting put up even as a pawn means you are seen as expendable to the HoH. If there were no danger for Johnnie and they wanted to make sure the BoB got thrown, Clay would have gone up instead of Johnnie. Steve is right to be wary of always being the pawn as they get sacrificed.

I’d love for Johnnie, Vanessa, Steve, Meg or Jackie to get HoH.


Some of DAY’s fans are very hateful. This is the game. Remember you guys might be upset with the outcome but Day had 2 chances to save herself. She did not get backdoored. That means Day got the fair shot compared to Jace. I just do not get why do you blame on other players for Day’s eviction. This is the game of eviction. People have to leave at some point. Please comment on gameplay based on Shelly’s view. This is the game also about who shelly can trust. For Shelly, at this moment, Day is not trustworthy and so controlling. That is why Shelly wants her gone. That is so simple. Why do people make up so many theory and play the blame game, then spreading your hate on other players. Take the moment, calm down and think about it. Other players cannot carry Day all the way to the end then give her the money. Nobody can say Shelly’s decision is right or wrong because this game is changing every sec. But I am sure Shelly made the big move due to the fact she broke up Day’s alliance or the twin twist (do not know yet wait for Thursday).


I don’t like Day’s attitude. that is just me, but she rubs me the wrong way. and no, has nothing to do with race. Danielle Reyes remains one of my fav BB HG’s of all time. I just really can’t stand Day’s attitude

Team Steve and J-Mac.


I agree with you, she was my favorite in the beginning, but her attitude after the fight with Clay Shelli and Jeff has really annoyed me


????? Why is day’s attitude the only attitude in the house that bothers you? If it’s not just day then everybody’s attitude should rub you the wrong way


Yeah that’s interesting because she didn’t say it was the only attitude in the only that bothers her. Day clearly has walked into the house with a “keeping it real” bullshit kind of chip on her shoulder. She thinks it’s great to be up front with everyone about the problems she has with them. Also, so very stupid within the context of the game.


You were just being racist toward black people for saying those three traits, (blowing up, saying mmmhmmm, and using hand gestures) are things only black people do and then getting angry Da got called on them. White people (Jace) blew up in the house, (Audrey) used hand gestures and I’m pretty sure (Jason) has said mmmhmmm… Don’t call people idiots for something you feel to be true. If you feel Da is being targeted for her race, that’s fine, but respect when people say they aren’t looking at that…


I’d like production to do what they do(they will anyway) and hook us up with a specific type of “fixing”.

you need to let Austin know how much Jeff dislikes him. get Austin, J-MAC and Steve to form a legitimate alliance. they are all going to be on the “outside” of the big groups but are all easy to move from one week to another because no one sees J-MAC and Steve as threats.


This! Those 3 could work a brigade-type of alliance with Austin having Liz, JohnnyMac having Becky, and Steve having…well, hopefully he’ll figure that out.


steve can still be the “non threat” pawn who wins key POV’s. if he can do that….and the others keep up their alliances, and they stay loyal, they could roll through the game


It’s kind of ironic that Steve and JohnnyMac are setting themselves up to be the outsiders of the new outsiders alliance. Shelli and Clay have talked about making the core of a new alliance with themselves and Becky, Jackie, Jeff. At least they’re bonding.

#Dayforthe7thcall lol I like this hash tag.


I want Becky in the Outsiders with Steve and Johnny Mac. I don’t want them to make it all guys.


Enough with the production fixing everything talk. Does production push players in certain directions in the DR? Of course. Do they create “twists” to obtain certain outcomes? Yes. But everytime something doesn’t go the way u wanted u don”t need to whine about production. Every single “reality”show is somewhat scripted. They have writers. BB happens to be the least scripted of all of them.

If you don’t like the show. Don’t watch it. Don’t come here and whine all summer. This is a board for fans of the show. There is plenty of places to go and complain about it.


I REALLY want Day to get the votes to stay.
I do not think her nomination was racist and it certainly wasn’t strategic…to me, it is either personal or Production talked Shellie into saving Audrey for another week.
I think personal because that is the only thing that makes sense….Day is terrible at physical comps, her social game is iffy but when she does bond/connect with people, she is loyal to them. She is perceptive which I like and NOT a sheep, which I love. She is not a threat to anyone in that game at the moment and certainly not to Shellie/Clay.
However, she has called Clay out and called him on his bs….and say what you want, Clay is running this HOH. There are far bigger threats/nuisances than Day at the moment (hell, at this point Steve is a bigger threat than Day)…I say the nomination was personal and while ( I feel) unfair, I will say it was sporting of Shellie to give her two chances to save herself.
Not sure if the takeover twist this week will save Day (IF she gets the call, it would nullify Clay, Jeff and Vanessa’s votes) as not sure how important the twist is to Production.
Guess we will see what transpires this week and holding out hope that this is the last week of basically unanimous voting.


So stupid even if she gets the 7th call and picks 3 people that can’t vote she’s still going home especially against Liz there’s to many people still this twist should have been like 5 weeks in not the 2nd week


Correct me if I’m wrong but the “Last Laugh” twist has not been defined yet So it very well could be good for Da’Vonne to be voted out cuz then the “last laugh” comes into play. Perhaps Da’Vonne stays and maybe she even gets to choose who goes home. But I may be clueless cuz have been really busy over holiday weekend and havent even gotton a full grip on this Kathy Griffin phone thing. Ha. Feel free to explain.


The way I understand the Last Laugh takeover, the houseguest who answers the 7th phone call (from Kathy Griffin herself) gets to nullify/prevent three houseguests’ votes in this week’s live eviction


Day is nowhere near the biggest threat. It’s a given that she will go off on someone if she stays. She will be a target, and so far she isn’t a comp threat. Meanwhile, Audrey is dangerous. There isn’t a throat in the house that she wouldn’t slit. Every week that goes by without evicting her she will be stronger, and before you know it, she won’t be easy to take out. If Shelly thinks that taking out Day is good for her game she is so stupid. Day would gladly lead the charge to get rid of Audrey, so a smart player would let her do just that. Day isn’t likely to win the game because she is too reactive. Even if she stays, I see her getting into arguments with others over stupid stuff. Targetting Day is a dumb move by Shelly. But then again, it seems like Clay is really HOH this week, and he isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. I see him going out really soon.


I want Austin an Liz to win hoh next week
In team up with Steve and vinessas


Not that I don’t enjoy the scenery … of coarse I do
But … Liz/Julia needs to dress down when on the block
Some girl can interpret that as a threat or simply good ol jealousy


I do not trust Jeff I hope one of the twist is America put up four people in send one home but nobody will no its us they think it’s the hoh

Walt Kowalski

He seems shady. Used car salesman type. Big phony


Day can be a persuasive person and if not, she is loyal to those near to her that can rally the troops. Audrey is a sketch ball but Shelli is not in her crosshairs. Why waste her and Clay’s HOH on someone like Audrey? Eveyone , even blind people, can see right through her gameplay. She’s a vote for Shlay’s side. Plus Shlay knows they are at the very bottom of the other side of the house’s totem pole. Shlay made the right decision to take someone out who would put them up or talk someone into putting them up instead of Audrey who sees them as allies. And if not, who believes a word audrey says anyway??? Its a win for Shlay. Plus I don’t think production would save Day over the twin twist. So I would bet Audrey will get the 7th phone call. I like Day but people are hating on Shelli for gameplay.


Oh so the last laugh is the phone thing? Ok. I told I was busy and can’t follow much last few days. Thanks for explaining.

Gordon Ramsey

Someone explain why Da is so popular. She hasn’t done or said anything that has made her more likable than the other houseguests. Her social game is relatively weak and her DR sessions are lame and obviously scripted.


I think Day has a lot of personality. Like it or not she is feisty and opinionated. And in a house with a lot of downtime, those traits go far. She has some decent insights into the game but nothing earth shattering, which makes the focus they have put on her all the more silly. Other than that, Shelli and Clay went and got themselves twisted when Day stood up to them. They made a whole lot of something out of not much of anything. And I believe that they both will be setting into motion there own demise in the game because of this over focus and need to get Day out of the house.


I’m a black woman and I hate when people condemn some of us for being opinionated. Dealing with all the bs we deal with from day to day some of us are opinionated, strong, and will not hold our tongue for ANYBODY. I can relate to that. IMO you’re weak if you can’t handle a strong opinion no matter what their race is. Day didn’t start a fight. She was accused of doing something she wasn’t (something black people deal with A LOT) and she reacted. Jeff, Shelli, and Clay had no right to act like she was restricted from certain parts of the house when she lives there just like they do. They would have gotten mad too if the same thing happened to them. If you ask me, they were just waiting for an opportunity to evict her. Clay was saying she was his target long before the whole confrontation happened and he barely held a whole conversation with her. Black people stop signing up for BB cause you will always end up the one with the “attitude”. You’re too easy a target! People will automatically want you out simply because you don’t look like the majority of the people in the house or share their culture. When they’re opinionated and loud, it’s good and no one has a problem with it . When you’re black and opinionated, you’re automatically a threat and everyone hates you. Jeff yelled at and damn near started a physical fight with Audrey AND Jace but I guess we’ll just ignore that! Day is black and angry so she has to go (in their minds).

Gordon Ramsey

SMH, you are wrong. However, I am guessing being wrong and not being able to admit that you are wrong is nothing new to you, so I will settle for simply pointing out the obvious.


Why did the convo about Da have to go the route of race? No one that previously critiqued her said anything about her being a black woman. I agree that I think she is slightly overrated in the popularity polls. (C’mon, Austin is awesome! Smart and funny!) I also think she blew the whole going into that room situation out of proportion, but I don’t feel that any of those opinions have to do with her race. I ultimately think Audrey needs to go before we have another Amanda situation on our hands. AmIRight!?!