Jason “If there was a twin twist this season, Johnny Mac is the only one it could be.”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 01-24-29-960

1am Out in the backyard – Clay is acting like the personal trainer for Steve and Johnny Mac showing them different workouts. Austin is helping Shelli. Meanwhile James and Day are playing pool. Over by the couches / hot tub – Audrey and Jason are talking about their personalities, life, religion.

In the bathroom – Jackie and Becking are talking. Backy says when she made that decision I had no idea. And I felt it was her HOH and I Jackie says I’m okay with it if we have the opportunity now. Becky says I don’t trust Audrey. Jackie agrees. Becky says I just hope that people don’t start trusting her again. Becky leaves the room. Jeff comes in and talks to Jackie. Jeff says it seems like the crazy girl gets to stay another week. She hates me. They’re not going to do it this week they’re too focused on Day. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me. Jackie says at least it will be good to have a clear target next week.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 01-12-12-761

In the storage room – Jeff asks James how is Day doing? James says she’s good you know? Jeff says I hope she doesn’t think I was okay or on board with it. It sucks it wasn’t my choice. I have to go along with it. James says if I win HOH I’m gunning after her. Clay told me he was going after Audrey. Jeff asks how are you going to feel if he doesn’t. James says he told me and Meg if Day goes this week Audrey goes next week. They head to the kitchen. James asks why did I volunteer to be a havenot during the week with the 4th of July. I’m a dumba$$! Becky says but a cute dumba$$. James says you’re not so bad yourself. Johnny joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 01-40-41-308

James brings out Giselle the giraffe to join the hot tub party. Liz kisses the giraffe. James says man he’s gotten more action than all of us!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 01-50-00-342

2:15am Johnny asks Liz how is it not being a havenot? Liz says it was they hardest thing she’s ever done. I complain a lot but that sh*t was hard! Meanwhile in the backyard – Jason, Meg, Audrey and Jackie. Jason says if I’m going out I’m going to sh*t in everyone’s sheets. Fine sleep in the hoe! Meg tells Jason he is foul!

In the bathroom – Steve asks am I the only one that wears a bathing suit to shower? Austin says yes. Steve says its an extra level of safety. Steve says other than when he was a baby and medical people no one has ever seen me naked. The conversation turns to Steve’s pledge name “Pu$$y Thrasher” its the complete opposite of reality. They head to the kitchen.

Out in the backyard – Becky talks with Jason, Day and Jackie. Becky says the anticipation is the hardest thing about being on the block. Day says I already know what’s going to happen, lets just get to it. Becky says even if I’m on good behaviour she (Audrey) will find something wrong with my good behaviour. Jackie says I don’t want her to use something against me. Becky says what worries me is why someone befriends her and then another person and all of a sudden she has 3 friends. Day says if she gets put up, then perfect. If not they we know what game we playing. Jason says if you’re really the target then I don’t know if it was preplanned. Jason tells Day to just relax and chill. Jason says she’s (Audrey) confident ..she’s talking about who’s going to be havenots next week. Day says wow! Jason says she keeps trying to connect. Honey that roadblock is up! Day thinks Audrey wants to take out her and Meg to get closer to Jason. Becky says my idea of partying is Jasons idea of going to the grocery store. Jackie asks what do we do with him? Day says I look at him as a friend, if I go Thursday .. can ya’ll look out for him for me. Jackie says I want him to stay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 03-16-29-592

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3:50am – 4:20am In the bedroom. Audrey asks for the dirt about Clay and Shelli making out. Clay says I’m not making a move in the big brother house. Audrey says if you don’t tell me I won’t tell you if she said you’re a good kisser or not. Clay says We didn’t and we’re not. Clay tells Audrey you have every right to be here. We talked about that. Audrey says I think I’m the perfect meat shield. James is going to go for me. Jeff is going to go for me. Eventually you’re going to need me as a number. The only people I think will target me are James, Jeff and Becky. I don’t think I have bad blood with anyone else. Clay says just know you’re still here because of Shelli and I. Because she was pressured. Audrey says I know, that’s what I like about her. She has her own mind. Audrey asks who do you think I can trust. Clay says nobody. Nobody trusts you. Clay tells her Jeff showed me I can trust him with his actions. Clay says Shelli is risking her game by not putting you up. Audrey says good always prevails over evil. I know I will beat the people that did me wrong. And its happening this week. I think you guys can use me. Clay says you can’t argue you brought some of this on yourself. I feel I have more actions that reflect my loyalty. Clay says all you’ve given is information. Clay tells her she needs to start talking to people. Clay says I told them you would not go after them if you stay. Audrey says basically you’re telling me if I stay I have to do what you say. Clay says no.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 04-15-40-005

4:20am – 4:30am In the storage room – Audrey tells I feel like I need to reassure you. Jeff I really believe it was not you. I understand why you felt concerned. Jeff says thank you, I appreciate that. With us helping you, we expect loyalty in return. We’re completely good. Me, Clay and Shelli are taking a huge risk in helping you. Audrey asks is James pissed. We’re going to have to go to way. We’re not necessarily taking out a strong target but a well liked person. We’re not even necessarily expecting loyalty for the rest of the game .. as long as you cannot target us till after jury. Jeff says basically we’re going to help you out and anyone else is open game. I don’t care if your game is about manipulating just as long as its not with us. Jeff says I didn’t want you to have to go through the house feeling alienated. They hug and leave the room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 04-20-58-084

4:30am HOH room – Clay and Shelli are talking about Audrey. Clay says he doesn’t trust her or anything she says. Shelli asks okay who would you rather she target next week James or you. That’s why I tell you, you need to be careful when you talk to her. Clay continues to talk about his conversation with Audrey. Shelli warns Clay about the way he talks to Audrey and what information he gives her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 04-38-09-984

4:35am Backyard. Jason talks to Day about Johnny Mac having a twin in the house. Jason says that he and Meg were having a conversation last night about a twin named Mathew. Jason says the one person in here that could be doing that is Johnny Mac. MAC is a nickname for Mathew. He does sort of look different on certain days. The people that have done the twin twist before have always kept a subdued personality so that they’re not seen as something .. everyone here has a very distinct personality. You could tell if we were different. The only person it could possibly be is Johnny Mac. Day says but he doesn’t go to the DR often. Jason says but that could be part of the long scale of it, every time you go you’re switching because they switch in 3 or 4 days. Because something about him in the middle of the night he looked way more handsome than he usually does. Just check his face some times. Meg and I were doing it and laughing. If there was a twin twist this season, he’s the only one it could be. Day says I’ll have to look at that.

4:45am Day and Jason talk about Audrey. Day says every time I walk by Jeff shuts up or starts stuttering. Jason says f**king trash bags in here! F**King trash bags!! Good People like you are going to go home and these trash bags are going to hang out all summer. Nobody’s built with nothing but marshmallow. Jason whatever she’ll have her day. Days says she was done! Jason says she’s good. Day says she hit a bump in the road and she turned it around.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 04-41-37-613

5:15am – 5:50am Bedroom – James, Audrey, Jason, Meg, Jeff and Day are talking. Jeff explains what type of girl he likes. One with a bubble butt. James says he like a girl with green eyes and big ol’boobs! Audrey says I get the feeling James is a chivalrous guy. Open doors / pull out chairs. James says no I don’t do the chair thing. Day asks why!? Jason says because a bit*h know how to sit! James says sorority girls are rachet. I know one that ran through a football club. Jason asks didn’t they run through her. James asks Meg when the last time she had a one night stand? Meg says none. Jeff says he’s had under 10. Meg says that’s 10. Jeff says no probably 3 time. James says I’m aggressive .. I be trying to plow through the wall. I beat the brakes dust off of her. Beat them side walls up. James starts telling his graphic close call with a girl he was dating.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-04 05-21-25-982

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Elissa Slater

Clay’s walking around jumping on things, smiling from ear to ear, dancing….etc
he’s very proud of himself for spearheading the campaign to get the ONE black girl out
he is dead to me and I will celebrate the moment he walks out that eviction door
I knew he was gonna be trash from the moment those tweets leaked.


I don’t think it has anything to do with her being black…


I missed that … What tweets were leaked about Clay??


I’m not part of the twin twist!
It would be great if you wouldn’t post using my name.


Why am I getting thumbs down when someone is using the name I have used for years on here? Would you like it?


Whoa! Sorry! As someone who watches the show, I typed the first name that popped into my head. No offense was intended. Is there like a master list of names that are taken or something? I don’t want to unintentionally irritate anyone else!


Elissa, you must be the final arbiter of all things ‘racist’. You clearly are the most purest person that ever walked the earth. As we say in the South, bless your heart.

Elissa Slater

I am absolutely blown away with how easily Audrey’s bullshit and lies have been swept away. They honestly are giving her the benefit of the doubt excusing her behavior with the mere delusioned notion that she is America’s player. Had Dae done half of the shit Audrey did they would have never theorized that or given her the benefit of the doubt. Devin last season was the female version of her, yet he was destined to leave ASAP


Devin leaving was his own doing. He made his stupid decisions and screwed his alliance over himself, he didn’t leave becausenot he was black. I am so sick of everything being made about race. Call Quanel X or someone who cares.


You mentioned Quanell’s name. You must live in Houston


Yes, I do!


It’s like what happened with that POS Frankie last season only Audrey didn’t have a sister to turn out.


Thank god day will be gone


Aw, but that might end the racism conspiracy theories. Then James has to win because he is Asian. Or the trans, def can’t discriminate there. Oh cr$p, but then we got Vanessa. Isn’t she gay? How many female homosexuals have been on the show and made it far? Don’t target the gay guys or the nerds either. But the’re out for being white I guess.
And what percentage of the population do us geriatrics make up? I ask you, has there ever been someone on the show in their 60’s, 70’s or 80’s? Talk about blatant discrimination that transcends race, religion and sexual orientation. Ya think they’re catering to the show’s demographic audience? Time for a nap.


I am so stoked to see the power tripping annoying bitch self named lame ass nickname of momma day is gone this week. That blowup she did after they questioned her about walking into everyones room could have been nothing if she just answered them with an explanation instead of going on a tirade and looking for apologize to the bitch to stroke her power hungry ego. Dont let the door hit you on the ass on your way out the door !!!


EmptyShellofaHumanBeing is a MESS, I hope she is the next to be evicted


Think Liz or Julia are still a havenot when not playing?


They probably have to continue eating slop, at the very least. The twin outside the house in season 5 had to continue eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the slop equivalent at that time.


NO — because when Liz and Julia switched, Liz told her “I volunteered us for slop” and Julia was not happy about it. If Julia were eating slop outside, she’d know already…


It’s funny that the house guests keep bringing up the twin twist. Must be the fairies.


Got to be fairies. They’ll need footage to air showing HG speculating. Twins twist didn’t get mentioned one time last season.


James is a disgusting pig, and Jeff isn’t much better most of the time. Why isn’t anyone saying anything to him about what he’s saying? No one cares about how good you are or are not in bed. This is Big Brother. Becky was even flirting with James at one point, and that is sickening. Anyone who says James is doing a good job playing this game is wrong. He made a final three with Jason and Da. How does he think that’s going to work out? If it ever got to that point (which is highly unlikely), Da and Jason are going to take each other over James, and James is blind to that. He doesn’t see that he’s at the bottom of their tottempole. His game play is awful; he’s just playing other people’s games right now, and he and most everyone else are too dumb to see that.


I’m a huge fan of davonne and by default of the twin twist also liz. So this is really crappy. I’m rooting for Audrey to win hoh next week just to make everyone else squirm.


Well it’s a lil different than 16. Folks here complaining about DA going but the house doesn’t need a reason. Every year a few good ones go early unless your on board with the dominant alliance. The other side got week 2. Week 3 will be whose HOH and it will continue like that til 1 group gets a run. James is a douche he deserves the door more than DA but that’s not happening. If your looking at long term social players get rid of meg.
High Rollers problem is real numbers versus week 1 perceived members. Jeff and Jackie gonna work both with Jeff close to meg. Audrey is gone DA saw to that. Hardly an 8 person alliance unless they get power again. James, Jason, DA and perhaps Meg that’s the solid 4. The rest is mush. the other side not much better it’s agenda driven who folks are with.
What will be interesting is to see how Audrey does next week. She appears to be the next target.


Very disappointed that Day is going home. It should be Audrey and they know it. Dislike Clay even more and more now. I hope he doesn’t make it to jury


I think the only reason why Shelli is going after Day and not Audrey is because she doesn’t want to be seen as the person who got the transgender girk out. That’s the only logic to me that makes sense because everyone was on board with getting Audrey out and she risked her entire game to target day. I not gonna bring race into this because Shelli wanting day outdoesn’t mean she has to be racist. But would she have done the same thing if day was white and audrey was black idk


Why would Shelly want to waste her HOH on Audrey? Audrey isn’t coming after Shelly.

Walt Kowalski

Yeah Clay you kind of are telling Audrey if she stays she has to do what you say. I cannot stand either one of them, but she is no dummy. Clay is the poster child for douchebag frat jock. He’ll be 30 and still walk around with that HS/College jock mentality, i’m great and you’re not good enough to be in my orbit attitude.


I see an Al Bundy future for Clay. Except Clay will be selling used cars living in his Aggie past. Lol


If Shelli puts up Liz, The twin twists is over!!! Thanks a lot Shelli!!! Liz or Julia probably got caught.


Although I get the impression Day is one of productions pets (just based on DR time she gets on the episodes), they will use the twist to save Liz over Day because they are planning to put Julia in the game and they don’t want to mess with that.

However, I do agree Shelli is dumb for putting Liz up. The person she should put up is Jeff, but as feeders we have more insight that she does on that topic. But from her viewpoint and the information she has I cannot figure out why she wouldn’t put up James. She thinks James/Day/Jason are working together, so put him up. Yes I know Meg and Jeff assured her that James will go with them once Day is gone but if you want to make sure you break up that threesome then you have to put 2 of the 3 on the block and Jason isn’t eligible. Just don’t understand her logic here and really hope Van talks to her at some point and makes that clear.


She dosent wanna put up James Cuz she might want to work with james after DAY is gone


Yes but she wants to work with Liz too.. she wants to work with everyone except Day and Steve. She has mentioned several times she doesn’t trust James.


DoesAl Sharpton have a website where his like minded people could post this racist witch hunt?


Has anyone noticed that the only people who are talking or concerned about race are the online fans??? Da’Vonne goes up on the block because she’s a strong personality and a little abrasive but out here it must be because she’s black.

I hope she stays. She’s a little powerhouse with a lot to offer in this game. I’m hoping that the Takeover ends up saving her.

Ez does it

Clay and Sheli may be 10″s on the outside, but that is also their IQ’s.




Sheli is making a smart a$$ move for her and her partner clay Cuz there plan is to take DAY out and grab James or Jason on there side and have a quite 3 person in there group witheout telling anyone else in there group and that will be huge for them Cuz they’ll still have Audrey with them and if they pull in James or Jason that another one for them if you ask me very smart move this week


first: I think day don’t deserve going home in second. But its her fault. And she use to be my 2 favorite HG… you going very hard in people. The general people don’t like confrontation don’t like hard word. You can make your point whiteout scream out treat people. You fault, unfortunately.

When Da´vonne walks out of the door:

1- Jason has to find a way. He´s very likable and maybe his game gain a new breath.

2- liz/Julia is a funny twist let´s hope they start to play and separate herself from the 2 FLOPS Vanessa and Austin.

3- Jonny Mac still under radar.

4- Audrey going try to make some connections again. Her next target is Meg and Jeff.

5- Clay and Shelli going gun hard for Jeff with Austin or if jeff win going tray blindside Austin. James will be the target too but he is more loyal so I think he is save for another week.

6- Meg pretends all the time. Which is difficult to say something? If she accidentally wins the HOH the target´s are clay and Audrey and Shelli too.

7- James want clay and Austin out Audrey for now it’s only a topic of conversation .

8- Austin the disgusting , is going after Jason (because Jason have the gut to be truth and don’t hide his true self behind tattoos) and Jeff (because he does not like Jeff I never understand when this started) .

Let´s hope for some Drama. i think when you have shelli´s audreys dayvonnes something is going to happen.


You can rate this negatively but when this happen im going repost for you all ! kakakakaka


Best case scenario for next week if Meg and Jeff did choose to send Day over Liz. Liz and Audrey wins HOH, puts Jeff and Meg on the block with James and Jason on the other side. James and Jason wins BOB then nominations stay the same. Seriously, Day is a number and a bigger target than them, why hesitate to choose to save her especially since there is an obvious divide in the house. Eitherway even if Austin, Clay wins the next HOH they would still choose to send home Day or James over them.


Some of DAY’s fans are very hateful. This is the game. Remember you guys might be upset with the outcome but Day had 2 chances to save herself. She did not get backdoored. That means Day got the fair shot compared to Jace. I just do not get why do you blame on other players for Day’s eviction. This is the game of eviction. People have to leave at some point. Please comment on gameplay based on Shelly’s view. This is the game also about who shelly can trust. For Shelly, at this moment, Day is not trustworthy and so controlling. That is why Shelly wants her gone. That is so simple. Why do people make up so many theory and play the blame game, then spreading your hate on other players. Take the moment, calm down and think about it. Other players cannot carry Day all the way to the end then give her the money. Nobody can say Shelly’s decision is right or wrong because this game is changing every sec. But I am sure Shelly made the big move due to the fact she broke up Day’s alliance or the twin twist (do not know yet wait for Thursday).


Look, I get that most of the people have to eventually leave this game. I just do not believe for one second that Day was the person who should have been leaving at this point in the game. There were bigger threats to Shelli just based on physicality and strategics alone that would have made far more sense to her game. Accuse Day of having a big personality but I’m not buying the “big bad wolf” theory about how scary Day is.


That poor giraffe…

less is more

Mama Day is unpredictable which makes her the proverbial Bull in the China Shop. The china is this case would be the other players’ games. If she is calling a “meeting” every time someone upsets her, it’s hard to form any kind of gameplay strategy around that.
I like her because she is fearless, smart and funny but I can see why they are afraid of keeping her