“Pretty intense this week.. If you’re that dominate people get nervous makes you the target”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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7:17pm VAnessa and JohnnyMAc
Vanessa continues to explain the drama that happened last night. He tried to tell everyone in the
house VAnessa started an alliance when it was him. He tried to get the house to come up to the HOH and threaten her if Audrey doesn’t go up they are all targeting her. Jeff was telling people they cannot trust Austin he knew about the change of plans. Austin found out about this and confronted jeff. In the what of all that cames out that Jeff is lying to Austin. At this point Austin tells Clay and Shelli that Jeff is saying he’s targeting Shelli.

Vanessa says Jeff threw everyone under the bus except for JohnnyMac.
Vanessa – Everything Audrey is being accused of He is a mastermind of
Vanessa says her target is Jeff, “It’s going to be one of the weeks there shouldn’t be much guilt”
JOHNNYMAC – that’s what you gotta do.. my mind is blown right now.. “

Vanessa says all this Drama with JEff wasn’t Audrey’s fault it was Jeff. She knows Audrey can’t be trusted but she has not reason to put her up.
JohnnyMac – she messes with my head

The Gronk party music starts.
VAnessa – what are we doing.. where are we going
JohnnyMAc – we’re going to party

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 19-40-17-662_jpg

Gronk party Another flop

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 19-56-33-616_jpg

7:57pm Austin and Julia
Instructs her to tell Jeff they don’t know where the vote it. Austin promised James last night during the argument he would vote for him.
Julia says Jeff talked to Vanessa today she wonder what happened. Austin reassures her Vanessa isn’t buying Jeff’s bullshit. Points out Jeff is a great salesman.
Austin says he cannot believe Jeff blew his game out like that.
Austin tells her Vanessa is really good at cornering people getting the truth
Austin- She’s coming out pretty intense this week.. if you’re that dominate people get nervous makes you the target.
Julia agrees.
Austin – Audrey is up there too much

Austin doesn;t know of Vanessa’s strategy was the best her needing to have reason for every nomination in this game reason don’t really matter.. nothing is real I don’t think these people care about reason enough .. people play with their emotions
Austin says Vanessa was power tripping a little coming up with crazy reasons.

Austin says JohnnyMAc’s plan is to fly under the radar, “He knows he’s set up to go pretty far as the pawn.. her’ll be around for awhile”
Julia brings up JohnnyMac saying he only went into dentistry for the money. She thinks he’s only driven in the game but the money, ‘He’s playing it smart”
Austin says in the heat of the argument with Jeff I took the mouthwash and took a shot. They agree VAnessa is really good at remember all the conversations.

Julia – are you cool with James
Austin – on the surface.. he might be talking but he’s gotta be careful what he’ says he’s on the block he could go
Austin – If Clay and Shelli can hang out all the time we can hang out all the time
They talk about recording a three way goodbye message for Jeff. Julia says that is what Jeff gets for being a a$$hole.
Austin explains that Vanessa didn’t want to put up Jeff she was going to put up Jackie so James would go. Clay wanted Austin to do all this leg work to get Jeff up. Austin did it he’s not sure if it’s damaged his game. “How knows what all these people are thinking about it” (the Drama that happened last night)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 20-04-17-425_jpg

8:00pm HOH Vanessa and Becky
Vanessa filling Becky in with the same story as JohnnyMac.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 20-13-23-162_jpg

8:12pm Pool table Jeff and James
They agree they don’t want to campaign against each other.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 20-30-38-320_jpg

8:31pm Austin, Jeff and Julia
Jeff says he doesn’t know what to think about last night. Adds that he didn’t sleep last night he’s getting a really weird vibe from everyone around the house.
Jeff leaves, Austin says Jeff is going to give him a lot of information.

Julia asks him if he can work with Jeff more than James. Austin can but Jeff really has f** himself more than ever “There’s too many Lies”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 20-41-44-553_jpg

8:35pm Jeff and JohnnyMac
Johnnymac wants to work out Jeff wants to campaign for a vote.
Jeff says he might have to start campaigning against James
johnnyMac tells him the less he say the better.
Jeff – If I leave bro stick with the people you are aligned with bro.. Dude i’m like so pissed this is happening to me now.. the thing that pisses me off the most the way Vanessa is talking she tries to talk all logical there’s nothing logical about what she is saying (bro dude bro)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-12 21-23-32-031_jpg

9:23pm Nothing much going on.. Everyone’s a little wonked out from last night’s 6am drama

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Jeff is not a threat to anyone’s game. He’s lame. Clay and Shelli should be split up. Anyone who trusts them is a fool. Vanessa annoys me and I can’t wait for this week to be over so her hoh reign is done. I hope she goes soon. This is the season of obnoxious voices (Meg, Johnny, Vanessa, Jeff, Julia/Liz, Jason).


I kinda want Jeff to stay even though I don’t care for him. He has potential to blow things up more than James. Last yeAr was boring af watching one big alliance steam roll the game. I like Vanessa but damn.. She is losing the plot with this power trip of hers…. Chill out mama and stop feeding info to everybody !!


Van is riding the crazy train. She’s been going on almost no sleep or food for days. Simon/Dawg put a side by side pic of Van at the beginning of the week and now and you can see how she’s deteriorated. Steve tried to pull her back down yesterday but Austin/Julia/Aud got her back on the crazy train–well they are driving it.
Van spent days in the bathroom crying and I was hopeful she had gotten into the game but a severe case of HOHitus has pushed her over the edge.


Vanessa was my favorite up until yesterday. She’s overly complicated this replacement nom situation, and has made herself much more of a target than if she had just nominated Jeff straight up without creating the fake fights. She was in a great position with Clay, Shelli, Austin, Liz and Audrey ahead of her in the list that people wanted out, but now she’s moved right to the head of that list.

And it was dirty play as well. She keeps lying to Jeff that the comments he made last night were the reason that he’s going on the block, but he was the target all along. For someone who doesn’t like bullies, she certainly came across as one.


I agree, Vanessa is over playing her hand (as of now I’m pulling for her, BUT can she please quit with the poker references!?). No need to create these conflicts for a reason to put Jeff up. Just say this is better for my game and let the house (Jason, Meg, James, Jackie, JohnnyMac and Becky) figure out that this was more of Shlay’s doing. Vanessa needs to be more concerned with shifting the target to Shlay. Shouldn’t be hard, they’re an obvious couple. From your side, let Shlay be the target of the other 6, not you!


I love hearing people say someone should target someone else who they are working closely with and who have shown mutual trust in each other just because you don’t like the person you want them to target. Vanessa targetting Shay is utterly f’ing stupid at this point. There are at least 10 other people more likely to target Vanessa than Clay and Shelli. They are sharing information left and right and are of the same mind about who they want out. Toss that out just because they’re a couple? Some of you are complete fucking imbeciles.


How are they supposed to figure out Shay’s involvement without blowing their cover? Shay is useful to the Sixth Sense because they are embedded in the other side of the house.As it happens most of the people are actually blaming Audrey’s scheming as per Steve’s advice for Vanessa to allow Audrey to spend lots of time in the HoH. Audrey is perfectly expendable to Vanessa but Shay isn’t at all. Not right now.


Vanessa is so calculate and talkative, may be her weakness later in the game.
I don’t know why I want Jason win the Next HOH


Jeff: “I will never be able to get through to Vanessa because she can’t understand my logical thinking” lmmfao!

No Jeff you are pissed cuz you can’t manipulate her and control her like Jackie and Meg. Nessa scares the shit out of this dude and all week he is gona act all like she a villian to others and meanwhile he is gona be on his hands and knees crying like the little pathetic bitch he is asking her to help him stay. “Please Vanessa make it all go away and make me ok”

Bye Jeff.

disagree strongly here

respect the opinion, and agree on some parts but the one that I really can’t agree w/ is Jeff controlling Jackie

in fact, I think a lot of people have written her off because of the unbelievably boring gameplay. the difference between her and a lot of others who have used the strategy of doing little to nothing is that Jackie actually has that as a real strategy. her conversation with jeff to me came off like she knew a heck of a lot more about the game than he did and was in a lot of ways putting HIM in his place.

I know its not a popular opinion to think anything of Jackie, and to be honest I would prefer someone who plays the game in a way that is interesting either on the show or the feeds(one or the other is fine)…but Jackie is going to make it far in this game, and I think IF jeff somehow makes it a lot of that will be due to Jackie keeping him from losing it.


These past few posts have me just skimming. I CANT KEEP UP WITH VANESSA!! Slow down woman. To put it all in short, Jeff is going up and home…please notify me when something interesting happens. lol I wonder what this Gronk thing is going to be about.

It would be funny if production threw in another Giraffe. Gizelle has a twin!


Audry to Meg
“Audrey says she will become Uma Thurman and kill person after person after person when she gets power.”
From Dexter to Kill Bill …. Let hope she doesn’t think she is living in a Hostel
…. We interrupt this program to bring you live footage
from chopper 7 flying over the crime scene at the CBS lot ………….
Audrey’s great feeds!

isn't it a bit obvious

if jeff is going out the door, gronk week will be a non eviction week. which imo is a TERRIBLE move. I really hope I am 100 percent wrong but its rare for Big Brother to let their named contestants leave early if not at the hand of another (Boogie erasing Janelle)


Most of these HG share too much game info.


watching past seasons and seeing some of the best hold onto information for WEEKS….and it goes further than just holding information. how about using powers without actually using the power? Mike Boogie in all stars is an example. he wielded that thing like a sword and held it at Chicken George’s throat and did it in front of the ENTIRE remaining cast. it was beautiful and I appreciate it now 100000000x more because seeing recent seasons and how people just open their mouths about everything and never use powers and things to their advantage. never played it, never had to, but it sure had an effect and it very well may have won him the game as that was a HUGE week.(speaking of BB7, they really should bring back those awesome definition posters they had up “de-ceit” etc. that really got people thinking. bring back the punishments and bring back anything that messes with their minds)

Big Brother has gone way too soft and as such people feel way too safe and comfortable. we need to go back to people actually fearing the food comps, and fearing a POV they really need.(SHAVE THAT HEAD KAISER)

point being, I fear a lot of the game I loved so much is no longer being played. instead its about throwing the battle of the block, and hiding twins from a house that is fully aware.

Christine is a whore

Vanessa needs to grow a pair. Girl is a train wreck.


Yeah Johnny!!!! You get that kiss bro!

Butters Mom

Watch… Austin will now find a reason to get rid of Johnny Mac because he kissed Liz during the dare… change of plans Vanessa… instead of Jeff we need to get rid of Johnny Mac lol


Vanessa made deals to everyone. Audrey is still safe and vanessa believes her story. Jason be careful i think you are the target. I think johnny mac is on to vanessa he was not.convince and feels.she.is the puppetmaster but waiting to attack


How likely is it that it will be non-eviction week? It would be terrible for Vanessa’s game and she is as good as gone in the next two weeks.

I don’t think they paid attention to the Gronk week opening enough since he’s doing a boring takeover. It really depends on how production manipulates the situation. They basically can decide to f&ck Vanessa over Thursday if they think they need to keep Jeff (they really don’t…).


If this is a no eviction week than it will definitely be interesting to watch again. Whole lot of drama!!!


maybe wrong, but I don’t think there has ever been a non eviction week. would be interesting, but I am pretty sure it has never happened.


Dude, Last season there was the big brother rewind, dude, which started the week over with new HoH’s, bro.

It might explain the length of the season.


Clay is blind by shelli and this will cost him. After getting rid of jason who.will get austin liz julia vanessa he will.have to do it himself and he is the bottom of the alliance


Clay asks Shelli if he can call her mamma and she’s like okay sure. Audrey is like their child. I also think they are both auditioning to be the next Jeff and Jordan. In the midst of their talk about weddings, gowns , cakes and bagels with strawberry cream cheese ( have they even known each other a month?), Clay “randomly” states how much he would like to be on the amazing race. Please hg’s split them up so I can get my sanity back. I don’t want to see this couple on another TV show.


If you want one of them evicted fine, whatever. However as far as boyfriend/girlfriend stuff is concerned, whether or not they date in the real world after big brother is over is their business. It infuriates me when people want to break couples up. Evict one yes , ok. Break them up? No, not cool.


Nevermind. I take back my comment. Shelli wants to marry Clay and shag Jeff. Run Clay, Run!!!


“breaking them up” means evicting one. It doesn’t mean literally breaking them up.


I really felt strongly that Vanessa needed Steve to win that HOH. she still would have controlled Austin’s side of the noms and it would have kept her off the radar. I really believe these early HOH wins can put a target on you that often you don’t deserve. unfortunately Vanessa is playing every second like she is going “all in” in a game of poker. she needs to take a breath and dial it back a bit. The sad truth is J-Mac would have made a much better partner for her. under the radar, and a guy who isn’t so freaking loud and oblivious.

I rewatched S7 the other day, I feel like so much of the game is now lost. watching Dr Will sit there and bring up an idea and say “I haven’t talked about this with boogie yet” when he totally had but was trying to make that person feel special, comfortable and keep a certain distance between an idea that may not be so safe and his alliance…., then watching him withhold key information when he needs to, using it at the exact moment later on when it can come in handy instead of just telling the first person he sees….. all of that seems lost on the new players. I miss the gameplay of a James Rhine, Danielle etc I think its the age of HG’s. now a HG is “old” if they are late 20’s.

it just seems like those who have seen Big Brother simply try to copy those who came up with such amazing creative ways to win before, and the rest are simply playing for the week.


Im starting to like Jackie more. I knew she wasn’t going to fall for that BS argument between Vanessa/ Austin/Clay/ Shelli/Jeff. Based on her convo with Meg, she is on to them, she just needs to connect the dots. I hope Jason, Meg , Jackie or JohnnyMac win next week. I don’t want the steamroller effect like last season .

GeekSquad McGee

There’s more than meets the eye with Jackie. She’s actually a good player, and has been one of my favorites the last little while. She’s strong-willed, low-key, good at challenges… she’s no Victoria that’s for damn sure.


She may be onto them, but what can she do about it? She’s terrible at comps. She’s a dancer, but she was TERRIBLE in the last comp, couldn’t even balance well on that beam. I thought she would kill it because as a dancer, she should be able to balance well. I don’t see her winning many comps to be able to do much. But we’ll see, I guess.


Vanessa is being Team Too Much.


Am I the only one who saw Beckys reaction to Johns kiss?


Man! I wish I saw it, but I don’t have the feeds since I’m a poor student from Germany. Can you post it somehow?
At first I really wasn’t interested in Becky, because she seemed kind of bland and destined to be an early boot or non-entity in the game. But now I really appreciate her levelheadedness amidst all these try-hard crazies and her competition prowess. I think her and JMac would make a fantastic showmance, possible real life-mance. Way better than Shay anyway. They still creep me out.


Vanessa is going to be gone in the next couple of weeks. I really thought she would do well I used to watch her play poker, thought she might be able to control her emotions more. I’m not sure who said it up above about the fact of just because you know something doesn’t mean you have to use it. Keep it in your back pocket until you need it. Keep your social game up and LISTEN. Let everyone else talk, then you can blow up people as need be.


Vanessa has created this Rube Goldberg machine of alliances during her HoH and it requires too much thought. Even within her alliances some people think others don’t know about the twin: Clay/Shelli vs. Steve. Johnnie Mac is a friend and a tool but not a full ally so he doesn’t get to know about the twin. One thing slips and the whole thing crashes hard.

I think that’s why Steve seems to be trying to simplify things and just get each half of the alliance back on even keel. I also think Steve is ok with dropping Liz and Austin if they can’t keep it together.

Steve and Johnnie Mac next HoH–it gets real…


Jeff thought he was buddies with most of the house but now can’t get votes one day later. Will this make him stop and consider whether his popularity was all a sham? Probably not. His ego will blame it all on Audry or Vanessa, never himself.