Johnny asks what’s your type? James “Meg’s face but on a hotter body.. “

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 00-43-23-428

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12:40am HOH room – James, Jackie, Vanessa and Liz are talking. They talk about the possibility of America’s Player or a Saboteur. They wonder if Austin could be the saboteur. Vanessa says all he cares about is getting to jury. Jason asks so which one of you flirted with Jace? Liz says me. I’m the flirt. Julia doesn’t like Austin at all. They talk about how they called Liz – Helga and Julia – Cruella. Liz says we’re running low on guys. Jason says yeah keep me around to the end. Jason says when I was coming in I said give me a lot of strong girls and I’ll be the gay glue to hold the guys alliance together. Vanessa asks has there ever been 17 cast members. Jason says no, this is the largest cast. Vanessa says that’s another reason we could have a saboteur.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 00-44-22-108

12:55am Bathroom – Clay and Shelli are talking. Clay tells Shelli that Jackie and Jason are up in the HOH room with Vanessa. Shelli is annoyed that Clay isn’t up there with them and that he left them alone. Liz joins them. Liz says basically Austin is a lost cause. Shelli tells Clay she wants to go up there and listen / stop them from talking game. Clay and Shelli head upstairs. Vanessa tells them they were talking about the possibility of Austin being the Saboteur.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 00-51-07-467

1am Austin and Liz are talking in the comic bedroom. Lis tells Austin that Shelli, Clay, Jackie, Jason and Meg are up in the HOH room with Vanessa. Austin’s worried Shelli and Clay are convincing Vanessa to put him up. Austin says whatever I’ll see you in a couple months.. or 6 weeks. Whatever its just a game. Liz says you need to come up with reason to put someone else up. Liz says if we keep you we 100% have the numbers .. when having the numbers are crucial. Liz says it almost wants me to throw in the towel. Liz says I just don’t want you to go up on the block. This is so stupid! What pisses me off is that its not even about the Judas thing its about Jason. Austin says I know. In 3 months none of this will even matter. I’ll be rooting for you. They head out of the bedroom.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 01-11-12-722
1:10am Backyard. James asks Johnny what’s up with you and Becky? Johnny says I don’t think she really likes me. I can’t tell. Usually you can tell but I can’t with her. James says that’s like me with Meg. She just likes me as a friend. Meg isn’t even my type. Johnny asks what is your type? James says Meg’s face but on a hotter body… whoa that’s kind of shallow of me. Johnny says I’m one of the most shallowest people I don’t really have relationships. James says I don’t either. I just do the one night or a couple of weeks until we don’t like each other any more.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 01-10-10-494

1:20am Liz and Austin are in the bathroom. Austin says my only hope is you, Clay and Shelli convincing her not to do it. Liz says you’re the only person I want in this game… other than Julia. Austin says you’re the only reason I’m still here. You were more interesting to me than that money. Liz says thanks you. Austin says money is just a thing. It was never about the money… it was just about my career and getting myself out there. Austin says I wonder if you would like me more if I’m gone so that you miss me. Clay joins them. Austin tells Clay I know you’re trying to talk to f**king Jason but he is so two faced. The thing that he said to me about Shelli leading the charge and him and Jackie in the bed talking about you and then they switched the subject. Clay asks what were they saying? Austin says I don’t know they changed the subject. Austin says Jason is already up there throwing my under the bus saying I’m the saboteur. Clay says even if you go up its not like its a done deal.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 01-27-30-249

1:35am James comes up to the HOH room and takes a closer look at Jackie’s butt.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 01-30-09-384

1:40am Hammock. Johnny Mac and Becky are talking. Becky talks about how she’s now lost 3 comps in a row.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 01-39-48-943

1:45am – 1:55am James brings a Hula Hoop out of the diary room with a card and collects the house guests in the backyard. He reads the card that states – Your friends on the live feeds voted a hula hoop for you. Why not take it for a spin. They all test it out. After 10 minutes the house guests are over it.

1:55am – 2:35am HOH room – Liz is up in the HOH room talking to Vanessa. Liz says we need Shelli and Clay up here. We need to figure out who else to bring in. Austin joins them and asks Liz for a hug. Vanessa says I don’t want to work with them (Jason, James Meg), no one wants to .. but you lied to me and made me try to work with them. Vanessa tells Austin to go think about it and come up with something. I will try and help you like I am but you have to do it. Austin says I will have to come up with reasons to get Jason or Jackie put up. Austin says that Clay said he would try to get me the votes if I go up. Austin tells Vanessa its not too late to take a leap of faith on me. Vanessa says Its not that simple. Austin says but it is. Vanessa says it isn’t because I have my word tied to other people. Vanessa tells Austin to hide under the beds and hear something about them being disloyal to me personally and then jump out and say gotcha and then come up here and tell me. Austin says okay I will. He leaves. Vanessa tells Liz that he really loves you. Are you sure you don’t feel the same way about him? Its okay if you do. Liz says I don’t. Vanessa tells Liz its better if he goes. You’re in a showmance twin sandwich. Liz says I love hanging out with him but am I in love with him .. no I am not. Vanessa says what did you do to him… he said he was falling in love with you. Liz says he was trying to kiss me before and told him I don’t want to be known as a home wrecker. And then last night he leaned over and tired to kiss me. I was so mad. I don’t feel the same way he feels about me. Vanessa asks Liz what if you, me make a side deal with Jason, James and Meg. Vanessa asks what’s your loyalty to Clay and Shelli? Liz says you. Vanessa asks nothing more than that? Liz says no. Liz says that Austin isn’t even nice to Julia.. every boyfriend I’ve ever had has put her on a pedestal. Vanessa asks who do you think has the biggest chance to win. Liz says you. Vanessa says thank you but who other than me. Liz says probably Clay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 01-58-16-539

2:40am – 4:10am Havenot room – Shelli says that Liz was totally sticking up for Austin. I’m the one saying we should keep Becky up there and now I’m the bit*h. Shelli tells Clay about how annoyed she was that Clay didn’t go up to the HOH room when Jackie, James and Meg were talking. Clay suggests they go up to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa and ask her about what they were talking to Jackie, Jason and Meg about. Shelli heads up to the HOH. Shelli tells Vanessa that she thinks they f**ked up with wanted Austin on the block. Vanessa agrees. Shelli says Becky is a huge target. Vanessa says and she has the ability to win. Vanessa says and Austin doesn’t want to win. Shelli talks a mile a minute about how she wasn’t a part of the conversations when she was in the diary room. Vanessa says the issue is that she gave her word to Becky that she was safe/wouldn’t go home when she volunteered to go on the block. Vanessa says that she told Steve that he needs to win HOH next week or he is going up. Liz says if we safe Austin we need to tell him that he needs to volunteer to go on he block. And he will, And he will! Vanessa wonders if she should just put up Johnny Mac. Shelli says that she is nervous about Jackie.. which is another reason why Becky needs to go because they’re a strong duo. Vanessa wonders if I still put up Austin and then you guys flip the vote. Shelli says I want to keep Austin because the other side flips all the time. Vanessa says I might as well just break my word with Jackie and put her up. She’s coming after me regardless if I keep my word or not. Shelli says we will need to get Becky on board so that she isn’t pissed when Jackie goes up next to her.

Shelli says the joke of the season is that an alliance is made and broken every minute .. why would we break up our alliance. Clay says It doesn’t make sense to send one of ours home. Jackie joins them and the conversation ends.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-26 02-51-11-863

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Amanda queefs slop

You know who I would like to see gone, is James. He thinks he’s Gods gift to women. News flash “cowboy” you’re a stumpy Asian red neck with a beer gut. Girls are not lining up to be with you. Even the ones with “hotter bodies” than Meg. Ugh…get over yourself.

GeekSquad McGee

James is hilarious. And though he says some outta control stuff, he has a good heart at the end of the day. He’s a good dude.

If he was really as bad as people here make him out to be, he would never be friends with Meg or Day for example, but they all like him in there.


I’m entirely ‘meh’ on James, but don’t think he truly believes he’s “god’s gift” to girls. I read all that talk as joking, self-deprecation, which is why HGs find him funny. He’s as crude as hell, but he doesn’t see himself as any prize.


They might be lined up, but it will be a line of girls with no self-worth. James, appears to hate-on women


i wonder what those girls inline look like 😛



Cougar Bloomers

Shelli if you happen to win another HOH do your own dirty work. If you give Clay a passionate every now and then he might not glance at Becky, and you don’t have to give her (Becky) the stink eye.


Make up your mind!
Sweet baby Jesus Vanessa, pick a hole and stick with it!
And stop listening to Shelli, she’s obviously hating or jealous of Becky.
Austin or Steve in my opinion, preferably Austin.


I think Vanessa wants to take Steve to final 2 because she could beat him


Steve is a good pushover for Vanessa. But Vanessa seems to want to be tight with everybody. She has issues with herself. She’s calling shots like a boss and sounds firm with her decision, then questions, flips, second guesses shit all the time.


Your causing your face to break out Vanessa, your stressing to much.
Relax bro relax


Van is breaking out because of her non-stop shady, flip flop ways. She is pulling the strings but second guesses things all the time. Shelli,the diva, is constantly paranoid. Clay is a joke by saying his side(Van,Austin,Liz,Shelli) is solid & the other side blows in the wind, are you kidding me?! They were just all on board to get rid/backdoor Austin! I seriously wish that the others:Steve,Jackie,Meg, Becky,James,Jason,JMac, would ban together & stop taking orders from Van,Shelli& Clay.
When JMac & Becky were talking,hebrought up how pissed he was not included on what was going on with Van & her plan. Hello Red Flag! Pay attention & start your own crew to knock out the puppet master Van. Seriously these people & their alliance flip flop is killing me!

Meg is Hot

James is crazy. He could never get a women as hot as Meg. go back to your scrubs.


I’m so sick of Vanessa’s god-complex. Can’t wait until she gets booted.


Vanessa is the devil


As a fan since season 1. I can’t recall a time if there was a season in which invisible people like Becky have ever won. For a poker player, why is Vanessas”tell” an actual tell with that mouth of hers blabbing her game to every one? I would like to play her in poker when she gets out.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Agree, except that Andy Herren was a super-floater who actually won, so…


God Andy is the WORST!!! When he won, a piece of my BB soul died.
He is one person that will never come back for BB ALL STARS


Andy wasn’t invisible. He was part of the main alliance and always involved in their strategic conversations. He also had a much better social game than Becky. I’m not trying to defend him, just pointing out the differences. He played the game whereas Becky does nothing.


I think Vanessa is the biggest floater of the season. She is constantly making deals with everyone in the house. Watch her next week if Johnny and or James stumble into hoh. And she does talk too much. I’m never sure where her loyalty lies except with Shelli and Clay and she is going to have to make an offer soon to bust up that couple.


Pull out a BB dictionary because I don’t think you know the definition of a floater…….

is it just me

how many million have you made playing poker?


Andy only won at the very end. Andy didn’t do shit the entire game, she only stood in the house because snitching like a pussy prison bitch kept a rat alive, don’t know how you can call that “game”.
Not even half way through the game, Becky wants to do damage to the other side, still a lot game/comps left. Her mind set is strong, don’t think she’ll lay low and not try to win like Andy. Now “social”, come on now like Andy had one, hell no, rat. Becky integrity going for her.

amanda queefs slop

Oh and Austin has officially lost his marbles. He’s in love with Liz?!? How can you be in love with someone who you haven’t even really kissed? I’m all about keeping his looney tunes ass now! I want to watch Liz tell him how she really feels.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Liz is very fickle. I bet she would vote to save Austin-the-Creepster in a heartbeat.


Of course she would save him. He is the biggest number she has. In fact, he would fall on a sword for her. She obviously can fake her feelings about him, so why not carry on? He will go before her, he will make sure of it!


Here is my input, just throwing it out there: The only reason Liz wants Austin around is to save her flirty ass. She does not care or want him. He has said thru out the game he was not here to win. Yes he is a false flagger with his wannabe big brother tat, claims he is a super fan but does not know his ass from his head. He is there to get fame-period! He wants to get in her pants of course,as Liz stated.
She plays these games because she has power over Austin, whereas nobody else will sacrifice themselves the way Austin has for her. Without him she knows she is a target. That is her reason to keep him-point blank! Austin is a moron…damn,it seems to good to be true to get him back doored. Friggin Van & her big mouth letting it all out there to debunk the Betray Judas plan. Really want this to happen but looking sketchy with these jackasses!


You don’t need to kiss someone before falling in love. If anything, it’s very common for people to fall in love that way. Like being in love with a friend or classmate when there are barriers or lack of reciprocation. Drives the plot of romantic comedies!


agree…send someone home that is boring to watch…like Becky….it seems like someone needs to check her pulse. BORING


Id love to check her pulse. Im sure a long line of dudes and chicks would love some pulse checking, maybe some CPR


If Austin stays in the house after the mess that has been caused, I wonder if Julia would be furious enough to put both Austin and Liz on the block if she was HOH.


The thing is, everyone on the other side of of the house wants Liz and Julia gone after Austin so she’s screwed regardless. If Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli hadn’t gotten so worked up about Austin doing something without telling them first, Julia wouldn’t have turned so anti-Austin.


I think Julia is going to be a hidden gem for drama. I mean, they named her Cruella already, she definitely is sharp with words and I can’t wait till she’s in there 24/7.

I do want her to have a head to head with Austin for laughs so I am not ready for Austin to go.
Just get rid of Jackie/Becky already, they provide zero laughs.
I would have enjoyed a Johnny/Becky showmance.


I wish I could watch the feeds!
I can’t figure Liz out. She’s playing Austin. That’s obvious. But it seems like she’s on the fence about whether she wants him to go home or not.
At least the week they won’t have to super edit the “who will be the replacement nominee” stuff. Lol. I always laugh when they make it look like it was a close decision between two ppl on the show but if you follow the feeds it was an obvious clear choice…. This week. Wow. It’s a nail biter.
Loving this season.


i feel like austin is the only person that will actively try to keep the twins safe and liz is aware of this with the rest of the sixth sense intent on using the twins as a meat shield (and vanessa buddying up to whichever one remains — which is kinda also austin’s plan but he’s specifically angling for julia to go first while vanessa doesn’t care which) and the twins likely becoming active targets of everyone else.


So does Liz want Austin in the game or not? Can’t figure this girl out right now. Why else would she tell Vanessa she truly wouldn’t be upset if she put him up and he left? Hopefully she’s just placating Austin but it seems like she’s afraid to lose her meat shield. Any thoughts?


Liz doesn’t know what she wants. Just like she said Austin is following her like a puppy, she is doing the same with Vanessa. Right now she wants whatever Vanessa wants. Getting rid of Austin will be her downfall.

B-bad owl

The simple answer is yes, she wants him in the game.
Liz likes attention from a man that likes her. With Jeff, she was as interested in him as he was in her, so she was willing to toss Austin aside to keep Jeff. Now with Austin being the only one in the house that gives her that kind of attention, she is willing to put up with him even though she doesn’t really like him. Just so she has SOMEONE.
She would rather be with someone for the wrong reasons than be alone. She is not a very good person.


I think she’s believes she will be okay with either scenario (Austin going vs. Austin staying) because Julia is coming in. She’s playing to both Austin AND Vanessa, but I think she’s leaning towards keeping Austin because he’s a HUGE freakin’ meat shield in front of her and Julia.


I think Vanessa will not win this season. Vanessa is so scared to upset the house with all her lies and her deals. They will discuss about her in the jury house if she gets to final 2. They will find out all the lies she made. Vanessa plans to take out her closest ally, not her target on her HOH. Who did that in BB history? Zach from BBC3 did. Many fake deals from her leads her to do the dumbest move in BB. Austin does not target Vanessa but Vanessa has to take her ally Austin out because of the house. Vanessa is forced to make the dumbest stupidest move because of her own mouth running when she has power. If she keeps being manipulated by the house, making fake deals and flip-flopping, she will not win this game because she will eventually take out all of her allies and no one will vote for her to win. Vanessa are rather taking out her ally than getting blood on her hands. I love to see Vanessa to be HOH again because her HOHs have always went wrong. Vanessa cannot even protect her allies on her HOH so I wonder what Vanessa can do for her allies without power. That sounds crazy.


Not only is Vanessa not winning this season… she’s setting herself up as an ideal backdoor target for next week as nobody in the house will be able to trust her word again after she takes out Jackie.

Mr. H

No you are absolutely right, she gets so paranoid that a pretty good strategic mind starts flying in all these weird directions. She tries to run her alliences HOHs, but is so terrified of “getting blood on her hands”, that she screws up her own. Forget if you like Austin, he is a solid number for her, and she is going to take him out, to placate people who will target her.


I want Austin out absolutely but for Van’s game it’s stupid. What Van does all the time is play emotional. She claims she doesn’t but is totally that girl. She gets upset when lied to, although she is the puppet master of lies & deceit. She gets betrayed, then goes all emo, talks crap(made Austin the house target) & then back pedals on her plan. Does it every time. Between Van & Shelli with their constant boo boo don’t want blood on my hands nonsense, I want to smack them. JMac said it best: if you don’t want blood, stop winning all the comps(HOH) lol! It’s BB,put your big girl pants on Van & Shelli & stop acting pathetic with the emotional drama of being HOH!


I don’t get why she even won this HOH she was on no one’s radar and clearly now is going to be. Needs to just throw it was an easy one too lose on purpose.


Austin was pretty much everyone’s consensus candidate for eviction even before the HOH comp.


in all stars Chilltown got Janelle to put up Marcellus and voted him out and they also got Erika to put up Daniel and voted her out, so its nothing new for some one to put up their allies


Even if Vanessa gets to the end, she probably doesn’t have the jury votes to win. It really depends on who she’s next to but the jury will likely be filled with her haters, or people who like the other guest more.

But she could get to the end because of the blood on her hands.


she needs to be in the end with Steve to win….or even austin


i think if Vanessa makes it through double eviction night she has a good shot to get really close to the end. And if she’s in final two. Will definitely win.
But who know. One week of the other side being in power could drastically change the game. You never know. That’s the beauty of big brother!


tHERE IS TO MANY VARIABLES with vanessa renom if she nominates jackie people will be pissed. If becky goes home for sure johnny mac and jackie will be pissed off. If she puts up jason he will go home and everyone will be pissed. If she puts austin or steve she is okay and did not cause waves. No matter what its going to be shocking. Shelli and clay just let austin go and that is it.


I see why Vanessa doesn’t want to cause waves yet….it is too early and she is too vulnerable. She didn’t want to be HOH but had to because the plan wasn’t working. She should have maintained her cool about Austin and dealt with his game play after but now she is in a pickle. There is no really good play for her. This is really blowing up her game no matter which way she goes because she either makes herself a huge target or loses a number. If she lets austin go and tries to pull someone else in on their side….I don’t see anyone that is going to be as loyal as austin is…..sticky spot

Ariana Grande stinks!

If Vanessa was a bit more clever she would have put up Smelli instead of Clayhole.

I think I’d pay to slap Smelli in her plastic face! 🙁


Clay offered to go up; she never would have put up either of them otherwise.


Shelli is so stupid. Everyone is “a HUGE target” to her.


The other side is dumb watch them all agree that sending home Jackie is best for they game. for Jason to be such a super fan and a good reader like he claim he show can’t tell who’s working with who.

GeekSquad McGee

I can’t tell if Vanessa really is offended when people lie to her, or if she just acts like honesty is such a big thing with her, so people won’t catch on to the fact that she’s one of the biggest liars in the house. I wonder if she even knows.


Vanessa is the biggest liar and hypocrite in the house. She made a deal with Jackie and a deal with Becky and now she’s going back on it. If austin doesn’t go this week Vanessa’s game is definitely over bc everyone in the house will know they can’t trust her. I will be happy when she leaves.


There is a big dif between being the biggest liar and being the best liar. She is a good liar. It was good game play. She was lying her butt off and evveryone was buying it. Brilliant game play if you ask me.

season of ugly guys+hot chicks

liz is 50/50 about austin going home. she knows she needs him to have a small chance to win the game but most likely she wont and she knows if she doesnt win she gonna have to let him stick it in her a few times in the jury house. James is a loser. he wears the visor bc it lets him look down all the girls shirts. if u watch him hes always staring hard at thier tits. trying to pretend hes looking else where but hes not. hes a perverted hobbit. vanessas stupid. shes going home first if they don’t put up austin. shes gonna have 5 ppl gunning for her. shes so dumb.

Bunch of chicken sh*ts

Why don’t Jackie, Becky, Jmac, Jason James and Meg get together and wipe out those two faced narcissistic fucks… turn the table guys… you cannot be that gullible… this is big brothers ….do you hear me!!!


i have not enjoyed watching the feeds this much since season 13. i love it. also like shelli personally or not she’s a boss in this game.


Wait, what? I thought it would be an “[expletive] betrayal” if Jackie were to put up Vanessa this week or next because it would be a deal-breaker. But it’s fine and dandy and absolutely not a betrayal if Queen Vanessa breaks the deal.

No one is allowed to lie but she. No one is allowed to break deals but she. Hope she’s gone next week.


I laughed out loud when I read that Shelli said “Becky is a huge target” and Van said “and she has the ability to win”. Are these people for real!? It amazes me how they are always trying to justify their reasons for everything they do. This is Big Brother…..YOU DON’T NEED A REASON!!!


Ya what happened to the old stand by explanation….”nothing personal I’m just doing what’s best for my game.” And just leave it at that!!!


So finally Austin is staying…. So boring! Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Shelly and Clay this is the final 6…. The most Boring final 6 ever! Oh no wait we have Steve, the guy who talks to caméra and Johnny Mac who is throwing comps all the time! Production where are you do something !!!!!! I wish the ratings will go down soon and maybe they will learn something


Vanessa should just come clean to Becky and tell her that if she does put up Austin they are losing a number on their side and would be sacrificing her game.Tell her if she doesn’t put Austin up, then Becky will be going home.She will put up Johnny Mac beside her.Let Becky and Johnny Mac know the only way that she will put Austin if they both will make an alliance with them and promise to go against the other side of the house. Vanessa will gain two more numbers for their side. Tell them if they want to make this deal she will sacrifice Austin and Becky and Johnny Mac will be safe this week.


I would absolutely go for that scenario. In fact, it would be pretty good for Vanessa’s game (which I don’t want) IF they don’t turn on her (which I WOULD want!). I would hope that JMac and Becky agree to it, and work to get Vanessa out as Priority #1.


I want him gone, but I really want him to stay at the same time just for the drama purposes. Don’t put up Austin, Vanessa lol He is a douche, but him staying will make the show entertaining. I hate it when everyone “votes with the house”.

I want line drawn, dammit!


I can’t sleep this season without somethign major happening. The target is probably going to keep flipping all day but it most likely will be Jackie going up on Monday now. Then maybe if the dethroned HoH is backdoored, Grodner will be satisfied and BotB can end.


This is a fascinating season. I don’t recall a season being dominated by the women players as this one is. It is kind of cool.

They need to get rid of Austin, Clay and Johnny Mac in order to continue running the house.

I hope Johnny Mac wins this season


Liz is making me so mad now. Why can’t she just tell Austin she doesn’t like him if she doesn’t or is she just confused? I hope when Julia comes, she wins HoH and puts Austin on the block and send him home.


Vanessa wanted the twins solidly in their alliance, so when Austin told Jason he wanted Julia out he really ticked off Vanessa. Then he lied about it plus lied about the vote so she figured he’d gone rogue which makes him useless. Now that he’s groveled she’ll probably let him back in. The smartest thing she’s doing is watching every minute for loyalty to her and finding ways to incentivize that loyalty.


Why is Vanessa so worried about keeping her word to the OTHER side of the house? It’s so stupid. This is Big Brother. People lie by the minute. While Austin is a bumbling fool, he is a loyal number to her side. That should trump EVERYTHING! It’s a simple numbers game. The other side is not a number for you. She is one of the most exhausting women I’ve ever come across and just loves to hear herself talk.


I think its just earlier than she wanted that to happen. she is looking at numbers


Meg, Jason, James, Becky and Jackie are in Nessa’s cross hairs right now…when she says different she is game playing with whoever she talking to.

Those five are so without a single clue in this game that it’s not even funny.

We will see what happens with Austin but he doesnt have a lot of time left even if he survives this week.

I see a Vanessa, Steve, Shelli, Julia final four. Stay tuned 🙂

Bunny Slipper

Ok, again, does the “other side” actually know they are the other side? I don’t think they do. They all seem to think Nessa is their friend. And Clelly is just grand. They only ones on the radar are Austin and the wonder twins!


Vanessa and Shelli aren’t realizing that doing what they currentl want has quite the possibility of causing the others to figure out the sixth sense alliance. And if the others figure it out, they will target BY FAR its most threatening member, Vanessa. Instead of weighing risk and reward, they’re grasping for the reward. It’s almost painful.


that’s giving that side of the house a lot of credit. maybe jackie or jason are smart enough to figure this out (and haven’t), but i’ve seen nothing from becky, meg, or especially james that would indicate they have any idea that vanessa and clelli are playing them. this is why jason or jackie are the best noms (and i lean jackie as they were already able to get out jeff without raising an alarm so jackie shouldn’t be too different).

right now the sixth sense seems pretty close to pulling in steve. jmac still seems to be mostly a free agent but seemingly has no interest winning hoh making him a non-threat. so getting out one of the five only leaves four enemies to the sixth sense, who further seem more interested in targeting austin and the twins than vanessa at which point vanessa and co would still have a 5-4 numbers advantage (plus maybe steve to their side and jmac to the other, but that’s still 6-5). getting out austin this week totally screws that numbers advantage to make the house potentially split down the middle depending on where steve and jmac end up.


As much as I dislike the Creepmance, it doesn’t make any sense for Vanessa to put up Austin. He will always be seen as a bigger target whom she can manipulate. Sure he goes a little rogue every now and then, but it’s not out of dos.oyalty, it’s from ignorance. Plus, he’s so self-involved, he doesn’t notice anything which will make him an easy out down the line.

old lady

I find it jarring every time i see austin’s fingernails.


Let Austin go this week, no one was smart enough to get the twins out before jury so let’s watch Liz start coming on to Clay and Shelli poop her pants, Liz already mention there will be no men left in the house hell go for it girl and watch old Shelli pee her pants.




Better the Judas you see coming then the Judas you don’t. If Austin goes I hope Vanessa’s game goes up in flames. Liz too with her siren song. She liked Jeff? Now that’s gross!


Vanessa’s problem is she has to overanalize everything, I think she has OCD . I think, that is why she has a hard time making decisions and sticking with them. She over complicates everything she does.


She said she has Attention Deficit Disorder. She takes medicine for it.


Pick a side already you indecisive, flip flopping does she ever manage to win at poker?

Eric CA

Vanessa should just put up Austin and call it a day. This whole he is a number for our alliance… who’s number is he exactly… Liz/Julia or Shelli/Clay/// face it Van you are at the bottom of those totem poles. Break it down Austin is most loyal to Liz (He would take a BB Bullet for her.) , The twins are twins there is NO greater bond in the house than that and they know they can have their pet Austin do some dirty work even though he repulses them. Austin has the bro thing with Clay. Then you have the virtuous, honest voices of everything good and noble in the world… straight shooters of delusional bullets Clay and Shelli… you know where clay-see-way-see and Shelli-Bears loyalty’s lie… excuse I think I need to vomit.

Vanessa your best bet is to make a deal with Jackie…. call her up in the HoH “Jackie we are not friends, but we both know how business is done. We don’t have to like each other what we need is to work with each other… just business not friendship. You up for that?”
A Jackie /Vanessa alliance that is just business would kick butt add Steve and Jason as their minions…done game over. Dump Austin, Vanessa you deserve a better position than the bottom of the BB Totem pole.


I need an update!
What’s happening??!!!!
Sleep is for the weak Simon and Dawg. Give me the rest of the nights convos!!!
Pleeeease. 😉


Vanessa is the bottom of the totem poll wherever she can park a semi truck in that big mouth of hers. She just goes on and on and on and on…what’s the use of having an alliance if you can’t depend on them when the chips are down.


Okay, I haven’t finished reading this most recent post, but cannot hold back chiming in any longer. So, some things may be subject to change.

1) I AM enjoying this back and forth on noms, I’m entirely entertained!

2) Liz – I am LIKING that girl more and more. She totally IS playing Austin, and playing it well! I believe her when she says to Vanessa (one to one) that she’s okay with him going up. Her twin comes in, she really doesn’t need him and he if stays, she can work with that too as he’s the bigger target.

3) Austin – a humbler and more honest Austin is more tolerable, but he’s still whiny and being OWNED by both Vanessa and Liz. Plus, he’s being honest that – it’s not about the $, but building (in)famy and could totally sell himself as a ‘Samson’ character in the wrestling world (the biblical vibe, the hair and being gullible and betrayed by a woman. More power to him, I guess, but he’s not there for BB, but he is entertaining and an unknowing of exactly why (Doofus). He’s going to be surprised by how many dislike him.

4) I’m disappointed with Jackie; she’s falling for everything and giving too much information unnecessarily. I thought she’d be cagier, and she really shouldn’t feel as safe as she does.

5) Vanessa. Ahhh, Vanessa. There is no question, the girl is playing the best game and has been able to make the best of several scenarios. Originally, I think she WAS fine with Jackie remaining HOH because Jackie would take out Austin. Vanessa really doesn’t needneed him: she has Steve, Clay and Shelli on lock. Plus, likely JMac (If Becky stays), and Julia (dislikes Austin), and with Austin gone, Liz 100% too. IF she puts up Austin, she can also “keep” Jackie and make Jason, Meg, and James happy. The only people I think who TRULY want to keep Austin are Clay, Shelli and Steve – getting rid of Austin hurts Vanessa’s game with them because 1) Clay and Shelli don’t know about Freaks and Geeks, and 2) Steve is putting all his eggs into the Freaks and Geeks deal, and losing Austin makes him a bigger target.

6) Vanessa (Continued): A few have said she doesn’t have a “pair”, but I think she does: Steve. I don’t think Steve quite knows that yet, but think he’d be fine with placing 2nd. He doesn’t think he’d be able to win 1st, and placing 2nd would a big win for him.

7) Shelli – She’s playing a good game and is being very watchful and calculating. She loses one bonus point from me for the “we’re the moral side” comment. She loses the point because I think she really believes it (sheesh….)

8) Jason – is slipping with me too because he’s all talk and no action.

8) Clay – Meh
9) Meg – Meh
10) James – MehX100

11) JMac – still love him and find his comment to James about being shallow very interesting. I don’t “read” him as shallow, but then again, who knows? Are we getting some insight into him, or is he “matching personalities” with James to build rapport. Stay tuned.

12) Becky – I still like her: I think she’s a genuinely sweet, “tough” kid, and I like her for JMac, both on a game level and because they have matching dimples. What can I say? I’d enjoy seeing a real “liking” blossom between them. Would a lot of people eat that right up? Yes, they would, and I’m one of ’em.

FInal Analysis: I’d like Austin gone this week. Then, I’d like to see Vanessa and/or Shelli 1000% on the block next week, and see what they do with that. Done!