“our group is morally solid, Other side of the house is not strong they are flighty”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & LIz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 22-09-35-751_jpg

9:24pm – 10:12 Vanessa and JAckie
Vanessa playing up she’s still putting Austin up.
Vanessa asks if people were upset when Clay won the pov.
Jackie doesn’t think they were people weren’t trying to be overly happy because they didn’t want to upset Jackie.
Vanessa’s – if you won HOH next week who ouel you put up
Jackie would put up a twin and a pawn, “Like one of us someone we can trust.. depends who’s the next HOH.. like one of us, it’s going to come down to that top make these plays work “
Vanessa- right

jackie says the worst case for them is if the twins win HOH. Jackie wants them to stick true to their 8 person alliance (Some fake alliance they made with Meg, James, jason etc.. basically everyone but Austin and the twins)
JAckie says as long as they all stick together they can have three easy weeks getting the twins and AUstin out.
Jackie says she doesn’t feel safe. For the first time she doesn’t
Vanessa says she’s never feeling safe, “Why”
Jackie – No i’m good.. this is why he has to go home.. you know what I mean
Vanessa – you trust them all
Jackie – mhh hmm

Vanessa says Liz doesn’t like Austin the same way Austin like her. He said he was falling in love with her.
Jackie doesn’t understand why he thinks that. How do you fall in love with someone that doesn’t like you
Vanessa says Liz is flirty and he thinks he does love her and she does like him.

Talking about the POV Competitions and how it was tailored for Clay. Becky was really hard on herself for not winning it. Jackie was trying to make her feel better about it telling her she can’t compete against Clay a football player.
Jackie adds Becky feels like she was put on the block to win so she’s taking it hard that she’s not. Vanessa – Right

Jackie says Austin is already campaigning but that it expected, “We’re going to have to go through this every week.. Just with a different person.. A different story you know.. Now we have to break up sisters it’s like it’s just going to get harder.. but it’s OK they’ll see each later you know what I mean”
Vanessa – Right (Ohh shit )

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 22-15-18-541_jpg

10:06pm Bathroom Liz and Austin
Austin going over why he talked to Jason. says he did it to help Liz she told him JAson was someone they could trust and how Liz was getting closer to him.
liz – I know, There such little liars.. Jason trying to sweet talk me he’s coming after us.
Austin tells her to stick with Vanessa tonight. Tell her all night
Liz – we got all tomorrow
AUstin – tomorrow is going to be hell
Austin – I’m a good person VAnessa’s got to know
Liz – I know
Austin – what is she thinking.. oh my god
Liz – Give me a second chance Vanessa.
Austin – I said that I really would do anything for you in here, what does that mean to her
Liz – people are jealous and they want to get rid of the couples
Austin says they(Jason, jackie, Meg) promised Vanessa safety for one week but next week Liz will go and after that Julia.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 22-27-30-460_jpg

10:25pm Clay and Shelli HOH

Sheli says James flip flops on his word, “Ultimately he’s someone to look out for”
Agreeing Austin is someone they can work with
Clay – Jason and Meg are not workable.. they are playing this game and are workable
Clay – JAmes is workable he’s not playing the game mentally
Liz comes up
Liz says Jason and Meg are being fake to her.
Liz says jason came up to her and apologized for saying everything austin told him he said to her “I’m gay I always run my mouth”
Liz trust Austin more than anyone on the other side.
Liz says Julia doesn’t like Austin and if he stays she’ll be at odds with that. But Liz likes him and trusts him more than anyone else in the game.
Clay says Austin is too emotional he’s not playing a good game, They do trust him though.
Austin comes up (They see him in the HOH camera Liz says he follows her around like a puppy)
Austin tells them about his conversation with JAckie
Says he made a mistake trying to protect Liz and not filling Vanessa in on his plans. He was just trying to help them all, “I messed up and I was scared”
Austin – I fu**ed up you guys were right.. I was thinking with my heart not my head.. I’m, sorry.. it was a small thing I didn’t think it was going to impact us
Austin – I’m with you 100% if there’s a backdoor target next week they’ll jump on
Shelli “our group is morally solid that side of the house is not strong they are flighty”
Shelli wants this season to be considered the season of alliances because they always joke they have alliances come and go. She thinks it will be neat if their alliance is the one that makes it to the end. (Shelli is good)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 22-39-07-248_jpg

10:39pm Jackie, Meg, Jason

Complaining about Vanessa. Meg is driven Nuts that Vanessa keeps saying she didn’t want to be HOH. Jackie wanted to be HOH if she was HOH she would have gotten it done. “Bam bam bam.. stick to the plan”
Jackie is pissed Vanessa told Liz tonight when the plan was supposed to be late tomorrow night. Now Austin and Liz get an extra day to scheme. (She think they told Liz Austin was going up)
Jackie – now it’s all awkward
Jason says it was Vanessa’s plan to cause dissension in their group
Clay and Shelli join them.

10:44pm Meg, Shelli, Jason, Clay and Jackie
Jason scheming against getting the Twins out after Austin.
Jason jokes about the bet with JAckie if the twins come in he’ll fart in her mouth

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 22-53-03-084_jpg

10:47pm HOH Austin and Liz
She can go put Jackie up flip this whole thing
She’s scared she’s got so much blood on her hands.
Austin – you gotta appeal to her somehow
Liz – I’m trying Austin
Austin – I know I know
Liz – Stupid Fu*k head Jason
Liz – this is the worst thing that could have happened
Austin I know our own person it putting us up
Liz – does she not get that when you go we’re down to 5 we have no power
Austin – Clay and Shelli are down they want to keep me right
Liz – ya
Liz – should have f***g known that Jason can’t keep his mouth shut
Austin – I’m ready to draw a line i’m going after them..
Austin says he should have told Vanessa about the vote
Liz – what the f**k does that vote matter it’s so stupid.. I was HOH I would think it was funny.

AUstin and Liz agree it makes sense now Jason, Meg are spending so much time in the HOH because they think they’re all buddy buddy with Vanessa.
Austin – I cannot go down there right now

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 22-53-54-091_jpg

10:52pm Jason and Meg
Jason says they need Austin out this week. Meg feels that Clay would protect the sh121t out of her.
Jason agrees says Clay and sHelli are good to take to final 4 or 5
Jason says they are shaping up to be in a really good spot. Jason calls them the Goblins.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 22-12-26-750_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 23-33-56-613_jpg

11:32pm Liz, Jason and JAckie Chatting about Season 15
They talk about Julia openly. (I guess it doesn’t matter now)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-25 23-46-14-965_jpg

11:43pm – 12:11am HOh Austin and Vanessa
Jason sold out an emotional moment with me that had nothing on game at all.
Vanessa thinks Jason was playing her and Shelli
I’m hoping you can pull something out of your’ ass I don’t know what to say.. I like you I think you’re a cool guy I trust you more than most people in here
Vanessa – Unfortunately you lied to me and put me in a position
Vanessa – I’m going to make an enemy out of people unless you make it I don’t make an enemy out of people
Austin brings up that Clay and Shelli want him to stay.
Vanessa asks if Clay is willing to stay on the block.
Austin – no he’s not doing that.
Vanessa says she needs something a credible reason she can’t trust someone to put them up. “Someone talking shit about Clay and Shelli
Austin – JASON.. if fu**ing gong after them I told you guys this.. he’s doing it.
Liz comes in.
Vanessa – sucks Austin
Austin says he did not tell Jason he wanted to go to Jury with liz and get Julia out before swears Jason is making things up.
Liz chimes in says Jason took it and ran with it
Vanessa – your intentions were pure but you lied and that’s a problem.

Vanessa says he needs to figure out a way to stay in the house.
Vanessa – you gave Jason a loaded gun and I don’t know why.
Austin – I see what you say now.. the only thing I can think about is the lie about clay and Shelli right now.
Vanessa tells him he needs to go downstairs and come up with a solution she really thinks he can do it.

Liz – just between me and you if you put him u I’m OK about it.
Vanessa – I trust you more than anyone.. you and me we’re straight shooters.
Vanessa warns that Austin can blow up their game he’s got to think there’s a chance.
(She doesn’t want her to tell Austin she doesn’t have feeling beyond friendship)
Liz says if they get rid of Austin who do they select to replace him.

12:15am Jackie comes in

12:27am Jackie claiming she would have put up Liz and James if she wasn’t HOH with Vanessa. Jason comes up.

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Thumbs up if you want John to win America’s Favorite Houseguest!!!


I like John but he’s boring. He just does whatever the other house guest tell him to do then goes in the DR to rant about it. That’s why they always use him as a pawn. He never stands up for himself.


I mean he doesn’t really have a choice. The same alliance has been running the house for the past four weeks.

Big bro

Liz is playing Austin very well which is funny as hell


Clay and Shelli need to go they are playing all sides of the house…

Vanessa the Whiner

Geez Vanessa, it’s Big Brother, people lie, get over it all ready!!!! If none of your alliance members want Austin out right now don’t do it! You don’t turn on your own alliance this soon, you will no longer be trustworthy! Quit whining, please!!!

Vanessa the Whiner

And why does he have to come up with a solution? YourYou’re the d*MN HOH ya dork!


Exactly – she’s HOH, which means she can send his butt packing. But if he wants to stay, then he needs to give her an “out”


Can Jackie just turn back into wallpaper
She keeps interrupting all the good conversations
Go away Jackie!

jon mac daddy

what i realized just now is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer in america. its bc americian working class ppl are morons. just like all the contestants on the show right now. they so dumb they cant figure anything out. and vanessa just destroyed her game with this. what a dumb bitch. shes going bak and forth. shelli and clay are golden right now just sitting on the side lines watching everyone else kill everyone else. one of the 2 will make it to the finals. prolly shelli and one of the twins. thats if austin doesnt go home


It’s because of all the meds she’s on. If the “other side” actually does win HOH, then Vanessa will surely be their target. She is the female Steve. But, let’s get real, the “other side” won’t win a damn thing! So, we’ll have to just sit back and wait until everyone is out, minus the 6th Sense and Geeks n Whatever, and then it will be fun to watch them eat each other…

Figure it out

Well you must be working class else you would have figured out (i) the more education one has, the greater is one’s ability to reason (or as you put it “figure stuff out”) and (ii) the richer one is, the more access one has to education. Therefore, the rich, with more education, are typically going to have
better reasoning tools and it is the exploitation of this advantage (often at the expense of the poor) that allows them to get richer (too at the expense of the poor).

jon mac daddy

thanks for clarifying my statement. i guess im trying to say that the retard cast memebers are so easily manipulated and that reflects on most americans bc they are the typical american ppl and the rich get richer cause they can say anything to them and they will belive it and they will get screwed over in the end lols clay shelli both with university educations (clay only got it from copying off dorks that dumb jock jk) and they playing the shit out of both sides. right on. america for real americans white flower


Liz is NOW saying if Vanessa puts up douchebag Austin she’s fine with it. This fu##ing house switches minute by minute. I can’t wait til Julia comes back in and talks with Vanessa. That’s when fireworks could really go off. If they do get rid of Austin they can always pull Steve in “officially.” I am not for sure when Julia takes Liz’s place but hopefully it’s before the veto meeting. Julia might be able to talk Vanessa into sticking with the plan.


As much as I don’t care for Vanessa’s ego as HOH, I certainly appreciate that she’s forcing Austin to work for his safety rather than just giving in to his pleas. Austin is by no means a favorite, either, but Steve is right. Austin may be a snake, and an emotional one at that, but he is their snake. Austin is a vote for their side. This craziness sure makes the feeds more fun to watch, too!


Ugh I wish Julia was in the house right now

Vanessa you were my favorite and you’re almost on your 3rd strike, stop being so wishy washy, oh and stop burning every fucking bridge
Austin may be a number for you, but if you don’t get rid of him, you’ll have more enemies


If Vanessa wimps out on putting Austin up I am going to become one of those haters I hate. Lol. I will rail against her until she leaves.

Megaphone Time

Somebody near by has to break out the megaphone. This is going down the same path as last season. Going to be boring. These people are so clueless. The only chance of seeing some good game is in a week or two that slimy alliance shows how they don’t want to get rid of the twins, but by then there’s not going to be anyone left to do anything about it.

“Clay and Shelli totally have out back.” – Meg Really? REALLY?

“I won’t get brainwashed.” – Jackie 24 later completley brainwashed

Megaphone Time

our back

24 hours


I think Austin is handsome. Beard and all. Somewhat biblical. Tall… Can protect the lady he loves. Vanessa is just on a power trip. She needs to slow down. Shellie and clay …a couple . the twins… A couple. Vanessa and Austin.. A couple. Stick with your alliance. Jackie just told her she is still coming after your people! SNAP!!!

I know

So is Austin going up or not?


bbtakeover sucks this season they did not bring anything its a lost cause. Vanessa is in a pickle know with austin going up or not. the only targets is becky or jason at this point for her or just put steve as the whole house wanted. Shelli should just shut up with this hohitis and let austin go home. There is no perfect scenario for them so just let it happen.


I WANT A WAR!!! Draw a line in the sand and LETS GET IT ON!


A war implies you have opponents willing to spar. This house is sadly lacking that on one side. Vanessa/Clay/Shelli/Austin will do whatever is required to stay in the game. The others talk about past seasons but don’t make any substantive moves THIS season.

Clearly the lines are drawn and there is a pecking order, yet Meg spends all day giggling, Jason smokes and recites random BB facts, Johnny and James really do nothing other than play a weak game of defense (No offense whatsoever) and the rest are so insignficant they aren’t even worth mentioning.

Butters Mom

When Vanessa confronted Austin the first time, didnt she accuse him of saying to Jason that it was ok to take Julia out, to keep Liz in for him…. and he admitted to it and said it was just to throw the other side off. And now he’s saying he never said that and Jason is making it up? Will Vanessa catch that?


Shelli is so annoying. Getting mad cause other people are up in the hoh. You don’t own the room sweetheart. Although I loved watching scold clay about not being up there. It was like watching a mom yell at their kid for spilling juice on the rug. Get a rag and clean up this mess junior!

Audrey on broadway

Liz and Austin are pissing me off, like get the f out of the house. Austin sorry to say but your game sucks, the whole you and the twins thing is currently not working out since they don’t like you. And Liz stop running you’re mouth keep quiet and wait to back door your bb sugar daddy whose dragging your ass with him to then grave.

Ariana Grande stinks!

I LOVE this season, EXCEPT for the Cougar and her child.

“Shelli “our group is morally solid that side of the house is not strong they are flighty”

How effing sickening is that!


I truly don’t think the people that say “this season is boring just like last season” are watching this season.

This shit is GOLD! GOLD I tell you! We will look back on this season as the best ever I’m telling you.

Those of us that have watched every season are on cloud nine right now with this season. So if you are out there wavering on whether to get into this season or jump ship. I tell you now..this is a MUST SEE season. It doesn’t get much better than this. If you aren’t diggin’ this you will never like any season.

So come on board even if you new. This shit is GOLD this season. GOLD I tell you. Ha.


I don’t think this season is the best ever but it beats the past 5 seasons handily. I have really enjoyed the Simon/Dawg quotes and gifs. It definitely is miles better than last 3 seasons. I like the current nom flip flopping.

The cast is actually really likable, where I don’t think there is anyone truly mean or bad hearted. A pretty girl should be leery of James and Austin, but the other guys are nice people.

What I don’t get is that a few people playing hard (Vanessa, Austin) or have been through the ringer (Johnny) say they aren’t expecting a huge pay check through this (err)…..but the ones who need the pay check (let’s say the younger ones who haven’t built up a career like Becky, Jason, Meg) don’t play that hungry.

Read Between the Lines

Vanessa is playing a VERY smart game. She is planning next week already. She never planned to take out Austin. All of this is to create a riff between Jason’s side and the twins and Austin. She knows the focus will be on them and not her, Shelly, Clay, or Steve next week. The reason for putting him up was regarding the lie he told her involving Jason and the twins, and she knew she could use that to to her advantage. Now drama will start right where she wants it to. If the other side wins next week, they will target Austin or one or both of the twins. She will send an insignificant person home. She makes and keeps a future target. To win this game you have to know how to play it. I am so glad there are at least a couple of smart girls playing this game. The men really don’t seem to have good game talk or any plan for moving ahead in the game. People bit@@ every year about how stupid the girls play and how catty they are to each other and we finally get 2 strong female players and everyone hates them. They are the only ones not afraid to get involved in playing the game. The men seem to be throwing HOH comps every week and going with the flow.


This level of betrayal of trust will make Vanessa the biggest target by far on the other side of the house. That’s why it was a mistake to mention Austin in the first place if her intent was never to go through with it.