Joe to Jenn – Sh!t on a stick probably sounds good to you at this point

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

9:09pm Cam 1-2 Joe and Ian

Joe: “Any word from Dan”
Ian: “Tight lipped.. “
Joe: “No Game talk”
Ian: “nope.. I think it’s going to be a tie.. But thats alright.. ”
Joe: “YUP thats alright.. it’s kinda what we expected”
Ian:” at this point that’s all you can ask for.. a tie”
Joe: “Yeah.. the numbers keep going down”
Ian: “Yup”

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9:38pm Cam 1-4 Cards Feeds are on fire yo (Bring back Willie)

9:53pm pm Cam 1-2 Dan has a bag of things he’s trying to hide from Big Brother. Everyone under the covers to see what it is.. (Candy)

10:00pm Cam 1-2 Jenn outside by herself with her feet in the hottub

10:03 Cam 1-2 Backyard Jenn and Joe
Jenn asks him how dinner went. Joe says it was good.. Jenn says it smelled very good.
Joe: “Sh!t on a stick probably sounds good to you at this points”

Joe doesn’t understand what they are doing in the kitchen. Danielle and Dan are playing rummy and Shane/Frank are just watching. Joe doesn’t want to sit around for 2 hours watching people play cards. Joe adds that Ian is up in the HOH room. (Ian’s crunching some mad scenarios up there)

Jenna and Joe decide to play “Bags” .

10:37pm Off Camera Dan and Ian The cameras are on Joe and Jenn playing bags.

Dan and Ian are talking off camera whil playign pool.
Dan: “2012 staying in a hotel for 2 weeks and not paying”
Ian: “2012 nit buy chalk”

(I believe Ian and Dan are misting each other right now)

10:53pm Jenn and Joe played a hour of Bags.. They both comment how how they “Got a sweat going”

10:57pm Cam 1-2 This seasons last showmance

11:12pm Cam 1-2
Danielle complaining about Frank. saying he deserves to be in the house, he’s fought hard to get on the show, He’s going to carve a W in his water bottle. Danielle doesn’t understand why Frank would say those things to her.. he’s trying to get votes.
Dan: “His game inside the house now is horrible”
Danielle: “I’ve had it I can’t even pretend who says those things.. I can’t do it Dan I can’t be nice to him anymore”
Dan: “People who go out 7 say that”
Dan: “Just make sure Bieber (Shane) vote him out.. ”
Danielle: “I don’t think he will”
Dan: “I don’t want to take that chance”
Danielle: “I’m so mad.. at him”
Dan tells her to just tell Frank he’s got her vote just to get her out of his hair. Danielle: “He’s constantly flirting with me.. he tells me he wants to get Shane out so it’s just the 2 of them..No thanks shave your head.. shave your chest”
Danielle goes on about all the BS frank has been saying to her.
Dan: “You are getting me angry listening to the crap he’s saying”
Dan: “What Ian said in the hot tub is right … If Frank doesn’t win POV every week he goes home.. how does that make a great game player. he’s great at comps but horrible inside the house”
Danielle says she never met someone as delusional as Frank. Dan see’s people like that all the time. They think they are great at something but they really are not. Dan doesn’t think Frank is aware that his actions piss people off. Dan thinks Frank is starting to see the writing on the wall and is resorting to trying to strong-arm Danielle for her vote. Danielle: ‘Hell no he’s not going to intimidate me”

Shane joins them helps them make the bed.

Dan tells them that the quack pack is there best chance to get to final 4. Shane says that Ian has Joe under control. Shane mentions that Ian has a fake final 2 with joe.

11:33pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Joe Bedroom (Image Link) Joe says he not going to get Jenn’s vote but he’s feeling good about Shane and Danielle. Joe is feeling very confident however there is a bit of him that is still worried, “As confident as I am shit still can go wrong” . Ian isn’t worried there is no way the players are going to keep Frank in the game. Ian cannot imagine Frank getting more than 2 votes.

Ian knows that Dan and Jenn are in cahoots. Ian thinks there could be a decent chance that Dan votes out Frank.

11:46pm Cam 1-2 Frank, Joe and Shane
Having a good laugh at Frank carving all his wins into his water bottle. Danielle adds that Frank told her that he’s going to get rid of “Captain America” next week. They all start laughing at this. They have trouble believing that Frank would say that to Danielle.
Joe brings up one thing Ian was saying. The trick for Big Brother is to be a powerful player but don’t look like you are a powerful player. Joe points out that Frank walks around the house bragging about hi achievements make sure everyone knows how good he is at Competitions.

12:23AM Cam 1-2 Ian is rocking the hammock Cam 3-4 Jenn and Dan are talking about musical equipment. Mixers, drum machines and software.

12:46Am Cam 1-2 Dan and Jenn

Jenn saying that Danielle is really sensitive. Jenn is worried that Danielle is getting too wrapped up with Shane. Jenn is sure she’s just playing him but still Jenn is s abit worried about Danielle’s level of play right now.

Jenn: “I’m that type of chick.. I’m with this mofo.. I’m with this mofo… I’m with this mofo.. I’m with this mofo” Jenn thinks Frank needs to stay for at least one more week. Dan says that eventually everyone has to go.
I’m not going to lie i’m worried for Frank. Jenn thinks that Jenn is feeling like he might go. She was playing bags with him this afternoon and he seemed down.

Dan points out that Frank doesn’t trust Dan and that is one thing that Dan is worried about. Dan is also worried that Danielle really doesn’t like Frank and will probably vote him out. Dan doesn’t want to go against Danielle because she has a great chance to win the HOH. Jenn likes Frank. Dan asks her if Ian has backtracked a bit from nominating her earlier in the week. Jenn doesn’t’ talk to Ian she doesn’t feel like she has anything to talk to him about. Dan: “He can play in the next HOH” Jenn knows says that Ian should have listened to Frank when he offered Ian a deal to roll with them .

Jenn goes on and on about how mature she is compared to Ian. She claims Ian has o social game because no body is hanging out in the HOH room with him. Jenn hopes she wins HOH so she can put him up.

1:01Am Cam 1-2 Joe and Shane playing bags
1:22AM Dan and Ian Cam 1-2 Talking about fights of the season. Dan thinks that Big Brother 14 had more fights than Big Brother 10.

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Dan's part time bible

I could play with Danielle’s fun bags for an hour.
Jenn’s, not so much.

Boogie's Huge Forehead

I have to say I’m finding it hard to figure out who’s voting for whom on Thursday. If the Quack Pack really is still together (I’m not sure this is true, or whether it’s all just smoke), then I would guess Frank has no more than one vote (Jenn) to stay, if he has that. But there are so many weak and newly-formed alliances, it’s hard to say what will happen. Backstabbing is the order of the day, but who stabs whom? I’m guessing Frank goes home because that’s the only outcome that makes any sense to me, but I’m ready to be wrong.


Wow…everyone, everywhere is talking about how boring the feeds are right now. It’s during these times I wish production would just speed the weeks up so we can be done with it already.

On a totally unrelated note…I wanted to thank you Simon for loading up Big Brother seasons to youtube.:) (I hope I’m not breaking any rule by mentioning that.) I spent the last 3 days re-watching BB10 and was very happy to see you were the uploader. I started watching knowing full well all the episodes would be there (unlike when I tried to watch BB8 the other week…the person stopped at epside 11.)

BB14 is so boring right now I was contemplating watching BB9 (even tho I swore I’d never watch it.) I’ve heard nothing but bad about that season…is it even worth watching? (Yes, that’s how bored I am right now. Lol)

Back to Bb14…watching Ian swing on the new hammock is hilarious, as the wood sways back and forth. I wonder if he’s going to break it before the end. Lol

I can not wait until Danielle is voted out. Her behaviour the last three or four nights has been pathetic and embarassing to watch/read about. I hope Dan doesn’t take her to F2 (assuming he gets the choice), but I have a feeling he will. I’m not so sure she’ll take him, though.

Karen S

BB 9 was one of my favorites! Chelsea and James made it interesting. I loved Joshua.. thought he was pretty funny.
Couldn’t stand Matt and Natalie. There was a lot of hanky panky in that season.
And I agree, last night and tonight I’ve watched two movies flipping back and forth.
lol And 20 minutes before it’s over (BBAD) they start chatting it up. arghhhh


What’s simon’s youtube name?

I can’t seem to find it.

Danielles disgusting Forehead

Danielle makes cards look uncool.

I cant tell if her forehead looks like an alien or a cantaloupe.
Any thoughts?

Boogie's Huge Forehead

I like cantaloupe.


OMG that’s too funny! I have been thinking the same thing. How does a 23 year old get a shar pei on their forehead?


Gross!! What is that between her eyes?? She breaks out like a pre-teen. It’s even more noticeable due to a100 layers of concealer and foundation. Shane can’t possibly be turned onto that.

Danielle's Pathetic

Who sits here and says the stuff you’re accusing Frank of saying?????? YOU Danielle!!!!!
Take your fat ass back to Bama baby!


Wow, I can’t believe you guys, last week it was the best bb ever and now this week is the worst and most boring ever, make up your mind people!!!!!! Simon

Danielle's Pathetic

I’m absolutely livid!!! This chick is off her fucking rocker!!! And how dare YOU Danielle??????????? DAN IS USING YOUR ASS! and you have NO ROOM to talk about how Frank treats anyone because YOU, My Dear, are one huge piece of shit that thinks she’d OWED everything!!!!
Frank has a cleaner, better heart than you will ever will! HELL NO GIRL!!!!


I’ve lost all interest in the show the last few days, I was really looking forward to Dan + Frank. The only quack packer that deserves to be there still is Dan and to a lesser extent Ian. Looking back over the entire season, Danielle’s really done nothing, Shane’s done nothing, It’s a shame they’re going to make it final 4. I mean, Frank’s had to claw tooth and nail to hang in there, Powerhouse and Jenn are just a joke. There’s no skill in just flat out lying to people, saying one thing one week and then booting them out the door the next. There are some doorknobs in there that make it actually hard to play the game (It’s like playing against a NHL team trapping)… as we’ve seen with Shane, Joe, Jenn, Danielle, they’re so blind they don’t realize what’s going to happen when they hit final 4. Joe is so delusional, he WILL make it to final 2 if he would just work with Frank, but he’s too stupid to realize it and will go out 5th. Rarely the best player wins. God I miss Boogie as well.

Big Brother 14 = Major Fail

Here, here Timmay!! I could of not said it better!!!!!!

Roisin Dubh

Not a fan of Shane but he carried his team for the first part of the game. He was the only one winning the comps. He’s too stupid to realize that he’s about to get jacked bigtime and he served his purpose.

MU Tigers

I like Frank and yes he has had to fight his way through this game. But that’s what happens when you put such a large target on your back. He’s good at comps and he makes sure everyone knows it. At times I can see how his personality could be abrasive as well. If Frank’s inside game was as tight as his outside game, he wouldn’t be in this situation. I also think being aligned with Boogie didn’t help his cause, and becoming Boogies “muscle” in the game only made that target even larger. Like I said, I like Frank but I see how a lot of this he brought on to himself. He’s the male Janelle, great at comps, but the social/strategy part of the game is their weakness.


Could not have said it better.

Big Brother 14 = Major Fail

Well it comes down to one day…that being the last day I watch this season. I know that the majority here do not like Frank. However, I have to say he makes things interesting in the game, and with him gone tomorrow, I really cannot bring myself to watch Big Brother any longer. Dan really is a mastermind, and everyone in this game fell hard for every move he made. Shane is such a puppet it isn’t funny anymore. Danielle just annoys the hell of me and will most likely go down as the “Most Annoying Winner of Big Brother”, if she doesn’t lose out to Dan in the end. Joe…what hasn’t been said about Joe that I could shed any further light on here, so no comment. Ian has been smart about his game play and has also been deceptive in the process, but Boogie and Britney should not have been evicted at his hands. While the rest of his teammates take the blame for his mouth and actions (Ian may have been the mastermind of getting Boogie out of the house, but I still think Dan’s Misting had something to do with it ultimately…poor Britney). Truth be told, I really could not stand seeing a “Rat” win this game, with that type of game play. Finally we have Jenn, the Ultimate Floater. However, she has started to play the game late in this season, so I have nothing against her…love her loyalty. Actually, I would love to see her win HOH and put Shane and Ian up next week, and backdoor Dan. That would be a move that no one would see coming. But that would be the only thing that could keep me watching this season, because when it all comes down to the end of the day…these people all SUCK!! Sorry Big Brother, but instead of your best players making it to the end of the game, you are going to end up with all the “worst” players making it to the end. So I can’t waste my time watching any further this season. It was nice knowing ya!!!

Danielle's Pathetic

Hello Danielle??? Frank Doesn’t want “to get with you” girl….. you’re one delusional idiot…… can’t wait to see your fat f-ing ass walk out that door.

danielle the wanna be

u summed her up…Danielle is so unstable… shes really delusional…not Frank… no way…I wishes that creeper Dani was walking out the door tomorrow… or for double but Dan protecting her fat ass… however i dont think she will win.. Dan will take a floater so he will win twice.. the day Danielle walks out the door ima have a


I think I just saw Bigfoot!! Wait… never mind it was just Danielle using the elliptical.


Why is Daniels fat ass think she’s so hot???? You are fat fake and a stocker!!!


Just when I thought Shane couldnt get any dumber he did. He said that the quack pack has played a pretty honest game compared to Frank and that they dont throw anyone under the bus by calling people b****es and pu***es to their face. hahaha apparently he doesnt know what the expression throwing someone under the bus means and when danielle was saying all that crap and said frank asked her if she was mad about him putting her up twice, shane’s response was i’d be mad too. Damn this guy is dumb, u put frank up twice too even after he followed through on his end of whatever deal he made. everyone has always turned on him(frank)after he lives up to his end of a deal. And they keep saying he is cocky well you would be too if everyone is telling u ur good and then is waiting to stab u but u have no idea. And if frank did tell danielle about wanting to get rid of shane, it was probably bc he thought he was in an alliance with her dan and jenn which once again is them making him believe something that is not true. Hypocrites everyone of em except frank and ian but i guess to an extent them too but not as bad. After thursday i wouldnt be watching bbad until next season as yall thought it is boring now, ha, wait til then.


BB, I agree w u. I happen to like Frank in a weird way, he doesn’t bother me as much as others . I think he is dumb in a way& gets lied to a lot. He actually believes some of the deals he makes when they just burn him. Frank is alone mostly& trying it fit in.. That’s my take. Think he’s insecure. Danielle is beyond annoying!!!girl needs to GO! Biggest Liar& so delusional! Ugh!

Nicole N.

hahaha just was watching big brother after dark on showtime lol. First up Frank’s comment’s I have to agree with everyone what is he thinking saying he deserves to be there more than anyone else and that he is the greatest player because he won a lot of competitions. This guy knows no boundrys does he? His ego is what is damaging his game not other people’s lies. If your on the block you should be humble not an ego manic. Then theres Danielle I don’t hate her like a lot of people on here but I gotto say she is boy clueless. First of all I am pretty sure Frank was just flirting with you for your vote not really into you so relax. And as for Shane he doesn’t like you like that so also relax. I think she could use that book He’s just not that into you. Haha on a sidenote I also think this house is full of ego manics. Jenn has a huge ego for no reason, you won one veto you still don’t qualify as a real player. Ian’s ego seems huge also and what for because he was a snitch on Boogie not that huge dude. I am so sick of hearing him say he is this great player and a mastermind please he got lucky with Boogie and if there were actually more than like 1 good player in there you would have been sent packing a long time ago. Then there’s Joe saying he is gonna win the game wtf I am pretty sure the only person you may have a chance at the end against is Jenn Joe and that probably won’t happen. All he does is lose competitions and suck up to every head of household and truly the only reason he has lasted this long is because his game is weak. As for Shane I can’t say many bad things about him other than he doesn’t seem to know what the game is or how to play it. Then there’s Dan my favorite because pay attention other houseguests he is actually one the greatest players of all time. Here are the reasons he has a excellent social game by hanging out with everyone and listening to them, he doesn’t throw tantrums and brag(Frank), he holds his own in competitions(doesn’t win them all but doesn’t suck completely aka Joe and Jenn), he doesn’t claim to be the best player ever(like Ian), he stays under the radar mostly, he talks his way out of sticky situations and finally maybe the most important yes he lies but he does it so well he doesn’t get found out and he lies to actually further his game.


The last few days have been unwatchable this season is going down the drain so fast, I’m not trying to be repetitive but it is COMPLETELY true. If Ian loses the POV comp this Thursday (they are obviously putting Ian up unless Powerhouse pulls an HOH out his ass) I don’t care for this season anymore. Dan is going to take Danielle to the final because he CAN beat her. Based on gameplay Danielle has not done crap except win the pirate ship (I heard you couldn’t hook your arms like she was doing so she probably shouldn’t haven’t even won that) and she won a crapshoot POV. Other than that she has been riding Dan’s cottails and has been his loyal follower. I’ve only watched from Big brother 7 and on so I don’t know much about other undeserving previous winners (Maggie) but if Danielle wins this year I would definitely include her on the list of least deserving big brother player winner. Who knew this season would be hinging on the back of Powerhouse? LOL if he by some way he wins HOH Thursday ALL hell will break loose.


I might be one of the last ones pulling for Danielle. Guess I gotta thing for unstable psycho chicks. Gonna LOVE it when di##head Frank leaves. It would be GREAT tv if he has tears in his eyes. Sh#t on his dreams. GO DANIELLE!!

Sid Vicious

You were a crappy wrestler Brody. Thats why you was never Champ, chump. I was! hahahaha Ruler of the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am pulling for Danielle too. Rooting for Dan more but she is my #2.

danielle the wanna be

go to hELL danielle… the winner of bb14 will be Dan and he will not risk losing 500k…he will take Jenn or Joe…the only person Dans loyal too is his wife…no bblayer is worth risking winning this season…


I was thinking about this season and I hope somebody in production has at least given this some thought with regards to moving forward next season. Maybe my perception is wrong so if anybody can correct me, let me know, but it seems like this year there have been very few moments of strategy by the newbies. This year somebody will say anything on Saturday and then reverse course with 24 hours or they are incapable of thinking for themselves. Now of course there have always been dumb people, but in the past these people were fun, not suspicious and paranoid. This season, everybody seems confrontation averse and the default move is to just tell people whatever they think the other person wants to hear out of fear.

Maybe the coach twist impacted the game too much, with the players never crossing lines and making deals (which would have been smart), but instead staying with their team and letting the coaches call all the shots. I remember thinking that Willie should have stuck together with Franks deal or Shane should have agreed to a partnership with Frank after he won the veto following Willie’s exit. The coaches after all would still be on their side, but it was up to the players to decide how best to move themselves forward, not their team. That was the coaches job. And yet the players never seemed to grasp this even after the reset. Maybe it was because they had spent the first half of the game as pieces for the coaches to move and after the reset it was like they were thrown into a game in at halftime with no time to warm up.

I guess what I’m wondering is at what point does the casting process need to hit it’s own reset. We’ve seen Dr. Will, Boogie, Evil Dick, and Dan play the game a certain way, but it was a way they were each uniquely able to play. But I wonder if instead of recognizing that certain players were unique and taking pieces of what worked for them, these players think lying and scheming is how you win and the strategy doesn’t matter, when the real idea is to figure out how you win and THEN lie and scheme to get there. Ian is a prime example. He was in a prime spot to be a Dr. Will puppet master. But instead he thought that pulling off one big lie was somehow victory and everybody would be in awe, begging him to go to the final two. Let’s not forget that it was his magic 8 ball stupidity with Britney that had Frank out the door long before the Quack Pack. Then after the Quack Pack formation, when he’s primed to move between the 6 players running the game, with 4 in one group, 2 in the other, and 3 floaters (that’s 8 people between him and Britney in the finals…that is a lot of obstacles), as soon as Boogie suggests that maybe Ian would nominate Britney, Ian immediately runs and tattles.

Look at how much luck dictated his continued survival, whereas if he had kept the Britney nomination gossip to himself and actually tried to mediate potential early ruptures, while working to get his targets evicted, his spot would have been tight. Throw in the ability he has shown in some competitions. He could have been the one whose mist we are talking about now. But he only seemed to get that the players he admired lied and betrayed people and totally missed that a lot of thought went into each lie and betrayal. Ian completely missed the manipulation part.

I just hope the casting department is paying attention. Maybe they need to get some real newbies, people who know the game but aren’t superfans or maybe they just need to screen people better. I had to take a psychological test to get my job. It was very involved and long, but when my boss gave me the results I was stunned by the accuracy. It pinpointed so many weaknesses that had I would have hidden as hard as I could had I been able. I can’t imagine that this cast would not have been totally exposed by this same test and shown their inadequacies pertaining to this game. Then again, maybe this cast was picked to be pawns for the coaches and Big Brother knew exactly what they were doing. What do I know.

Big Brother 14 = Major Fail

I totally agree with what you have to say. Earlier I said that if Frank goes, I’ll most likely stop watching this season after Thursday. But I will have to admit, it hasn’t been that bad of a season, and there was a lot of people that I did like in the house that would have been more interesting to see in the final six. Instead of Dan, Ian, Danielle, Shane, Jenn & Joe, it would have been a hell of a lot better if Frank, Boogie, Britney, Janelle, Wil & Dan all made it to the end. I would have said then, Season 14 could have been the best yet!! However we are stuck with, in my opinion, the worst team of players to ever form an alliance in Big Brother history…the Quack Pack. Dan (now a Big Brother legend) with 4 other clueless players…again sorry Britney, you are gone. WE MISS YOU!! Nuff said.


Great post i completely agree with you on every part.Maybe instead of bringing back a few favorites every season they should have done another all stars and been done with it for another seven years.I like to see my favorites return as much as the next person but to delude every cast with just a few seems pointless especially when their just going to keep them safe for four weeks with a coaches twist or a golden key or whatever.

Or maybe it’s time to get back to basics like season 10 did which was a very good season as far as i could tell.Then right after that they were back to bringing back old HG’S.Why not stay with the formula that works.It seems that BB is becoming something like the challenge on MTV.They might as well have a house full of people living together in the winter for no prize then recycle them them back to the regular BB show with old HG’S


What is funny is that the only season prior to 11 that had a returning house guest was 7. Season 11 started with a competition to see which of 4 former HGs would be returning and the most obnoxious and self centered HGs to play the game came back. He some how got 3 of the girls from that season wrapped around is finger and when he was evicted one of them threw a fit and was ejected from the game. I think that is what BB keeps hoping for, more Chimas and Willies.


I don’t know about all the stuff that you say in your post, but I do think that your very last statement hit the nail on the head finally! I do think that the newbies were chosen to just be dumb pawns to the returning players but somehow their plan backfired on them (production, that is). From what I’ve heard, the majority of the cast of production left to work on the new show “The Glass House” and we have a bunch of new, inexperienced with the game, production people. I believe that they thought that the easiest thing for them to do was to bring in a cast of former players and then add a group of newbies that would seem of the “dummied-down” sort that would highlight the former houseguests. Maybe they didn’t have a lot of time to work out a real show for us…who knows? Regardless, we are stuck with the group that is left and their plan backfired when the big names started getting shoved out the door. It is sad because this show has been one of my favorites for years and if this is what we can expect from production from now on, I am going to miss it….literally! I checked out “The Glass House” this season and have to say that, if nothing else, those houseguests had a heck of a lot more fun that the ones on BB !

frank is the new jesse

frank is helpless without hoh or pov power. when left to the abilities of his social game, he’s completely handicapped. and that’s why he’s the best ever? really??? he needs to go home to nana…


I believe that Frank fans want Big Brother to become a sporting event. The persn who wins the most silly competitions wins! Then everyone yells and fights and tries to bully one another in between. If Production rigs it or if the players cheat, that is OK as long as the player who wins the most comps wins.

I take it back. They don’t want a sporting event, they want Professional Wrestling! That is why they like the son of Sid Vicious!


@WW. Lol. Your on point about Frank’s fans.Frank was out smarted and now the best player ever(according to Frank) will be evicted and on his way to the jury house.I also want Ian to be evicted in the double eviction.If that happens Dan will have a easier road to winning this game again.Go Dan!


You have revisionist history down to a science, but here’s some reality.

Frank was targeted because he was smart, athletic, and people liked him. Seriously watch from the beginning. That is why Janelle began to poison the well.

So fast forward to the reset and the coaches enter the game. Mike persuades the Four to backdoor Janelle and the Silent Six is formed. The all agree that the rest of the house should think they are still at odds. Frank even said that to combat paranoia, whenever they here something that is said about them being after each other, if they get nervous, they should go and talk to each other.

Frank wins HOH and despite some reservations, evict Will. Shane wins HOH and the plan is Joe is next.

Mike had asked Ian who he would put up, mentioning Britney…doing EXACTLY what the Silent Six had agreed to.

But Ian tells Britney and she totally overreacts, Shane not knowing which end is up, does as he’s told, Danielle can be flipped on anybody (Shane and Dan should see this), and Dan passively sits back and takes the blame for stabbing Frank and Mike in the back.

Frank and Mike try to show Jenn, Joe, Ashley, and Ian (Ian could have made a deal that protected Britney) that the game had started and those four are rock solid. So you either make a stand now or you get picked off. The absolute truth and exactly what we are about to watch. And only Ashley is able to see what is obvious.

Did Frank get pissed at Dan? Yep, sure did. Not at all different than many past houseguests have responded to betrayal, but Frank is the devil. Did he work his ass off to get others to see if they did not make a stand and keep the numbers close with people who can win HOH, then it was over? Absolutely and has he been proven right, absolutely. And when Ian and Joe follow him to jury, will they finally see what was really happening, maybe. Did he attack Ian for being a tattle tale? Yes and had I been in that spot, I would have been like Russell with Ronnie. I would have worked to break him so that no matter what happened to me, he was finished in the house.

But Frank is the worst person and the dumbest person in the history of mankind. Some people have to hate in order to root against somebody. It’s why fans of rival teams fight each other. All the Frank haters or Dan haters or Danielle haters or Ian haters would have been hooligans were this a soccer game. It’s the same idea of seeing a game in terms of war, where your opponent has to be your sworn enemy. I don’t get it.


the BB feeds are a total embarrassment now. Danielle once again has to be the center of attention of the night by bitchin’ about Frank to Dan and Shane. this psycho stalker is always looking for sympathy from Dan and Shane. BB needs to shift the feeds to the jury house. I rather see Ashley stoned out her mind than watch these pathetic idiots on the feeds.

Cajun Lady

“Danielle says she never met someone as delusional as Frank.”

Hahahaha now that’s funny. Here is a clue, just look in the mirror.

Stay Classy People

Game talk aside, what the hell is with everybody calling Danielle fat? Personally, I find it absolutely insulting that people have to resort to calling a woman fat just because you do not like her. She is FAR from fat. Yes, she has bigger thighs and compared to houseguests like Britney she does look larger but Britney is INCREDIBLY petite. Why can’t people just talk strategy and game without being shallow pricks? It genuinely saddens me that people who sit on their asses all day long attack a woman for not being less than 100 lbs. Healthy is beautiful.


I agree totally, All the personal attacks aren’t necessary. I think Boogie let down Frank in the social aspect of the game.


Well said


with frank gone so are most of the viewers… can almost promise on everything that the show loses about 20-25% of its viewers… SMH what a bunch on panzies..


Speaking of delusional…..


With Frank gone show will lose 20-25% of viewers… This is a promise… he might be hated by most.. but yall cant turn away cause he makes the show intresting without him.. welll goodbye 20-25% of viewers


This show isn’t going to lose viewers. CBS will edit the crud out of it so it looks interesting on the shows they air, I am sure the live feeds are like watching paint dry right now, but they only have like five shows left to air. I am sure they can make something out of the hundreds of hours of live footage to seem interesting.

Big Brother 14 = Major Fail

I’ll be honest, and I posted this earlier today, I will be one of those 20-25% people that leaves Big Brother for the rest of the season if Frank goes on Thursday. We had so many interesting players: Boogie, Britney, Janelle, Will, Frank and even Dan. These 6 would have kept me watching. If I have to watch one more conversation between Shane and Joe, Danielle complaining and being self conscience, Ian rocking that damn hammock…I think I am going to start killing Brain Cells. Life is short, so why waste it on these pieces of drift wood. I will say this, this is not the worst season of BB, but too bad the wrong players made it to the end!!


A Fricken MEN…


Frank unfortunatly goes on Thursday, so does most certainly Dan (unless he wins a match or pulls of a miracle).
Ian might follow to the jury house shortly after Dan.
That leaves Danielle (can’t stand her anymore), Jenn (nice but somewhat boring), Shane (who startd of strong, now = boring) and Joe.
Least interesting final 4 ever.

Generally, having opposing alliances fight each other with some players floating and some playing both sides is fun to watch.
This season most alliances stick for a couple of hours maybe days, a thousand final 2,3,4 deals are made, most of them fake.
Having all the action is nice, but all the flipping, blindsiding and lying is just far to much this season. As someone mentioned before, there os almost no
strategic game (plain lying to everyone doesnt count as such).

Dan thinks he is now on top again – if Frank goes, he is more like dead in the water.
Its funny that Frank is the only one (more or less) loyal to Dan (an btw. controlling Jenns vote).

Unfortunatly production wont save Frank another time (as they did in season 3). I bet they planned the coaches-become-player-twist for later in the season.


Aaargh, week 3 not season 3 ;)


@EuropeanGuy.Huh?Where did you get the idea that Dan will be evicted after Frank on Thursday?Dan is in a good spot.If Joe wins HOH he will put up Dan&Jenn.Dan has misted the entire house.Danielle,Shane&Ian will evict Jenn.Now,If Jenn wins the HOH,Ian needs to be worried because she will nominate him and if he doesn’t win the veto he will be evicted.Dan,Danielle&Shane know that Ian is a threat.The next few competitions will be mental.Which means that Ian will have a good chance of winning.That’s why they(Dan,Danielle&Shane) will evict him.What ever Dan wants will happen,unless production interfers with the game.Which is why the only reason Frank started having doubts about Dan this week,is because production have been giving him hints.Production is basically trying to take the other players out of Dan’s mist.With out production making Frank nervous,he would still be thinking he’s safe.He wouldn’t be trying to get Danielle’s vote.


All I have to say is it isn’t bags…the game is called corn hole……


Ugh, the last three weeks were so enthralling, fun to watch. It’s once again gone down to a snails pace. It’s just as boring now as what it was the first couple of weeks. Ian needs to go.


Danielle is a sick pathetic girl who is dying for a boyfriend…..but …..can’t get one ! ! ! Why does BB bring these weird people into the house ? ? ? They should check them out better ! ! ! I’m surprised Dan’s wife isn’t pissed at him with all the crap sicko has been doing ! It’s Dan she really wants ! ! !

Eric CA

Please Dear God in Heaven…. No Brendon, Rachael, Boogie or possibly the most annoying of them all Jesse if they decide to do an All Star Season.
How about nobody before Season Six. No more mixing Newbies with All Stars. So what would be you dream All Star Cast?


If you haven’t ever subscribed to the feeds, then don’t. They are a total waste of time and money.

One of the other commenter entioned how the season would have been the best if the people left were Wil, Boogie, Frank, Janelle, Britney, Shane, and Ashley. I think so too. How in the world did we get left with the most boring people of the whole group? Epic fail.

I enjoyed what the others brought to the show 100% more than Danielle’s whining and narcissism, Dan’s “interviews” of other players, and Ian’s retarded behavior that he is actually stupid enough to believe that people will want to watch and deem as “gold.” Really idiot? You think there arent’ any other entertainment options others than BB?


I am not sure if Danielle is losing it or just playing the game. She is a master of lies so its hard to tell if she is manipulating the votes by complaining about Frank. She seemed to want to make sure Dan voted him out. I’m also not so sure she is as “blinded” by Shane as she seems but Shane has admitted to kissing her neck and other things and it makes me think that Shane is doing more “mind-gaming” then Danielle. The best show would be if Danielle had to pick between the two. I am very curious to how that would play out! Other comments on here about Danielle make her seem she is making up the flirting with Shane but he has been flirting so I am not sure how that makes Dani the stalker.