Joe says he will make it clear to Dan that he thinks of Shane as his Memphis.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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1:30am In the backyard Joe and Frank are shooting hoops across the backyard. Meanwhile, Jenn, Shane and Danielle are in the bathroom talking. Danielle just took off her face mask and is now picking at her zits until they started to bleed. Jenn tells her to stop it. Shane tells her she is digging hard, you’re just going to irritate it more. Dan comes into the bathroom from being in the backyard and brings in a grasshopper. Danielle screams when he holds it up to her. Jenn wanted to see it before Dan took it back outside. Ian then comes into the bathroom with the creepy monkey behind his back. He then reveals it and holds it up at Danielle. Danielle screams. She grabs the monkey from Ian and goes out into the backyard. She heads over to the gas grill and tells Ian that she is going to burn the monkey. Danielle then runs through the house with the monkey as Ian chases her. She runs up to the HOH balcony and throws the monkey off the side. Ian goes back down stairs to get it and apologizes to the monkey. Danielle then goes back into the bathroom and tells Jenn how much she hates that monkey. She says that it’s the creepiest thing I have ever seen in my life! Jenn and Danielle head to bed. They tell the guys that they are going to bed and Shane tells Danielle that he will be going to bed soon too.

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1:50am Shane, Joe, Frank and Ian are in the backyard. Shane tells then that he is heading to bed. Joe tells him don’t forget to vote Joe! Shane heads inside. Ian finishes blowing up a plastic blow up ball and tells them he is going to bed too. Meanwhile in the kicks bedroom Danielle and Shane are talking to Dan about his wife. Danielle asks Dan how long after he met his wife did he know he wanted to marry her. Dan says that he knew right away. Dan tells them that his wife was a virgin when they got married and he wishes he could have told her the same thing. Dan says that he feels bad that she was able to wait for marriage and he wasn’t. Shane says that he waited until he was 21 to lose his virginity. Danielle asks Dan if his wife was Catholic before they got married? Dan says yes. Dan says that his wife is hot, she’s very strong in her faith but not preachy and says that she is a great dancer. Shane says that he would be psyched if he could get that lucky. Dan tells him you will. Joe joins them. Dan looks through the bible and starts reading them verses from it.


2:10am Frank and Jenn are in the stereo room getting into bed and whispering. Jenn tells Frank that she hasn’t gotten a chance to talk to Danielle or Shane about their vote, yet. Jenn says that Joe is such a bad liar. Frank tells Jenn that this morning with he talked to Danielle and she asked him if Dan offered him a final two deal. Frank says that he told her that Dan brought it up. He says that pissed Danielle off. Frank says that at this point I’m not worried about Dan’s vote. He says that he is more worried about Danielle’s vote. Jenn says that she doesn’t think Shane wants Frank in the house. Frank says that he honestly thinks the votes are going to go in our favor this week. He says that they just need to deal with the Danielle situation. They talk about how they think Ian has been like a lost puppy since Britney left. Frank says that he thinks he should try and work on Ian a bit tomorrow. Frank and Jenn go to sleep.


2:50am Shane and Joe couldn’t sleep so they got up and headed out into the backyard. They talk about how the fast forward works. Joe says that Frank has such a big ego. He says that Frank thinks he only needs Jenn to win this game. Shane talks about how Frank has gotten a lot of camera time. He says that he thinks Frank might come back for an All-Stars season. Joe says that they don’t know how he is being portrayed. Shane says that it might be a double eviction tomorrow or two fast forwards. Shane says that he thinks it’s crazy that they are sharing the same hot tub as Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan. They talk about how grateful they are to have this opportunity. They talk about how Frank seems really confident about staying. Shane tells Joe to talk to Dan about the vote tomorrow. Joe says that he tried a few times today but that Dan was playing rummy and talking with Jenn. Joe says that he will make it clear to Dan that he thinks of Shane as his Memphis. Joe tells Shane about how you have to have blind faith in this house. He says that he has it with Shane and that he appreciates that. Joe says that Ian is the biggest surprise in the house because he really likes him. Shane says that Ian has never been nominated. Joe says that he thinks it will be a lot easier for him to win competitions with Frank gone. Shane agrees.
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3:20am – 3:50am Shane says that he doesn’t want to be the next one to jury because he will have to deal with Frank. Joe tells Shane that if that were to happen, just tell Frank that he didn’t have the votes. Shane that he hopes Julie says by a 3-1 vote or 2-2 vote, Joe…. You are safe! Frank you have been evicted. Shane says that Frank came so close to winning that veto. They talk about how cocky Frank is and how he probably won’t even pack his bags Shane says that if there’s a Pandora’s Box, it would probably be bad for the head of household. Joe says that he wouldn’t open it if he were to win. Shane says that he would have to because it’s always been opened. Joe says that he wouldn’t risk the game at this point because what if Frank could come back. Joe tells Shane how the finale works because Shane has never seen the finale before. Joe says that Britney is going to be so happy when she sees Frank. He says that it will make her season. Shane agrees and says that Frank is going to be miserable. Shane and Joe head back to bed.

5:15am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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9:21AM All 4 Cams show houseguests sleeping

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Danielle makes me want to vomit.

Dark Horse

and think…A lucky man will get all that one day.


I think Danielle was digging for a diamond pov … from what I could tell she didn’t find one ..


These people are such fools to keep Frank in this game… It’s gotta be DR going through their heads. Atleast D&D know that he’s a threat and will take him out.


They are not going to keep Frank in the game, they are just telling him that so they don’t have to deal with him going off on all of them for 3 days.


@Everyone.Where did you get the idea that they are keeping Frank?Frank will finally be evicted tomorrow.Dan&Jenn will vote to keep Frank(Dan is doing that to have a better chance of getting Frank’s jury vote,when he’s in the final2)Danielle&Shane will vote to evicted him,and Ian will break the tie and send Frank out the door for good.So,there’s no need to worry.Frank will be evicted and on his way to the jury house tomorrow.

billie two trees

Tomorrow night cannot come soon enough to get that cheater, Frank, out of the house; he should of been gone at the reset or at the very least the first time he admitted to cheating during the game.


@Billie Two Trees.I completely agree with you.When I read the update the day of the veto competition.It said that Frank told Dan he will throw him the veto.I couldn’t believe what I was reading.Then I read he also said he wants Dan to use the veto on Jenn,so people don’t know they’re working together.Lol.After I read that,I was hoping production wouldn’t try and talk Frank out of going through with such a dumb plan.Lol.

Dark Horse

Do you remember when Frank said the DR was making him nervous? [before they cut the feeds] I was wondering myself if the DR was ‘advising’ him to change his plan.

Dark Horse

I think I’m having a BB party tomorrow night…we will all cheers and yell apreesh!! when Julie reads the vote.


@Dark Horse. Lol.


sounds fun!


is it just me, but I think the final two is gonna be either Joe and Shane, or Dan and Danielle..

i am really hoping for a Shane and Danielle final two!

Boogie's Huge Forehead

That would be epic. Finally some privacy for them in front of millions of viewers!


Dan and Ian ….final two

Dark Horse

@SK cosign…I think Dan & Ian final 2!

Ians Beer

“Joe says that he thinks it will be a lot easier for him to win competitions with Frank gone” (like Joe has ever come in 2nd to anyone’s comp wins??)

I think Joe is having an allergic reaction to Dan’s Mist and it’s making him more delusional than ever!

Gator girl

Does Dan still get $100,000 if Dani wins the game? If so, he would win $150,000 if he came in second, plus what ever the salary was set at prior to entering the house.
Not a bad summer in this horrible economy.


No, Dan won’t get $100,000 if Danielle wins. The game was reset. There are no more coach’s competitions and no more coach’s prize. When Dan hit the reset button, he forfeited the coach’s game and entered the game as an ordinary player. That’s why Boogie didn’t hit the reset button… he thought he had a better chance of Frank winning the game than himself winning the game.


What a distusting troll!

Danielle is so full of shit, its coming out of her pores!

Dark Horse

I think Dan’s mist is making her break out…


Wait a minute. Who’s being the bully?


I heard Danielle telling Shane that Frank is the most delusional person she ever met. Please look in the mirror Danielle! It would be perfect if both of them left on Thursday. Frank still has the Boogie stank. He might be able to win competitions, which is why he is still there, but his social game sucks. What is he thinking telling people that he is going to win the game and come back for all stars? As if people didn’t already want him out badly enough!! Boogie left him a keepsake, an oversized opinion of himself, and it’s going to be his downfall. Boogie messed up his game. I hope Jenn doesn’t even give him the vote.

Danielle is a danger to all of them and nobody seems to be talking about getting her out. She needs to go now or she is going to the end. I don’t see a scenario where she goes up, though. Maybe Ian, but he can’t win the next HOH. Danielle has won 2 competitions, and she got Janelle out of the game, but other than that she has really done nothing besides do what Dan wants and talk about herself, mostly lies and fishing for compliments. She is a perfect little puppet, and she is the most annoying person this season, worse than Frank. The season is so boring since Brit left, it’s becoming the psycho nurse show. Even Ashley was fun to watch. I don’t really have a favorite, as long as Danielle doesn’t win.


Ashley was fun to watch? Fun to watch when she was sleeping or when she was sleeping?

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

What did I ever do to you, Chloe? You must want Shane for yourself. I can’t think of any other reason why you would be so mean to me for no reason. Well chloe, I am sorry, but Shane is my boyfriend. He said so to Jenn. He also let it slip that he wants to have kids with me when he said “our kids”. Y’all can be mean and hate on me all y’all want, I still got my man. And I am gonna win this 500K.

PS Did y’all see me throw up after the HOH comp? Not once, but twice. TWICE Y’all. Hey, are you listening to me? I threw up twice, isn’t that terrible?

Dark Horse




Dan – after he reads the posts that say how hypocritical Dan was, he becomes despondent and joins a monk society seeking absolution; his wife takes the money and then marries Boogie who starts a new restaurant

Joe – writes a book about how to play BB and brands himself “The Wise One” and although it does not sell, he writes a follow up; he later creates a fire storm when his secret sauce for food is discovered

Ian – stars in the remake of “Forrest Gump II” with memorable quotes, such as, “My momma always said, ‘Pop a Squat'” and “My name’s Ian Terry. People call me Ian Terry.” and “I’m not a smart man…but I know what Bismuth from the periodic chart is.”

Shane – wins BB and spends the entire $500k before paying his taxes and get arrested. During his trial, Shane says, “Was I supposed to pay taxes? I thought about it but I was 50/50”

Frank – decides he’s too old for having that much hair and cuts it; visits a psychiatrist regularly due to recurring Ian dreams where Ian becomes famous; during Ian’s presser of Forrest Gump II, he constantly puts down Frank as stupid and the next time he sees him he’ll kick his ass

Danielle – becomes a live specimen for medicine in an asylum where her hands are tied so she cannot pick at her zits or squeeze her stomach; doctors note that she keeps repeating “Am I fat…Am I fat…Am I fat”

Jenn – lives exactly like she does in the BB

Boogie: after marrying Dan’s wife and uses all of her money to start a restaurant, the restaurant fails; he then decides to buy Joe’s book and give BB another try BB15

Julie Chen – after 14 seasons, she decides to become a player BB15 and uses Ian’s strategy, “After much consideration of who to put up on the block, Boogie, pop a squat.” Chen’s husband orders production to make sure she wins all eligible HOH’s and POV’s; during her acceptance win, she says that the way to become rich and famous is hard work, not who you know; Boogie extends his hatred from the BB players to all chinese people

Another Sharon

VERY creative post, Skinny! Good job!


ROTFLMAO!! The Ian one is my favorite:)


hahaha…that was great!

Dark Horse

Does anyone think that Frank will be so mad that he will refuse jury???


My guess would be no, but you never know!


No, he wants to play in allstars and won’t be able to if he refuses jury. Besides his ego is so big he will want to claim a win by voting correctly for the winner.


my guess is no but he will probably act like a victim in his interview with Julie tomorrow night

Danielle's Jumbo Zit

PowerHouse Joe FTW.

VA Vet



what is “misting” i keep reading about. could someone explain it to me


It’s Dan’s ability to fool everyone.. Example

Dan holds a apple in his hand.. tells you it’s a orange and you believe him. Dan has misted you



Danielle's Gaping Pie-Hole

Yea…I think Britney came up with it… in reference to getting caught up/believing in Dan’s lies.


ahhhhhh….so when “ian and dan” are misting each other, they are just deceiving and lying to each other. GOT IT!!! everything is perfect with the world


Lookin at Danielle’s face makes me so sick….I could VOMIT ! ! ! Ian is a freakin’ NERD ! ! ! The ONLY 3 that should remain is Dan, Frank and Shane !
They are the only 3 that DESERVE to be there at the end. They earned it !


I agree that Danielle has vomit face but what makes Shane more deserving than her?


Why does Ian being a “nerd” (i.e. intelligent) preclude him from winning? Next to Dan, he’s been playing the best game and deserves to win.

Danielle's forehead zits

Danielle is going to get a reality check when BB 14 season is over and she thinks she’s a fan favorite on the internet. Danielle is an annoying whiny POS.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Excuse me, I would be America’s favorite if it wasn’t for that freaking Zingbot. I mean seriously y’all, what’s not to love? I’m a catch. Sweet like Jordan, but hotter as in will do the dirty stuff aka tossed salad anyone? But I am way more smarter than Jordan. Plus Shane is way hotter than Jeff. We are America’s couple, Shanielle. I can’t wait to see all my fan requests on facebook and twitter when I get out of here.

PS I love you Trey


Show’s how much you know.

We can agree that Danielle was annoying early in the season with her Shane obsession, but you cannot deny that Danielle is one of the best houseguests this season.

She has come a long way.


I had this vision last night I have to share…

I think Simon and Dawg need to make one of those donation commercials like we see for the SPCA/Humane Society… you know, the ones with Sarah MacGlaughlan singing some horriblly sad song in the background while slow motion footage of injured animals shivering in dirty cages, malnourished kittens and puppies, etc. plays? I can just see it in my head:

Sarah’s song starts (in the armmmms offffff the angelllsssss, far awayyyyyy from heeeeere), and we see slow motion footage of Danielle crying, Ian rocking on the hammock, various other HG’s emotional expressions from Dan’s ‘funeral’, Joe engaging in self love via night-vision camera, Frank and Ashley making out (the possibilities are endless), ending with some heartfelt message read in the saddest voice about how to donate to OBB. Some people wouldn’t get it, but I think it’d be hilarious!



The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

It may be messed up in here like you wouldn’t believe. But I like the way you think. That’d be great. And man, those commercials with the animals are heart wrenching. Makes me wanna go adopt them all. That’s why I need you vote for me for America’s favorite. So I can save the animals.

Dark Horse

LMAO Eripaul!

It would work…throw in some of Dan’s Mist…and BIAM!!!


i think joe should win in put den. denllie so one of them could go in i hope its denlle so shen could win the gme with out her or den

the one

i hope joe win hoh tommrow so den or denllile chould go home this will be vitory for britny i dont like the wey they did to her it time to send them to the jury house


who does everyone think will be the second to Go tomorrow?


.I think the second person will be Ian or Jenn.If Jenn wins HOH she will nominate Ian.If Ian doesn’t win the veto Dan,Danielle&Shane will evict him because they know the next few competitions will be mental.Which means that Ian has a good chance of winning those.If Joe wins HOH,he will nominate Jenn&Dan.The quack packers won’t evict Dan(Danielle,Shane&Ian are misted,and Ian doesn’t like Jenn).Obviously it will be better for Dan’s game if Ian is evicted after Frank.Come to think of it.It will be better for everyone’s game if Ian is evicted.The mental competitions are coming up and Ian is the biggest threat of winning those.

Dark Horse

I think it might be ?

the one

sey im in the house in den there i will put up him the first week tht mist shit wnt work on me it like telling the dog to not brk but tlk to you he think he the best but he just climbs the rnks to my vip mountiens where i will tell him welcome to my town where people sey to me boss is this the wey to thwe top yeh it is bring me some h20 im thristy


I think Jenn. I originally thought Ian, but it almost seems Ian is misting Dan into going for an all quack pack final 4.


@Skulk. Well,since Dan is a mastermind and is always 5 steps a head of the house guests(this includes Ian).There’s no way Dan cares about all of the quack packers making it to final 4.If it seems like Dan is buying what Ian is selling.It’s because Dan is misting Ian(and everyone else in the house).It’s important for Ian to believe that Dan is all for the quack pack and taking him to final 2.But Dan wants to win this game.He won’t risk winning the money by taking Ian to final2.Which means if Jenn wins the HOH during the double eviction,Ian will be evicted(unless he wins the veto).Remeber Danielle wants Ian out too,and Shane will do what Danielle tells him and Danielle will do what Dan tells her.Their all under Dan’s mist.Lol.


Tomorrow’s another double eviction? What have I missed? If it is a double eviction, I think anything’s possible, but what’s more probable will be Joe or Jenn.


ya tomorrow is double eviction

Dan's part time bible

Ian…and it will be a train wreck.
you’ve been served, beyotch!
He should have stayed with Frank…well, in forward looking retrospect…he did. :)
I kind of hope he doesn’t go quickly. I would like to watch the breakdown over a one week period.

Nicky Brand

My guesses:

Assuming there is no intervention to save Frank, and taking into account that Ian can’t play for HOH, I’ll say Dan or Shane will win HOH.

If Dan wins: he nominates Ian vs. Joe. If Dan, Ian or Jenn wins POV, he cuts a deal with Ian and backdoors Shane (the bigger long-term threat), counting on his ability to smooth it over with Danielle later. He doesn’t want Dani choosing Shane over him late in the game. If Dani or Shane wins POV, he pretends Ian was the target all along.

If Shane wins: he nominates Ian vs. Jenn. If Ian, Joe or Shane wins POV, he cuts a deal with Ian and backdoors Dan (the biggest long-term threat of all-time). If Dan or Dani wins, he doesn’t make a move on Dan yet.

If Danielle were to win, I think her target would be Ian, with Joe as pawn.


the numbers are stacked against jenn.


it’s so funny to watch frank and jenn do shout outs in the back yard and trying to be cool….if you are cool youre cool…if not you’re not…stop trying so hard….it’s awkward to watch.




Jenn wins HOH and nominates Ian and Joe. Ian will be the second evicted tomorrow.


Depends on who wins HOH. If anyone but Jenn or Joe wins, Jenn will probably be next.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Ohhh I hope it’s not me. Why has someone said something to you? Is someone coming after me? Or is someone saying I am fat? Why would I be the next to go, what’d I do to anyone? Hmmh, Shane hasn’t said hi to me yet today, I am over Shane. I wonder what Trey’s doing now? Oh wait, Shane just smiled at me, nevermind what I said earlier. Now time for me to get back to planning our wedding.


Ian or Joe

the one

jenn is the joke she think she will be the fin 3 with den in denlle lol she funny in supid i hope shen win it so britny will fill good but wnt this be vitory if britny finds out wht denllile did in see her in the jury house tht will be heppy time to see go shen win this shit

the one

i think den or jenn will be the second to go tommrow

Jury was not part of my dream

My summary

Frank tanked
Joe spanked
Shane yanked
Danielle thanked
Dan flanked
Ian skanked
Jenn…who is that?

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Hahahaha Not sure what I like better, the comment or the name you are using. Well done.

the one

frnk go then den goes then jenn goes the ien terry goes then denlle goes finl 2 shen joe shen wins joe get 50 thousend dollors in shen get 500 thousend dollor thts wht i think


Is that some kind of code talk?

Dan's part time bible

US public school system

Another BB Fan

Does your keyboard have the letter A? As in Dan, Danielle, Ian, Shane. Please use spell check so that we can all understand what you are saying.


So glad you posted this….I’ve been thinking the same thing. It’s been easier to just skip reading that person’s comments because they’re difficult to interpret.


Come on Shane, Break the Quack Pack alliance apart. Ian is extreme dangerous.


OMG. Please BB AG do something to help the progression to get Danielle out of the house! Her lies her gazing at herself in mirrors her constant vain egotistical perception of herself has got to stop. It makes watching BBAD so annoying I’m ready to cancel show time? The girl needs serious help! She sees Catherine Zeta Jones and Kim Kardashion when she stares at her reflection. She eats continually and thinks she’s only had a few bites all day. Ahahaaaaaa Crazy

Relax peeps

I had to take some time off from BB, because this group, (Danielle, and Ian the most) have gotten so annoying! So I gave in and watched BBAD… OMG!!! Please someone get rid of Danielle! Her voice is making my skin crawl. I can’t stand watching her act all big, and bad like she is going to kick frank in the balls, and put him on blast, and how she is so heated about him checking her out. Crazy, silly, desperate girl. I had to turn it off. I never thought I would say this, but if Frank goes home, I will be hoping that joe, or jenn wins. I think that outcome would most anger the quack pack. I am looking forward to these people fading away into oblivion.

A few weeks ago, Danielle was talking about her awesome job, and how much she loves her boss, and how her job will be there when she gets back. Now that story has totally changed… All she does is lie, and try to get attention from men. She does not deserve to be there.

the one

no this is not .code my computer is broking i cnt spell the words right becuse of my keebord but i hope you know wht im seying


The term, “misting” is starting to be overused here.
First of all, it only applies to Dan. No one else has the gift.
Secondly, there is more to the mist than simply telling a lie. Anyone can do that.
And finally, “The Mist” refers much less to what Dan says, than to what the person he is misting hears when Dan speaks.

” Watch out for the mist; he will speak and you will hear a chorus of angels.”


Totally agree. Only Dan possesses this ability. He should win. But, what if Ian is pulling a “The Usual Suspects” bit? This is my dream finale. All of a sudden Ian stops walking on his toes.


Alas, methinks Ian is as we see him.

Honey Dew Boo Boo Child

Talker: I really like your definition of “the mist,” and agree that it’s overused in any other context than what you describe.


Come on Shane! Break the Quack Pack Alliance. Ian is extreme dangerous. Get him out.

I hate Frank

I said it for 2 days the same thing Joe said. “Frank is so c**ky he wont pack his bag.” I said it first! I have to work and i can’t watch to see if he does or not. PLEASE let me know if Frank packs or not.


I think it’s cruel how a lot of people are talking about Danielle. If she’s not your favorite house guest, that’s great you’re entitled to that….but the reasons people are knocking her for are disgusting. Low self-esteem the haters must have.