Big Brother Spoilers – Quack Pack Attack Ian says last HOH he hit a doe this time he hits a 12 point buck

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

6:46pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Ian

Ian says if Joe won HOH he would feel very very comfortable
Dan says Ian feels the same way with Joe as he feels with Jenn. Ian asks him if she won the HOH would she put up Joe. Dan is certain she would. Dan warns Ian about Joe and Jenn getting close Ian has to make sure that does not happen.

Shane joins them

Ian says that Joe thinks Dan is voting him out. Dan hasn’t talked to Joe yet..

Dan leaves.

Shane says there isn’t much to say.. Joe is walking around like he’s safe.. Shane has told him to start acting scared because Frank is a smart player he’ll catch wind of it.

Ian is thinking the should have a split vote with Dan and Jenn voting to keep Frank and Shane/Danielle voting to evict. Ian explains that if Jenn or Joe to win the HOH they want to set it up so Jenn nominates Joe and Ian and Joe will nominate Jenn and Dan.

Ian says he has Joe in his back pocket for now.. He feels they are both safe with JOe. Ian stresses that keep Joe around for a bit helps them out.

Shane says Jenn wants a massage with Shane tonight.. (Shane isn’t excited about this)
Shane asks him what he should do if he wins HOH. Ian thinks they need to get Jenn out. Ian says that

Ian: “Joe and Jenn nominated.. and Joe is the pawn”
Ian: “The only way a quack packer isn’t going to win Big Brother 14 is if it’s Joe Vs Jenn.. and I would vote Joe to win”
Shane mentions that Jenn walks around the house with a swagger.. She thinks she’s running the place.
Ian: ‘She doesn’t do anything but make slop, nap and talk about brooklyn” Ian adds that the worst case scenario is if Jenn wins HOH and puts him and Shane up. Ian thinks that Danielle and Jenn are close enough to prevent that.

Ian talks about the quack pack and how they have a good chance to make it to the end. One thing Britney told him before she left was to get Frank and Jenn out. Ian says that Britney and him were good friends in the game they would talk every night.

Ian says if Joe and Jenn are nominated and the POV is played then he would probably put Dan up mainly because Dan would understand and be cool with it.
SHane: “absolutely”

Ian wants to run around the house quacking after they get the last non quack packer out of the house. “Quack Quack QUack… So Cash.. So has to happen”

Ian mentions how every person beside Frank who has won the HOH this season has tried to get Frank out. Shane: “This is the big kill”
Ian points out that there has only been 5 different people that have won the Head of Household competition this year.

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7:40pm Cam 3-4 Ian and Dan Chess
Dan is cool with making final 2 deals that are not real he just feels like they should keep each other informed. ( Ian and Dan have a final 2 deal) Ian says that Danielle and Shane are an obvious pair.

Ian: “This week i’m going to get the kill of the season.. last HOH I hit a doe this time I hit a 12 point buck”

Ian: “I feel really bad for voting out Boogie”
Dan: “Do you really”
Ian: ‘Ya..not cool doggie.. Ian can not to be trusted”
Dan: “You have 4 of the top ten lines this season.. Thank you Betsy Ross… Get to steppin and Poppa squat”
They both laugh..

8:00pm cam 1-2 Danielle and Frank hot tub

Frank says Wednesday suck.. even a bit more when you are on the block. “But you should know that”
Danielle: “Ya you’ve put me up twice”
Frank: “You put me up once”
Danielle says she’s so exhausted she has no idea what to do. Danielle: “I am barely eating” Danielle goes one to say she only ate one Banana, a bit of turkey sandwich, Crackers and cereal.
Danielle says she has no energy because of the lack of carbs.

Frank: “You ready to rock the four of us”
Danielle: ‘Yeah..I’m just so sick of game right now.. no energy”
Danielle says last week was tough because everywhere she went Britney was right behind her. Frank: “She was your sidekick.. TMobile”

Frank mentions that people must of thought that after the reset the coaches would be running the game. Danielle was surprised as well she likes it that the coaches are gone.

Frank pushes their final 4 deal..

Frank: “I know we all want to win but.. I just want to

Frank: “I fought so hard to get here”
Danielle :”Everyone fought hard to get here.. I had to leave stuff to”
Frank: ‘I fought for the last 3 years.. “

Frank shows her his water bottle and all the “Graffiti” that is on is. (Frank scrapes his HOH and POV wins on it) Danielle asks him if he’s going to keep it. Frank doesn’t know what he’ll do with it.. He might have “Big W” on it and bring it with him the second time around.

Danielle points out that there is a double eviction or a couple fast forwards coming up because it’s pointless to have these long weeks with 7 people in the house.

8:14pm Kitchen Dan was messing around on the memory wall and Wil’s picture popped through to the back (I think he dropped a mug through it) . Dan says there is a hole behind the pictures. Ian sticks his hand inside to try and get the picture out.

8:21pm everyone eating dinner. Jenn is in the backyard working out.

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8:44pm cam 1-2 Jenn
Working out. the other houseguests are in the kitchen chatting

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With all the alliances i really hope ian and dan make it to the end. a floater always makes it to the end because the main alliance turns on each other, so maybe joe has a chance. frank gone this week, jenn is next. than the four will have to fight for the floater’s vote.


” a floater always makes it to the end”
Thats because a smart player takes a floater to the end. Best way to ensure a win for yourself.


I love how Danielle has been sticking it to Frank. She isn’t taking his self-entitled bullcrap. I like that.


That’s because you’re a virgin.


That’s because you’re a virgin.


Danielle is an insecure, self-involved, conniving, attention whore with the emotional age of a 14 year old girl. If Frank leaves, I’m totally cutting the live feeds and I’ll record the show just to see her over painted face break when she realizes Dan is the reason she is leaving. At this point, the live feeds are already boring as h#LL and all because production won’t let anyone tell Frank he’s leaving because God forbid Frank get wind of it and salt Dan’s game, because BB can’t have it’s last star leave the game when there are so many extras to get rid of.


Come on! Vote Dawg! Dan’s mist is powerful, but Dawg can beat it!


To be fair, Ian did try to get Frank out last DE he just failed and it ended up being a waste with Ash going home.


She is actually showing a little back bone but Daielle is still the most annoying cast member I’ve ever seen. I don’t really care who wins as long as it’s not her. Well maybe Ian either, he looks and acts so much like a little weasel. I’m not sure why people like Ian so much.

Roisin Dubh

Don’t worry, Ian thinks he’s golden in that house, he’s going right after Frank. Dan smells the blood in the water now.


I agree, I wasn’t a big fan of Dan before this season but after watching him the last couple of week I think if anyone deserves to win it’s Dan.


I could not agree with you more. They’re the reasons I basically quit watching the show and only come here for updates. That and the fact that Dan is surrounded by morons (other than Frank), has played this game before, and got a free month in the house. Seriously, how could he not win? I’m not one of those people who will “never watch the show again,” but I’ve passively quit watching this season because it’s been so boring.

And I’ll definitely watch BB15 as long as it’s an all-new cast.


Uhm…Frank is the biggest idiot in the house !! He thinks he is safe this week :p


Hope Danielle doesn’t win or come in second.

Kelly Anderson

Dan is always messing with something!


What’s wrong with Dan? He keeps breaking things, I would think that BB is annoyed with him. I know I would be. Who wants someone as a guest in their house that is always breaking things?


@hatchmachine- What else has Dan broken? I hadn’t noticed. But I did notice that Ian deliberately carved the word, “peni$” into the pool table. That guy will do anything to make sure no one ever forgets he was on the show. I’m thinking he envisions all the anecdotes he’ll have to share with the folks back home. They should dock his pay for the vandalism.


Danielle is an idiot. Lack of carbs? Everything she listed has carbs. She is the most annoying house guest of them all. I think I’d rather Frank win. Gah.


I don’t think Danielle realizes how much food she packs away. I think she is an “emotional eater, ” and uses the snacks to calm herself.


Danielle lies about everything including her food intake! She’s always making herself better than who she really is! She loves her own reflection and turns every conversation into something about her. Catherine Zeta Jones, Kim Kardashion Come On! She’s truly delusional. They have to vote her out? Would be a shame if someone like actually won BB. Dan and Ian to the end for the win!

MU Tigers

Yeah, her evergrowing ass and thighs should be a testament that she’s eating plenty. Everytime I turn on the feeds, she’s eating something.

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

Who won the chess match between Ian and Dan?

Oh wait, Dan used his mist and won. Dan better not waste his mist.


Ive been saying dan needs this vote to be a tie to get franks vote over danielle and his mist is good he got ian on board without even bringing it up lol

Disgusting Jenn

Has anyone else noticed that Jenn always wears the same outfits. I don’t think she even washes her clothes and never had seen her taking a shower. The black sleeveless hoodie and that workout outfit (looks like an oversized tank top with studs on it) is really awful.

She is so cocky for not doing anything. She is the most disgusting person in the house and the ugliest. Well her & Frank are a tie for disgusting and Frank always saying the F word. He can’t speak without using it every other word I bet his Nana is really proud of him with that foul mouth of his.

Can’t believe that Frank thinks he is safe this week. That just shows how cocky & arrogant he is. Hope Jenn is right behind him with the double eviction. Can’t wait to see her face when she’s evicted since she thinks she is so good at the game.

Simon & Dawg great job with the website.

King Silva

Totally agree!

I so want Frank gone this Thursday [first eviction] and Jenn to follow him out the door in the second eviction.

Frank is so fucking cocky it is sickening.. -_-

I just pray productions finally allows him to get evicted….

Ian's creaky hammock

With all the fliping and flopping with votes, is anyone sure Frank is going this week?
Does anyone know what that thing is that Jenn wears, looks like an over sized wrestling outfit, black with silver on the straps? What IS that?


Just realized that OBBs logo this year is a duck..coincidence or is Ian playing us all..quack.

BB12 Duck



I don’t get it. Why would Ian want Jenn to put up Ian and Joe if she were to win HOH? What’s the point of that? Isn’t it stupid to want to be a pawn?? Wouldn’t he rather someone else (ANYONE ELSE) be put up so he can vote and can help control who goes home?? What the heck…

King Silva

I think he was being realistic when he was saying that Jenn’s nominations would be Joe and himself.

I don’t think he would want to be nominated or volunteer but it is pretty much 100% going to be a combo of Joe, Shane, or Ian if Jenn pulls out a miracle HOH win.

Ian knows Jenn is buddies with Dan and Danielle so they are safe for sure if she wins.

Team Ian Big Dog

Because he knows he is toast if someone else wins the POV. He is making his hail mary that if he is on the block, wins POV he can take himself off the block and then they would have to nominate one of the three remaining Qpack. Dan and Dani would then have to vote off Jenn because they would not want to show show Shane that they are tight with Jenn.

If he does not win the POV, it still ties their hands because they still would not want Shane to see them voting off a Qpack member, Shane would then know that he could be next.


Everyone on this show except Frank and Ian are fake as hell,and i can’t stand Ian but at least he keeps it real.I hope their not like this in real life.To lie about your loyalties is one thing but to smile in someones face and tell them you love them and they got your vote is another.At least when Janelle was on the block Frank and Boogie told her we don’t like you and we don’t trust you straight to her face.I guess in the end it’s just a game.I come from the hood and there’s 2 things we don’t do 1) we don’t say nothing behind someones back that we wouldn’t say to their face 2)we don’t f*** around and use the bible as a game peice


Maybe they’ll have hood rules when they do BB in east Compton. Otherwise this is how it’s done…IT’S A GAME!!


Already said in my post it’s just game but thanks for reposting it for me.I was just saying how i feel about people being fake and how a game shouldn’t change your morals


besides the show is already damn near in east compton


Those “rules of the hood” probably wouldn’t serve you very well in the Big Brother house.


People in the hood pay any more notice to the bible than others. They rob, kill, etc…. There are undoubtably a few good apples that are good christians, muslims or jews. But they dont adhere with religion all the time. But neither do people outside of the hood.
Hence the problems of the hood. So…. irrelevant in point.


Thank you! I think when the things you do IN the house affect the people you love and yourself OUT of the house, you’ve gone too far with your gameplay. Shelly’s husband got death threats for swearing on her wedding ring and voting out Jeff, her employer was sent hate mail that called for her dismissal. You don’t think that all the Christians out there watching this show aren’t completely horrified by Dan’s actions? It’s a game, your gameplay should not cause your loved ones or your “real” life any hardships when you are finished playing the game. Dan swearing on the bible then breaking that oath 24 hours later will be a problem for him, he’s a catholic school teacher. Not to mention that it’s my opinion that if you are willing to lay your hand on the bible and swear to your Lord and savior that you aren’t lying, then you lie, you’re an atheist. You can’t believe in God and falsly swear on the bible, I don’t even hold to any type of religious teachings, I only believe that there is a God, you won’t see me laying my hand on the bible unless I mean to keep that word to the end. Because $500,000 is not nearly enough money to piss off an omnipotent all powerful being. Or the Christian right wing for that matter.


Every time I watch Shane, he constantly is tapping his fingers or fiddling with his hands making loud noises and it drives me crazy. This cast has some strange habits. He’s doing it yet again while they play cards now on BBAD.


Danielle is doing now – so annoying.


They should have never gave them cards!!!! I blame the show for this boring crap. It’s not the viewers problem if they lose their damn minds. They sign their mental health away when they get on the show. You know if they didn’t have cards, there would be more panic, paranoia, scrambling. Frank would be trying to get a straight answer, same with Joe. People would be noticing that Danielle is no one’s target. etc…

You know Production is not rigging this year, cos they would have hinted to Brit last week and they would be hinting to Frank now. No, they’re just letting everyone walk around enveloped in “the mist.”

Whatever Dan’s mist is, I don’t care, cos I’m not under it’s spell, so all it is to me, is Boring! Boring in season 10, Boring now. Give them Moonshine!


Only thing good to pop out of this season are Janelle’s breast’s lmao


Ok here’s Frank’s selling point.Tell Ian to tell the others he wants the honor of evicting Frank so make it a 2 to 2 vote.Then let Ian know if he doesn’t vote to keep him he’s going to be in the jury house fu**ing the s*** out of Ashley HA HA

Joe's champagne room

Finally a strategy I can get behind…but it might be even more enjoyable if it isn’t issued as a threat…more like “ashley was kinda hot and I think she was hot for you”and then later frank mentions how horny he is. Let the nerd put the pieves together.


right on i like it


Ian is the nerdy ugly kid who always wants everyone to like him so he tries to be cool. He is the biggest annoyance in the house.

“That’s so cash,” “Quack,” and “Pop a squat.” What a complete moron.

I hope his underdeveloped body goes home Thursday as well.

I says, I

I just wonder if his enemies realize all the footage they’re providing CBS to make Frank look like the Babe Ruth of Big Brother.

They’re talking like the Japanese after Godzilla was driven into the sea…


damn.. these feeds are dead boring now. I pray that there’s a triple eviction on Thursday. this is brutal.


Dan’s mist is working overtime on Ian. If he and Joe were up on the block Dan would probably convince Shane or Danielle to vote out Ian, eliminating one of the biggest obstacles between him and the win.

Mik Boogie's Ghost

Ian is a pussy…The QP is boring…

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Bore the hell out of me with religious POS Dan(Mitt Romney of the BB house)…His pussy friend Ian…Good thing CBS is liberal…

Cajun Lady

I hope it’s double eviction and Ian goes out Thursday too. Everyone is calling Frank a bully, but none of them have had to fight to stay in like he has. By definition, isn’t ganging up on one person all the time more of a bully tactic than yelling at someone? Admittedly, Frank has said his share of bad things in the house, but because he was associated with Boogie from the start, the whole house has been against him. The jury will feel like a vacation to him I’m sure. Ian is one scary little dude.


A big part of why he has to fight so hard every week is because his earlier bully stench still follows him everywhere he goes. He has calmed down considerably since Boogie left, but some of it comes oozing out of him, still.

Carol & Steve

The first HOH or POV on Thu will be the BB Cornhole game. Everyone gets one chance to throw the stupid bean bag in. First one to get in wins. :)

frank is the new jesse

i was thinking the same…jenn and joe have been working the bean bags overtime tonight…

Carol & Steve

“Danielle was surprised as well she likes it that the coaches are gone.” Guess Dan’s misted them into not remembering he was one of the coaches – LOL!!


Agreed!! Dan’s game is so “money,” they have come to think of him as one of their own, i.e., a player.


I honestly wish instead of two double evictions they had a way to have four people leave in one night!! That would be amazing!! I t would take way too long for an hour show though so it probably could never happen anyway.


I feel for Frank he has actually played the game unlike Powerhouse and ???

Danielle will win this game no one will vote her out thats why i respect Frank for taking out Brittney you leave people in the game too long they eventually can win (Jordan).

Ian is a fool Dan is good at this game last week he sold you out this week he’s reforming the quack pack.

If Frank leaves Im done with this season. PRODUCTION save Frank NOW!!!!

frank is the new jesse

so it’s ok to rig the game as long as your favorite wins??? don’t think so…


Dan would be happy to win a second time, but I can’t shake the idea that it would still feel like a victory to him if he were able to shepherd Danielle into the winner’s circle. He is the last coach standing and he would still be the “winning-est” houseguest of all time.

I still want him to win the whole thing!! !


does anyone else think that when it is revealed to the houseguests that it is a double eviction, dan danielle and shane should consider keeping frank since he cant play in hoh and change the vote to joe, win the hoh and vote out frank the second time? i think it is a better plan since they wouldnt have time to work joe


That’s a tough sell. Not since week one have they had a sure-fire means to evict the carrot. The idea of keeping him in the game on the off chance that nothing unexpected will happen to save him would likely seem too risky to them. I doubt they would pass on the sure thing.