Brittany “Joseph could be a big target to get out ..and he’s so close with Taylor it would cut that off. “

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

Taylor is telling the girls Monte is her target and she’s looking at a backdoor. The real plan is for her to nominate Indy and Terrance. Terrance is the target but the door is open for Indy to be evicted if she “POOCHES” herself. Alyssa could also be in danger but it’s more remote than Indy / Terrance at this point. Jasmine is safe. (only a savage would nominate her on the week her birthday is on)

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

9:40pm Storage room – Brittany and Michael.
Brittany – what conversations have you been in today? Michael – I’ll fill you in on if the veto is used. Taylor might put Joseph up as a pawn.. and he is on board. He volunteered. Which I am like, on one hand joseph is being a team player and willing to stick his neck out which we’ve been concerned about … Brittany – I wonder what Turner and Monte would think? Michael – and what Kyle would do… because I get the feeling that Kyle might be on board. Brittany – yeah. Michael – and obviously I am not saying we should definitely do this .. Brittany – yeah, this plan just changes by the minute. I was just going to fill you in because he was just pitching why he should be doing this covert thing .. and I am like there is Taylor and Joseph doing this covert thing and then there is Monte and Turner taking all the heat for it and we’re right here in the center.. and then Kyle some half way in there. Michael – if Indy, Alyssa and Jasmine want to keep Terrance and Indy comes down, Joseph goes up… they would be very happy with us. Brittany – they would. Taylor would be very mad. Michael – that’s the thing I don’t want to f**k Taylor over on her HOH.

Brittany – I don’t know Joseph has been causing a lot more headaches than not. Its too like overplayed. Like just stick with the plan. Michael – I am not going to say sh*t until the meeting is done because if she (Taylor) gets any sense that he could go home she won’t put him (Joe) up. Brittany – why do they even think that’s.. Michael – because she made promises to Alyssa and Jasmine that keeps her on their good side. And then within the alliance Monte, Turner, you and I have all taken heat and Joseph said that the girls would all probably push for you to be evicted. Not that, that would happen but that would cause a split. Brittany – Joseph could be a big target to get out. And Joseph is so close with Taylor it would cut that off. Michael – and you and I would be with them. Why not lose one number to gain two. Brittany – yeah I would definitely be up for it. I just won’t want the retaliation of Monte, Turner and Kyle on us. Michael – yeah if Kyle and Turner are on board. I don’t think Monte would want to but he has to see what’s going on. But if there is a world where we can get Joseph out this week and be good with The Left Overs and be good with the other side of the house… Brittany – yeah we will see how it plays out. Michael – I really don’t want to jeopardize what we have going on with Taylor. Its also like are you going to risk Joseph over Jasmine!? Brittany – I know. I know!

10:05pm Bedroom – Taylor and Terrance.
Terrance – me and Jasmine cleaned out the bathroom. While you were watching that (chinese checkers)… before the checkers before everything they knew what we were back there doing. And not one person offered to help. Taylor – let me step up and offer to help. Terrance – I just happened to pop back there and was like na let me help you. I was like f**k that, I’ll help you. And we knocked it the f**k out. It was just the simple fact of they knew what we was doing .. and it was just a half hearted thank you. And that is some petty f**King sh*t to me! And it was just like you’ve got her doing it and moving around in that stupid boot and you know how slippery that is in there. That just lit even more of a fire up under me to win. So I am pushing. Taylor – I need you to come down. Terrance – what are you going to do as HOH if the HOH wins? Taylor – Indy asked me to take her down and I said yes. Terrance – okay. Taylor – it might be a lie. Terrance – you gonna make me spit.

10:15pm HOH room – Taylor and Brittany.
Taylor – I just talked to Terrance. Brittany – how did that go? Taylor – I am in a position where I am fine with either Indy or Terrance going home. Terrance asked me if I win, what am I going to do.. and I told him Indy asked me first and I told him I would take her down and then I said that might have been a lie.. so we will see what happens. I didn’t tell him that Monte is my target. I just said that its a big move. I said its a cannonball. He will see Joseph go up in the place of whoever comes down he will feel like oh this b***h is crazy! Then depending on who is still up on the block.. They’re the ones that will go home. If I win I just can’t keep the noms the same. Brittany – that’s good. I am so curious to see what the veto comp is tomorrow. Taylor – sure Terrance might be my personal target but you’ve heard how much I’ve wanted Indy gone for a long time. I can handle Terrance. Things will be quieter and more secrets will come out with Indy gone. And I can make it look like I was trying to take big shot and I missed.. Michael joins them.

Taylor – Ah Terrance feels some kind of a way about nobody volunteering to clean the bathroom. Michael – Jasmine volunteered to do it. Did he volunteer to clean the shower? Brittany – I actually don’t feel bad about it because they are the two that do the least amount of work around the house. I was like I am not even going to offer to help with this. Michael – I cleaned it last time. Brittany – you made a nice ask of hey if you haven’t really been pulling your weight now is your time to step up. I can say that they worked on that for an hour or an hour and a half .. that still does not equal the amount of time doing the dishes and.. Michael – if they did the shower and sinks .. that’s not a 6 person job. Brittany – she did one big thing whereas a lot of people do daily medium things. This also isn’t the game of who cleans the most. You can be a chef and get voted out, we will figure out how to make dinner as we’ve seen.

11:30pm HOH room – Taylor, Michael, Turner and Brittany are hanging out and chatting. Taylor – depending on who wins it, I will just be like use it and keep who you want.

11:45pm – 12am HOH room – Terrance, Monte, Brittany, Turner and Michael.
Taylor – before you (Monte) walked in (to the bedroom when she was talking to Terrance earlier) I told him to win the veto. He asked me if I win would I take him down. I said Indy asked if I would take her down first and I said yes. Then I said that might have been a lie. I said just make sure you win because regardless of what happens.. everyone thinks they know who the target is .. f**k what did I say… Its going to be a cannonball. And he said awww really!? I am talking about Joseph of course .. he thinks I’m talking about you. oh well! Monte – interesting. Taylor – I don’t even want to keep the noms the same I just want one of them to come down. Monte – so if I do win? Taylor – use it on whoever the hell you want. Monte – okay. I think for optics taking out Indy makes the most sense because she is a bigger comp threat than Terrance is. And since Terrance has been playing this card of wanting to talk to me more recently. You know that whole joke of us keeping him around even though he doesn’t want to stay.. I kind of like flirting with that idea.

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I’d send Indy out before Terrance, Indy has shown she is a little better at comps. Also that is one less mean girl after Taylor & Brittany, since Taylor won’t put Jasmeany up.

I have not heard Alyssa talk about Taylor as much as Jasmine and Indy, so if I were Taylor, I’d give Indy the boot, that weakens the other side, Terrance does not count.

I’d also love to see Joe get voted out, his face would be priceless. I bet he’d cry, but that’s what you get for being dumb enough to volunteer to be a pawn. He’s too sure of himself.


It’s never too soon to send crazy eye brittney and terrance home. At least I respect terrance for having a real job and not being a bullshit artist.

Christime Ahrens

I use to like Joe. Think hes babyfied.think indy wi go over Terrance. Who ever gets hoh wi put Jasmine and alyssa up


If Joe goes on the block, he goes home. I’d say he is too smart to do that; he will find an excuse to back out and will take credit for stepping up.

Just a viewer

Brittany is getting a little too cocky for someone who has won NOTHING. I hope Joe catch a hint of them trying to backdoor him. Brittany can be the second one in Jury after Terrance. She’s becoming annoying. At least Joe’s playing the game and they wouldn’t know what the other side are saying/planning, if it wasn’t for Joe.

No Name

Brit did win veto,it was with Michael but she was pulling most of the weight in that comp.

Julie Chen

LOL. I see what you did there.


I like Brittany, she’s strategising and doing whatever needs to be done to better her position. Yea she’s a floater but I’ll take someone like her any day of the week against anyone in the convenience store or past bb goats who get dragged to the end.

Taylormade Victims

for gods sake they were going up against one other group of two that threw it similar to last weeks veto stop giving brittany credit for things she doesn’t do twist have totally saved her ass and inflated her stats that is store picked“convenience”

Christime Ahrens

I love how Brittney tells everyone about playing the game.
And Kyle don’t want alyssa up well this iscbig brother and in tge end tgere are 3 syers with 2 being tge best.

The Beef

Please remind me of the comps that Joe has won? Yes, Joe IS playing the game – He’s playing the Andy Herren rat game from BB 15 – playing both sides and trying to stay in the middle, and his alliance is on to his game. Brit has been at least as strategic as Joe, and while she did tend to run off at the mouth early in the game, she’s curbed that tendency over the past few weeks, doing much better, and IMHO is much more concerned with overall alliance stance vs. her personal game position, as Joe seems to be. Now I realize there’s only one winner, but when your alliance mates know you’re just out for numero uno, without concern for them – they will cut you quick, given the opportunity! Joe seems like he just may give them that opportunity by stupidly volunteering to be a pawn this week. That’s NOT good game play.

Christime Ahrens

I like turner, Michael. monte.

un autre nom

Taylor’s HOH so far has been… Cringefest (see what i did there?)
She meets with non alliance and makes promises to them. They hate her but they fall into one of the categories she’s trying to please on her way to the big brother congeniality prize.
Her alliance has 5 males and she tells alliance mates her target has to be male. I’m shocked they all didn’t jump up and down saying pick me… aren’t you?
She has to be talked back from that ledge because the secret plotting stuff is what she keeps saying out loud to her alliance.
She nominates 2 people not in her alliance. That should be the end of the festival.

NO WAY, that was just the band warming up.
Gamersquirrel whispers in her ear he’s got a wonderful plan for how to pull her in with the other side… Use HIM as her renom. looks left looks right… how is that gonna get her pulled in with them???
So now She’s loving the idea of pawning her fauxmance so that she can get closer to the people that hate her… no really how’s that supposed to work… that’s not logical at all.
What it actually does is puts Joseph deeper undercover building his jury votes, while putting Taylor back into the position of being scorned. (He’s aware).

At this point her final three is questioning her ability to reason, and commitment to anyone but gamersquirrel. They’re questioning where else they can go.
At this point the other side is that bitching more than usual… so pulling her in isn’t looking likely. gee, and she hasn’t even put squirrel on the block yet… yeah THAT will make it easier. And his girls will love him even more because they almost lost him.
At this point she’s really…. making NO sense and just letting a rabid gamersquirrel take the wheel because he flirts with her. She’s totally Himbo’d.

Her d/r could be saying she’s looking to target anyone in the house, but they haven’t gotten back to her yet on which target tested the best with the storyline department.
But she still won’t put Jasmine… her biggest impediment to social game success, on the block because she fits in 2 of the categories she’s trying to please. Sorry, social platforms was done already… and keeping the person most against you in the house because of your social platform… is dumb.

The answer to the Big Brother Pageant Question this season is not World Peace. She needs to realize that.


Cringe and unnecessary to use show time on muffins or Taylor open mouth smacking chips this generation of B.B. has really hit the shits.

Just Sayin'

I disagree. The muffin plot line has been one of the best things to watch this season!

Julie Chen

Good: Turner messing with Jasmine, getting more airtime.
Bad: Having to hear Jasmine.


And…the clip of Taylor with the potato chips was brilliant. Taylor’s personal jab at JasMEAN who has been eating constantly. Taylor probably suggested to do it herself. I caught that it was a dig, didn’t everyone? That’s all that girl thinks about is food! I have never told someone that they looked like any kind of food. Maybe she thinks it’s a compliment.
Can’t wait for JasMEAN to go!


Joseph Pooching himself is SO dumb.

I guess he wants to go out like his man though..?

If he is sitting on the block on Thursday it will be a 6-2 vote at the very least with him going home. Maybe even 8-0 if Turner and or Monte don’t give him a pity vote.

He better reconsider. The DR must ask him about this stupid plan so hopefully he comes to his senses after he notices their tone. Do they see the producers because if I was one I couldn’t help not roll my eyes at this buffoon! Lord knows some of the previous idiots this season (Cruel Chef, Evil Elvis, JasMEAN, Pooch) would not like me because I’d judge them for real…

If Joseph wanted to be on the block so bad why didn’t he just tell Taylor to nominate him to begin with? That would have saved Ignorant Indy (and the Alyssa/JasMEAN) from getting mad at her.

I really hope he backs out and or he, Monte, or say Turner win the Veto and don’t use it since they don’t want to risk an alliance member going on the block so soon.

It’s really not a risk they should be taking. If they only knew what next week had in store for them.

Going into next week’s crazy twist down 6-4 instead of 7-3 (if Terrance goes) will make the two HOHs for the split house MUCH more up in the air.

Worst case scenario the Leftovers lose three members in the next two weeks and the underdog side of the house evens up the numbers advantage (4-4).

Even if only Joseph and say Monte leave next week (the other side could evict say JasMEAN) that would leave the house with 5 Leftovers and 3 others.

The Beef

And this is exactly why production put this twist in play! To stop the LO steamroll! No matter who leaves this week with two “houses”, both with 5 players each, no matter who wins HOH, who you put on the block, who wins Veto and how that Veto is played, along with who is voting for or against who, it’s really a crapshoot when only 5 people are playing. It’s one thing if only 5 people are left in the game, but when you know the house is going to re-unite and it’s going to once again be 8 players – what then?

Do you nominate your allies and hope they win the Veto? If you do, and one of TOS wins, you lose a number. Do you nominate enemies, knowing if they win Veto, they are absolutely safe and voting out one of your people? Hell, everybody plays, so there IS no backdoor! No hiding either, as there’s only 2 votes in each house, so ties are highly likely, so winning HOH is imperative.

The poster formerly known as BBFan who loves to bitch about what he calls a twist (Paloma leaving) that “saved” Taylor in week one – well, I wonder how he feels about this one that is clearly designed to stop the LO steamroll?


I am curious as to when the houseguests will lose access to the outside before Thursday night given what is coming


You’re thinking for the split house week 1/2 the house outside 1/2 inside?




they already looking to fracture alliance that brought them safety..


Monte is a huge threat.