Joe “Terrance said the plan is to put up Kyle.. and I said Ok!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner

POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Backyard – Terrance and Joseph.
Terrance – you’re good here. I just need you to win the veto. Joe – well I’ll try bro. But if I don’t win veto or you don’t win veto.. I am out. The only thing that I can tell you and show you is that we both know like if I sit at the end its me who leaves. Like similar to you I probably have the least lock-ins out of everyone. I wished we could kick something but I feel that is not where your head is. The only thing I can hope to show you is that I am at least trying to play the game any time one of my friends were up. Terrance – I got you. Just like last week with Taylor putting me the f**k up and its just like who the f**k was in the room with her when she was making those decision. Joe – I think I am just dead in the water. They’re just tighter. This time it is not looking so good.

5pm Backyard – Turner, Kyle and Alyssa.
Alyssa – how was your conversation right now? Turner – Really good. I feel fine. I was like granted at the end of the day I put you up on the block and you didn’t end up going home so if I am up on the block .. like you put me up and I don’t end up going home I am not mad at it at all because I did the same thing to him. Like I get it dude. If it ends up being me and Joseph.. if there is anyone in the house I believe would have my back its you two. Kyle – its not even a question honestly. Alyssa – of course. Turner – and if you guys change your minds at any point just let me know. Alyssa – it would just never happen. Turner – that’s what I thought, if anyone in this house has my back its f**king you two. Kyle – yeah. Alyssa – and if you win and I go up next to him.. Turner – you two I would never vote against. So yes, I would not vote you (Alyssa) out and I would not vote Kyle out. Alyssa – I agree. Turner – lets f**king go! I do hope that he does not win because I don’t want to be sitting next to one of you two. Kyle – oh my gosh for real! They wonder if they will have the same veto as the inside of the house or if they will be different. Kyle – we just have to win. This week is going to suck balls! Alyssa – the night time will be fine. Kyle – this house just got depressing. I think because we have a good good group of four and these decisions shouldn’t be made till final four.

5:30pm Backyard Couches – Turner and Joseph.
Joe – what did you tell Terrance. Turner – about what? Joe – like in your talk. I didn’t say anything… he put me up because he was talking something about game and I just said FACTS because I didn’t hear him and then he was like they’re working together. Joe – yeah, I just told him .. he said that the plan is to put up Kyle. And I said okay! Turner – yeah. I didn’t out you about anything. I didn’t say anything about you. Joe – me neither. I am not going to betray you guys. Turner – yeah 1000% BRO!

6pm Outside the HOH room – Brittany and Taylor.
Taylor – its weird to think that the noms already happened. Brittany – I know, its crazy! I just don’t know where her head is at. You hope that it goes the way that we.. but also they could be getting the most pressure from us to have it go that way. And we’re not there to pressure. Scary. Taylor – I literally can’t sleep because I am so afraid of those gate opening up and Joseph not walking through. Because that means that everything bad that happened, happened. And that’s not even a me personal thing, that’s game. If he doesn’t walk through that gate.. everything bad that happened happened. Brittany – yup. Taylor – so I would really like him to win the veto. Brittany – I am sure he (Joe) is having the same thought .. but he is so good. His social game in phenomenal and he is close to Turner. I feel like lots is going to come down to Turner. Taylor – and Turner delivers. Brittany – he does but also I don’t know where his head is at all the time either. Do you think he is closer to Kyle and Alyssa or Joseph? Taylor – Joseph. Definitely Joseph even though they just clown all the time. Brittany – I could be wrong but I think Kyle thinks he has more of an influence on Turner than he may. Taylor – oh yeah. I think Kyle realizes how much he messed up not using the veto. Like we told him. I don’t think he realizes how deeply that cut the rest of the alliance. You have to keep doing what is best for the alliance first especially when you have clear reasons right in front of you. Brittany – Mmmmhhmmm.

6:50pm Backyard – Turner and Joseph
Turner – How you doing my boy? Joe – I am pretty sure this is it for me my boy. Turner – that’s exactly how I feel. I am just coming to terms with it. Joe – and I am not going to try and send one of you two home. Turner – I am at no point going to campaign against you. Joe – yeah me either. I am not going to campaign against you and I’m the target so.. Turner – I am going to campaign for myself if that makes any sense. But not against you. Joe – yeah. Turner – are you just as bewildered at Mike’s picks as I am? Joe – yeah. Kyle joins them and they start a game of Chinese Checkers.

8:05pm The feeds switch to the kitten cams..

8:40pm Still blocked.

9:50pm Still kittens..

10:39pm No feeds for you…

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un autre nom

The discussion about keeping bathing suits on for showering…
Are they REALLY so dense?
Do they think those mirrors are just mirrors?
Do they think feeds aren’t live in the back yard?
Alyssa should keep hers on we can’t see her in the mirrors… but why us?
Please. Somebody. Just smack em on the backs of the heads for sheer lunacy.


Way to go terrance

C wade

Seriously keeping Turner…what has he won…he never showers and he looks unclean all the time. He is just nasty

un autre nom

It just breaks my heart….
I mean, poor poor Jasmine. Permanently deformed due to production’s gross negligence, has had to suffer indignity after indignity. First she lost her personal bidet, Nic. Then she had to be a have not… how could they make someone that had already suffered through so much a have not? Someone should have called Amnesty International for the cruel and unusual punishment. Then she lost Daniel, the only person who truly understood her pain because he was suffering the loss of his one true love… sweet young little almost looks like she could be 18 Paloma. And now, already going through the depths of despair at how the loss of Indy has been so difficult for her on her birthday year… she’s not only on the block, but they’ve sent all of her servants away. I mean, being on this show has already left her a deformed amputee… ruined her birth century… and now they’ve taken her servants AND put her on the block???? HAS ANYONE EVER SEEN SUCH A TRAGEDY????
I… I’m so overcome with despair. I’ve had to light a candle and pray for that poor footless lost servantless soul. Feeding herself? Jesus Joseph and Mary, make her torture stop.

illegal smile

Lol Heavens to Betsy…(clutches my necklace of pearls)


I see a lawsuit coming on.

Not Jason’s Holly

Bless her heart! (Said in my best southern twang)!

PS Doesn’t mean what it says in the south!

Jasmines stinky boot

If I hear her say “sherbet” one more time…. It’s SHERBET ffs. Do we eat basketti, too? She seems to never stop eating. Especially every second of her birthday month. Kills me how smart she thinks she is and that Joseph is not the smartest tool in the shed. Don’t really care for Joseph, either. But Jasmine is unbelievable.


Who married this woman? I really want to know.

East Coaster

Autre nom….this is my fave post of the year !! LOL

Just me

You’ve got me cryin’…..tears of laughter!

Nancy Earl

You are freaking hilarious !!!


I think it will be interesting to see if the Leftovers will still be together next week. Last week Michael, by his own DR admission, did his part to subtly implode the alliance from within. Taylor did her part by being screwy and petty with her HOH and trying to force Kyle’s hand in proving his loyalty. I think Kyle sees the writing on the wall which is why he practically told Terrance about the alliance just short of admitting it. Joe is perhaps a little more subtle in what he says, but I think he was trying to throw Kyle and Turner under the bus when talking to Terrance. Monte and Brittany just seem to be sitting back and watching everything happen, but at the same time Brittany is the comforting support and Monte the laidback referee type.
All that said, aside from Daniel going off on Taylor, there has not been a major blowup in the house this season. Everyone wants to play the covert game, sowing seeds, planting doubt and whispering behind closed doors. I could see Terrence calling everyone out based on the info Kyle has given him. That might be fun to watch the LO’s reactions and see them have to sort of play out in the open for a little while. I actually cannot really imagine right now how any of them would handle that because everyone of them seems so determined to play the stealthy game and not the I’m coming for you in your face game. Hopefully something does shake out because overall I find this season OK but not very exciting or entertaining.

Alyssa's Vagina

Now watch everyone on here suck up to Terrance now that he’s targeting a player they don’t like. All previous things they didn’t like about him are now overridden. Just the same way they all turned on Taylor when she wouldn’t target a player they didn’t like. Just goes to show you that the majority of viewers are like Paloma, DAniel and Nicole. No wonder they stopped having America vote after the first season and OTT. At the end of the day people judge this game on personality. Not game play. Sadly.


Did Terrance make a good choice for his own personal game – with the information he received? Yes.

Does that erase what a disgusting human being he’s been & the degrading way he’s spoken about some most people in the house behind their backs while selling them all the same piece of property in the Everglades? – NO!

Alyssa's Vagina

Big deal. It’s the name of the game.


Wise w0rds from Alyssa’s vagina!


Have they clarified how voting for eviction will work next week? Do the separate groups each vote out one nominee? Or will they all be brought back together on Thursday with four nominees and each person will vote out two simultaneously? (i.e. “Please cast your votes to evict”…”I vote to evict Joe and Jasmine.”


From what I gather they won’t be reunited until after the two groups vote separately.


Julie said TWO people will vote (so it’s separate). BUT – not sure if Terrance’s group will vote outside or if they’ll have them reconvene just prior to the show & have Michael’s group vote then Terrance’s group vote.


I dont think so. The group voting 2nd would have an advantage to see who got voted out. They could then decide who to vote out in their group as it may strengthen their alliance .


I bet one group will vote for the other group’s noms.

illegal smile

I hope for Turner’s sake he doesn’t end up in the jury house with Jasmine. Groundhog day festie bestie til someone else shows up kyle will Never get the LO vote’s guaranteed.


uh oh looks like I might have to stop watching this season. monte, joe, and turner really?

un autre nom

How can Turner and Joe and Kyle and Alyssa be confused about Michael’s picks?
Dear Joseph: you are too close to Taylor, you try to protect Jasmine. You are a rabidgamersquirrel.
Dear Turner: you are pound first. you are friends with Alyssa. nobody knows your game plan.
Dear Kyle: you wanted to be split from your showmance? You wanted her to go? no? shut up.
Dear Alyssa: They were giving you best shot at survival with your showmance and your buddy. shush.

Meanwhile Jasmine is likely wondering if they can greenscreen a couple p.a’s to come in and make her food, wipe her ass and tuck her in.
Meanwhile Monte is worried about his pound and his final 2.
Meanwhile Taylor is worried about a guy with a girlfriend at home.
Meanwhile Brittany has nothing to do if she can’t hyperhypnotoad.


Turner saying that was odd since he was Terrance’s FIRST pick – was that bc he didn’t think Monte was close to Michael? Is he worried Monte could be the target?

Both the Kyle chat with Ally – complaining about Michael & Turner to Joe chat felt like it stemmed from DR question probes.


Taylor really has a lot of nerve saying, Kyle messed up by not using the Veto like his alliance told him too.

Taylor, your entire alliance wanted Jasmine nominated, but you that is something you can’t do, because she’s a black woman. Kyle was given orders to use the Veto so you would be able to evict his showmance who took a trip from you? talk about petty.

Everyone is suppose to understand why you did what you did, but the hell with understanding why Kyle did not do what the alliance told him to do.

Seeing Taylor strolling down the stairs in her HOH robe and Lingerie and heels, to announce her nominations, then for the power of Veto ceremony, HOH Robe and a dress.

Taylor have a seat and shut up, your HOH was a big waste.

Jasmine laying around in bed, she looks so depressed, now she has a chance to see how others felt when they were on the block, it’s funny as hell to see the only women she has to talk with now are the 2 women she said better not let her name roll out of their mouth, or they will see a side of her that they really don’t want to see. I don’t feel sorry for Jasmine.

Terrance telling everyone “I Got You”, or “His Word is Bond”, Terrance you lucked up and were actually won 2nd place in a HOH comp, let’s see how well you do with the Veto comp. I don’t get the feeling the tables have turned, and you are on a winning streak, you will be back on the bottom when you re-enter the house.


Sadly, I agree with you. I felt sympathy for Taylor up until she won the HOH and how she then started acting like she won Miss Universe. And the whole gown, heels and lingerie didn’t sit with me either.

She is like the nerdy high school outcasts who still vote for the mean girl as prom Queen, because she still tried to get in with the other side to the extent of nearly nominating her alliance members.


They are going to have to cut this week short. Will they have enuf film to edit into three shows and keep folks interested? One or more of these folks is gonna blow. If you’re final four or five you can see the end. Middle of the season sleeper not working? The scoop you need is on the other side. I feel like this will be last hamster standing. It is odd.

Not Jason’s Holly

“Taylor – oh yeah. I think Kyle realizes how much he messed up not using the veto. Like we told him. I don’t think he realizes how deeply that cut the rest of the alliance. You have to keep doing what is best for the alliance first especially when you have clear reasons right in front of you. Brittany – Mmmmhhmmm.“

Is Brittany thinking the same thing I’m thinking? Everyone but her wanted Jasmine on the block and gone last week! She didn’t do what was “best for the alliance”! So what she was HOH. Kyle won the veto… her choice…his choice.

I would have been evicted first week! Haha


You’re right. Taylor’s biggest mistake was thinking that the HOH rules the roost. She didn’t realize that her power ended at her nominations. Kyle won the veto and the power shifted to him. She thought she could still dictate what was to be done. Doesn’t she watch the show?
Just like she seemed clueless during the prize/punishment challenge. She really thought that trip belonged to her. Like she didn’t know how the game works. Then she blamed Alyssa for taking “her” trip and said she’d make her pay. What? Did she think Jasmine wouldn’t have just taken it from her either? I don’t understand people who sign up to be on shows that they don’t belong on.
Oh, but think of the social media and recognition it will bring her! Screw that. She might have done okay on Love Island or something else…not Big Brother!
Can’t wait for her and Jasmine to leave the building. Gets to steppin’, sisters!

Big Brother Fan

You really can’t blame these people for wanting their 15 minutes…you can however blame casting for choosing these people. You can’t tell me there aren’t enough BB fans out there to get 16 or 18 of them a season. I could care less if I’m watching the ugliest bunch of sap suckers, as long as they really play the game!

un autre nom

What I’m seeing:
So Monte says he’ll stay on the block if he wins veto to protect Taylor.
Yup, gotta vote out stupid. Sorry. You do. I mean…. really? Britt and Michael would turn on Taylor? NOT a chance, but turn on a VOLUNTEER TO STAY ON THE BLOCK? You HAVE to consider doing THAT.
Britt and Mike are trying to build back with Taylor… who can pretty much only trash Kyle and whine about Joseph. Gee, I can’t see why they separated those 2. If you are Mike and Britt you are PRAYING they get rid of Joseph now.

It’s friday. don’t anybody act like it’s wednesday night and plans have been confirmed.
Production is going to be elbow deep in this sucker now for veto.

Y’know how we all watch final 5 feeds and say dear lord, somebody…. please… DO SOMETHING???? We’ve got 2 final 5’s going on at the same time.
Inside we have the five people most likely to do nothing for prolonged periods.
Outside we have gamersquirrels… with no one to squirrel at and nowhere to squirrel.


Why are the cameras blocked this time?

un autre nom


Not a reason, but something I’m just putting out there because I checked twitter.
There was a now deleted tweet from a woman saying she was going to bullhorn the backyard. about twenty five minutes before feed cut.

Besides that you have conspiracy theorists talking cheating in the sequester period between episode ending and feeds restarting. Of course they are jamming the CBS media to complain because they don’t like the noms. They want to make it look like they are taking proper steps to investigate.

They’ve been boring as hell and production is trying to get them to pick up their pace.

They’ve decided to do one veto tonight and one tomorrow.

un autre nom

There is the possibiity that BOTH portapotties are out of order…. and two of them got scared shitless earlier, so i’m wondering who ate the spam.

Big Brother Fan

How exactly can you cheat during sequester? I mean it’s Big Brother! As long as there’s no competition, what are they calling out as cheating?

un autre nom

Someone said people communicated between the time episode ended and teams separated. The social media fixation was that Michael and Terrance must have named targets to each other.
Michael said on feeds Terrance whispered something to hm and he didn’t hear him.
Terrance has been saying Michael better be getting rid of Monte like he told him.


Let’s talk competition screwups. Going back to the veto. Taylor is blaming Kyle for not using it but the first screw up came when Taylor didn’t TAKE the veto. Punishment or not, Kyle was the one that took it away from Indy technically protecting the nominations. Taylor should have taken the veto. Then to be honest if Alyssa had any loyalty to Indy or if she was as smart as Joe is making her out to be…she should have taken the veto and then both she & Indy would have been safe. Anyone else realize that it was Joe that spurred the get Alyssa thing…why? He needed to keep Indy b/c she’s was in his pocket. Now…let’s talk about the lamest HOH competition in BB history. I’m sitting across the room, no glasses on and in that 1st round Britt/Terrance I could see the VIP sign. I could even make out that Nicole was holding it. WHAT THE HELL TOOK THEM SO LONG TO ANSWER IT? Britt blew that competition thus throwing the Left Overs into this situation.


Dawg….what did you do to bring down the feeds?

un autre nom

Turner’s head:
Facts. told kyle first to flip gets clipped.
first to try to make something outside of the 7 is who we all go after.
His showmance isn’t in the 7. uh….oh.
Dude. bro. not homie. shit.

Joseph’s head:
If i sneak over there i can feed Alyssa some bad intel and turn her and Kyle against each other without getting caught. Because we’re on a rectangular patch of grass… and can all see each other at all times…. d’oh. Maybe I can spy on the ants and tell Terrance they’re plotting to overthrow him?

Kyle’s head:
hmm, i wonder if they’ll turn off the camera for 10 seconds in the shower stall.

Alyssa’s head:
maybe we can get married on the air at the live finale.

Terrance’s head:
yeah, now that I know everything and can’t play in HOH next week… I’m golden.


So let me get this straight:

Dr. Will: lies to everyone’s faces. “Greatest player ever!”
Dan Gheesling: humiliates Danielle in front of everyone for no reason. “BB legend!”
Taylor: tried to negotiate with Kyle. “Petty little b!tch”

PS. Her HOH is over now. You had a week to pick on her for wearing her robe or whatever and claim it was game-related. It’s a good idea to stop now. But you won’t. Because it was never about her game was it?


There’s a difference. Will lied like an amused school kid. Certainly insensitive, but no malice. Dan used whatever it took to get ahead. It was cold, but purely based on strategic advancement.

Whereas Taylor has shown herself to be petty, vindictive and entitled.


Wait, Lemme Guess!!
it’s because she’s,… *drumroll*….”BLACK”!!!!

do i win a cookie?


Terrance didn’t win hoh. If they had done double eviction the “old way` Michael would not have competed and everyone else would get a chance at being the second hoh. Then they could have picked teams. It just seems more fair to me. And why are the outside team being punished by having to stay outside for a week? If Terrance is the second hoh it just seems he shouldn’t be punished. This twist just doesn’t make sense.


No, Taylor pranced around and acted entitled to direct Kyle’s veto choice, and expected her moral reasoning to be understood (why she didn’t nom Jasmine), but totally disregards Kyle’s moral reasoning (for not helping backdoor his gf). It’s 100% her attitude in the game.


I don’t think Big Brother will ever do this again. It’s a failure. It’s made everyone sad and anxious.

un autre nom

Grod feeds on everyone’s tears and flavors her morning coffee with anxiety.
The problem is pacing not concept.


I don’t think the concept is flawed, I do think this going on for an entire week is a bad idea. It will be too slow. If they could evict everyone by Monday, it would be much better.


Don’t know if anyone has posted this, but Kyle and Alyssa’s 10 Seconds had made it to TMZ!! Lolololol!


Wow that is embarrassing..

I mean of course any BB fan who follows it on sites like this knows about that but random people on TMZ might click that article too or at least read the unflattering headline..


Hope she’s “making Mom & Dad proud”!


Jasmine and Turner will rock the jury house for a week. Besties forever!


Hope Sweet T reveals to evicted House guests in the goodbye messages that Kyle spilled the beans on the LO alliance


If Terrance was smart he would of asked Turner n Joe about the alliance to see what they say! He has no team and that would of been the perfect time to form a team with Turner n Joe going forward with Jasmine since he thinks Monte is leaving! They could of got rid of Kyle n he could of went back in with a solid team! Kyle n Alyssa didn’t offer him anything! Now he goes back in against to strong couples who are working together! M/B n K/A!

Julie Chen

Would have. Would’ve.
Could have. Could’ve.

Meatloaf steak head

Thinking the same thing. You can tell who most likely watched 2 episodes of Big Brother. Why would Terrance want to align with someone that went against their whole alliance they’ve been with since day one.
“Red Flag’
And me myself would have went to Joseph and Turner to ask them. Let them go at it. I guarantee he would’ve been able to make a better decision and some deals. He’ll be out soon.

Cathy Napier

it would had been better if it was not school yard type picks. That it was the luck of the draw with chips or something.


Kyle is gonna get his, and his pretty is too!!! Can’t trust nobody, Micheal I hope gets it before he physically turns also!!!


Why are we not seeing the outside on the live feeds?? Does anyone know what is going on with them?

Christime Ahrens

Terrance is just telling Joe that what kind of hoh is he.
He’ll be out next week.