Danielle tells Shane if he wants to snuggle he’ll need to initiate it Shane says it’s been hot lately

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

10:18pm Cam 3 -4 Jenn and Frank
Jenn gets a feeling that Frank is going home and it’s got her thinking and worried. Jenn tells him he promised a final 4 with Frank and her and now he’s going back on it with Frank what is stopping Dan from doing it to her .
Jenn: “it puts me in a bad spot.. I’m losing Frank.. “
Dan :”From my perspective all I have is you… ”
Jenn: “You know we did talk about 4 but it’s got me thinking Dan”
Jenn brings up if Joe wins HOH he’s going to put her and Dan up they should be getting Joe out. Dan thinks it will be Dan, Jenn or Danielle.

Jenn thought them 4 were going to be strong and after talking to Danielle she knows Frank is going.

Dan: “how is Frank feeling right now”
Jenn: ‘He thinks he’s fine.. cause Danielle and Shane are telling him that”
Dan says that Frank asked him if he was arrogant and Dan told him no. Jenn and Dan agree Franks arrogance damaged his game.

Jenn says she wants to win HOH and put Ian and JOe up. She really can’t stand Ian and is looking forward to sending him home. Dan: “Ian can’t play in the next HOH he is ripe for the picking”

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10:30pm Cam 1-2 Jenn and Frank
Jenn telling him everything is going to be OK, Frank is feeling the same way. Says he just had a long talk with Danielle he’s feeling much better now. Frank says he told everyone that danielle Big Brother 14 was his big brother crush. Franks thinks Danielle really likes that he said that becuase she’s brought it up to him when he was campaigning for votes.

10:37pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle

Dan says that Jenn was a bit mad at Danielle but he’s smoothed it over he had to promise her a final 2. Dan: “I had to tell her I would keep Her over you”
(Jenn was pissed because Danielle is voting out Frank)

Dan says Danielle needs to reassure Jenn that she isn’t working with Shane. Jenn needs to feel at ease and calm.
Dan is going to tell Jenn that she needs to try and drive a wedge between her and Shane. Danielle wonders how can “they” can get someone in panic mode like they did with Jenn.

Danielle: “I’m about to go in there and blow my lid” (Diary room)
Dan: “They didn’t do a thing.. it’s OK this is our only Spike we need to get over”

(Apparently the DR asked Jenn 45 minutes of questions and now she’s worried about the Danielle, Dan, and Shane)

10:44PM Cam 3-4 Shane and Danielle
Shane wants to get rid of Joe next . Danielle disagrees says she wants to get rid of Ian next because if he gets near the end he’ll win everything. Shane: “Did Dan tell you that” Danielle :”Ya but don’t tell anybody”

Shane: “I know Ian expects us to put up Joe and Jenn if we win HOH.. I just don’t trust Joe”
Danielle: “But we can beat Joe”
Shane: “I know I know”

General chit chat.. Shane mentions maybe Danielle is America’s player and she’s getting paid to hug people in the house. Shane: “I would hug anybody in the house for money.. except for Wil that would be awkward”

Danielle: “If you want to snuggle or something you will need to start it..”
Shane: “You’re a great cuddler.. but it’s been so hot and i haven’t been sleeping”

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11:15pm Cam 3-4 Backyard

Ian explaining that the term backdoor is always being used incorrectly. Ian says that to be backdoored you need to be the replacement nomination and go home without the chance to play for POV. Ian says a lot of people this year are calling replacement nominee as being backdoored (Danielle and Shane are notorious for saying that)

Ian starts to explain Big Brother UK. Dan isn’t too impressed by the rules, Dan says that it’s obvious that there is no strategy in that game. Ian explains that the players cannot talk about nominations and the public gets to vote them out. Ian says it’s more about entertainment and watching people get to know each other whereas Big Brother US is more about cutthroat strategy.

11:31pm Kitchen Rummy between Shane and Frank

Frank trying to get votes “Dont’ go Sh!ting on my Dream”

11:46pm Backyard lounging

Dan: “If you don’t join the Dan Gheesling Mailing list you are a buster”

12:03am CAm 1-2 there’s a bat in the backyard everyone Danielle and Shane freak out

12:20Am Danielle getting ready for bed early (She’s still picking at her pimple like crazy)

12:33AM Joe and Frank

Joe Breaks free from the Mist says that there is something going on between Dan and Danielle. It doesn’t add up for him. He could be wrong but his gut is telling him they are working together. Joe stresses that he has no hard evidence he just feel like now they are “lovey dovey” and it doesn’t’ add up to his gut.

12:46AM CAm 3-4 Bedroom Shane, Joe and Danielle Joe shakes their hands and thanks them for keeping him in this game this week.
Joe is going to offer them some alone time from the Big Brother Cameras.
Joe: “I’m telling ya you got a solid 45minutes.. not sayign anything can happen”
Joe explains that he’ll make a bunch of noise outside and when they hear production telling them to stop that that will be Danielle and Shane’s Cue that there isn’t any camera’s on them.
Joe: “whatever happens in skid row stay in skid row”
Joe leaves..

Shane says that in less than 24 hours they will never have to see Frank again. They are both super excited.

12:51AM Cam 1-2 Ian and Joe Joe tells Ian it’s a lock he’s staying. Ian doesn’t know where Dan’s head is at but he’s confident that Shane and Danielle are voting to keep Joe.
Joe says that everyone knows about Shane and Danielle

Ian tells him that Shane and Danielle can wait they’re is a bigger player to get out.
Ian says if they win HOH they have to really consider putting up Jenn and Dan because that pair needs to be broken up.
Joe: “I am extremely worried about Dan.. He’s got a good mind”
Joe has thought about it and Jenn is the only person that would guarantee him the win
Ian more of less tells Joe that Dan has to leave as soon as possible for them to have a chance at final 2. Joe completely agrees.
Joe thinks that Ian has a good chance of winning. Joe doesn’t think he does but he wants to make it to final 2 and get the 50 grand.
Ian: “Shane has won challenges but what has he done”
They agree that Shane has one some competition wins but he hasn’t done very much thinking.

Ian really starts building up Joe’s chances to win the game. Brings up some of the crazy stuff Joe did week 1-3. Joe thinks that Maybe if Jenn wins HOH she might not put up Ian and Joe she might put up Ian and Shane. Ian says if that happens it comes down to Dan’s vote.

1:19AM Cam 1-2 Ian and Joe

Joe said to Frank today that his biggest mistake he made was keeping Dan in the game. Frank didn’t think so and Joe had to argue it with him for 10 minutes. Joe told him when he gets home and watches the show he’ll understand what he did.

Ian says that Britney and him were seriously considering working with Frank but after Frank put her up on the block it was over between them.
Ian: ”He would have at least 2 weeks of protection”
Joe: ‘At least it would have bought him a week”
Ian: “Ya”
Joe jokes that Frank is so arrogant he might not think he made any mistakes this season. Ian tells joe that everyone will know Frank threw his game away the day he kept Dan.

JOe: ‘What do you think his reaction to leaving be tomorrow”
Ian: “I kinda hope he’s going to be calm but I think he’s going to showboat”

1:38AM IAn recaps the season with Joe
1:40AM Dan, Shane and Danielle sleeping

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“Jenn tells him he promised a final 4 with Frank and her and now he’s going back on it with Frank what is stopping Dan from doing it to her.”

You go, Jenn! Don’t let Dan mist you!

Fear the Mist

Have no worries Ryan, Jenn has slipped back under the effects of the mist. The mist is so strong that despite the DR’s meddling, Frank still thinks he is safe. There is no escape, all shall be at the mercy of the mist.



“(Apparently the DR asked Jenn 45 minutes of questions and now she’s worried about the Danielle, Dan, and Shane)”

yeah, because thats the only time “jenncity” actually starts thinking about the game.

Boogie's Huge Forehead

It’s a good thing the DR is thinking about it for her, then, huh? I hate it when the DR tries to steer the gameplay by divulging secrets houseguests can’t figure out for themselves. If production wants to play BB, they should fill out an application like everybody else.



Danielle's Thunder Thighs

Seems to me that Shane’s place in the world is right between my legs, y’all. Do you think he’s in love with me? Shane has always been jealous of Frank getting close to me. Guys seems to always fight over me.


shut up dani u fat cow.if uthink dani is not fat then u too must b a porker.

Boogie's Huge Forehead

And you look just like Brad Pitt, right?

Tell Angelina and the kids I said hi.


No, he’s right. Danielle is fat. Fat + delusional = amazing TV almost all the time. Except this time. This time BB managed to find the one fat crazy who makes everyone turn the channel.


hate to say this but as a smaller girl, i’m offering some insight, shane saying it’s too hot to cuddle has to do with danielle being big because a guy has never ever not cuddled with me bc of the temperature in the room, it must only be an issue bc of her size, i hope she doesnt make that connection (i bet he hasn’t either)


Or more likely he’s gay.


the quack pack should be called the rat pack. there they go again with repeating everything to each other word for word. Danielle even fucked up with telling Shane this gem….

**** Shane wants to get rid of Joe next . Danielle disagrees says she wants to get rid of Ian next because if he gets near the end he’ll win everything. Shane: “Did Dan tell you that” Danielle :”Ya but don’t tell anybody ”***

SMH @ these idiots.


If you are in an alliance with someone, OF COURSE you tell them everything. Did you SEE Britney go after Dan for not telling her that Boogie was coming after her?


I would like to see all of the first 14 evicted HS play, or put an ex navy seal in with all starts.


Love this idea-first house guests evicted from past seasons come back to play BB.

Roisin Dubh

I’d like to see an all stars with the ones that almost got to the end, Matt, Frank, Jeff, ect. that house would explode from the jump.


Love this idea!!


Call it “Big Brother All-Losers”


That would be awesome!


Jenn was in the DR for 45 minutes..being asked questions..? Doesn’t sound right.. maybe they gave her the diamond power of veto or coupe d’ ta or something to save Frank..hmm I don’t know it seems strange to me..

BB King

Having seen snippets of BB UK numerous times, I can tell you that Frank is right. It has zero strategy involved. The audience votes for who gets to stay and who doesn’t if I recall correctly and players don’t get to evict.

BB King

Brigade vs. Quack Pack, which alliance would win? My bet is on the Brigade because they had more loyalty to each other than the Quack Pack.

Roisin Dubh

Brigade would eat the the little duckies alive. Thier team only had one weak link and knew how to compensate for it.

Roisin Dubh

I’m laughing. Shane’s so dumb he doesn’t realize once Frank is gone, his protection is gone. At least Ian realizes it, that’s why he’s been a basket case all week. Watching Dan end these two fools is gonna be great TV


The Brigade all day. They were a tight 4 who than paired off with people outside the alliance, except Enzo who played the lovable loser.
The QP is almost incestuous with their pairings.. Dan with Danielle whos with Shane whos with Brit who had the coach connection with Dan. That fact that no one figured out about the QP was a testament to how badly everyone wanted Frank n Boogie out(and how hard F n B had to work to stay) , that they overlooked the obvious.


POWERHOUSE HAS FINALLY BROKE FREE YESSSSSS! Come on we need a Powerhouse win tomorrow night to save this sinking season, come on Powerhouse!!! Honestly though Joe has a really good feeling on this game but HIS lack of ability to win comps is holding him back :( BREAK THROUGH POWERHOUSE


Poor Danielle will be remembered as the fat girl with the giant zit.


Between that zit thats the size of Stone Mountain and the crazy Botox eyebrows I can’t even look at Danielle without cringing. Please somebody, anybody vote to evict Danielle.

Aqua Bernie

If Shane used an ounce of his brain, he would ditch Danielle and Dan go up to the HOH(Ian), and say hey you’re the brains, i’m the brauns, let’s get Jenn and Joe on board for the votes. And Jenn is not that stupid.. That is worth a try. If Shane claims he is that broke. It’s worth the try. Because Danielle is going to screw Shane over for Dan, who has already won this game. What do you think Simon?


I completely agree with you that Shane and Ian should pair up and get Joe and Jen on board, but the thing is the only person that seems to be seeing that Dan and Dani are working together is Joe and he’s not even 100% sure, he’s just questioning it. I just wish he would see the light and find evidence then present it to those 3 and then team up and take the 2 of them out! That would make for some good tv :-) not that I want Jen or Joe to win(maybe Joe now for actually possibly having a brain in his head and figuring this out). I mean ideally it would be great for Dan or Ian to win…but I’d also like some good tv too….


Stop the slop. Stop the slop. Stop the slop. Pizza. Pizza. Anything but SLOP.


Keep Joe: Dani+Shane?
Keep Frank: Jenn
I do not know Dan will keep who
If it has a tie, Ian will keep Joe? or Frank

shane prefers blondes

I wonder what went on between britney and Shane…hmm.


Dani and Dan ARE hanging out tooooo much!!!! – Dani is so Cute, though!


I am for Dani N Shane. Go guys.


Danielle is no Honey Boo Boo, she’s bigger and less entertaining to watch.


So true. Honey Boo Boo is way more entertaining than this season of BB.

You better redneckonize!


I understand wanting to get Ian out (he’s won comps, he’s made moves, he is a threat) but Jenn needs to stop talking about wanting to get Joe out… for what? He is the ONLY person she might be able to beat in the final 2. He’s a floater. She’s a floater. He’s won zero competitions. She’s won ONE. By accident. Jenn needs to keep Joe around. Heck, in the last HOH comp they both fell before the live show even ended. They are the same person playing the same game!

Big Red

Both of them are so tiresome. Time for them to go: Joe’s made it too far now: he’s shifted here and there, worn out the “I’m a dad and I need to make my kids proud” ploy for sympathy, and been a follower of whomever wants him, and finally, following Shane to vote Britney out was, for me, their final death knell, loud and clear. Shane has consistently made boneheaded moves and never known it. Britney spent a lot of energy cleaning up his messes. Time to pay the piper.
Jersey tat woman is a yawn who has sat back throughout, hanging out on her bed, acting the part of the gypsy woman on the corner with magic mojo while rthe neighborhood wives come in for a card reading, gab away, and go off thinking she’s imparted some insight when the person has worked it out for him/herself, after which she goes into the DR and boasts about how she has the whole game wired. Yawn.

btw: I enjoyed the post here about production having her in the DR for 45 minutes trying to get her to understand what was going on so she might do something interesting and relevant.

Most of them are a yawn, and Frank is looking better and better: he has a sincerity about him that is now lacking in the rest of the cast.

Again, the reality show parody that was not a real reality show, “Joe Schmoe,” was ironically, and surprisingly for the producers, the most real of all. Having ka cast of improv actors be houseguests, each one cast for the stereotypes represented in the usual reality show casts, with one real person was uplifting and brilliant. Archived online: every reality show fan should watch this as an exemplar, a benchmark in the world of “reality” show entertainment. Because of the nature “Joe Schmoe,” it would be hard to pull off more than once. It’s a a one-off classic with which we should all be familiar (along with the first reality show, from PBS in the 1970s, “American Family,” unprovoked and unscripted); the concept of having all guest but one be actors following production twists designed to get the one real houseguest to win in the end, and he confounded them at every turn with his decency.

Here is the link to watch that series, “Joe Schmoe,” online
original programming for SPIKE TV :


Something similar could probably be pulled off, with half a house of improv actors and the other half not: after all, these shows have become auditions for people wanting to get into the business (it reached its low in BB10 [?], the winter writer’s strike filler with the HGs bickering over who got the most “face time” and how to get more. On the other hand, they did organize some good entertainment skits for the Showtime after-hours broadcasts . . . until BB’s “Stop singing” threw a wet blanket on the creative spirit, in the same way that Orwell’s original Big Brother, killed the individual spirit, after which it then it got venal and boring.and finally flatlined.

Wow, what a diatribe: this was meant to be a simple response at first, just to note that the castmates (can no longer pretend to believe they are real people) who are left are a sorry lot, having broken out of any alliances that would actually get them where they think they are going. As said, Frank is looking better and better and a clean sweep by Ian and Frank would be the only acceptable outcome, though I have not been a Frank fan. He’s looking good now, by default. the rest can go belly-up and flip and flop like fish out of water, and we can do without a final three then two for the long boring week that it has proven to be in the past..

Maybe bringing back eliminated players for a sudden death wekk of playoffs would liven it up. It’s been a pretty uneven season.

Fortunately, BB scheduling conflicted with the DNC and a Red State football game,j so it’s not like we were stuck with nothing else to watch.


Yeah Shane, It would be equally as awkward for Wil. Trust- Some gays, aren’t so comfortable with you straights sometimes either! LOL (KIDDING) Actually, We tend to be more compassionate evolved and comfortable with ourselves. We are not all after you!!! Just my 2 cents! Sorry, it just hit a nerve.


Wil was my favorite this season. He was the most entertaining house guest, shared some interesting perspectives, and had great style.

Shane shouldn’t have made that comment about him last nite.

I hope Wil comes back another season.

Cajun Lady

Since Frank is headed out the door already, he should call a house meeting and just air it all out in front of everyone at once. Let them all hear all the dirty little secrets and lies they all have been feeding him along with Dan’s little plan he made with him for final 2. That should stir the pot up and cause some commotion and paranoia for everyone left in the house. Go down swinging at least.


I WISH Frank would realize he is out the door so he could call that house meeting.

I want him totally exposing everyone. It could actually lead to him staying if she says the right few things.


That is just it, Frank does not know that he is getting voted out. Everyone has lied and told him that they have his vote. Dan, Danielle, and Shane are definately not voting to keep Frank, and Dan has spoken to Jenn about not keeping Frank. As someone mentioned before, Jenn needs to keep Joe and try to get to the end somehow with him. It is truly her only chance to win the grand prize.


I was just wondering . How much it is going to cost Dan to pay Dr Will to remove the strings form Dan’s fingers?? Do you think he will get a BB discount??

Danielles Annoying

I’m not watching BBAD no more! I’m sick of seeing/hearing Danielle’s ANNOYING Whispering! That’s ALL they show now! Danielle, STFU!!!


OMG Joe’s actually pretty good at this
And seriously, WIN NEXT HOH!!!

DAN needs to go ho!!!
Let these noobs fight it out!!


What if Joe won HOH and got Dan evicted? That would be great!

Fight the mist Joe!

Misery II

He thought he was going on a game show

Misery II

Danielle as Nurse Annie Wilkes
Shane as Paul Sheldon
Dan as Buster the sheriff


No way Danielle would kill Dan over Shane


I’ve kind of fallen off following since Britney left but tuned in last night to the show. I just can’t believe how trusting people are of Dan! Especially the ones who have watched his season (Frank / Ian). I wish there were some people in the cast who could see through it.


worst season ever


I will admit, I almost felt a tiny bit bad for carrot top last night, but snapped myself out of it. As the old saying goes,

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

How can I feel bad for him? I don’t.


And Danielle has weight issues? Really? I mean, I looked at the pic above and she looks pretty okay to me. Now her personality…as I’ve stated before, she irritates me from time to time, but to take it out in chucking 2cents about her weight? Pretty lame. I mean, you’d think by some of the things I’ve heard she’s a horrible disgusting human being. Yes, for me, at least, how you look on the outside has no effect on me on who you are in the inside, but Danielle doesn’t come across to me as ugly. All that’s being said about her being clingy and attention-seeking and lying-Sure, but 1) It’s a game, 2) with 500k in stake, and 3) Everyone reacts differently to being confined in one place with total strangers for a few months.


I think shane has secretly got the gots for frank and that’s why he won’t initiate anything with danielle


lol got the gots…….i meant to say has the hots…