Big Brother Spoilers – Frank: “The Most action I got in this house.. Joe grabbing my butt cheek”

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

10:10AM Cam 1-2 Backyard Joe and Jenn

Finally the houseguests wake up.. Jenn and Joe head outside. Jenn comments on how cloudy it is today, she thinks it’s sprinkling a bit. JOe: “Enjoy it while you can”

Frank joins them says he’s glad they let them all sleep in a little bit this morning. (Frank blows out a couple farts) He asks Joe how much he’s weighing now. Joe says 180.. 185. Frank says he weighs 190.

Frank wonders why they haven’t fixed the memory wall yet. Thinks that they might now have been able to find someone to fixe it last night so they will do it today. Frank comments on the rain sprinkles hitting his legs.

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10:20Am Cam 1-2 Jenn and Frank

Frank says he saw Shane and Joe talking late last night, he is worried about Shane’s vote.

Jenn cannot understand why they want t keep joe in the house. He’s so wishy washy.. he’s dangerous to have around.
Frank says the only reason they would keep Joe is he’s easy to beat.
Joe joins them and talk shifts to the wake up music Big Brother played today.

They start talking about sleeping arrangements.
Frank: “The Most action I got in this house.. Joe grabbing my butt cheek”
Jenn: “Joe going in for the kill”
Frank: “correct me if I’m wrong but we’ve only had one Havenots competitions.. “
Joe: “Yup.. the rest were coaches comps”
Frank: “This season has definitely different.. no luxury comps”
Jenn: “I’m glad this season is different they had to switch up a couple things”

Frank starts spitting out some random shoutouts to people.. Jenn starts with some shoutouts to random people, DJtim#37.. superpass etc etc. Joe has gone back to bed.

Only Frank and Jenn are up on the feeds. they are outside enjoying the rain.

10:48pm Jenn Cam 1-2 Backyard

Jenn starts up a round of shout outs of friends to “Superpass” (I think she’s meaning the live feed watchers) . The feeds switch right away.

Frank joins jenn again with a new protein/coffee drink.

Frank saying it’s wednesday they have work to do. Jenn agrees they talk about getting Danielle’s vote and how they need to explain to her it’s her only chance.

Frank says that he doesn’t think Danielle is playing the game anymore she’s not thinking about the long term game. Jenn disagrees says the last 2 days Danielle hasn’t been on her toes 100% but she still thinks Danielle is playing the game. Jenn thinks that Danielle and Shane are getting very close and they need to be broken up.

Jenn plans to go up to Danielle and tell her she needs to really think about her game and sticking with Dan, her and Frank is her best bet. Jenn says daniele needs to put aside what Dan did during the funeral and move on.

Jenn says that Dan has one week left in this game because everyone is going to want to take out Ian first then him. Frank agrees. Frank thinks they should get rid of Danielle before Shane because Danelle will be dangerous in the final comps and Shane will be useless.

Frank: “It’s almost best if we go into the final 4 with Me, You, Dan and Shane”
Jenn agrees she’s going to work Dan hard today just to make sure they 3 of them are solid.

Talk goes to Shane and how he’s put them both up but they are not salty. Frank points out that Shane is very malleable now that Britney is gone.

Frank says last night he went into the bathroom and started talking to Danielle about periods, zits, shaving legs.. Jenn: “She loves talking about that kind of stuff.. clothes and shopping” They both laugh at Daneille. Jenn started a conversation about clothes with Danielle and it lasted hours, “You gotta do it you gotta start those conversations”

Talk starts about Marilyn Manson. Both Jenn and Frank are big fans saying how Marilyn Manson’s new record is awesome.

11:01AM Cam 3 The largest Zit in the Big Brother house right now

11:20am Frank Backyard

Frank talking to the cameras.. he’s saying he has 2 votes locked, good chance he’s got 3 he might even get 4 votes. Frank doesn’t think he should be so worried. Frank thinks Danielle is only concerned with her “Little showmance”

Frank doesn’t want to see Danielle in a place of power again she’ll run her mouth too much. Frank doesn’t want Jenn to win this next HOH he wants it to be Dan or Shane so they can take out Ian. He wants Jenn to win the HOH after that.

Frank thinks he can talk Jenn into putting Danielle and Shane up . Frank maps out the endgame for him.
Bootlist – Joe, Ian, Danielle, Shane, Dan leaving him and Jenn in the final 2 with Frank getting the “W” (Frank says “W” when talking about winning things in big brother)

Frank: “If I win the final HOH i’m bringing Dan.. i’ll say sorry to Dan.. but when I was down and out after the double eviction Jenn stuck by me..”

Frank: “Jenn is a grown women.. she has more common sense than everyone else in this house except for me.. just kidding”

Jenn joins him again. He tells her he wants Shane to win the Next HOH so he will nominate Dan/Ian and they can evict Ian. Frank is worried now if Danielle wins she’ll go run to Dan and tell him the things Frank was saying about Dan last night (Too late she already told Shane and Dan.. Frank told Danielle he didn’t trust Dan at all)

(Frank is so severely misted by Danielle and Dan it’s crazyness)

11:46Am Jenn is saying that Ian’s social game is terrible and hers is solid she played this game by hiding in the shadows and Ian played it by being a creepy little kid. Frank wished he could have played the same type of game as Jenn but he felt that right from day one people were targeting him and he had to win or go home. Frank says that Ian will look back in 5 years and see how he acted and be ashamed. Jenn: “He’ll still be a little weirdo” (This is too funny coming from these characters .. when Jenn describes her social game she acts like she was Dr Will in this year)

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Danielle's Zit

by the look of the picture, i am about ready to consume her whole forehead…..

daffy duck

Wow, poor Danielle. Does she ever get racked over the coals on this site. I would never subject myself to so much criticism. You all must think you are perfect to be taking so many shots at her.


I agree….I don’t get why there’s so much Danielle bashing on here. I mean regarding the personal attacks – people can say whatever they want about an houseguest’s gameplay, but I don’t understand saying things about them being fat, etc. It’s really disappointing. I don’t remember seeing this much Rachel-bashing (she had pretty awful skin at times) and she was an icky person IMO.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Wow, that’s just harsh.


Wow, you have something against your dick? I can’t think of anything so bad that I would rather harm my penis.

Cheese Grater

Please, go ahead and do that. Don’t let us stop you!


Only because she’s been solidly coached by Dan since the beginning, IMO. I agree that she’s toxic to watch.

Dark Horse

Nah…I remember it with Rachel too…both seasons


agree….she got a ton of trash talk towards her…..well really everyone does as some point!


I think my dislike of Danielle even trumps the disgust I had for Rachel.
Rachel, though also self-obsessed, did not even spend a quarter of the time looking into the mirrors that Danielle does.

I was flashing back yesterday and Danielle was in the bathroom doing her makeup. I shit you not, she went at it for a good 45 minutes. Add in 30 minutes of her breaking to make faces at herself in the mirror and it totaled about 1 and half hours. She is not beautiful enough to be that consumed with her own looks. Sorry, but it is just plain truth.
During that time Brit came in, took 5 minutes to toss on some light makeup and put her hair in a ponytail, and was done.

Carol & Steve

Well, in Danielle’s defense what’s the hurry? I doubt she takes this long in real life so why not take advantage of the time to put on her mist proof war makeup! :)


Danielle makes watching BBAD painful. She looks at herself in the mirror every 15 to 20 seconds. I can’t believe that the HGs don’t constantly make fun of her for doing it. It has to be just as obvious to them as it is to us. Not sure I could handle watching her on the live feeds when it’s time to put on her makeup. To be brutally honest, Danielle is not a pretty girl unless she has a thick coat of makeup on. She may be pretty while she’s wearing it but her deep seeded insecurities make her very unattractive. Thanks to her, I fast forwarded 90% of BBAD last night. She went on and on and on and on to anyone who would listen about how Frank pissed her off by saying he deserves to be there. Game or no game, listening to her would drive me insane.


God forbid anyone call her fat again.


Simon is right, as usual. Dani IS playing a solid game….she just spends too much time in front of the cameras during live feeds and BBAD.

Also, I myself was not a Rachel fan, and there was A LOT of bashing going on….and she still won, go figure. LOL

I still say the UK does it in a more interesting way….puts the vote into the hands of the fans after the noms…”The Great British Public” vote is the vote that evicts, so it’s a really different game. Apples and oranges if you will. I probably will continue to watch both and still threaten to stop watching this one.

Oh well….


i dont think its right. but at the same time she wouldnt get as many “fat” comments towards her if she herself wasnt constantly saying it or asking someone if she is or thinking someone else is saying she is……she started it really…….


You obviously weren’t here the last 2 seasons, we made tons of images poking jokes at her…… Dani’s jokes are soft in comparison

we not serious about the jokes, we just talkin shit, people need to stop takin everything about this game and what we type about the HGs so fuckin seriously….


Ill Will
What about friends and family members who read the comments. I don’t think they will find the comments entertaining.

I appreciate this website very much and some comments here are so thought provoking.

Some of your comments are entertaining and I appreciate them. Comments about weight or facial flaws maybe not.


On the real, If I was on the show I’d expect people to talk shit about me, I’m a silly mufucka

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

OMG, why are you attacking me? What’d I do to deserve this? Y’all see the size of this zit. It launched full scale war on my head. I’m a sad girl.


They need to do a fast forward every week. The time between evictions is too long for both houseguests and viewers. They should compress the “weeks” in there to like 3 days. They do away with the live eviction thing until the last 3 weeks. They should start the house for the first month or so not live, then catch up with the editing to show the last 3-4 weeks live. If I was even tempted to go on this show, the endless days between meaningful events would kill me. All that is going on now, is that there maybe one meaningful conversation at the beginning of the day with say 3 people. Then the rest of the day is spent by those 3 people telling the others what was said during that conversation. Next day, lather, rinse, repeat.


I agree. I’ve never seen so many people tell so many lies in so little time. They should rename the show “Telephone”, like the old kids game!

hotbutton topic

the zit pic made my day!


No way that’s a zit… it’s a horn!

Aqua Bernie

the ugliness within is coming out!


I just barfed up my lunch. Thanks Danielle!


I’m not elasiy impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! :)

Dark Horse

? speaks to Frank as if she’s not voting him out…

too bad Dani’s zit can’t vote…dayum!!


soon enough it’ll be human, then it can vote LOL


Are Jenn and Frank pretending to each other that Dan and Dani aren’t working together, or did they truly forget the night of the funeral?


Frank doesn’t want Jenn to win this next HOH he wants it to be Dan or Shane so they can take out Ian. He wants Jenn to win the HOH after that.

Don’t worry bro, Jenn not winning ANY HOH

I hate Frank

I know for real. She only got that POV cause Frank got taking out. And he stillmade her use it to scr*** himself. I love how Frank messed up his own game. I wish i could be there when he’s told what really happen. This is great TV!


Please tell me where I can find a replay of Ian calling frank a “cow fucker”! I love IAN!!! Frank is such a low life!


Frank: “Jenn is a grown women.. she has more common sense than everyone else in this house except for me.. just kidding”

He gets more delusional every day , I’m feeling less and less sorry that he will get a huge blindside Thursday

Disgusting Jenn

OMG if any one is watching the live feeds its so funny listening to Frank & Jenn play out the rest of the season with them being in the final 2. Frank is saying that after all of his planning it will be him & Jenn and they will be talking to the jury explaining why they should win. Jenn just said she will be playing for the $50,000 because Frank has been a better player with one exception she has been a better social player. Way to go Jenn stroke Frank’s ego even more.

I love how Jenn is going to talk to Danielle today and tell her why they need to keep Frank. After last night I’m sure Danielle can’t wait to keep Frank not!

Tomorrow night can’t come fast enough. Cant wait to see the look on Frank’s face when he is evicted!!!! Priceless!!!!

Dark Horse


Do you think Jenn will vote to evict Frank?
I’m wondering if she’ll give him a sympathy vote

Dark Horse

Thanks ;)

I think I got misted by Dan…and was thinking it would be 4-0 to evict Frank.


Wtf is Ian thinking?? Why does he want a 2-2 vote so he can break the tie and get credit for getting the hairy monster out? It’s like he’s saying “Ok Dan & Jenn, I’ll let you stay in good graces with Frank while I send him to jury, therefore helping you out and committing suicide when it comes to jury votes.” He could force a 4-0 or 3-1 vote, all he has to say is when they tell me to cast the tie-breaking vote, i will say “Well the vote was 4-0 for you to go Frank, but Dan & Jenn changed to secure your jury vote so I’m forced doing their dirty work…now get steppin!!”


Likely the only jury vote he’d lose would be Frank’s, which he probably wouldn’t have anyone, on the other side he’d be able to point to his evicting the previously unstoppable Frank as a reason he deserves to win to the rest of the jury.



Dark Horse

Ian may be thinking more like…He was the vote to evict Boogie and he will be the vote to evict Frank…I guess it’s a resume builder LOL

I think Ian is convinced that he won’t win in the end…but I do love your last line.

MU Tigers

Say it ain’t so Simon. So if Dan and Jenn both vote to keep Frank, and Shane and Danielle vote him out and then Ian sends Frank home, what will the people wanting to get Dan fired gonna do? Dan would have kept his word to Frank. Afterall he is only one vote, and he would have given that to Frank. How they gonna blame the others vote on Dan?

Dan's part time bible

Time for Frank to start talking about Ashley and how she told him she had a real crush on Ian but didn’t want to have a real showmance because of the cameras. blah blah blah….fill Ian with hope…
…and then later, Frank should drop subtle hints about how horny he is and how he thinks Ashley is a hottie and he wonders how she is doing in the jury house.

first build Ian’s hopes up, then use his jealousy to get him to keep Frank’s dream alive.

Dan would have thought of that – Frank, not so much.

Swim golden

Who else will vote for frank?


Holly Fuck what’s that alien growing on Dani’s face? everybody in that house is gonna die when it hatches



Dark Horse

I’m hoping it’s the 5th vote to evict Frank!

the one

she needs to go to the jury house in see britny where britny sey you lie to me i thought you w my friend to do me like tht when i told people you desvired to be this gme vote to keep you in you couldnt tell me the truth when it w over tht why i wnt her gone in get off of ien he just dont wht people dont wnt to do in tht go toe to toe with frnk thts why i wnt ien or shen to win it


Please re-post in english so I can understand??????

Dark Horse

The more Frank speaks…the more excited I get for tomorrow night.

I hope Julie tells him he was misted by Dan LOL


You people are horrible ! Everyone gets zits…its a fact of life. All you people who make fun of her weight and her zits (which are not preventable) must be absolutly flawless…which I’m pretty sure you aren’t because everyone has pros and cons about the way they look. No one is perfect and many people struggle with her weight and skin and guess what….SHE IS NOT FAT !!! She is an average looking girl. At least she is a better person than most of you !!

Aqua Bernie

Danielle is horrible, She’s a delusional mean girl!


I agree with you Noname.

I would guess most individuals on this website are adults even over 18 years of age..

No wonder there is so much bullying in the schools.

Children do as they see

It is sad, sad, sad


LMFAO taking what we type to a whole new level, it’s not even about that so calm down with that bullshit

Ians virginity

taking what you type to a whole new level???? Unless you’ve never had a zit before just shut your mouth? You hide behind a keyboard and would never say this shit in real life.


OMG chill out! Everyone on TV gets picked on. This is a fun site! Nobody want to upset anyone. Don’t read it if you don’t like it!


These are JOKES… nobody is serious posting here, only the people who get angry are serious about this game

give the carrot 500Gs!!!!!!!!!!

My only “con” is that I AM perfect and it irritates people….

give the carrot 500Gs!!!!!!!!!!

OHHHHH and….

….and BTW the tumor growing on that fat cow’s face looks malignant….. for the people excited t see Frank leave, I’m equally excited to know that this sea-donkey will need years of therapy to repair the damage caused from all the criticism shes recieved here….

THE PEOPLE SPOKE: You are NOT Kate Beckensale, Kim Kardashian, or J-Lo….. You are quasimoto of BB14 ….. but thats okay, you can console yourself with snacks….


LMFAO @ Dani being the quasimoto of BB14



LMAO, you sound just like him!!! Tff


Damnit that is not ME commenting!
Just FYI, I am the NoName who has been commenting all season (and part of last season).
Apparently this new “NoName” did not realize the name was already in use.
Since it is pretty generic I will switch up mine to clear up confusion.

From here on out I will be OriginalNoName. Those of you who know my posts know damn well I would not be sticking up for batshit Danielle. She deserves every slam she gets on this site, anyone who has the live feeds KNOWS the truth!


How is Danielle’s behavior different from what is shown on BBAD? Is she even more annoying, whiny and hungry for attention? Does she fish for complements even more? Does she tend to exude even more low self esteem when BBAD isn’t on? Serious question. Not rhetorical.


Could not agree more, I love this site, Simon does a great job but, the people on here are worse than last year…although I admit BB this year is boring I would still prefer to watch BBAD than read the majority of these post. Dani is a little much to take at time but, she’s only 23 and will most likely cry when she realizes how crazy she was on the show…..I only hope she figures out she is NOT FAT, most women would love to look as good as her, she’s very pretty without all the junk she puts on her face,


I’m grateful for the site but often horrified by the extreme judgement in some of the posts. Many of the posts about Danielle are cruel and unreasonable, but the ones that hurt me the most are the ones trashing Ian. He obviously has high-functioning autism, which is often characterized by high intelligence, some obsessive-compulsive behaviors and nervous rocking and sometimes flapping, which is called ‘stimming.’ He may be ‘different’ but he’s not mentally ill (autism is not a mental illness but a neurological quirk). He’s not my favorite, but I think he’s doing a great job! I love it that Brittany seemed to ‘get’ Ian and not judge him. I think it says a lot about her sensitivity and intelligence level. A lot of brilliant and famous people have had these high functioning autistic features — Mozart, Einstein etc. Yes, they can miss social cues and be a little annoying with repetitive behaviors, but so what? Anyway, off soapbox.

give the carrot 500Gs!!!!!


I’ve been telling everyone all season: “Ian is f*****ng retard!” …… NO WAIT….. I said “… weird ass back-stabbing douche” but “retard” registers equally….

not very PC of you to say that tho, but I’m not easily offended so… wI chuckled….

Maybe production was trying to reach out to a very specific demographic when they cast Rain man as a houseguest…

I bet if we knew his middle name we could rearrange the letters to spell “Rain Man” — BB is deeeeep, Bubba! (and thats just the sh*t we DO know)


please be offended…. it makes it all worth it….


I’m not offended. Just needed to say my piece. You can say whatever. I still think Ian is doing a great job and he’s definitely not retarded. But I’m pretty sure you are.


The biggest bully is Danielle, she has spends her time lying and trashing people. Telling lies for gameplay is one thing but she takes it to a whole new level making it personal.


that zit is looking like an eyeball in the middle of Danielle’s head.


That’s what happens when you have your head up your a$$ all the time…it’s a whole new version of Sh*t faced, which in turn is so unsanitary those are the aftereffects. Bottom line that girl (Danielle, Dani, NurseBatSh*t, Tw*t of The BB14)…whatever you want to call her) is SO out of line with her comment about Frank. Sure he’s a competition beast, and yeah from time to time he has an ego moment. But she has such total distain for him, yet you can bet she’d refer to it as nothing personal. Ultimately, it wouldn’t be personal either since best I can tell he never did anything to her.

We all have seen how self centered and yet so insecure she is…let alone how low her self esteem is. Maybe that’s what drives her here, call everyone else a douche bag and suddenly she doesn’t look so bad to herself. But in doing so, she just comes across as a total C*nt. Then put her together with “Mr. Exactly” (Shane’s response to every third sentence) and you got the totally annoying; leading the total idiot. (Remember, Shane’s the guy who wondered how pilots see to fly at night…must be SONAR?)

They get both their panties in a bunch over the fact that Frank’s repeats what they tell him to others. OMG he’s such a liar and an a$$ for doing so. Wait a minutes let me get this straight, you guys (S&D) tell him something which is a bold faced lie just to f*ck with him as he tries to get votes and then he quotes you exactly to help further his game and he’s the jerk?

I thought she had to go because she was so annoying with all the “what about me” & “what did they say about me” comments and the generally just the whining…but really she needs to go because she’s just a flat out __________ fill in your own word there, but just know they come from the gutter and have been left off so as not to offend the fine people who frequent this site and are on a SO much higher level than she every will be.


Wow, calm down, little girl. I can’t wait until Frank leaves so we don’t have to hear your juvenile bullshit, but you’ll probably continue to be a hater anyway. I think it’s hilarious we have people on here being told they’re too sensitive about the Danielle bashing and then there’s comments like these that are….um, what’s the phrase you used? Oh-way out of line. Danielle annoys me, but how does she come off as a c*#t? That’s such a derogoratoty name and though I like her game, she is just annoying to me, but not in any way to that extent. Please take the evaluation for Briarcliff? She isn’t even that bad. You must be…sensitive.


For all intents and purposes Frank is gone…so that’s irrelevant. Call me a hater if you wish, but that’s my point, that’s where SHE is coming from. Best I can tell, without any reasons to back it up from her stand point. This is the girl that said; “I hate Janelle, I hate her” again based on what? Now she repeatedly calls Frank a douche bag and more. She has always found a person that she can trash and do so without a kind word. Yet her biggest fear is what others think of her or say about her, thus the constant: “What did they say about me?” (talk about do unto others & throwing things in glass houses). The other night she commented on how sad she was that she was “the only woman in the house” Just have to wonder if she said that right to Jenn’s face, how Jenn might label her. If I had to guess, I’d go with the ‘C’ word. Or maybe she’d class it up and just tell her to “Suck It”

So this isn’t about Frank, if he’s there or not and she conducts herself in the manner she has been she’ll still be what she is. It’s just a matter of who’s next, will it be Joe or Jenn, could even be Ian. And let’s just see what happens when the time comes and Dan slits her throat…my guess is she won’t leave it as “Nicely done Dan, that was a big move and awesome game play”

Next time I’m in New York maybe Danielle and I can swing by Briarcliff under the agreement that we’ll share all the results…I just know as we leave I won’t be the one saying: “What do you think they said about me”


I was just watchin BBAD on my DVR……OMG How boring ! ! ! I can’t believe Showtime gives 3 hours to BB………they must lose a lot of viewers to other networks ! BB needs to do something different………I mean by the time you watch it on Sun and Wed…… already know everything ! Thurs. is the only exciting night of this show ! ! ! Maybe the whole long drawn out thing should be shortened………..and then have 2 shows per year ! ! ! Make the prize $250 K instead of 500 K…………..Once all the “good” lively people are gone…….fans fall away and don’t really care ! Does Allison Grodner not realize this ? ? ?

production rigged it

that’s why i quit watching BBAD after britney left, i knew it was going to be so boring i didn’t want to waste my time so now i just come on this great site for the updates and now wait patiently for next year and hope they get some players no vets please who actually know how to play the game not some morons (shane) who had never even watched the show before….fingers crossed


The feeds do get boring when the number of house guests dwindle. I would like to see feeds from the jury house on showtime. The feeds of the BB house are fun to watch when everyone is scurrying to get votes and make alliances. That scurrying should be happening in jury. Is Brit really trying to swing votes for Ian? When Frank gets there will he go to work for Jenn or just sit and pout because Little Buba got him out and he was the only one there good enough to win?


I thought ? Was down to get frank out

Dark Horse

I thought she was too at one point…IDK it changes day to day…

production rigged it

i think she will vote for him to stay because she is more delusional than danielle now, she thinks she is this great player now and is going to make it to final 2 and she will want frank’s jury vote which is also why i think dan will vote for him too, that way danielle,shane and ian can get all the blood on their hands and lose frank’s jury vote if they make it to final 2


I agree… does change. One day they’re going to split it so that Ian gets to have his “say” to Frank, and the next day they’re voting him out 4-0. It scares me a bit because they all need to be on the same page or Frank IS going to stay!! Only one person (Joe or ?) has to fuck up their vote and Frank stays. They will hopefully will all be on the same page when the time comes.

And I also agree that this show is being aired way to much….didn’t evictions used to happen on Sundays? Since I read the blow-by-blows here, and I have BBAD, the pre-recorded shows are totally boring but for the bits where the feeds are cut and the chatter gets good, and the DR sessions.


I agree they should make it a 4-0 vote, Ian should tell them they don’t get a free jury vote and if you vote a 2-2 tie he will explain that it was going to be 4-0 but a couple people wanted Frank’s jury vote so they decided to put the blood on Ian’s hands. Also Joe doesn’t get to vote, he’s on the block :)


No…its called being loyal.


Seriously, Quack Pack needs to fall apart. I’m so sick entire of Ian being so cocky. Don’t worry Frank. Ian will be leaving.

Disgusting Jenn

If anyone needs the know how to lose weight or exercise just tune in to the Frank & Jenn show. Who in the world would want to look like Jenn or Frank. Used up punk rocker & carrot top. Houseguests please wake up so we can watch somebody other than those 2 clowns.


this season cant end fast enough….super fast forward tonight and pick a winner


yea we can predict who wins Dan or Dani , most likely Dan

Ians Beer

Simon/Dawg….you may want to add to the above poll : Who is the most likely to break free of Dan’s mist? ….Make a checkbox for Danielle’s Zit :()


LOL nice one..


Hey, is the Live Feeds’ Chat working for anyone?

Dan's part time bible

I feel bad for Danielle…her face looks like she is a meth addict.


I touught that Jenn was voting to get rid of Frank too! What’s going on? Who is she voting to evict?

Power of Veto Corleone

Dan the human douche bag really does have Magical powers. No other person on TV can make me reach for the fast forward button quicker than seeing his ugly face wearing his stupid kerchief in his hair. It’s gotten to where I can’t stand his whining nasaly voice either, especially when he’s in whisper mode.
Ian’s running a close second when he sits crossed legged on his new hammock and swings away. He looks like he’s on a magic carpet and is trying to fly away.
What a bunch of jabroni’s.
To think I waited a whole year to watch these jerks. Being a BB fan has been painful for me this season and from the messages on this board I can tell I’m not alone.
Oh well….just 10 months before we all get to complain about the next bunch of stiffs they roll in for BB15.
In the mean time we always have this site to amuse us until one of these undesirables win the 500 large.
Oops….watching BBAD from last night and there he is again playing cards wearing that f’n red bandana that will be selling on Ebay in three weeks. Where’s the remote?


I think Frank’s best bet would be to somehow convince Ian to keep him in the game.I would tell Ian to tell the others that he wants the honor of evicting Frank so to make sure the vote is a tie.I just don’t know what his selling point to Ian would be to keep him.Really even though i’m a fan of Frank’s i wish he would have went home instead of Boogie because Boogie would have seen all the angles of the game up to this point and probably wouldn’t be in the position Frank’s in now.It’s to bad he really had no desire to play the game and just wanted to stay loyal to Frank


A while back Dani was talking about how she “used” to be bulemic but her actions are those of somebody who still has an eating disorder. The extreme weight gain because she loves to eat but can’t get rid of it with all the cameras on her, so she’s constantly needing reassurance that she looks fine and the “weight gain” is only her imagination. I’m not a fan of her but I do feel sorry for her after she gets out and reads all the nasty stuff that was said about her looks.
Aside from that, this house is getting boring…Jenn should’ve just stayed hiding in the shadows because now that she has opened her mouth she sounds like a barking asshole.


“Last week I made a big move……” “I made a big move last week…..” “The big move I made last week…….”

Um, Frank and Dan told her what to do and she did it. Before now, nobody even knew you were on the show. Yeah…..big move.


A quick question, Can someone please tell me when a houseguest is evicted and sent to jury do they get to take the episodes that just happened with them? Like the funeral incidence, will that video be in the jury house for the jury to see? I cant remember if they take the show with them to watch? Thanks guys!

production rigged it

i know they get to see the hoh and pov comps for sure but i can’t remember if they get to see the entire episode or not.

Fleur de Lis

“Jenn is saying that Ian’s social game is terrible and hers is solid she played this game by hiding in the shadows”….. this is not a social tactic, this is a floater tactic. Totally different things.

These people are so delusional this year. It makes me wonder if BB went to a whole bunch of looney bins and picked them out…..


Question? Does the caption for the largest zit in the BB house belong to the picture above or below? (HA!)

Eric CA

I do not like most of the House Guests, do to their constant need to talk s**t. Some of it has crossed lines for me… I think there are things people say in the game because they are in a stressful situation and the would never say it in the real world, then there are people who would say it in the real world but are not caught on camera saying it.

It is why I do not care for, at all for two people in that house that are still there, Frank and Danielle. The two of them talk the most crap, and show who they are as a person the most.

Frank I thought it was a Boogies influence, but, his “Dirty Brown Water Trash” line about Jen, was over the line.

Danielle reminds me a lot of my least favorite house guest in memory Rachael, both said absolutely cruel and mean spirited crap about people then would complain that some one was mean to them. Then try to garner sympathy, at the same time, use that as an excuse to be wretched. That is why I love Dani D and Brittney…. when ever they got catty, sarcastic or bitchy, they never got whiny when other people did it.

Then there is Ian, I think in the real world, he is probably the most likeable person ever to play the game. I think he has a conscious and integrity most of them can not touch. He stood up for himself and did not allow himself to be bullied,unlike certain house guests who are called men, said he was a little kid and how could Frank do that. They coward, while Ian went toe to toe, even nominated Frank a second time after being bullied the first time. He has shown that he is more of a man, than his exterior shows.

Shane, should just tell Frank, just enjoy your week, we are voting you out. You can campaign, but we have to take this opportunity, you are that good, we may never get another chance. Instead Shane, is afraid of angry Frank. I lost respect for Shane when Brittney was evicted. It was like when Frank and Boogie ganged up on Shane and he kicked Brittney under the bus. He has the weakest character I have ever seen in my life. The image of him being some how noble is based on his exterior. People want to see the guy with the good looks be the hero, instead he is the groveling, toady, henchmen.

Joe is worthless.

I think I would hang out with Jen in the real world, in the big brother world, she is a bit delusional in that house..

Dan for all of his being ruthless, cutthroat and mercenary, you have to give him the most credit for talking least amount of shit about people. He has not been spotless and he has lied, but, I think he has leveled the least amount of personal attacks.

production rigged it

i completely agree with you about shane, i lost all respect for him too when he voted britney out. all he has done all summer is talk about how he doesn’t want a showmance with danielle and how she follows him around everywhere and when he has the chance to get rid of her what does he do he keeps her, also remember after he threw britney under the bus he said he understood if she didn’t have his back anymore but he still had hers and actions speak lounder than words and when i get the chance i will prove it to you, yeah he proved it all right he had her back right out the door, captain america my ass more like captain dumbass defender of all dumbasses, brainless idiots and morons since he is the captain of all them.

Ian's creaky hammock

Maybe you should add that forehead zit to the poll. Wow, I kinda feel bad for Dani that thing is huge.


What have you got against vowels?


I guess frankl has forgotten about making out with ashley either that or its a comment on her making out skills

the one

jenn is funny think she going to get ien out then shen lol she need help with everthing she do she might win in put up ien in shen but shen will win pov then she will be in trouble do she know where she is she not going to win first she going to coming in second if she in the end with den or denlille or shen or ien only shot she got is joe but the doum chick dont wnt him to sty either if i ws here i put up joe in ien with the chnce to bck door den


Jenn: and you looking back on this season , you will look like a bull dyke who is still comfortable hiding ( you may have figuratively come out of the closet) in whatever small spaces you can find. You talking about Ians game being shit..maybe you should look in the mirror … att least he has been making moves since the beginning… what hvae you been doing … NOTHING… its so hard to believe that someone with as many tattoos can be so invisible


i want to see fireworks before frank leaves. Dr should be cooking something up about right now.

Linda in Texas

I agree
Usually a joke provokes laughter.

I do not think Dani nor her family members or friends will not find some comments funny or comments they will appreciate.

I appreciate this website very much and some comments here are so thought provoking.
Comments that make fun of someones looks or behavior aren’t funny and should not be allowed. I looked for guidlines for the website but could not find.

Power of Veto Corleone

Good entertainment watching Danielle tell Shane how she had to quit medical school in order to get on BB.
Shane said he thought she was in nursing school.
Danielle says….”Same thing.”
That’s almost as funny as watching the smoke come out Shane’s ears when the talk gets serious and requires deep thought.
That’s painfull to see. Funny, but painfully so.

Power of Veto Corleone

Shane talking to Danielle on the bed and he tells her that he has lived paycheck-to-paycheck since he was 11 years old.
Oh man……these people are something else.
Danielle saying that Frank’s body hair drives her crazy.
This from a woman who thinks Dan the Wearwolf is so great? Has she ever looked at the fur on that chimpanzee’s arms and legs?
She is bitching that the DR never lets her in and it pisses her off.
I can just see the look on those poor people’s face when she’s in there. You couldn’t pay me enough to,sit for hours and listen to her whine.
Just glad I stuck with BBAD and didn’t miss these two mensa’s talking to each other.


Haha, I didn’t know that DR doesn’t let Danielle in.
BTW, she is the kind of girl that if she were just truly nice, so many people would love her. But, she is scary. She’s the kind of person that would talk to you if you sat at the popular table, or ditch you if you didn’t.


i think Frank should expose Dan exposing the quackpack & the mastermind in sending britney home, then if the votes come to tie Ian may just keep Frank, HECK i’d try.


To all the people defending Dani….People are only repeating things Dani says for attention. She is seriously so annoying! She plays victim and makes fun of herself for attention. She complained Janelle was the mean girl, but everytime she’s around a guy she puts other girls down. Britt was so good to her and the second she left she started bashing her. Dani is the one in the mirror playing with her belly and picking at pimples , while complaining for attention (Oh Shane did you like Kara better?, oh Shane I’m so fat) I don’t think she’s fat but she puts it in peoples heads. I thought Rachel annoyed me but she was at least entertaining at times and had skills. Shane please run far away from fatal attraction when you get the chance