Joe “If Taylor thinks for a second that there is no hope anymore.. she is going to blow up!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Lock your ranks in before midnight


10:07pm HOH room. Joe and Daniel.
Daniel – I am proud of Michael for winning but it puts me in a sh*tty position. Joe – absolutely. Daniel – obviously the target (Taylor) showed themselves. So that is the best case scenario for for what I’m in for what happened last night. I guess my only hope is that I want to talk to everyone so that when we send this person home .. I can’t tell you what to say in your goodbye message. I would never tell anyone that but that you guys are just honest about why this person is leaving. Only because that is my voice for why this person is leaving. I am aware of how bad it looks with two black people on the block at the end of my first HOH. I care about that but I also want to play the game. I also know the reasons behind it. Putting a gay white man and black man looks bad. We’re all so different so any version is going to look bad but that’s the beauty of the mix of all of us. Joe – the cast is diverse. Its going to happen regardless. Daniel – its a game move but I don’t know how its going to be portrayed in the game as well. Joe – remember everything here is recorded 24/7 and Monte and hers (Taylor) conversation has to be posted. Daniel – yeah but we don’t know until its over. Joe – yeah and I will be completely honest with you she has not done anything to me, we have not talked game really and she won’t come near me. She’s had her moments where I kind of watched it. I am in the same position as you, that I just have to trust everyone else. Daniel – yeah Monte’s vulnerability is what secures me. Joe – I don’t look at Monte as a liar. Even if he was, that is on him if he did that to Taylor. But I would put my life that he is not lying .. that is how much I trust that kid. Daniel – dude he was on the verge of tears telling me this. Joe – and everything is recorded. Terrance and Michael fortunately enough for you its not personal. My question to you find out if Taylor had people or alliances because that would be your only backfire. Daniel – before last night everyone wanted Taylor gone. The only other person (Indy) that I was thinking is not even a thought now. Joe – if she (Taylor) thinks for a second that there is no hope anymore. Like I am going home. Daniel – she is going to blow up. Joe – she is going to blow up because she is just sitting here waiting to be evicted. Daniel – she is going to go out with a bang. Joe – she is going to explode! Joe – I would just laugh everything off, like do anything you want. Daniel – props to her for still hanging out.

10:33pm Bedroom. Indy and Paloma.
Paloma – the girls are united for sure .. like I know that. You said final three you, me and Alyssa. We need to talk to Alyssa too, she would be down. Indy – not excluding the six. Paloma – no, of course not. Jasmine and Alyssa join them. Indy – if we stay six together, we can make it.

10:40pm – 11pm HOH room. Daniel and Taylor.
Daniel – I did want HOH for safety. I didn’t know it was going to play out this way. Taylor – first of all people respect the hell out of you as HOH. Like this is the people’s room. How are you feeling? Taylor – Straight up no game I’m kind of stressed. Yesterday was a tough one for me. I know like you said people don’t know me and that is something I have always struggled with. So I was like ok, I am going to find people and connect with people because I really want to get to know all these people. I walking from room to room and no one was in those rooms. And I know you’ve had this happen before where you walk into a room and the conversation wraps up and everyone leaves. Yesterday was an in my head day. I feel like I’ve been really straight forward with wanting to protect you, work with you and like giving you valid reasons why I feel some sort of connection with you. Taylor – I should just ask you straight up how do you feel about me in this moment? Daniel – I feel pretty solid. I feel for ME our communication has gotten better like this .. the only thing would be and not just you but everyone should be playing socially now. Taylor leaves. Daniel to the camera – Oh my god I don’t like doing that but she has to go home .. whatever. Sometimes she is better than you think but her social game is wack! She is going to be pissed! She’s got to be a superfan of the show .. she knows how to ask an HOH questions.. but I know how to respond better..

11:56pm Storage room. Ameerah and Monte.
Monte and Ameerah talking about the veto comp. Monte – it probably would have been more preferable if you had won now that I think about it because now we would have two people safe in the alliance and of course Terrance would have gone home because we would have gotten the votes for Michael. It still would have been a safer situation. Ameerah – are you positive we can get the votes for each of us that we think we can get? Monte – I think Jasmine is cool with Alyssa. Rock tight. Joe.. Ameerah – who the f**k is Joe with?! Are you sure he is with you!? Monte – No no I know he is because he comes to me with everything. Ameerah – he talks game to you? Monte – yes about everything. And there have even been bro potential alliances that I’ve been discussing. Amreerah – stay in that, stay in that. Indy comes in and they talk about having two black people on the block. After she leaves Ameerah says she is psycho! Monte – yeah she needs to go. I would put her up.

12:20am Backyard. Kyle, Michael and Taylor.
Kyle – do you guys get .. like I am just at the point where I am at social overload a little bit. Like you go into any room and you’re talking to people. Taylor – to a huge group of people. Kyle – and back home I don’t do that. I talk to people maybe 2 or 3 hours a day. And I went up into the havenot room and I couldn’t even think.

12:25pm Bedroom. Pooch puts two bananas in Alyssa’s bed and splenda and garlic salt in her water bottle. Nicole – comes in and says what are you doing?! Pooch – Alyssa banana’d me and I just double banana’d her and I put splenda and garlic salt in her bottle. He tries to sneak out behind Jasmine, Indy and Paloma but Alyssa see’s him. Alyssa to Nicole – what did he do? Nicole – I caught him red handed. Alyssa – did he find the banana? Nicole – I don’t know. Alyssa goes and finds the banana in her bed and goes to put it in his bed but then says she is going to shove it up his a$$. She goes and puts it back in the freezer.

12:47pm Bedroom. Alyssa, Indy and Ameerah.
Alyssa is crying because she’s stress and overwhelmed and starting her period. She says that her mom told her she was too sensitive to be on the show. Alyssa – Pooch is going to think its because of the banana.

1am Backyard – Nicole, Terrance and Taylor.
They’re playing pool and chatting.

1:50am JOe, Turner and Monte
Joe – we have to look at who is a high threat level
Joe goes on explaining hey need to get who are the next biggest threats and put them against each other
Turner – our group is the dominate competitor in the house.

joe – nominating does not get them out of the house but it does start breaking their alliances.

4:00 am Have nots Monte, Michael and Lyle

Monte – when it comes to Paloma I don’t know what is going to come out of her mouth at any given moment.
Feeds flip when we’re back Monte is impersonating Paloma.
Monte – it’s hard to find a sensible conversation with her.. It’s hard to find a sensible conversation with anybody outside of you guys. When we tal kWE get to a point.
Michael – I would love to see POOCH and Paloma talk strategy. They do the exact same thing they really didn’t say anything.

5:26 am Zzzzz
7:48 am Zzzzzz

8:21 am Houseguests getting up. The backyard is closed apparently it will be open again tonight.

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)

Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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un autre nom

I don’t think Daniel is pillow case wearing racist. I do think Daniel, and a lot of the house, have some less overt biases and possibly even some prejudices that they don’t consciously realize they express. Receipts exist.
As Daniel is crying and worrying about how his actions in the game will look, and how he will be perceived when he leaves the house, I think that’s an important distinction to make.
I’m not sympathetic to Daniel’s plight, because he hasn’t asked Taylor for her side of the story in Taylorgate, which means he WANTS to be ignorant in the matter. Why? Angry black woman syndrome: a reality tv staple.
It’s really easy to say ‘but we’ve got to play the game’ when the stigma and history doesn’t directly affect your ability to play the game.
Daniel isn’t a big R racist. He’s willfully and intentionally ignorant and unaware that the unconscious biases and prejudices he expresses exist. Further that unconscious bias and prejudices are far more prevalent in the world, and for the most part far more insidious because they aren’t shouted from the rooftops.

My suggestions would be (if i were able to make suggestions): get the full story not just one side, and stop going to the accuser to ask if targeting the accused is okay, Seriously, he goes to Monte (the one accusing Taylor) to ask if nominating Taylor is okay. Multiple times. Um. Willfully ignorant.
That Production note meeting and d/r calls have certainly gotten into his head though, haven’t they?

Strategy wise: blindside a renom after the house promises to back your move. Been done before. Blindsiding an ally because you caved to the house? Been done before too.
OWN IT. Like everything else in Daniel’s HOH, he lacks ownership. He fears the consequences, but doesn’t own that he’s allowed others to run his HOH.


I think it is Daniel being beguiled by one; either that or herd mentality. Meanwhile Paloma is already complaining about talking to multiple people and is making it sound like she is going to try not to mention people by name (as if that will improve her image)


i dunno. there are a lot of seasons where the first hoh avoids nominating a poc to avoid looking racist only for that player to go out 2nd, 3rd, or 4th anyway. taylor’s game is pretty much screwed. i don’t really think daniel needs to accelerate it, and it’s probably better for his game if he doesn’t, but she’s not making the merge anyway so she’s a pretty safe nom.

this said, the big problem with daniel’s hoh and many hohs is that the power of the hoh is not to eliminate someone, it’s to keep 9 players safe. work that angle to have 9 allies, potentially 10 if you can convince the player who stays you pulled strings to keep them. and make clear that your noms are people you either haven’t connected with or feel are in someway suspicious. while certainly things have gotten out of hand, taylor hasn’t connected with daniel (and we can dissect the whys of this and they look worse for daniel than taylor, but i don’t think taylor coming into the house announcing she was a beauty queen was a good play), so she’s a safe nom for him.

un autre nom

Actually, the ‘avoid naming a poc’ thing wasn’t a thing until season 21. You know, the camp come back season. And even then, it isn’t avoid naming a poc, it’s avoid filling the nominee seats with ALL poc.
In Daniel’s conversation last night with Taylor, the tone of the conversation was working together next week, any idea of what to do this week. If he ends up cowering in his HOH room from veto ceremony to Thursday because the scary woman is going to yell at him… who does he have to blame? That’s the part of the blindside on Monday when they don’t get evicted until Thursday part every HOH seems to forget.


the avoiding a poc on the block week 1 has gone back to at least bb15.

un autre nom

16: Paolo and Joey were the noms post veto ceremony.
17: POC was HOH.
18: Brigette, Jozea and Paulie were the noms post veto ceremony.
19: no HOH week one. Week 2 the poc nom won veto: Alex.
20: no poc nom (Remember, Tyler in week one was playing like he was in both alliances, put up the oldest Steve and the socially shunned oddball due to punishment: Sam).
21: Banishment of oldest and 3 poc David out, followed by Katt and Ovi noms post veto.

So from 16 to 21 where are you seeing avoid POC on the block?


Some of these people really aren’t aware of the live feeds or don’t think anyone is watching at this hour. Just watched a Whitney-bashing session


I don’t think BB is going to last too much longer. Doesn’t really work with this “woke” society we live in now. I wish people would calm down. Do we not remember REAL nasty villains on this show like…Dr. Will, Evel Dick, Amanda….etc. This is nothing. Come on. Also, production gets way too involved BTS anyway.


I agree, it used to be so good. When everything is about race/gender, it’s doomed to fail. I stopped watching the show last season after episode 2 or 3 when I realized that the black people were picking people off because of their “color”. Can you imagine if it was the other way around? I just want to watch Big Brother, not woke brother. Every time I come to read the feeds someone is talking about race. Sounds like it will be another early departure for me. Bummed out because I love this show, I have been watching from the beginning.

Old Way BB Fan

Agree 1,000%! I have STOPPED watching the past two years (not just threatened to like previous horrible years) and I never missed an episode since season one! Not one CBS apology or TMZ report about how white people were treated last season, just accolades to the cookout, reverse racism at its finest. Terence would be on the block no matter what color he was. This is casting’s fault for putting a black person in the old person spot. They are always nominated first, ageism at its finest. Also, it wouldn’t matter if Taylor was white, it’s the fact that she’s hanging with the bros and not the girls girls that’s she getting nominated. I do believe jealousy has a part in this. I know Taylor can be crass at times but if she hung with Paloma I’m sure she wouldn’t be put up. I probably won’t be making it to the end this season either if everyone has to constantly justify or explain themselves because half the cast is black! Maybe they should start with all black or all white casts, segregation at its finest! We are after all going backwards as a country!


I have been watched Big Brother Australia. Absolutely love it and wish our big brother was more like that.


i love it too but they dont care about the integrity of the game at all…production will pull anything out of their ass at anytime…if they dont want a player to go home after being evicted then they just keep them in


I stopped watching when all-white alliances excluded all the black people. Which has been 23 out of 24 seasons. The Cookout is the resort of blacks being excluded by whites.

Oh My

Absolute LIE…never’s trash like this that’s part of the problem.

And you have the nerve to say “Co-exist” with this racial divisive comment..

oh and the cookout was on season 23 dumdum


Watch the feeds. Some of it this season comes off different than what the people you mentioned pulled. This season the behavior can’t be described as racist; more like “Mean Girl” squad with a lot more personal pettiness than I have seen in the past. Also, bear in mind that for a handful of years there has been a disclaimer statement before the live feed starts for everyone to watch


YEP, why the F is 2 black people otb a “bad” thing? ENOUGH i’m sick of it…and it doesnt help when the first comment on this post from un autre nom is woke trash.


The Cookout is already talking about how this season is racist. This is a very diverse cast. I guess David can only nom whites to make it non racist, that doesn’t leave many to choose from since you have the backstage pass involved. So, at this point that leaves Kyle and Turner. But that’s not being racist because they are not POC or minority. With the selection of the cast, there will be many times that POC and Minority are on the block, but I guess that will be ok as long as all the whites are gone. With this woke society thats the only way it works and not racist.


The cookout has no ground to stand on when they openly made every decision last year solely based on race and they were given such high praise. If people decide to give their argument credit about somehow these houseguest are being racist then it is a complete double standard. The cookout is totally living by a double standard when they were so open about targeting people for what they look like.

It’s ironic how the cookout says this how it’s racist towards their culture when they just ignore Ameerah and Jasmine and how they are black women working with other girls in the house in yet because Taylor is targeted it is racist and pure jealousy when it’s all because of how she tried to integrate herself socially amongst the house. She never tried to talk to any of the girls and the guys have said that she just doesn’t fit in when she’s trying to talk to them about conversations that they start prior to her getting there when the guys are hanging out shooting pool.

Taylor literally has a BED NEXT to Jasmine another black woman and Jasmine has said Taylor not once has ever talked game or had an engaging conversation to get to know her!

People talk about racism and jealousy when it’s the whole house who has the same view of Taylor! It’s her game she is really not good at identifying strategically with whom to align with in yet let’s throw out how it’s racist and put it on two girls for being jealous while just failing to forget how the cookout played solely off of race.

The backstage pass is a complete mess of a twist that is completely unfair to all involved. If Palo and Alyssa somehow end on the block and leave first that would be completely rigged as the details of this twist and how it impacts the eviction have not even been announced yet when it’s 3 days from now is very sketchy and skeptical as it clearly is becoming Production trying concoct a last second plan to save Taylor from a backdoor. Look at season 14 to save Frank from a backdoor plan- production said nothing about the eviction being cancelled until one minute prior to voting which is completely unfair and rigged!


I hope Taylor doesn’t give them the satisfaction to see her “explode.” I hope she kills them with kindness and not fulfill the stereotype in their narrow minds.


Bless their hearts. It kills them every time.


HA!! Sure didn’t take Monte long to have a change of heart about Paloma after her “just write me the cheque for $750k & I’ll invest in your businesses chat”.

Just as Monte moved away from Pooch after spending a few days with him he’ll do the same with Paloma (if TPTB allows it). At first, he was blinded by his crush on her but that last convo woke him up!

Assuming Taylor leaves (and there is no secret return via Back Stage situation), and anyone outside of Mamba wins the next HOH I won’t be surprised if Monte pushed for a backdoor of her.

The cast in general:
I failed to understand how Turner made any alliances & can’t watch him on live feeds while
Pooch is too intense & hangs out with Turner so I turn quickly from those convos.

Worse than those two are any feeds with Paloma – I mean she’s so manic, can’t stop lying, is self-righteous, egotistical, UGH — I just can’t.

I sort of feel bad for Ally b/c she does try to venture out on her own & shows more compassion than her buddy Pal. She is one of the few hamsters that discussed if maybe Taylor was being judged too quickly (with Nicole). No doubt Ally recognizes how unhinged Paloma is & maybe like Monte she’s beginning to see how that will be a problem since it’s week 1 & Pal is already telling them all to write her the cheque.

Jasmine is insecure & fed many of the Taylor rumors (turned me off)

Can’t stand cowardly/non-committal Daniel and lost respect for Taylor‘s BFF Nicole who is turning a blind eye to the attack to join the herd.

Brit – I like her – she’s not as manic as I thought she would be BUT she does get into modes where she talks too much which is already being cited as an issue. Indy/Jasmine will likely hit the block before her & I do think Brit has more game than most of her counterparts but we’ll have to see how successful she is at getting out of adversity down the road. Is it possible she could be the hamster who flips the script on Paloma to the house & exposes everything Taylor said was true?

I get what Monte is doing to set himself up but it’s cruel & I lost respect for him over how he handled it. Specifically pushing for Taylor NOT to be told why she is nominated, or be given a chance to explain screams that he knows it’s all a lie. But he needs this to go forward as a set-up so he can make sure the house isn’t worried about the Cookout 2.0 & thereby hurting his shot to get to the end.

I get why he’s doing it but I just don’t think all these shenanigans were necessary to accomplish the same result since Taylor isn’t liked by the females & most of the men anyway. On top of that suggesting, they bash her in their goodbye message really turned me off. (BETS – he does NOT bash her in his?) I sure hope they show his GBM & let’s revisit this when they do.

Aligning with Monte was smart for Kyle but I don’t have a strong read on him yet as a player.

Ameerah is cut-throat & if she plays her cards right will get the furthest in the game out of the women (her wanting men out immediately could come back to bite her).

Terrance/Indy – neither got invested in Taylor-gate & seem like fun but are the likely weekly pawns/targets.

Joe isn’t game savvy – but he’s loyal & a nice guy.

Michael is the nicest in the house & the ONLY one who showed any empathy or suggested this didn’t seem right about the Taylor situation. He was already one of my favorites but after this week he’s moved to the top of my board by virtue of his performance and character.

Ultimately, I can’t forget what some did (so unnecessarily) to move past week one so Michael easily became the one I’ll be pulling for moving forward.

And then there is Taylor — did she isolate from the woman at first 100%. Should she have picked up that Pal was running the show for the females & made an effort to get closer to her to avoid this situation – absolutely. Then again, I can’t stand having Pal on my screen b/c of how she acts/who she is and it’s possible Taylor (who has ample experience with catty females) saw that sooner than anyone else & purposely chose to avoid her?

I’m not sure she ever could’ve avoided what happened b/c it was coming one way or another since Monte was keen to make sure the house didn’t view this season as anything close to the Cookout 2.0. He also didn’t like the DR pushing him to get into a showmance with Taylor or how independent of a thinker she is. Combine that with Jasmine’s overt jealously toward her, Pal not appreciating her refusal to bend the knee to her & the few friends Tay did make being cowards and we’re at where we are.

Just a viewer

Kind of disappointed in Micheal and Nicole. Micheal was cracking jokes about her last night and Nicole’s giving her a cold shoulder now. For Nicole to have been a cop for 16 years, her liar radar is broken. Monte’s body language was off when he was talking about Taylor. They don’t find it strange that no one hardly talks to her but according to everyone, she supposedly said this or that. Joe is the only one that brought that fact to Daniel last night but even he “prefers” to believe the worse.


For those who wondered if Taylor was ever in conversations with Paloma (or in the room) during conversations social media offered up the receipts via @bbburner16 account:

(there are video’s on the tweets as well)

Paloma to Taylor, 7/8: We’re trying to conspire: the boys are tight…They’re ride or die…The [have-not men] are so close—we need to convince him to split them up. That’s a powerful room…Kyle & Monte are broskis…Someone needs to dig in there and tear it up.

And also:

Paloma, 7/7 (in the shower):Our main goal is to get a guy on the block—get two guys on the block… If he says he’s not gonna get the guys in the have-not room out—do you not see them as a threat?….I’ll convince him.”

un autre nom

Yeah, when I was discussing Taylorgate, I forgot about the night Paloma freaked about the men being up in HOH together and adding Taylor to the conversation. I shouldn’t have forgotten, because that was when Taylor rolled her eyes to the camera when leaving.
In that conversation Taylor asked even Monte?

Just a viewer

Taylor made a big mistake telling them about her Pageant life and a Personal Stylist for celebrities. That’s a no no in the BB house. There are a lot of haters in that house.

The Beef

It’s her ego. She should have packed it away and left it at home, the way Xavier did last year when he hid the fact he was an attorney, and claimed to be a bar tender instead. Some people can do it and feel just fine about themselves and some people can’t. She should have known the whole Miss Michigan USA thing could possibly set off feelings of jealousy with other young “good looking” women in there, and just avoided all of that mess.