“I’m not willing to leave Shelli on the block, Shelli will be pissed”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 20-53-59-354_jpg

8:42pm Havenots James, Jackie and Meg
Chatting about who got the more TV time.
Meg says Jeff wasn’t really involved in anything
Jackie – he never played in comps
Jackie says Jeff was really worried how he was going to be looked at while on the show.

They start talking about Vanessa getting close to the twins lately. They Run through scenarios for POV wins.
Jackie says it would be so fun to watch Shelli and Vanessa campaign against each other.
James says if they put up Steve with Vanessa Steve might go home they’ll find a way. Same if it’s Shelli and Steve.

Meg says Steve is more likely to be on their side than Shelli.
Jackie – What if Austin and the twins win what if Johnnymac win
James – we never thought this thru
James says to make sure Shelli goes home put Austin up the twins will vote out Shelli.

Jackie says if Shelli wins Veto they put Vanessa up and Jmac will vote her out.
Jackie – The only weird scenario is Vanessa wins or Austin and the twins win and keep the noms the same.
Meg – Ohh shit

James – we need to get Steve down he’s a vote in our corner.. All you need is 5 votes you got three right here and Steve that’s 4.
They agree that Austin will vote out Shelli.

Jackie – I wish we had sleeping pills… and like a bottle of wine or something. (Holy shit party)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 21-01-46-124_jpg

9:00pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin says he’s due to get picked in a POV “I want to play it’s good to have a little say throughout the week.. keep you in the mix”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 21-05-53-246_jpg

9:04pm Julia continues to clean something they’ve been doing all day
Julia – “I’m going to crush up a cookie with some ice cream NOM NOM”
Shelli – NOM

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 21-18-50-479_jpg

9:08pm Bathroom Austin and Liz
Ausitn – I hope Johnymac goes up
Liz – I know I don’t like him
Lilz – I don’t want Steve to go
Austin – Right now it’s shelli that goes.. she has a better chance of winning
Liz – she can do our dirty work
Austin says Vanessa got really sketchy with that other side making them look good.
They agree Vanessa getting super paranoid
Austin says Becky isn’t as down with JAmes side.
Liz thinks she is. Austin points out once they get power Becky will be with them.
Austin – Johnnymac does nothing
Liz – he’s been in the DR 3 times today, he’s not that interesting
Austin – Cmon Big Brother
Liz says Becky promised her and Julia she’s not backdooring them.
Liz – the only person I see her backdooring is vanessa.. I’m really scared for her
Austin says Vanessa got in the middle of that thing with Johnnymac
Neither of them understand what really happened before the vote when Clay and James got in a fight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 21-32-48-475_jpg

9:24pm Vanessa, liz and Austin
Austin telling them how you can tell what is going on in the game based on the Diary rooms. If you not called before the nominations you’re not going up. Based on the types of questions they ask you can tell what events were important.
They agree their side is stronger in mental competitions.
Vanessa says she made a “Boo Boo” with Shelli when she told her about Freaks and Geeks.
Austin – unfortunately it’s going to be really hard to keep them both
Vanessa – unless Johnnymac goes up
Austin says if Jmac goes people are dumb enough to keep Steve.
Vanessa leaves.
They talk about the nominations staying the same. Austin saying they should keep Steve.
Austin tells her to not be obvious throwing the POV act like she’s trying to win it.
Liz – they’re not even upstairs with her she’s by herself (Becky alone in HOH)
Austin – we should go up they’re with ICe Cream..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 21-42-01-943_jpg

9:39pm Kitchen dining area
Becky saying she likes Baseball but LOVES hiking
Becky says Boulder is very expensive but a lot of great people live there and a lot of great ideas come from it.

[envira-gallery id=”126882″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 21-46-40-673_jpg

9:45pm Jmac and Becky
He says he’s had a bad headache all day
Becky wants to make sure he’s OK
Kmac – I needed to sleep oh my god

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 21-47-38-673_jpg

9:46pm Becky, James, Jackie, Meg
They tells Becky their fear about Vanessa and Shelli staying
Becky – I’m not going to panic until after Veto
Becky – me Shelli or Steve need to win the POV. or you guys if you’re picked
Meg says They’re really worried if the Nominations stay the same Vanessa will be able to do something and Steve goes home.
Becky – we only need 4 votes
Jackie – we need to get Steve off
Becky – then we have Shelli pissed off.. I’m not willing to leave Shelli on the block
Becky Leaves

They want Vanessa and Shelli on the block. The big worry is Steve going home and both Shelli and Vanessa staying. James says Vanessa and Shelli control the house. Jackie wonders if they can convince Austin and the twins Vanessa isn’t good for their game, “Or is that too risky”

James says Austin sucks at competitions
Jackie – you think he’s just playing that way
James- no he sucks

James – I told Clay i left him a bad goodbye message but I didn’t
Jackie – when
James – when I hugged him
They laugh hta Clay would have seen it 10 minutes after.
James says she told Clay if he wanted to get a date he should have stayed at home and gone on tinder.

Jackie says she has a mercedes e500 she just paid it off “But it’s old””
JAmes – Meg you’re a peasant , Those things are tanks
Jackie – I drive it like a tank

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 22-13-17-332_jpg

10:11pm Kitchen, Twins, Jmac, Shelli, Vanessa and Steve
The twins find out that “TLC” stands for “The Learning Channel” Steve asks them if there’s any Learning on the learning channel

Though They come up with examples they’re not very convincing.

[envira-gallery id=”126894″]

11:00pm Playing a Celebrity Guessing game. Jmac and Steve are playing chess

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 23-31-21-536_jpg

11:40pm The game continues

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-08 00-02-27-499_jpg

12:03am Jackie removes the costume.

[envira-gallery id=”126903″]

12:10am BAthroom Steve and Vanessa

Steve saying he’s thinking of picking jmac to play in the veto. Vanessa wants to play but understands if Steve doesn’t pick her.

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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They are finally starting to realize that putting up Steve was a no-no


Right? Like several hours too late. “We didn’t think this through.” No shit! You didn’t think things through last week either when you won the veto, James! And Becky is willing to take Shelli off? Why??? These people do not know how to make the most of their HoH.


It is becky’s hoh not James for some reason they think they are in control. If Becky leaves shelli on the block chances are Vanessa will stay if Steve stays on chances are Vanessa goes so it really isn’t that dumb. Nether James side or austins side wants Steve gone. James wants to keep shelli up and Austin wants Johnny up ( not sure why he thinks that could happen)


that’s true, it is becky’s HOH, and i have to believe that she doesn’t actually care if either of Steve, Shelli or Vanessa gets evicted. even tho the J/J/M’s care to keep steve, it doesn’t mean that Becky does. And really, if she knew what was good for her she would definitely want Steve out sooner rather than later. I doubt if either Shelli or Vanessa would mess up her game, but Steve seems to have a pathological hate for her.


ikr it was just the day before when the first realized it but still let Becky make the same dumb move they just made last week


Because they are idiots and deserve to be railroaded out of the house. Their game play is ridiculous. Becky is so full of herself and condescending…She’s even proud of the fact that she got hit by train! (I know it wasn’t a real one but that’s what she called it) She’s so self absorbed and cocky…can’t stop talking about herself and running her mouth. It’s annoying listening to the middle school conversations Meg James and Jackie have.

the coreys

Simon, dawg..

Has online bit brother ever got a shout out from house guest like some of the other sites? And if so by whom?


From what I can remember one of the house guests talked about onlinebigbrother but called us bigbrotheronline .. other than that we haven’t gotten any shoutouts. It always surprises me how we don’t considering we’ve been doing this since BB8. Hopefully next year since it doesn’t look like we’ll get one this year.


If I’m ever on, I’ll shout out to you, and you and everyone else can root for me. LOL.


Nice… and thank you in advance!

Team Simon and Dawg

The only player I can think of was Adam from BB13. Although I believe it was mentioned in BB15 somewhere, not that I want to go looking through that garbage season.


Please sweet baby Jesus….Vanessa cannot get picked for POV comp…If you could just do me a fav please…thanks bro


James/Jackie/Meg need to stay close to Becky this week. Liz was right in pointing out how Becky was alone in the HOH room. They’re taking for granted the fact that she’s saved their butts this week. One of them should be with Becky at all times, and not just to hover, but build/strengthen relationships.

I really feel like James and Jackie would be better off if Meg just slept all day, and was awake in time to cast her vote come eviction day. All she manages to do most of the time is back track on the clarity that Jackie and James are starting to get.

Back to celebrity guessing games? It’s a slow night indeed.


Absolutely! BOSTON ROB’S SURVIVOR RULE #1: Buddy System! I am just glad Vanessa hasn’t crawled her way up there to talk.


Becky’s already talking about taking Shelli of the block so “she’s not mad at me for DE” – UNREAL. Down time is their enemy as they puzzle over every negative scenario, they don’t keep Steve & JMAC close so even their votes are not secured. Why is Becky alone in HOH while the rest of the have not crew scare each other about being targets for DE. Less than 24 hours after getting HOH they seem to be slipping into resignation about getting voted out & first to jury. Why didn’t you listen to us and put Shelli Vanessa up together?? Where is their courage to make the big moves to split alliances get out strong players and stick to them?? Becky started strong told everyone her plans, refused deals even fake deals outs her alliance then calls herself an organic individual player instead of building bridges with diplomacy talks about Abercrombie non stop. What happened to the power revolution??


I think we are all trying to get behind someone this season, but Becky is not the one to bet on. I don’t think there is a hero or true all-star this season after all.
She and Johnny Mac could get to F2 if they play comps and cards right, but then she will lose to him in votes.


I’m curious, from a vote standpoint, why does it make any difference who is up next to Vanessa? If Shelli comes down, Vanessa goes up.

Breakdown of the vote.

Vanessa votes to evict – James, Jackie, Meg, Johnny Mac.
Steve votes to evict – Austin, Liz, Julia
Toss up – Shelli (more on that in a minute)

For sake of argument, let’s say Shelli votes to evict Steve. That makes it a 4-4 tie and BECKY casts the deciding vote. Bottom line if Vanessa goes up, Vanessa goes home no matter who is sitting next to her.

Many of YOU may want Shelli up beside Vanessa, but for BECKY’S GAME that makes no sense. Remember the house guests are concerned about double eviction. Who would YOU rather have gunning for you, Steve or Shelli?

If you’re Becky, as long as you get to use the veto, your target is going home. Why alienate a powerful player when you may be able to forge an alliance (or at least a truce with her). THAT’S why Becky revealed the full plan to Shelli.

If people stop watching the game from THEIR perspective and actually watch from a GAME perspective, Becky has made a pretty good play. She may get her target out AND pull a power player closer to her.


I would not be upset at all if Steve left. Dude is just a zit on the butt of Big Brother. Talks to himself as if no one in the house can talk to him, acts f’ing stupid when cameras are on him or when girls are around. Ugh…Liz hates JMac, but likes Steve? Then again, she hangs in Austin.

As for Nessy (yes, like the imaginary monster of the Loch Ness variety) leaving…yeah, another one I wouldn’t be butthurt seeing leave. Too paranoid and is doing what she said Audrey would do…not enjoy her time. Has she smiled at all in this house???


“Acts f*cking stupid and when girls are around”….<<—–I thought Steve had a form of aspergers or something? Jeez man can you be any more ignorant.


I think Steve talking to the camera is a production idea. They see he’s isolated to trying to get him to communicate thoughts and strategy that way. Giant fail but I don’t think it’s his doing.
Oh the week looks so bad ATM. I don’t think they get Van up. I think Steve is better off against Shelli and hope it’s a tie. Becky sends home Shelli.


Steve obviously has social anxiety and probably suffers from a mild form of Aspergers. So maybe you should keep your rude comments to yourself? Or spend some of your internet time educating yourself?
Not cool to pick on somebody for something that they struggle with, like social disorders. I’m sure that Steve wishes that he was perfect, like you.


Hey, maybe it’s just me, but I think assuming Steve has Asbergers may be going a little far as well, don’t you think?


I don’t think saying “I thought” was anything cruel. It was more of a question and wonder why all the picking on Steve. You can save your snotty attitude though. Don’t cha think!


Wasn’t meant to be snotty. Just saying. That’s how rumours get started. Poor Steve.


What is wrong with talking to the cameras? Some of the past houseguests, even (one of the greats like) Dan, has done that. Why are you honing in on Steve just because he is different? Judging from your comments, you are no different than Liz, personality wise.


Not sure how many more hours I can watch Austin draped over a very disinterested Liz. I do feel bad for his situation, but he is partly to blame for being so dense! Dude!!!She is just not that nto you!


True, but on Austin’s defense Liz LET’S HIM GROPE HER! So, honestly, he just looks like a fool, but Liz comes off as a C**k tease!!!!!!! I would never, ever, ever, let a man touch me if I didn’t feel the same! She’s disgusting!!!!!

Still Hoping

Maybe Becky’s playing long term hoping to work with Shelli to clear out all the other “players” who aren’t really playing at all in comps or social game. Steve self exiled, JMAC pressure migraine , Meg professional giggler, playing too hard showing all their cards and burnt out Van, or can’t win anything only playing graba$$ Austin. Even James said he was “over it” being in house and ready to go home. Austin needs to get put up against Shelli if they take Steve down when they win POV. Who rotates themselves into Have Nots during a powe shift?? Seems like too many are buckling too soon so even Austin & Twins could coast into Final 3.


If I were James Meg and Jackie, I think I would have shook my head and said WHAAAT? who’s side are you on? to becky when becky said “I’M NOT WILLING TO LEAVE SHELLI ON THE BLOCK, SHELLI WILL BE PISSED”


They are too HOH happy that they won’t hear it. Shelli is going to get James/Jackie back.

Biff Tannen

Then she would’ve put you on the block. For drama, I’d rather have Shelli stay in the game. At least she plays it. Jackie is getting better, I think. I’m not sure because her voice triggers an evolutionary response which causes my body to tense up and my ears to stop working for fifteen minutes. Watching Meg play Big Brother is like watching my nephew playing with a Rubik’s cube. Sure, throwing it at the floor is fun, but it’s no way to solve it. I keep waiting for Steve to do something besides throw competitions and be Fake Ian, but that doesn’t appear to be on the horizon. There’s only so long you can lay low in this game, I think, especially him because he’s already on people’s radars.


You’re giving them way too much credit…they would never figure that out. How can anyone be rooting for these morons? Seriously it’s embarrassing watching and listening to them.


It is so great to hear Austin, dead last in the poll, complain about boring John. Classic, oops.

Member of the Ant Farm

Tonights BBAD was the James, Jackie and Meg show…BORRRRRRRRRRRRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Chill this Town

ugh. Jackie AND J-Mac could do so much better than their current alliances.

the last J and J duo did pretty well, all we need these two to do is just have a freaking conversation

I love MAC ATTACK, but his allies don’t give me a lot of confidence. both make big mistakes in crunch time, both get nervous, neither are ride or die.


Maybe Becky should ask Shelli if there is room to rent up her ass. This is weeks into the game and she’s wanting to be on her dream team instead of kicking her out of there. The only way Shelli would ever team up with Becky is to temporarily to further herself in the game since that’s what it is a game.Why some of them think they are going to connect with certain players when it’s known there’s been a one side alliance is amazing. It’s also crazy when there are people in there playing at a high octane level while the rest haven’t even showed up for class to get the basics or they think it’s The Bachelor.


Ok, I have tried to root for Jackie, James and Meg. But come on, did you read where they said they have noticed Vanessa has started getting really close to the Twins ? Really !! Really, you just noticed that the Twins, Austin and Vanessa are all close ? If Jackie, Meg and James would do more than sleep all day, and then just hang out the 3 of them, maybe they would be more aware of what is going on in the house.

Another point, just like Liz and Austin said, Becky is up in the HOH all by herself. James, Jackie and Meg should be up there with Becky, this is why I am at a place in this game where I really do not care if one of them gets the boot and goes to Jury. They are so out of touch with what is going on in the house, they don’t have a clue as to who is working with who.

Beck saying that she is afraid to leave Shellie on the Block next to Vanessa, she would be upset ? They are so dumb, who cares if Shellie is upset, if you want to guarantee Shellie or Vanessa go home, then have them sit next to one another on the block, this guarantees one of them leaves.

As for Beck’s HOH, she needs to stop doing all of the talking when people come from the other side come up and talk with her. Becky needs to gather information and stop blabbing her every thought about what she is going to do, and who likes who, she told Shellie way too much information about Johnny Mac, Becky needs to shut her mouth and let people tell her what is happening in the house.

This is what being the HOH is about, you get all kinds of information that you were not aware of when you were just a houseguest, people will tell you things that you had no knowledge of. Becky, SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH !!! Shellie is not your buddy, she will put your ass on the block in a heart beat, you need to learn how to listen and stop running your damn mouth.

Stop hurting Johnny Mac’s game, if you want to blab all of your business, then do that, but stop blowing up other people’s game. One last thing, I see Liz is all hugged up with Austin on the couch in the bathroom, Liz is really a person that pisses me off, why the hell does she now dislike Johnny Mac ?

What the hell did he do to her, and her comment about why has Johnny Mac been in the DR so much, he is not that interesting, since when is as you said earlier in the game “Whoring yourself out to Austin” considered being an interesting person. What the hell is Liz doing in the game ? What makes her think that she is interesting ? To me she is a user, a bitch for playing with someones feelings, knowing damn well that she does not give a damn about Austin, this to me makes her look really cheap.

Not that I am a fan of Austin, but this man really seems to care about her, and she is toying with his feelings, letting him kiss her, and rub all up on her, according to what she said, if you don’t like this, then stop playing with his heart, and stop talking about him is such a bad way with your sister when he is not around. It makes you look slutty and CHEAP!!!!


if you want to guarantee Shellie or Vanessa go home, then have them sit next to one another on the block, this guarantees one of them leaves.

Becky wants VANESSA out, not Shelli. Most of the posters on this forum want Vanessa OR Shelli out. However it’s not their HOH, it’s BECKY’S.

From BECKY’S perspective, why not let Shelli in on the plan to try to gain some trust with her? Why make an enemy, right before double eviction, when you MAY be able to gain an ally?

IF Becky gets to name a replacement nom, it will be Vanessa and Vanessa WILL be sent home. From BECKY’S perspective, taking Shelli down is a GOOD game move.

I would rather try to build a working relationship with Shelli than appease Moe, Larry and Shemp (I used Shemp because Jackie has hair)

becky tv

Becky, you dummy, Shelli is not your friend….


Oh my lanta why is she so desperate for shelli to like her? It’s weird.

Reality check!

Idiots these people are idiots. James says they didn’t think of a back up plan and meg say ‘ooh shit.’ No shit! I don’t understand why people like these idiots. Really???

Steves Funeral

This is what back stabbers get Steve was always snitching on Meg buddy James and a homegirl Jackie to the other side Karma is a bitch but i do hope you make it..


Becky is a dousche shelli fucked her over when they were hoh together blindsided her and did it agin next time. Like does she not know the 6 sense Audrey exploited, My girl jackie better be picked for Veto take off Steve and have Vanessa put up. Her move to me this week means she wants Steve or Vanessa out backdoored equally. She must think shelli will repay her fuck that mind as well call shelli AMTRAK at this point. But I do want Vanessa gone this week

PF the B

One day Becky will learn that when Shelli was in the block she said (in her whiny entitled voice) that Becky should have been nominated instead, because no one cares about her. Shelli is one nasty piece of work! She reminds me of a Steven King novel where he says “you can buy a fruit pie from McDonalds, put it in a silver chaffing dish and call it a French pastry, but it’s still just a fruit pie from McDonalds”.

The Hammer

I would obviously prefer Vanessa or Shelli to go home, but Steve the Rat would be no loss either.


Becky list an ass If she saves Shelly instead of Steve she obviously wants him out as bad as Vanessa. I want Vanessa gone but you should’ve gone with Liz and Shelly save Shelly than put Vanessa up cuz Liz they def have the votes. She must think Shelly is not going to stay with Vanessa dumb move hope Vanessa goes home but looks like higher % for Steve maybe Shelly weird that I was happy becky won HOH but I don’t want her to win Veto hop Jackie or JMaC wins veto and takes off Steve


I see the Brains of the game are hard at work again. Every time the threesome of James Jackie and Meg get together to talk game it makes me want to pour acid in my eyes and ears. It’s almost to much to take.

Saucers Aunt

They’re all a bunch of jerks in my (home alone, Kevin McCallister voice)

Liz's Reflection

Twins: “I hope we don’t get back doored” <—-No need. They will just put you up out right and not give a crap. The only reason to backdoor the other idiot Austin is because he will act like a horses ass if you put him on the block. All the begging and pleading and crying he would do to the HOH. I love how Liz said before Clay was gone "Oh we are the only other couple in the house"..Meaning her and Julia hahaha. Hilarious!

I don't see why they don't like Johnny. Why the hell not he seems nice. These people are lucky their in a house with some what normal people, even for their ages. Its a half descent cast and no real threats. Physical or anything I mean. Clay barely raised his voice when he was mad. Imagine Amanda in there. Rachel, or even over baring Sabrina? Even when these girls seem to be catty, it really isn't that bad.

I agree too, total mistake to put Steve up there and he should of tried a little harder to protest. I don't think he knows people think hes a threat? I know hes annoyed with Vanessa about the whole F&G's slipup but are they still working together or was that just a Vanessa alliance for that week type thing? ha


What is everyone talking about the only way Vanessa stays is she wins veto. If Becky puts her against Steve. Johnny Mac, James, Meg and Jackie will vote for Vanessa then Austin, the twins and Shelli will vote Steve off Becky will break the tie voting Vanessa off.


What did I miss ? Did Jackie James meg realize the nominations could go sour? They are all pouty. Did they not all discuss noms with Becky beforehand and consider the possibilities. I’m just not getting why they are all pouting right now. I really am liking Jackie more every week. I think she handles herself well and knows what’s up most of the time. I just wish someone would tell Vanessa and Becky if you are constantly talking, you can’t be listening. And listening is pretty important in that house.


Shelli must have some damn magic powers to get people to fall on a sword for her game. John’s saying how he’ll use the Veto on Shelli because it makes no sense to use it on Steve (who legitimately wants to work with Jmac). I don’t get why Jmac gets so attached to certain players. First Jeff, then Clay, now Shelli? I’m usually always rooting for true Floaters, but John is Floating in circles.

If he’s as smart as his family, friends, and coworkers seem to think, then wouldn’t he see the advantage of going to the final 5 with Becky/Jackie/James/Meg? Becky and Jackie would potentially get knocked out or James/Becky and then Jmac would go to final 3 with Meg (easy win), and Jackie/James (tougher to beat at the end). I’m not sure if he’s been studying the season (we hardly even saw him today), but he’ll need to start if he wanted to win HOH part 3.

Shelli/Steve/Becky/Jmac final 4 is kind of dangerous for him. If Becky and Shelli teamed up the two boys will be in trouble. Shelli and Becky have killed comps this year. And Even if Steve or Jmac was HOH, final 4 is really about POV. Whoever wins POV basically decides who the final 3 will be.


So JMac is trying to now convince Steve to pick him if he gets the HG Choice chip so that Jmac can save Shelli.

Steve’s like: “What?!”

BBUpdates: “Steve- You’re asking me to essentially volunteer to go on the block till eviction night. John- I am. Steve- Johnny, dont do that to me #BB17”

What’s worse is that now the Twins spied Jmac and Steve talking, and ran to tell Vanessa/Austin that think they are both America’s player.

Johnnymac's farking lame arse selfish plan

I couldn’t believe my eats when he told steve to pick him for veto, let him win, take off shelli (oyes, shelli, NOT steve) so they replace her with vanessa.


Who, in the right frame of mind, would agree to that farking ludicrous proposal??? If steve concedes and put in in action.. He’s a total farking moron.

Come on! Steve is on the chopping block


Steve is torn between Vanessa and Jmac. The drama never stops this season! I’m loving it!

Great casting this year. Thank you Robin!

Johnnymac's farking lame arse selfish plan

(Bloody hell, posting via iphone is a nightmare – not completed)

2. Johnnymac clearly showing its shelli he wants ti work with

3. Johnnymac is being sooo vindictive by wanting to BE the person to take vanessa down

If i were steve, i’d say “screw youuuuu!!! Or somewhere along the lines of “fark youuuu for even suggesting that!’nnn”

BUT steve is a meek n weak-willed person who is not very clever imho. Unfortunately, he might ouck johnnymac as house guest choice during veto, hence screwing his own half-baked farking game (this guy muttered to himself at the storage room in a corner, goodness gracious!!!).. Which i don’t really care for, anyway

another name

I don’t generally feel sorry for players often. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with the hours long house meeting minus Audrey to discuss Audrey. I thought that was cruel. but i’m probably in the minority there because she was not liked.
I’m feeling for steve right now. he’s having a conversation with john: the person he thinks has his back. john has just told him pick me to play in veto so I can take down shelli.
steve’s already come to the conclusion that he’s the bottom of the barrel to every alliance in the house. now he’s being told that he’s of so little importance that it’s okay to leave him on the block. it’s a small loss if something goes wrong basically. that just seems really cold and pointless. And John is noticeably getting frustrated that steve isn’t embracing the concept.
Did they ask him to throw it too? I missed that part but wouldn’t be surprised.
gee, wonder if steve will spill the beans to someone on the other side now? I for one wouldn’t be pissed with him if he did.


“Meg says Steve is more likely to be on their side than Shelli.” im speechless.

Jay Jay

Simon, thanks for the shot of Jackie stretching. Nice!!

Nera Jhane

This is getting tedious. I love this site and use it to catch up on what’s gone on, but there’s so much back and forth and who says what, my brain sometimes feels scrambled. Thursday can’t come fast enough.