Big Brother Canada Spoilers Topaz: “Welcome Back Tom” .. “They want to shake up the house”

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


8:35pm Hot tub Andrew, Alec, Peter, Talla

Chit Chatting.. Talla talks about her twin sister a bit..

Talking about suzette and all the makeup she would put on. THey figure every day Suzette and Gary spent 3 hours to get their makeup on. The conversation moves to Make on women. The guys all agree the less the makeup the better

Peter mentions that the women that are all faked out with the makeup, high heels and plastic surgery are the ones always complaining that they want to meet a guy thats real..

They start talking about when plastic surgery goes wrong. Andrew says you put a lot of trust in the hands of the plastic surgeon you can come out of it look like.. (The screen capture shows you the look he made on his face)

Talla adds that you could come out with “Uni-boob” (LOL what?)

They decide to change the subject to US/Canada dollar exchange, Cost of Houses in Detroit, War in Iraq.

Peter says he doesn’t know anything about Canadian politics more about US politics. Talla says she’s really interested in Canadian politics She did her first year practicum at a MLA’s office.

They are all glad that Obama won the election other than John McCain or

Peter: “Stephen Harper has 20 more years for his reign.. “
Andrew says his father ran in politics both Provincially and Federally.
Alec: “I don’t vote because I don’t know anything about it and I feel it would be a disservice to the country” (Not getting informed is a disservice)
Peter says he doesn’t vote for the same reason.

Jillian joins them.. They start talking about the competitions they have had that were similar in other Seasons. Alec: “The human curling was on the real world”

Jillian and Talla leave.. guys start talking about survivor.


9:00pm Avoiding the house

9:30pm Feeds have been hush hush for the last 30 minutes.


10:15pm Jillian swear on her mother’s life she never opened Pandora’s Box

Topaz: “I think he’ll sneak in when we are sleeping”
Topaz jokes: “Welcome back Tom.. Hey Boyz”
The houseguests have noticed that Tom’s picture is now in colour. It’s freaking them out a bit cause they think Tom is coming back. Peter says it would be completely ridiculous if TOm comes back after 3 weeks, “On the other had Kat could be coming back there’s no rules”
Topaz keeps saying “They want to shake up the house”
Wild speculation about about what is going on with Tom’s Memory wall picture.

LOL they all start joking around “Toms great.. Can’t wait for Tom to come back.. I really miss Tom.. He was a great guy that TOm.. Hey Talla didn’t you say you hated him”

Andrew is pretty vocal about how unfair it is if Tom come back.
Peter: “I think if he comes back this week will be double eviction and he’ll be the HOH”
(Again wild speculation from everyone)

10:20pm Talla corners Emmett in the bathroom asks him how she should be acting.. should she be happy or upset. Emmett: “Just relax.. be yourself”

Talla and Jillian think they hear someone at the front door and they start to freak out..

(Video Uploading)


10:37pm Stooges War Room

Talla thinks Canada would vote Tom back because he would stir things up in the house. Talla doesn’t think that Tom was popular but will be voted back in to raise some hell. Andrew doesn’t brings up the chance of TOm coming back but with no real power.. he’ll just spend 24 hours in the house causing trouble.

Andrew: “I’m just pissed that person is coming back.. and they are a big strong guy”


10:40pm HOH Emmett and Jillian

Emmett: “Andrew is shitting bricks.. I told him to stop saying shit because if he does come back into this game he’s giving everyone ammo to put you up”
Jillian: “It sure is a twist”
Emmett: “I just hope he didn’t see the goodbye messages.. “

They start to notice that the camera is pointing at various parts of the HOH room.
Emmett points out where the cameras are pointing. Jillian: “Why.. are they clues.. “
Jillian discovers a stuffed bear hidden in the HOH bed cushions
Jillian: “It’s a hunt.. it’s a game”

Emmett: “You get dressed.. don’t say a word to anyone.. we’ll split up and as discreetly as you can search the house”

They head downstairs to search around. Apparently Talla found shoe polish earlier in the day that was never there before.

(Notice the camera points up)



10:50pm Emmett is searching around the house


11:00pm HOH Andrew and Jillian Andrew freaking out about the possibility of Tom coming back. Andrew feels like Tom will gun after him. He doesn’t think it’s fair Tom gets brought back into the game after 3 weeks off. He was happy with their beast coast alliance. Jillian reassures him that Emmett will not turn his back on Andrew if Tom comes back. Andrew comments about the odd position of the camera over the HOH door it’s pointing straight up.


11:10pm HOH Jillian and Emmett
They are going crazy looking for clues.. Emmett tells her she’ll have to stay up in the HOH all night. He’s going to tell the everyone she is sleeping so they don’t come p and notice thee camera pointing up.

11:18pm House guests ripping through the house looking for signs of Tom coming back

Topaz found shoe polish
Andrew found the card
Talla noticed the Picture going colour
Talla noticed there’s one extra chair
*They found the monkey but only Emmett and Jillian know about this

Wild speculation throughout the house..
Topaz sounds certain that Tom is coming back
Alec is very quiet
Emmett and Jillian going bananas looking for clues
Talla freaking out every time she hears a sound thinking it’s Tom opening a door
Andrew is sounds to be the most worried Tom is coming back

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You’ve got to be kidding me… Tom returning is only going to put Jillian and Emmett in an even better position.


Nope. I’m just *not* gonna believe that Tom’s coming back into the house. Until SIMON’S and DAWG’S OBB wall has him back in color! 🙂 (Suddenly, though, the thought of Gary returning to the BB house is sounding *far* more tolerable to me…..) Quick, Peter, hide Liza’s hair elastic. You may need Tom’s vote!!!!!!!!!!


Did jillian actually look under the couch for Tom?



Its one if those competitions where theyaskquestions bout the house and what’s changed ie: an extra chair, Toms pic, the moose, etc

It’s set up for the HOH


Yeah, I don’t think Tom can come back because I think for them to come back, they would stash them somewhere and not let them be back in the real world but from the picture of Tom and Liza’s tattoo, I’d say he has been out and about.


Tom has been out & about all over Edmonton!


Your spot ON!!!

VP - Operations

seriously tom’s picture looks retarded, I’d ask big brother to take a much nicer picture than that,
to be honest Gary deserves to come back, Gary is actually worth watching with those dramatic meltdowns and savvy game play, not someone as arrogant as tom, he’s so boring to watch because you deal with people like that in your life on a day to day basis, we dont want to watch that type of person on TV!!


For some reason I wonder if this has something to do with a task Peter was given.. Him going on his cleaning spree seemed a bit weird. Along with the monkey he hid behind Jill’s pillow causing her and Emmett to speculate more. it is most likely nothing close, but what Peter was doing just seems like there had to be some sort of reason.


Whaaat? Are you saying you saw Peter being the one who hid the monkey?


The amount of houseguests in the Big Brother house is supposed to decrease!
But no- it’s increasing!
First the bird, now Tom!


Tom is not coming back.


I think production is messing with them. If anything, Tom may come back to host a competition but I just can”t believe that they would bring him back in to play the game.


Not watching if Tom comes back. What a terrible representation of a Canadian. He didn’t deserve to get this far. He would have been voted out twice by now


could all this speculation just be the classic “what was taken away/changed/misplaced” hoh competition for thursday?

because people have pointed out things like the picture in colour, an extra chair added, etc.

just a thought.


I must say (off topic) that I’m feeling like Topaz might secretly be a contender here. Bbc seems to be making her into a victim and more like able lately. She was playing Alec exactly like he was playing her – yet bbc aims to make him look the bad guy. She MUST have something going on that we don’t know about to have stepped off on the HOH competition. Maybe this was her way of getting Alec out and maybe she is waiting until she really needs to win HOH? Or maybe it’s all just dumb luck.


I think you are overthinking it. I think she genuinely believed Jillian’s word, and realized “Hmm.. if Jillian keeps Alec and I safe, we both get to compete in the next HoH! PLUS, if I win it, I have to get more unnecessary blood on my hands and can’t fight for myself in the next HoH!”. That’s when she decided it’s not worth winning the HoH, and stepped down.


Makes perfect sense. I guess I’m still mind boggled by her game play. Still…she cold surprise me


No, she isn’t more likeable to be honest topez has just been there alec has done some horrible things which isn’t even on the same level as anything topez has done ( production didn’t make that up or make him look worse then he is he just is that bad) but does that make her more likeable? No!!! Honestly i think she stepped off because she believed jill and thought she could have her cake and eat it to in other words she would be safe this week and could get chance to win next week end of story. I don’t think she has some power we don’t know about lol or that something occurred we didn’t see. What topez did isn’t new in janelle’s season her allie kieser did the same thing with jen she promised he was safe and then went back on her word. It is just dump move considering they were not allies and barely spoke all game some people will keep there word some won’t but in this case she should have know they aren’t allies and there are very few people left. Topez has slept most of the game and rid gary and alec coat talis and at the last second decided to play.
She is just a bad player.


I think if tom is coming back in and that is a big if (which would suck for andrew and possible jillian becasue tom would team back up with emmitt) but i think it maybe more about bb messing with the hgs. If he is there i don’t think he will be there to play more like what happened when rachel returned in season 12 she was there just to mess with them and cause drama.


I’m not too sure about that. I’ve seen some of his interviews after the show and he’s been…vocal about his dislike for Emmett, Peter, and Alec. :s


The only way Tom or anyone can go back into the house is if they are kept sequestered and he has not been sequestered. He knows everything that has happened since he left so he would have a definite advantage. It is probably for the HOH.


There is no way Tom is back, he went back to Alberta.
It’s probably some task, or production screwing with there heads.


I think it’s part of a comp/task that Peter got (since he was the one that hid the stuffed monkey) but I bet Tom’s coming back as the SUMO wrestler or NINJA we’ve been voting for this week.


Emmett is scared out of his mind and I love it .I hope Tom comes in and shakes things up.I hate Tom ,but they talk alot of trash behind his back,I can’t wait to see there faces.Andrew /hate him ,Alec/hate him ,Jillian/ hate her , Talla really hate the jumper,Topaz and Peter final 2 I hope.


If tom came into the game the only person he would be out to get would be emmitt when he left he was the only one he wanted to say goodbye to so topez,alec,andrew should be scared. This might be some sort of memory comp


have you actually watched any of the episodes??? Emmett would actually be the only one who WOULDN’T need to be scared. And Topaz and Peter for final two??? Uh ok???


Well that was sort of eventful

Seeing the beast alliance (whatever their name is) squirm makes me smile.

I don’t like anyone getting to comfortable in the BB house.

Antony G

‘Look to a higher power’

Look for something hidden up high, you dumb arses!


That’s all Jillian and Emmett have been doing

Antony G

When they were discussing what the message meant, I never heard them say that the message most probably indicates an object hidden up high. Both of them have been looking in low places.


Maybe they mean Peter…he has Veto and he really seems to be involved


my baby coming back i likie


I would love to see Tom come back.


OMG.. I’m sry but Talla is so pathetic to me in this game. She has no mind of her own. All she does is go around asking Emett, Andrew, Alec.. whoeevr is in power a the time, what she should do, how she should react, what shoudl she say, should she sniff this butt or that butt today?! Arrrrh… so annoyed she’s there over more well deserved ppl and she will still b there over others. Absolutely no game!!! Just a kiss ass!!!1 Ugh!!!! Just send her out already!


She’s letting every single person in this house know / think that his / her opinion is really important to her. That they are on the same side. That she’s “putty in their hand”.
That’s a good move for a floater.
Maybe it’s not a conscious tactic, but the end result gets her where she wants to get! 😉


No… Talla really is just kissing ass. She has had no other “game” this whole time. She has never made a move or decision for herself… she always lets everyone tell her what to do because she’s scared of getting on anyone’s wrong side and going up. It isn’t strategy.. it’s plain old scared. Fair enough.. but i for one don’t really respect that in someone at this point in the game. This is why she is known as a jumper and i agree!


The conversation between Alec, Emmett, Jill and Peter right now is awesome. Peter is trying so hard to back track all the crap Alec has stirred up over the last couple of days and Emmett is not having any of it. The looks he is giving Alec are priceless!


K. great thanks. I gotta watch it again!

Antony G

Looks like a couple of weak-minded people about to go along with Peter’s/Alec’s crap. Jillian and Emmett shouldn’t even be listening to that bullshit. They gave Peter and Alec the opportunity to brainwash them and it seems to have worked. Weak-minded idiots!

Antony G

I just realized that Jillian is nearly as scatterbrained as Talla.


She is another one, like Talla, who lets others play her game for her. She oes not make her down decisions. It’s too bad b/c she is a storng competitor and would have been a force in this game if only she wasn’t always letting Emmett make her decisions for her for 90% of the time. She could ahve really made a name for herslef in this game, but Emmett is definately taking the glory!


comparing Jillian to Talla? Really people? COME ON!!

Jillian is all class comapred to that air head , drunken sl*t.


and Ricky, Jillian is classy, huh, she’s a liar, what kind of teacher is she……. bad example to student, she can’t even keep her words