Jillian asks so what if you are nimble and agile. Talla says then you’re ambidextrous.

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 16 2013 5pm

5pm Andrew tells Jillian the hard thing about all this is that when Talla see’s all this she isn’t going to want to be my friend, that’s for sure. Jillian says yeah I hate that too. Andrew says you know I am being honest about it you know. He says they ask us to say things about each other. You got to be honest, right?! Jillian says yup! Jillian says its a freaking game. Andrew says yes, it is!

Andrew says I want this time to go by because I am really getting anxiousness to go home, you know?! Jillian says I know!
Andrew says the good thing is .. there are only two competitions left. God I just .. I want to win it so bad!
Jillian says me too! Andrew says cuz I don’t want her to win.
Jillian says I want you or Emmett.. I can’t do it. Jillian says we can’t take her to the final three.. what if she flukes out?
Andrew says that’s the only way.
Jillian says and wins this competition. Andrew says she will not.. think of it this ..even if she does get to the final three .. which would mean that Emmett or I don’t win .. cuz that is the only way she does if she wins this HOH.
Jillian say yup. Andrew says there is still a 75% chance that both of us get to the final because all three of us could win the veto.
The thing is for her she wont get to the final two unless she wins the final HOH .. which she won’t do. Jillian says yup.
Andrew says you won’t take her, I won’t take her and Emmett won’t taker her. And I am going to win HOH this week!
Andrew heads back downstairs. After he leaves Jillian says I can’t do this! (Not sure if she is talking about her work out or her conversation.)

Big Brother Canada April 16 2013 510pm

Talla goes up to the HOH room and ask Jillian if she wants to play soccer later. Jillian says she will. They head down stairs. Jillian asks Peter what he is doing? Peter says he is waiting for Emmett. Jillian asks where is he? Peter says the diary room. Jillian says what a loser!
Big Brother Canada April 16 2013  530pm

Jillian and Talla head out to the hot tub room and talk about how its almost over and that its day 55 in the house. They head back to the backyard. Jillian and Talla start jumping through the badminton net. Jillian says pretend you are a burglar and try and jump through. Talla tries and fails. I would be a horrible burglar. Emmett and Peter come back out to play. They talk about being nimble & agile. Jillian asks so what if you are nimble and agile. Talla says then you’re ambidextrous. Emmett, Peter and Talla laugh. Emmett asks do you even know what ambidextrous means? Talla laughs and says ambidextrous. Emmett says you’re better off just being quiet because Canada is going to think you are stupid. She says it means you’re flexible. Peter jokingly says YUP YOU’RE RIGHT! Emmett says oh my god. Talla asks Jillian what it means. Jillian asks do you mean contortionist? Ambidextrous means you can use both your left and right hand. Talla says OH SH*T! I just said that? WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP ME Jill! Where did I get that word from. Emmett says don’t talk any more. Jillian says Emmett be nice.

Big Brother Canada April 16 2013 530pm

6pm – 6:15pm Andrew, Jillian are up in the HOH room talking about Alec and Peter throwing competition. They talk about how much Topaz slept and would continue to sleep when they buzzed her. Andrew says she had no respect for the game. Emmett joins them. Andrew says lets just get to Thursday.. hopefully you win or I win. Andrew says that it’s going to be a mental competition. Andrew suggests that they start a fight with Talla before the HOH competition to get her fired up. Emmett says you start it and I will pour gas on it! Andrew asks what should I say to get her started. I guess anything with Talla.

6:35pm Andrew, Emmett, Jillian, Peter and Talla all head out to the hot tub room. They talk about random things about their lives outside the house. Everyone but Talla head back into the house.

6:45pm – 7:50pm Emmett and Jillian go up to the HOH room and make out / talk on the floor. Emmett says you know what we should do after this is all over.. like in 3 weeks.. Jillian asks what? Emmett says no I will tell you later. She keeps asking then tells her he is thinking of making youtube videos. He says that Peter said he makes $1000 a month just off his youtube videos. Emmett says that he is going to talk to Peter tomorrow .. I want him to campaign to me ..to make sure I am making the right decision. Jillian says that Peter and Alec are sneaky liars. They steal from the rich and give to the poor. I think that they are bad news bears. Emmett says I think Peter would take me and you over Andrew. Jillian says I don’t know .. what about Talla? Emmett says she would take Andrew, he says he would take you .. but I think he would take Talla. Jillian says I don’t care any more. Emmett says lets see how you feels when you are on the block. Jillian says hey! Why don’t you win the veto and keep me safe. Jillian says that she wants to stay off the block to keep up her streak. Jillian says that she has helped him with his game way more than he did. Emmett says his POV wins helped her by him not using them and saving her from being put up. Emmett tells Jillian she needs to get a solid relationship with Talla. Emmett tells her to tell Talla that Emmett is horrible with mental comps. He says that the physical comps are turning into more mental .. that’s why you want Emmett in those .. and Not Andrew. You have to bring her in, you have to talk to her. Emmett brings up how Andrew said he would throw the HOH to him but he will never do that. And if I threw the veto to him he would use to save Talla. They start talking about random things and then head downstairs to join the others.

8:15pm Jillian, Emmett and Andrew are out in the hot tub talking about shooting moose and camping.

Meanwhile take a look at a few new photos from the jury house:

Photo 1: Lunching with the 4 jury members and their chaperones! Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup!
Photo 2: Going through the #BBCAN season with Alec and Topaz. Still decompressing after a long season. FYI Alec and Topaz were chatting about the season in front of our cameras. They weren’t watching an episode.
Photo 3: One last shot of the Jury Members before we head off! Can’t wait to drop the news that one is headed back in!

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What do you think about this scenario? (this time, it’s not sarcasm!)

– Peter gets voted out
– ALL jury members enter the house, and only after a little suspense (and her trademark awkward silence) does Arissa inform them that Gary has been voted back into the game
– the other jury members stay in the house for a day or 2, so BB can say that Gary doesn’t have the advantage of being the only one to have been able to talk to the other jurors.
– Gary wins HOH (The other houseguests have all stated the obvious, that it wouldn’t be fair to let someone come back in that late, so to ensure he gets a week to try to resolidify his position in the house, BB will have told Gary in detail what the HOH comp will be and Gary will have been practicing it for days now!)
– oh, and of course, the feeds will be switched off during all this time. We’ll all be really big fans of Ramada by the end of this season! Not.

– Jillian’s Number 1 priority is neither Emmett nor Andrew, it’s Talla! Jillian will be holding on to Talla as her liferaft until the end, since she must know she can only win in a final 2 against her.
– everybody (but Gary) wants to take Jillian to final 2, so I’m sure Jillian wants to let the guys battle it out. She doesn’t want to be the one to decide who to evict at this point since she’s covered from every angle. Gary will change that.
– Dawg, Simon, thanks for the info about Gary coming back as a full player. If that’s true, I’m seriously disappointed. Like, this time, really!


I think that’s a well thought out prediction. They could also just not allow Gary to be voted out.


Ridiculous. Well thought out production is an oxy moron when refering to BBcan. Second these folks are competing for a prize that includes 100K. Merely because your favourite is likely about to get a huge unfair advantage your praising production. What a big giant pile of steaming bull crap your comment is!!!


Another possible twist scenario: no eviction vote. The 2 houseguests on the block, plus the juror who is re-entering the game must compete for the spot to remain in the game. The winner of the comp stays, the other 2 are evicted. This makes it easier to stay within the time limit left in the game. Now, what kind of competition would they have? I have no idea, but would hope it is a comp that keeps it fair for all 3 competitors, so that fans don’t freak out about it all and cry foul until finale night.


We’ll in the previous thread I praised someone for an original idea. Cudo’s to you for thinking of the returning HG competing against the 2 on the block. What if only 1 of the 3 survive as a possibility. That could be juicy and we are still on scheduale.


I’m beating a dead horse!! I think i’m the only one actively hoping the twist is an evicted HG just visiting.

So I’m think how do you do Q&A with the returning HG being gone during certain events? You could still do face morph which I have predicted would be F4 week. Hardly rocket science on my part. But just about everything else Q&A related the returning HG can’t possibly know all being in the jury unless production commits fraud and gives the answers to the house guests.

Well I guess I’ll start getting worked up for full rant mode after the returning HG and the rules involved are announced. Thank heavens it’s just a couple days away.


Poor Talla. She really has been giving 100%. Sure, she has quirks that people don’t like but WHO DOESN’T? Feel kinda’ sad for her because she’s about to be tossed under the bus. 🙁

Bill from Halifax.

With that unbearable LaLa still in the house. if Gary returns on Thursday I think I will just close the browser and call it quits.
Even Andrew has become an irritant for me, bitching about everything. He doesn’t even recognize the HE is the one in the house that is doing the most campaigning and he isn’t even on the block.

These reasonably intelligent people are humoring Talla like the idiot red haired Irish cousin, and I am find it harder and harder to just ignore her. She just subtracts whatever entertainment value the show has at this point. Adding Gary to the mix will just push it over the brink.

I have been fast forwarding through any Tallaspeak this week and it has helped a little. Right now on the live feeds she is yaking @ Andrew and in 5 minutes maybe there was one sentence that made any sense. Good grief.


Don’t go anywhere! 🙂 It’s the mark of a real BB fan to roll with the punches. Like BB13 where I rolled on a 40 foot boot in 30 foot seas! You throw up alot but you still love the ocean.

Pretty sure the game will be completely ruined by the next shift but I’m not going to say I’m boycotting the show or never watching again. True fans no matter how bad things get still stick around. If I quit after BB13 I wouldn’t have watched the BB14 train wreck. The creation of the mist and a Wee Ian 6-1 win. Now if BB15 has no returning JHG’a we could have a terrific summer.

PS…. It’s obvious your a BB Fan 😛


I think she’s got what they call “brain rot”.


I need to clarify what I meant by ‘Poor Talla’. She is the most naïve player I have ever seen on BB. (Sad for her). She thinks she is entertaining (FAIL). She doesn’t know how hard on the ears her voice is. For that, I feel sorry for her because the credit I am giving is that she is actually trying 100% at the comps (FAIL).


How do people know Gary is back? I am confused? Simply by some poll suggestion? Remember even Americans can vote in these polls.


Lets see 4 people and Gary is polling close to 50% in a 4 horse race. Yup add to it his fans have been always loyal even after he was evicted. Add to it the haters vote for anyone to stir up the house against the remaining HG’s. Pretty easy to hang your hat on Gary returning.
It’s a reasonable safe guess but production will just do what it wants.

Bill from Halifax

I don’t believe people DO know Gary is back.
I think it is probably speculation.

Although I have read on a lot of blogs that suggestion that the game is rigged, that the producers will do whatever the producers want, that the whole vote was a sham, so I won’t discount the possibility that the producers decided that Gary returning would make the best TV.

Or maybe Gary has in fact won the vote and the producers have leaked it to the Online forums to create some pre-Thursday furor.


“even Americans can vote in these polls”

Nope, it’s supposed to say “even Americans can BELIEVE they vote in these polls”
There is only 1 vote in this poll that counts, and we know who’s casting it: Casting.

BB used to have a notary in Europe 10+ years ago, presented during the live show, who would vouch for the validity of votes and results. I don’t think this didn’t make it to the “US version” of BB because of cost cuts! 😉


The “interweb” tells me that the closest to the european (except UK) “notary” is “Civil law notary”. I’m talking about a specialized, notarially state certified lawyer who gets in deep shit if what he vouches for turns out to be false.
(“appointed by authority of their state justice minister, draft notarial instruments and retain them of record in their protocol, and provide independent and impartial advice to all interested parties”)

just sayin


Jillian doesn’t know who she would bring to final 3 cause she hasn’t been playing her game. She has been playing this whole time for Emmett. She might be social when she isn’t B*tching about about everything but thats as far as her game goes.
I want her to be gone after Peter that would save my ears from listening to all the whining.


I have come to conclusion I have no control over what production does. I will just go with it and could never say that I will never watch because that would be a big fat lie. I will either rejoice or be extremely mad if the person I am routing for does or doesn’t win but like every year i will get over it and watch the next season. just grateful that canada stepped up and bb!! oh, said this before wish the hgs were interviewed on how competitve they were maybe it would make it an even playing field. like jillian but really do i really want to see her HOH room again? Not