Big Brother Canada Talla the CHEERLEADER gets the House Guests to do a Cheer!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 16 2013  841pm

8:20pm – 9pm Big Brother starts pumping music into the house. Emmett and Jillian head into the house to see what’s going on. Talla has cheerleader pom poms and is dancing around. They talk about how its the same music as when the cheerleaders came into the house. All the house guests sit on the backyard couches as she dances for them. Andrew says I wants to throw water on her so bad! When the music stops .. Talla says thank you for coming out and watching .. please vote for me.. and um I need a cigarette. Do you love it? Do you want it?

Big Brother Canada April 16 2013  850pm
Talla leaves and then comes back out and tells them all that they need to do a cheer together. (They all realize that it’s a task.) They are all going to spell out Big Brother and then say final 5! Talla says hey Jillian give me a B. Peter give me an I. Andrew give me a G. Hey MILKMAN give me a Brother! When I say final you say 5! Final! 5! Final 5! Final 5! Talla starts running around and screaming! Talla says thanks for doing that! Andrew and Emmett wonder if that was a task or if it was just Talla wanting to do something.

Big Brother Canada April 16 2013 840pm

9:30pm After the cheer, Talla continues to make up horrible cheers. Andrew is in a bad mood. Emmett and Talla start playing a game of puck ball. Jillian is up in the HOH doing her make up. Peter asks Emmett if he wants to work out. Emmett says yes. Peter says he is going to have a pizza pocket first. Peter asks how Andrew is doing. Andrew says lets just say the cheering did not cheer me up. Andrew says that he was one of the lucky ones that didn’t have to be on slop ..and I wanted to ..but now I don’t. Peter comments that there are a lot of people that never had to be on slop and they aren’t here any more.. would you rather be here on slop or.. ? Andrew says here. Talla bets Emmett that she can beat him at a game of puck ball or she has to be his servant for the day tomorrow. Emmett wins! Talla says we didn’t shake on it. Emmett says that it was a verbal agreement. Peter is my witness. Emmett says if you don’t do it .. I will never play puck ball with you again and you will be thrown in the pool. Andrew says she is a little ball of misery over there. Where’s the cheer! Talla tells Jillian that her hair stinks from the egg and rotten avocado. Jillian laughs and says it doesn’t do anything for your hair. Peter asks are you joking you got this girl who is on slop to put egg and rotten avocado in her hair?!! Talla is stunned. Jillian says that she is joking it is good for your hair.

10pm – 10:30pm Jillian and Emmett play a game of puck ball with Talla and Peter. Talla and Peter win the game and Talla goes nuts. She starts screaming and running around. Talla starts doing more cheers. Jillian starts to do a cheer but stops and says she can’t because she has a problem and has to go to the bathroom. She comes back and does a cheer. Jillian and Talla then do a cheer together. Jillian gets Talla to sit on her shoulders. Andrew, Jillian and Talla talk about Peter’s speech. Meanwhile out in the backyard: Emmett and Peter are talking about whether or not they would come back into the house for another season. They both agree that they would. Peter then talks about who the house guests equivalents are compared to the US version. Peter says that Jillian is like Rachel except not personality wise. He says she is similar in how she wins competitions.
Big Brother Canada April 16 2013  1041pm

10:50pm – 11pm Andrew, Talla and Jillian are in the kitchen discussing how they came together to form the Raging Cajuns.
Big Brother Canada April 16 2013  1105pm
11:10pm – 11:25pm They continue to talk about past event of the house. Andrew says that what a lot of people don’t realize is that this is largely a social game. He says that Alec was really bad socially at the game. Andrew says that Alec and Peter thought they were so smart having an alliance that no one knew about and each making alliances with other people. The conversation turns to talking about what Andrew will buy with his $10,000 Brick shopping spree gift card. He says he will buy his brother Pete and his wife Tracy a dishwasher and then he’ll buy himself a dishwasher, washer/dryer, stove, TV, bed. Peter and Emmett join them. Emmett and Peter join them. Andrew talks about how things could have changed with different events happening. Andrew gets called to the diary room. Jillian heads up to the HOH room. Talla asks Emmett if Peter was campaigning to him. Emmett says that he thinks he’s staying. Talla asks why? Emmett says because we haven’t told him he isn’t. Talla says that’s fine. But has he asked you? Emmett says no not really but tomorrow is the day it will start happening. Emmett leaves. Talla says to herself what if I go home!
Big Brother Canada April 16 2013  11pm
11:25pm – 11:55pm Jillian and Talla head out to the hot tub room to talk. They start going over scenarios. Jillian says lets pretend Emmett puts you and Andrew on the block. I win POV and so I decide who goes home… so I vote to evict you know who. Andrew joins them. Andrew says here is the only thing that matters. Only me, you and Emmett can win. Whoever wins HOH is guaranteed to be in the final 3. Jillian has no guarantee because she can’t play in the HOH. This veto has the most power of the season. Talla says oh I didn’t know that’s how it worked. Emmett joins them. Jillian and Talla head inside to go to bed. Andrew talks to Emmett and mocks how Talla had no idea how the game works. He says I think we have over estimated her and worried for no reason. Andrew talks about he walked in on Jillian and Talla talking scenarios and wonders how close they really are. Emmett jokes that maybe we should send Talla home this week, Jillian home next week and go to the final three with Peter. Andrew says yeah we couldn’t do that. Emmett says that what if Jillian and Talla go to the final 2. Andrew says well then it doesn’t matter .. we are in the jury and can vote for Talla to win. They both laugh. Emmett says can you imagine being up there and seeing them put out the votes Talla, Talla, Talla.. Andrew says yeah and her speech was Do you love it?! Andrew says that he wishes they could have had this conversation before the one he had with Talla explaining how the game works. He could have not told her how it works. They head inside. Emmett goes to bed.

Big Brother Canada April 16 2013  1135pm

12am Emmett and Jillian get ready and go to bed even though big brother hasn’t turned the lights down yet. Emmett tells Jillian that she should have told Talla not to worry about this HOH .. she has another one coming up like she thought. Jillian says you guys really think she is dumb don’t you. Emmett & Jillian start studying the events of the house. Meanwhile down in the kitchen Talla tells Andrew how he thinks he is staying. Andrew says well I have one of the votes and Jillian would break the tie .. so unless she isn’t really working with us and has been lying to us ..

Big Brother Canada April 16 2013  12am
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LOL screw the haters, I LOVE Talla! That was fun to watch!


I agree that production will choose the person coming back, but it just doesn’t make sense. Why would they do that?!?! The whole point of a tv show and especially a twist like this is to retain viewership; they want to make the viewers happy, so why not just listen to why they want?!?! Why not being back the person the majority of viewers are voting for??


How do people know Gary is back? I am confused? Simply by some poll suggestion? Remember even Americans can vote in these polls.


however it is an unofficial guess and/or vote sowe cannnot say 100percent


Gary will be brought back after he was evicted and then there will be powershifts to save him until he gets to F2.


I voted for Gary to come back on bbslice and I hope he does I think he is entertaining to watch. Anyways whoever comes back will not be there very long cause if they dont win HOH or POV they are gone again.


all the powershifts have involved aj though


Oh my god, that was the funniest thing EVER! I was lmao the whole time — so disorganized but they humored her. Can’t wait to see what this was all about. 🙂


Reminds me of pimple popper on BB14 last season doing the cheer crap. Was bad then but in true Canadian fashion just plain hilarious now.


I wonder if Alex is the jury member coming back..Alex can beat J/E in comps… Alex took one for the team when he quit allowing Peter to win the veto. Alex helped Andrew twice. Giving him the HOH. Voting to keep him in against Topaz wishes. Production doesn’t seem interested in HG strategy and game play which is the point of reality shows.. They prefer to see the HG obtuse reaction in difficult situations designed by their devious writers/producers….


It’s Alec.


Given production’s obvious bias for Peter, I always felt it would be Ale*C* as well. Who knows though. Either him or Gary for sure though.


If Alec comes back i won’t need to rant. Glitter nation would rip “fraudulant” production a new a$$hole. Honestly who could objectively think anyone but Gary gets the most votes? By the way I’d love to see Alec versus Gary back. Jillian sure wouldn’t have forgotten the threats. He has no social game with Lala. Emmit isn’t going against Jillbot. Much better chance for the non returning HG’s to be F3.

Let Glitter Nation rule the forums if Gary is not brought back!! sprinkle sprinkle 🙂 🙂

Only Gary will return 🙁 🙁


would rip “fraudulant” production a new a$$hole

Please expand?
I think there are thousands of BB fans who have been wondering how to actually do that for a while now!
Doesn’t seem to matter.
I’m sure Kim Jung-un doesn’t lose any sleep over the fact that all the world knows he didn’t exactly rise to power in North Korea by a fair, unrigged democratic process.
Gosh, why do I keep comparing BB production to a ruthless dictator who doesn’t care what happens outside of his bubble?


Haha they let us Americans vote on who to bring back also


whats your point? americans don’t like glitter gary???? that would be a travesty and a sad state of affairs!!! In Canada we love our glitters!!! (except for maybe a few silly provinces that no one should care about:p)


Say what you want about prod. bringing a jury member back in to the house but it has happened on BBUS as well. I would have preferred that they didn’t do it so late in the game though.
On another note if it wasn’t for Talla this show would be boring as hell right now. We would be stuck watching Jemmett Suck Face and Andrew talking about taking a dump all day long, and Peter eat a pizza pocket for 10 hours. Can’t stand the way they talk about how dumb Talla is.

Say It Isn't So

I agree Talla has talent!!! She is very entertaining in my opinion and the most fun to watch.


It did not happen this late did it? To give the return HG automatic final 5?

Mr. BiLL




2 weeks ago I would have said that’s very likely


Peter’s game was very strong at the beginning when his alliance was more secret and he held more social power… I mean, just look! They managed to save Aneal, and that was quite impressive! However SINCE then he has since lost all of his alliance members and is now by himself with a group that is against him for the most part. His strategies have failed. His veto usages were not the best decisions he could have made.

I’d be extremely surprised if he survives this week, let alone any week following.


OMG i just tuned in to the live feeds and surprize suprize Jillian and Emmet were having hardcore sex underneeth the sheets they were covered but you could obviously tell what was going on she was definetly mounted over top him and thr*sting to say the least. Dont these two have any shame for fux sake especially Jillian shes a teacher what kind of lesson is this to teach her students thats its ok to be a lying sl*t who has s$x on camera filthy whore cant she wait till they get out the house she needs to save it and have some class. I hope who ever gets voted back in and i hope its alec evicts this lying filthy wh*re.


Please lets keep comments relativity free of profanity especially if you are working on a piece of fiction.


Sorry about the profanity Simon and yes this did happen its not fiction i could never make this up and i feel strongly insulted that you think i did. It happend a while after they were laying there and then Jillian turned around and they started kissing and then after a few seconds of fumbling underneeth the sheets jillian clearly climbed on top him and they went at it it was really obvious of what was going on. I am sorry i have 2 bring it up again but just trying 2 proove my point. And really i am just fed up with these 2 they are way worse than brenchel ever were. Everytime i think of Jill and Emmet making final 2 i get sick and have 2 take TUMS…


Thanks for the apology.. I just want to keep things as clean as I can. Some peeps were complaining so I thought I would comment.

juicy j

ummmmm…… are we watching the same thing here “fly” girl


liking that comment just because of the name #trippyking


I saw it too. It was just before 1am. They cut the feed to the HOH room about 10 min into it.


Weren’t they also talking about it? Jillian was worried that they caught it on live feeds? I could be totally wrong, but it seemed to me that she was discussing it and saying she was worried that it was caught on film or something? IF it is true, and who knows if it is (they WERE covered by a blanket), I think it’s pretty vulgar and classless of BOTH of them, not just her. They are here for a game – can’t they keep in together for three months? I do hold her to a higher standard, because I think teachers should basically consider their teacher certficate as an oath to conduct themselves as role models in the classroom, in public and certainly on TV – much like other professions. Can you imagine if she were in the military or something?? She would be kicked out and facing fines for disgracing herself and her profession.