Jessica “Nick & Bella are going to try and turn everyone’s vote if its Kemi.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV was Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam plans on using the Veto on Cliff. Christie plans on putting Kemi on the block as the replacement.  Ovi is the second choice. The Veto will most likely be Monday. It’s been busy in the house today there could be a flip it’s so early.

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2pm The house guests on a backyard lock down. Big Brother is likely cleaning the fish tank / replacing the dead fish. Jack is talking to Analyse & Holly. He tells them that there was something that happened 4 weeks ago … 5 weeks ago… that you would not believe that I still considered doing this thing. My parents were like how the hell are you going to go on Big Brother with what’s going on. There were probably 10 things that were going on from not being able to take a job, quit a job, not being able to make enough money, totaling my car, medical issues, getting cheated on, getting lied to, family issues, dog issues, the unknown of whether this was going to work out… yeah I’m not a stressful or anxious person but …see these two scars? I’m mic’d up but I’ll tell you after. It was a close call. I didn’t care, I needed to do this. This was the most difficult thing I could find. This was going to help me grow the most. This was going to be hard but I needed to do this for myself. Its not about the money. Its not even about being on TV. I could give two f**ks about being on TV. This is me growing as a man and doing something for myself and get through the challenges that I’ve been struggling through. Analyse – that’s smart. Jackson – I didn’t sleep for weeks. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t do anything. Its hard but everything good and bad comes to an end. You just have to keep on, keeping on till you find the light at the end of the tunnel.. and I can finally say that at this time I am truly happy. Holly – real happiness comes from within. No one else can truly make you happy. Jackson – what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.. and this didn’t kill me.

2:20pm Nick gives Christie a back massage. He then gives Analyse a massage.

2:40pm Big Brother ends the backyard lock down.

2:47pm Kitchen. Nicole and Kemi. Nicole – so what do we think is going on? Kemi – I talked to Christie.. so its either me or Ovi. Yeah, because of the conversation I had with Kat. I had a feeling .. yeah. Nicole groans – dammit! Kemi – because of the conversation with Kat which is so f**king annoying because I was trying to help her out. And I think she was just half listening and then heard the name Jess and heard the name Ovi and was just she wants Ovi and Jess. So just like we thought she took it to Jackson. She is going to do whatever is going to cause the least waves for her in the house ..which I completely understand.

3:18pm Bedroom. Nicole and Jess. Nicole tells Jess that Kemi knows she’s going up. Christie just told her its either her or Ovi. Jess – F**K! Nicole – I don’t know .. there’s a lot of whispering going on. Jess – so much!! So f**king much! Nicole – and I’m the one idiot that’s like What?! Lets hope its a good sign.. I didn’t hear anything about you so.. Jess – Nick and Bella are going to try and turn everyone’s vote if its Kemi. Nicole – and vote out who? Jess – vote out Kat. Nicole – and vote out the other person. So you’re saying if Cliff comes down and they put up Kemi. Jess nods. That’s what Nick and Bella are trying to do but they haven’t come to me. Nicole – yeah nobody talks to me. Nicole – I think as long as we keep each other informed. Obviously I have your back.

3:35pm Backyard. Christie and Bella talking about weddings. Bella – I would get married in a wh*re house.. I don’t care!

4:35pm – 4:50pm HOH room. Jack and Chrsitie. Jack – ..that Kemi told you that I contacted Kemi. Christie – I didn’t even talk to Kemi at that point. Jack – so in turn old boy came up to me.. Christie – who is old boy? Jack – Michie (Jackson) (OMG these people need to start using each others real names!) came up to me and said that Kemi contacted her. Christie – she didn’t tell me that. She told me that she asked to talk to you. Jack – its him trying to turn the vote. Christie – who!? Jack – Nick. Christie – who is he trying to turn? Is Sam using the veto? If they’re trying to flip the votes, I’m not putting up Kemi. Jack – that’s part of his plan. The goal is to not have the plan go through. Christie – okay, well if that’s his plan.. its working. I don’t really give a shit if Kemi goes. I don’t want Kat to go but if its going to f**k with my game and flip votes and the house is completely divided … I don’t need her to go. She didn’t do anything to me. Jack – it f**ks up his plan and I don’t understand his plan to not have Kemi go home. Christie – so should I talk to him one on one and really see where he’s at? Like I want to know his logic and whether he’s working with us or not. Jack – based on my interaction with Kat and what she said… she was lying to me. Christie – then send Kat home. I don’t care. Jack – that’s what Nick wants because if Kemi stays it makes another power for him because Kemi is tight with Bella. Cliff is onto it and he is with us. Christie – I don’t trust that Cliff won’t put me up. Jack – he (Sam) is going to use it (veto) and Kemi is going to go home. The plan stays. Christie – me putting Kemi up and if they’re that close to her …then who is going up if they win HOH? Me! What does Nick benefit from not being in our alliance? Why would he not want to be in the eight?! If Kat and Kemi are on the block who is Cliff voting out? Jack – Kemi. Christie – I honestly don’t know what to do. Jack – the decision I made to be with you … I will die by it. If I’ve made a mistake I will live with it. Christie – I don’t even know what to do. Jack – is there a part of you that just wants Kat to go home? Christie – I don’t know because then my word means nothing. I just wish I knew where Nick and Bella stood. Its really scary to me. This game sucks honestly. Like I love it but it f**king sucks. I guess I just have to let it happen how its supposed to happen.

4:53pm Christie is crying to Kat and Ovi. I just don’t know what to do. There is nothing I can do honestly. What if they convince Sam ..yeah sure use the veto and then I do put Kemi and they just want to f**k me over and flip the house and now I have enemies in this house. Then Kemi’s going to come after me, Nick and Bella are going to come after me. I’m scared. Kat – no one is going to come after you. So many people like you. Ovi – if you put her up we have 6 (votes) easy. Kat – Nick keeps coming up to me and telling me you know you’re safe right? You know you’re safe. And I’m like dude no… you’re flipping the house on me. Christie – I am confused. What is he doing? I don’t trust him at all. Kat – I kind of feel like he is trying to play a mind game with me. Christie – like frazzle you? Kat – yes. I don’t trust him and if this was the real world I would call him out. Christie – I honestly kind of do want to talk to him but Bella is a shark! Cliff joins them. Christie continues to struggle with what to do. Cliff – stay chill ..its a flash in the pan. If it doesn’t get traction it will go away real quick.

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No sign of the ants yet, and they actually fit in with this theme.


I know Eh, The one season and there’s no sign. Maybe later in the season 🙂


Maybe even the ants don’t want to deal with some of them. Don’t blame them. Lol

Hello help

Can someone help me with what jack/Jackson did to each other??? Some he said she said they got over it but I’m so lost and can’t catch up !!


That strategy session between Jessica and someone named “Nicole,” who I still don’t think has been on camera, just blew my mind. Now I know what it must’ve been like inside the room during the first phase of the Manhattan Project.

(Hey, Simon and Dawg, excited to spend another summer on OBB!)


Thanks, Biff! it’s going to be a blast 🙂


I’m proud of Christie! She does not want to backdoor Kemi, and she knows that Jack is trying to manipulate her.

Option 1: Sam might not play the veto and Kat will be evicted. If so, I just hope Sam doesn’t tell JJ what’s going on. They could convince him to use that veto.

Option 2: Sam uses veto on Cliff and Christie HAS to put up someone else (psst! Christie……JACK)

This is getting better and better.

B- bob

I don’t much care for Jack, but if Christie out of the blue, out of nowhere, decides to backdoor him…
I’ll know this is a rig job by BB because the fans don’t like him.


I am getting confused between Jack and Jackson, I think. I thought Jack had the long hair and Jackson looked like Steve from Minecraft, but at the beginning of this post it says Jack is talking to Analyse and Holly and it shows a picture of whom I thought was Jackson. I know they also keep changing their names because one of them (I thought Jackson) goes by “Mickey” but spelled differently. Anyone else confused? Can anyone clear it up for me? Thanks!