“Me, you, Kat and Holly we’re the 4 southern folks, Keep us four as the core.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV was Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam plans on using the Veto on Cliff. Christie plans on putting Kemi on the block as the replacement.  Ovi is the second choice. The Veto will most likely be Monday. It’s been busy in the house today there could be a flip it’s so early.

9:50 am Cliff is up chatting to the live feeders.

10:00 am Jackon’s up

10:25 am HOH Christie, Sis and Holly
Christie – I just had an Idea, I’m hoping that Ovi comes up here in his normal fashion I want to prep him that I’m going have a talk with Kemi and she’s going to be questioning me and this and that. I just want to let him know that I’m not going to tell her she’s going up if Sam uses the veto my plan with Kemi is to say as far as I know Sam isn’t using the veto the nominations are staying the same we’re good.. don’t worry whatever.
Christie – then she’s probably going to say what if he does use it I want to say to her, to be honest, I haven’t gotten that far in my head
Christie adds she would say she wants to keep the house as happy as possible and not make any waves “I would put up anybody that the house has collectively talked about name wise the most which would be Ovi and unfortunately you. I’m going to shoot it straight to you
Christie – I want to talk to Ovi first to let him know that I am going to say his name and that he is not an option at all but if it comes back .. just know that I’m saying this to keep her (Kemi) calm

10:41 am Bella and Sis
Sis complains about the deodorant they supply here it has no scent and makes her armpits smell worse when she works out

10:43 am Ovi and Christie
Christie – last night I was outside doing Laundry and Kemi came up and was like I need to talk to you I was like Ohh f**

Christie – umm so … She’s going to pull me aside to talk I’m going to tell her I don’t think Sam is using the Veto, as far as I know, he’s not using it so I’m not planning on doing anything

Ovi mentions talking to Sam and he didn’t say anything about using the Veto
Christie – did they take the fish away
Ovi – yeah they took the fish away (all the fish died last night)
Christie – looks like they’ve cleaned the tank too
Christie says she just knows Kemi will ask her “who will you put up” she’s “so scared, I don’t know what to say”
Christie – like at all

They get interrupted they move to the dining table.

Christie is going to tell Kemi names of renoms of people that she’s talked to and that know it’s not real. “like Tommy.. I want to say a couple of names”

Ovi – you have nothing to worry about though I get it
(couldn’t hear if she told him or not but I suspect she told him she’ll use his name as the renom but he’s not going to be)

10:48 am HOH Jack and Holly
Talking about Nick.
Holly – he keeps making comments on how much I sleep. He was making fun of me
Jack – I don’t know if he’s going to continue playing the game even entertaining the 8 because he’s being an a$$
Holly wonders if Nick is trying to “change it because he’s not the dominant player”
Jack – the only play we have is to keep playing …
Holly – he’s being a complete sh1t head but he’s also 100% professional game player
Jack – yeah his numbers and his memory is insane
Holly points out how he picked up Mandarin faster than anybody else “he’s a smart f*er”
Jack about Nick “he wants to dish it but at the same time he can’t take it”

10:53 am Storage room Sis and Holly
Holly says jack is getting more “sketched out by Nick now”
Holly – he doesn’t want to do anything crazy and change the plan
Sis – that’s still scary
Holly – he and Nick got in a bit of a tiff yesterday. Jack was like Nick never does anything he never cooks.
Holly – I had a tiff with him yesterday to

10:50 am Cliff and Jackson

Jackson – people are starting to get a little talky and a little testy.. I’ll tell you right now I would like to work with you
They shake hands
Cliff – I’m ready for it
Jackson – if you’re actually serious
Cliff – I’m serious about it I’m looking for somewhere to land
Jackson – lets spread our wings and fly
Jackson – me, you, kat and Holly we’re the 4 southern folks we have a lot of similar characteristics .. we can keep this low key. Keep us four as the core.
Cliff – people are not going to suspect
Jackson – they aren’t if you have to put up a pawn you might want to put me up to make things low key.. week two I’m not trying to win HOH .

11:00 am Bros
Jack – you got to be patient with me
Jackson – I’m patient
Jackson – you do your thing I’m doing mine I just shook hands with Cliff on a partnership

Jack – the fact you said she said that’s no bueno to me
Jackson – I know it’s not
Jack – you put our game in jeopardy doing what you did
Jackson – I f*ed up

Jackson calls jack out for spilling something to the girls, “when I asked you about it you told me straight up you didn’t know. I was like f* jack doesn’t do this to me. I want to know I can trust you we cleared the air we’re good”
Jackson says Christie told three people Sis, Tommy, and Holly “I’m not going to tell you how I know that because … you don’t need to know”
jack – it’s probably Holly
Jackson – you’re my boy since day one.. this is how men deal with things.. we move on
jack – yup

11:34 am Christie and Kemi
Christie – have you spoken to Sam at all
Kemi – no I haven’t
Christie claims she hasn’t either.
Christie – Cliff says he’s going to use it but when I bring it up to Sam he was just like I’m not making waves but he hasn’t given me an answer
Kemi – I don’t see the point of him using it without talking to you

Christie mentions talking to Ovi and him saying that Sam isn’t using the veto. She adds that Ovi is “nervous” about potentially going up
Christie says she will put up the person that the house has collectively told her they want up
Christie – if the veto was used and cliff would come down he would put me up
Christie hammers the point that she’ll put the person up that the majority of the house wants up.

Christie says if she could have redone her Nominations she would have picked Ovi. Because early in the season he was “being annoying.. using the food the way nobody wanted him to

Christie – a few people did come to me and say you know Kemi talked about me.. not me.. Kemi was dropping my names.
Christie – Jack is playing the f* outta this game he thinks I’m stupid and he thinks this is the jack show.. he thinks I’m an idiot.
Christie – A couple of people did I do want to let you know a couple of people did say like like Kemi is just name dropping, Jackson said that kat said Kemi like Kemi day one day two was saying that if they are only cooking because uh they don’t want to go home.
Christie – someone said that uhh you threw Jess’ name out there which I didn’t even hear a reason for.

Christie says she likes Sam but doesn’t talk a “millimeter” of the game with him.
Christie – I’m starting to see Sis and jack .. he told me last night he’s like I’m crazy about Sis

Christie says if Sam uses it she always thought it would be Cliff but she’s never seen them talk so that’s why she doesn’t think it will happen. Kemi agrees says she never sees Sam and Cliff together.

Christie saying she’s scared about Ovi’s ability to win memory competitions.
Christie – half this house I wouldn’t be friends with in real life but you have to it’s frustrating
Kemi – you know what’s frustrating between you and I
Kemi – Jack was like something, something, Nickey’s side of the house like you, Mickey, Holly, and Sis
Christie – so who was he categorizing in that
Kemi – Mickey, Holly, and Sis
Christie – and him
Kemi – exactly
Christie – motherf*er
Christie – I’m going to be totally honest with you whenever the tree of us girls do talk up here we have one motive and it’s to let Jack think that he’s running this game as long as he is and as soon as it gets down to it the opportunity to f*ing embarrass him and take him out, I would love to be him in a physical competition

Kemi – if I won HOH I wouldn’t put you up
Sam comes up says they are having the fish funeral.

Tommy – So much is happening
Christie – yea I know I just sat up here with Kemi for 20 minutes

Christie says Nick and Bella have flipped they’re not in the alliance “they are trying to get out kat”
Christie – she grew up with some crazy sh1t she’s street smart and she’s also vocally saying how bored she is that she needs some action.

Christie says Nick came up to her and said that him and Bella are really close to kemi and she’s not coming after her, “She has bigger people in mind”
Christie – they flipped and I feel sick about it
Tommy – me too

Tommy brings up all the deal he’s hearing about jack making “Final two’s final three’s”
Christie – ohh me too
For some reason, the feeds flip in the middle of this to Holly putting on another ton of makeup
Christie brings up a conversation she had with Bella when Bella was piercing her nose in the HOH bathroom.( yeah Bella is nails)
Christie – asked her about the alliance with Jack.
Christie – I didn’t join one Jack just told me I was in one .. I’m done. I know we have the votes to get out Kemi and I hat it has to be her but I am not rocking the boat with the 8 right now. For what god forbid I don’t put her up and we lose kat and Kemi, Nick
Christie – Nick is with Bella he’s got pu$$y eating power I don’t trust the whole thing.. I was really torn about Kemi and the whole event seeing Nick and Bella.
THey agree Nick is not good at this game.

12:08 pm Fish Funeral

12:20 pm Nick and Sam

nick – I talked to Christie today
Sam – are we still on
Nick – we’re on
Nick says the only blood Christie will get on her hands is if the person that goes up and the replacement doesn’t go home. He’s down for that.
Nick – Kemi isn’t bad for our game it’s bad for Jackson and jack

12:32 pm Jack, Christie and Tommy
Jack – If Nick goes up he has 5 days to bury our alliance
Christie – he’ll expose us all, yeah valid
Christie – Nic is swayable maybe I’ll just really need lot of time with him and today.. play up the red flame thing
jack – he’s playing yo the same way you’re going ot play him
Christie – Absolutely I just feel that pu$$y power is stronger than his game. He’s easily colluded, clearly Bella . Not colluded, wrong word

Christie – I think we need to stick with Kemi this week and I think we should try and rebuild and when it’s time they are the first 2 to go (Nick and Bella)
Jack about Nick – F* he’s a threat dude he’s trying to form another alliance (ZOMG.. ok alliance man)
Christie – this is the craziest week one (nope not by a long shot look up BB 14)
Tommy – it’s good to keep some threats in the game. We win HO we know where to go
Tommy points out everyone is feeling the same way about Nick
Christie – I believe he’s a genius
Christie goes on about Nick living with is a mom and saying he’s a member of massage of the month club and he has 18 of them in the bank.
feeds flip when we’re back Christie is saying Kemi is the least wave making this week.
Christie – I don’t want to f* up sh1t this week it’s too soon
Tommy – Cliff and Nick are tight
Christie – they are

12:35 pm kat and Jackson
kat tells him that Nick and Bella are trying to flip the house
Jackson – it’s not going to work
Jackson – they’re convincing little b1tches
kat – kemi went to Christie and was acting like Jack was against you
kat – if you hear something about Jack it’s not true

12:57 pm Jack and kat
Kat – you have a lot of pull in the house
Jack – Ui can’t confirm or deny that
Kat – you have the most power in this house right now everyone loves to hear what you have to say everyone respects you, everyone wants to be a part of you
jack – all the more reason I have a target on my back
kat says he has the numbers behind him they can’t get rid of him
Jack – I am going to continue to protect my game and I am not going to make waves and I’m not going to let Nick know what I’m up to and I’m not going to let Bella know and KLemi know
Jack – Kemi is still asking me who I will put up if I win HOH next week. B1tch you ain’t going to be here next week
Kat laughs
jack – she’s clueless and she will go that’s it.

1:03 pm Kemi and Bella

1:15 pm Holly and Kat

Holly – he’s going from girl to girl to girl .. he’s made so many sexual jokes to me. I’m like Okay
Kat – I love Jackson’s heart he’s such a great guy
Holly – I watch Jack talk and I get less and less attracted to him, he’s mean to he was body shamming Ovi yesterday and he said he f*ing hates Kemi.
Holly – we like checked him
Holly – you don’t hate her you don’t even know her who says that
Holly – Body shame the nicest kid in the house
Kat mentions that Jackson was getting hateful toward Ovi she told him dude chill out.
kat – Ovi knows he’s making a mistake and he’s going to stop and everyone is going to be back on his side
Kat – don’t repeat this but I want to see Jackson take Jack out
Holly – I do to and I think it’s possible

Kat says Ovi has her back for sure “I need to tell Jackson to start bro’ing up with him”
Holly mentions how immature everyone is in the house “Bella was like picking Tommy’s nose like pulling boogers out and she’s always talking about poop” (LOL I love jokes about poop)
Kat – talking about a threesome in the bathroom
Holly – classy

1:33 pm Sis and Tommy
Sis says she never feels insecure but in the house, she does because she’s so young.

1:47 pm Holly, kat and Jackson

Jackson – Kemi is going home regardless
Holly – I’m sure she’s going home
Kat – why don’t we get Nick out
Jackson – we need Kemi gone
Holly – why .. she’s not a threat she’s going to remain a target why does she need to go
Jackson – she continues to scrap at everybody
Holly – I genuinely think it’s Bella
Jackson – We can’t make that move against them just yet if it backfires we’re f*ed. it’s week one we have to use them as long as we can.

1:50 pm Holly and Jackson talking about kat being a basket case in this game
Holly calls her a pomeranian

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ugh. i hate this notion of not wanting to ‘rock the boat’ because it’s so early. based on feeds it looks like the majority of people are just like yeah kemi’s an easy choice let’s go with that. but does she really pose a threat to someone’s game at the moment as an outsider/bottom of the totem pole? if anything she’s a number to get. I think it’s unfortunate that kemi hasn’t made the best impression but i’ve seen worse people last way longer. if people could gather votes to get kathryn out (perhaps nick, bella, jess, nicole, cliff, sam, sis, tommy) you could honestly do whatever you wanted and there’d be no boat to rock because that would be the majority. i always try to see where people are coming from in doing what’s best for their personal game but it’s so early and things are so up in the air that I hope someone will change the tide because i don’t want this to be a predictable season.

another name

As the dastardly dynamic duds Walmartaquaman and his trusty sidekick Jawson are interrogating Kat the deathspiraling diva of delusion (and yeah, it’s an interrogation):
we learn Kat’s just making crap up and tossing it against the wall because she’s a paranoid bag of cats, hoping at least some of it sticks.
we learn the one we hope swims with the fishes soon (post aquafuneral) now thinks Kat is loyal, Kemi is a b!tch, Christie is a liar, Bella is delusional, and Nick is a schemer. The line of questioning leads us to these conclusions.
we learn king of the south has just declared Kat will be removed from the block and Kemi backdoored. Nobody has actually included the guy with the veto in this discussion or decision. Ope… charlie the tuna just reiterated that Kat will be removed without actually consulting the guy with veto.
the duo of dipsh!ts (mostly Jack) has declared that Kat may not ever speak of this interrogation to anyone under penalty or treasonous exile.
What is it with these two declaring plans without actually speaking to the people that will have to carry them out, and making alliances without telling people they are in them?? Are they actually really that comfortable?


Yes!!!! Most definitely it was an interrogation….just shy of a spot light and set of fingernail pliers. Guys that use intimidation in this way become very unattractive in this granny’s eyes.

Jan Nan

Jawson and Walmartaquaman hahaha


Jack is being so aggressive toward Kat (worse than he was with Christie yesterday). He claims to trust Christie, but he clearly doesn’t trust anyone. Jack is definitely self-imploding.

Holly put it best, “Jack is mean…he body shamed Ovi and said he hated Kemi…he doesn’t even know her.”

The best idea he has had so far is to backdoor Nick. I’m glad Tommy could talk some sense into him (keep Nick as a target).

At first I thought we would have a boring game of domination. Splinter groups are forming, and this is getting exciting.


There are several folks willing to speak with different factions and no one really trusts more than 1 or two people at a time so large alliances aren’t going to last. It could be fun with weekly realignments of clusters vying for the best outcome for the week. I’m looking forward to the vote and HoH. I’m hoping for some outlier to grab the reigns to see what happens.

another name

The whole ‘do as your told’ followed by ‘i will never understand women’ aspect of round two of the stepfordization/ stockholming of Kat… that really just didn’t sit well with me.


I’m just going to ask. If Jack bugs what feels like a lot of people and you want to prove a point why use this HOH to get Kemi out. Talk to your alliance and put his ass up. What is he going to do?


I hear ya, and I wish that would happen. But, things will pan out best for the others if Jack and Jackson take out the big targets first. In other words, I see these smart girls using those self-centered boys like the lethal weapons they dream to be. LOL


I really see that in those girls but who are the big targets. Jack and Jackson. Bella and Nick. Tell Jackson Jack wanted you out… to hot to be in the house whatever they need to say ya know. After that “I’m going on a road trip” game they all seem almost same mental level. Physical levels I think it depends on what it is and how bad they want it. And why is Jess a threat? Do they not like her cause she’s big? From what I see she’s talking to everyone being nice ya know the first few weeks… Get to know each other before killing each other.


Exactly, Nick/Bella likely end up warring with Jack/Jackson, and that keeps them busy. Everyone is everyone’s target.

In the end, I see the alliance of Christie, Holly, Sis, Ovi, and Tommy being the strongest. They are willing to lay back and let the egocentrics take shots at each other. Cliff and Nicole, and even Kemi and Jess, have the same philosophy.

It’s going to be interesting.


I think it’s one reason they are all talking about how much they don’t like them now. The guys are the current meat shields but they have to win something. If they can’t win the girls will toss them aside.


The problem is they have a sort of plan and no one knows how on board folks will be with a sudden shift. They don’t trust each other so they can’t trust that the new plan will succeed. It could be as bad as Cody’s first HoH.


Ya they talk sides but what sides you have all but 4 on your side. They say Kemi is playing fast Jackson wants to win a comp… Ummm you’ve only played 2

another name

reminder. there are twelve votes this week.
the jackhole majority group can’t afford to alienate any of their members.
If Nick or Bella find out they are out, or end up on the block:
or even if they want to sway the vote for Kemi if she is the renom…
it is conceivable that the supposed “bottom feeders” could control the vote.
Sam not only possesses veto power, but has joked about having the ‘secret power’
This depends on whether or not Cliff feels closer to Sam and Nick… or Jackson.
Seven votes controls the eviction.
as i typed that Cliff promised Kat his vote.


The nice thing is there’s so much conversation going on and the numbers don’t seem solid. It’s like running on pudding, you have to keep going or you’ll sink. This vote could set a new tone for the whole season. I’d love for people to be really trying to control their own game each week and not ride folks coattails. I’m feeling optimistic about the season.

another name

i’m not so optimistic… but telling myself that it can’t out worse the worst.


Is Nicole still there?