Jenn tells Dan that she thinks it benefits him more than he knows to keep Frank around.

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

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12pm – 12:15pm Frank and Jenn continue to talk about random stuff out on the backyard couch. They talk about how empty the house is getting. Frank says that he wants to be in the house when there are only 4 people. He says no one will be game talking; you can relax and sleep wherever you want. Jenn heads inside. Frank talks to the camera and says that these people are as lazy as hell. I would like to be running some game but I can’t. I would like to be running game on Danielle or at least have Jenn be able to run game on her. Danielle and Dan are now awake and in the bathroom.


12:15pm Danielle and Dan are in the bathroom talking. They discuss if the HOH competition is America’s comp. Like who would be more likely to save a cat from a burning building. Shane? or Frank? Danielle says Shane. Dan says that anything good or goofy with be Ian Danielle says that she thinks she is portrayed as sweet because that’s what they say in the dairy room, Jessie said it like 3 times. Big Brother tells her not to talk about her diary room sessions.

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12:30pm Frank is talking to Danielle in the bathroom. She talks about how she can’t wait to be out of the house without all these cameras. She says the only reason she is putting on make-up right now is to hide the big crater on her forehead.


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12:30pm – 12:45pm Dan and Jenn are talking in the backyard. Dan tells Jenn that he will never cast a vote against her or put her up. Jenn and Dan discuss needing a third person. Jenn is trying to sell Dan on keeping Frank here a little longer. Jenn tells Dan that she doesn’t know any benefits to keeping Joe around for Dan. She says that he will definitely put Dan up right away. Jenn says she knows that you keep saying Dani, Dani, Dani but you have to see that it could be you, me and Frank as a final three. She says that it would be better if Danielle was on board but I don’t know that she likes Frank at all. She says that she thinks it benefits him more than he knows to keep Frank around. She says hand over my heart we were talking about him wanting to trust you last night. Dan says that Frank said he wants to pitch me today so we will see what he has to say. Dan wonders if we did keep him, would that turn Danielle red.. like if we kept him and he wants to put her up she might not be too happy about it. Dan says that it will be interesting to see how your conversation goes with her. Jenn says it’s not good for us if Joe stays. I know its mean but I don’t see him winning, but stranger things have happened.


12:45pm – 1:05pm Big Brother puts the house guests on an outdoor lock down. Joe has his feet in the hot tub, Frank starts his workout, Dan and Jenn are sitting in silence on the backyard couch. Shane is in the kitchen making his breakfast. Danielle goes to lay out by the pool. Dan starts to tell Jenn that he didn’t start thinking that way until after the veto when he (Frank) started thinking about going against the four of us. Shane joins them and the conversation ends. Ian finally comes out and joins them on the backyard couch.


1:30pm Shane and Ian play a game of pool. Dan catches Danielle making a face. She denies it and says that she wasn’t. Dan says you thought you could see yourself, you were making a face. Danielle says oh my gosh Dan no I wasn’t. Big Brother opens up the door and ends the lock down. Ian runs over and says that they left a mystery box on the table. Dan goes to look and sees that there isn’t anything. He tells Ian the next time he does something like the whole house is going to give him a swirly. They realize the Big Brother fixed the memory wall.
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1:45pm Dan and Joe are in the kicks room talking. Joe tells Dan that Shane is Joes Memphis. Joe says that he tells him everything. Joe says that he has been with him since the beginning and says that they broke up there for a bit but then he put me up and he helped me get the votes. Joe says that he appreciated that greatly. Joe says for this week Frank is a large target and that there is no doubt he is coming after you. Joe tells Dan you can’t trust him. Joe says that he can offer Dan 100% safety if I win HOH. Dan asks Joe if he has Shane’s vote. Dan says that he does want to trust Joe but wonders if he is promising everyone safety to get their vote. Joe says only Danielle because I need her or it goes to tie breaker. Dan says that he doesn’t want a tie. Joe says that Jenn is definitely working with Frank and I understand that I can’t get her vote. Dan asks Joe if he has heard anything that makes Frank is doing or saying. Joe says that he heard from Frank’s campaign that if you vote out him out then Jenn won’t work with you and the fact that he can’t play for the HOH. Dan asks so you don’t think Shane will vote for him. Joe says no. Joe says that four weeks in a row Shane has told me the truth, I can trust him. Dan says if I vote to keep you, will you promise not to put me up, and not backdoor me. Joe says he won’t.


2pm – 2:20pm Danielle and Jenn are talking by the pool. Jenn is floating the idea of keeping Frank. Danielle says that she will not keep Frank, she says that he has tried to get me out. Jenn says that Franks arrogance preceeds him. Jenn says that if Frank leaves, then I need a solid between you and I and Dan. Danielle says yup I am down with you, me and him. Jenn asks 1000%! Danielle says yes 1000%. Danielle says that she has so much ammunition against Frank and wants to unleash on him. I am going to keep telling him I am voting for him to stay just so that he leaves me the f**k alone. Danielle says that Frank told her that he deserves to be here more than she does. I want to hit him upside the head with a crow bar so bad. I know he is your friend but I am voting that carrot head out of here. Jenn says that she doesn’t know what she will do but that she just doesn’t want people to hold it against her. Danielle says that she understands that. Jenn says that he Frank has played an unbelievable game and that it kills her to vote for Joe. Jenn says so I can tell Dan that you are down? Danielle says yes. Jenn says that she will tell D that we are solid, Thursday will be hard for me but.. Jenn asks if Shane is throwing F out? Danielle says yes. Jenn says that she is going to Frank that Danielle is cool to roll with the four and to be real nice and to talk to Danielle one more time. Jenn says I will tell the other one (Dan) we are golden. I really see that scenario playing out. Jenn says that she doesn’t really feel that bad, he was campaigning against me at one point. Danielle says that he is a douche. Danielle says that how dare he (Frank) say that he is the best to ever play this game, like how arrogant. Jenn says that you need to be humble. Danielle says I won’t hold it against you, whatever you chose to do. Don’t tell anyone I said this but he is leaving. Jenn says okay. Danielle talks about how she probably looks like Free Willy. Jenn tells her no she doesn’t.

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2:30pm – 2:55pm Danielle and Dan are talking in the bathroom. Danielle tells Dan the conversation she just had with Jenn. She tells Dan that Jenn is down with their final three deal. Danielle leaves. Jenn comes into the bathroom and tell Dan that the three of them are golden. Dan says to Jenn that he saw her and Danielle were talking, what’s up? Jenn says we are golden. Dan asks what?! What did you say to her? Jenn tells Dan that Danielle is not voting for Frank to stay. Dan asks what about Shane? Jenn says that Shane is voting Frank out too. Jenn tells Dan that Dani will trust him again and they are a final three for sure. Jenn talks about how pissed Danielle is about Frank being so arrogant. Jenn tells Dan to talk to Danielle. Dan asks what should I say to her? Jenn tells Dan to talk to Danielle and tell her that he will also vote Frank out to show his commitment to their final three deal. Jenn tells Dan that the three of them need to meet together because maybe her vote will change too. Dan says well it won’t be the first time you made a big move! Dan heads back outside.

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The happiest day of my summer will be whe Frank leaves. What makes him thisnk he is the best BB palyer ever? Dan is so much smarter.

billie two trees

I agree!!! It will be like New Years all over again when Frank leaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Horse


..but I’m getting a bit nervous of a flip, why couldn’t it be eviction tonight.


Judging by the transcripts, its not looking good for Frankie.

I think you are legitimately one of the GOAT, but Frank! – To BE the best you have to BEAT the best!

When you showed mercy to Dan and had Jenn remove him it was the dumbest move.

He will not show you the same mercy this week. He is the GOAT. He will swear on the bible and Fuck you in the Face.
THats BB

BB14 > BB13

He’s a great player, but obviously not the best. And Dan’s just in a different league. Of all the seasons I’ve watched (about half of them on and off) – Dan is the best player imo and ED and Dr.Will tied for 2nd


Yes pls let frank stay, so he can beat all of you stupid fking idiots. If frank does not leave this wk then he deserves this money and they all can go home looking stupid. Im getting fking fed up with this idiots in this house.


Then stop watching BB14!!!


Wow if Jenn convinces DAN to do that, that is insane. Funny how ? finally won a comp. and is now talking strategy towards the end of the game. Where have you been! Or maybe it was her srategy. Idk but I would definitely vote for her to win over Joe and Danielle.

Nicky Brand

Jenn obviously hasn’t been paying attention. You don’t convince Dan to do anything. He convinces you.

Dark Horse

? won a comp cause Frank got DQed…she has no game…she is repeating Frank’s game talk.

I would vote for Dani over ?
I couldn’t give 500K to a piece of furniture…she doesn’t even deserve 50K.


Dan is a persuader. He is playing Jenn. He is not buying it at all.


I hope Frank gets someway to stay, he is the ONLY one in the house that deserves to win. After Frank leaves it will be like watching grass grow, this is the most non exciting bunch I have ever seen on BB.


AMEN ! ! ! Frank is the only one that deserves to win ! Thunder Thighs has done nothing ! Dan’s already won…plus he’ll get 100K for winning coach !




Dan will not receive $100,000. There is no coach’s prize since the reset. They are playing for the $500K or $50K just like everyone else. Dan also has outplayed Frank socially and strategically , so I don’t think Frank is the “only” one who deserves to win.


Did you actually hear Julie say that there was no more coach’s prize if they went in as players or are you just assuming? Because I never heard it said that there was no longer a coach’s prize. I think that they might announce at the end that the coach with the winning player still gets the $100k. Or maybe I’ve fallen victim to Dan’s Mist….


Just because Dan’s already won, doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it. Dan will be responsible for getting a big player like Frank out, he strategizes and is the best player in the game. Would a million dollars change your life? If you had to compete in a competition that youve previously done against strangers for 2 months to win money, would you back out because you have already done it? Didn’t think so

Michelle A



Why? I am truly curious. Why is Frank the only one who deserves to win?

Nan Cee



dan, you have a chance to make good on last week. save frank for the week, he cant even play hoh and is the obvious target in a double eviction. KEEP frank

joe's teeth

great point, even if they only kept him around through the 2nd eviction thurs…dan would look way better if he makes it to final 2 (which i hope that frank will somehow, someway make it to, but unless this lockdown is for something to save him, i think frank is a goner :(


Yeah! You have Frank in your sights, all you have to do is pull the trigger. Don’t vote him out! He wins so many comps that he is almost gauranteed not to win the rest of the Vetoes this season! He cannot play for one more HOH, THAT makes it a LOCK that Frank will be voted out during the DE this Thursday! That would be SUCH a big move that EVERYONE will acknowledge how great you are and you will NEVER regret it.

Putting the sarcasm aside that would be the STUPIDEST move ever!

And please remember, they cannot hear you or read you posts! Dan would ignore them for the stupidity that they are.


I guess some of you guys don’t get it or hasn’t heard it but Frank is already thinking about getting rid of Dan. Did you not hear that he hopes that Shane wins so that Shane could put up Ian and Dan? They are both there to play the game –it just so happens that Dan is not so arrogant compared to Frank. Both of them would have pulled the trigger when the other is not looking. There really isn’t any trust between those 2. Dan was just lucky that Ian doesn’t like Frank more.


Man, Danielle’s got some good vanishing cream… if only she can use it on Frank, oh wait!

Eric CA

Dawg climbing up the poll ranks. in second place behind Ian.


It’s your dream


*votes for Ian* *shits on Dawg’s dream*


Dawg you know you have no chance against Dan’s mist!!!


don’t fight Dan’s Mist, its too powerful


Don’t fight Dan’s mist, its way too powerful

joe's teeth

alright, what’s this lockdown for?! let’s only hope production is hiding a diamond POV for FRANK!! the feeds & bbad are so boring already with him still there….can you IMAGINE having to listen to anymore of Danielle’s embellished re-hashing of events? i have a cousin just like that girl…god she drives me insane


They are fixing Wil’s pic on the memory wall.

Dark Horse

Speaking of Wil…I watched The Wil Show last week, for the first time. His BB impression was hilarious…




It’s too late for them to save frank, if they were going to , they would’ve done it with Ian’s PB, instead of that bullshit… that would’ve been sweet to see Frank saved, but only if he turned the house around to make everyone not seem safe, not that utter bullshit he did by saving his biggest enemy in the house


I know Dan rather take Jenn to the F2 with him to win BB, but one thing I noticed about Dan and Jenn talking to each other in the last couple weeks, they seem like they will be friends outside the house. taking the game talk away from Dan and Jenn, they’ve probably had the most genuine conversations with each other out of everyone in the house. they are really kool and laid back when they talk to each other. everyone else seems to force themselves into conversations, even when Dan talks to Danielle, it’s like Dan forces some of himself to listen to Danielle.

Danielle's reflection

Dan secretly dislikes Danielle. He is constantly trying to make her look like an idiot by pushing her toward Shane, which is making her a huge target with some of the others. At the same time Dan is also trying to distant himself from her, and telling her it is strategy.


Jenn is finally starting to get involved in the game.It’s nice to finally see someone stick to their guns and stay loyal.That’s really all Frank and Jenn need is Dan since he has 2 votes(his and Danielle’s)It greatly benefits Dan to keep Frank because he will remain the biggest target in the house and may leave Thursday anyway if they do keep him.Otherwise the biggest target may become Dan.Shane and Danielle are really in a great spot right now,and for their game it’s best to evict Frank,but if Dan decides he wants to keep Frank all he has to do is mist Danielle and Shane their just so easily manipulated by him

Roisin Dubh

Simon, Dawg, you guys are the best. I’ve been on this site for a few weeks and it’s been a blast. I’m for sure donating to you guys. I came from another site because they got too big for thier britches. You guys are real and it’s aprecciated.


Thanks Roisin, glad you like our spoilers.


Great Job! I love being able to read what is going on in the house, when I am stuck at work or out and about. You guys RAWK!!! Thank you so much. Because when I need a good laugh — I just read all the posts. You and Dawg should really try-out for Big Brother.


Odds are, if they don’t get rid of Frank this week, they won’t get another opportunity. Why take the chance that he will win the next POV and save himself?


oh yeah … miss invisibility trying to tell dan about how to play this game??? and yeah maybe ian should give you instructions to eat pussy .. it would be the same thing … why take advice from someone who does not know how to do it





Dark Horse

Oh my…


I think dan has nothing to lose keeping frank. Frank can’t play hoh so they can joe or jenn to win hoh and get rid of him if there is a fast foward and if frank wins veto then the blood is on joe and jen’s hands. Plus if frank stays and wins hoh his target will be ian or who ever put him up so either way dan stays clean.

Oh No You Didn't

I don’t think having having Frank’s blood on your hands will be a bad thing in the jury house. The only people likely to care at all will be Ashley and Jenn. I think everyone else will applaud the move (especially after they had to listen to him piss and moan for the rest of the season). What do you think?


I think having franks blood on there hands is a factor because if frank goes to jury and tells britney dan sold out the quack pack britney will not vote for dan if he is in the finals. people think joe can taint the jury. i think frank can because if frank won’t vote for dan, ashley won’t vote for dan, britney may not vote if she finds out dan sold her out. Jenn won’t vote for him, joe either since dan already won. So dan keeping the betrayal of the quack pack a secret as long as he can is in his best interest.


I doubt that, Frank might be easily manipulated in this game, but he’s not totally clueless, he knows how dangerous Dan is, and everybody in the house knows this as well(though they’re are high on Dan’s mist right now LOL) even Frnak said it’s a good move gettin him out now, he can’t play in the next 2 HOHs but he can play POV and that’ll give him the option to make a move on somebody he wants out

I says, I

I get Dan wanting Frank out, but I see some scenarios that would have made more sense.

One he blew outright, when Shane offered to Ian to be the pawn vs Frank. I would have pushed the hell out of that. Then you use the mists to get the votes to evict Shane. Then you or Danielle wins the HOH and you have a choice to get Ian or Frank depending on veto. You mist Frank like all is good and you mist Ian that we still have this week to get Frank and with Shane’s competition skills it just made more sense to get him out when the chance arrived.

I just think Dan is misreading Frank and Shane to a degree. Frank is extremely honest (hence his unpopularity) and is loyal like a dog, plus like Ian his love of the game means he wants to beat the best and not some floater at the end. Dan could play that up to the hilt. Tell Frank he is great, the best of the newbies. But point out that he’s won before so you got to beat the champ to be the champ. Stoke Frank’s competitive nature and start speculating on votes, but in a playful trash talking way. He’d mist Frank to the very end. He’s got Jenn, the one he trusts most. So he can use her to manipulate however he wants.

Shane on the other hand would scare me to death. He does not understand the game, nor can he be reasoned with. He’s like the retarded Terminator. Who knows what he does going forward? Could Ian get in his ear and make him think Dan is the new Frank and he’d be protecting Danielle? Is he really Joe’s Memphis? Could Danielle and her fragile and easily manipulated emotional state, do something stupid that would hurt Dan with Shane?

I don’t really think Shane trusts anybody. He may not have liked Britney but he listened to what she said, which made him predictable. But she’s gone. I really don’t think Dan believes for a second that Danielle has him wrapped around her finger. And how could Dan think Ian was capable of managing anybody, when he can’t even manage himself. And does Shane’s confidence grow when Frank leaves? He’s afraid of Frank and without that fear, who knows.

The biggest factor if I’m Dan is what happens to the house when Frank, the Boogeyman of Big Brother is gone? Are these people so conditioned to fear that they need somebody new to be afraid of? With Frank gone, do guards drop and suddenly information gets shared between the wrong people and Dan’s mist becomes gasoline, and somebody strikes a match?

As threatening as Frank may be? Him going represents a big unknown


He can’t play this week, but what happens when he CAN play? Won’t be able to get rid of him then. He’s gotta go while the goin’ is good!


DanTheMan is NOT ABOUT to let Frank stay.. he is jut Misting Jenn!! – Frank goes, then Shane, Ian, Jenn and Joe!


Even outside of the BB house…….I wouldn’t trust Dan as far as I could see him ! ! ! I bet if you talked to people that work with him…..they would say the same thing ! ! ! I sure wouldn’t trust him being my husband ! ! ! He’s truly EVIL ! ! ! Judas was definitely the right name for him……he’s no Christian ! ! !


And how would you look to everyone if you were in the BB house? Just admit that you love Frank, he is your real god and you hate Dan because Dan has turned his back (forsaken) your god.

People play the game and are different people when they do. Britney said it in her interview with Jeff and Jeff agreed. I think ANYONE who has played the game will tell you the same.

I think that you not forgiving Dan means you are not a Christian and since you are not then you have no right to lecture anyone on what a Christian is.


No, but I do. Jesus was pretty clear about praying in private (as well as taking his name in vein, which I think we can all safely assume does, in fact, include swearing on a bible when you know you’re lying). If I was in the house and saw him reading his King James out in the open like that everyday I would just laugh and laugh and laugh. What a douche nozzle.




Really? You do? Are you a Prophet of God? Are you th Pope? Are you Jesus Christ himself? If you cannot forgive Dan then God cannot forgive you. That is part of what being a Christian is all about. Since you read the KJV of the Bible you must be aware of the part about “loving those who spitefully use you.” No? Look it up.

As for your arguement that Dan is not mean his oath to Frank, go back and listen to is DR sessions again. He fully intended to work with Frank and keep his word, but when the opportunity to evict him came up, he had to take it.

If Dan is a douche then you are what it is used to clean up.

I know no one will read this because it is so late after the oriinal posting but I had to put it in.


hey Simon or Dawg, are those cards they were playing with Big brother cards? What I saw on BBAD they looked like they had words on them ” bb trivia” maybe?


I hope Danielle doesn’t turn blue sucking in her tummy like that. Look so fake.

Fan of Dan

Got to get rid of Frank now even if Dan benefits from keeping him the short term (Joe would put him up on the extremely remote chance he won HOH; Frank would keep him for at least a little while). Frank may win the next POV and then can win himself to the end. The last few rounds are all about competitions.


? Thinks she can convince dan


Zit face or not Dani got a slammin body, and that booty? oooooweeeee


LOL. I agree.

Roisin Dubh

I would hit it Team America style. She’s got no reason to be insecure.


LOL I’ve been saying the same thing all season!


If Shane don’t want it I’ll take it, use it, then hit it with a restraining order.


It really does benefit Dan more to keep Frank around. Tomorrow is double eviction and people are going to be looking to get rid of a good player fast. With Frank gone that puts a bigger target on Dan.

I’ve always been a Dan fan, but I’m not afraid to admit that I am also a Frank fan. I don’t think anyone besides the 2 of them deserves to win….. Maybe Jenn, she is stepping up. But I have come to terms with the fact that Frank is more than likely leaving tomorrow and when that happens I will cheer for Dan til the end, but I know I will be canceling my feeds Fri morning. Can’t imagine how it will be worth watching after tomorrow. Joe, Shane, Danielle, Ian, and Jenn (minus whoever goes in round 2)… Dancing around in Dan’s mist… Don’t think I’ll be missing out on much…

And let me say one more thing. Everyone in the house is really playing the f*** out of Frank. That poor guy really thinks he has the votes. I understand it’s all a game but they talk so much sh** about him and his “ego” and they are the ones who are to blame for his enlarged head. Telling him he has their vote, he’s such a strong player, he would win in the final 2, blah blah blah. I really feel bad for him. He has had to deal with a lot more than anyone else in this game and he has done it alone and stayed positive. He deserves to win more than most of the people who are left. In my opinion. I’m sad to see him go. But I do think he will be back in future seasons.


It doesn’t benefit Dan at all to keep Frank, there is no argument that it benefits anyone but Frank to keep Frank. The only reason Jenn is doing this is because DR is hinting to her that it’s in her best interest, just like Frank telling Dan that DR is scaring him. It’s typical BS that only Jenn will think about because she thinks she’s good at the game but she isn’t. Dan is just like “yeh, uh uh, I see your point” because that’s how he always is. When it’s all said on done, Thursday Frank is first to go in the DE, plain & simple.


With Frank gone, Dan becomes the biggest threat in the house. How is that beneficial?


This is the best comment that has been made ! All the truth ! ! !


Yeh, especially how Frank should be in All-Stars in the future after he gets voted to jury and there’s still 6 other people left, how deserving!! We talk about Dan’s mist on here, but Frank’s kool-aid seems to get a lot of people as well. Problem is we know what happens when you drink the kool-aid, not a good thing. He’s a comp guy, nothing else. No social game, self-entitled, arrogant and a whole lot more, and he doesn’t deserve to act that way at all. The only reason they haven’t told him he’s going is to keep him from having another one of his “omg I’m the best and you’re shitting on my dream” screaming nervous breakdowns. Get Real!!!! Smh


Take the four coaches out of the game who should have never been in it and Frank is final 3 right now.Ah the reset saved him you say,but if there had been no reset an evicted house guest would of had a shot to return that would have included Frank.Does anybody really think he would of been beat out of a shot to return by Kara,Jodi or Jojo yeah right i don’t think so


I wonder how Dan will feel when he loses his job. We DO NOT want somebody coaching our children that will lie to others just to win $ and make himself look good. A bunch of us parents are already demanding for his resignation if he does what we all think he is going to do. I really hope he doesnt make our school look bad!


All I can say is…WOW Smfh


I know this might’ve gone hundreds of miles over your heads, but lying,backstabbing,manipulating rinse and repeat is what Big Brother is all about, this is how you get far and possibly win ……

If this game was about being a honest sweetie pie nobody would every win, understand?


The game is definitely about all of those things… But being a teacher in a Catholic school (?? Don’t know his background all like that) and swearing on the bible then going against your word… Not a good message to send to your young impressionable students. Sure, we as adults understand how the game is played, but young people may not. They may just see a man they are supposed to learn from swearing on the bible and not following through. Not saying the man should lose his job. I’m a Dan fan. But I do see where the original comment was coming from.




Why are you showing Thunder Thighs in her bathing suit ? Between that and the zit on her head…….that is one ugly girl ! ! !


To all the Frank fan’s.The plan is Dan&Jenn will vote to keep Frank(Dan is doing it to have a better chance at Frank voting for him to win in the final2).Danielle&Shane are voting to evict Frank.Ian will break the tie,and evict Frank.This was already discuss yesterday on one of the updates.I thought It might be a good idea to post this,since I keep reading comments from Frank fan’s who obvisoulsy think there’s hope that he will stay.These house guests aren’t that stupid(Dan isn’t even a little stupid)they all know(except Jenn) this will be there last chance to finally get rid of Frank.And you better believe they aren’t going to waste this opportunity.By the way I’m not trying to be mean.I just thought you guys needed to know what’s really going on in the house.If you don’t believe me,read the updates that were post yesterday.


OMG, quit shitting on Frank’s fans dreams!!!! LMFAO


but he likes doodoo on his dreams LOL




In the end it doesn’t matter frank will be back in another season just like with rachel production liked her the first time around she didn’t when so they brought her back so she could. Same thing with frank


I meant she didn’t win….damn mobile phone


So Frank’s next season the game will be catered to him?, because last season was catered heavily in Rachel’s favor, all she had to do was win comps


will somebody please tell me what misting means??!?!!?1


making people do what you want and having them think it is what they want


OK, one more time: Brittany came up with the expression when speaking of how Dan can convince anybody to do anything — “He sprays his mist and everyone believes what he says”.


Misting = Dan manipulating people in the coolest ways into playing his game, Britney named it… then she got it in the face


Simon when is the fast foward ??????


Double eviction tomorrow after that I don’t know what they have planned.

I says, I

Even though she didn’t do a hard sell, I respect that she at least finally made a minimal effort to save Frank.

She’s still a moron not to work them much harder, since Frank’s only loyalty is to her and she knows this, but she’s a floater to the end and I can respect that.

Kathie from Canada

I was just looking at the crater on Danielle’s forehead. She doesn’t have enough make-up to disguise that disaster. The girl needs a trowel and some grout!!!

Fear the Mist

Frank had Dan served up on a silver platter last week and got misted instead and took numerous punishments only to pull his target off the block and took out Britney. Yeah, way to take advantage of an opportunity Frank. Wow, just wow. And his fans are bent because he may go home. But seriously, he truly only has himself to blame. Dan may still vote for Frank to stay, which would be him honoring his word to him, but Danielle and Shane won’t. Ian gets to avenge Britney, yep Franks f#@$ed big time, even if he gets Dan and Jenn’s vote. FEAR THE MIST!!!


Frank had Dan served up with a side of onion rings and a beer, then he got misted in the face, guess his eyes were burning because he couldn’t see what was happening…

The mist of Dan’s is deadly, it makes you temporarily stupid til it wears off

That one guy

Everyone keeps saying Dan wont win because he won before but I disagree. I know that its two different games but Sandra won twice on survivor so don’t say that it’s impossible because it is.


Nobody was going to vote for Russell and Pav was also a previous winner though.


hahahaha, ok that last exchange between Dan and Jenn was fucking priceless. I wasn’t quite on the Dan bandwagon yet but that cinched it. He managed to get Jenn to campaign to him to evict Frank. Seriously awesome Jedi powers.


Dani said it’s a crater on her forehead, HER words not mine LOL


man ive never seen so many idiots comment on something. okay look frank obviously is the best player to ever play bb and he proves it with the social games and by winning the most comps there is no argument so everyone hop off. all you who hate frank hate him cause he is the best and wins everything and you can’t deal with him being better than your favorite. nobody is more deserving of the money than frank and if you think so your mental.

Oh No You Didn't

your last line——hahahahahaha–you are mental or just drank the koolaid

Dan is THE MAN

Troll much?


Next season I hope it’s Competitor AND Social game players, fuck these EITHER OR type boring ass players


please oh please let there be a god up there and keep frank in this house. danielle needs to leave. she is SUPER annoying. shane honestly is a floater and hides behind peoples backs. i cant stand a boring house and once frank is gone the show will consist of danielle being a stalker to shane. joe kissing whoever the HOH’s butt is cause we all know he wont be HOH! come on production, keep frank in the game!!!


Technically Big brother IS God, but he’s away for the week, gettin his mani-pedi LOL

Dan is THE MAN

Who knew God was a metrosexual?


I just donated to Simon and Dawg’s hard work…….I hope everyone will because you guys have made this BB season fun to watch!!


Frank is DONE. Jenn will tell Frank tonight what Danielle said to her and Frank will just have to accept that its over. it’s gonna be a predictable eviction with the soap opera drama of having the votes go 2-2 and Ian with the final vote to take out Frank. the votes should actually be 3-1 for Frank’s eviction but production will convince Dan to vote for Frank to stay, so the live show can have an impact eviction.



I could not stomach Sunday’s Big Brother episode – and, to my own dismay was unable to watch. Dan’s behavior is beyond derision. Dan’s treacherous treatment of both the Bible and Catholicism is nauseating. A person cannot assign which words were lies and which words were true statements. Dan should be a case study for a narcissist that refuses to acknowledge sin.

Dan continually sweeps the evidence of his own evil behavior under the rug of his own consciousness (if you, Simon, or anyone else is interested read the book People of the Lie).

BB HG’s that have a reputation for being bad – Mike Boogie, Evel Dick, Dr. Will, Matt Hoffman – did not hide behind a pretense of being good, for example the Bible, nor are the these “bad” HG’s refrain from disclosing their true colors. Instead these “bad” HG’s were upfront and honest about who they are – unlike Dan who denies the truth of his evil behavior both to himself, and, to others.

Dan knows no bounds – he wants power for it own sake.

BB 14 has turned into a painful, tedious, and tormenting program that is unbearable to watch – Dan is the cause of removing the joy of watch BB. It is impossible to enjoy watching Dan’s sickness, Dan’s scapegoating, Dan’s lies. Dan uses the Bible and Catholicism as a facade – it is not entertaining to watch Dan’s depraved and pathological narcissistic tendencies.

Dan’s use of scripture, the Bible, and Catholicism is as twisted as Satan himself (Satan in the temptation of the wilderness).

Simon, I apologize for this long outburst – I greatly appreciate all of your hard work and dedication to BB. Thank you for allowing a venue to vent.

Dan may want Frank out – similar to Janelle, Brit, and Mike – only because these are the people that Dan feared have the ability to see Dan for what he truly is. Danielle, Shane, Ian on the other hand will never figure out Dan’s pathological narcissism which will allow Dan to perpetually deceive them.

I hope that BB is able to keep Frank in the game – Frank in the game is the only way to threaten Dan’s devious underhanded schemes.

Frank in the game gives BB a chance at remaining watchable – without Frank viewers will be left watching moral evil in action. BB will not be enjoyable without Frank – the only person that has the potential to stand up to Dan’s moral evil.

Simon, thank you again for allowing me to vent. I do not tune into BB to view narcissism and the dynamics of evil in actions via Dan (or anyone).


Dan is disgusting. I’m sorry Frank leaves tomorrow and trusted the wrong person.



I agree with you that Dan is disgusting. BB is a game and people do lie – people lie in the real world. Dan crosses the line – more than likely Dan’s BB behavior is similar to his real life behavior. Dan is a person of the lie – and, it is not entertaining to watch this type of pathological evil. More than anything, I am disappointed that BB will not be enjoyable moving forward this summer. At least it lasted most of the summer.

BB Production should do their job – and produce “the unexpected and not to assume anything.”

Frank needs to stay – he is the only HG’s strong (mentally) to take on Dan.


Where are the pictures of Simon and Dawg? :)


If Ian is still in the house by the end of thursday’s show I am not watching this show again until Finale night.


For all those people getting so disturbed by Dan’s actions are simply forgetting that this is a game. These people are ones who you meet for approx 8 weeks. 500 000$ changes your life and no one in their right mind would be kind, sweet, and willing to let the $ fly by them. Dan and Frank seem to be the only one who showed up to play this game. Unfortunately for Frank, he finally lost. Time for Dan to finish the job