Big Brother Spoilers – Frank tells Shane they Can’t trust Dan or Joe “Joe flip flops like a motha”

POV Holder: DAN Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 3 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Ian Next HOH: Sept 6 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Jenn and Frank
Current Nominations: Frank And Joe
Last Evicted Houseguest Britney

4:50pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Ian in the Backyard

Ian is rocking the hammock and Dan is in the pool.

Dan asks ian if he’s going to go back and watch some of the live feeds. Ian says certain moments he’ll flashback to.. “Fights and some of the Willie things.. “
Dan thinks all the big stuff with Willie was cut from the feeds.
Ian knows the actual head butt was probably cut but there was a lot of Willie Drama on the feeds he wants to go back and watch . (Willie greatest first week on the feeds ever)

Dan wants them to work Chess into their daily routine. Ian agrees.. Dan adds that Janelle was really good but she took “literally 15 minutes per turn” Dan prefers Chess Games to be faster, So does Ian.

Ian mentions he had a Chinese roommate that was a really nice guy but he was very quiet. He never went out and wasn’t very sociable he would spend most of his time playing computer games and doing homework. (Hey like me ;) )

Dan says that when the recession started St Mary’s brought over 50 Chinese students. Dan says it was interesting teaching the chinese students because they would never look him in the eye and when he had to reprimand them they just put their heads down.

Dan asks if any of the Asian countries have Big Brother, “Korea, Japan, China”. Ian knows Thailand does but China and Japan do not. Ian thinks that Big Brother would be popular in Japan.

Talk moves to Sitcoms.. Dan doesn’t like South park.. (WTF evict him)

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5:20pm Cam 3-4 Frank and Shane Kitchen
Shen says that Joe has been working him hard. He is pitching that Frank is stronger than Joe and will win the competitions whereas Joe won’t.
Shane: “He has nothing behind what he’s trying to pitch.. He must already know.. he’s got to”
Frank: “Joe knows Jenn is a lost cause”
Shane thinks that Joe is just putting in the effort so they have footage for the show. Frank hopes so, Frank wonders if Joe has talked to Dan yet. Shane doesn’t think so they were going to do it tonight. Shane says the person he trusts the least in the house is Joe. Frank: “He flip flops like a motha”

Frank brings up that he talked to Danielle a bit this morning. Shane says Danielle is leaning one way but she’s essentially 50/50 (95% of the game talk that comes out of Shane is this “50/50 leaning one way”). Shane tried to talk to her.. He thinks he’s gotten a bit to her. Frank says he told Danielle that he wants to go final 4 wither her, Jenn, himself and Shane.

Shane says that Danielle has told him 100% that she’s not working with Dan but Shane doesn’t know for sure. . she could be throwing him under the bus for all he knows. Frank points out that the general mood in the house is nobody trusts Dan. Shane agrees.

Shane doesn’t think anyone would vote for Dan in the final 2 because He’s already won once. Shane notes that Dan has done some amazing things in the game but he’s already won it once.

Shane can’t believe they made it so far.. he thought he was gone for sure week 2 and Frank gone week 1. Shane says he has never seen the show after final 5 he has no clue what happens next. Frank starts to explain the endgame with Shane.

Shane says he came into this game not wanting to have feeling and emotions involved… He’s only kissed her 2 times, but he still feels for her a bit and feels sorry for giving her such a hard time.

Shane mentions he just opened up a bag of turkey meat and it said Sell by 8/19.. Frank: “Uhhhhhghhhghhghhg”

5:50pm Cam 1-2 Dan and Danielle.. Their misting each other down.. resynching their lies and planning their next attack (Actually it really hard to hear what they are saying exactly … Dan may have confirmed with her final 2)

5:56pm Backyard Ian, Joe and Shane

Joe teases Shane about him flip flopping his vote with Frank. Shane says he’s avoiding Drama there is no reason for Frank to know until Thursday. Ian asks them if Frnak really thinks he’s staying. Joe says he does he’s made it very clear to them that she’s got the votes, Danielle, Shane, Jenn and Dan.. Shane: “He thinks it’s 4-0”

Joe and Shane saying that Jenn is pissed at them now because Frank told her that they were going to vote Jenn out if the nominations had stayed the same.

6:34pm Cam 3-4 Hottub Joe and Frank
Frank tells him that earlier today he was in the shower and he almost started J****ing **F. Frank explains that Danielle and Dan were playing cards Jenn, Ian and Shane were outside and Joe was sleeping. Frank figured the Camera wasn’t on him so he better take the opportunity then right before he started he noticed the camera was on him.

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Carol & Steve

oh man – I may have to rethink Dan. How can he not love South Park?

Oh well, I still want him to make it to final 2/3.


Dan’s just misting viewers now. He probably loves South Park. Dang that guy.


Whatever you think of Danielle, she is a gamer. She’s annoying, insecure and just whiny but the girl knows how to scheme and lie with the best of em. Have to give huge props to Dan for seeing the intangibles there when drafting. Complete surprise of a player this Dani is. I thought she was going to be more like Jordan. Kinda sweet and innocent. But she has more of Rachel about her. Good enough in comps and the ability to think it out.


Can we just say that Danielle won and end this season?


Danielle hands down is the best player this season. If she doesn’t win, I will cry during her eviction. ;[ TEAM DANIII YO!!!


Are you serious. Danielle is the absolute worst player….mentally.


Are u stupid ?

Danielle is covered from all angles , her coach is Dan , she learned from the best , when it comes to evicting her bestfriend she is heartless , just like dan in season 10 when evicting Keasha.

Danielle is the best female in bb14 , she has 1 hoh and 1 pov , there is only 3 players that has more competition than her : shane , frank and Ian

So stop hating on the girl



@Cooper.So,you think Danielle is a better player than Dan?Lol.In my opinion Danielle is becoming very good at doing what Dan tells her to do.Dan is the one who has been coming up with the best strategic moves.She’s just following his orders.But I give her credit for being able to convince the other players of whatever Dan wants.

Trey Gorman

What would make the season for me is if Danielle cut Dan and brought Shane to the final.

Team Ian Big Dog

I think that she would, because I think that she really thinks that they are the new Jeff and Jordon.


What??? No way!


Agreed, she’s crazy, but Dani has played the best game, so far.


Danielle is smoking the competition. Matter of fact, I think Danielle has stolen Dan’s mist. Film at 11!

Shane is a Fudge Packer

shane like to flip flop, if ya get my meaning ;)


Misting each other down. Lol! Luv it!


I was going to root for Dan, not now. How can you swear on a bible, stab people in the back and not enjoy South Park?


I wonder who Danielle would choose in final 3 Shane or Dan???


Before the funeral,I wouldv’e said she will pick Shane.But right after Dan told her that he just saved both of them and he started explaining to her the plan.It seemed as though she became more closer to him.Also I think Dan will start really misting her,when he thinks it’s time to get rid of Shane.


I don’t mind Dan not liking south park, it’s was really good for like 4 seasons but I think it pushes it too much. I’m not a fan anymore either so it just reinforces my Dan love! Dan FTW!!


Yea agree. Dan love LOL!


Are you sure Dan isn’t misting you?

Oh No You Didn't

Might be, I’m feeling wet.

WiL da THRiLL #TeamIANdammit

That’s what she said,lol


Thanks Simon!!!

Wil's extension

Why am I starting to feel bad for Frank?!! Someone slap me into reality please!!


Cause you have a heart…even though you dont like him..he is getting played and he actually think he has a team and he is safe…obviously he isnt all that smart in the head..and he is gullible…they want him going out like a moron and then laugh about it once he leaves..thats not cool. He is gone. So have the balls and tell him so what if he calls you names etc…he is gone! It should not matter. Their just dicks.


That’s funny coz I like Frank but I have no issue with the blindside because to me it’s a game. Playing people is just part of the package. He’s being screwed but then so have been many houseguests in the game. Everybody gets screwed, he’s not the first one.
As for Dan I’m not really a fan but I give credit where credit is due. I can’t hate him for taking Frank out because he has to think about his game too. So if he wins I won’t have an issue with it he’s playing the game.


If your not on the block,and there are is no chance of any retaliation from the person who is cause you know their going home than there is no reason to be fake,and act like your that persons friend.Just keep it all the way 100 and tell him you don’t like him.All they are doing is ensuring that they won’t have his vote.There are a few players from the past that i don’t like but respect one example is Jeff when he was gonna get rid of Russel he didn’t hide it and was not afraid of his bullying either.Lets be real with ourselves and call a spade a spade meaning Dan,Danielle,Shane,Joe and Jenn are all pu**ys.The fact that the only 1 of the 6 with a sack is a 21 year future rapist/serial killer is just sad…….


Oh please they’re just playing the game, who says they’re obligated to tell him? They don’t have to if they feel that they don’t wanna hear him campaigning to them. Doesn’t mean they;re p****ys, my God.
And when he goes to jury he has to realize they were playing, after all he Frank did it to Janelle and Britney so it can be done to him. If he votes personally not strategic oh well, it’s his choice.
In this game some people tell some don’t, players are different deal with it.
And like I said in another commment, Frank will get over this. If Brit was pissed yet understood it’s a game, so can he.


Ummmmm Frank was on the block against janelle guess you can’t read it’s ok lots of people are illiterate


Of course, personal insults, that’s fine, keep them coming they’re entertaining to read. Surely you can do better than the ‘illiterate’ comment. Try again, engage me.
Yes Frank was on the block but he didn’t have an issue with Janelle being blindsided coz he hated her. Well ,they hate him and they’re blindsiding him. So he’ll have to understand that what he went through somebody else did.
Britney, I don’t have to explain that.

sour patch kid

Awww-That almost-just almost-makes me feel a little tiny ounce of pity for ol’ Frankie-And I suppose Frank is just the sweetest good guy in the whole wide world…Well, you wonder why Frank’s going home? It’s not because he’s the sweetest good guy in the whole wide world. Boogie fucked up his game when he took Frank under his wing and pampered him with faith. Boogie fucked up when he did this in front of the other teammates. Boogie fucked up when he tagged Ian ‘second place’ to his protegy Frank. And then Frank cries, “Yah little bastard I knew it” when Dan rats out his alliance to save himself and Frank in his out-of-this-world state of mind agrees to take him off the block and……”work” with him? Really? Really? Well, guess what, Frankie: He’s really using you to save himself! He has to, but just until he DOESN’T, you fucking idiot. And what do you know, the Quack Pack is united because it just turns out Dan’s chances of furthering himself in this game include 1)fooling his enemy, which is YOU, and 2) ummm working with total morons? Frank comes off as this two-faced joke. One week he’s holding a desperate pity-party “Waaah they lied to me! Boo hoo they don’t deserve to win!” and the next week he’s an arrogant bastard-“Dan is my enemy-He thinks ‘he’s’ the greatest player in the house-Hahaha, no, I am,” He’s a name-caller when he doesn’t get his way-sounding sweet yet?-And he’s been a bully and complains about other’s morals. In short, Frank competes physically but should’ve won an HOH with a Pandora’s Box that could’ve provided a trip to Oz so he could snag himself a brain.

sour patch kid

Frank is sour, sweet, gone.

Team Ian Big Dog

I think Frank will be gone on Thurs, but Ian knows that he is toast if Frank goes out before Joe. I think Ian has something in the works.


Frank has played many people. So, Don’t feel sorry for him. He is still mad because they fooled him when they got rid of Boogie. He was going to backdoor Dan and Boogie talked him out of it. If he was really playing good game, he would have gone ahead and backdoor Dan.

sour patch kid

Yes-Cinders explained it much more simply. *slap* Do not feel sorry for this guy.

Ians virginity

Because outside of Dan he’s the only good player left and too see all these following floating sheep lying to him like this only to blindside 4-0 him on eviction night.. sucks. I’ll keep up on the rest of the season with occasional check-ins on this awesome blog. No need to watch the show or BBAD after this week. Rather watch the jury house

Oh No You Didn't

Schadenfreude- pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

shay serenity

From what I see, dan is going to win this thing hes alot smarter than anyone we have seen play this season and he’s chill, rooting for Dan or …..hmmm IDK, feeds are boring tho, now I’m thankful Rachael stayed for her season she fought, she brought the drama and she never backed downthats why she won, she also made good feeds for this site and CBS….after Frank is out its going to be so much more boring, wish someone would stir up the drama


Joe shouldve told frank how to jerk off in the house when frank spoke of having to end his mastabatory effort in the shower. Joe shouldve said listen bubba, look at this blue shirt with stains all over it, thats how u beat off in the BB house

I says, I

Why do you think his soul patch is white…


Post of the year!

billie two trees


I says, I

Does anybody else think Shane’s “sweep the hair from the back of your head to hide your baldness” hairdo is an homage to Donald Trump?

Maybe he’s hoping to parlay BB into a gig on The Apprentice…and maybe on that show he can actually try to win.


Like to see Frank stay, but that is not going to happen. And, why do the other houseguest think Dan can’t get the votes to win. If Dan makes it to the final two, I hope he wins it. I would like to see Danielle gone so bad, so sick of her.


@Peggy.I like that everyone thinks if Dan is in final 2 he won’t win again(I’m sure Dan likes that too).That way of thinking will make the other house guests feel more comfortable taking him because they think they’ll win against him.But,when Dan is in the final 2,he will win because what it comes down to is Dan is the best player.It also helps he’s a smooth talker.


I wholeheartedly agree!! If Dan makes it to the final two, HE WILL GET THAT MONEY!! He has played this game brilliantly, BRILLIANTLY this season and I think everyone of them in the jury house will see that and feel that he EARNED that money because he wrote the rules of Big Brother this year!!! He WOULD get the money from sheer admiration from players who WOULD REWARD him for his playing skills.


If Dan was so brilliant, why did he need Danielle to save him? If it wasn’t for Dani, Dan would be out the door.

quack-pack fan

Dani didn’t save Dan! Dan saved himself with the fake funeral.

Step 1 House Meeting Dan’s Funeral
Step 2 Blast Danielle at end of speech – she’s an emotional wreck – everyone distracted and rushes to Danielle’s side
Step 3 Dan goes to HOH with Frank and rats on Ian
Step 4 Dan offers Britney as replacement nom as way to get to Ian and breaks up Shane & Britney
Step 5 Dan makes fake 2 deal with Frank and final four with Jenn, Danielle, Dan & Frank
Step 6 Frank initiates idea of Jenn using POV on Dan

So now that there’s (fake) distance between Dan & Danielle, no one will vote her out since she remains on the block. Britney gets blindsided and voted out. It is not even a week later and everyone forgets now dramatic the funeral was and devastated Danielle was about what Dan said to her.

That is brilliant game play!

I says, I

I was drinking last night and I decided that I’m calling Dan “The Wizard” and I had an idea for a new show for CBS:

Of course Britney would be cast as Dorothy and Ian would be Toto. I mean that was a no brainer.

Then you have Shane going the Eddie Murphy/Tyler Perry route of playing multiple roles. He has to be the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion as he is in desperate need of a brain, heart, and courage.

Danielle has to be the Wicked Witch of the West: “I’ll get you my pretty”. She was always manhandling poor Britney like an uncaring brute.

Joe would have to be a flying monkey and Jenn could be a representative of the lullaby league.


Hahahahahahh! Shane has yet to gain either of these traits.


That’s sad, actually.


Spot on….

Ben D

Hey Simon who came up with “misting”?? I love it!!


Anyone who thinks Dan won’t be able to win, are confused and delusional , A LOT happens and changes once all Jurors are in the house, and nobody will hate him for playing the fucking game the way it’s supposed to be played. He goes to F2 he will win.

Dan's Mist

I think i should agree to simon about dani, i also never thought she can be as good as now. She grows a lot during this game although she cries more LOL

i hope final 2 is Dan and 1 of the quack pack member, Dan is more than deserve to the final spot.

Frank is good, but he is too cocky and it kills him this week. Poor frank.

I was rooting for Ian before but after what he acted, i hope he can make some smarter move next time so he will deserve the title. He is smart but not brilliant enough.

Roisin Dubh

Forget it Frank. If Shane was standing on the tracks and the train was coming, You could tell him to jump, but Danielle wil tell him there’s no train and the dummy will listen to her. Dan and Danielle got a lock on that house, watching Zoolander getting the knife is gonna be quite fun to watch.

frank is the new jesse

frank is getting what he deserves, what he asked for, even. his “go to” tactic has been to strong arm hg into votes, and then throwing in manipulations, all based on his game play. then he sits out two hoh comps. he blew a hole through his own game…


After seeing the south park comment,and knowing the 2 guys running this site are Canadian i couldn’t help but start singing BLAME CANADA BLAME CANADA


“Shane says that Danielle has told him 100% that she’s not working with Dan but Shane doesn’t know for sure. . she could be throwing him under the bus for all he knows. ”

Yes, Shane! That’s EXACTLY what she’s doing! Don’t believe her! Break free fom the mist! BEWARE OF THE MIST! lol.


In my opinion, the only people left that have any chance to win the game are Dan, Ian, and Danielle.

Shane maybe, but only if he wins his way to the end and finds a way to take Joe to final 2.


I could understand you all in your views of Danielle being a good player IF she knew hat she was doing.

This claim is very similar to the cat ladies that believe that Jordan was a gret player due to her social game. I could understand it if she thought about her social game but this is who she is and it simply fell into her lap so to speak. She never said “I’m going to come into this house and be nice” , she simply was therefore I don’t consider that a social game.

The same goes for Danielle’s game. She never planned to be aligned w Dan and for him to protect her. Nor is she necessarily aware of it. She’s not an amazing player. I believe she is doing exactly what Dan tells her to do and nothing more. This might just bite her in the ass once it becomes Dan’s time to cut her.

Danielle is not aware of strategy and gameplay, that’s Dan. Every aspect of it that comes out of her mouth is more than likely her repeating what Dan says, or lying to someone else about her potential moves. Why? Because Dan told her too.

She is in a good position however, I don’t think she knows and I definitely think it simply happened this way. That doesn’t make a great player to me. Lucky, yes. Amazing player? Ehh.