Jeff “I’m in trouble, like really big trouble! Audrey has completely brainwashed her”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 11-23-08-307

11:20am The house guests get woken up to a Gronk party. “Congo Party – Congo party in the backyard” “Gronk, Gronk, Gronk!” “You can’t stop partying yet!” Austin says I used to like Gronk. “You can’t stop yet!” “Keep this party going!” Big Brother ends the party and then says “Good morning house guests its time to get up for the day. James says “No sh*t!” In the bathroom – Austin asks Shelli if she is okay. Shelli says she is. Austin says it was tough (The drama from last night).

11:35am Out in the backyard – Jeff tells Johnny there were a bunch of rumors circulating about me last night? Johnny says is it better I don’t know. Jeff says I literally had Austin and Vanessa mad at me last night. Audrey spent the day up in the HOH room and now I’m in trouble. Like really big trouble. Johnny says sorry man. Jeff says I think I’m going to go up. I think they’re trying to get me out. Johnny says holy sh*t! Jeff says I think they’re going to backdoor me. They were trying to backdoor James and now they want me out. Jeff says if you don’t mind try and figure something out, what’s going on and get back to me. Johnny says alright.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 11-38-41-079

11:37am HOH room – Vanessa, Austin and Liz are talking. Vanessa says it was the biggest blow up.. like what!?! Vanessa tells Liz about her conversation with James last night. She says that James came clean about lying to her when he originally pinned a lie on Audrey to get Jace out. Vanessa says James said I lied, I am not going to try and manipulate you, I would understand if you wanted to target me this week. On a human level I appreciated that. Vanessa says James heads down stairs and I see Jason and Jeff scampering around. Jeff ran to Clay and told him that we can’t trust Austin. We need to get him out next week. Clay then came and told us. Austin went off internally. Austin goes to James and asks if Jeff is throwing me under the bus. James said I shouldn’t trust him. Austin says that he went to confront Jeff. Vanessa explains the blow up she had with Jeff in the bathroom last night. Vanessa says Jeff literally served up his head on a silver plater. Austin says after the James conversation I told Jeff I would come up here and try and get Steve up on the block and while I’m doing that he throws my name under the bus. Vanessa says fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Vanessa tells Liz that we told Steve you have to get to top 10… so 6 evictions. We told him that just in case he squeals. Liz says good girl! Vanessa says I am going to tell people I am putting him up and I want him out. At the end of the day he would throw his best friend under the bus. Liz says I can’t believe you tired to help him out and he went around throwing you under the bus. Vanessa says he is actually exactly what we feared .. that he is the male Audrey. Austin asks what should Liz tell Jeff when he comes to get her vote. Because he is going to try and manipulate her and say he will out the twins twist if she doesn’t vote for him. Vanessa says just lie to him and tell him you’ll give him a pity vote. And then vote him out. You don’t mind lying do you? Liz says no, I lied today.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 11-53-11-938

11:45am Backyard – Jeff says I’m thinking Audrey has completely brainwashed her (Vanessa). I’m going to need your help on this. Johnny says I’ll talk to them and see what I can to.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 11-49-59-735

12:10pm – 12:55pm Steve heads up to the HOH room – Liz says you missed world war 3 last night. Steve says I heard what happened? Austin says I got into a fight with Jeff last night and she finished it. Vanessa says I got into world war 3 with Jeff last night. Steve gets excited and says “TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL ME!!” Vanessa then explains the whole story again to Steve starting from the beginning. Vanessa the best part was that he made the biggest mistake in big brother history! He tried to turn it around on me. Steve jumps up and starts yelling “WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!! Steve says we need to start an alliance. The get Jeff out Alliance. Steve suggests Vanessa approach Shelli and Clay with out him so that he (Steve) appears to be on the bottom. Steve asks so Jeff knows he’s going up? Vanessa says I told him he sealed his fate. Steve asks is this conversation confidential? Vanessa says everything that happened is public knowledge. Our alliance stuff is confidential. Steve says okay because I’m going to tell some people this. Austin says people need to know what happened. Vanessa says on a human level I don’t even want to be his friend. Steve says that’s the basis for this 6 person alliance that’s why we’re making this. (Steve, Liz, Austin, Vanessa, Clay & Shelli) He is completely moral-less. Steve says I asked Johnny if he was going to use the veto and he said yes. Austin, Liz and Vanessa says of course he would. Steve says its worth double checking. Jeff might try to get him not to use it. Liz says that would be stupid. Steve tells them that Audrey and her (Liz) are the only 2 people no one saw during the California vacation. Austin says I wasn’t either. Austin tells Steve that they won’t out Liz as a twin because they think like BB5 she would be evicted right away. They want to wait for an eviction night so they’re safe for another week. Steve suggest Austin not stay up in the HOH room. Austin says he is going to move his stuff down.

12:50pm – 1pm Steve heads out to the backyard. And asks did you hear what happened last night? Johnny says it sounds like the script was flipped. Steve tells Johnny that Jeff got caught it a bunch of lies and was throwing a lot of people under the bus. Steve tells Johnny he should talk to Vanessa. Johnny tells Steve he is good. Just be aware of the creep status. Steve tells Johnny you will have some enemies if you do not use it. So please use it! Johnny says he will. Steve says good because Jeff will probably try and get you not to use it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 12-56-51-137

Julia says I’m cool sleeping with James. Julia says if he asks me who I am voting for I will tell him I don’t know and will come to him to tell him. Austin says if he doesn’t respect that they tell him you’ll vote him out. Austin tells Julia just so you know I did all this to protect you. She (Vanessa) was ready to get James out. He has to go so that he leaves you alone. It makes me sick! It’s got to stop. Steve says I think the vote will be close this week. Johnny says I think James, Meg and Jason are really tight. Like if I was up against Jason I don’t think James would have my back. Steve tells Johnny I don’t think Audrey had anything to do with it last night. But I’m not the primary source, talk to Vanessa.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 13-04-26-840

1:15pm – 1:30pm The music starts “Count down to a Gronk down! Costume party! Find a costume and get to the living room. All the house guests find things to wear as a costume and head to the living room. Meg asks Clay what are you supposed to be? Clay says you!

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Bunny Slipper

World War 3? Really,????


Its sad that if you only watch the CBS show and not the feeds (or follow a great site like this), you will never know what is truly going on in the house &/or get a completely different story than what’s actually happening in the house.


i know.

I kind of long for the old days when I allowed the production edits to sway what i was supposed to think was about to happen lol.

like how the shows are trying to play Clay as a big manipulator of Shelli, where she can’t make a move without his input. when the recaps here paint a different picture of when she was HOH & did something he didn’t think was helpful to anyone, except her.

there is a fear of allowing the women on the show to actually be strong leaders or the ones who make the decisions and guys have to follow along. especially with someone like Clay who is cast to be the hero, saviour, etc. this group of female HGs seem so capable of winning, that we are seeing less of ‘put the women up for BOB they won’t win, they can’t win anything” decisions by HOHs.

i would prefer the twins get to come into the game, i appreciate the group that sees that saving one twin gains them 2 votes, not an easy eviction. i am not sure why the twin twist worked in season 5 but didn’t seem to work well in this season at all. a twin twist, having been done only one time a dozen years ago is hardly the go to assumption is it?

america’s player, they keep harping on that one, too much so, it hasn’t been used that often, and i don’t think it is a good twist anyway. it is stupid for any HG to agree to jeopardize their game with pranks that are actually looked for and expected by fan HGs,

i am assuming the Gronk party up all night tasks are going to be part of some competition. hopefully just a luxury comp to win a party for the house or special event?


Thank you guys so much for the total run I can’t get the feeds or watch the show because I’m going to college in Dubai so I come here to get the real scoop thanks guys for doing an amazing job.


I kinda feel a little bad for Jeff Cuz this was all planed to happen and he knows he in trouble now


This is why you never blow up on someone publicly in the house. Like Da did twice. It only gives that person a reason to put you on the block. If you have a problem with someone, calmly pull them into another room and work it out. Hot headed people never prevail, except for EvelDick.


Yeah, but then the house would be boring if there isn’t any blow ups here and there, that’s why we love Big Brother.

another name

i’d feel sorry for him if he had been confronted with a bunch of lies and everyone believed it. that’s not the case. he was confronted with a big heaping bowl of truths.
did he say we’ve got to get rid of Austin? many times. the last time within an hour of being called out. did he tell vanessa he wanted shelli out? yes. he said it to other people as well. did he talk about bringing vanessa in on his alliance? yes. then left her hanging.
sure, vanessa and Austin are opportunists. but jeff gave them that opportunity by yapping instead of thinking.
not surprisingly, I didn’t have sympathy for Audrey when she was called out either. if you’re going to try to be the house sneak, be a little sneaky about it.

B-bad owl

There is a HUGE difference between Jeff’s and Audrey’s lies. Jeff lies to try to save himself, but when absolutely cornered, admits the truth. Audrey simply never stops lying even when the entire house is standing there telling her they know she’s lying and pointing the lies out. In short, Jeff is lying for game purposes and Audrey is lying because at some point in her life she was in a situation where she kept spinning lie upon lie and somehow got out of the predicament. Jeff is basically a good person deep down whereas Audrey is not.

GeekSquad McGee

Jeff was just playing the game. Vanessa acts so hurt when people lie, but she’s one of the biggest liars in the house.

It’s fair to put Jeff up, he shot himself up, but setting him up for that mob-style character assassination was too much. They’re all playing just as dirty as he is. Jeff wanted Austin out because he was a rival for the girl’s attentions, but Austin wanted Jeff out for the exact same reason. Nobody there was innocent but they painted Jeff like a piece of shit liar. And in turn, Vanessa came out looking like a lunatic which may be bad for her game.

another name

the original poster said they felt sympathy for jeff because the fight was set up and now he’s in trouble. my point in response was there would be no way to set up the fight if Jeff hadn’t been so obvious in how he was playing the game, and that I lacked sympathy for someone that got caught lying.
motivational differences between jeff lying and Audrey lying are semantic. The fact is they were both foolish about lying more than required, exposing their game more than they should have, and exposing themselves to opportunistic attacks.


Hey dawg how do people in Canada get the live feed Cuz it says we cans when I try


Where the fuck has Steve been this whole time?

brotalk to human dictionary

exchanging with his twin. that’s the secret. they all have twins. and they’re only telling about liz/Julia as a red herring.


And where the hell is Johnny. He only comes out when its time for him to go on the block.


I’m not sure if Vanessa is brilliant or really screwing up. I cannot wait to keep watching to find out.

Day Day

Vanessa & Audrey are psycho’s


Bye bye Jeff you don’t get into an argument with
the current HOH . STUPID,!!!!!!!

GeekSquad McGee

He didn’t argue with her. He was ambushed by 4 people and stayed calm while Vanessa was screaming in his face. He was completely respectful while she was going off like a psycho.


Wish they’d stop saying “the male oddray”, that’s been taken care of…. (surgically).



When they say….. “the male Audrey” there referring to the similarity between Jeff and Audrey and how they play BB. It’s a descriptive for Jeff’s game style.


Try getting a sense of humor.


Relax, just saying ain’t no one in the house like Audrey. She’s unique and playing a very entertaining HG. Jeff is not. Brave of her voting again the house.

Walt Kowalski

Sure Jeff, it’s all Audreys fault that you’re a lying, scheming asshole and your Audrey style game caught up with you. You couldn’t keep your piehole shut, one lie after another. Just own it you douche. Swallow your pride and do your own damage control instead of sending the Jester in on your behalf, I expect Vanessa to see through this attempt.


I’m confused. Vanessa says that Audrey isn’t that bad and that people keep exaggerating about Audrey’s lies, yet she is now calling Jeff the male Audrey.

I am a big fan of Vanessa but I think her need to find a reason to put Jeff up is going to paint a HUGE target on her back. She could have just put him up with wanting him out being her reason.


This is what I dont get… how did Audrey become acceptable all of a sudden? She still did everything she did week 1 and 2 , but now that is OK? I don’t get either Shelli or Vanessa’s reasoning for keeping her in the house. I mean, they have kind of ostracized her and what not, but how do they know she isnt going to pull the same thing she did before? She lied to both Shelli and Audrey (and she is still lieing because she was the vote for Da, just like she was the vote for Jace, and my guess, is she will be the vote for whichever houseguest is deemed to be staying this week).

I guess maybe the fact that no one really believes what Audrey says anymore, which is why they dont consider her a threat… that could be it.

I dont mind getting Jeff out as a play, but Vanessa was playing a low key game. That type of move puts you in the spotlight, and it is very hard to go back to low key (although Audrey certainly seems to be pulling it off).

Jeff needs to do everything he can to convince JohnnyMac not to use the POV. But, if Johnny doesnt (I think he will, because at the end of the day, sometimes the pawns go home) the he is ask risk of Vanessa’s wrath and going home (although a lot of folks seem to think he is say). Personally, I think he uses.

GeekSquad McGee

Getting out Audrey just isn’t a big move. She’s a non-factor. Probably won’t win a single competition and can’t convince people of anything (Vanessa didn’t actually believe Meg was lying, but didn’t want to admit to it because Jeff had to be vilified and not Audrey).

When Audrey gets evicted, it will be by someone like Meg or Becky. Someone who isn’t in a strong enough position to make waves and just wants to make the safe move to keep the house happy. That’s not Vanessa though. Vanessa will play a hand of poker worth $20 thousand; she’s very comfortable with making big moves.


And Vanessa said that Audrey didn’t do anything to her in a pens plank level.

Wasn’t the whole fight between Da and Audrey based on the fact that Audrey told Da that Vanessa was trying to start a girls alliance

That to me is pretty personal.

GeekSquad McGee

Vanessa’s lying. She wants to make Audrey look as good as possible, and Jeff as bad as possible, so that she can get as little blood on her hands as possible and make it look like Jeff forced her hand by being worse than Audrey.


Vanessa sure has come a long way from the first day when she was crying hysterically because she couldn’t play an ethically questionable game of BB where lying and cheating is the order of the day. Now she revels in it, like everyone else.


TOTALLY agree! People (even those in her own alliance) will eventually get nervous after seeing how she can manipulate a situation to her liking.


Primary difference is that everyone knows Audrey is a lying manipulator. While some people are thinking Jeff’s playing them, they aren’t aware of how much and how many he’s playing. Plus Austin’s jealous of him for making moves on the girls and hogging the creep factor for himself.


I don’t understand why people get mad at the HoH if they don’t do what the house wants. If someone is after 5 people in the house then they should be the one to get out that person not the HOH if they don’t have beef with the person. It’s Venessa’s HoH and she should do what’s good for her, not what’s good for “the house” . If I were vennessa, I would tell them to kick rocks and that it’s her HoH and she will do what’s good for Vennessa not meg or Jason or anyone else. When it’s their turn, they can do whatever they want.


All that “pull” Jeff claimed to have inside the house with people just hit him like a mack truck LOL. Dudes toast. He’s now a reference point in the Big Brother history book on how a game can implode because everyone realizes your a huge asshole. BRO.


And now he can watch his TMZ clip which will be on utube for ever


Hey Dawg & Simon, once again great coverage! Just send you a small donation thru paypal, will try to send again next week.


I don’t believe this was mentioned in this post but was before. I don’t think people are afraid to pull the trigger and put up Audrey because they “don’t want to be the houseguest to evict a transgender person” but it has to do with the fact the last two HOHs (Shelli and Vanessa) don’t consider her a threat, everyone knows she lies and causes trouble so why should they waste an HOH to please the house. They are on semi-good terms and there were other people more pressing to get out of the game. Downside, she will make it to at least jury.


Vanessa admitted that she did not want to put up Audrey because she is transgender. Simon and Dawg reported it. You must have admitted it.

Butters Mom

I just looked up Vanessa on Wikipedia to see why some say she is such a genius on here and I have to say that I am seriously impressed with her in the real world. She is smart is an understatement. Im going to enjoy watching what she does even more now I think. Its really good to see smart people on BB this season and not just a house full of brain dead ding dongs like they have sometimes cast in previous years. She has compared poker strategy to war strategy and with that mindset Im guessing she is probably going to go far this season. They kept showing Da interviews on After Dark last night and no one as brought to her attention that Vanessa was a pro poker player… and being a dealer you would think she would have some clue who she was.

Van Fan

I totally agree. It is so interesting to watch her as HOH. She is right not to evict Audrey because as HOH you want to break the other sides numbers down. The only problem is that Vanessa does not know that Audry has been voting against the house every week and I have a feeling that Audrey is going to flip her vote again to cause drama. She will vote to evict James and it may be the vote that sends him home and not Jeff. Vanessa will have a problem then and Audrey will have made someone else a bigger target than her for Jeff’s group. They both keep this game interesting.


Vanessa and Austin tried to become Audrey 3.0 for nothing by setting up half lies last night. If they do that in BBC, the producer will call them out in front of everyone like they did with Sabrina. They tried to get Jeff out but there are still huge threats in the house the twins, the couple, Audrey. In addition the other side is not stupid to buy her set-up especially Audrey or Steve will leak them out next week. Vanessa wants to go to the battle with the other side but her alliance is not ready especially Steve, Clay, Shelli and Liz. Clay, Shelli and Steve will not put up John, Becky, Jackie and Meg. Everyone in her alliance is playing low without opening their mouth too much. Why does Vanessa open her mouth when Jeff is not the house’s target except for Austin and Shelli. Vanessa tried to share info with Steve that she and Austin are setting half lies last night. Vanessa is so volatile for this game. Vanessa cannot stop opening her mouth since her HOH. Audrey on the hand is playing low. Remember Devin had a fight with Zach last season before the POV then put him up on the block at the POV ceremony. Suddenly Vanessa is from staying low to becoming a villain of the season. It is nothing wrong with Jeff to target Austin or Shelli because he recognized they are comp threats and they are in couple alliances. Honestly everyone is targeting everyone in the house without saying it. I think the viewers will be more sympathized for Jeff because Vanessa is just playing the dirty game for nothing to benefit her game.


The only reason the Producers called Sabrina out because she was claiming that she was being threatened. It’s Big Brother your allowed to lie, but saying someone is threatening you is a big difference!


Am I the only one starting not to like Vanessa/Austin? I’m not really a fan of Clay/Shelli and really giving me a bad feeling they might actually run this game from here on out and be another BB16. Also they are honestly so dumb playing everything on Audrey and the other side (James/Jason/Meg/ Those People) Still want Audrey out? Really? After Clay/Shelli backstabbed one of your “closest” allies I assume, Da’Vonne and Austin/Vanessa is making this move! Audrey has not won a SINGLE competition. How the hell is she the number one being blamed for this?


Vanessa is a hypocrite. She storms out on Jeff of lying about targeting Austin and Shelli. Did she just lie about targeting Jeff and James instead of Audrey and Steve. Vanessa just becomes a villain of this season. I have no respect for her. She is double standard enough. She got mad at Jeff lying about the targets. How about her? If I am in that house, I will call her out in front of everyone. She is such a BS.


Is it just me or is something off with Johns game?
He never wants any info? Which in a game like this knowledge is king.
I get flying under the radar but this is at an odd level
I’m still open minded to him being a twin despite that rumors being crushed
I think there is a set of female and male twins … who’s who? I don’t know … yet


I agree! Definitely odd to say the least. Not sure what his strategy is, if there’s even one to begin with.


Ha! Ha! Maybe Jeff should turn to Audrey for help. That’s what Da did and Audrey actually came thru and voted for her. Even tho she’s lying about it now! Anyway, I don’t really have a fave right now, I’m just enjoying watching the drama! Thanks for the site Simon and Dawg! πŸ™‚


Why would Clay/Shelli even want Jeff out? If Jeff wants to work with them and I assume James doesn’t, since they got out one of his biggest allies.


Vanessa is definetly the villain of the season. She just got power hungry and can’t stop talking. Once she steps down karma is going to get her because clay and shelli will not nominate Meg james etc and the others aren’t stupid to think that jeff was set up. Vanessa is going down


Im not a fan of anyone in the house except maybe Jason who will be lucky to make it to Jury. Ever since that BOTB that Meg and Jason won, I had a gut feeling, I repeat feeling , that Jeff was going to be evicted. I think production wants him out b/c of the whole Liz/Julia thing and other comments he’s made about women. Jeff was never on Vanessa’s radar . Others convinced her and events happened , James throwing the BOTB, Austin throwing the VETO. I just feel production had a hand in this. They have no problem with racism on the show, but a possible sexual perv cant be tolerated b/c they need women to feel comfortable walking around in bikinis and skimpy outfits. That’s where a lot of their ratings stem from. Again , just my opinion.
James is also a dirt bag but I think Vanessa will regret getting Jeff out over James. I underestimated James–he’s pretty squirrely , good in comps when he wants to be , perceptive and willing to throw his friends under the bus when needed. Its just a matter of time before he realizes Clay and Shelli are rats-I think he may already suspect which is why he’s making deals with them. SMART.


Austin to Julia: “I just want u to know I did all this for you” haha. This cat is so desperate it’s sad to watch. Anyone seen his “gf” on the outside? No? Yeah cuz she doesn’t exist.

People keep commenting that Vanessa is dumb for putting a “hugr target on her back” That is one thing makes this game interesting. We want huge targets. Nessa isn’t a boring player…this why I don’t get the hate some have for her. Hate usually stem’s from jealousy and insecurity. I didn’t think we had a lot of that here but I guess we have a small contingent.

This week should be interesting watching Jeff scramble. Your first stop was Johnny? If this is start of his gameplan..I think he is more brain dead than we already know.


Love the site been reading it for years before I got the feeds two years ago, and I still read it when I’m not able to catch up on the feeds such as the past 24 hours. I picked the wrong day to miss!

Did I miss something though or read that incorrectly, when did Johnny Mac find out about Julia? Was Steve talking to Johnny Mac using Julia’s name or was that just in your recap?

Thanks for the hard work and countless hours ya’ll put into the site; it doesn’t go unappreciated! I miss the funny nicknames though, bring those back!


No-the nicknames were NOT funny. They were usually nasty, degrading and mean spirited. Please DON’T start with them again.

Canadian Kevin

Austin is really creepy. Everyone keeps saying Steve has to watch the creep factor, but this whole Liz/Julia thing is turning Austin into a – i’m not sure which adjective to use.

He has a GF. Insists that he isn’t interested in Liz/Julia in a romantic way, and acts like a highschool kid.

He did all of that to protect her? He was looking to protect his own behind, because Jeff was talking to more people than Austin was.

I think Vanessa played it well – but Austin is losing it.


I think Jackie switches with her twin and then remembers, I don’y have a twin… that’s why she vanishes for 3 days.


Her twin in Victoria. Jackie’s the smart one.


The nicknames were funny and silly.
Like calling the girl never showered Pig-Pen-funny and silly. Had truth to it and it was a Charlie Brown reference. If you didn’t like them, no one was forcing to read. Lighten up. πŸ™‚