Jeff “I need a girl to come with me to talk to her.” Jackie “You need to do this on your own.”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 13-40-00-490
1:35pm In the bathroom – Clay tells James I still trust him. It’s not like I don’t trust him. James says he was probably just scared he was going to go up. Clay says this all started last week. James says she might still throw up Audrey. After I had a talk with her she said she was working her way to putting Audrey up and then she had a blow up with Jeff. Clay tells Jeff he should apologize and smooth things over. Jeff says I am going up against the master manipulator. Jeff heads out side.

1:40pm Backyard – Johnny tells Jason I wasn’t there last night what do I need to know? Jason says I’m not even sure what I need to know. Jason says James was the target and then all of a sudden Vanessa and Jeff had a huge blow out. Jeff says we need to figure out how to get her to continue with the game plan. Jeff says during the hot tub party Audrey was looking so guilty. Jeff says just like the fight with Meg what was that all about?! What does it have to do with anything you’re doing right now? What does that have to do with your HOH. She’s like you’re dragging Austins name through the mud. What does that have to do with your HOH. Jason says she is very emotional. That’s what I told Jackie when she went to go talk to her .. let her do more of the talking. Jeff asks how is Audrey once again skating!? How am I about to go up. Jason says she is always skating. Jason says I’ve been racking my BB history brain about how other people have gotten out of things similar to this. The only thing is Dan throwing his funeral. Jackie joins them. Jeff says everything about last night had nothing to do with Vanessa.. it had everything to do with breaking my trust with other people. Now I have to have a talk with Austin. I just knew Audrey was guilty when she smirked at me and then looked down during the hot tub party. Jason says she’s evil. Jeff says she is evil. Clay joins them. Jeff says I’m not saying its all Audrey’s fault. I think she got into a few peoples ears. She is trying to find any reason to not put up Audrey. She is harping on the 10% lies and not looking at the 90% truth. Jason says screwing over 9 people for 1 ally is not a good idea.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 13-52-39-238

2pm In the cabana room – Jeff talks to Jackie. It was apparent that they were looking for someone else to put up. They were going after James for a lie he told in week 1. Jeff tells Jackie what happened last night. Jeff says she told Clay and Shelli that I trust Clay and not Shelli. When she called me out in front of Clay and SHelli it put me in a very bad position. That lie was just suspposed to be smoke and mirrors so I didn’t need to be in an alliance with her (Vanessa). Jeff says I have to figure out a way to not get put up. Jackie says you need to go apologize to her. She literally said she can’t believe you’re not going up there to apologize. Jeff starts to get up and Jackie says wait wait wait …where are you going. We’re going to finish this conversation first. Jackie tells Jeff about her conversation with Vanessa. You need to suck it up and go apologize to her. Jeff says I was waiting for her to cool down. Jeff says Jackie this is really bad and I don’t know if I can get out of it. Jackie says she really wants you gone and said she will do anything to make sure you go. Jackie says just apologize and make it really sincere. And another thing I keep hearing that you don’t care if I’m in this game and you don’t care if I go. I get it you don’t want it to look like we’re together but there are other ways to say it. We came here to represent the (Amazing) Race and we don’t want to be seen doing each other dirty. None of these people are your friends. I am your only friend. Jackie says it just looks bad because I am saying amazing things about you. Jeff says maybe I need a girl to come up there with me to talk to her. Like you or Meg. Jackie says you need to do this on your own.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 14-03-01-546
2pm – 2:20pm HOH room – Vanessa talks to Shelli about the events of last night. Vanessa says in the kitchen Jeff admitted he lied in front of everyone. Vanessa says he has no credibility now. He threw everyone under the bus. John is the only one he didn’t throw under the bus. Shelli says we talked to Jeff for probably an hour and 95% of that he only had eye contact with Clay. Vanessa says because he only wants to work with Clay. Vanessa tells Shelli we have Steve’s vote and Audrey’s vote. Shelli says Audrey might be America’s player so we cant count on her vote. We need to make sure we get Becky’s vote. Jeff heads up to the HOH to talk to Vanessa. Vanessa asks if they can talk in 15 minutes after she’s finished talking to Shelli. Jeff leaves. Shelli says he wants to talk again you should be ready for another convo. Vanessa says there is nothing he can say that will change my mind. I hope he says something on a human level that will make me want to be his friend again because at this point I don’t even want to talk to him again. Clay joins them. Vanessa reiterates Jeff admitting he lied in front of others in the kitchen. If you have any doubt you can verify it with them.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 14-12-37-569

2:20pm – 2:35pm Jeff talks to James in the backyard. He says I don’t know if Clay and Shelli have my back any more. Jeff says this is going to get really dirty. We are going to come out looking a lot more dirty than when we came in. James says Audrey is running around the house feeling so safe. Jeff says we need to go up there with a big group. Not just me and you James. We need to get the people that we care about to go up there. We need to take a stand. We need to let her know that we will back her if she does that. We will be the ones to vote her out not you. Jeff says she doesn’t want to be the one to get out someone from a special interest group. Gay / lesbian / transgender or whatever. Its almost a slap in the face to that group. James says its almost like don’t send me out because I’m Asian. Jeff asks how James apologized because I’m going to have to do it. James tells him what he said and how he apologized. Jeff says if we go up together it will be sending someone home that doesn’t deserve to go home. Jeff asks so when I’m up there I shouldn’t talk about Audrey? James says I wouldn’t. James says just admit that you were wrong and hopefully she will save you.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 14-24-18-454

2:35pm – 2:50pm HOH room – Jeff head up to talk to Vanessa. He says I wanted to wait for both of us to talk because we were both pretty heated. I want to sincerely apologize to you for what happened. I felt like my back was against the wall and I was scurrying backwards. I want to apologize for lying and making it seem like you were the one that was lying. Jeff says when you guys were attacking me. Vanessa says first of all I never attacked you. You attacked me so if you want to start like that you can leave right now. Jeff says when I said I was attacked I meant Austin. Vanessa asks what changed between the time you approached me for an alliance and then didn’t talk to me about it. Jeff says I felt like I was being baited. Jeff tells Vanessa that he is sorry for making it appear like she was the person who approached him for an alliance when it was him. I didn’t know if it was Audrey trying to spin stuff. Vanessa explains how James handled being confronted about lying. Jeff starts to talk and Vanessa cuts him off.. let me finish. She tells Jeff that James said everything right and was a stand up guy. I was ready to put up Audrey but I’ve been checking what she says and everyone else says. If I’m the one that sends her home I need to be okay with it. Honestly Jeff you had zero chance of going up. In that moment you threw your closest friends under the bus and then you tried to pin what you had said on me. If you go home I am okay with it. Jeff says you are 100% right. I’ve had a deal with Clay since I walked in the door. The things I said about Clay were to deflect us working together. I had to admit to both of them that yes I did this and this is why. It was to protect us working together. Vanessa ask you and Clay or you, clay and shelli? Jeff says Clay and Shelli because they’re together. Vanessa says I had never heard such a rumor .. you came to me to tell me that Clay and SHelli can’t be trusted together. So why would you feel like you needed to say such a rumor and that they needed to be protected. Vanessa says the best thing for you would have been if you had pulled me into that meeting.. then you wouldn’t have had to make up a lie.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-12 14-37-07-362

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I kinda liked Vanessa, Well up until she got HOH and now acting all high and mighty…
“How dare you talk to the HOH like that” dafuq


I agree this week has hurt Vanessa more then helped her people say shes the brains of the operation but Austin was smart to let her have the hoh take all the heat and then throw the veto so his target Jeff still went home with no blood on his hands. Especially if he goes through with his plan of leaving the hoh and acting mad she didn’t backdoor audrey


She’s playing like she’s got pocket aces, but she really has pocket 8s — a very beatable hand. She will be making enemies this week — and the damage will get worse when Austin or loose-lips Liz let it slip that Jeff was the target all along, exposing Vanessa as the big liar and manipulator in the house.


V just lied and said to Jeff he had a zero percent chance of going up before the fight…who is the liar Vanessa?? I like her and I don’t like her Hypocrisy. She will be found out…Most likely Audrey will spill the beans when most convenient to Audrey’s game.


I agree, she’s acting like she’s queen and next week doesn’t matter. She been lying to Jeff about him not being a target . She was looking for an excuse to put him up instead of Audrey. Austin talked her into it a couple days ago because he is super jealous of Jeff and wants to be the only guy in the house with the girls. Clay better watch out because he’s next on Austin’s radar. I hope Austin is the next to go. Then Vanessa will be the one on the outside again and then she can watch Audrey throw her under the bus too.


It’s her right to not want to put up Audrey and put up Jeff (to me he is the right one to go at this time), but the way she is preparing to nom him is too dramatic and very uncool for a professional poker player. In her place, Jeff is the bigger negative as he has as many “loyalty points” as she does and she feels that he is harassing Liz/Julia too much. I think she’s too stuck on the plan to solidify her loyalty with the twins.

Audrey is not really the threat people think anyway. She’s very off-putting and her words will blow up in her face. And it’s pretty obvious she’s been voting strangely, anyone can figure it out. I think she’s gone whenever a backdoor opportunity for an HOH doesn’t work out.

Overall I am not liking the obvious pull production has for Audrey.

GeekSquad McGee

I was one of her biggest fans, but now her true colors have come out and it’s not pretty.

Still a good game player, just not a very likable one.


I agree that it’s gone to her head. But she was baiting Jeff hard to go psycho on her. Jeff is not THAT crazy, just a huge jackass in most categories of life. I don’t think he’d ever scream in a woman’s face on national TV, just the type to demean them behind their backs.

I really wanted her/Steve/LizJulia to go far, but I think Vanessa’s theatrics this week may put her in danger in the next three weeks, she’ll at least be a pawn or potential backdoor candidate. The only way she could redeem herself is to get rid of Audrey. I don’t get why people are afraid of getting rid of Audrey…maybe because I have known so many transgender people that I don’t think it’s a big deal. No one would hesitate to get rid of Jason nor Vanessa just because they are gay, isn’t the idea close to that. I’m gay by the way, so maybe that’s why I don’t get the fear…it’s not like Audrey is some demure nice person that you would feel bad about getting rid of.

Vanessa will never win over Meg/James/Jackie/Jason now. She needs to get closer to John and Becky, but I’m not sure if John will ever like working with her.

I want to see what Jackie is capable of. She was quite annoying on the Amazing Race so I don’t get why anyone would think Jeff and Jackie were America’s Sweethearts on AR. And it was pretty obvious that they slept together and then he scorned her during the Race.

If BB were smart they would manipulate Jackie to do something dumb and blow up the house. I’m sure she went on the show on some special deal anyway. The audience doesn’t like Jackie and if would be entertaining for a blowup between Audrey and Jackie, after Jeff is gone.

Is there any chance JohnnyMac won’t use Veto on himself? I think not, but it seems like he’d be safe for weeks and weeks to come if he didn’t. There is enough chance that they’d vote James out instead of him, but I can’t tell from the feeds if he knows that.

GeekSquad McGee

How did she behave on The Amazing Race? I keep hearing that she didn’t look good, but she’s been pretty composed and level-headed in the BB house so far.


Jackie was an ass on AR, I actually felt sorry for Jeff the way she yelled at him in the car one time, was not I choice at all number one B***h. It is all a put on in the house.


She was at first quite smart and good at physical challenges, she is a dancer and very fit. I think she mentioned that she’s danced in Vegas before but I think from my poor memory that she was more dancer performance style (large choreography vs personal spotlight dancing). I also wonder what

There was some heavy flirting and petting and it seemed like they would be the only blind date couple to make it. And they had the honeymoon suite (side prize during the race that randomly appeared each week) and it was terribly obvious they had sex. Then a few days later (so in the next pit stop or two) Jeff and Jackie started having full on fights and she said he disrespected her. He probably was trying to downplay the sexual aspect after getting her, but this was a dumb move on his part because they started fighting and racing badly. They worked well together before that.

She is not quiet, she is not dumb, she is very determined, and she is laying as low as anyone could possibly. She is extremely opinionated, but not in a terrible way. She was a bitch to his own douchebaggery before they got eliminated, and I remember being happy they left mid-race as I thought she would never see her again.

More than James, Meg, Jason…. I expect Jackie to hate Vanessa the most and target her as her big game move. I just can’t tell from my limited viewing this year (sucks to be a Canadian BB fan) how truly different she is. All I can say is that she can be as bad a Jeff and maybe even Audrey in terms of being unlikable, the only difference is that she hasn’t done anything people would have expected her to do by now. She was not a likeable woman in her AR cast.

Jackie is likely worse than Shelli, Vanessa (if you thought she was psycho with Jeff, then Jackie can definitely argue harder), Becky, Meg, Liz/Julia in terms of likability. The only woman who can out-bitch her in this house is Audrey. She has a temper too but I am not sure if it was because she was scorned sexually on AR (who would’ve thought that would happen to someone on AR….CBS)


I used to like Vanessa too. I was hoping she would go far. This HOH seems to have gone to her head and she is now on a power trip. It will be interesting to see how she is going to get the target off her back when she is no longer in power.


Vanessa is annoying and seems like a weirdo. HOH is the most over-hyped position early in this game. Make no mistake, Vanessa is a gambling addict – anyone with half a brain in that house wouldn’t trust her as far as they can throw her.


And You know she is a gambling addict how? A little education for you!+

Vanessa Russo was a Full Tilt pro. You may not know what that means. Most pro’s have many buyins for tourneys paid for buy Full Tilt. WSOP holdem main event the 10K buy in likely was paid by Tilt as an example. Contracts are on an individual basis. Phil Ivy’s deal would not be the same as hers as an example. Most deals as I understood it back then Tilt got a percentage of the winnings when they supplied the buy in. Should say that was a few years ago when I followed the poker world and played as well. It’s not the 4.5 mil she won before taxes in tourneys but what she has left.. Also some tourney players are a bad ring game(cash) players.
She could be a degenerate but playing poker alone a degenerate gambler it does not make. Addict maybe but not necessarily. there are folks who play the game as a business I could list many names.

Way Off

Vanessa is more than just a “gambler”. Look her up on Wikipedia, she has a very impressive resume. The girl is brilliant.


Vanessa is letting the power get to her head. I might not like Jeff, but the way she is talking to him in the HOH room is reminiscent of HItler or something. Lol.


Hitler? Really.


Stalin maybe?


Why does Jeff have to go to apologize to the bully Vanessa? Why did he do to Vanessa on personal level? I hate the fact Jeff has to suck it up and apologize for nothing beside the fact the bully Vanessa is HOH. I hope the bully Vanessa somehow will be evicted next week.


Jeff is shady as hell, even throwing his own people under the bus but he didn’t owe Van anything in terms of an apology because it’s a game & people lie. Regardless if Jeff apologized,her mind was made up. I would not be sad to see Jeff go because he brings nothing to the game other than run his mouth & be a pig. Van lost it big time by reacting the way she did. She wanted a reason to put him up & Jeff is an easy target to get one. She did blow up Jeff’s game up with Shelli & Clay. If Vanessa was smart she should of put up Jackie as a pawn to get rid of James. Getting greedy with putting up Jeff & James will only piss off the other side of house. She is always one to say play smart, not emotional. Austin wanted Jeff gone because he is a jealous HS baby over a girl who could care less about him. Vanessa was dealing with too much: Austin the loose cannon psycho, who to put up & how to deal with all the alliance’s she made. Stupid to do so many alliance’s that will blow up in your face. One last thing: Shelli & Clay were on a huge power trip too,not just Van.


Jeff started his own pile of crap & wants everyone to clean up his mess. Seriously Jeff shut up & sit down clown. Don’t start what you can’t back up! Bye Jeff!


Vanessa is so lucky Audrey makes the perfect scapegoat going into next week.


vanessa is on a power trip and needs to be put in check! That said Jeff thinks he is so awesome and he is annoying and got caught up and now he gots to go!


Let me start off by saying I can not stand Jeff, I want him gone and I really hope it happens this week.

But with that said, I think it is a gutless move when someone deliberately picks a fight with another player, i player they want out, just to use it as an excuse to put them up or have the house turn on them. If Vanessa had any guts she would put him up simply for the fact he is a liar, schemer, and say that out right. But no she has to play these stupid games. I think she is getting on a little power trip and I am hoping it will bite her in the ass.

Dr Will

So Jeff goes home this week and Vanessa becomes a target for her week of HOH? WIN WIN.


I’m hanging in there with Vanessa, but will be glad when she’s not HOH anymore.


Day just proved haters wrong that the reason why Audrey is still inside the house is that she is transgender. Vanessa is giving Audrey a free pass because of the “mob” mentality against the LGBT which is a big WTF??? Audrey is using her sexuality as a weapon and people are buying into it.

LGBT community

No Audrey isn’t using her sexual orientation to stay in the game. You suggessting that is extremely offensive to me and to many in the LGBT community. Audrey rarely talks about being transgender!!!


Put Audrey in the hot seat and just watch how fast she plays her sexual orientation card. Her personality points to it.


I dislike Vanessa very much. But what you guys think this is a good strategy? Im confuse right now what she want archieve in a long run with this?


Day was so right, with people like Vanessa in power Audrey is going to slide through to the end. I truly hope Audrey ends up backstabbing one of the people that have saved her, Shelli or Vanessa so they could see her true colors


How is audrey a threat when everything blows up in her face?


because everyone lets it slid, keeping her around no matter what lies she tells.


Welcome to the HOH show!!!

Maybe we are getting to critical. Hell no we are not! Funny how 3 days has turned Nessa from a fav to someone being called out here for very good reasons. Last week it was Shelli/Clay. It’s hard to be pretty 24/7. It might be hard to be HOH with us critics around. 🙂
One of the great things about OBB is we will call it like we see it both ways.
James- HOH fatal flaw doing an alliance with Jace was completely unnecessary. week 1 just get a body out.
Shelli-Week 2 get out Audrey or DA she choose DA seems they got lucky this week nobody after them and Nessa HOH will get them to the rear of the bus. We don’t like them much her though.
Nessa- Let the train wreck continue this week. Where I think she may be wrong is next week forward who votes where. She is acting like she has 8 votes for everything next week and no worries. People are going to flip this season IMO. She is bad mouthing Liz and Austin who have been her support. It will get back to them. 2 vote swing there potentially alone. She is having a rough HOH and it’s only Sunday.
Was so easy Van just backdoor Audrey! Woman’s a fool.
Best HOH will be the end of BOB and a likely double eviction with it. We’ll get some game then hopefully. Lousy HOH’s seem to be the norm early most seasons now


Things are hella crazy in there. It’s fun to watch all the back and forth! After all this watch Vanessa put someone else up other than Jeff. Or still put Jeff up and then switch the house back to getting James out. I’m not sure she knows what exactly she wants to do.

B-bad owl

Ok, here’s the real reason people won’t evict Audrey. This is a game SHOW. Most of the people in there would give anything for even the slightest hint of a possible career in show business. Now we all know that it’s not possible to get that from a reality show unless you hit the jackpot like the Duck Dynasty family. But that won’t stop people from hoping for it.
We also all know that house guests are able to figure out what the show wants and how people are being portrayed by the questions they are asked in the diary room. If these people get the idea that the show wants Audrey to stay, then people will make it happen in the hope that they will be seen as someone willing to work with production. Anything that might possibly give them an edge after the season ends in “furthering” their hollywood career. Sorry, I don’t know how to type the snickering I was doing while writing that last part.


Why all the hate for Vanessa? I don’t think that she is letting the power go to her head. HOH is a tough spot to be in. You have to get out a target that is best for your game and at the same time keep the freaking house happy so you do not end up a target. You have to somehow make people think how you want them to without coming out and telling them how they should think. She is trying to set things up for her game down the road and using this opportunity to figure out who she can trust going forward. I am impressed with a few of this season’s girls. At least they are there to try and play strategically instead of sitting around looking pretty and making catty remarks about each other. It is so refreshing. Give them some support! Don’t hate on the game players. It’s a tough game.


While the opposing alliances create more drama and play the game aggressively, the floaters will float their way to the end. Becky and Jackie are sitting pretty right now. Why would anyone target them when they barely (if ever) talk game? It’s a good position to be in. Audrey is a floater now too. Probably not by choice, but since she’s the most hated person in the house, she can’t talk game with anyone. Vanessa will wish that she didn’t play so hard this week when the two news HOHs dethrone her. I liked her in the beginning (and still do) but this HOH has gotten to her head and she needs to tread very lightly this week, or else her game will blow up in her face.


I’m sorry but this season looks like a High School production of ” Much Ado About Nothing”

Cpt. Save a bird

Austin cracks me up he’s playing the the most emotional game ever .. He only wants Jeff and James it because “his” ladies clearly aren’t that into him … “I’m sacrificing my game for you” talk about spooky …It’s Sad because he’s Steve with very few push ups, a bad hair cut, and a very weird creepy cheat looking tattoo …
Vanessa is hilarious you lil power hungry Pro Active needing D+ level poker player
Shell-Lay one of the worst boring showmance ever …
Steve you’re weird
James the 4’11” Asian cowboy cracks me up
Jason your lil weird jersey accent makes me smile
Oh the twins … not even that hot deep voice Mcgee


I think Steve is aware of his awkwardness and doesn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. He keeps telling folks to tell him when he steps over the line. because he can’t see it. Austin doesn’t think there is a line for him and can’t imagine his attentions being unwanted.

So in short Austin isn’t a beefed up Steve.

Austin's Beard

Why all the hate for Vanessa? I do not think that she is letting the HOH go to her head. It is a tough position being HOH. You have to get out a target that is best for your game while at the same time try to keep the freaking house happy and also get out of it without a putting a target on your back. The stress must be very overwhelming. At least this season, there are a few girls who are there to actually play the game instead of just sitting around looking pretty, being catty and bashing each other, and when they get HOH they don’t just go with what the house wants. It is so refreshing. Give the ones actually play some support! It is a tough game.


I don’t hate Vanessa everyone in this house is great to watch so far.


When watching AF towards the end tonight, out by the hot tub. Jeff was talking about Audrey and sounded like the said “he/she”. Did I hear right?